Jordan was a man whom Emma Nelson had met online. His real name was never revealed, but he told Emma to call him Mr. Nystrom. He attempted to rape Emma, but was caught by Archie Simpson. He was portrayed by Jeff Gruich.

Character History

Season 1

He appeared in one episode only, Mother and Child Reunion (2).

Prior to Mother and Child Reunion (1), he hacked into and read Emma's email and pretended to be a teenager with the same interests as her to gain her trust.

When they met up in person in a hotel, he turned out to be a man in his forties. He told Emma that he was Jordan's teacher Mr. Nystrom and then told Emma that he was in the other room. Emma found out he was Jordan and ran to the bathroom. He was planning on raping Emma while filming it in a hotel room.


Snake threatening Jordan

Luckily, her mother Christine Nelson and her friend Archie Simpson come to rescue her just in time. J.T. Yorke, Manny Santos and Toby Isaacs had hacked into Emma's email, the same way that Jordan had, discovering that he had read her emails by doing so, and pulled Spike out of her high school reunion.


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