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Dronah (Drew/Jonah) is the conflict between Drew Torres and Jonah Haak. It began in Hush when Jonah and Becky were performing at The Dot. They met at the bar and Drew told him that the two played great together.

Conflict History[]

Season 14[]

In Hush, When Becky expressed her enjoyment in writing songs with Jonah, Drew grows jealous and remarks how guys and girls cannot just be friends. Drew implants the idea of Jonah having romantic feelings for Becky, which she tries to laugh off. As Jonah was about to share something with Becky pertaining to the conversation they had earlier, Drew introduces himself to Jonah and promises not to get jealous over Jonah and Becky making music together. Becky and Drew reconcile and kiss, while Jonah appears uncomfortable in the background.

In Watch Out Now, Jonah and Becky propose to Drew and Ms. Pill their idea for a variety club for students to showcase their talents. Jonah and Becky perform in front of Ms. Pill and Drew in Cafeteria. Jonah wants to show Becky affection but is upset when Becky tells them they shouldn't in front of Drew. After Drew confronts Becky, Jonah walks over to see if everything was ok but Drew tells him to stay out of it. Once Ms. Pill sees them she ask Drew what was going on and Drew lies to get Jonah and Becky in trouble.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Jonah and Becky sing together in the cafeteria, hoping to be one of the musical acts for the prom.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), in class, Jonah asks Becky how the hospital was, Becky tells Jonah that Drew was bugging her about their relationship, Jonah thinks Drew is just jealous, Becky says he kept saying that you're not trustworthy, Jonah asks if she believes him, Becky says no of course not, Jonah says then who cares what Drew said.


  • They both dated Becky Baker.
  • They both had to repeat a grade.
  • This conflict is considered unresolved.