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The friendship between K.C. Guthrie and Alli Bhandari. They became friends inSeason 8 along with Clare Edwards and Connor DeLaurier. They kissed one time when K.C. cheered Alli up, but there was nothing romantic involved. In Season 9, Alli ends her friendship with K.C. when she sees him with Jenna and she evidently ends her friendship with her as well. However, they became reacquainted in Season 10, but did not interact in Season 11, most likely due to the fact that Alli hung out with Jenna more. Their friendship reformed in In the Cold, Cold Night (1), when the Minor Niners reunited, until K.C.'s departure.

Friendship History[]

Season 8[]

In Uptown Girl (2), K.C. and Alli meet in this episode.

In Man With Two Hearts, Alli is reading a magazine article and asks K.C. a question that makes Clare Edwards feel uncomfortable. Later, they are working on their robot at Connor DeLaurier's house.


In Lost In Love (1), Alli is seen talking with K.C. because he wants to send Clare a rose for the upcoming dance.

In Lost In Love (2), Alli defends K.C. when Connor gets jealous for K.C. holding Clare's hand.


In Causing a Commotion, they both videotape The Shep for his Principal of the Year Award. Connor mentions because of his Asperger's, they think he's a freak. When they finish up the interview they become outraged when Clare is called a bitch.

In Jane Says (2), K.C. comforts Alli when she gets jealous from the attention Clare is getting from guys and she kisses him and they say it's not a big deal.

Season 9[]


Alli is being ignored by Clare.

In Just Can't Get Enough, Alli asks K.C. where Clare is. He says he thought she was with her and Alli says she isn't and that she won't text her back. K.C. tells her that he just got a message from her wishing him luck with his probation officer, which earns him an odd look from Alli. He tries to cover it by saying that he doesn't have one and walks away

In Heart Like Mine (1), Alli angrily approaches Jenna and K.C., telling them that Clare won't be happy about what is going on with them.

In Heart Like Mine (2), Alli purposely bumps K.C. for what he did.

Season 10[]


In Breakaway (1), Alli seems to notice K.C. talking about Clare, but doesn't know what it's about.

In You Don't Know My Name (1), she is talking to K.C. along with Jenna about Drew and she feels awkward once K.C. kisses Jenna on the forehead.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (1), Alli joins K.C. and Jenna at The Dot.

Season 11[]


In In The Cold, Cold Night (1), they are seen talking, along with Connor and Jenna, until Clare approaches and asks them for help on the school paper at which they say no to at first. Later in this episode, they decide to help her out anyways.

Season 12[]

In Rusty Cage (2), Alli is one of the people to meet K.C. at the front of the school to say goodbye. She gets a few words in before joining the group hug, then watches K.C.'s car drive away and returns to class.