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"This is so cool!"
— Marisol jumping on Jake and giving him a hug when they get to his cabin in Nowhere to Run

The friendship between Jake Martin and Marisol Lewis began in Season 11 of Degrassi.

Friendship history[]


Jake and Marisol began their interaction in Nowhere to Run, when he invited her, Katie Matlin, Drew Torres, and Alli Bhandari to hang out at his cabin at the end of the summer. Marisol was very flirtatious towards Jake, although it is uncertain if there's an actual crush on her part. Recently, Jake and Marisol's friendship is naturally based on the fact that Jake is good friends with Marisol's boyfriend, Mo Mashkour, while Marisol is best friends with Katie, Jake's girlfriend.

Season 11[]

In Nowhere to Run, Jake invites Alli, Drew, Eli, Katie, and Marisol to his cabin for an end of summer party. There, he tells a frightening story that scares Marisol more than anyone.

In Underneath It All, Marisol sees Clare and Jake kissing and is disgusted by it.

Season 12[]


In Gives You Hell (1), Katie invites Marisol to have a girls' night out, but she brings Mo and Jake with her. Later, after Katie wins the game that her, Mo, Jake and Marisol were playing, Marisol seductively beckons Mo off camera to make out to leave Katie and Jake alone.

In Say It Ain't So (1), Marisol and Jake are seen with Katie and Mo. Marisol watches Jake and Katie bicker and tells them to just makeout already.


In Never Ever (1), Marisol talks to Katie about Jake. When the teacher tells them to pair up, she tells Katie to go with Jake so she and Mo can connect to them but Katie refuses and partners with Dallas. Later on, she makes faces behind Jake while Katie says that she can't do the date.

In Doll Parts (1), Marisol plans to go on a couple's cruise with Mo and Katie and Jake.


In Doll Parts (2), Marisol asks Jake if Mo has a drug addiction, but he reveals to her that Mo is diabetic.

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Marisol, Mo, Katie, and Jake spend their spring break in Las Vegas instead of Mexico due to their original flight being cancelled. During their trip, Katie asks Marisol to lie for her when she plans to meet up with Darrin Howe, but Marisol breaks down and ends up telling Jake, leading to his and Katie's break up.

In Ray of Light (1), Mo, Jake, Marisol, and Katie have lunch together for the first time together since Jake and Katie's break up.


In Ray of Light (2), Mo, Marisol, Katie, and Jake impatiently wait for the PTA's announcement over if they would re-open the garden or not. Katie decides to take action into her own hands and begins tearing off the boards herself, with Marisol, Mo, and Jake joining in. Principal Simpson finds them and yells at them to stop, saying that the PTA decided to re-open the garden, but he gives them all detention.

In The Time Of My Life, Marisol doesn't want Mo to be unhappy at prom, so she pays Jake fifty bucks to show up for Mo. She helps Mo lock a bromance with Jake for the summer.


  • Jake is dating Marisol's best friend, Katie, and Marisol is dating Jake's best friend, Mo.
  • After much wonder as to how and why Marisol got a hold of marijuana at Jake's cabin in Nowhere to Run, it was finally revealed in Building A Mystery (1) that Jake smokes it regularly.
  • At different times, both revealed a secret to each other about their significant others. Jake told Marisol that Mo was a diabetic. Marisol told Jake the truth about Katie meeting up with another man whom had offered her twenty thousand dollars in exchange for sex.
  • Marisol has showed interest in Jake before she dated Mo, as seen a few times in Nowhere to Run.
  • They both graduated in the Class Of 2013.