Jenn was a minor character appearing in one episode of the fifth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. She was an acquaintance of Emma Nelson and Peter Stone.

Character History

Season 5


Jenn and Peter talking.

In Venus (1), she is seen talking to Peter at the pool, and Emma, who was jealous of her, calls her "that Turquoise Tankini Tramp", saying that she hated her. Later at Peter's party, Emma and her are shown talking. When Manny Santos arrives at the party, Jenn insults her, saying, "Oh, he does go for girls like that." Her remark causes all the girls around them to laugh. She and Emma party the rest of the night.

In Venus (2), Emma confronts Manny about what Jenn told her: that she saw Manny and Peter going upstairs alone at 2 AM. Manny is drunk and affirms that nothing happened since he is off-limits.