Janie and the Studs (also known as Stüdz, and Janie and the Studs featuring Peter Stone)'s original members were Spinner Mason, Peter Stone, Danny Van Zandt, and Sav Bhandari. Jane Vaughn was added to the band as a lead singer after Peter was kicked out due to his usage of crystal meth, though he was eventually allowed to rejoin the band. They were the fourth band in the Degrassi Franchise.


The band was created as a way for the members to have time away from their girlfriends. Peter then joined as a singer after seeing them. After practicing, the group realized that they needed a drummer and asked Spinner Mason, who rejected the offer, saying that they were a boy band. Angered by this, Peter instructed Sav to speedily play the guitar while Peter sang, "I'm not a pretty boy!", introducing a more rock style for the group. A gimmick for the band was also introduced - rabbit masks. With the new attitude and look, Spinner agreed to drum for the band and they recorded their song "Shared Custody". They were a hit until they tanked at a live performance, but they have since recovered from that. In season 8, a student from Lakehurst tried to hold up The Dot Grill, with Spinner inside. The hold-up resulted in Spinner getting shot and not being able to play with Janie and the Studs, then known as Stüdz, for a little while.

In the movie Degrassi Goes Hollywood, they were featured as the band to play in the new Jason Mewes movie, Mewesical High, but with Manny Santos as lead the vocalist to help her score her part in the movie, also with Jay Hogart temporarily replacing Spinner and Mia Jones (Peter's Girlfriend) on tambourine. They perform the theme song for the ninth and tenth seasons of the series. Peter left the band and his loft behind after he overdosed on methamphetamine, Jane was the lead singer, but Peter wanted to rejoin so he was let back in, and Spinner now owns the loft where the band practices. The band was then renamed Janie and The Studs Featuring Peter Stone, and played during the opening scene for Degrassi Takes Manhattan. When Spinner found out that Jane had cheated on him, they broke up, and all the members except for Sav left for college, ultimately breaking up the band.


  • "Shared Custody"
  • "Holly J. Sucks" (Improvised)
  • "Google My Own Name"
  • "I Just Wanna Party"
  • "Crash My Party" (feat. Manny Santos)
  • "Life is a Show" (feat. Manny Santos)
  • "Whoa California"
  • "Good Times"
  • "House Arrest"
  • "Whoa California" (Duet)
  • "The Great Escape"
  • "I Trust You" (feat. Manny Santos)