In the Cold, Cold Night (2) is the forty-fifth episode and second part of the season finale for Season 11 of Degrassi. It aired on May 18, 2012.

Main Plot

Fiona starts feeling the pressure because Simpson wants her to scale down the Frostival and she doesn’t have the $11,000 she needs to pay toward the carnival, all while Marisol is gloating at Fiona’s impending failure. Fiona takes out her frustration on Imogen, telling Imogen that she’s moving away and the carnival isn’t going to happen. Imogen is upset that Fiona’s giving up so easily, so Fiona comes up with an idea to get the cash by selling all of her stuff. During the scene where she sells herself one of her customers is noted as Manny Santos. Fiona raises the cash and ends up riding the ferris wheel with Imogen, and Fiona finally confesses her feelings and ends up kissing her. Imogen kisses Fiona back and tells her she feels the same way, but isn’t completely sure about her sexuality yet. Later they hold hands and Holly J. calls Fiona a "smooth talking seductress." The episode ends with Holly J. and Fiona sitting in front of Degrassi looking at the cute and quirky Imogen, as she holds three bouquets of cotton candy in her hand. Fiona smiles, and tells Holly J. that she will do whatever it takes to stay at Degrassi.

Sub Plot

After Clare proofreads Eli’s article, he asks her out to lunch. She abruptly declines because she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Later Clare finds Eli in the memorial garden and apologizes for overreacting because she didn‘t want them hanging out to trigger his issues again. Eli asks Clare if they could ever pick up where they left off before things went awry in their relationship and Clare accidentally spills soup on him. Clare and the gang successfully complete their newspaper, and afterward she and Eli hang out at the carnival. He asks Clare if she was really worried about them hanging out setting him off and she says “It wasn’t you I was worried about.” As Eli walks away to meet his dad he turns around because he needs to know what Clare meant by that, and that’s when she kisses him. Before Eli can say anything Clare tells him to hold onto whatever he’s thinking and they’ll talk about it when he gets back from winter break.

Third Plot

Maya tries to sneak out her house at night to go to an audition at a bar for an indie strings band, but her dad catches her. She tells him how she feels like music is no longer a challenge, and her dad tells her she has to find a way to make it challenging for herself. Maya rejoins the grade nine band and has found a new way to challenge herself by taking up the trumpet.

  • Holly J.: "Next semester's gonna be a hoot."
  • Holly J.: "Here I am, back at Degrassi."
    Fiona: "Do you miss it?"
    Holly J.: "Ahhh... no. Yale already feels like home."
  • Holly J.: "You'll be surrounded by the people you love."
    Fiona: "After I cancel the carnival I can't pay for, I'm going need to be."
  • Imogen: "Hey, I know you, Holly J."
    Holly J.: "Just back for the holidays."
    Imogen: "From Yale, I know. Your handprints are right there, it's like I'm in the presence of royalty"
    Holly J.: "You must be Imogen. Fiona's told me all about you."

  • "I Hope This Gets To You" by The Daylights - Heard when Eli and Clare have lunch. together.
  • "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen - Heard when customers visit Fiona's apartment to purchase her clothes.
  • "Reunion" by Papermaps
  • "Name" by Lonely Dear - Heard when Fiona and Imogen kiss.

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