Jane Says (2) is the fourteenth episode of Season 8 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on March 8, 2009 in Canada, and on July 3, 2009 in the United States.


After digging into the past, Jane admits to herself that her issues with her dad, Carlos Valieri, go deeper than divorce. Alli encourages Clare to get a new wardrobe, but with it, she gets some attention from boys.

Main Plot

After finally remembering the sexual abuse her father inflicted on her as a child, Jane is now fully aware why she has hated him for so long. She remembers him saying that she had "backward pajamas", many times and that he had to "fix" them for her. She also remembers him forcing her to promise to not tell anyone. Lucas didn't understand at first why she hated him, saying that he's a good dad. She snaps at him, saying "Why do you think it took him so long to put me to bed?" Lucas doesn't know how to respond, but understands immediately.

She freaks out when she sees him near Isabella and pushes him away. Lucas, now fully understanding Jane's resentment of their father, tells their dad that he needs to leave. Mr. Valieri leaves and the whole family goes into counseling to try and get through it. In the end, Jane tells her mother how he molested her multiple times, and cries that she was afraid to tell her mother. The two both cry together. The episode ends with them all (except for their father) at counseling.

Sub Plot

Alli goes to Clare's clothes donation charity and finds some of Darcy's old clothes. She suggests that Clare wears them to change her look. Clare does so and feels more comfortable and confident at school as people begin to notice her. However, Alli does not respond well to the idea of Clare getting more attention than her.

  • Chantay (to Clare): "Helping out others. How Angelina of you."
  • Alli: "My mom was cleaning out my closet, and she found my school clothing."
    Clare: "Are you in trouble?"
    Alli: "Umm, yes. I look about as hot as you."
  • Johnny (to Alli): "Cute look, Bhandari."
  • Clare (to Alli): "I think that mothballs are affecting your brain."
  • Jane: "Figure it out, Lucas. Why do you think it too him so long to put me to bed?"
  • Jane (to Carlos Valieri): "How could you do that to me? I was just a little girl."
  • Jane (to Carlos Valieri): "I remember. I remember when you would put me to bed. Before you left."
  • Lucas (to Carlos Valieri): "You should go. No one in this family ever wants to see your face again."
  • Johnny (to Alli): "Thought niners weren't your style. It's all over the Anti-Grapevine. So, is K.C. your new squeeze?"
    Alli: "I apologized to Clare. Besides, what do you care? You don't want it to be you."
    Johnny: "And you're sure about that?"
  • Johnny: "I'm a bad guy, Backwoods. You're better off without me."
  • Johnny: "You know, it doesn't matter what you wear, Alli. You look good to me."
  • Jane (to her mother): "When you worked your double shifts, he'd tuck me in. Said he was helping me get to sleep. He told me my pajamas were buttoned wrong, and he said he was going to fix them. It was-it was so long ago. He'd curl up with me, in bed, and touch himself."

  • "New Improved Me" by Ash Koley
  • "Sleeping Sickness" by City and Colour
  • "Everybody Hates Me" by The Crash Moderns