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"To be honest, I only joined the church for a guy. But that wasn't the key to God's plan. It wasn't the guy I wanted; It was God."
— Jenna says after her baptism in Season 12, Closer to Free (2).

Jenna Marie Middleton is a Class of 2014 graduate of Degrassi Community School. When she first came to Degrassi, she was a self-proclaimed "boyfriend stealer," but has matured since then. She moved in with her best friend Alli Bhandari after breaking up with K.C. Guthrie, the father of her child, Tyson, who they put up for adoption. Her father is constantly absent while working out west as a trucker, and it is mentioned that Jenna's mom is deceased, while her half-brother, Kyle, moved back to Alberta.

Jenna is a very talented singer and songwriter, which led her to become a contestant on Next Teen Star, although she was eventually voted off the show. She also told Becky Baker that she started out as a brunette but dyed her hair blonde. After losing her mother, her son, and realizing she put boys before anything - Jenna knew it was time to grow up, so she became less shallow through her friendship with Becky and relationship with Connor. Being the bubbly, involved student that she is, Jenna was a part of the Power Squad at her school and joined the Degrassi Student Council. Unfortunately, once Jenna became pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption, she lost the bubbly side of her.

Since her pregnancy, she has worked and slowly succeeded in finding her old self. Jenna is more happy and appreciative of where her life is. Though Jenna was Agnostic at first, she later converted to Christianity. She is best friends with Alli Bhandari, Clare Edwards, and Becky Baker. She is also good friends with Dave Turner, Adam Torres, Chantay Black, Jake Martin, Mike Dallas, Drew Torres, Eli Goldsworthy, and K.C. Guthrie. She is on good terms with Tristan Milligan and Maya Matlin. She used to have a conflict with Holly J. SinclairBianca DeSousa, and Marisol Lewis. She is currently dating her other best friend Connor DeLaurier. She was portrayed by Jessica Tyler.

Character History

Season 9


Jenna in season 9.

In Just Can't Get Enough, Jenna is a new transfer student trying to finish her second semester at Degrassi. She arrives carrying a guitar by her side and an outstanding voice. She finds a friend in Clare, but Alli doesn't seem to be happy about it. Eventually, Jenna says she wants to be Alli's friend too when Clare invites both over to her house. But, when Jenna asks Clare and Alli who is "off-limits" and admits to being a boyfriend stealer at her old school, both Alli and Clare become suspicious. Jenna eventually develops a crush on Clare's boyfriend, K.C. She is later seen performing a song at the "Winter Beach Bash".

In You Be Illin', Jenna is seen comforting Alli when she finds out she may have contracted HPV from Johnny. Jenna is supportive and goes with Alli to the clinic. Jenna helps Alli get revenge on Johnny by attempting to persuade him to tell her (while wearing a tiny microphone clipped to her shirt) that he has HPV, so they can broadcast it to the whole school. Their plan fails with Johnny admitting that he loves Alli.

In Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Jenna applies for a job in Holly J. and Jane's babysitting business. She seems to have a fun time with kids.

Beat it pt 2 8

In Beat It (1), it is revealed that Dave has a crush on Jenna. He asks her on a date, but she agrees, thinking it's just as friends. Dave misinterprets her and he thinks that she is his girlfriend. She plays along to spare his feelings, but ends up getting frustrated with his clinginess. Jenna tells Dave she only likes him as a friend, and he becomes upset, thinking he'll lose his "cool" rep. Jenna comes up with a plan and tells him that she'll help him keep his rep. She tells her fellow Power Squad members that Dave dumped her, and Dave tells the basketball team the same thing. After their plan works, Clare tells Jenna she'll find a guy for her someday, and Jenna looks up at K.C., smiling through her fake tears. He smiles back, which makes Clare feel uneasy.


Jenna and K.C. kissing.

In Heart Like Mine (1), K.C. scores the winning basket in the basketball team. Jenna goes to congratulate him, and he picks her up and twirls her around, which makes Clare very jealous. Later at a car wash, Jenna acts very flirtatious towards K.C. Jenna's half-brother Kyle shows up and mentions that Jenna talks about K.C. all the time at home. She tells him to shut up in an embarrassed tone. As K.C. and Jenna continue to flirt, Clare becomes jealous, and she tells Jenna her buttcrack is showing as she bends over, causing Jenna to run away, humiliated. Later that day, K.C. breaks up with Clare because he thinks they just make each other mad, and because he is not happy in the relationship. Clare asks K.C. if he had feelings for "her" (Jenna). K.C. replies he tried not to, causing an upset Clare to run into her house. At the Athlete's Banquet, K.C. and Jenna sit next to each other and flirt with each other more. When K.C. is awarded most improved player, K.C doesn't notice until Jenna hugs him, and they kiss for the first time. Alli angrily approaches Jenna and K.C., telling them that Clare won't be happy about what is going on with them. Coach Carson gives K.C. the key to his hotel room so he and Jenna can have some alone time. K.C. invites Jenna up to the room, and they make out for a few minutes until Coach Carson walks in. Jenna becomes disturbed, and she leaves the hotel room.

Head sucka-Like-Mine-Part-1-and-2-degrassi-9047137-545-363

In Heart Like Mine (2), Alli and Clare have completely cut off Jenna from their lives, and K.C. tells Jenna to just ignore them, though she says it is hard to. Jenna suspects that something is up with Coach Carson, as she's getting a weird vibe from him and she is usually right about things like that. Later on, after K.C. throws up in a public trash can due to his hangover. K.C. decides to tell Jenna the truth, saying that he spent the night in the hotel room with the coach,and had some beers. Jenna gets angry, because he lied to her about it. K.C. tells her that she should be thanking Coach Carson, because he is the one who inspired him to end things with Clare. Later on, K.C. reports the coach for his inappropriate behavior and tells Jenna that she was right about him.

In Start Me Up, Clare mentions her to Alli when she says she wants to go to the mall instead of watching Jenna and K.C. flirt in the cafeteria.

Math tutor

In In Your Eyes, Clare wants to be friendlier with Jenna and K.C. again, although it mainly seems like a scheme to win K.C. back. When K.C. needs help studying for the final exam, Clare feels it is the perfect opportunity to become friends again. She offers to tutor K.C, and he agrees to it, appreciating the help. After a few weeks of studying and practicing, Jenna comes to The Dot to see K.C. and Clare studying. When Jenna kisses K.C., Clare gets uncomfortable and leaves. Jenna tells K.C. that since Clare is now a friend, he should ask to cheat off of her on the final exam. Later, Clare finds out that Jenna told K.C. to cheat off of her. Becoming furious, she makes a snide comment about Jenna and K.C. both. While talking to Clare at The Dot, K.C. blames Jenna for giving him the idea to cheat, which Clare finds ignorant.


In Keep On Loving You, Jenna is in the play and has a lead role. She plays a shy alien who tries to find her true love, who is a teenager on Earth, played by Peter Stone. Peter and Jenna sing the last song in the play together.

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Jenna applies for a job at The Dot before it explodes, and Spinner Mason tells her he'll think about it before letting her know. She also tells Spinner that she had practice from flipping flapjacks back where she used to live.

Season 10


Jenna in the 10th season.


In Breakaway (1), Clare is excited to tell Alli that she is getting laser eye surgery so she won't have to wear her glasses anymore. However, Clare does not make it clear that she is getting laser eye surgery, and Jenna overhears and misunderstands her, thinking she is talking about getting breast implants. After learning about the rumor, Jenna tells K.C. about it, and he tells his friends. K.C. makes a joke about it, saying how they may look good on Clare, causing Jenna to get mad at him. In gym, Jenna is with K.C., Connor DeLaurier, Dave, and Wesley when she tries to talk to Clare about the rumor. Throughout the day, Clare is confronted by Jenna. Jenna, who thinks she's getting a boob job, tells her that she's too young and that she looks good already. Clare is flabbergasted and thinks she is talking about laser eye surgery, so she tells Jenna that she should mind her own business, and that she lost the opportunity to tell her what to do when she stole K.C. from her.

Glasses on clare

In Breakaway (2), Jenna is still disgusted about Clare's 'fake boob' rumor. Later that day, when Wesley, who was under the impression Clare had a boob job, touches Clare's breasts, he tells a shocked Clare that Jenna started the rumor before he apologizes and runs off.

The next day in gym, Clare and Alli walk in together, prepared to get even with Jenna. Clare stuffs her bra with socks and walks up to Jenna, unzipping her jacket to show herself off.

Jenna is in disbelief that she actually went through with the "boob job," and tells Clare it is desperate and slutty and she believes it is a crazy plot to get K.C. back. Clare laughs at Jenna and calls her insecure. Jenna says she isn't insecure as she is not the one who got a boob job. Clare then takes the socks out of her bra, and informs Jenna that she did not get a boob job but laser eye surgery.

Jenna is humiliated and surprised that she misunderstood her so badly. Clare goes on to inform Jenna that if she wanted K.C. back, she would not need fake boobs to do it. Jenna asks Clare if she wants her to tell the whole school that she lied but Clare tells her to let people think what they want.


In 99 Problems (1), Jenna convinces K.C. to join the football team when he is hesitant due to his past experience with Coach Carson. Later, Jenna is with K.C. when the group home director congratulates and praises K.C. for his recent academic success and overall improvement. He extends K.C.'s curfew by an hour, which pleases the couple.

Later, at the football team barbecue, K.C. is seen eyeing and flirting with the other girls. Jenna sees this and shows obvious disdain and jealousy. K.C. and Jenna are later shown kissing, but K.C.'s phone constantly interrupts them. Jenna thinks that Marisol Lewis, a girl also on the Power Squad, is continuously texting K.C. After several more interruptions, K.C. turns off his phone, but Jenna rejects his attempt at a kiss, annoyed with him.

In 99 Problems (2), K.C. sits down at lunch with Jenna. He starts talking about Marisol and Jenna starts to get jealous. Marisol calls him away from Jenna, and she takes this opportunity to look at K.C.'s text messages. They're all from unknown callers that say "I miss you so much!" and "If you don't call me, I won't be able to sleep!"


Alli and Jenna

Jenna calls the number and demands to know if this person goes to Degrassi, but the woman replies that her son, K.C., does. Jenna quickly hangs up, claiming that she dialed the wrong number. Later in the Media Immersion, K.C. is walking and talking with Jenna, and he reveals that his phone has been missing since lunch.

Suddenly, Jenna's bag starts to ring and she says that she borrowed the phone and had no chance to get it back to him. K.C. is angry that Jenna didn't trust him, and tells her that his family life is none of her business, and he goes to sit somewhere else.

Before the game, K.C., who is now the starting wide receiver, is waiting for the buses with the other team members and is approached by Jenna. She's surprised that K.C. is still mad at her, and she begs him to talk to her. She apologizes for snooping and asks about his mom. He says that his mom just got back out of jail eight months ago and Jenna asks where she is. K.C. walks away before answering, leaving Jenna confused and worried.

In Better Off Alone (1), K.C. and the rest of the football team win the football game, and everyone congratulates him. The next day at school, K.C. is very upset, and Jenna confronts him. He tells her that his mom wants to regain custody of him. Jenna thinks it's a great idea, but K.C. thinks otherwise. Jenna tells him that he can't keep running away from his mom.


Later at dinner with K.C. and his mom, his mom leaves to go buy ice cream. K.C. takes this as an opportunity to search the apartment for anything that could stop her from getting custody. K.C. finds nothing, but instead steals a bottle of Gin and plans to use it against her.

After dinner, Jenna and K.C. go to The Dot and he comes up with a plan to get him to stay at the group home. Jenna is against the idea of framing his mom, and she leaves.

In Better Off Alone (2), the episode starts out with K.C., Bianca, and Fitz in a car, drunk and hungover. Jenna approaches to talk to K.C. about his mom, but he doesn't listen to her. The next day, K.C. tries to get Jenna to leave the school with him because Principal Simpson is looking for him because K.C. keyed Coach Armstrong's car. Principal Simpson catches him before he and Jenna could leave and takes him to the office, leaving Jenna confused.

Jenna and bianca diet pills i just dont know what to do with myself degrassi season 10

Jenna talking to Bianca.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1), Jenna and Alli are hanging out in the Media Immersion classroom together during Lunch. Jenna decides to try on the new Power Squad uniforms, but begins to worry about her weight when it doesn't fit.

Alli assures her that she isn't fat and that the skirt was just the wrong size, but Jenna is unsure. She eats lunch with K.C. and he tells her how excited he is for her Power Squad calendar shoot. He also says that he likes how Jenna actually eats lunch unlike most of the other girls, but Jenna takes it the wrong way, thinking he called her fat.

After school, Jenna is still feeling insecure about her weight, and she confronts Bianca, asking her for diet pills to lose weight for a 'friend', even though she means herself. Bianca warns her that they're only for severely obese people, but Jenna takes them anyways.

Jenna i just don't know what to do with myself santa hat cheer

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), Jenna and Alli walk in to school, talking about how everyone is excited for the Power Squad Calendar photo shoot. Alli says that she even heard a lady at the grocery store heard about it and dropped her cantaloupes. K.C. walks in to Media Immersions class, holding a breakfast sandwich and tells Jenna to take a bite. She does hesitantly, but Ms. Oh walks into the room and tells them "No food near the computers."

Jenna diet pills season 10 degrassi

Anya and Jenna

Jenna sits in her seat and takes a pill out and swallows it with her sandwich. When Jenna gets to the weight room to work out, she sees Anya MacPherson and tells her she already lost 3 pounds, showing her the pills. Anya looks at them with a strange look and asks her if they are prescription. She warns Jenna about the side effects, but Jenna tells her "Short term pain for long term gain."

Anya just lets her off with a shrug and a warning look. When the Power Squad is practicing poses for the calendar, Jenna gets on top of the pyramid, but the side effects start to kick in. She panics and demands them to put her down.

While they try to, she starts farting and poops in her pants, all side effects of the diet pills, and she rushes to the bathroom as soon as they let her down. After practice, K.C. comes in to give her some pants. She finds it embarrassing, and explains why she was taking diet pills. K.C. tells her that he loves her body, her arms, her shoulders, her fingers, and her neck, kissing the spots as he says them.

During lunch, Alli tells Jenna that everyone's been talking about her incident. Jenna tells Alli that instead of taking diet pills, she just asked Chantay to get her a bigger size in her uniform skirt. She then asks Alli if she wants any of the bananas and ranch dressing she has been eating, but Alli laughs and says no.


In You Don't Know My Name (1), Jenna and K.C. give Alli the idea to have a double-date with them, to make Drew fall for her. K.C., while kissing Jenna up and down her neck, asks Alli if she ever tries to get sexy with Drew, but Alli is too nervous to answer his question. Later on, Jenna is with Alli, who is printing Drew's essay that she wrote for him. Alli asks Jenna if she has ever done something this crazy for love. Jenna lies to her, and tells her she has.

In You Don't Know My Name (2), Jenna hangs with Alli to comfort her. She suggests Alli gets back at Drew. Jenna is confused when the footballers form that circle around them, helping Drew so he could try to win Alli back. Jenna tries to give Alli advice about dealing with Drew and his apologies throughout the episode.


Jenna throwing up after her audition.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (1), Jenna is still very uncomfortable with her weight. Alli is worried about her, and starts asking her questions about her health.

Jenna starts to feel sick, and Alli suggests that she take a pregnancy test, giving her some books that said she had all the signs. Jenna refuses to take the test, telling herself and Alli that she is not pregnant. In the back of her mind Jenna thinks she might be pregnant, but she is doing everything she can to avoid admitting it.

Later, she asks K.C. if he was coming to her auditions for her Next Teen Star contest, but he said he couldn't because he had football practice. Jenna is annoyed but carries on with her day. Later, Jenna goes to The Dot to meet with her brother, Kyle. Kyle wonders why he is here, and Jenna tells him that she has important news. When Jenna tells Kyle about her symptoms, he tells her she should go see a doctor, but Jenna still refuses. 


K.C. meets Jenna at her audition.

Later that night is the auditions for Next Teen Star. When Jenna is waiting for her turn to audition, she starts to feel sick. When it's her turn to audition, she clams up. She begins to feel sick, and she throws up in a nearby trash can. She hears them yell "Next!", indicating that they weren't giving her a second chance.

Jenna is so upset, but isn't yet ready to give up. She leaves K.C. a voice mail saying she really needed him to be there, and he later shows up to support her. She tells him that she screwed up, and he tells her to demand for a second chance to audition, and to not take no for an answer. She then goes in and forces them to let her perform her song. The judges were hesitant at first, but end up liking her performance, which earns her a ticket. 

Jenna and alli

Jenna and Alli are frightened, after seeing Jenna's positive pregnancy test.

After the auditions while she is at her home with Alli, Jenna is excited because of her great results after the audition, but is still nervous about her health. Jenna takes a pregnancy test and she and Alli have to wait 3 minutes for the results. They are very anxious, and when the time passes, Jenna immediately picks up the pregnancy test to look. Jenna and Alli stare at it and are shocked when they see two red lines, indicating she is pregnant.

Degrassi TDOTO2 6

Jenna and Alli.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (2), begins with Jenna and Alli walking to school, discussing Jenna's pregnancy. Alli wants her to tell K.C. right away, but Jenna is reluctant and tells Alli she can't be pregnant right now. In her first attempt to tell him, Jenna sees how happy he is and doesn't want to ruin it, so she puts off telling him.

On the second attempt after school at The Dot, Jenna tells K.C., and he becomes mad, but then later tells Jenna they can make it through it. Jenna starts to feel better, but K.C. tells her to get an abortion. Jenna doesn't want an abortion, and she and K.C. briefly fight over the matter as they leave The Dot.

Alli goes with Jenna to Next Teen Star, where the director of the show says the waivers for the show needs to be signed by a guardian and that the waivers say all preexisting conditions must be told to the directors. Alli pretends she is pregnant and wants to audition, to see what the director says about the matter for Jenna. The woman says that a baby would make all the tabloids, but carrying a baby around wouldn't be good for a Next Teen Star hopeful. 


Jenna and Kyle at the doctor.

Later, Jenna goes to the doctor and finds out her baby is almost five months developed, and that it would be very risky to have an abortion this late. She tells K.C. the news, and he is enraged that she didn't get a pregnancy test when she first thought she might be pregnant, and yells at Jenna for being in denial about being pregnant.

He gets even angrier when Jenna says they can't get an abortion this late into the baby's development, and K.C. breaks up with her. She yells "You're going to make me go through this alone?!" and he responds, saying he can't be a teen father right now. After her break up with K.C., Kyle comes to The Dot to pick Jenna up. They start talking about the baby, and he promises to support her Jenna decides to keep the baby and to continue competing on Next Teen Star.

In All Falls Down (1), Jenna is seen at Clare's house with Alli getting ready for the "A Night in Vegas" dance. The girls are talking about why Clare is going to Vegas Night with Fitz instead of her boyfriend, Eli, when there is a knock at the door. Jenna opens it to see Eli outside, and she allows him in so he could have a talk with Clare, saying "Speak of the devil!"

Jennas goneeee

In Don't Let Me Get Me (1), Jenna is seen rehearsing the song she will be performing on the next episode of "Next Teen Star". Jenna's competitor and rival, Haley, makes fun of Jenna and tells her to lose the sweatshirt. Jenna lies, saying she can't because she has no shirt underneath, when she was actually trying to hide her baby bump. Jenna then jokes around that some viewers might like that though, and Haley replies with "Whatever gets you more votes!"


Jenna singing on The Next Teen Star.

After they finish talking, Jenna then starts to walk off the stage, but before she goes, Haley gives her a tip, and tells her that winning Next Teen Star it isn't about the singing. The next day, Jenna is interviewed at her school by the show. The reporter seems uninterested in Jenna and tells her that her competitors are more interesting and have better stories than Jenna.

Jenna then summons Chantay, and Chantay starts to talk about how nice Jenna is The reporter cuts her off, as she is again uninterested. On the next episode of Next Teen Star, Jenna is in the bottom two for the first time and barely escapes elimination. 


Jenna holding her belly.

The next day at school, Jenna tries to cover her showing belly, but is unsuccessful. K.C. stops by his locker, offering Jenna his sweater in order to cover her growing belly Jenna then asks K.C. when he will tell his mother about her pregnancy, and K.C. says he'll do it when he can. Jenna tells him he's running out of time, and K.C. walks away infuriated.

Later on, Jenna confides in Chantay. Chantay tells her that she's bland, and in order to win Next Teen Star, Jenna needs to bring the drama. As a result, Jenna announces on National TV that she's expecting a baby.

In Don't Let Me Get Me (2), K.C. talks at Jenna about how she revealed that she was pregnant on television, angry that Jenna didn't inform him nor did she ask him if she could announce her pregnancy on TV, knowing his mother watches. Jenna gets upset and walks away from him, telling him "I'm looking after me now. Deal with it."


Jenna tells the world she is having a baby

Later on in the computer lab, Jenna is on the Next Teen Star website, looking at comments that say people wish her the very best with her and her baby, and that they will vote for her. Principal Simpson walks in with his arms full of stuffed animals, and he tells her to tell her fans to send their gifts somewhere else.

She receives a text from K.C., saying wants to talk with her at The Dot. She meets up with K.C. and his mother, Lisa Guthrie. Lisa tells Jenna about how hard it is to raise a child and offers to help out financially, but Jenna rejects her offer, convinced that she'll win Next Teen Star and receive a recording contract. Lisa has her doubts, but Jenna leaves The Dot, angry at both K.C. and his mother.

Later on Next Teen Star, Jenna is in the bottom two for the second time in a row. She is eliminated over her competitor, Andy, and is devastated by the news. Jenna is extremely worried because her life depended on winning Next Teen Star.

The next day, Jenna meets up with K.C.'s mom, and Lisa tells her that she'll be by her side throughout her pregnancy. The next day at school, Jenna tells K.C. that he doesn't have to be involved if he doesn't want to. K.C. then gives her a book, titled '25,001 Baby Names'. Jenna thanks him, and then K.C. tells her not to name it Kevin, because that is his father name.

In Halo (1), Jenna stops by Wishing Star Fund-raising table where Sav and Chantay are sitting and complaining about Mr. Simpson and the school's crackdown. They ask Jenna if she wants to send someone a star, but Jenna donates some money instead.

Holly J. announces over the announcements about the magical dance, much to the joy of the students. She then continues, saying it's after school, an hour long, heavily chaperoned with dress code still in effect, and Jenna becomes uninterested. Sav asks Jenna to do a duet with him at the dance because Simpson is allowing school bands to play, and she agrees, saying no one would ask her to the dance anyway.

Later, Jenna is sitting beside Sav, complaining about her pregnancy, cramps, and K.C. not helping her. Sav insists Jenna to give K.C. a chance to make a great dad. Later, Jenna is by her locker, and K.C. tries to make small talk. He asks her if she is feeling okay, and she says yes. Chantay walks by and gives Jenna a star. Jenna asks her who it's from, but Chantay doesn't know. She looks at K.C., and he smiles at her, making her think he gave her the star.

Later during lunch hour, Jenna interrupts K.C, Drew, and Jess by taking a seat beside K.C. Jenna thanks him for the wishing star, not knowing how to react K.C. seems to agree with her. Jenna invites him to her prenatal class,


Jenna kisses Sav

but K.C seems to not care about it at all, even though he agrees. Jenna is waiting for K.C to take her to the prenatal class in the music room, but he doesn't show up.

Sav reveals he sent her the wishing star to Jenna to make her feel good, and Jenna has a meltdown. Sav tells Jenna that he can go with her to the prenatal class as a friends, and she is relieved and thankful. Later in the prenatal class, Sav asks questions like what happens to the couple after child birth, but the teacher takes it the wrong way, embarrassing both Sav and Jenna.


Holly J. tells Jenna that Sav will never go for her.

A random mother talks to Jenna, saying that she would rather have a caring father for her baby than the biological father, and Jenna immediately thinks of Sav. Jenna asks Holly J. about Anya's pregnancy, and Holly J. insists Sav was 100% supportive to her, not knowing what Jenna's motives are.

Later, at the magical dance, Jenna and Sav sings 'Goodbye White Horse' to the students. They go to backstage, and Jenna suddenly kisses Sav, much to his surprise. Holly J. tells Sav to help him out with the table, and he leaves Jenna. After the party, Jenna is singing and sweeping the floor when Holly J. notices her. Jenna reveals that she is falling for someone, and reveals that it's Sav. Holly J. seems to be shocked by the news tells Jenna that she and Sav are seeing each other. Jenna insists Sav will go for her, no matter what Holly J. thinks.

Jenna Middleton 902

Jenna performing at Degrassi.

In Halo (2), in the morning, her and Chantay are trying to get people to buy a wish star. Jenna tells Chantay about her and Sav's kiss, and how she thinks he likes her too. Chantay is hesitant because she knows about Holly J. and Sav. K.C. walks up to them and starts talking to Jenna, thinking that she's falling for Sav and he's falling for her. Jenna tells him to go away because he was never much help, and Sav was more of a help than him.

After, in the music room, Sav sits her down and tells her that they're not dating. Jenna realizes that she's being stupid and it may be her pregnancy coming to her head. She starts freaking out, and Sav has to calm her down. 


Jenna and K.C. dancing at Adam's party.

Jenna then learns she put Sav and Holly J.'s relationship in jeopardy after she sees Sav sitting on the steps of Degrassi and talks to him about their situation. Jenna feels awful and wants to help, but Sav tells her that she has done enough. Jenna misses her bus, and K.C. finds her, telling her that he wants to get back together with her.

Jenna kisses him, and they become a couple, focused on getting Sav and Holly J. back together. Jenna forces Holly J.'s manager to let her off work early, making Holly J. come with them. Jenna pretends she is going into labor at Adam's party to get Sav in the limo alone with Holly J. When Sav is in the limo, Jenna gets out. Jenna and K.C. kiss and share a dance.


Jenna reveals her dislike to Bianca

In The Way We Get By (1), Jenna is in the crowd with Sadie cheering at a basketball game. When the game is over Sadie, Dave, K.C., Jenna and Drew are talking about going over to K.C.'s for a party, but Drew doesn't want to go because he doesn't have a girlfriend. After another game, K.C., Jenna, Drew, and his new girlfriend Bianca are talking about going out together. Jenna says "She's coming?" and Drew and Bianca look offended.

In The Way We Get By (2), Jenna, K.C., Bianca, Drew, Sadie, and Dave are sitting at The Dot. Bianca attempts to make conversation, but ends up getting into a dispute with Jenna and K.C. about Jenna's weight. This results in Bianca walking out with Drew is defending her. Drew calls K.C. and Jenna judgmental and storms out The Dot.

Baby change

Jenna and K.C. at their parent training class.

In Jesus, Etc. (1), Jenna and K.C. are eating lunch, and Jenna tells K.C. she needs more out of him to help with the baby. K.C is being a good father and agrees to help her without any hesitation. Jenna says they have a big perentel class, and K.C. tells her he is excited to go.

They show up to the class, and are the youngest ones there. When the class starts doing practice parental activities, Jenna and K.C. get really into it. They have a competition for who can dipper a baby faster, and K.C. wins. Jenna is upset, because she feels like K.C. is doing everything right, and she keeps messing up. So that Jenna can get used to being a parent, she volunteers to babysit the teacher's 6 year old son. 

Kc and jenna lol

K.C. and Jenna talking to Blair.

In Jesus, Etc. (2) Jenna and K.C. test their parenting skills by babysitting Blair Bongard's son. At first, they think they are ready, and will do a great job. However, when Blair gives the couple their directions on how to watch her son, Jenna and K.C. are shocked at how picky and overprotective she is.

The son acts like an angel at first, but once his mother leaves, Jenna and K.C. are shocked by his irrational behavior. He treats them terribly, and Jenna and K.C. struggle dealing with him. Jenna tries singing with him, and they try many activities, but nothing makes him happy. However, when the little boy sees a hot dog stand, he begs for a hot dog, and starts being polite once they give him one. 

Jenna sings to blaire3

Jenna singing to the little boy.

Jenna and K.C. are happy that they have finally calmed down the little boy, until the remember that Blair gave strict directions that her son is on a strict vegan diet. They tell the boy not to tell his mother about the hot dog. When his mom arrives back at the park to get her son, he tells her about the hot dog.

Blair is furious with Jenna and K.C., and storms off with her son. Jenna and K.C. aren't sure if they should be disappointed with themselves, but then realize that not being overprotective of him makes the job easier. As the episode ends, K.C. and Jenna start to feel confident with their future, and actually feel like parents. 


In Drop the World (1), Jenna is very hormonal from being pregnant. She has her baby shower at K.C.'s house with Alli. Afterwards, Alli and Jenna begin cleaning up. Alli asks why K.C. wasn't there, and Jenna responds by saying that he has already built the crib and that she let him go play basketball, thinking the crib was built. Alli looks in the corner to see the unopened crib, and Jenna freaks out.

Jenna finds K.C. at Degrassi playing basketball wit his friends. She yells at him about not building the crib, in front of all K.C's friends. He says that he will finish it when he gets home, and Jenna continues to yell at him. K.C. yells "You told me to play basketball!" and continues to play. Jenna angrily storms off.

The next day, Jenna comes to his locker with an apology breakfast and tells him sorry for being a "Momzilla". He also apologizes and agrees to finish the crib. He walks away when Alli meets up with Jenna, and Jenna tells her how hard K.C. is now working. Jenna stops Dave in the hall and tells him to throw K.C. a bachelor party and to give him "the best night of his life". Dave agrees and walks away, leaving Jenna satisfied.

In Drop the World (2), Jenna is seen at the dance with Chantay waiting for K.C, while he is at his bachelor party. Jenna is having a good time, while dancing with her friends. She tells Chantay that her feet are wet, and Chantay thinks Jenna peed herself. She is so embarrassed, until she realizes that her water broke. Jenna freaks out and tells Chantay that her water broke, and Chantay says she'll call 911. Chantay calls K.C.'s house, and the group at K.C.'s rush to the hospital, from the bachelor party. 


Jenna gives birth to Tyson.

No one at the party was expecting her to go into labor yet, as they were just playing around with each other. Bianca and K.C. were even handcuffed to one another, but they still manage to make it on time to see Jenna and the baby.

Jenna gives birth in an ambulance and they rush her to a hospital.

Later, K.C., Drew, Bianca, and Dave come into the hospital and stand by Jenna's side along with Chantay, looking at the newborn baby Tyson Guthrie. Everyone is extremely happy, and they all take pictures of the group, the baby, and Jenna. 

Season 11


Jenna in Season 11.

In Spring Fever, Jenna attends the Keke Palmer concert with K.C., Bianca, Drew, Dave, and Sadie. She is surprised when she sees Sav onstage, and cheers for him. Jenna gives K.C. a look when he calls Sav lucky, but smiles when he says that he is luckier. When Dave asks Jenna and K.C about their baby, she and K.C. reveal they have the night off and that Lisa Guthrie is babysitting Tyson.


In LoveGame, Jenna is feeling overwhelmed with having to take care of Tyson while K.C. can go to school. She returns to Degrassi to clear out her locker, telling Alli that she's taking the second semester off to take care of Tyson.

Jenna is starting to feel abandoned by K.C. when he blows her off to hang out with their friends after school at Above The Dot. Jenna is so depressed due to being alone with just her and Tyson all the time, and is starting to think that K.C. isn't putting in enough work. Jenna is fed up, so she takes Tyson to Above The Dot to meet everyone. Her friends are all confused as to why she is there, and Jenna explains that she needed to see Alli, Dave, Clare, Sadie, and everyone else. She then tells K.C. to do his share with the baby, and he goes home, from feeling badly about the situation.

Jenna falls asleep at Above The Dot, but Alli wakes her up. She starts to cry and tells Alli that she needs to be with Tyson and leaves.

Kenna lovegame

Jenna sleeping in K.C.'s arms.

She goes straight to K.C.'s apartment and cries to him about how she feels. She complains that she just wants to be a normal family who raises their child correctly. The two make up, and Jenna soon falls asleep in his arms.

She wakes up the next day to K.C. leaving for school and goes to take a shower. She comes out of the bathroom to ask Lisa which shampoo she should use, and K.C. announces that she can move in with him, his mom with Tyson, She drops the shampoo and hugs them both, crying tears of joy.


In What's My Age Again?, Jenna and K.C. are finally getting used to being parents. Now that Jenna has moved in with the Guthrie family, it's easier for K.C. to help her, but Jenna still believes he is not quite putting in enough. Jenna says that she struggles getting Tyson to sleep every single night, and it is exhausting to have a kid.

Once they finally get Tyson to fall asleep and they have time to themselves, K.C. dives for his jacket to go to Dave's and watch a basketball game. Jenna protests and he ends up staying there and watching Dancing With The Stars with Jenna. 

Dancing with the stars

Jenna and K.C. watching TV.

A few days later the couple are seen in the kitchen and Jenna is feeding Tyson. She asks him to get the new package of diapers for her and even though it's in the cupboard, he only pulls the top one out saying it's the last one. He says he'll run out and buy more on the spot and he runs out the door as Jenna calls after him asking if he's really leaving her alone with Tyson. The episode ends leaving Jenna frustrated as usual.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Jenna is upset when she finds out that K.C. is taking another shift at Little Miss Steaks, because he claims that he is trying to make more money for the family. When K.C. is at work, he begins to flirt with Marisol, followed by him complaining about Jenna and how she complains that he is working too much.

Aw happy

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2), Jenna is seen at the Guthrie household with Tyson. She is excited to see K.C. come home and shows him a baby monitor that she found for only $200. K.C. then tells her that he needs to quit because he slept through his classes all day and that work is too much for him to handle. Jenna encourages him by saying "Do what you need to do. You're my hero either way." She then looks longingly at the baby monitor.

The next day, K.C. tells Jenna his exciting news about being promoted to busboy. Jenna is excited at first, until she feels threatened after finding out that Marisol is the one who helped him get the new job. K.C. calms Jenna down by telling her that Marisol was only trying to help.

At school

In Lose Yourself (1), K.C. and Jenna are seen in Degrassi, with Tyson. K.C. is sitting to Ty, and they are anxious because they are about to hear big news; Jenna gets to go back to Degrassi part-time. The only problem with this, is that she has no idea where she can get childcare for Tyson while she is at school. Jenna joins a group of moms that she sees at The Dot, and tells them that she is a teen mother. Jenna begs for advise, and the group of Moms recommend a nanny, which is what they all have. She is left feeling upset, because Nannies are so expensive, and Jenna has no idea what to do. 


Jenna later has a breakdown at the Guthrie house, telling Lisa about how she needs school but can't do it because nobody will be able to watch Ty. She asks Lisa what she did when she was a teen mother, and Lisa tells her that she never went back to school after having K.C., and that she did a horrible job dealing with it. Lisa then gives in, and offers to switch shifts so she can watch Tyson while Jenna goes to school for half day. Jenna hugs her and is feeling fresh and is extremely happy. No longer depressed, Jenna shows up at Degrassi the next day, and walks upon K.C. and Marisol flirting. She tells them the news, and K.C. and Marisol are both upset by it. Jenna is in Mr. Perino's class, and raises her hand to participate. Mr. Perino looks at her strangely, and so does the rest of the class. 

Then, Jenna gets called out for having a "motherly leak" by Dave. Jenna runs out and is extremely embarrassed. She has a break down in the hallway to Alli, who comforts her and invites her to lunch since K.C. ditched her. She then teams up with Sav to help write the score for the school play. After a long and crazy day at Degrassi, Jenna goes back home. 

Awww crying

Jenna at the hospital worrying about Tyson.

That afternoon, Jenna is changing Tyson and singing to herself when she comes up with a great tune and lyrics for the song. She runs over to her guitar to write it down, leaving Tyson on the changing table unsupervised. While Jenna is singing and playing her guitar, Tyson rolls over and falls off the table, leading Jenna to run over, terrified. Jenna takes Ty to the hospital, worried that he may have gotten a concussion due to the fall.

K.C. blames Jenna for the damage done to Tyson, and they begin to argue as a doctor overhears the couple. The doctor informs Jenna and K.C. that Tyson is fine, but the situation was reported to Child Services who are now investigating the quality of Jenna and K.C.'s parenting. The episode ends with Jenna and K.C. looking at the doctor, shocked about what they just heard.

In Lose Yourself (2), Child Protective Services is observing the Guthrie house, as Jenna and K.C. are getting ready for school. Jenna is later at Degrassi, and she asks Alli if she has seen K.C., but Alli hasn't. Dave walks up, telling Jenna that he and Alli are dating, and Jenna sees K.C. getting into a car with Marisol, out the window. She demands Dave tell her what's going on with Mariol and K.C., and Dave tells her about their small affair.

Jenna is left furious, along with Alli because Dave hadn't said anything earlier. Later that day, Jenna is at home with Tyson, getting ready for the Child Services visit. K.C. comes home acting like everything is okay, and Jenna freaks out on him. K.C. is confused at first, until she begins to yell. Jenna confronts K.C. about Marisol, and they get into a huge argument. Jenna clearly expresses how depressed she has been at home alone with Ty, and that it is unfair how K.C. gets to go have fun with Marisol the whole time, therefore lying and cheating on Jenna.

This leads to Jenna hitting K.C. in the face with her guitar, sending him flying into a table, causing it to break. K.C. is on the floor in pain, and the loud noise makes Tyson start to sob. At that moment, Child Services ring the doorbell of K.C.'s apartment, leaving Jenna and K.C. extremely worried and upset. Child Services comes inside to check on Jenna and K.C.'s parenting. They ask K.C. what happened to his eye, and they lie and say he slipped in the shower.

Child Services is hesitant and worried about this family, and tell Jenna that they may need take Tyson away. Jenna is shocked and cant believe the news.

Jenna bby

Jenna crying while yelling at K.C.

She takes a walk, telling K.C. to watch Tyson. Jenna is at home the next day changing Tyson's diaper and the social service representative is there observing Jenna and K.C.'s parenting.

K.C. thinks things are getting better regarding the family, until Jenna randomly asks the social worker about adoption. K.C doesn't like the idea, and is shocked that Jenna would even think about that. The couple tells Child Services that they need some decisions to make, and they leave.

Later, when K.C comes home Jenna is playing with Tyson. She discusses options for Tyson and about the two breaking up. K.C. tells her that if Tyson gets adopted, Jenna has no reason to live with K.C. and his mother anymore. The two are left on edge about their son, relationship, and family as a whole.

Jenna holding ty

In Extraordinary Machine (1), Jenna and K.C. discuss the fact that they're about to meet Tyson's possible adoptive parents. When Jenna leaves the room, K.C. talks with his mom and tells her that he doesn't want to give Tyson up. He decides to try and get Jenna to stay with him and his mom, but Jenna declines, saying they would not even still be together if not for Tyson.

Jenna then prepares to move in with Alli, making the breakup official. They later talk to potential parents for Tyson, and Jenna asks them lots of questions. Jenna is content with Ty's new parents, and likes the idea of them adopting Ty. However, the Powells, the adoptive family, has a very different idea of life for Tyson than K.C. does. This makes K.C. not like the answers, but has no choice of where Tyson lives. Jenna seems happy about them, but K.C. says he does not approve, making Jenna frustrated.

Kenna gives up the baby

K.C. and Jenna officially give up Ty.

In Extraordinary Machine (2), K.C. realizes the error of his ways, and makes things right with the adoptive parents. Jenna is happy about this and the two play with Tyson one last time before officially giving him up. They have a good time at first, but know that the end is near. When the time comes, Jenna and K.C. hold Tyson one last time, and hand him over to Child Services. After he leaves, Jenna and K.C. tearfully embrace before she leaves as well, ending their relationship. They are both sobbing uncontrollably, after making one of the toughest decisions of their lives.

In Don't Panic (1), Jenna is seen in the cafeteria where Katie, Marisol, and Mo are running for president. When Katie calls Marisol a "homewrecker" and that she stole "Jenna's baby daddy right from under her nose". Marisol denies this, but Jenna says it is true. She is seen clapping for Mo, a few moments later.

In Underneath It All, Jenna is seen sitting next to Alli when Clare comes into class. It was later said by Clare, that Jenna and Alli gave her death glares all morning.


In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Jenna was first seen talking with Alli and she seemed frantic because she misplaced her song book which she had used to work on her songs for the past three years and she couldn't play without it. Alli reminded her that she might have left it at K.C's house. She was nervous about about asking him for the song book back, because they haven't spoken to each other since they gave their son up for adoption and ended their relationship. Finally she musters the courage to ask for the song book back from K.C. and they met early in their classroom and to Jenna's surprise K.C didn't just return the song book to her but also a few of Tyson's old baby toys and photographs of them holding Tyson together thinking that she might want them back as a memento. Her heart sank and she was in tears crying most of the afternoon.


The old picture of Tyson that K.C. gave Jenna.

Later Alli finds her crying in the hallway, with her eyes glued on the photographs of her former baby. Alli helps her try to move on with her life and packs the box of toys and pictures away in her locker. Alli also tells her that to be happy she has to do what will make her happy like how a dog wagging his tail makes him happy, and writing and singing songs is what makes Jenna happy, Jenna smiles with encouragement and Alli jokingly barks at her and taps her in the behind. Later she is seen practicing her guitar and singing in the same place where Jake is helping set up the Degrassi Coffee House and the conflicting sounds of her guitar and her singing and him hammering and building things at first annoy each other but after a little while they begin to talk and become friends.

Writing music

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Jenna is seen filled with energy and rage practicing and singing a song about her break up with K.C, Jake tries to persuade her to change the song because the lyrics were obviously about K.C. and everyone knew how close a couple they used to be and how bad a break up they had. Also that she could really hurt his feelings if she went through with her song and sang it at the Degrassi Coffee House for


everyone to hear. She and Jake also had no idea that as she was singing and practicing that song and talking to Jake, that K.C. was just outside in the hallway and over heard the song and overheard them talking, upsetting him very much. Later in poetry K.C. recites a poem he wrote about a girl named Brenna who was a monster and a heart breaker to the class getting back at Jenna showing her how it felt to be insulted in front of her classmates. Later at the Degrassi Coffee house she was convinced enough to go on with singing her song in a more positive and less negative way and the song was a hit and K.C claimed he was touched that she made a song about him and she claimed she also was touched he wrote a poem about him which he told her he would get rid off and then they shook hands respectively and made peace with each other.

Awkward dinner

Jenna eating at Jake's birthday.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Jenna is seen fooling around with Jake in the Edwards' house. Clare is extremely angry when she sees them together, because she hates how Jenna always has to steal her ex-boyfriends. Jenna is invited to Jake's birthday dinner, despite Clare being upset. Jenna is brave, and tells Glen and Helen about being a teen mother, and about Tyson, and the two of the commend her for being so strong, rather than judging her like everyone else has been in Jenna's life.

In Need You Now (1), K.C. and Jenna are invited to Tyson's Christening, but Jenna does not wish to go when K.C. tells her about it, as she already has plans with Jake to go the mall. Jenna suggests maybe they could go see him another time. K.C. says that he can't show up alone, so Jenna tells him not to go then.


In Need You Now (2), K.C. tells Connor that he didn't do an important Chemistry assignment because he went to Tyson's Christening, which causes Jenna to look over at him. He loudly says that their baby is doing great and is living in a great neighborhood. Jenna tells him to cut it out, and he asks her how she can be so selfish. Jenna says he barely helped out after Tyson was born, but K.C. tells her that he is making up for it now, saying that their baby needs them. Jenna yells that they are no longer Tyson's parents, which interrupts class and leaves K.C. without a response. K.C. later talks to his mother about how Jenna hates him. The next day, K.C. apologizes to Jenna, saying that if it wasn't for then than they'd still be struggling to raise a child. He confesses that it has been hard on him to move on, while it seems easy for Jenna. She reveals that she misses him every day, and K.C. says maybe one day they could visit Doug together, revealing that the Powells changed Tyson's name. Jenna tells him that she doesn't know when she will be ready to see him. When the teacher calls K.C. over, K.C. asks if they'll see each other later, to which Jenna nods her head before leaving.

In Smash Into You (1), Alli tells Jenna that she and Dave were making out when they were supposed to be talking about what had happened over the summer. Jenna tells her that she should trust Dave going forward into their relationship, but Alli says she isn't sure that she does. Jenna is also participating in Alli's Mock UN.


In Smash Into You (2), Jenna is representing China in the Model UN. During the conference, Jenna chases after Alli when she is upset that Dave and Jacinta are both absent from the Model UN. Alli reads the texts on her phone from Dave that tells her that he is getting back with Jacinta, and Jenna tries to calm Alli down by telling her that something isn't right and that there must be an explanation. Alli doesn't believe her what she is saying though because of the messages from Dave's phone, which were really sent by Jacinta. After the Model UN is over, Jenna walks out of the building with Alli.

In Hollaback Girl (1), Alli and Jacinta look up Jacinta on Facerange because Alli is jealous over the fact that Dave wants to go see her. They find out that Jacinta's friends have been posting mean things about Dave, which causes Alli to feel like she has to defend him. Jenna tells her that venting at strangers won't help Alli's frustration. When Dave arrives, Jenna goes upstairs to wash her hair to leave them alone.


In In the Cold, Cold Night (1), Jenna and K.C. both join in on the team to help Clare print an edition of the newspaper. Clare tells Jenna that she got over that "K.C. thing" ages ago, and K.C. looks down at Jenna. She also announces that her and Jake are just friends. Jenna, Alli, Connor, Eli and K.C. all rebuild their friendships with Clare and agree to help her with the paper.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (2), Jenna and K.C. help Clare to finish the article before the Frostival. At the Frostival, K.C., Jenna, and Connor are playing games in the background.

Season 12


Jenna in Season 12.

In Come As You Are (1), Clare, Jenna, and Alli have reunited as a trio. The three are glad when Principal Simpson announces that the school is now uniform free, and Alli asks both of them if they were going to hit on any of the new hockey team members since they were both single. Later, the three are hanging at Clare's house, and they decide to go to Mike and Adam's party. Jenna and Alli confront Clare about who she is dressing for her at the party. Jenna and Alli ask Jake what to do if a guy doesn't bring up a past kiss for Clare. Jake tells them that if the guy is interested, then he'll kiss the girl again. The girls like the answer, and Clare asks Jake if the people should talk first, to which he said the guy would go to her.

In Gives You Hell (1), Jenna, Clare, and Alli are sitting next to one another at the pep rally for the Toronto Ice Hounds.

In Say It Ain't So (1), The Bhandaris and Jenna are discussing Alli's internship while setting the table for dinner. When Mr. Bhandari walks out of the room to break the news to his brother, Alli tells Jenna that she doesn't feel so good. When Alli realizes that she hasn't taken her birth control pill in a while, she worries and Jenna stays calm, telling her to take the morning after pill. Later, Jenna walks into the Bhandari house to be ambushed by Alli's mother who claims that she and Alli found her new pregnancy test. Mrs. Bhandari sets up new rules while Jenna doesn't really know what is going on. Jenna is furious because now Mrs. Bhandari thinks poorly of her, but she still decides to be there for Alli. Later, Alli thanks her for not saying anything and she talks to Alli about her possible pregnancy, telling her the symptoms, and how she felt when she was pregnant.


Jenna advises Alli to get a blood test taken to find out if she is pregnant.

In Say It Ain't So (2), Jenna is a supportive friend to Alli, and convinces her to go take a blood test to find out if Alli is pregnant or not. Throughout the episode, she continues to be there for her friend, and struggles watching her go what she went through last year. Later, Jenna attends Alli's acceptance party, and she is listed as one of the important people to Alli, who helped her get to where she is now.


In Closer to Free (1), she is first shown singing and playing her guitar in the front of the school with lyrics that her friends are too busy for her. Becky walks up to her and starts singing with her. At the end of their duet, Becky invites Jenna over to perform at her house in front of a group of friends. Jenna implies that she's coming off too strong and Becky apologizes saying that it's hard to make new friends. Jenna mentions that she was once the new girl and says she'll think about it. At the Bhandari house, she is seen on FaceRange looking at Becky's profile and asks Alli about her. All Alli knows is that she likes musicals and gave Dave a pamphlet but encourages Jenna to go anyway. Jenna begs Alli to come with her, but she is stuck going alone because Alli needs to do research. At Becky's house, she walks in to be introduced to Becky's friends, who end up being a Christian youth group. Jenna is taken back by this and performs the song, annoyed. After the group applauds her, she begins to leave when Becky apologizes for leaving out a few details. She then leaves and talks to Alli, Connor, and Dave about it the next day.

Bc your not christian

Jenna and Luke talking about their kiss.

When they say that they don't have any more room for her in their group, she goes to search elsewhere and bumps into Luke, who offers her to join his group with his sister, Becky. Jenna accepts and enjoys talking with Luke. When he goes up to get the grading rubric, she and Becky talk and she reveals to her that she had a baby the year before and gave it up for adoption. Becky actually gives sympathy and the two make up. At the Baker house, all three of them are working on their project when Becky gets a phone call from her friend back in Florida and walks upstairs. Jenna asks Luke how they believe in God and Luke says they just feel it, and the two proceed to make out. The next day, she walks up to Luke asking about last night in which he says it was a mistake because she tempts him, and he walks away, leaving Jenna confused.


Jenna's baptism.

In Closer to Free (2), Jenna has decided to get baptized by Becky's father, though Alli thinks she is doing it for the wrong reasons. Becky also begins to doubt Jenna's commitment, though Jenna tells her that she isn't getting baptized for her. Jenny tells Mrs. Bhandari that she is getting baptized, who is proud of Jenna that she is trying to get found. The next day, Jenna tries to hit on Luke, though he tells her that he still doesn't want a relationship with her, even though she got baptized for him. Feeling humiliated and angry, Jenna leaves to cry in the bathroom, and Alli tries to make her feel better. Jenna confesses that she got baptized and pretended to be Becky's friend because Luke made her feel special.


Jenna has an insightful talk with Mr. Baker.

Unbeknownst to Jenna, Becky was also in the bathroom and hears everything. She is hurt that Jenna lied, and tells Jenna that she isn't a good friend or a Christian. Jenna and Alli are late talking, and Jenna confesses that she needs someone to show her the way. She didn't just get baptized for Luke, but also because she hoped that God would show her her path, though Alli tells her that is when faith comes in. Jenna goes to the Bakers' church, and talks to Mr. Baker. He tells her that God considers his lost children important, and preaches that God usually sends his followers a sign to let them know that they are on the right track. Jenna decides to stay for the service, and speaks up at the end of the service. Jenna confesses she joined for a guy and thought he was a key to God's plan. She says it wasn't the guy that she wanted, but God. She apologizes for betraying Becky, and the two reconcile after the service, after Becky makes her promise to stay away from her brother.


Jenna hugs K.C. goodbye.

In Rusty Cage (2), she is first seen walking up to Connor and K.C. and learns about his father Kevin Guthrie being back in his life. She apologizes and gives her words on the situation. Later on, she meets with K.C. and asks what's going on when she sees his mom in the office. He tells her to say goodbye to Ty for him and tells her that he's leaving to British Columbia early to escape Kevin. The news leaves her shocked and they embrace in a hug and she begins to cry. Before K.C. and Lisa drive away, she tells Alli, Bianca, Clare, and Connor about the situation and they all meet him in the front to say goodbye. She joins the group-hug with everyone before watching K.C. drive away and returns to class.

In Never Ever (1), she applauds Becky for raising money for starving children. When Becky snaps at Adam, Jenna tells her that he actually did book the foyer and Becky apologizes. She later plays guitar while Becky sings to raise awareness.


In Never Ever (2), she talks to Becky about her children's hunger booth and congratulates how much money she made. When she tells her the real reason's for doing the booth, she asks Becky what she'll do to make up. Later when Becky talks about Adam, she reveals to her that he is a FTM transgender. Becky doesn't believe Jenna about Adam being trans, she demands that he really is, and tries explaining it to Becky.


Jenna in rehearsing for Romeo and Jules

In Scream (1) , she is seen playing a role in Romeo and Jules. She is later seen in her science class telling Becky to accept Adam for who he is. She later again tries to explain to her that Adam isn't gay, he's transgender but she doesn't care.

In Scream (2), she is seen performing in Romeo and Jules.


In Building A Mystery (1), Becky and Jenna talk and she agrees with Becky saying she did sound like a complete moron because she likes Adam. Becky finally shows she has more to be excited about by expressing she does like him indeed. She doesn't think Adam would ask her out because he already did and she ruined it. Jenna tells her to be the one to ask this time. Becky agrees knowing it's time for a new start.

Jenna and adam

In Building A Mystery (2), Becky starts off the episode not acting like her normal perky self as described by Jenna. Jenna tries joking with her and asks, "Have you seen my friend Becky...". Becky responds, "I feel guilty lying to my parents about Adam. Jenna looks disappointed and says, "I thought you were keeping Adam a secret." Becky responds, "I'm terrible at secrets!" She then explains how they invited Adam to dinner. Jenna asks how it went and Becky responds, "They loved him!" But she explains how when they meet Adam's parents- they'll find out the truth about him. Jenna suggest telling them the truth.


Becky, Adam, and Jenna practice telling the truth to the Baker parents about Adam. Adam plays Mr. Baker and Jenna plays Mrs. Baker while Becky tries to practice convincing. Jenna questions (as Mrs. Baker), "Are you sure he's just not confused?" Becky responds, "God doesn't make mistakes, he made Adam exactly who he's meant to be." Adam responds (as Mr. Baker), "So a girl..?" Becky automatically feels shot down and as if she can't continue. Adam tells her she's doing a great job so far. Later, After, Jenna finds her behind the stage crying her eyes out. Jenna is congratulating her and saying how amazing it was that they just made so much money! Becky asks if she's seen Adams bag. Jenna says,"Whoa," she then looks at Becky and says,"those aren't tears of joy- are they?" Becky responds, "I wish everything wasn't so complicated." She says she'll be find and goes in search for Adams bag. She finds it and opens it pulling out the tickets. While she does tampons fall out of the Adams tin case onto the table. Becky says, "Oh.." Jenna rushes over and asks in a panicked tone, "What's wrong?" Becky looks down and states, "Boys don't get their periods."


In I Want It That Way (1), Jenna is awoken by the Bhandaris, who announce to Alli that they have a surprise for her, which turns out to be a car. Alli drives her and Jenna to school when they run into Clare. Clare is excited about her car and lists off some boring things they could do, then Jenna says or something fun. Alli and Clare are talking about the Jay-Z concert when Jenna says she could replace Dave and go with them. Alli rejects her offer, though, as she wants to try to get Dave to go with her. The next day, Jenna awakes Alli, who has overslept. Alli freaks out because she hasn't finished her homework, which was due that day. Alli tells Jenna that she was out with Dallas all last night after Dave re-dumped her, but says that she doesn't have time to be into anyone. Jenna tells her that maybe Mr. Perino would give her an extension. Jenna goes with Alli when she asks for an extension, and gives her the idea to give up sleeping to get homework done.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Jenna, Mo, Fiona, Connor, Marisol, and Becky, along with Alli and Dallas in the room, discuss Campbell's suicide. 


In Ray of Light (1), she is seen handing out anti-bullying pins and after handing one out to another couple, she wonders if anyone cares about her. Then, Luke comes up to her and says that he cares. She questions after he previously kissed her and didn't want to start any relationship with her. She asks Luke how's he's doing after Cam's suicide and he tells her that he's been doing a lot of praying. They both see Connor drop his equipment and Luke makes fun of him and asks Jenna if anyone would care about him. Jenna seems angry by that question and responds by helping Connor and kisses him on the cheek. Connor questions her about it and she tells him just to go along with it. The next day, Connor is seen at her locker with flowers. After what happened the previous day, Connor asks her on a date. Jenna seems distraught about it, but Connor convinces her that he is good looking and she accepts.


Jenna and Connor on their date

She is later seen talking to Alli and she asks Jenna why she looks pretty that day and Jenna reveals she's going on a date. Alli asks who and Jenna reveals that it's Connor. Alli seems very surprised about it and Jenna convinces her that he is a good guy. Connor comes up to the two girls and gives Jenna an orange jumpsuit for their date, leaving Jenna very confused. They then go on their date and walk through the hallways with their jumpsuits on. Connor shows her to a space simulator that he has worked on just for the date. Jenna seems very impressed by it. During the date, Connor comes to believe that Jenna wants him to kiss her and they do so. He thinks that the kiss didn't go very well and Jenna tells him to try again, but don't stop and they kiss again.


In Ray of Light (2), she is seen talking with Connor and then kissed him but was interrupted when Alli, Becky and Dallas walked in. Jenna's friends make her feel awkward about dating Connor, which causes her to become annoyed and storm off. She is later seen reading a book when Becky comes to apologize. Becky thinks Jenna is upset because she made a pregnancy joke, and apologizes saying that she would hate to see Jenna be pregnant again. Jenna then finds out from Becky, that Luke likes her too, but has been afraid to say anything. She starts to question whether she actually likes Connor, or if she only likes him because he is nice. Jenna is tempted to go back to Luke, and when they talk, he thinks they are together. Luke puts his hands around Jenna in attempt to feel her up, but she ends up rejecting him, because she knows she has a way better and sweeter guy. Connor then walks by them in the hallway, and immediately punches Luke in the face, shocking Jenna. Jenna awkwardly stands there, embarrassed of what Connor did. She tells him that she is mad at him, and Connor is left feeling upset. Later, Jenna is seen outside the school talking to Connor about what happened. Jenna hands Connor a small gift, and he accepts it as a peace offering. Jenna and Connor hold hands and walk into the school, as they plan their next date. 


In Zombie (1), Jenna and Alli are sitting with Connor at lunch gossiping. Connor then tells Jenna he is annoyed with all that girly talk, leaving Jenna confused. Connor doesn't think when he speaks, and in result of telling Alli that she needs to leave him and Jenna alone, Alli leaves, annoyed. Jenna angrily tells Connor that Alli needs a friend; things didn't work out with Mike Dallas. Connor then says that she needs a boyfriend, and gets an idea. Later Connor and Jenna are later are at The Dot, when Alli suddenly comes in holding a large bouquet of roses. She reads the note out loud, "Will you be my girlfriend? -Eli" Jenna is shocked, and Connor smiles. Eli then walks in holding an identical bouquet of roses, saying that he got these from 'Alli', and Alli says she never sent the flowers. Eli said he never sent her any either. Jenna then asks Connor if he sent the flowers, and Connor admits he did, because he wanted Alli to find a new boyfriend so they could spend more time together. Alli throws her bouquet into Connor's lap, and Eli leaves, giving a group of elderly ladies his flowers. Jenna then says tells Connor to leave, and Connor asks why; they were having so much fun. Jenna replies saying that it's not fun anymore.


In Zombie (2), Connor apologizes to Jenna and Alli, and Jenna, although she says he ticked a lot of people off, she's not mad. However, when Connor makes rude comments about Clare and Clare overhears him, Jenna and Alli then explain that now they're mad. Later Connor and Jenna talk. Jenna is still angry, but Connor tells him he likes her a lot, and Jenna feels the same about Connor. Alli appears, and when Connor also apologizes to her, they all have coffee together. Connor tells the group that Eli wants to take Clare back. Connor sees Eli when talking to Jenna later that day, and tells him that Clare would be able to see him. Eli then changes his mind and says he thinks the break is for the best, even though he loves her. Connor asks why he wouldn't want to be with her, and Eli doesn't reply. Connor walks out and goes to Jenna, who asks him how it went, to which he replies, "I have no idea why Eli and Clare are so complicated". Jenna laughs and says "And we're simple", and they walk off happy. 


Jenna and Alli give sex advice to Clare at prom.

In The Time of My Life, Jenna goes prom dress shopping with Alli and Clare, and they later all get ready together as well. When they are getting ready together, Alli feels a bump on Clare's back and tells Jenna to look at it. Jenna states that her aunt had a bump similar to Clare's and that it turned out to be cancer. At prom, she has a fun time dancing with Connor and Alli. Clare later approaches her and Alli at prom and asks for sex advice for her first time with Eli. The next day, Jenna attends graduation, and can be seen embracing Connor as the graduates celebrate.

Season 13


Jenna in the Season 13.

In Summertime, Jenna, Alli, and Clare are walking together and the girls are discussing Eli and Clare's long distance relationship. Alli and Jenna insist to read their texts and take Clare's phone, being disappointed by the lack of sexual tension. Jenna and Alli convince Clare to sext or have sexy webcam chats.

Jenna goes to Degrassi that day to prepare for the trip to Paris along with other students. She walks in with Alli and Connor and upon seeing Tristan, greets him and expresses how happy she is that he is coming saying "yay". She is later seen on the plane next to Connor when he asks Alli if Clare is going to die. She responds by saying "Connor!!!" and Alli tells them the chances are good which is why she isn't going to the hospital with her.

In All I Wanna Do, Jenna is seen with Connor in their hotel and Paris. Alli goes over to them excited to make plans for the day, but they blow her off because they already have tickets to see the Eiffel Tower. 


In My Own Worst Enemy, Jenna finds Alli waiting for Leo Lauzon to ask her out at the shop he works in. Alli tells Jenna she hasn't done her project since she had been waiting for Leo to ask her out all day. Jenna suggests that Alli asks out Leo herself. When she does, Jenna has to remind her about her presentation but Leo agrees to go out with Alli after it. After Alli's presentation, Jenna shows Alli her grade based on what Madame Cliquet said. After Alli's date with Leo, Alli comes into her room where Jenna and Maya are playing guitar. Alli tells the girls what happened and they give her advice. 

13x05 22

In About a Girl, Jenna and Alli are video chatting with Clare, who asks about Leo. Alli tells her things are going well, but she isn't ready to have sex with him, which she expects he will want. To solve this problem, Alli brings Connor and Jenna with her on her date, to double date. Leo goes along with this after Alli lies that Connor and Jenna are having problems and need to be around other people. Dinner goes well until the conversation steers to sex, and Connor blows Alli's lie and reveals to Jenna that he doesn't want to have sex. Jenna is hurt by this and breaks up with him.


In Cannonball, Jenna and Alli are seen in class and Alli asks her if she has forgiven Connor DeLaurier yet. Jenna responds no, and that she hasn't forgiven Alli either. Alli apologizes once more and then says how sad she is that Jenna's down while she's happy. When Jenna accuses her of rubbing in her romantic Paris magic, Alli retracts what she said and offers to cancel her plans with Leo to hang out with her. Jenna responds happily to the agreement. Later Alli goes to the cafe to re-schedule with Leo. The two then make a plan for Leo to bring a cute friend on their date for Jenna. That night Alli walks Jenna towards the cafe as she discusses her break-up with Connor. When they reach the table where Leo is sitting, Jenna is startled to realize that they're girls night was turned into a double date. Leo introduces his friend, Andre, who is extremely outgoing and flirty towards Jenna. She immediately feels intimidated. Frustrated and embarrassed, Jenna gets up to leave, saying that she has to write an angry letter to a friend back home. Andre looks confused as Jenna runs away.


In their room, Jenna is shown playing her guitar and singing. Alli comes in and says that the lyrics are pretty like her, and that she's sorry for setting Jenna up. Jenna says she appreciates what Alli was trying to do, but she only wants the guy she likes to like her back. Alli then invites Connor into the room who explains why sex scares him. Jenna says that sex scares her too, seeing as though she made some mistakes with it before. Connor says that he would do it for her, but she interrupts saying she only wants to feel close to him. She then explains that there are many different ways for them to feel connected, and she could show him. They then begin to kiss and Alli walks awkwardly out of the room. 


In Honey, Jenna tries to comfort Alli about the fact she will be leaving Leo soon, but ends up convincing her to ask Leo about a long-distance relatonship. Clare sends both Alli a text about the fact that Adam was in an accident and is in the hospital. Later on the bus ride home, Alli is crying, and Jenna notices that something is wrong with her arm. Alli reveals they broke up and blames herself, but Jenna tells her that it isn't an excuse.


Jenna at Adam's funeral.

In Young Forever, Jenna, Alli, and Connor leave Adam's funeral and question if they should go to the reception because they weren't that close with him. They all see Becky crying on the bench, and Jenna and Alli comfort her and question her on why she's not at the reception. She tells them that Drew doesn't like her because he thinks she killed Adam. She then decides to have a memorial. The four of them work on the memorial and Alli, Jenna, and Connor think it's weird that Becky is setting up a chair for Adam. They all sit quietly until Becky decides not to have the memorial after all but then the two of them see people coming and point it out to Becky. At the memorial, Jenna plays her guitar and is seen leaning her head on Connor.

In This Is How We Do It, Alli and Jenna are both on student council and arrive at school early to set up for the assembly, which they later participate in. Later, Clare reveals that Alli has a date that night, and Jenna and Clare think that it is Dallas, to which they tease Alli about him. Alli later reveals that Leo is back, and Jenna is unhappy since Leo previously hurt Alli. Clare and Jenna are not supportive of Leo and Alli getting back together.


In You Got Me, Alli and Jenna are not talking, which makes working on their chemistry lab awkward. Clare intervenes and suggests to Alli that she bring Leo to the dance so that they could get to know him. At the dance, Jenna, Clare, and Connor act cold to Leo, but he is able to win Clare and Jenna over by dancing with them.

In Barely Breathing, Jenna comments that Alli is putting on too much makeup, which she is using to hide the bruise she got from Leo smacking her. Alli claims she was spending all night studying for her SATs, though she doesn't believe her. While Alli, Jenna, and Clare are standing together, Jenna sees Connor walking toward her, Clare, and Alli with balloons, and exclaims, "Pumpkin! You shouldn't have!" Connor reveals he didn't, as the balloons were for Alli from Leo.


In Black Or White, Jenna is shown holding Connor's arm, as they watch Winston on the school's announcements. Later in class, Clare reveals to Jenna and Alli that she has organized a romantic date for Eli, and Clare gushes about how he is coming home for a week, to which Alli comments that's all she's been talking about the past few days. Clare reveals her and Eli haven't been talking as much lately, which is why she wants the date to go so well.


In Spiderwebs, Connor and Jenna both help out with the Degrassi Family Feast. Drew asks if they're dating, and then asks a hypothetical question about if Connor was in town and didn't call Jenna. Jenna says that she would trust Connor since they have a strong relationship, though Connor says he would call, but if he didn't it would be because he was no longer romantically interested. At the Family Feast, Jenna tells Connor that she is thankful for him, as is he, and the two kiss. They greet Bianca when Drew calls them over. At the Family Feast, they are sitting next to one another.

In The World I Know, Jenna is seen talking to Clare about their ideas for Alli's eighteenth birthday. Jenna also tells Alli to get at least a little excited about her birthday party. Alli responds that she can't think about celebrating when Leo is being sent back to France as his visitor visa is expiring and a student visa got denied. Alli says that she can't lose Leo and Jenna tries to comfort her by saying that it's just until graduation and then she can apply to schools in Paris and live with Leo happily ever after. Alli responds that it seems like an eternity apart and she doesn't want to be away from him for one second. Alli shuts down her laptop and stands up, but Clare tells her that class isn't over. Alli says that if she can't find a way to keep Leo in Toronto, she will spend every last second with him. Jenna is shocked that Alli is skipping science.

Jenna the world i know

Jenna and Clare find out about Alli's wedding.

The next day, Jenna and Clare approach Alli with baked cupcakes. Alli says they're beautiful and that now she knows exactly what she wants for her party. She gives wedding invitations to Jenna and Clare. Clare asks in shock if Alli's getting married while Jenna asks what do her parents think about it. Alli says that they don't know. Clare responds it will kill her mom, while Jenna asks if Alli even got a veil, flowers or a ring. Alli responds that now she feels horrible. Clare tells her that they're just looking out for her as she and Leo have only been together for six months. Jenna adds that there would be divorce in another six, but Clare thinks that even less. Alli tries to stop the discussion while Jenna says that these are statistics. The bell rings and Clare asks Alli to think about it once again, but she responds that she loves Leo and she can't lose him.

That same day, Jenna is waiting for Alli in her living room with Clare and Alli's parents. As she walks in, they all stand up and shout "Surprise!", when they notice she's hurt. Clare asks Alli what happened and she answers that she was mugged. Jenna asks by who, but Alli responds that she doesn't know, because it happened fast. Alli asks her parents to let her go upstairs and lay down, but Mr. Bhandari says that they have to call the police and find the person responsible for the assault.

Jenna the world i know 2

Jenna sees Alli after her assault.

In Better Man, Jenna is seen in the Bhandaris' living room with them and the detective. The detective asks Alli a couple of questions which she answers reluctantly. When he asks her about the mugger's clothing, Alli anwers that he was wearing jeans and a black hoodie. Jenna says that the day before Alli stated that he was wearing a blue hoodie, but she tells her that things could get foggy when she hit herself in the head. The detective tells Alli to let them know when she recalls anything else from the assault.

Later on, Jenna approaches Alli sitting on a bed in their room. Alli thanks her for staying home with her. Then, Jenna asks if she told Leo about assault. Alli looks down, so Jenna tells her that she can call him, but Alli doesn't want her to. Jenna continues that she saw what Leo did to her in Paris and she knows what he's like. Alli decides to tell Jenna the truth. Jenna is in shock that she was right and almost starts crying while telling Alli she didn't want to be right. Alli responds that it was her fault, because she ruined their wedding day. Jenna can't believe Alli married Leo and says that she knew he was violent. Alli responds that Leo's troubled, but he's getting help and he loves her. Jenna tells Alli that if he loved her, he wouldn't have beaten her and that she's calling the police. Alli stops her and begs to give her time to think about it.

Jenna better man

Jenna finds out it was Leo who assaulted Alli.

That same day, Alli tells Jenna that she's right and she can't love someone that has done something like this to her. Alli then calls Leo and tells him that she wants a marriage annulment or else she's going to inform the cops. Jenna listens to their conversation. The next day, Jenna walks into a classroom with Alli. Clare sees them and Alli asks Jenna not to tell her about Leo. Jenna and Alli sit down next to Clare and she asks Alli if the cops caught her mugger. Alli answers that not yet, but she just wants to focus on school. Then, Jenna and Clare give Alli some time alone and they both walk out of the classroom.

Moments later, Jenna and Clare are looking for Alli in the girls' restroom. Alli asks them to leave her alone, crying. She says that she just wanted a fresh start but Leo wouldn't let her go. Jenna says that she knew that Leo will still be texting her. Alli gives Jenna her phone and says that he's outside of the school while Jenna's reading one of the texts. Clare then asks why the girls look scared of Leo. She guesses that Alli lied about getting mugged. Alli says that she didn't know how to say that her boyfriend beat her up and now he's there and she has to tell him to go. Clare and Alli stop her and tell that they're calling the cops. Alli says they don't have to, because he'll listen to her if she talks to him. Clare responds that Alli needs to listen to them and Jenna adds that they're calling the police.

Jenna better man 2

Jenna comforts Alli.

Later on, Jenna approaches Alli while she's getting rid of things that reminds her of Leo. She says that she has a little surprise for her, since she missed her real birthday party. Beside a cupcake and spa day stuff, Jenna also gives Alli marriage annulment forms and tells her that based on what happened, she can void her wedding. Alli thanks Jenna for everything. Jenna then sees a ring in Alli's hand and asks what is she going to do with it. Alli responds that she wants to say goodbye to the "jerk bastard-ass loser" and she throws it away. Jenna tells Alli that they will get through this together and the two hug.

In Dig Me Out, Jenna and Clare approach Alli in school. Clare asks if Alli was just flirting with Dallas, but Alli denies it. Jenna then sees that Alli's wearing sneakers. Alli says that it was one of the doctor's orders. Clare continues that she can't believe the police let Leo out on bail, but Jenna comforts Alli that she's going to court next week and then they will lock him. Clare and Jenna also offer her to help in carrying her books and putting on her makeup. Alli says that she's fine and tells them to go to class, but if anyone asks, she got mugged.

Jenna dig me out

Jenna, Clare and Alli talking about Leo.

Later on, Jenna and Clare approach Drew and Dallas. They're talking about how Drew wants to skip their poker night to go to a grade 10 party with Zoë. Dallas and Clare make fun of Drew, but he says he's relationship with Zoë is casual. Clare asks him if Zoë also knows that and Drew confirms it, but Jenna asks him if he ever talked about it with her. Drew answers that he didn't and the four continue to talk about Drew and Zoë's relationship.

The next day, Jenna approaches Alli and tells her that she got her text. She also asks if she got any news about the mugger. Alli says she didn't and the text wasn't about it. She also says that apparently it's impossible to do science with one hand. Jenna interrupts her and responds that she'll surely help. She also asks when do they start and Alli tells her that now would be good.

In Power to the People, Jenna is in the chemistry lab with Alli. Alli asks her to slice a banana, but she's staring at her phone and doesn't hear her. Alli asks for Jenna's attention again. Jenna apologizes and says that she was reading something. Alli sarcastically asks if it was an article about how to be a better lab assistant. Jenna responds that she was reading about a therapy and asks Alli if she has considered it. Alli tells her that the doctor suggested special exercises for her arm, but Jenna asks if he suggested anything for her head. Alli tells Jenna that she's fine, but Jenna reveals that she and Clare are worrying about her. Jenna thinks that Alli needs to talk about Leo with someone and it doesn't have to be them.

Jenna power to the people

Jenna not paying attention in the lab.

Alli is mad and she says that she's firing Jenna from the position of her lab assistant. She leaves the lab, but Jenna goes after her and says that she just wanted to help. Alli asks her to stop, because the lab was supposed to be her escape from Leo. Jenna responds that she won't bring up the therapy again, but Alli says that it doesn't matter, because every time her arm aches, she's reminded of him. Alli then takes off her lab coat and throws it into a rubbish bin. She also says that she's giving up. Jenna responds that she can't and she'll be a better lab assistant, but she just needs Alli to tell her what to do. Alli responds that right now she needs some time alone.

In No Surprises, Clare approaches Jenna and says happily that she decided to go bungee jumping to celebrate being six months cancer free. She also says that she booked four spots and asks Jenna if she thinks that Connor would be up for it. Jenna responds he'll probably tweet about it all way down. Clare laughs and says that she's calling Eli, while Jenna walks away. After the conversation, Jenna asks if Eli chickened out. Clare responds that he's busy. Jenna then asks if they're cancelling, but Clare tells her that she'll find the time which will work for everyone.

Later on, Jenna is seen kissing Connor after a student council meeting. Suddenly, Dallas approaches them and asks if Alli and Leo broke up and if they're ever going to get back together. Jenna responds that they're not and Alli won't date anyone until she completely forgets about Leo. Dallas tells them that maybe he could help her with that. Connor says that he's a way better guy than Leo. Dallas thanks him while Connor raises his hand to give him a high five, but Dallas walks away leaving Connor sad.

Jenna no surprises

Jenna finds out that Clare kissed Drew.

Then, Clare tells Jenna and Connor that they can't cancel the bungee jumping, because they're going to lose their deposit. Connor asks Clare if there's still a free spot and tells her that he invited Drew. Clare is very reluctant which surprises Jenna, so Clare decides to expose that she kissed Drew on Thanksgiving. Jenna asks how could she, as Eli was in town, and Clare responds that they were on a short break. Connor then says that she moves on quickly. Clare says that it's a little weird, but Jenna responds that it will be weirder if she uninvites him, because he may think that Clare has feelings for him. Clare laughs nervously and says that she had urges towards him, but now they're gone. Jenna then responds she doesn't understand why going bungee jumping with Drew is such a problem.

In Unbelievable, Jenna is briefly seen, when she tells Becky that she was at Miles' party, but she didn't see anything happen to Zoë. Becky asks if she's seen her with anyone and Jenna responds that maybe with Winston. Becky also asks Jenna if she has seen the video from the party, but Jenna denies and tells Becky not to forget that Zoë is also an actress.


Jenna convincing Connor to try a new look.

In What It's Like, Jenna is seen filling out an application to run for King and Queen at the semi-formal before class. Alli and Clare walk in and she tries to hide what she is doing out of embarrassment, but Alli snatches it from her and reads it aloud. Alli can't believe that she's nominating herself and Connor for king and queen and Jenna jumps to their defense by reminding them that Clare and Eli won at Prom last year, only for Alli to remind her it was because Eli fixed it. They start to tease Jenna about Connor's nerdiness and she sticks up for him by saying that it's sexy how he is his own person. She is later at the mall with Connor and giving him new clothes to try on such as "distressed" jeans. She lies to him and tells him it's for an art project, but he sees right through it, so she tells him the truth. She says that they have to look like a good couple and makes it into a science experiment so that it relates to Connor better. She is happy when he agrees to go along with the style change.


Connor telling Jenna she's the problem.

At school, she is helping Connor into his new wardrobe and putting contacts into his eyes in the girl's bathroom while Alli keeps watch. He is having doubts on how it will help them and the safety of contacts which has Jenna stressed out and aggravated. She is then forced to tell him the real reason why she wants him to change and says that she's sick of people thinking they're a weird couple, saying that maybe they're right. Connor then says that she's the problem, not other people, which leaves Jenna discouraged. She is looking for him later to apologize and finds him in the cafeteria, stunned to see him with his new look which she finds very attractive. She apologizes and says that they don't have to do the competition because she doesn't care what people think. Connor says that they should go along with it because it will make her happy and they are called by Drew to take their picture. She tells him that he can "talk nerdy to her anytime" when he talks about image in politics and takes the picture with him. Jenna is showing Alli the king/queen photo and is confident that they're going to win with his new look. She sees a bunch of grade 9's talking to Connor and asks him who they are. When he tells her they want math help, she asks if they did so last week, but is discouraged to find out it was after his makeover and then sees them eying Connor from afar.


Jenna acting jealous.

In Close to Me, Jenna is watching the niner girls being tutored by Connor and is extremely jealous that he's been tutoring them for so much. She isn't sure how much she can trust the new Connor now that he's getting so much female attention and attempts to end his interactions with the niners. She tries to tell him that the experiment is over and to revert back to his own look, but he still wants to go on with his new look. Jenna says that she still wants to win and Connor calls her irrational for wanting him to change his style back, which makes Jenna more upset. Jenna is later trying on dresses with Alli in their room and says she needs to look hot that night for the dance. Jenna hangs back to keep trying on dresses and finds a slinky white one in the back of the closet which she has an immediate liking to. 


Jenna's strap snapping and breast falling out.

She arrives at the dance in the skimpy dress and asks Alli and Dallas how she looks. Alli says that she looks "open for business" which makes Jenna give second thoughts about her clothing option, but Connor soon appears and she greets him with a kiss. He tells her that he likes her dress and she says that she wore it for him. They pass the niner girls that Connor had been tutoring and to send them a message, Jenna passionately kisses Connor in front of them before entering the dance. Jenna is very nervous when Alli and Dallas are about to announce the king and queen and is very excited when they say it's Jenna and Connor. She quickly leads them onstage and puts on the crown. She thanks everyone, including her "wonderful boyfriend, Connor." He is holding her hand and lifts both his and hers into the air while saying "Booyah," but while doing this, the strap on Jenna's tight dress snaps and her right breast is exposed to the entire dance. Jenna is shocked and quickly covers it up, standing there, not knowing what to do. She quickly shuffles off the stage while holding the dress up and is followed by Alli. 


Jenna telling Connor she loves him.

Jenna is hiding inside one of the stalls in the girl's bathroom against the wall when Alli walks in and stands next to her. Alli says that people are waiting for her and Jenna says if it's for another strip show. Alli tries to lighten the mood by saying at least it wasn't both boobs and Jenna finds it insulting. She thinks that Connor finds her to be an idiot for letting the niner girls get to her. Connor walks in and Alli leaves and he hands her a t-shirt so she can cover up her revealing dress. He asks her why she wore a skimpy dress and she says it's because the niners were trying to get with him. He tells her he doesn't care about them because Jenna liked him before he got his new image. Jenna asks him if he loves her and he says that he does and hopes she reciprocates. Jenna says that does and says that she loves him just the way he is. They then share a kiss and she laughs afterwards.

In Army of Me, Jenna is seen protecting Alli from dating Dallas and told him to wait until the science fair.

In How Bizarre, Jenna, Alli, Dallas, and Connor planned to go see a movie together. Later, the four are at The Dot when Drew shows up to talk to Jenna and Alli. Jenna and Alli do not want to talk to him, but Connor and Dallas convince them to hear Drew out. She is still skeptical on how much Drew has changed and when he gets a text, she checks it and sees that someone sent him a picture of their boobs. Jenna is disgusted and calls him a pig.

In My Hero, Jenna is mentioned by Clare when Drew goes over to Clare's house to apologize to her.


Jenna trying to get service at the dance.

In Thunderstruck, she is seen in class watching Imogen's global warming presentation and stays behind with her, Drew, Dallas, and Becky after class ends. She is later seen at the dance with Connor and can't get cell phone service to call home. She is sitting in Connor's arms on the floor along with Alli and Dallas and Jack and Imogen waiting for the storm to pass so they could all leave. The next day after the storm, Jenna is seen cleaning up the outside of Degrassi alone with Connor.

Season 14


Jenna in Season 14.

In I'll Be Missing You, she is seen jumping up and down with Alli, excited she got accepted into Cambridge. Dallas walks in and she tells him what happened and tells him it's in England. When she senses Dallas is unhappy about it and might start trouble, she leaves. She is later seen in class sitting next to Alli and leaves when the bell rings.


In Firestarter (1), she is walking with Alli after Clare's pregnancy is revealed to the entire school by Mrs. Baker and tells her people already knew due to gossip. She is then offended when Clare makes derogatory comments about Jenna's pregnancy and how people perceived her during it and is dragged off by Alli to the student council office while Clare talks to Simpson.

In Get It Together, Jenna walks into class along with Alli, Dallas, and Clare, who is worrying about her unborn son when he is born since boys are more likely to get injured than girls. After Alli mentions that Dallas always gets hurt for doing stupid things, Jenna says that Connor never hurts himself.

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Jenna asking where Clare is going.

In Give Me One Reason, Jenna and Alli walk into class and see Clare sitting alone. Jenna then shows Clare their paper cutouts of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan for their presentation. After Alli theorizes that maybe they never died, but went off to a deserted island together, Jenna tells her that it never happened. Clare then says that an escape from everything sounds nice and Jenna and Alli are worried, so to cut the awkward, Jenna tells Clare she should get an outfit like the one Fred Noonan is wearing for her baby, not knowing about the miscarriage. Clare then leaves and Jenna says that they present in ten minutes and asks what she's supposed to tell Mr. Perino. Later, she is seen delivering flowers to Arlene Takahashi.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Jenna is seen with Connor, Drew, Dallas, and Alli, discussing Alli's idea for prom, before agreeing to Drew's idea. She asks Alli about about Clare, before leaving with Connor and Drew. She is later seen watching Becky and Jonah's preformance and once again asking Alli about Clare.


Jenna with her Prom group.

In Finally (1), Jenna is seen walking to school with Drew and Dallas, before being asked out to prom by Connor. She is seen in the gym getting ready to take her final and watches Drew's prom proposal to Becky. Jenna is seen in the student council office discussing Drew's ban from prom. She, along with Alli and Clare, get ready for prom at Clare's house. She and Alli read Clare's diary and she is present for the group photo. Jenna is seen at the pier, confused about the mix up at the prom destination.

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Jenna graduates.

In Finally (2), Jenna is with Alli, Clare, Connor, and Eli. They are seen eating take out, comforting a stressed out Alli. She and Alli comfort Clare about what she's gonna tell Eli. Clare hugs them, telling them both that she's gonna miss them. Jenna is seen graduating with her class and wil be attending the Los Angeles School of Recording Arts for Sound Engineering. She is seen with her class protesting that Drew to be allowed to graduate with them. She joins the senior class conga line.

Appearance and Style

Barbie Jenna

Jenna Middleton can be described as a bubbly, healthy and pretty girl. According to Bianca, she can also be described as somewhat of a "Barbie", this is due to her physical appearance. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

As for her style, she often wears colorful clothing, whether it's a blouse, skirt, or shorts. In Season 10, her sense of style wasn't shown as much due to Degrassi's uniform policy, though she was known for wearing a single star shaped earring.

Jenna had changed her hair twice during the series. From Seasons 9-12, Jenna had long straight hair. Starting in Season 13, Jenna's hair was curly.


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  • "Sorry, I'm Jenna." (First Line)
  • (To Clare): "Well, better figure it out." (Final Line)
  • Clare: "This is way harder than it looks!"
    Jenna: "That's what he said!"
    Clare: "Ewww, Jenna!"
  • (To Clare and Alli): "At my old school, I was SUCH a boyfriend stealer!"
  • Jenna: "I'm a fat girl, just a chunky girl, getting fatter everyday."
  • Jenna: "But I just got a Detention!"
  • Jenna (To K.C.): "I'm taking care of me; deal with it."
  • Jenna (To K.C.'s mom): "I'm my own hero right now."
  • (To Holly J.): "Getting rid of the temporary, insignificant girlfriends? It's kind of my thing."
  • (To K.C.): "Sav's done more in a day than you have since you got me pregnant."
  • (To Sav): "You're right, I'm just a big, fat, pity case, you know, I keep holding this idea that K.C.'s gonna come around but face it, Jenna, you're going through this alone!"
  • "Juan, in the name of love!"
  • Sav: "Uhhhh, you're having a baby!"
    Jenna: "Nope! False alarm. Goodbye!"
  • "Are you kidding me? I'm, like, 200 months pregnant right now! What if I fell?"
  • "Great. Just great. Rain gear was the one thing we didn't bring!"
  • (To K.C.): "This isn't just about cravings and playlists, K.C.! This is real!"
  • Jenna: "My feet are wet."
    Chantay: "Too much lemonade?"
    Jenna: "No, that's not pee....Oh my God my water broke!"
  • (To K.C.): "Liar!"
  • "You haven't even opened the box. Where's the baby supposed to sleep?!"
  • (To K.C.): "Oh, I love tacos!"
  • "I miss my friends! I miss Alli and Dave and Sadie and... new guy."
  • (To Alli): "All he does is eat and cry and poo, but he needs me. I'm all he has."
  • (To K.C): "Oh, that's right. Civics class might break out into a dance party."
  • "Don't call my boobs 'equipment,' K.C."
  • Jenna: "How could you cheat on me?"
    K.C.: "Don't jump to conclusions!" (Jenna smacks him with her guitar)
  • (To Alli): "Oh so you're in love now...."
  • (To Alli): "He's just like all guys. All they want is sex."
  • (To Johnny): "Wanna make it hot in here?"
  • "I'd actually like to be friends with both of you."
  • "K.C., you promised me chicken from the Palmas!"
  • "Do they have chicken?"
  • Jenna: "So what do you think?"
    Jake: "The song? I liked it. It's about your ex right?"
    Jenna: "It's about dealing with a break-up. I never said his name."
    Jake: "But everyone knows. I mean you two had a baby together. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't want to be that guy, if you played in it public."
  • "Shouldn't you be at home making out with your step-girlfriend?" (to Jake)
  • "I'm gonna go wash my hair."
  • "God made me brunette but blondes have more fun!"
  • "Try again, but this time don't stop." (To Connor)
  • "City Dates, Space Dates, let's do it all." (To Connor)
  • "Now, I'm mad at you." (To Connor after he made rude comments about Clare.)
  • "Total Dreamboat. Don't tell Connor I said that."
  • "You can't even think of having sex, even with me?" (To Connor)
  • "It'll be like you never married that jerk-bastard-ass-loser in the first place."


  • Jenna shares some similarities with past Degrassi characters Liberty Van ZandtMia Jones, and Erica Farrell.
  • The music video featured in the episode I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1) was actually the music video of Jessica Tyler, the actress who plays Jenna. Also, in Tears Dry On Their Own (1), the song she sings for the judges is also original.
  • Jenna is one of the eight girls to be shown during their pregnancy, the other seven being Spike, Erica, Tessa, Manny, Liberty, Clare and Lola.
  • Jenna and Liberty are the only two teen moms to put their child up for adoption. Although, Jenna kept her baby for a few months, whereas Liberty gave up her right after birth.
  • Jenna is considered a female lead protagonist of Seasons 10-11.
  • Jenna mentioned in Breakaway (1) that she wears contacts.
  • Jenna mentioned to Connor in Ray of Light (2) that she got into the Gifted Program.
  • Jenna revealed in Scream (1) that her natural hair color is brunette.
  • Jenna worked at the Calgary Stampede when she was living in Alberta.
  • She claims to have many siblings, though only one has been introduced.
  • Jenna has been said to steal boyfriends. She succeeded in stealing K.C. from Clare in Heart Like Mine (1) and tried to steal Sav from Holly J. in Halo (1).
  • Jenna's water broke at Degrassi's Spring Dance, making her the second character to go into labor at a school dance after Spike.
  • Jenna is one of eight characters that have dealt with an eating disorder or negative body image (she was uncomfortable with her body and took diet pills). The other seven are Kathleen, Terri, Manny, Emma, TobyKatie and Tristan.
  • Although her dad was never seen, it was mentioned that he is working out west.
  • As mentioned in Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Jenna has six nieces and nephews, though they have never been seen or mentioned again afterwards.
  • Jenna wore her star earrings in every episode of Season 10.
  • In Heart Like Mine (1), Clare calls Jenna "Miss Flirty Flirt" right before K.C. left Clare for Jenna. Coincidentally, Jenna called Marisol, who likes K.C., "Miss Flirty Flirt" in Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2).
  • Like Sean Cameron's brother Tracker, her brother currently lives in Alberta.
  • On one occasion, Jenna's mother was stated to live in Memphis, but on another, Jenna mentioned that she was dead. It is unclear what the real story is.
  • Her Twitter
  • Jenna is the fourth character to live just with an older brother. The first was Caitlin, the second was Rick Munro, the third was Sean, and the fifth was Tiny. However, Jenna's brother and Sean's brother moved away to Alberta while Tiny's brother was eventually incarcerated.
  • Jenna and Mia have both had child services called on them.
  • Jenna is the third character to move in with a friend and their parents. The first is Wheels, second is Manny Santos, fourth is Zig Novak, fifth is Rasha Zuabi, and the sixth is Zoe Rivas.
  • Jenna's middle name "Marie" was revealed in Closer to Free (2). It also happens to be Anya's middle name.
  • She is a member of the Degrassi Drama Department.
  • She was on The Power Squad for her freshman and sophomore year, but stopped when she became pregnant and has not returned.
  • She had been known to steal boyfriends. Ironically, her relationship with K.C. ended because he was cheating with Marisol.
  • She is the third character in this series that turned to religion in order to deal with their problems. The first was Spinner and the second was Mark.
  • She is one of the eight main characters with one or both parents deceased. The others are Spinner Mason, Craig Manning, Terri MacGregor, Jay Hogart, Derek Wheeler and Esme Song.
  • Jenna is the seventh female to go through teen pregnancy. The others are Christine Nelson, Erica FarrellTessa CampanelliManny SantosLiberty Van Zandt, Mia Jones, Vanessa, Clare Edwards and Lola Pacini.
  • Jenna was possibly the second character to deal with postpartum depression. The other being Liberty Van Zandt.
  • Jenna considers K.C. and Lisa family, as she admitted before they left Toronto.
  • Both her and Anya have a similar line. In an episode, Connor tells Jenna that he really likes her, and Jenna said  "I like you too". Sav said the same thing to Anya, who gave the same response.
  • Jenna was the only straight female in the Class of 2014 that Drew never crushed on.
  • Although she was credited as a regular in Season 14, she only appeared in 7 episodes.
  • She is one of several students who were born outside of Toronto:
    • She was born in Calgary, AB
    • Yick is from Vietnam
    • Wheels was most likely born near Port Hope, ON
    • Lucy is from New York, NY
    • Liz O'Rourke was most likely born in Lynden, ON.
    • Patrick is from Dublin, Ireland
    • Manny was born in Manila, The Philippines
    • Hazel was born in Mogadishu, Somalia
    • Fiona and Declan were born in Tokyo, Japan to American expatriates
    • Dallas is from Guelph, ON
    • Campbell is from Kapuskasing, ON
    • Becky and Luke are from somewhere in Florida
    • Rasha and Saad are from Syria


Main article: K.C.-Jenna Relationship
Normal season93
  • K.C. Guthrie
    • First Relationship:
    • Second Relationship:
      • Start Up: Halo (2) (1032)
      • Broke Up: Lose Yourself (2) (1117)
        • Reason: K.C. cheated on Jenna with Marisol, and when Jenna gave up Tyson for adoption, she realized there was no reason for them to stay together.
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