The love triangle between Jimmy Brooks, Hazel Aden, and Ellie Nash occurred in the fifth season. Jimmy was in the center of the love triangle.

Love Triangle History

Season 5

In Venus (1), Jimmy and Hazel attended the surprise party that Ellie threw for Craig Manning's 17th birthday at the Dot.

In Weddings, Parties, Anything, Jimmy and Ellie perform together with Downtown Sasquatch at their wedding gig.

In I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Ellie compliments Jimmy's drawings at lunch, saying she has discovered a different and disturbing side of him. Jimmy reveals that he took up drawing in the hospital to pass the time. In class, Jimmy gets an email from Ellie talking about a Horror Comics of the 1950's convention. Jimmy says that he can't make it because he has tryouts that day for a paraplegic basketball team, and Ellie tells him it is the last day of the convention. She finally convinces him to go, and he enjoys the art exhibit. He enjoys the peace of
the gallery compared to the busy mindset of basketball. Ellie suggests that he takes lessons, and Jimmy reveals to her that he draws what he imagines when he closes his eyes, as he can say everything that he needs to say with a pen and paper. A worker of the gallery tells them that it is 5 after 6 P.M., and Jimmy realizes he was late for the tryouts. He hurries to the tryouts, and almost doesn't get a chance to try out until Jimmy's father convinces the coach to give him a chance for the next day. The next day, Ellie apologizes to Jimmy for making him miss his tryout. Jimmy tells her that he had fun with her, and Ellie reveals she is going back to the gallery to sign up for lessons, saying she can put his name down, too. He refuses her offer, and she leaves. Later, when Jimmy and Hazel are talking, he glances up at Ellie before deciding to try and help Hazel with his changes.
In Redemption Song, after an entire year since last year's shooting, Jimmy wins the opportunity to paint a mural for the school. As Hazel starts to notice how close Ellie and Jimmy have become, she becomes jealous of their relationship. When Hazel finds a girl that looks exactly like Ellie in Jimmy's mural, she throws a bucket of orange paint at him. Hazel breaks up with Jimmy, as he admits he likes Ellie.

Degrassi Mini

In Man in the Mirror, Ellie apologizes to Jimmy about his break up with Hazel since they had been together for so long, but Jimmy told her that they had different interests and had grown apart.