Jermaine Brooks is Jimmy Brooks' father, and the husband of Mrs. Brooks. He makes brief appearances throughout the series. He pushed Jimmy to get a scholarship in basketball, even after becoming paralyzed. In Season 7, Jimmy catches his father cheating on his mother with Melanie. Jimmy uses this information to blackmail him into allowing him to get stem cell surgery in Amsterdam. In the episode Broken Wings, his name is stated by Jimmy and Mrs. Brooks.

He was portrayed by Conrad Coates.

Character History


He is the father of Jimmy Brooks. He works in a law office. He has cheated on his wife with his secretary Melanie. When being able to walk, Jimmy's dreams were to play basketball. After the shooting, Jimmy wanted to become an artist, but his father didn't agree with this. He didn't even want his son to go through with the stem cell surgery, even though it could help him walk again. Then Jimmy caught his dad making out with the secretary. Jimmy then blackmailed for his father so that he could get the surgery.