Julia Manning-Jeremiah (1968-1999) was a Canadian citizen who was once married to Dr. Albert Manning, with whom she had her first child, Craig, in September 1988. She and Albert eventually divorced. She later married Joey Jeremiah, and they had a daughter named Angela in 1996. Julia died in 1999.

Joey and Angie in front of Julia's grave.

In When Doves Cry (1), Craig reminded Emma Nelson that his mother and her mother Christine Nelson had made them dance together at Julia and Joey's wedding.



  • Albert Manning
    • They were married and divorced before Degrassi: The Next Generation premiered. They had one child, Craig.
Main article: Joey-Julia Relationship
  • Joey Jeremiah
    • While exact details of when the couple got together are unknown, we do know that Julia dies before Degrassi: The Next Generation premiered and that Joey had a child (Angela) with her.
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