"I want my friends back, Ter, and standing by is not gonna make that happen."

Karma Chameleon is the fourth episode of Season 2 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Main Plot

After a hard couple of months since her ecstasy problem, Ashley is done with feeling alone and left out from her old group that contained Paige, Jimmy, and Spinner. So to try to make things right, Ashley apologizes to Paige and Jimmy about what she did that one day. Jimmy forgives her hoping they could have another chance at love, but Paige is skeptical with Ashley but forgives her...somewhat, saying that if her friends are right about her, then all is forgiven, but if not, then she "better watch out".

Later that day when Ashley and Terri are getting ready for picture day, Sean then calls Ashley and asks her out. Ashley is enlightened and says yes. After the phone call Ashley thinks that her life is going perfectly until Terri tells her that she thinks it isn't such a great idea to go out with Sean when Jimmy wants to get back together with her, but Ashley brushes it off telling Terri that she'll understand "if someone loves you." Terri is offended but, when Ashley apologizes, Terri only hears half of it.

The next day at Picture day, word gets around that Ashley is going out with Sean, which seems like she apologized to Jimmy for no reason, and didn't want a relationship with him. When Paige finds out, she believes Ashley hasn't changed at all and tells Jimmy. Jimmy attacks Sean, and realizes that Ashley never wanted him. Eventually Jimmy calls Ashley a slut, Paige outcasts Ashley, and Sean gives up on her after she cancels their movie date. He starts to question why, but then he realizes it's because of how much she cares what like Paige think of her. When it's time to take pictures, Paige, with her clique, motions Terri to come over. Terri abandons her old best friend, and Ashley is left crying without any friends. She takes her freshman school photo with a tear rolling down her cheek.

Sub Plot

Toby finally finds the perfect girl for him. But the problem is that the girl, Kendra, is Spinner's adopted sister. Spinner tells Toby to stay away from his little sister, ("If you go near her; I'll turn your glasses into contacts") so Toby obeys. When Kendra found out that Toby wasn't hanging out with her anymore because he was afraid of her brother, she gets upset and calls him a coward. Eventually Toby sticks up for himself and tells Spinner that he's hanging out with Kendra no matter what. Spinner tells him that he could "rip Toby's bowel out and eat it for breakfast." Toby tells him he'll risk that in order to hang out with Kendra. Spinner concedes and allows them to be friends, promising to break Toby's arm if he hurts her.

  • "Denial" by Tuuli