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It's Tricky is the fourth episode of Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on October 19, 2007 in the United States, and on January 28, 2008 in Canada.


Ashley has been a "sidekick" for way too long and can no longer tolerate it, so she restarts her music career. But with Jimmy as her partner, she's starting to feel, once again, like a "sidekick."

Mia doesn't mind sharing a locker with someone as long as they aren't the newest mean girl, Holly J., and both of their eyes are set on Sav. Only one can win his heart, or maybe neither.

Main Plot[]

When Craig's album Of Two Minds comes out, he becomes the newest rock star, but Ashley discovers that he used one of her songs and she isn't too happy about this. With support and help from Jimmy, she restarts her music career, but things don't go so well.

Ashley has played the role of "sidekick" for a long time and doesn't want anyone standing in her way - especially Jimmy. She decides to enter a talent contest and she records a song called Tell Me Lies, with Jimmy.

After the song receives great popularity, Griffin has them play at a club. Ashley decides to let Jimmy play alone because she knows people think she sings terribly. The two are asked for a demo, so Ashley makes it, but deletes Jimmy's rap.

Sub Plot[]

Mia doesn't mind sharing a locker with someone, just as long as that someone is anyone but Holly J., Degrassi's newest, meanest addition from Lakehurst. What doesn't help is the fact that they're both lusting after Sav, the hottest Lakehurst guy. How is this going to end? Badly. Can the girls just call a truce? No way.

  • At the start of the episode Spinner is listening to Craig's song "Drowning" from Craig's new album, but "Drowning" isn't listed when Ashley turns the CD around to view the tracklist.
  • This episode reveals that Holly J. is Heather Sinclair's sister.
  • This episode is named after the song "It's Tricky" by Run-DMC.
  • This is Manny's 100th episode. She was the first character to appear in 100 episodes.
  • When Manny mentions that Holly J. and Heather share the same DNA, that statement becomes false in Season 11 when it is revealed that Holly J. is adopted (found out in U Don't Know). Holly J. did not realize that she was adopted until then.
  • This is the first episode of the series in which Craig Manning has been mentioned since Rock This Town.

  • Mia: "What would I do without Holly J. Sinclair looking out for me?"
    Manny: "Hold on. Holly J. Sinclair? As in Heather Sinclair?"
    Holly J.: "She's my sister."
    Manny: "Hold on. Boyfriend stealing, bad nose job having, puppy drowning, queen of evil is your sister?"
    Holly J.: "Taught me everything she knows."
    Manny: "This might be a problem. sweetie."
    Mia: "I have to debate her tomorrow. Tell me everything."
    Manny: "Let's just say if Holly J. and Heather share the same DNA, you're gonna have to fight fire with huge enormous flames."
    Mia: "Got a light?"
  • Ellie: (referring to Craig) "Oh, so everyone he kisses is a song title now?"
  • Ashley: "I was always Craig's sidekick. I don't want to be Jimmy's. Does that make me a bitch?"
  • Emma: "He wrote all those songs in rehab?"
    Ashley: "Except 'My Window'."
    Spinner: "It's not that bad, actually. Not like the other songs."
    Ashley: "That's because I wrote it."

  • "Drowning" by Jake Epstein
  • "Tell Me Lies" by Melissa McIntyre & Drake
  • "Wake Up" by Jake Epstein
  • "Big Circus" written by Fred Strittmatter & Quirin Amper Jr.
  • "Stain Of You" by Brandon Jones
  • "Release Me" by Stella Pinacci
  • "Hers" by Brian Borcherdt

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