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The friendship between Imogen Moreno and Winston Chu began at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year when they began working together on Degrassi TV.

Friendship history[]


Imogen and Winston became friends through spending time together during various school events, and clubs. The two first became acquainted while working for Degrassi TV, during which time they were shut down after portraying student council in a negative light. This lead to the pair protesting Drew's presidency, along with other students who supported their cause. Imogen also directed and produced Winston's musical, Captain Who, as well as giving him romance and relationship advice about his then girlfriend, Frankie Hollingsworth.

Season 13[]

In You Oughta Know, Imogen creates a club called Degrassi TV and Drew convinces her to host auditions for on-air personalities. After combing through dozens of bad auditions, including Winston’s, Imogen tells Becky Baker that she’s chosen Winston to be Degrassi TV’s anchor.

In Black Or White, Drew uses his position of power to pull the plug on Degrassi TV and fire Winston, and Imogen quits in protest. Winston and Imogen lead a group of protesters who want to have Drew impeached. Drew reinstates Degrassi TV, Winston and Imogen return, and instead of a carnival, he vows to use budget money to host a Thanksgiving feast for needy families. Winston and Imogen agree on this.

In My Hero, Winston asks Imogen and Becky why they have a picture of Hunter Hollingsworth, who is Becky's internet boyfriend, Sir Excellence.

Season 14[]

In Ready or Not, Imogen helps Winston with auditions for his musical, Captain Who. She's impressed he wrote the musical by himself. She asks him why he's being so weird about Lola's audition and after asking if she can keep a secret and her reply of "when I want to," he tells her that he and Lola kissed. Imogen chuckles and tells him that he's an idiot. He agrees and asks what to do. She has no idea and leaves him to his own devices. Later, after watching Zig's audition, Imogen is seated with Frankie and Winston as they talk about Lola. Winston wants to replace Lola with Frankie because he only wants to kiss her, but Frankie reminds him she's the director. Winston says Imogen can direct, but Imogen shakes her head. After additional prodding by Winston, Imogen agrees to direct, but says she can't make any promises that she won't make some weird choices, and Winston breathes a sign of relief.