In the Cold, Cold Night (1) is the forty-fourth episode and the first part of the season finale for Season 11 of Degrassi. It aired on May 11, 2012.

Main Plot

Fiona and Imogen scheme to end Marisol's Student Council reign. The plan? Throw an unforgettable end-of-semester holiday carnival. When Fiona's mother refuses to advance her any money, she forges a check with the foundation's checkbook. The next day, Mr. Simpson authorizes the frostival, as long as they work together with Marisol. In the meeting room, Marisol insults Fiona by saying she would be pathetic if she wasn't rich and Fiona and Imogen lock her out of the meeting room, as revenge for earlier. Later, Fiona returns to her apartment to find her front door open, she is surprised to see police and investigators searching the house and claiming items as evidence. When confronting her lawyer, she finds out that her mother was arrested for suspicion of fraud. The two chat via webcam, only to find out that her mother has been put on house-arrest pending an investigation, and their assets have been frozen, leaving them penniless. When Holly J. drops in for a surprise-visit, Mrs. Coyne explains that Holly J. will help Fiona pack for her trip home. Though Fiona initially assumes that it's going to be a short visit to comfort her mother, Mrs. Coyne tells her that she has to move back to New York City, and Fiona looks devastated.

Sub Plot

Clare decides to take on the school paper when the others step down because of Katie taking time off from school for rehab, but realizes that she can't do it on her own. Clare asks for Alli's help, but is still angry from the over summer-break incident and turns her down. K.C. and Connor volunteer to help, but still leaves them short-handed. With K.C.'s urging, Clare makes amends with Alli and Jenna . With all slots but one covered, Eli steps in and volunteers to cover the drama article.

Third Plot

Maya is frustrated with her home life and matters are even worse at school as she's stuck in an uninspired grade 9 band class. Music means everything to her and Maya fears that, left unchallenged, her passion for music may be slipping away. Though she initially cops an attitude with both her father and Ms. Oh, she decides to voice her concerns to her teacher. Though Ms. Oh declines Maya's request to be in grade 11 band-class, she offers for Maya to study music-theory in lieu of band.

  • This episode is named after the song "In the Cold, Cold Night" by The White Stripes.
  • Charlotte Arnold guest stars in this episode as Holly J. Sinclair.
  • As of now, all of the junior class are on good terms with each other (Clare, Alli, Jenna, Dave, K.C., Wesley, Hannah, Connor, Adam, and Liam).
  • Jenna states that her and Jake are strictly friends
  • Clare makes amends with all of the people she has issues with in this episode.
  • Due to Katie being in rehab, Clare takes over as the editor of the newspaper, while Marisol takes over as president causing Mo to take over as VP.
  • In the first half of the episode, Maya quits playing in Grade 9 Band and plans to audition for a strings-rock band. In the second half, she rejoins Grade 9 band, but with a different instrument (i.e., the trumpet)
  • Laura is put on house arrest in New York, meaning during the break, Fiona will be moving back to her old home to be with her family during the crisis they are in.
  • Eli finds out about Fiona's crush on Imogen, but doesn't seem to mind.
  • Imogen Moreno shows her first signs of having feelings for Fiona, implying that she may be bisexual.

  • "Poetry" by Lily Frost
  • "LOL" by Jessica Loren
  • "Ocean Song" by Trenton