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"I told myself I deserve better. Maybe one day I’ll believe it."
— Imogen in Drop It Like It’s Hot (1)

Imogen Moreno is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2014. Fun, energetic, with a magnetic look and intense stare — Imogen would hate for anyone to think she's boring, so she goes to great lengths to stand out from the crowd. She puts on airs of being an enlightened individual, when it's really a ploy to manipulate those around her. She worries one day someone will discover her secret; she's a normal kid looking for excitement in her life.

During her senior year, with the help of Fiona, she has become more social, and less awkward and eccentric. She continues to dress in her unique style and suggest her crazy ideas, but has dramatically toned down her look and made a wide circle of friends. Imogen also became more edgy and serious as a result of discovering her father, Louis Moreno, has dementia and being bitterly reunited with her estranged mother, Natalie Granger.

Imogen is thought to be pansexual for she has described herself as liking "people" and has dated Eli, Fiona, and Jack, and had a crush on Adam. The creators have since confirmed that she is indeed pansexual. She is best friends with Eli Goldsworthy, Fiona Coyne and Becky Baker, and good friends with Bianca DeSousa. She had a fling with friend Adam Torres shortly before he passed away. Additional friends of hers include Drew Torres, Mike Dallas, Jake Martin, Zig Novak, Maya Matlin, Winston Chu, and Mo Mashkour. She had conflicts with Marisol Lewis and Katie Matlin. Imogen was a member of the band, WhisperHug before it broke up. She was portrayed by Cristine Prosperi.

Character History

Season 11

Imogen in the Season 11 theme song .

Imogen is mentioned in What's My Age Again? when she is heard being called to the office over the intercom.

Imogen in season 11.

In Cry Me A River (1), she is in Drama Club with Eli and Fiona. She first acknowledges Fiona by asking "Aren't you in grade 12?" Ms. Dawes soon tells the class to get into groups of four. When Fiona asks if there is room for herself, Imogen replies that their group is full.

In Cry Me A River (2), Imogen is seen in drama class. When Fiona mentions trying to fit in and feeling alone, Imogen is seen looking down in a guilty manner. Also, when Fiona says that Eli is the best writer in the class, Imogen quickly responds with "Obviously." Embarrassed by her outburst, she quickly looks down. She is also the first to raise her hand suggesting him as the writer.

Immy tampons.jpg

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Imogen is seen in the background a couple of times, usually watching Eli. Later, Imogen is seen watching Eli in the computer lab. When Eli becomes enraged that Clare is talking to Jake, he throws the monitor on the floor. Imogen rushes over to him and after she sees Ms. Oh, she throws herself onto the floor, thus making it appear that she tripped over the computer monitor wires, knocking the monitor to the ground. Ms. Oh buys Imogen's story and takes her to the nurse's office to treat her bloody nose. Later, Imogen leaves the nurse's office, and Eli asks her if she's okay. She flirts with him and introduces herself to him. Imogen asks Eli what kind of pills he's taking, and he tells her he's on anxiety medication. Imogen suggests that his medication could be what's dulling his writing. Adam comes over and asks what's going on, and Imogen comically tells him that Eli punched her in the face, then walks away. As she's walking, Adam calls her a psycho and Eli just stares towards her direction.

Imogen and Eli painting in an alley.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2), Imogen overhears Eli asking Adam to take away his anti-anxiety pills for awhile so he can regain his creativity. When Adam refuses, Imogen walks up and takes the pills away from Eli. In drama class, Eli tells Ms. Dawes and Fiona that the script is going along nicely. Ms. Dawes tells Eli to find someone to give him inspiration and Imogen volunteers. Eli and Imogen are later seen in the hallway, where Eli begins to panic and ask for his pills back, but Imogen refuses. Eli can't stay at school without his meds so she asks him to skip school with her and they go to an alleyway where she sketches a drawing of him. She asks him to do the same, but he freaks out and says that he wants to be over Clare and Imogen says she can help. She later walks out of a thrift store dressed as Clare. 

Imogen offering Eli "help"

Eli refuses at first, but then proceeds with the experiment. Imogen, as Clare, begins to say that she never loved him and that he was a loser. Eli loses it and says "I HATE YOU!". They stop the exercise and Imogen tells Eli to use those feelings to write a great play. They later go to The Dot and get a coffee, where Imogen spills the fact that she knows about the incident at Vegas Night with Fitz and the Gothic-Con convention incident. Eli is freaked out that she knows this and yells at her, but Imogen brushes it off and tells him to not let the crazy get the best of him because that's what Clare wants. They are back at school when they run into Clare and they are awkwardly introduced. Clare and Eli make plans for the interview at lunch tomorrow. She is later seen after Eli pitches his idea to Fiona and tells him congrats and gives him his pills back and tells him the next move is his decision. She is last seen after Eli yells at Clare and is standing next to him when he dumps his pills in the trashcan.

Eli whispering something to Imogen, in front of Clare.

In Should've Said No (1), Imogen is seen sitting on a bench in front of Degrassi. She is talking with Eli while Clare is leaving a note on Jake's truck. It is apparent she and Eli are flirting.

In U Don’t Know (1), Imogen is walking in the hallway with Eli and Fiona, they are talking about who will get the role of "Clara," Imogen tells Eli that she's a perfect match, Fiona then walks away. Imogen takes Eli's hand and puts it to her heart, she tells him that she would love the role and is extremely excited. When Eli describes the character to Imogen, she tells him that it reminds her of a burrito. He tells her that Clara was modeled after Clare Edwards, which gives Imogen the idea to learn how Clare acts, so she can play the part accurately.

Imogen copying Clare.

Later, Imogen approaches Clare and sits next to her, watching her every move. She drinks her juice at the same time as Clare, and also imitates the way she eats and how she wipes her mouth with her napkin. Clare then notices Imogen doing the same thing as her and Clare starts doing things to see if Imogen will copy and she does. Clare then sarcastically asks Imogen if she can help her, Imogen says "Yes, I want to be you." Clare gets confused until Imogen tells her that she wants to be "Clara." Imogen asks for help, and Clare says that something tells her that it's a bad idea (and Imogen tells her "Oh! You hear voices too!" and then the subject changes).

Immy and eli kiss.jpg

Clare agrees to help her, and she tells Imogen to tell Eli that he should be happy and move on because she's happy and has a boyfriend. Imogen agrees. Later, Imogen walks to Clare in the halls and is carrying a stack of books. She tells Clare that she read every word of all of her favorite books, making Clare surprised. Imogen asks if she can borrow her clothes now, but Clare tells her "Not just yet." Clare wants a promise, she wants Imogen to make "Clara" sympathetic and not a devil because Clare isn't really a devil. Imogen accepts the promise. Later after Eli rejected all of the other auditions he feels there's no hope until Imogen walks in and says a line that makes Eli think she's ready for the plot. She continues to "be Clare" and then Eli and her end up kissing. Imogen then gets the role.

Imogen and Eli run into Jake and Clare.

In U Don't Know (2), Imogen is elated to find out she got the roll of Clara in 'Love Roulette'. Imogen hugs Eli and doesn't let go. Eli, shocked and confused by Imogen says, "You can let go now." thinks that she and Eli are a couple, but he isn't emotionally ready to be in a relationship. So Imogen later sneaks up on Clare, surprising her. Imogen thanks Clare and gives her a coupon at Little Miss Steaks for her and her boyfriend, Jake. Clare thanks Imogen and leaves. Later Imogen is seen at Little Miss Steaks spying on Clare with Jake. Eli enters the restaurant thinking Imogen invited him to talk about "Clara." Imogen compliments him, but he shrugs it off.

Immy smiling.jpg

Eli starts to sit down where she is sitting at, but Imogen suggests they sit at another spot. Imogen then walks over where Clare and Jake are. They walk in on the couple kissing. Clare then awkwardly introduces Eli to Jake, whom he has met before. Imogen puts her arm around Eli like they are a couple and calls him 'Muffin' twice. He get pissed off and leaves. The next morning Eli is talking to Fiona and then goes over and talks to Imogen. Eli tells Imogen that even though he saw Clare and Jake kiss, he is still completely in love with her and hasn't got over her in the least. Imogen is shocked to see that Jake is building the sets for the play. Eli says to Imogen that he's going to "...Keep his friends close and his enemies closer."

In Lose Yourself (2), Imogen is seen at the read through for Love Roulette with Fiona, Clare, Jake and Eli.

Eli and Imogen.png

In Extraordinary Machine (1), Imogen is seen rehearsing with her other cast mates and tells Eli to stop yelling at everyone. When they stop practicing, Imogen asks Eli if he's been taking his meds. He tells her he hasn't but he's never felt better. Later, Eli calls her and tells her he wants to rehearse with her at his house. The two start reading lines, and get to the scene of their big kiss. Imogen reads her line in character, and Eli responds with, "I love you, Clare." Imogen is extremely confused and asks "You mean.. Clara..?" Eli ignores the question and leans right to start making out with Imogen. This shows that he is mentally ill and Imogen is starting to realize it. 

Immy and eli bow.jpg

In Extraordinary Machine (2), Eli tells Imogen that after kissing her last night, he realized that he wants to get Jake out of the picture so he can be with Clare. Later, Eli tells Imogen about his plan to plant his pills in Jake's bag so Jake would get suspended and be away from Clare. Imogen tells Eli she will do it. When Officer Turner searches everyone's bags, instead of the pills being in Jake's bag, they're in Clare's. Imogen tells Eli that she did it on purpose to get Clare away from him so they could be together. Eli tells Imogen that she is, what he is to Clare, which is nothing. Imogen walks away, on the verge of tears. Imogen doesn't show up later that night to preform and Fiona has to take her place. Imogen watches the play from afar.


In Drop It Like It's Hot (1), Imogen is first seen in the gym holding a volley ball when Bianca walks in, she attempts to make conversation but is interrupted by Coach Armstrong. When Bianca tells the coach she doesn't have her clothes he gives her a worksheet, Imogen then fakes a cramp so she can get one as well. After school at The Dot, she picks up the box of condoms Dave drops and comments on the condoms. She then walks away claiming it's none of her business. The next day she starts conversation with Bianca in gym class and helps her get detention by telling her to hide her worksheet and tell Armstrong she didn't do it, that way Bianca wouldn't have to see Vince after school. While in detention, Bianca attempts to sell Imogen drugs, but she declines and later tells her she really has to pee. Imogen asks her why she doesn't want to see the person she has to see and Bianca tells her it's complicated, than Imogen confides in Bianca that she too was in a thing with a complicated guy (Eli) and believes it was her fault. She then says that she kept telling herself she deserved better and she hopes that one day she'll believe it. Then towards the end of the episode, when Armstrong finally lets Imogen pee, Bianca is seen stealing money out of her bag.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (2), Imogen approaches Bianca and confronts at her for taking her birthday money. Bianca confesses and promises that she'll pay her back, though Imogen tells her not to bother, and is disgusted that she thought Bianca could be her friend. Bianca retaliates by saying that she didn't even want to be Imogen's friend anyway. Later on, Bianca asks Imogen to meet her at the Dot. Bianca apologizes for stealing the money from her bag. She gives her the sexy lingerie Vince gave her as a peace offering. Imogen accepts the gift, calling it cute and they are civil.

Near the end of Don't Panic (2), Eli goes up to Imogen and apologizes for hurting her, and invites her to have coffee with him. Although she is hostile and refuses the apology at first, she eventually says that she can "squeeze him in" and smiles.


In Underneath It All, Imogen sets out to be Fiona Coyne's friend but Fiona isn't interested. She makes several attempts to be her friends but Fiona rejects them. She manages to get invited to her loft party but Fiona has her change into her clothes not wanting to be made fun of. When Fiona is dared to drink tequila at her party Imogen tries to tell them she's an alcoholic and she can't drink but Fiona denies it and everyone at the party continues to be rude to her. When they decide to play a prank at the school Imogen decided to go with them. Then Imogen decides to explore the halls of Degrassi after hours and Marisol decides to tag along but returns without Imogen. Imogen is caught and announced to be suspended and on probation indefinitely. When Fiona visits her at home and tries to convince Imogen to say she was alone, she refuses. Later, when Fiona apologizes Imogen accepts her apology and the girls agree to get revenge on Katie and Marisol.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), while trying to make the best out of a project worth 40% of a final grade, Fiona and Imogen decide to build a doll house, using Imogen's sketching skills and Fiona's fashion skills. Working hard on the project, Fiona starts questioning Imogen about her feelings for their mutual best friend Eli. Imogen admits she had feelings for him, but made them go away since Eli isn't showing any interest in her. Even though Fiona has a sudden interest in the matter, Imogen doesn't suspect a thing.


In Not Ready To Make Nice (2), Fiona is confronting Imogen about her feelings towards Eli; she lets her know that she talked to Eli, and he has similar feelings towards her. But nothing is happening and Fiona decides to take things into her own hands. Imogen arrives at Fiona's condo for a night of work on their mini-house. She arrives to find a carpet picnic and a formally dressed Eli ready for a date. To her horror she discovers this is a set up. Eli walks off, angry at Fiona for not telling Imogen about the date, and Imogen leaves Fiona alone, declaring she no longer wants to work on the project with her. Thankfully, Fiona finishes the project by herself, and they present it leaving a good impression on the teacher. Though Imogen is still mad, she tells Fiona she gets what she's trying to do: she no longer wants her as a friend. Fiona, who secretly has a crush on Imogen, assures her a relationship with Eli is not going to change their friendship in any way. Later on Imogen and Eli approach Fiona, telling her they've been talking and are going to go on a date. Though Fiona isn't happy as Imogen had thought she would be.

In Need You Now (1), Eli wakes up to Imogen taking pictures of him, and asks her if she wants to spend the night. However, Eli’s dad Bullfrog ruins everything by insisting Eli rest. Bullfrog also tells Eli that he shouldn’t be dating, which angers Eli because he thinks his dad is being too controlling and scaring Imogen off with bipolar talk. Eli meets with Imogen in the art room and she shows him a collage she made of him, representing him overcoming mental illness. He loves it until he finds out Imogen showed it to everyone in her class, and he accidentally breaks her camera and freaks out on her. He apologizes by getting her a brand new camera, which she reluctantly accepts. Eli tells Adam that he pawned Bullfrog’s guitar to buy the camera, and when Eli can’t find her at her house or get a hold of her by phone he freaks out because he’s convinced she’s cheating on him.

In Need You Now (2), Eli is suspicious of Imogen when she lies about her whereabouts the night before, leaving Eli to wonder if she's cheating on him. Eli confides in Adam, who suggests that he play it cool, but Eli is obsessed with finding out the truth. Meanwhile, Imogen has been staying at Fiona's condo to avoid Eli, fed-up with his manic episodes and his denial of being bipolar. Against Adam's suggestion, Eli sneaks into Fiona's, right as she and Imogen approach him, thinking that he's a burglar. Imogen is enraged at Eli's intrusive behavior and calls him out on his erratic behavior. Eli trashes his room in a fit of rage, which prompts his father to call his psychologist. Eli realizes that his outburst was prompted by jealousy, not his manic-depression and that he truly cares for Imogen, as she's been there for him during his worst. Eli and Imogen meet for coffee where she admits that though she often fantasized about her and Eli being together, she feels like she doesn't know Eli anymore. When Eli asks about them staying together, she says that she's doubtful that it'll work out. Eli asks for Imogen to at least give their friendship another chance, to which she reluctantly agrees.

In In The Cold, Cold Night (1), the rumor of Katie being absent, and Marisol taking over student counsel has spread. This exciting information triggers Fiona and Imogen's plans of getting back at Katie and Marisol for the prank they pulled off at the beginning of the year. After walking confidentially into a counsel meeting and getting thrown out by Marisol, Fiona takes matters into her own hands and arranges Mr. Simpson to agree to a frostival! Imogen and Fiona kick Marisol out of their way and start arranging to worlds best carnival of frost!

In In The Cold, Cold Night (2), at first everything seems fine. The carnival plan is ready, Fiona is doing an amazing job in organizing everything, and Marisol is staying out of the way - Imogen is all happy. She goes over to Fiona's to make the frostival decorations, and comes face to face with a short tempered and angry Fiona, telling her the frostival is a no go. But Imogen will not just stand there and be shouted at, no. Fiona gets her

Imogen and Fiona on the Ferris wheel.

share of disappointment from Imogen telling her she's a quitter running away. The fight results in Imogen avoiding Fiona's apologetic phone calls. Imogen meets up with Fiona at the carnival, happy and proud that Fiona succeeded in pulling it off. By night fall Fiona and Imogen are having a great time together. On the Ferris wheel, Fiona decides to tell Imogen how she feels about her, and kisses her. Though Imogen looks hopeful, Fiona is worried and starts blabbering about the crush and moving New York. Imogen reassures Fiona, and kisses her back to prove the feelings are mutual. The downside though is Fiona moving to New York to be with her family - surprisingly, Fiona says she will be coming back to Degrassi for the next semester - that way they can be together.

Season 12


In Come As You Are (2), Mo is holding auditions for his new band. Apparently Imogen has a liking for music herself. As the previous impressions she has made at Degrassi, she comes prepare to show a unique, and as Mo calls it "Weird but great" performance, singing along with "singing" water glasses.

Imogen in Season 12.

In Got Your Money (1), she is first seen waiting for Fiona at the bus stop and excitedly greeting her with a sign. At school the two walk to Fiona's locker where it is now jock central. Dallas flirts with Fiona and she tells him that Imogen is her girlfriend. He tells them to kiss and Imogen gets uncomfortable. Fiona refuses and the two leave and Fiona begins talking about their schedules. Imogen begins acting cold, saying she's busy and in a band and leaves. Later on, she is seen practicing with the rest of WhisperHug asking about when they will play their next stadium show. When Mo brings up new practice times and Zig says he can't make it, she asks about his and Tori's anniversary. When she sees the bracelet that he got her, she looks away awkwardly. She is later seen in the practice room with Maya and Mo when Zig walks in. She asks if Tori dumped him over the cheap bracelet and Mo pulls her away.


In Got Your Money (2), she walks up to Fiona to see Dallas flirting with her again and gets jealous. She begins to walk away when Fiona stops her and Imogen claims that all she'll do is throw an event for her every time she messes up. Fiona says that they can talk whenever they want and Imogen states that they can't because she decided everything when she came back. Fiona gets upset and leaves her alone to think. Before WhisperHug performs, she is seen helping Adam get ready when Fiona approaches. Fiona tells Imogen to talk and that she will actually listen for a change. Imogen says that she does want to be Fiona's girlfriend but wants to take it slow because it is all new to her. Fiona agrees and the two make up with a kiss, which Dallas sees, satisfied. The two girls go backstage and Imogen says to her bandmates that she is there and ready with her girlfriend and kisses Fiona on the cheek. Mo acknowledges them and they go onstage and perform.

In Rusty Cage (1), she is first seen walking the hallways when Fiona walks up talking about Fiona Coyne Day. Imogen says that everyday it is Imogen Moreno Day and Fiona says that they should celebrate. Fiona asks

Fiona kisses Imogen before Drew walked in the apartment.

about her house but she says she can't and they agree to do movies at Fiona's house. At the condo, Imogen is going through the movie selection and doesn't know what to watch. Fiona begins to tickle Imogen and then they start to make out when Drew walks in on them. She watches as Fiona and Drew argue over the apartment. Later on at the condo again, she looks to see half the apartment spotless and when Fiona claims that she might need a new roommate, Imogen says that Drew isn't that bad.

In Rusty Cage (2), she is first seen walking into class to notice Fiona writing a list. When she learns that it is "ways to get back at Drew," she doesn't understand the meaning to it and mentions to Fiona that she should just clean, but Fiona still refuses. The next day, she walks into class to learn that Fiona actually cleaned and is proud of her. When Fiona says that it's Fiona Coyne Day again, she asks to come over to Imogen's house but she says that they can't, again.


In Never Ever (1), she is first seen presenting her set ideas to her father. He observes and compliments her attention to detail and the two joke around a bit. Back at school, she shows the plans to Eli and gives all her ideas. When he asks what the budget will be, she mentions that with all the recycled materials that will be used, it will be $500. He says that the budget is tight and that she'll need to come up with the money on her own, leading her to meet her estranged mother at her job at the hospital. Natalie asks about her and her father but Imogen completely shrugs off any conversation and asks for the money point blank. Natalie agrees, but only if they can have dinner the next night. Back at school, Imogen tells Fiona about how the set will be a success with the money when Marisol and Mo walk in to mention that there is a man in a robe outside. The two girls walk to the front to see Mr. Moreno. They let him in the auditorium where he talks with Eli and Imogen asks if Fiona would like to see the Morenos in action and invites her to dinner that night, cancelling her plans with Natalie. At the house, the two girls are helping prepare dinner when Mr. Moreno walks in with more ingredients and Imogen asks about Volta. He says that he had left him outside and tells the girls to take him for a walk. They walk outside unable to find the dog. Imogen tells Fiona to grab her father's keys so they can drive around the neighborhood to look for him when she looks under the car to find her dog, dead. She breaks down and services come to take the body away. Her father apologizes and Fiona talks to her about the situation but Imogen is in denial that anything is wrong about her father. Natalie comes up to the house asking what had happened and Imogen refuses to say anything. Imogen tells Natalie that Fiona is her girlfriend and that there is so much that she doesn't know, and that things should stay that away. Fiona stays by Imogen's side as she watches Natalie walk away.

Imogen breaks down in front of Eli.

In Never Ever (2), she is first seen in the car when her dad apologizes again about Volta. She tells him that she wants to take the day off and go with him to work and he tells her he'll be fine. When Eli approaches the car, she tells him to call him when he's at work and Eli asks about the set. He asks her if she can really handle it and she tells him she can do it on her own. When she and Eli walk into class, they ask if they can skip to work on the set but Mr. Armstrong tells them it's a quiz day. They talk about the set and she overhears Marisol and Mo talking about her father. Imogen hits Marisol with a book, causing her to get sent to Simpson's office. Simpson asks what's wrong and Imogen tells him that she is stressed. He tells her that he'll have to set up a meeting with a counselor and she requests that she does it after the play. He agrees and tells her he'll still have to call her dad. She tells him not to and gives him her mother's number instead. Natalie meets her in the auditorium and Imogen asks about her punishment. Natalie tells her that she isn't suspended and explains that her father has early onset Dementia. Imogen is shocked and tells Natalie that she'll take care of him and won't abandon him like she did. She later calls her father, checking on him and tells him she'll make dinner that night. He asks where Volta's leash is and she begins to cry, reminding him that Volta's dead. Eli walks in asking why the set is taking so long and she quits. At home, she cooks dinner and plays cards with her father to help his memory when Fiona knocks on the door. She asks if she just plans on staying home all the time and Imogen tells her she wants to complete school from home. She kisses Fiona goodbye before walking back inside. When she is about


to leave for the store, she begins putting all the sharp objects away. She walks by the staircase to be met by her father who believes she is Natalie. She drives to the hospital to meet up with Natalie, and tell her the situation. Breaking down and rekindling their relationship. Back at school, she apologizes to Eli and Fiona for her actions and tells them that Natalie set her father up with a caretaker and that she'll be living with her every other week by her dad's request. Eli and Fiona reveal that the set is completed, leaving Imogen stunned and the three of them happy.


In Sabotage (2), she asks Eli if Clare saw him coming in because she states she 'hates spoilers'.She tries to make it rain confetti for Clare's birthday but the confetti canon does no go off so she yells into the confetti canon and tries to get the confetti canon to work. She ended the massive fight by getting the confetti canon to work.

Imogen sticking up for Tristan with Fiona

In Scream (1), she is seen flirting with Fiona at Fiona's locker. When Dallas walks up and tries to talk to them and asks Fiona how many sorries she needs to forgive him, Imogen tells Dallas that he can stuff his sorries in a sack. Fiona and Imogen start kissing, when Tristan interrupts them and asks about how they got together. They both leave with Tristan arm in arm. She later gives Eli some insightful advice on how to solve the Clare & Asher saga.

In Building a Mystery (2), Imogen is seen performing with WhisperHug at the Student Council fundraiser.

She is mentioned by Mo and Maya so that Maya can teach her the vocals for her song in Doll Parts (1) .


In I Want It That Way (1), she is seen with her mother and Fiona but was forced to leave once Fiona brought up her mom's house arrest. She is later seen talking on the phone with Fiona about that afternoon.

In I Want It That Way (2), Fiona tells Imogen that they are hanging out with her mom during their lunch break before kissing her on the cheek. At the mall, Imogen gets mad at Fiona for her mom paying more attention to Fiona than her, which starts an argument. After Fiona chats to her mom, she realizes she needs to let Imogen spend time with her mom alone. Fiona gets Imogen to the mall again where Natalie says that she needs help decorating her room, which Imogen agrees to doing. Fiona tells her she is spending the weekend with her own mom and kisses Imogen goodbye before leaving.

Imogen and Maya.

In Tonight, Tonight, Imogen and the rest of WhisperHug are at the mall to find out if they made it into the Battle Of The Bands and they find out they did get in and they cheer. Later, WhisperHug are going to practice for the Battle Of The Bands and everyone is talking about their final exam and Zig says I studied everything except for slope and what's on my math final slope Imogen starts singing It's a slippery and Zig says Don't just don't and then they start practicing their song Superman's Song for the Battle Of The Bands. Later Zig and Imogen and the rest of WhisperHug are at the Battle Of The Bands they cheer when the event starts and listens to Chaz Bono give advice to everyone that's performing, Missy's band Ezra's Pound is called up to perform and Zig, Imogen, and the rest of the members of WhisperHug are shocked when they find out Missy's band stole their song, later they talk about what are they going to do then they find out they are disqualified from the competition because Adam punched Ezra's Pound drummer. Later they found out their back in the Battle Of The Bands because Adam talked to Chaz Bono and got them back in but Adam can't perform with them, they perform and they win 3rd place.


In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Imogen is seen playing a game with Adam on his iPad while Drew, Bianca, and Fiona practice for the wedding ceremony.  She later helps Bianca try on her wedding dress and tells her how beautiful of a bride she is.  On the plane, she and Fiona tell Drew about what Bianca's wedding vows are.  After Drew's confrontation with Katie, she comments to Fiona about how it's going to be a bumpy a ride.  When they arrive at the hotel, she takes away Bianca's phone and takes her to her bachelorette party along with Fiona.


At the wedding, Imogen and Fiona walk Bianca down the aisle and witness Audra scolding Drew and Adam.  Later, she helps Drew perform I Can't Help Falling in Love With You along with Fiona, Mo, Audra, Adam, and Marisol for Bianca.  She is later seen at Drew and Bianca's engagement party along with Fiona, Adam, Becky, Audra, and Omar.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Imogen is seen at Cam's candle vigil, next to Fiona as Maya speaks to the crowd.

In Ray of Light (1), she is seen in Eli's yearbook video recording.

In Ray of Light (2), she is seen in the yearbook video.


In Karma Police (1), she is seen brainstorming with Eli on what to use for his zombie play when Fiona comes and asks them what to do with her roommate situation. She is later seen in class with her while she is tweeting and kisses her goodbye. She is seen coming to Fiona's loft after the break-in, consoling her and letting her use her laptop.

In Karma Police (2), she comforts Fiona after her confrontation with the gang that previous night. She offers her a place to stay at her home, but Fiona politely turns down the offer.

Imogen sadden upon finding out that Fiona has an opportunity to go to Italy.

In The Time of My Life, she is featured in the first scene. She is with Eli, and shown to have not opened her report card yet. She opens it, only to flunk all of her classes, and have to repeat her senior year, but doesn't tell Fiona, saying she won't ruin her night. Fiona and Imogen look at the prom venue and share a passionate kiss. At Fiona's loft, she and Fiona are getting ready for prom when Laura Coyne shows up, and says she was on a plane next to Federico, a famous Italian designer who is need for a designer. Fiona is excited while Imogen feels jealous, since she will be thousands of miles away. Later at prom, Fiona goes to pronounce prom king and queen and a call from Federico comes on Fiona, to which Imogen impersonates Fiona. At the restaurant, Imogen, under Fiona's identity appears drunk, in attempts to make Federico change his mind about Fiona.

Imogen and Fiona kiss one last time.

When Imogen gets back to prom, Fiona finds she has her phone after getting a call from her mom. Fiona then breaks up briefly with Imogen after finding out she impersonates Fiona and makes her mom call rehab centers. Imogen then is crying in the closet, when Eli and Clare come in and proceed to kiss, and they hear a crying Imogen. Clare leaves to talk to Alli as Eli gives Imogen advice about getting back Fiona's offer. Imogen goes to the airport and talks to Federico, working out the job offer to which the real Fiona can call him. Imogen goes to the loft only to be welcomed by Laura, who says Fiona is practicing her graduation speech. Imogen tells her mom the good news as Fiona overhears, getting back with Imogen. They hug. At graduation, Fiona makes her speech about making new friends, to which the camera pans to Imogen. Imogen then is outside of the auditorium, greeted by Fiona, and says they should break up. Fiona is sad, and Imogen says she doesn't want to hold her back in Italy. They share one last kiss and Fiona walks back into the ceremony, giving Imogen one last glance. Fiona and Imogen end on good terms.

Season 13


In Summertime, Imogen notices that Adam is bummed that Becky will be spending her summer away at Florida surrounded by hot guys. Imogen thinks that he and Becky broke up and Adam says that they're rock solid like her and Fiona. Imogen then looks sad and Adam figures out that they broke up. Imogen talks to Adam and says that she is also bummed because of her break up with Fiona. The two make a pact to become camp besties. 


Adam, Becky, and Imogen are at the Fefe Dobson concert. Imogen asks Becky what it's going to be like having her old girlfriends with her while she is being a life guard in Florida and Becky says it's mostly guys. Imogen suddenly claims that she sprained her ankle and asks Adam to get her ice. While he is gone, Becky says that she will probably be surrounded by hot guys all summer too. She says sure but Adam is the only one who isn't revolting. Becky then gets suspicious and asks if Imogen is still into girls and she says that she is open minded just like Becky is. Becky then says that she better open her mind to the fact that Adam has a girlfriend. Then Adam comes back with Imogen's ice and Becky starts to make out with him. Becky asks Adam to go to a private area and while Becky is pulling him away, he turns around and thanks Imogen for whatever she said to Becky since he gets to make out with her. Imogen watches them leave as she remains at the table, looking sad.

In All I Wanna Do, Adam calls Imogen into the hospital to help Clare find a wig that she liked.

13x05 52.png

In About A Girl, Imogen walks into the resource center to find Adam on FaceRange looking at pictures of Becky and Todd. Adam tells her that he wishes he could delete the photos, she asks him if she knows Becky's password, which he does, and he logs onto her account and looks at conversations between Becky and Todd. Adam notes that they talked about almost everything except for him and Imogen suggests looking under a nickname. Later on Imogen is in the gym with Adam, Drew, and Dallas when Adam decides that he's going to impersonate Becky and send Todd a message to say she's not interested and to leave her alone, Imogen disagrees with the plan and doesn't think it will work, but he goes through with it anyway. Back at the Torres house, Imogen is in the basement with Drew and Dallas when Adam comes down with pizza for all of them.


In Cannonball, Imogen is seen tending the campers and waves at Adam. After Adam considers hooking up with her, he looks over at Imogen and she smiles at him. Then, she is seen walking down the aisle for Colton and Madison's "wedding" and starts singing the wedding march and watches it. Then, Adam asks her to help him put a flower on his jacket. He tells her she's pretty and Imogen is flattered by it and asks him if he wants to go to a lookout with her. Adam says yes and they agree to meet at the water cooler to take the hike. They come back into the van and laugh because it started raining all of a sudden during their hike. She undoes her pigtails and with Adams help takes off her wet shirt to reveal a hot pink bra. They then start making out until Drew opens the van to get supplies for smores. After he awkwardly leaves, Imogen starts laughing and gets out of the van.

In Honey, Imogen seems concerned when Drew tells her and Dallas that Adam's in surgery. She then tells Drew that her campers may start to get chaotic and puts him in charge of them. Later, she comes to tell Colton that his dad is there to pick him up and walks him out.


In Young Forever, she is at the Torres' house following the funeral and checks on Drew with Dave. She makes things awkward by trying to crack a joke, and apologizes by saying she's not good in these situations. She also attends the memorial bonfire and is seen interacting with many characters and watching the memorial video.

In This Is How We Do It, Imogen greets Becky awkwardly at the assembly and asks her how her summer was, forgetting about Adam, and quickly apologizes. She is later making use of the equipment Drew ordered for the beach bash by tanning outside on the sand and towel.

In You Oughta Know, Imogen is seen walking down the hallway with Drew. She talks about her ideas for Degrassi TV, which Drew finds sensible, because they are not expensive. Drew decides to approve Degrassi TV and he also entitles Imogen as the head of it. She hugs him and he gives her an advice about getting a crew. Imogen acquiesces.

Imogen happy to be the head of Degrassi TV.

Later on, Imogen is seen with Drew during the auditions for a TV presenter. They are not impressed by Winston's presentation, what makes Imogen think that they are never going to find a talented anchor. Suddenly, Becky shows up and wants to audition, however Imogen is seen having trouble with looking at her. Becky decides to present a piece about texting and driving. When she finishes, Drew says that she was great and Imogen adds that they will be in touch. After Becky leaves, Drew asks Imogen what did she not like in Becky's audition and Imogen responds that she was too perky. Drew asks Imogen if the real reason for ignoring Becky is what happened between her and Adam, but Imogen denies it nervously.

That same day, Imogen is seen approaching Becky. When Becky sees her, she immediately asks when Imogen will make her choice, but Imogen responds that Becky can't be an anchor. Also, she informs her that she picked Winston. Becky wants to know if she didn't choose her because of Adam, but Imogen denies it and says that she tries to do what's best for the project.

Imogen avoiding to make eye contact with Becky.

The next day, Imogen is seen while she's testing Winston if he can do an interview. Winston doesn't cooperate, when suddenly Becky shows up. She asks Imogen is there anything else that she can help her with. Drew exchanges looks with Imogen, what forces her to hire Becky.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Imogen is seen with Becky in the resource center, while they work on the logo for Degrassi TV. Becky thanks Imogen for giving her a chance and says that her life's been hard since Adam's passing. Then, Becky can't restrain herself and she asks Imogen, why Adam was so desperate to call her. Imogen doesn't want to answer and orders Becky to get to work, because they launch the television the next day.

Becky asks Imogen about Adam.

Later on, Imogen meets up with Drew and says that she can't work with Becky, because she doesn't manage to look her in the eye after kissing Adam. Drew comforts Imogen that Adam's accident wasn't her fault, but she responds that Becky doesn't know what happened, and she doesn't know what to tell her. Drew advises Imogen to tell Becky only the things that she'd like to hear.

That same day, Imogen records Winston while he's presenting the news. Unfortunately, she says she forgot to press the record button and they will have to retake. Then, Drew asks Imogen where is Becky and if she figured out what to tell her. Imogen responds that she'll try to avoid her, but Drew's opinion changes her mind.

Imogen telling Becky that Adam truly loved her.

The next day, Imogen sits down next to Becky in the cafeteria. Becky apologizes for bringing Adam up a day ago, however Imogen decides to tell Becky that the reason he wanted to call her was that he really missed her and wanted to hear the sound of her voice. Also, Imogen ensures Becky that Adam loved her. Becky is really grateful for what Imogen said and she hugs her, crying. Imogen also asks Becky if she still wants to be on camera, because she thinks that Becky can work well with Winston. Becky thanks Imogen and tells her that she's the best, while hugging her again.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Imogen joins Drew in geography class. He tells her that Dallas is supposed to present with him, but he's late as usual. Imogen informs Drew that she saw Dallas leaving the school five minutes ago, what upsets Drew.

Imogen gives Drew a piece of advice.

Later on, Imogen is seen walking down the hallway, when Drew almost hits her with a ball. He takes the opportunity to ask Imogen if he seems uptight, since he can't reach an agreement with Dallas about the project. Drew also tells Imogen that he's worried about Dallas, and she responds that sometimes something really scary needs to happen to make people realize that they need to change their behavior.

In Barely Breathing, Imogen is briefly seen in geography class while Drew and Dallas present their project.

In Black or White, Imogen is seen while she helps Winston before his interview with Drew for Degrassi TV. She stands behind the camera and records it.

Imogen and Winston mad at Drew.

Later on, Imogen is seen while she records another reporting with Winston. Drew and Dallas approach them and take their camera because of the previous interview which embarrassed Drew. He tells Imogen to find a new anchor, but she refuses and says that if they fire Winston, she will quit too. Drew responds that it means now Becky is the head of Degrassi TV.

The next day, Imogen is seen with Becky and Winston during a protest against Drew in the cafeteria. A moment later, Drew tells Imogen and Winston that they can go back to Degrassi TV, but they are banned from portraying the student council in a negative way. Winston refuses and starts a fight with Drew, which ends with Drew pushing him to the ground. Imogen then helps Winston.

Imogen negotiating with Drew.

Later on, Drew meets up with Imogen, Winston, and Becky, because he wants to do another interview. He tells them that Degrassi TV needs them and they can negotiate. Imogen says that they want a new battery for the video camera, and Winston adds that they need a complete journalistic freedom. Drew approves, and Imogen asks what the interview will be about. Drew responds that he decided to organize a feast for needy families. The idea wins approval and Imogen stands behind the camera once again.

In Dig Me Out, Imogen shows up late for French class. She starts to present a project, but she cuts off when Luke makes fun of her. Imogen doesn't know what's going on and Madame Jean-Aux tells her she doesn't wear a bra. Imogen apologizes, but Jean-Aux tells her to go home to get one. Imogen is astonished that Madame kicked her out of class because she only forgot to wear a bra.

Imogen finds out that she is not wearing a bra.

Later on, Imogen is seen with Madame Jean-Aux and Mr. Simpson in his office. He asks Imogen if she's upset because the teacher told her to leave the class, and Imogen responds that it was mortifying and it was the boys who were making all the fuss. Mr. Simpson says that students can't violate the dress code, however Imogen responds that the dress code doesn't state the students have to wear a bra. Imogen feels like she is getting punished for the boys reaction. She also asks Mr. Simpson what underwear is he wearing since he's so concerned about it. Simpson tells Imogen to stop and from now on to wear appropriate undergarments to class. Imogen responds that from now on no one will ever question if she's wearing a bra.

Imogen prostesting against the dress code.

The next day, Becky records Imogen's protest against the school dress code. During the video, Imogen says that the dress code is sexist and when she unzips her hoodie, she shows that she is wearing a bra on her shirt. After the recording, Becky tells Imogen that using Degrassi TV for the protest will not only make Simpson angry but he can suspend her, but Imogen doesn't want to step down.

Imogen is later seen with Becky, walking into the resource center. They both notice that the room is full of girls wearing bras on their shirts, not underneath them. Imogen says that she started a revolution, but her joy is interrupted by Mr. Simpson who tells her that from then on Degrassi TV is off the airwaves.

Imogen before showing Becky her Facerange page.

The following day, Imogen sits with her laptop in the cafeteria. Becky then shows up with coffee. Imogen says that she can't believe Degrassi TV is off the airwaves, but it is not over yet. She tells Becky she made an "Anti-Degrassi Dress Code" Facerange page, leaving Becky astonished.

In Power to the People, Imogen walks into school in a nun's outfit. Becky tells her that many people saw her Facerange page. Imogen is thrilled, when suddenly a group of picketing girls comes their way. Becky doesn't like revealing outfits they are wearing, but Imogen is still impressed. Becky says that it is a huge issue, what Simpson overhears and says that he agrees with her. He stops the protest and tells Imogen to go with him to his office.

Imogen in a nun's outfit to make a point to Mr. Simpson.

A moment later, Imogen tells Mr. Simpson that she can't be in trouble since she didn't use Degrassi TV. He responds that she's not in trouble and sending her out of French class was unfair. Instead, he gives Imogen a chance to change the dress code.

That same day, Imogen is seen in the classroom with Becky. She gets on a table and says to everyone that Simpson agreed to let her change the dress code. She asks for suggestions, but Frankie and Keisha propose too provocative ideas. Keisha says that they want to look sexy to get boyfriends and Frankie adds that they also want to intimidate other girls. Imogen wasn't expecting these answers and asks Becky for an advice, but she doesn't know what to say either.

Imogen and Becky try to write the new dress code.

Later on, Imogen sits with Becky at the computer in the resource center and they try to write a new school dress code. Girls have a problem to write rules which wouldn't restrict freedom of any gender. Becky notices that it doesn't mind what they wear but why they wear it. Both girls agree to write a dress code which will state that if someone accidentally showed their underwear, they wouldn't be punished, but if they did it on purpose, they would.

The next day, Becky helps Imogen in walking into the school, because she covered her eyes with her hand. Imogen tells Becky that after introducing the new dress code, she's scared that girls will wear only their undergarments. Then, Frankie and Keisha approach them dressed casual. They tell Imogen that she's their hero and they didn't want to ruin everything by dressing inappropriately. Becky and Imogen smile and hug each other. Becky also tells Imogen she mismatched her socks, but Imogen responds that it was intentional.

Imogen surprised by Becky's pitch.

In Unbelievable, Imogen sits in the resource center, when Becky approaches her. She says that she has a pitch for Degrassi TV about teens and alcohol. Imogen responds that Becky never even had a drink, but Becky tells Imogen that she knows how bad it is and shows her photos of Zoë from Miles' party. Becky says that she wants to warn people that when they get drunk, they are still responsible for their actions. Imogen responds that the topic is controversial and Simpson may not approve it, but Becky doesn't want to step down.

Later on, Imogen and Becky watch a short interview with Zoë. Becky says that she is not a good journalist, but Imogen comforts her and says that there may be another angle for her story. She then shows Becky that an anonymous person posts videos of Zoë from the party. In one of them they can hear some boys' voices, but they can't make out them. Imogen says that it may be Drew, since they were a couple before. Becky stands up and Imogen asks her where she is going. Becky responds that she needs to finish her story.

Imogen and Becky shocked by one of the posted videos.

Imogen is later seen with Drew and Becky, when they hang photos of the suspects of Zoë's assault on a wall. Imogen asks Becky what happened with her saying that even when you are drunk, you are responsible for your actions, and Becky responds that watching the videos of Zoë changed her mind. Imogen thinks that their investigation is getting a little too deep for Degrassi TV, but Becky responds that Degrassi TV is about stories that affects students. The three then wonder who may have done the assault.

A moment later, Imogen shows Dallas the video of Zoë and asks if he knows anything about it, but he denies it. Then, Imogen meets up with Becky and Drew. Becky is upset that they interviewed everyone and no one knows anything. Drew says that obviously someone is lying, but Imogen asks how they are supposed to know who. Becky responds that they need to dig, but Imogen tells Becky to abort it and cover the Degrassi Sing-Off instead. Suddenly, Becky gets another video from an anonymous person, which shows that Miles and Winston carried Zoë to the pool house. Becky says that now they now who did it and they have to film the story, but Imogen thinks that they can't accuse people without having real proof. Becky asks Imogen what she thinks she should do, and Imogen tells her to record the Sing-Off.

Imogen says that they can't accuse people without having real proof.

After finding out that Miles and Winston actually didn't assault Zoë, Imogen with Becky and Drew still wonder who it was. Becky and Drew say that they need to find every picture with two guys on it, but Imogen thinks that the police already thought about it. Imogen also asks why Becky even cares as she barely knows Zoë, but Becky responds that it could have been her or Imogen. Drew adds that an anonymous person posts photos of every guy in school with a label "rapist", what convinces Imogen.

Later on, Imogen, Becky and Drew wonder what to do now with the pairs of guys that were seen together at the party. Grace approaches them and says that she's the anonymous person they were receiving information from and that she wants to help. She tells them to send emails to one guy from each pair, in which they have to write that their buddies ratted them out and then they will wait and watch. Grace says that if it will not work, she has other tricks up her sleeve.

Imogen unbelievable 4.png

That same day, Imogen sits down next to Becky in the hallway. They watch together some suspects' reaction, but there is none. Imogen says that the other pair of guys also didn't react, when suddenly they hear a fight. The rapists are revealed to be Neil Martin and Luke Baker. Imogen can't believe this and neither does Becky. Imogen says that everyone is scared now and Becky asks her to let her talk to Luke first.

Imogen sees Jack for the first time.

In What It's Like, Imogen sits with Becky in the classroom. They talk about semi-formal and Imogen says that they will go shopping the next day. Becky thanks her for being a great friend. Then, Jack comes to class and she is being introduced by Mr. Perino. He asks if any group has room for Jack and Imogen volunteers. Jack joins them and she hits it off with Imogen. Imogen then asks Jack if she wants to meet after school.

At the Baker's home, Imogen and Jack talk about music and Becky isn't with it. Then, the two change the subject to gallery exhibits and Jack boasts that she saw one of them with her ex-girlfriend in Berlin. When she gets a text, Jack says that she has to go on a date with her mom. She also asks Imogen if she wants to hang out the next day, and she agrees without a doubt. Becky reminds her about the shopping they were going to do, so Imogen asks Jack to come along. Jack agrees and leaves. Imogen then asks Becky if she is mad, but Becky responds that "the more the merrier."

Imogen astonished by Becky's invitation to the semi-formal.

Later on, Imogen is again seen with Becky and Jack at the Baker's home. Becky brings cookies and tells Jack to wash her hands first. When she leaves, Imogen says that she needs to wash her hands too, but Becky stops her. She then asks Imogen to the semi-formal. Imogen accepts the invitation and says that they should invite Jack too. Becky responds that she wants to spend the night only with Imogen to get to know her more intimately. Imogen is astonished and says that she didn't know Becky felt that way, and Becky responds that Imogen is the most important person in her life right now. Imogen says that it's a date, and then Jack comes back from the bathroom.


In Close to Me, Becky becomes jealous when Jack tags along to the dance with her and Imogen, ruining their girl's night. Imogen, Becky, and Jack are practicing their project, and when Imogen leaves, Jack tells Becky that she was going to ask Imogen to the semi-formal. Becky tells her that she is going with Imogen, but Jack questions her liking girls. At the semi-formal, Becky and Imogen are dancing to a fast-beat song, when suddenly a slow song comes on. Becky tells Imogen that she has never slow-danced with another girl, and Imogen shows her how to. Becky realizes that she can't dance with girls and Imogen is thankful because she wanted them to stay friends. Later, Becky meets up with Jack and tells her that she can go dance with Imogen, because they are just friends. 


In Army of Me, Imogen is seen telling Clare that she isn't Drew's type.

In Everything Is Everything, Imogen is seen hearing the conversation between Drew and Clare that Eden likes working with kids and she responds just like you. Before Eden approaches to Drew, Imogen says "AHOOGA!"

In Enjoy the Silence, Imogen is seen walking into class with Clare and Jack. Then she is seen in a room where she is sitting and watching Drew getting lie detected.


In How Bizarre, while working on a project together, Becky confesses to Imogen that ever since she confessed about Luke, she feels that her parents hate her. Imogen suggests that she should try to talk to them and that everyone deserves to have their side of the story heard. Later, Imogen finds Becky, who reveals things are still bad between her family. She tells Imogen that she has a date, and explains that she has been playing Realm of Doom lately. Imogen asks Becky to promise to be safe.

In My Hero, Imogen convinces Becky to find out the identity of Sir Excellence, and they discover that it is Hunter Hollingsworth. Becky breaks it off with Hunter, who later yells at Becky in front of Imogen. Becky decides that she needs to get a life. Imogen helps Drew when he is upset about losing his job and his fight with Dallas. Imogen advises Drew to demand his job back since he was wrongfully terminated. Becky joins the two, and Drew leaves them with a compliment towards Imogen, as well as a kiss on the cheek.

Jack and Imogen smoking weed.

In Hypnotize, Imogen has been drawing pictures of Jack, and Becky notices, questioning about where they were in their relationship. Imogen comments that they had a romantic dance at the semi-formal, but nothing has happened since then. Becky pushes Imogen to ask her out, and Jack says she is busy, but invites Imogen to come with her. Later, Imogen shows up to the dance studio and looks for Jack, but finds her dancing. Jack calls her over, and they flirt in front Lucy. Lucy gives her joint to Jack, who offers it to Imogen. Jack ends up blowing the smoke into Imogen's mouth, who only ends up coughing. When they are both high, Lucy asks them to get food, but Jack turns down the offer when Imogen asks her to show her some moves. They dance together and end up sharing a kiss.

Imogen and Jack at the fashion show.

In Out of My Head, Becky is teasing Imogen you love Jack then Becky shows Jack the designs Imogen made for the fashion show and Imogen thinks she hates them and then Imogen changes them which made Becky so angry and told Imogen she wants to talk to her in private and tells her to sit down and think about what she did. Then Imogen went inside and apologized to Becky. Then Jack says did you change the dresses because of me? And Imogen says yes because you said you didn't like them and because you're so cool and Imogen says she is intimidated by her and Jack says she feels the same and then they end up kissing.

In Believe (1), Imogen intervenes when Clare starts arguing with Becky in class about Luke's innocence involving Zoë's rape. Later Becky comes up and asks to be her partner but Imogen is about to respond when Clare comes up and says she's working with her. Then Becky decides to work with Drew instead.

In Thunderstruck, Imogen is seen in the classroom trying to cheer up Becky with a song but it turns out to be Becky's and Luke's song when they were little. Then at the dance Becky goes missing and her Drew and Jack go and try to find her but Jack to go inside because it is dangerous and thinks she is inside somewhere.

Season 14

In Smells Like Teen Spirit,

In If You Could Only See, Imogen and Jack sit down in their seats before kissing and talking about going to Roller Derby that night, they start talking about how Becky might feel like a third wheel without someone with her before Becky announces she's sitting behind them and can hear every word. Becky tells them she will come and bring a date too. Imogen and Jack later help Becky with her dating profile online. They later attend roller derby with Becky and her date Chris, in the end Becky gets them to dump Chris for her.

In There's Your Trouble, Jack approaches Imogen and Becky in a classroom, she grabs Imogen's hand and leads her off to their seats so they can start their class lesson.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Imogen and Jack are happily chatting in class when Imogen blurts out she loves Jack and Jack replies by saying thanks. Imogen says hi to Jack in the corridor before explaining that she meant the I love you but it doesn't mean Jack has to say it back unless of course she feels the same way and asks Jack if she knows what she means. Jack tells Imogen she thinks they should break-up, Imogen thinks she's joking but then asks if she is serious, Jack says it's not like she doesn't like being with her but she didn't expect this to turn into an exclusive relationship and says she didn't know how Imogen felt about polyamory (dating other people while dating each other) and not monogamy (being with one person romantically). Imogen is surprised but tells Jack she wants be polyamorous too. Jack says they should take the night off and postpone their date, Imogen says ok and Jack leaves. Imogen gets a status update on her phone from Facerange and sees its a picture of Jack on a date with another girl and feels like she's going to be sick.

Imogen interrupts Jack dancing at the studio, telling Jack she doesn't want to have a polyamory relationship and then tells her she loves her and says that she said what she did because she's scared and commitment is scary. Imogen says she understands but she wants to take a leap with Jack and that if they break each other's hearts in the end, so be it, but she's just a one woman, woman. Jack is shocked and Imogen realizes that she interrupted a children's dance class that Jack is teaching and she leaves. Imogen is at The Dot when she gets a call from Jack. Jack tells her that she was right about her being scared because she moved around so much, she never saw a point in getting close to anyone. There were parts of what she said that she believed but none of it is worth losing Imogen over. Jack tells her that she loves her and Imogen is left speechless but tells her that she loves her too. Imogen tells her that she'll be there as soon as she can.

In Something's Got to Give, Jack sits with Imogen and Winston at lunch to discuss Imogen's gymnastics outfit ideas. After Hunter tells Imogen of Degrassi Nudes, she decides to explore further but Jack shows hesitation in needing to find the truth. Jack continually expresses her belief that they shouldn't continue investigating until Imogen accidentally tells Simpson about the website.

Jack meets Imogen outside and asks what had happened and Imogen informs her that the police will be getting involved, but that there are no leads. Jack reveals to Imogen that the breasts that were shown belonged to her and that the entire Power Cheer team had taken part in it. Imogen feels betrayed and accuses Jack of cheating which leaves Jack feeling upset. Later on Jack sits by herself and draws when Imogen approaches her. Jack apologizes and Imogen forgives her and they share a kiss.

In Firestarter (2), Imogen mentions she is excited to see Jack perform in the finals for power cheer and invites Eli who declines.

In Watch Out Now, Imogen and Jack are kissing outside the school when Becky approaches them. Becky asks them if its too early for that but Imogen kisses Jack again saying no there's only a few weeks until graduation. Jack says she has to spend the rest of her time after school in detention and Imogen and Jack kiss again. Becky then says that they deserved it because they showed their boobs for money. Imogen follows it up by asking Becky where she has been since they had a week off to repair the damage from the fire and she hasn't seen her once. Jack says she thinks she was with Jonah in which Becky confirms saying they were writing songs but she has a crush on him but is not acting on it because of her recent break up with Drew. Jonah approaches them and Jack and Imogen both say hi to him before they all head into the school. Once inside the foyer, Clare and Drew explain the new rules and everyone watches a video of the new principal, Ms. Pill, explaining them. Imogen and Jack are't happy with the new rules and Imogen tells them that rules keep you from making mistakes as Becky leaves. Jack and Imogen then comment on Becky being involved in a love triangle because Drew and Jonah both like her. In class, Imogen and Jack tell Becky her variety show isn't on the list of approved student activities and explain that Drew denied their request because he's jealous of her and Jonah. Becky says there's nothing going on between them, while Jack says that Drew can see there's a connection there and Imogen says she supports Becky and Jonah as a couple. Jack tells her to go ask Drew to approve her idea by being nicer and Jack shows her she means nicer as in sexier.  The next day, Imogen and Jack notice Becky smiling when they enter their classroom and thinks her talk with Drew went well, Becky says it did when Drew approaches them and flirts with Becky, Imogen asks what she does now and explains she took their advice. Imogen and Jack admit they may have given her bad advice. Imogen tells Becky she can't pretend to like Drew forever and Becky asks why she can't and that doing the wrong thing has gotten her nowhere. Jack reminds her by saying that the rules keep her from making mistakes and Becky says maybe they also keep you from all the good stuff. Imogen tells Becky she's cute when she's mad but warns her to watch out because breaking rules tends to come with consequences.

In Ready or Not, Imogen helps Winston with auditions for his musical, Captain Who. She is impressed he wrote the script by himself. She asks him why he's being so weird about Lola's audition and after asking if she can keep a secret and her reply of "when I want to," he tells her that he and Lola kissed. Imogen chuckles and tells him that he's an idiot. He agrees and asks what to do. She has no idea and leaves him to his own devices. Later, after watching Zig's audition, Imogen is seated with Frankie and Winston as they talk about Lola. Winston wants to replace Lola with Frankie because he only wants to kiss her but Frankie reminds him she's the director. Winston says Imogen can direct but Imogen shakes her head. After additional prodding by Winston, Imogen agrees to but says she can't make any promises that she won't make some weird choices and Winston breathes a sign of relief.

In Wishlist, Jack and Imogen are walking the halls together, Imogen is annoyed that they can't spend much time together now that Jack has detention and Imogen is doing rehearsals for the school play. Jack tells Imogen she's so cute when she misses her. Drew gives them year book nomination forms for "best hair style" and "best couple." Damon tells them they have a chance at "best couple" and Imogen says that would be awesome. Damon says he'll nominate them if they kiss for him and Jack tells him there's a ban on PDA as a quick excuse. Imogen gets more upset and tells him they won't kiss for his enjoyment. Damon starts to make homophobic remarks to them and Imogen attempts to hit him. He's basically solid and he enjoys it. She gets more frustrated and kicks him in the balls, which is seen by the new principal Ms. Pill. She asks them to come in her office. Imogen tells Ms. Pill she only hit Damon because he was making homophobic remarks to them. Ms. Pill says they will need to get parents involved to take this further and Jack uncomfortably says that he was just a dumb boy mouthing off and won't back Imogen up about what happened, making the principal decide not to take this further.

Outside the office, Imogen attacks Jack saying she betrayed her and that she can't just drop that before walking away. Imogen comes around to see Jack and just as she's about to tell Jack's mom she is Jack's girlfriend, Jack introduces Imogen as her best friend. Jack's mom is happy to meet Imogen since Jack doesn't mention her life at school much. Jack gets her mom to leave and Imogen starts to apologize about before but Jack tells Imogen she's not out to her parents, leaving Imogen shocked. Jack's mom re-appears and asks Imogen whether she wants to come inside but Imogen declines the offer and says she has a really important closet to clean out before bailing.

In Walking in My Shoes, Jack finds Imogen hiding from her in a classroom, Jack asks Imogen not to be mad at her for not being out to her parents, Imogen explains she's mad Jack didn't tell her the truth, Jack says she didn't want her image of being a cool, confident, kick-ass lesbian, Imogen says she still see's her like that and wants to know why Jack hasn't told her parents. Jack explains that they've moved around a lot and that her parents are her everything and she doesn't want them to change their opinion of her, Jack says this doesn't change things between them but Imogen says it does because she'll be meeting Jack's parent's as her "best friend" and not her girlfriend. Jack asks if she's okay with that and Imogen says she doesn't have much of a choice and they hold hands. In class, Becky attempts to cheer up Imogen about Jack but Imogen is confused as to why she needs cheering up Becky says it's because she found out her girlfriend is still in the closet and adds that when they talked last night Imogen was upset. Imogen reassures her that she and Jack talked about it and that it's going to be okay. Becky then asks if that means Jack is going to come out and Imogen says no, but that she will support her decision and "be totally understanding and awesome." Becky responds that she doesn't think it's a good idea and cites keeping her relationship from Adam a secret from her parents. Drew comes up to them and congratulates Imogen for being nominated with Jack for best couple and adds that if they edge out Dallas and Alli they have a real shot. He looks behind Imogen and fakes sympathy when he tells Becky that her and Jonah didn't make the ballot. Imogen uses her nomination to prove that they are awesome.

Outside the school, Imogen happily approaches Jack and they hold hands. Imogen tells Jack they got nominated for best couple in the year book and shows Jack her beta test of a hairstyle that is identical to Jack's signature braids. Jack tells Imogen they can't be nominated as her parents will see the year book. Imogen asks if they can't go to prom together and Jack says they can go, but Imogen interjects as friends. Imogen asks about prom photos, but Jack says she can't risk the photos ending up on social media. Imogen hangs her head and Jack asks if she's ok. Imogen says she knows they are dumb high school things but she was looking forward to doing them with her but now things are different. Jack says Imogen said she was ok with this and Imogen says that she'll take their names off the nominee list. Imogen goes to get up and Jack calls out for her but Imogen keeps walking. Jack sighs and puts her hand on her head, frustrated and sad.

Imogen walks up to Clare, Alli, and Dallas and asks to borrow Clare for a second to talk, most likely about taking her and Jack off the best couple nominations. Once Imogen sees Alli and Dallas taking their final picture and hears them bonding over their parents, she changes her mind and tells Clare that Jack simply couldn't make it for a picture but she will get her to come tomorrow. As Imogen walks off, Clare looks concerned, and Imogen mutters "I hope" under her breath.

At the Dot, Imogen arrives and Jack comments on the books she's carrying, saying bookworm looks sexy on her. Imogen sits down next to Jack and gives her some books on "how to come out." Jacks explains they already talked about this and she thought Imogen got it. Imogen says she did get it but then she realized she didn't get it at all. Jacks says she can't tell her parents and Imogen replies she's not asking her to do it now, but feels as if she didn't care enough about her to consider it. Jack says how she feels about her has nothing to do with it and Imogen doesn't see how that's true and that she's made so many compromises for her and Jack hasn't.

Jack asks if this is about the year book and Imogen says it is but it's not just that and she wants to be her girlfriend all the time and take her mom about to the spa talk cricket with her dad, echoing the conversation she heard between Alli and Dallas. She offers to help her come out because she has been through it. Jack says that she doesn't want to and wonders how Imogen can't understand that. Imogen says she doesn't understand any of it. Jack tells her if she's not willing to accept that, they should stop the relationship. Imogen reminds Jack they are the best couple at school and Jack says not anymore and walks out on Imogen, officially ending their first relationship.

In Get It Together, in class, Becky gets advice from Imogen about her relationship with Jonah and the fact that he won't kiss her. Imogen is surprised and suggests Jonah is gay and says Becky should ask him. Later, Becky interrupts Imogen's school play rehearsal, Becky tells Imogen Jonah is not gay and he wants to kiss her but he's not a virgin either and she's not ready for that. Imogen explains there are other things they can do besides kissing and tells her to look it up. Outside the school, Imogen asks Becky if she's ready to present her assignment, Becky explains she looked up some porn websites and whispers in Imogen's ear some stuff she found, Imogen says she didn't do that with Jack and asks what sites she went on, Becky says all of them with people doing everything imaginable and maybe Jonah has it right, they just abstinence and she can stop having these feelings, Imogen says its not that easy. When Becky accidentally shows the sex sites she's been looking at to the whole class, Imogen is pretty shocked.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Imogen is doing Captain Who rehearsals with Frankie and Winston when Zig walks in late. Imogen then tells him that she needs people fully committed. Zig explains that he stayed up late with his new housemates. Imogen says that this play was suppose to keep him out of trouble and if his "boys" were really his friends they'd understand that he needs time to rehearse and sleep.

In Teen Age Riot, Imogen mentions that she and Jack had to still work on their art project together after their break-up, and it was brutal but they got an A.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1) Imogen is seen at rehearsals for her play and even gives advice to her friends, the actors.

In The Kids Aren't Alight (2), Imogen is seen at final rehearsal and takes a bow after the premiere of Captain Who.

In Finally (1), Imogen says that she and Jack broke-up over prom, Becky tells her there was other stuff too, Imogen says now that there's no prom and she doesn't have Jack and what if they were meant to be and she messed it all up, Becky tells Imogen they are going to Jack's house so Imogen can tell her how she feels and Imogen agrees to do it.

In Finally (2), Imogen gets a text saying prom's back on to The Dot and Becky thinks she now has somewhere to invite Jack to. Jack sees Imogen from her balcony and is surprised and asks what she is doing here?, Imogen asks if her parents are home, Jack says no, Imogen holds up a hot dog saying it should be flowers but she couldn't find any on the way and says she's sorry she pressured her to come out to her parents. Jack says she's sorry for walking away from us, Imogen says if she needs ask this she'll always wonder what could have been and if your worried about your parents we will make sure to fly under the radar. Jack says asks me what?, Imogen asks her to come with her to the prom at The Dot right now, Jack says she'd love to and says she'll go get changed and Jack says hi to Becky.

At prom, Imogen and Jack are sitting down together, Imogen thinks its like magic that they are at prom together, Jack says she doesn't really think prom is all its cracked up to be, Becky invites them to dance but Jack tells Imogen she doesn't want to and Imogen agrees to stay with Jack since she worked so hard to get her there and wants to soak up every minute of their time together, they both say they missed each other. Imogen explains last night sucked with Jack because they don't really like the same things and she wished she spent it with her friends instead and admits they are over. Imogen says Jack was important to her but she wasn't the best relationship she had at Degrassi.


Degrassi: Next Class

Season 1

In #NotOkay, Maya has picture of herself with Imogen, Mo, and Zig on her wall.

Appearance and Style

Season 11

Imogen puts much effort into using her clothing to stand out from other students. Her creativity is nearly always reflected through her offbeat fashion choices. She likes colorful clothing, offset by punky and goth-inspired accessories. Imogen enjoys shopping, and according to Fiona, "would sleep at the mall if they let her." She adores accessories, particularly colorful and patterned stockings, earrings, studded wristbands, and heavy, leather boots. Imogen has also been known to wear "costume" accessories to school such as headbands with furry cat ears. She has a fondness for neon, plaid, and animal prints. Her long hair is rarely worn down, and is usually put up into buns or pigtails.

Imogen was introduced in season 11 as a junior with a distinctive sense of style. At this time, her fashion choices were largely affected by her infatuation with classmate Eli.

season 11.5

Influenced by Eli's goth-meets-emo style, Imogen gravitated towards mostly black and red clothing, studded jewelry, military jackets, heavy black boots, and dark eyeliner. Among her many mismatched accessories were her large Buddy Holly-style glasses, though these were soon replaced with more discrete, cat eye-style glasses. Her most unique feature was her hair, which was nearly always worn up in pigtails secured with hair chopsticks.

Tumblr mb6t9jEuBL1rhg16oo4 1280.jpg

Imogen's style began softening during the second half of season 11. Her newfound friendship and budding crush on Fiona inspired her to dress in a more conventionally feminine way. While her love of quirky clothing and accessories remained intact, she started opting for clothing in brighter hues such as neon pink and purple. Imogen's dark eyeliner was also replaced with more neutral shades of eyeshadow. In addition, she developed a fondness for cocktail-style dresses and high heels. She also abandoned her signature pigtails, wearing her hair up in single or double buns instead. 

Imogen has continued to move away from her dark, punk-inspired style in season 12 in favor of more glamorous clothing. Ironically, Fiona, now officially her girlfriend, has begun aping Imogen's former style with studded denim and leather jackets.  

season 13

Since breaking up with Fiona, Imogen seems to be regressing somewhat to her former cartoony and wild look. She appears to have become fond of patterned button-up shirts, as well as colorful shorts. Her clothing is not as carefully coordinated as it was when she was with Fiona. Indeed, her ensembles have become more distinct and daring, but still remain very feminine. Imogen's small, cat-eye glasses have been replaced with large glasses with thick black frames, giving her a rather unusual appearance. She has also gone back to sporting a wider variety of hairstyles, often topped with quirky headbands. In addition to rediscovering her love of heavy black eyeliner, Imogen has also developed a liking for lipstick.    


Season 11

Season 12

Season 13

Season 14


  • (To Fiona): "Aren't you in Grade 12?" (first line)
  • (To Becky): "Are you starting a novelty dance for me?" (final line)
  • "I rhymed, so it must be true!"
  • "What do you think happened? I tripped over a loose cord. This place is a DEATH trap."
  • Eli: "How's your nose?"
    Imogen: "It's fine, but I might need a smelling nose dog for a while. They have those, right?"
    Eli: "I... really don't think so."
    Imogen: "Oh. Maybe you can smell for me?"
  • "Don't worry, Adam Torres... Eli Goldsworthy just punched me in the face! Don't provoke him, he's an animal!"
  • "Just call me rubber!... To bounce things off of... Ideas?"
  • Eli: "Look at me, I'm a complete mess!"
    Imogen (to Eli about Clare): "How can you be in love with someone who's hurt you so much!?"
  • "Don't let the crazy get the best of you. That's what Clare wants."
  • "Bravo! Bra-freakin'-vo!"
  • (To Eli) "At your service, Eli Goldsworthy!"
  • (To Clare): "You hear voices too?... Kidding!"
  • "She sounds like a burrito. And now, I'm hungry."
  • "Wow. If anyone's even wondering why Eli dumped you in the first place."
  • Imogen: "I had a thing with a complicated guy, too."
    Bianca: "How'd you get over it?"
    Imogen: "I told myself I deserved better. Maybe one day, I'll believe it."
  • (To Degrassi students) "Greetings and salutations."
  • (To Clare) "The real Clare Edwards would do anything to get what she wants."
  • "I have a long night of much needed triple H: homework, a hot bath, and Harry Potter."
  • (To Jake) "I think you mean Muchas Gracias!"
  • (Marisol): (To Fiona about Imogen) "Squeezing out money to impress your little girlfriend?"
    Imogen: "Hey!"
  • (To Natalie): "Fiona's not my friend, she's my girlfriend!"
  • (To Natalie): "Sorry I haven't been returning your calls, school's been... cray-cray."
  • (To Fiona) "I'm gonna make it rainnnnn!!"
  • (To Dallas): "You can stuff your sorries in a sack!"
  • "Man, I hate litterbugs!"
  • (To Fiona): "Guns are scary!"
  • (To Bianca and Drew): "Focus people! Mama Coyne: ruthless dictator. Fiona: indentured plebe. Discuss!"
  • (To Fiona): "I love you."
  • (To Adam): "Join a gang? Get a tattoo? Learn how to play the harmonica?"


  • She does many things with her hair, such as wearing it down, putting on "cat ears," putting it in a flower bun, and putting it in pigtails.
  • She is of Italian descent.
  • Imogen's last name was originally going to be Berish, which was used instead for recurring character Liam.
  • The original idea for her character was to fake self harm and fake being homeless for attention.
  • Imogen has been seen wearing accessories similar to belongings of previous characters, such as Ellie's necklace.
  • She periodically addresses people by both their first and last names.
  • Imogen seemed to know a lot about Eli before he even knew of her existence, which implies that she had been stalking him in earlier seasons without the audience’s knowledge. This makes sense, as it is revealed she has been going to Degrassi for a couple years in Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1).
  • She appears to be an artist, as shown in Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2), after drawing a picture of Eli. She also makes an art project of Eli in Need You Now (1) and made a elaborate set for Romeo and Jules in Never Ever (1).
  • In Drop It Like It's Hot (1), Imogen and Bianca did a health assignment to get out of participating in gym. In Closer To Free (1), Drew and Fiona had to do a health assignment because of Drew's brain injury and Fiona needed to find a roommate.
    • Coincidentally, Imogen and Fiona were dating at that time, while Drew and Bianca were dating as well.
  • Imogen and Darcy both share the same line, "What have you got to lose?"
  • Imogen, Eli, and Fiona all share the same line, "Why so glum, chum?"
    • Fiona said this line to Declan in Love Lockdown (1).
    • Eli said this line to Fiona in Take a Bow (1).
    • Imogen said this line to Adam in Summertime.
      • Coinsidentally, Imogen has dated both Eli and Fiona and was attracted to Adam, of whom she said this line to.
    • Imogen and Declan both share the same line "I like people."
  • Imogen is the second character to kiss Eli for the first time on video for school, as the first was Clare.
  • Imogen is the second character to plant drugs on someone, the first being Peter to Sean.
  • She is shown to be a friend of Dave when he says "What's up baby?" and she replies "Oh hey!" and they subsequently hug at Clare's birthday party in Sabotage (2).
  • Her father is a university professor and her mother is a spinal surgeon.
  • Her Twitter.
  • She's a fan of Harry Potter.
  • Imogen plays the glass harp.
  • Imogen's sexual orientation has been a source of confusion to many fans. She has dated Eli, Fiona, Jack, and was attracted to Adam. Her dating history, as well as her claims that she likes "people", and is "open-minded" has led many to the assumption that she is pansexual. However, several characters have referred to her as a lesbian, including her mother and best friend Becky. However, when asked if she was pansexual, the writers said yes. Source
  • Her mother and father divorced when she was 8, hence having an unstable relationship with her mom because she left her and began a new family. She usually refers to her as Natalie.
  • Imogen's father, who has dementia, has primary custody of her, but she sees her mother every other week.
  • It appears that she can play drums as seen in Building a Mystery (2).
  • Imogen lost her dog, Volta, due to her dad running him over with his car because of his illness.
  • She got into design school with Fiona as stated in Karma Police (1), but couldn't go with her due to her failing twelfth grade and having to repeat it. 
  • Imogen is one of several characters to be held back a year. The others were Jonah, Esme, Rick Munro, Joey Jeremiah, Sean, Rick Murray (before his death), Spinner, Jimmy, Mia, Fiona, Tori, and Drew.
  • Imogen had a conflict with Katie, while she was friends with Katie's younger sister, Maya.
  • Imogen was the last girl that Adam was intimate with.
  • Imogen, along with seven other characters, have lost a love interest to death.
  • Imogen loves quinoa salad as revealed in Power to the People.
  • Imogen is the second person in a same sex relationship to be cheated on and then asked to have an open relationship. The first was Marco and Dylan, with Marco being the one who was cheated on.
  • Imogen is the first main character who has dated more than one fellow main character of the same sex.
    • All of Marco's boyfriends were recurring characters.
    • Zane was the only boyfriend that Riley had throughout his tenure on the show, and vice versa.
    • Of Fiona's only two same-sex relationships, the first was with recurring character Charlie.
  • She is Jordan Todosey's favourite Degrassi character.



Main article: Eli-Imogen Relationship
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Main article: Imogen-Jack Relationship
  • Jack Jones
    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: Hypnotize (1335)
      • Break Up: Walking in My Shoes (1416)
        • Reason: Imogen was pressuring Jack to come out, but Jack refused and broke up with Imogen.
    • Second Relationship:

Love Triangles

Main article: Eli-Clare-Imogen Love Triangle
Main article: Imogen-Eli-Fiona Love Triangle
Main article: Adam-Becky-Imogen Love Triangle
  • Adam Torres and Becky Baker
    • Start:  Summertime (1301)
    • End: Cannonball (1306)
      • Reason: Adam realized that getting together with Imogen wouldn't help him get over Becky, realizing that he still loved her despite his break up with her. 


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