Jack Simpson (born September 17, 2003) is the son of Christine Nelson and Archie Simpson, and the younger half-brother of Emma Nelson.

Character History


The pregnancy of Jack was not planned at all by Spike and Snake, and Spike keeps the pregnancy a secret from Snake. Emma Nelson finds out about the pregnancy, and eventually tells Snake about it prior to Snake and Spike's wedding. She also says that Spike is thinking of having an abortion. Snake had mentioned earlier that he wasn't ready for kids yet, after she had secretly gotten pregnant, which had given Spike this idea. However, Spike and Snake wed and decide to keep the baby.


Jack, when he was born with his family.



A picture of baby Jack on Snake's desktop.

When Emma's biological father, Shane McKay visited her house and caused a large scene, Spike went into labor. Emma knew that knitting would calm down Shane, so she tells him to do so. Emma calls the midwife and Spike delivers a healthy baby boy, from a home birth, named Jack.

Season 3


Jack in season 4.

Being born a healthy baby, Jack continues to grow, and is often seen with Spike. He is seated in the audience with his mother during Emma's gymnastics meet.

Season 4

Jack would be turning around a year old. Spike brings him with her to Emma's parent-teacher conferences.

Season 5


Jack in season 5, crying over an ear infection.

Jack has been sick lately with a fever and ear infection, and Spike reveals she is on a first name basis at the hospital, revealing she has been there a lot for Jack. He is regularly in day care while Spike is off at work, and Manny and Emma watch him until she is able to get home.

Season 6


Jack in season 6, playing with Manny's cell phone.

Another year older, Jack continues to live with his family. He does not have not much story but still makes occasional appearances.

Season 7


Jack in season 7.

When Snake was falsely accused of molesting Darcy Edwards, Spike left Snake for a brief time, and took Jack with her to her mother's house. Spike and Jack came home shortly after Snake returned to teaching.

Season 9


Jack in season 9.

In Holiday Road, Jack is seen playing video games with Kelly Ashoona and Connor DeLaurier.


Season 13

In This Is How We Do It, Snake mentions that Jack loves West Drive, which is how he is familiar with Zoë Rivas's character, Gatsby Garcia.



  • Jack was born in September 2003.
  • As of DNC Season 5, Jack is 10 years old.
  • Season 3- Born (2003-2004)
  • Season 4- 1 y/o (2004-2005)
  • Season 5- 2 y/o (2005-2006)
  • Season 6/7- 3 y/o (2006-2007)
  • Season 8/9- 4 y/o (2007-2008)
  • Season 10/11.5- 5 y/o (2010-2011, retcon)
  • Season 11.5/12- 6 y/o (2012-2013, retcon)
  • Season 13/14- 7 y/o (2013-2014)
  • DNC 1/2- 8 y/o (2015)
  • DNC 3/4- 9 y/o (2016)
  • DNC 5/6- 10 y/o
  • He is a fan of West Drive.
  • He is known to be a fan of Zoë Rivas and her West Drive character Gatsby Garcia.
  • Jack has been portrayed by the most actors in the Degrassi Franchise.
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