The conflict between Katie Matlin and Imogen Moreno is known as Kimogen (Katie/Imogen). Their rivalry started in Season 11.

Conflict History

Season 11

In Underneath It All, when Katie, Marisol, Fiona, Drew, Owen, and the rest of the seniors at Fiona's party decide to play a prank at the school Imogen decided to go with them. Then Imogen decides to explore the halls of Degrassi after hours and Marisol decides to tag along but returns without Imogen. Imogen is caught and announced to be suspended and on probation indefinitely. When Fiona visits her at home and tries to convince Imogen to say she was alone, she refuses. Later, when Fiona apologizes Imogen accepts her apology and the girls agree to get revenge on Katie and Marisol.

In In The Cold, Cold Night (1), the rumor of Katie being absent, and Marisol taking over student council has spread. This exciting information triggers Fiona and Imogen's plans of getting back at Katie and Marisol for the prank they pulled off at the beginning of the year.

Season 12

In Sabotage (2), they both attend Clare's party and seem to be on better terms.

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Katie and Imogen both coincidentally board the same flight to Las Vegas. Despite the tension between their groups at first, they all make amends and attend the almost wedding of Drew and Bianca.