James Michael "Jamie" Johnston (born July 7, 1989 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian actor & musician, best known for having portrayed Peter Stone on Degrassi. Johnston is also in the show Really Me, alongside Cristine Prosperi and Mike Lobel. He portrayed Ty in the 2010 Lifetime movie, Reviving Ophelia, alongside Jordan Hudyma, who portrays Austin. Also in 2012 he portayed the role of Lucas Green in the movie Love Me. In 2014 he portrayed the role of Nate in the movie Wet Bum, co-starring Wesley Morgan and Craig Arnold.

Johnston, along with some of his fellow Degrassi cast members, formed a band in real life called the SoundSpeed; they even helped the contributed to the show with Season 9 & 10. After their eventual split, Jamie began performing a new band, Left Foot Yellow, along with Shane Kippel. However, unlike the show, where Johnston's character, Peter, is the lead singer, SoundSpeed songs were mostly sung by Raymond Ablack, who portrayed Sav Bhandari. They performed the Degrassi theme song in seasons 9 and 10.


  • Jamie is a Cancer.
  • He has an older brother named Chris.
  • He is close friends with actress Amber Marshall.