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The conflict between Kathleen Mead and Tabi began when Tabi bullied Kathleen during her freshman year. The girls disliked each other, but were locker neighbors to their dismay. Tabi would always make sure Kathleen couldn't get her stuff by blocking her locker; and if she did obtain her books, she would be late to class. One day when Kathleen was already depressed she had enough of Tabi and shoved her into a locker. The girls ended up in a fight which Kathleen won.

Conflict History[]

Original Degrassi Season 4[]

In Dream OnKathleen tells Melanie that she wants some romance in her life, and then says that Melanie can't really understand, because she's at least had some dates. They get to their lockers to find 

Tabi and her girlfriends are there, blocking their way. Tabi sprays hair spray and purposely gets it in Melanie's face by looking at her behind her in the mirror. The older girls then laugh as the freshman look hopeless.

Tabi and her friends blocking Kathleen and Melanie's lockers.

Later in the hall, they see a student sign up for the school play and then tells Kathleen that she should as well; she does, and then tells Melanie about it, saying that the boy was definitely cute and definitely smiled at her. She tells Melanie that it's embarrassing not having a boyfriend; they reach their lockers and Tabi is there again, blocking the lockers and making out with Nick. Kathleen tells Melanie that they should just come back later, but Melanie points out that they need their books for class. They clear their throats and say that they need to get to their lockers, but Nick just yells at them to get lost. As they walk away, Melanie comments that they should just donate their lockers to charity, since they never get to use them.

At school on Monday, Kathleen tells Melanie that the older students at the football game treated her like a real person, not like a "minor niner" at all, and confirms that Scott is in grade 11. She doesn't tell her the other good news that she got a lead role in the play, or the bad news about her mother's worsening alcoholism or her bad eating habits. They get to their lockers; Tabi is there again with her friends, blocking the locker doors. Kathleen tells her to move, but Tabi doesn't and Kathleen freaks out, begins yelling at her and saying that they have as much right to be there as she does, then orders her to get out. Other students standing around start clapping; Tabi leaves, telling her friends that niners are crazy. Melanie asks Kathleen if she's okay; Kathleen looks questionable, then smiles and tells Melanie that not all the good parts go to seniors.


  • They were both mean girls.