The friendship between J.T. Yorke and Danny Van Zandt began due to J.T. being good friends with Danny's sister Liberty. However when J.T. started dating Liberty, Danny was upset, and didn't think that J.T. wasn't good enough for his sister, putting their relationship at strain when Danny refused to keep their relationship lowkey. Their friendship was strained more when Danny figured out that J.T. had gotten Liberty pregnant. Danny later takes it hard when J.T. passes away.

Friendship History

Season 4

In Ghost in the Machine (1), Danny is seen walking with J.T. and Manny Santos, and flirts with Manny.

In Mercy Street, Danny brings out his mom's ironing board so it can be used as a diving board, J.T. decides to give it a try but before he can jump Danny yanks down J.T.'s pants, embarrassing him in front of his girlfriend, Manny and best friend Toby. Danny comes to J.T.'s aid when he is insecure about his and Manny's relationship. He uses a fake ID to buy J.T. a penis pump. The boys head to a bathroom stall to look at the pump.

In Back In Black, the two shun Toby because he befriended Rick Murray. However, J.T. comes to his senses and talks to Toby again.

In Eye of the Tiger, Danny is mad at J.T. for ditching him for Liberty, Danny's sister. As a result, he lets his relationship be revealed to Mr.Van Zandt. Later, Danny says to J.T. (about Liberty) "She's the smartest person in the school and you don't even have an IQ! You don't deserve her." This leads to a physical fight between Danny and J.T. When Liberty finds out, she refuses to speak to J.T., but Danny convinces her to talk to him again. J.T., Liberty, and Danny are now on good terms with each other.

Season 5

In Foolin', J.T. is at Liberty's house when Danny comes up to him and starts talking to him. The two have a short chat until Liberty comes out of the bathroom.

In I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Danny discovers that Liberty is pregnant and tells them that he won't tell his parents if J.T. helps him with passing his family planning class. After a fight over the doll they accidentally throw the doll into the street and it breaks. Near the end of the episode Danny finally agrees to keep it a secret.

Season 6

In Rock This Town, Danny is at Liberty's birthday party when J.T. is fatally stabbed.

In The Bitterest Pill, he is seen at J.T.'s memorial service.

Season 7

In Death or Glory (1), Danny gets into a fight with Lucas Valieri (a Lakehurst student) because Lucas insults J.T. by saying J.T. "asked for it" (the stabbing).

Degrassi Minis

In Six Months, Danny and other friends gather to remember J.T. six months at the spot where he was murdered.

In Ghost of Degrassi Past, J.T. notices Danny, and exclaims that he has gotten tall.