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"The way has become clear, I'm finally free."
— Katie to Marisol.

Katlynn "Katie" Matlin is a graduate of Degrassi Community School's Class of 2013. Being gifted with athletic skill, and striking, fresh-faced looks, she made herself a force not to be reckoned with. Her years of mastering the bicycle kick kept her from learning how to cake on the make-up. She is driven and thorough when it comes to academics and extracurriculars. She is also blunt and direct when talking to other girls, even her fun-loving BFF Marisol. However, when it comes to talking to boys, or about matters of the heart, she clams up. She is often shown to be insecure about many things, such as her body and her relationships.

After tearing her ACL, Katie became addicted to painkillers, went to rehab for her addiction, and had a messy break-up with then-boyfriend Drew Torres. This resulted in not only an indefinite hiatus from sports, but also a newly-found edginess, sharp black hairstyle, and a revamped personality. Katie also began seeing new people, as well as planting a garden at Degrassi as a new hobby. She transformed into a nicer, sweeter and better person.

Katie is Maya Matlin's supportive older sister. She is best friends with Marisol Lewis, and also friends with Clare Edwards and Adam Torres before his death. She is dating Jake Martin, who moved to California to be with her. Marisol's boyfriend and Jake's best friend Mo Mashkour held a casual dislike for her. She is on good terms with former enemy Bianca DeSousa. She was also on good terms with Maya's ex-boyfriend, Campbell Saunders before his death. Katie used to have a conflict with Mike Dallas, Luke Baker, and the rest of the Ice Hounds.

When Katie graduated, she took a summer job as a soccer coach during the summer to earn money to help pay for Stanford. She then moved to California to attend Stanford during the Fall.

Her sister, Maya, after lots of stress and tragedy after tragedy, came to a breaking point to where she was diagnosed with depression. Katie returned to help both her sister and her mother through this tough time. She was portrayed by Chloe Rose.

Character History


Season 11

In LoveGame, Katie's first appearance, she greets her best friend Marisol Lewis, and asks how her spring break in Florida was.


In Cry Me A River (1), Katie is seen talking to Marisol by the Degrassi Daily booth. Marisol leaves as Clare walks up to Katie asking to join. Katie says that people are selected to be a part of the staff, not just by signing up. Clare asks Katie how she could make that happen, so she tells Clare to write a 100 word paper on how to get over a breakup.

Later, she is seen rearranging the bulletin board for the paper when Clare walks in with a five-page paper. Katie says that no one would read it because of its length, but Clare responds by saying "You don't know that." Katie gets mad because she doesn't appreciate somebody telling her how to do her job. She suddenly tells Clare that the staff is full, much to Clare's dismay. She is then seen at The Dot with Marisol when Clare and Alli walk in. Clare tries to apologize, but Katie suddenly leaves for soccer practice. Clare begs Marisol to tell Katie that she is sorry but Marisol refuses to do so because she believes that "Clare is drama" and Katie doesn't like drama.

Tumblr inline mnbvo5B8sj1qz4rgp

Katie and Clare talking

In Cry Me A River (2), we find out that Clare has been calling and emailing Katie all day, begging for her forgiveness because she is desperate for a second chance. Katie is seen in the newspaper room when Clare approaches her about getting a second chance. Katie says that she doesn't need her on the staff. Clare tearfully starts telling Katie about her breakup with Eli last semester and how she needs something (like the school newspaper) to help her get over it.

Annoyed with Clare's melodramatic babbling, Katie tells her "Wipe away those drama queen tears and get out of my face!" Later during lunch, Clare and Alli are talking to Sav about how they think Katie is a bitch. Sav says that she's a great soccer player, fundraiser, and that she's on the honor roll. Sav promises Clare that he'll talk to Katie about giving her a second chance. Katie later approaches Clare and says that Sav told her that she needed some grade ten students on staff and tells her that she's got the job. However, Katie is not happy that Clare turned to Sav (on the strength of being her best friend's brother) to convince her to give Clare the job. So, Katie assigns her to cover the play that Eli and Fiona are working on, knowing very well that Clare wouldn't be so thrilled with that idea.

In Paper Planes (2), Katie is briefly seen with Marisol walking down the hallway and talking about the "creep who's been stealing girl's underwear," who is later to be found out as Connor DeLaurier. Katie says that believes that it could be a student at Degrassi, and Marisol seems to agree.

Normal th s11e12 131

Katie asking Clare if she has experience with Jake Martin.

In Should've Said No (1), Katie is interviewing Jake for a article for the Degrassi Daily on new students. At lunch, Katie walks up to Clare, asking if she has experience with Jake Martin, implying that she may have a crush on him. Clare says that he is seeing someone, and Katie seems confused, asking why would he agree to go to movie night with her if he had a girlfriend. Mad and heartbroken, Clare gets up and leaves even though Katie has "at least ten more questions."

In Should've Said No (2), Katie is seen on her date with Jake on Degrassi Movie Night. The two act flirty, almost like a couple, but the main reason Katie went with him was just to make Clare jealous. 

Normal th s11e14 036

Katie is being interviewed on Degrassi Radio.

In U Don’t Know (1), Katie is practicing walking the runway, along with all the other fashion show girls, looking uncomfortable. Holly J. becomes unable to continue instructing them, and puts Katie in charge of the show, making Katie ecstatic. As the editor of Degrassi Daily, Katie is later on being interviewed at Degrassi Radio by Adam and Dave, where she gives details about the prom fundraiser fashion show. Katie tells Adam he should sign up for the fashion show as one of the escorts. Adam accepts Katie's offer and while she is setting up for the runway, Adam approaches Katie and asks if he can join the fashion show as her escort, which then Katie accepts.

Adam, who is not used to girls flirting with him, asks Katie if she knows he is trans. Katie says that she just thought of him as one of the guys, making Adam happy. Later on, Katie and Adam are waiting, both nervous, for their turn to walk the runway together. After the show ends, the two make plans to hang out the day after.

In U Don’t Know (2), as planned, Katie and Adam spend the day together, having fun at a book signing. Katie makes it clear to Adam that she is having a great time. She leaves him feeling really happy because of his obvious crush. The next day, Adam suggests they see a movie Friday night, but Katie asks if he knows they're just friends and tells him she doesn't like him in that way. Adam walks away, saying he knew he did and that Katie misunderstood, leaving Katie very confused.

Normal th s11e18 216

Drew yelling at Katie.

In Mr. Brightside (1), Katie is firmly working out in the weight room and starts flirting with Drew, asking what he was doing in the weight room and why the doors were locked, but he just says "guy stuff." Later in the day, she goes over to Drew and asks again what he was doing, telling him that she's writing an article for the Degrassi Daily about fighting in schools, but he gives her a vague answer. Katie continues to be curious about what Drew is doing. In science class, she is seen taking notes while Drew, Owen and Julian talk about Drew getting feelings for her and the possibility of using her as a lookout for their fights. Drew goes into the newspaper room after he finds out from Mr. Simpson that they can't fight in the weight room anymore. Drew immediately blames Katie for this consequence, and she is confused. They get into an argument about him not being able to trust her, and Drew storms off, leaving Katie alone in the newspaper room.

Krew ily

In Mr. Brightside (2), Drew approaches Katie apologizing for their argument. He gives her a forgiveness coffee and begs to join the newspaper team in order to find a new hobby. Katie lets Drew join the Newspaper Club, as the writer of the sports section. That same day, Katie is hosting a newspaper meeting, and Drew is sitting in the conference room with the rest of the team. However, Katie notices that Drew has fallen asleep, and when she wakes him up, he jumps and runs out of the room. Katie chases after Drew and when she finds him she asks what happened during the meeting. Drew lets all of his emotions out, and tells Katie the truth about what happened over Spring Break and that he was having a nightmare about getting jumped again. Katie shows understanding to Drew, and while he is lost in the moment, he randomly kisses her.

Katie calms him down

Katie calms down Drew.

After breaking away from Katie, Drew tells her he can't do this to her, storming off and telling her not to follow him. Katie follows him anyway to the Fight Club in the run-down part of town, and sees Drew fighting a random opponent. Drew gets way too into it, severely injuring the kid. Katie is extremely worried so she storms through the screaming crowd and stops Drew from beating up his foe any more than he already has. She puts her cold hand on his sweaty body in attempt to calm him down, and she walks him away from all the drama.

At the end of the episode in the two are seen in the gym, wearing karate suits. Katie decides to teach Drew karate to teach him discipline. Drew is happy and seems healthy due to Katie's self defense method. Drew tries to kiss her, but she jokingly flips him, showing that they clearly like each other, but she wants Drew to get to work. 


Simpson trying to calm them down.

In Don't Panic (1), Katie runs for school president, and Marisol is helping her with her campaign. Marisol thinks of Katie as someone who is prude, so she encourages her to start wearing tighter shirts and maybe some guys will notice her and other people will vote for her. What Marisol doesn't know is that Katie starts to date Drew, even though Marisol likes him, too. Katie decides not to tell Marisol about her relationship, because she knows Marisol will get jealous. Katie is talking to Drew about their issue with Marisol, as she walks up behind them. Drew immediately walks away from Katie as if nothing happened, and Katie asks Marisol if she heard what they were talking about. Marisol acts like she didn't overhear Drew and Katie's conversation, and she acts normal while on the inside she is steaming. She tries many times to get Katie to break up with Drew, but she cant do it. Marisol is so angry that she decides to run against Katie in the election. Katie is worried, and Drew tries to calm her down. Drew offers Katie a celebration hamburger so she can take some stress off of the election but Katie rejects it because it has a lot of calories.


During the debate, Katie and Marisol are seen running against Mo. Katie approaches the mic and tells the audience her campaign, but when Marisol goes up, she beings to insult Katie by calling her a backstabber. The comment eventually picked up a fight between the two, as Katie calls Marisol out for being a homewrecker, for when she hooked up with Jenna's baby daddy. The whole school gasps at the debate and Mr Simpson tries to calm them down. Katie is left feeling confident with the election, until after the debate, Marisol walks up to her with rage. Marisol tells Katie that Drew will never stay with her because she has never kissed a guy besides spin the bottle, and that she is so prude. Marisol even threatens to tell the whole school about Katie's biggest secret, her bulimia. 


Katie is later seen in Tae Kwon Do class with Drew talking about what happened in the debate. Marisol storms in and tells Drew that Katie is bulimic. Marisol doesn't let Katie speak, and she walks away with attitude telling her, "Its okay, lots of girls have eating disorders!" After she leaves, Katie denies the whole thing, and Drew believes her that Marisol is lying. Katie thinks that Drew will think bulimia is lame, which is why she tries to cover it up. Drew comforts Katie, but she is left uneasy.

Katie crying

Katie crying while slamming Marisol.

In Don't Panic (2), Marisol tells the whole school Katie is bulimic, and now everyone is talking about her. Katie tells Marisol to tell everyone that it isn't true, that Katie has kept her bulimia under control for a long time, but Marisol won't. Katie goes on the radio show to prove its a lie. Adam and Dave give her a lie detector test and ask her simple questions like if her name is Katie or if she is running for school president. Her answers are all proven true, until Adam and Dave ask if the bulimic rumor is true. Katie answers no, and the app says she's lying. Katie tells them not to trust an app that only cost 99 cents, leaving Adam and Dave feeling awkward. Katie is now even more upset, now that people thinks she a liar. Katie considers dropping out of the race, but Drew calms her down. Katie then confesses to Drew that she used to be bulimic, and he is shocked. Katie explains that it all started in soccer camp, when she couldn't run as fast as the other girls. 

Normal th s11e25 090

This caused Katie to try starving herself, but she knew that wouldn't work, so she started making herself throw up. When the bulimia method worked for her, she continued and she lost weight. But when people found out she was convinced to stop, and she makes it clear to Drew that she hasn't made herself sick in a long time. However, she admits that  she wants to purge sometimes, but stops herself. Drew is there for her, and tells her not to let Marisol get away with this.

When Drew leaves the room, Katie is left along in the dark, and she takes her anger out on a bag of Cheetos. Katie is downing the bag of chips, and looks at the bag, disgusted by how many calories there are. She goes into the bathroom to think, and tells to girls there to go to the election. The two girls laugh at her because of the rumor, and leave. Katie rushes into a stall about to throw up, but instead sits there and cries. Marisol enters the bathroom, and hears her and ask if she was okay. Katie tells her that she is a horrible friend, and that she ruined everything just because Drew liked Katie better than her. Marisol realizes what she had done to her best friend and begins to feel awful by the way she's been treating Katie. Marisol tries to apologize, but Katie yells at her, saying that she hates her, and that she is dead to her.

Katie wins holla

Katie and Drew celebrating the win.

In effort to make amends, Marisol withdraws from the election and tells everyone that she lied about Katie having an eating disorder. Katie is announced the winner, and she chooses Marisol as her Vice President, making Drew upset because she forgave Marisol so easily. Katie is in class with Drew, and Drew can't believe that she's still friends with Marisol. Katie asks him why he won't be okay with Marisol, but Drew tells her he won't be around when Marisol is. Katie tells him that she won't pick between her boyfriend and best friend. Katie is left feeling happy that all the drama is done, but worried that her boyfriend and best friend don't get along. 

Normal th s11e27 156

Katie tell Drew that she is a virgin and not ready for sex.

In Take a Bow (1), Katie is excited that Drew asked her to prom. Katie talks to Marisol about it, and Marisol hints that Drew will want sex, making Katie nervous, because she isn't ready. Katie tells Drew to get an STI test, hoping that it would keep them waiting. To her surprise, Drew was never thinking about having sex, but now thinks that Katie wants to. Katie realizes that her plan has backfired on her, and she tells Drew that she would like to have sex with him, even though she still feels very uncomfortable about the idea.

Uncomfortable katie

Katie laying down uncomfortably.

In Take a Bow (2), Katie invites Marisol over to Drew's house to watch a movie with them, so her and Drew wouldn't be alone. Marisol shows up and lies by saying that she was locked out of her house and needed somewhere to say. She and Katie talk throughout the whole movie. Drew is aggravated and gets rid of Marisol, which causes her to leave and wish Katie good luck. Now that it is just the two of them one on one, Katie tells him the truth, saying she doesn't want to have sex and hopes that Drew won't dump her for not putting out, but he laughs tells Katie that he invited her over to meet his mom, not to have sex with her. Katie then meets Mrs. Torres, who seems to really like Katie. Her and Drew are outside The Dot when she tells him Bianca signed up for 9th grade Orientation, and asks if she can trust her with younger kids.

Normal th s11e28 0411

Katie and Drew at orientation.

In Dead and Gone (1), Katie is in charge of 9th grade orientation and Drew and Bianca are also participating. Drew approaches Katie and asks if she will pair him up with Bianca, so that he can keep an eye out on her and see why she is hanging out with Vince. Katie gives in and pairs them up, which causes her to be jealous of the two. At the end of the day, Katie finds Drew furiously hitting a punching bag, making her worried. She asks him what's going on, and Drew tells her that Vince is physically and mentally abusing Bianca. Katie tells him that fighting won't fix anything, but Drew doesn't seem to believe her.


In Dead and Gone (2), Katie goes to prom with Drew, and announces how pretty she thinks everything looks. Katie is having a good time with her date, but is upset when she find out he invited Bianca. Katie asks Drew why she is there with them, and Drew tells her Bianca is there to keep her safe. Katie is still mad, but tries to get over it. Drew talks her into trying to get along with her, and Katie tries, but Bianca shuts her out once Katie sees Vince's bruises on her wrist under her bracelet. Katie tells Drew this is not the way she thought prom would go, and Drew asks her to dance. While dancing, they and see Bianca and Adam dancing, making them happy. Katie realizes she was wrong about Bianca, that she actually isn't so bad. Vince shows up and Bianca tells Adam, Drew, and Katie that she will handle it.

Bianca, Katie, Eli and Adam look horrified

Bianca, Katie, Eli, and Adam watch as Drew fights Vince.

Drew tries to go after her, but Katie asks him to stay with her, and he agrees. Vince grabs Bianca, and Drew walks up to Vince, telling him to go. Drew beats up Vince, and starts to walk back to Katie. Vince gets up with a gun and shoots two bullets randomly, making Katie run away from the scene, along with Drew and everyone else. After the shooting, Drew runs to Katie to make sure she is okay, and they both realize it was Adam who got shot after Eli and Clare announce it. 

Normal cap0134

Katie, Clare, Eli, and Drew help Adam

Katie runs over to Adam and when everyone surrounds her she screams at them to back up, because she knows how to help. They both comfort him, and Katie uses the steps she learned in a class to save Adam's life. As Katie is helping Adam, she notices Drew goes after Bianca, and Katie tells him that he doesn't stand a chance against guns, but she decides to go with him anyway. She watches as Drew calms Bianca down, and Drew comforts her as Vince gets arrested. Katie and Drew are then seen standing outside watching cops talk to Bianca and they are hugging each other in shock. She then goes to the hospital in the morning with Drew and Bianca to visit Adam. Drew then gives her a hug, happy that she saved Adam.

Krew camping

Katie and Drew at the cabin.

In Nowhere to Run, she is disturbed to come home from soccer camp and find out that Bianca has been hanging out with the Torres and has grown to close to the family. Katie gets the urge to have more fun with Drew just so that he doesn't become uninterested and go to Bianca. Katie Drew and Marisol are then seen at The Dot when they run into Alli. Katie notices she is crying, so she does everything she can to comfort her. They sit down to keep Alli company, and then see Jake who joins the table. Jake tells them about the drama going on with his family, and everyone agrees that they want an escape to get away from everything.. an end of summer cabin party.

Once they arrive, Katie and Marisol are inside the cabin, and Marisol is extremely bored as a third wheel. Katie and Drew decide to play a prank on her where Katie is bloody in a closet. They scare Marisol extremely, and then Jake tells them about how the cabin is haunted. Marisol believes the myth, and finds some weed in Jake's couch. 


Katie taking Marisol to smoke weed

Katie agrees to go outside with Marisol to smoke it so she can calm down. While Katie and Marisol are in a shed, Katie begins to get high from secondhand smoke, and Marisol is just high. They begin to laugh really hard until they hear footsteps and Katie busts the door of the shed with a chainsaw. They run back inside and Katie continues to be worried when she sees Bianca showed up. She becomes paranoid and spends the rest of her time trying to figure out what Bianca is "up to." In the end, she realizes that she needs to get over her insecurities about her relationship and accept that Drew and Bianca are trying to be friends. The next day, once the myth of the haunted cabin is discovered, the gang gets ready to drive home. Katie finally realizes that Bianca is no harm to her relationship with Drew, and she invites Bianca to ride back home with them in Marisol's car. 

First day lawl

Katie and Marisol arriving on their first day.

In Underneath It All, Marisol is driving Katie and her little sister Maya to school on the first day back, and when Marisol sees Clare and Jake kissing she is disgusted by it and asks Katie if it's illegal but Katie says she could care less. Later in science class they become friends with Fiona especially once she asks them to a party she's throwing. Later when they are discussing the party, Katie and Marisol are suggesting any senior who's popular,and when Fiona suggests to invite Imogen, Marisol and Katie go quick to judgement with Marisol making rude comments and Katie laughing at them, but they decide to give her a chance. Later at the party, they seem slightly jealous after seeing Imogen in a pretty black dress until Imogen suggests playing charades and Marisol teases her about it and Katie and the other seniors laugh at her. Later they are playing a prank with the other seniors. The next day when they along with Fiona find out Imogen was caught, Katie and Marisol convince Fiona to tell Imogen to keep quiet and take the blame. Later when Fiona goes to K

Katie prank

atie and Marisol in the newsroom and tells her she told Imogen to keep quiet, when she mentions Imogen being locked in a closet, Katie points the finger at Marisol, who admits that she did lock Imogen in the closet since she called Fiona an alcoholic.

When Fiona admits that Imogen was being honest about it, they remind her that Imogen will be suspended for a few weeks. Later when the three discuss Imogen's punishment, and when Fiona suggests they come clean, Katie asks why, but Marisol says it's important that they do since Fiona is important to them. Later when they are all in Simpson's office and Fiona decides to come clean, Marisol decides to lie as an effort to get Fiona in trouble since she's friends with Imogen and said she felt bad for how she treated her and Katie says that 20 seniors were all at Marisol's house and the pair get off scotch free feeling no remorse.

Fierce katie what

Katie at her first try out.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Katie is at practice to make the National Soccer Team. She accidentally elbows another girl in the face, causing her to fall over and get a bloody nose. Katie feels bad and wants to apologize, but Drew convinces her to stay away and not worry about it She gets freaked out waiting for a callback because making the team is her dream. On top of that, she’s stressed out planning school events. She eventually receives a callback, and Marisol decides to take on the event planning for her. 


Katie and Drew on the field.

At the next practice the injured girl has bandages on her face from what Katie did to her, but she continues to play. There is obvious tension between the two, and Katie's opponent pushes her to the ground roughly. Her coach asks if she is okay, but Katie gets right back up and continues to play. She wants to keep going, but her knee might be more hurt than she realizes. Her fear is that she will be like her mom (who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at a young age), so Drew helps her get an appointment with a sports doctor.

Katie doesn’t accept any of the options the doctor gives her for treatment because they’ll cause her to miss her shot at the National team, so she begs him to prescribe her pain meds. He refuses because of their addictive nature. At home Katie helps her mom fill her medicine container when Katie realizes her mom doesn’t take her prescribed codeine pills everyday. When her mom leaves the room, Katie decides to pop a couple, which relieves her knee pain and she’s able to practice flawlessly. Desperate to make the team, she searches for a quick fix that will allow her to play through the pain. Katie and Drew are later seen that night on the soccer field, and she continuously scores against Drew. When Drew congratulates her on how well she is playing, Katie turns around and pops another pill. 


In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Katie is seen in her kitchen looking through her moms drawer of pain medication. Maya eventually catches Katie, but promises not to rat Katie out. Katie pops a pill and convinces herself that she feels great. That day at school, Katie reveals to Drew that she’s taking codeine and he is concerned at first. When Katie convinces him to not worry about her, Drew only warns her to be careful. After realizing Marisol can’t handle Degrassi Coffee House, Katie begins to get stressed out.


She then decides to take over, not wanting to disappoint the school with her event. She takes some codeine when no one is looking, and the drugs immediately kick in. She is then seen in the cafeteria with Jake as he is helping build sets for the coffee house. He is confused as to why she is there, but Katie explains that she needs to help him, even though it is obviously pushing her health even farther. Katie climbs herself on top of a large machine to hang up decorations. Jake is concerned and wondering what she is doing, but her drugs have her loopy, causing Katie to not stop. She then gets herself stuck in the air on a scissor lift, because she cant find the button to stop it from moving. Jake runs to the office and she is scolded about using heavy machinery when she isn't supposed to. Katie later feels overwhelmed, and gets more frustrated when she googles things about soccer knee injuries.


She decides to go to her tryout anyway and before she can do anything she falls to the ground in pain after hearing something snap in her knee. Drew and Marisol are shocked as they helped Katie up off the ground. She is worried that she won't make the team which strives her to keep trying, but Drew and Marisol know it wouldn't be healthy if she kept playing. Katie finds out that she doesn’t make the National team and learns she’ll need surgery to fix her knee. She’s disappointed, and Katie is seen staring at her mom who is filling up her pill container. Katie is cautious about the pills, not noticing that she is about to make a very serious mistake. 

Tumblr mpwt4eHIQ31qmnsh1o2 r1 250 0001

In Smash Into You (1), Katie is in the hospital recovering from her knee surgery to replace her torn ACL. This leaves Marisol having to work with Mo for the model UN. She realizes Marisol is in denial about liking Mo and, along with Drew, encourage her to go for Mo and get over herself.

In Smash Into You (2), Katie is still recovering from her surgery. Marisol calls Katie in the hospital to consult her about her growing crush on Mo.


In Hollaback Girl (1), Katie is now recovered and back at school. Katie is seen taking a test and is visibly annoyed with Bianca filing her nails during the test. After the test is finished, Katie and Drew are in the hallway. Katie struggles to get her pill bottle open, getting stressed out after being unsuccessful opening it resulting in her getting Drew to open it for her. They see Bianca in the hall and Drew asks why she got called out of class. He also sees that she is holding a university selection book and asks Katie if she'd be willing to give Bianca a hand in choosing a major and school, which she agrees to. Bianca and Katie seem to be friendly when Katie is assisting Bianca, even making a joke towards her affiliation with the infamous boiler room. She suggests that Bianca get them fake ID's and they go on a girls night out, to which Bianca agrees.


Katie and Bianca entering the club.

Bianca thinks Drew is behind this so she talks to him and Drew reveals that Katie's been very depressed since her dreams of soccer stardom were crushed and he thinks it's good that she's trying to make and effort with Bianca. Bianca gets them the ID's and Katie is seen being very nervous as to if they'll be able to get in. Bianca tells her that she should've not dressed so conservatively and unbuttons her shirt for her. She tells Katie to play it cool and to follow her lead and they manage to get in.

Katie ditches Bianca, and buys more pills from a dealer, enraging Bianca. Katie explains her motives behind it, and Bianca understands. Katie ditches her again as it nears her curfew. Once she finds her, she realizes that Katie is high and tries to drag her off the dance floor. They reach Katie's house and Bianca sits Katie down in the kitchen and tells her to be quiet. Katie insults Bianca and Bianca sprays her with water, waking up Maya. Bianca tells Maya that Katie is high and to tell her parents, leaving Katie sobbing in the kitchen.


In Hollaback Girl (2), Maya reveals that Katie overdosed on oxy after Bianca left their house the night before. Drew and Bianca skip class to go see how Katie is doing, with Katie telling Drew that Bianca was the one who told her where to get the drugs from. Drew believes Katie's story, making Bianca leave in a huff. Later on, Katie is seen at Degrassi, telling Drew and Bianca that her parents are taking her out of school for the rest of the semester to go into an addictions treatment program, making Katie break down. Bianca assures her that Drew will be there with her through everything.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (1), Mr. Matlin mentions to Maya that Katie is at home resting because she had a long day at rehab.

Season 12


In Come As You Are (1), Drew tells Bianca that he failed to break up with Katie the night before, as her family gave him a sweater. Katie approaches Drew at the assembly, and sits next to him, saying that he would only have to wear the sweater when having dinner with his family, upon overhearing Drew discussing it with Bianca. Bianca tells her that she seems like she is in a good place, and Katie says she is before glancing at Drew.

After Principal Simpson declares the school uniform-free, Katie hugs Drew, saying that she has a good feeling about this term. Later, in a classroom, Katie is talking about her student council duties to Drew, while sitting on top of a desk that he sitting at. Drew tries to find the right words to break up with her, and as she catches on, she asks him what she did. He tells her she did nothing, and lies to her about seeing another girl while on vacation. This infuriates Katie, as she looked forward to being with Drew during her rehab. She tells him that she is so glad that she didn't lose her virginity to him, and tries to walk away, before he grabs her arm to stop her. Drew says that she hopes that she can forgive him one day, though she tells him to "Dream on, Drew," and angrily storms away. Katie later confesses to Marisol about her break up with Drew. She reveals to Marisol that she hasn't been the best girlfriend the last few weeks, saying the break up is partially her fault.

Katie tells her that she plans on crashing Drew's party, as she thinks that Drew will be glad to see her. However, when Katie shows up to Drew's party, he goes outside to meet her, using Mike Dallas to distract Bianca. He asks her what she is doing here, but when Katie realizes that he didn't want to see her, she begins to cry. Drew tells her to go up to his room, where he would her in 5 minutes, so that they could talk. This encounter prompts Drew to begin drinking.

Party 10

Katie and Drew kissing before they have sex.

After being forced to drink a lot of beer in a trophy by his friends, Drew stumbles his way up to his room. Drew admits to Katie that he lied about the girl, so that she would break up with him, telling her that he wasn't happy in their relationship. She tells him that she was awful to him, and that if she was in his position, then she would have done the same thing.

Katie says that he made the decision to break up with her by himself, and that the two of them have been through too much for him to decide by himself instead of doing it together. The two comment that last year was crazy, and Drew earnestly tells her that he might be dead right now if it wasn't for Katie. Katie begins to lean closer to him, and says to him that next time he is thinking something, he should talk to her because there is no problem that she cannot fix. Drew initiates a kiss with her, and the two have sex. When Drew finally climbs down the steps, Mike asks him how it went with Katie, with Owen video recording his response. Drew says that he did it, before passing out. When he revives, others congratulate him, and he loudly yells that he did it to the whole party.

In Come As You Are (2), Katie is under the impression that her and Drew are back together, and her


understanding and flirty behavior toward him causes him much confusion. When Drew is transferred into Katie's Calculus class, he asks her if she isn't mad at him anymore, and she tells him that they'll count his Courtney lie as a misunderstanding. Katie apologizes to Drew for leaving the party early last night, and she tells him she had a really special time at the party, referring to when they had sex. Katie says to Drew that she has never felt closer to him, and without a response, Drew gets up and throws up in a trashcan from drinking too much the night before. Katie looks on with concern at him suddenly getting sick.

Drew later finds out from Dallas that he and Katie had sex the night before, which leaves him confused, as he cannot remember it. He talks to Adam about his girl problems, who tells him to man up. Later in class, both Bianca and Katie want to partner up with Drew. Katie is acting extremely flirty with Drew, which confuses Bianca. Once Katie leaves to get their materials, Bianca confronts Drew about not properly breaking up with her, threatening to break up with him if he doesn't properly do it with Katie. Drew asks Katie what she is doing that night, and Katie gives him an Eskimo kiss, saying hopefully hanging out with him that night. Drew practices breaking up with Dallas and Adam, who give him pointers on how to properly break up with Katie. 


Later, Drew and Katie are sitting at The Dot, and Drew tells Katie that they need to talk. Drew breaks up with Katie again, and tells her that he doesn't want to be with her anymore. Katie tells him that yesterday they had sex and it seemed like it was going to be okay, but Drew reveals to her that he was drunk and he doesn't remember anything. Katie claims that he said that he wasn't drunk, and she begins to cry, asking why this is happening to her. Drew tells Katie that when she was on drugs, he realized that he wanted to be with Bianca, and that he and Bianca waited until she was better to break up with Katie. Katie says that she loved him, and Drew quietly tells her that she'll find someone new. Drew reveals that Bianca doesn't know that they had sex, and tells her that she can't tell anyone.

Crying, Katie walks out of The Dot. Later on a date at the mall, Drew tells Bianca that he had never seen anyone as sad as Katie, and they happen to run into Katie and Marisol. Katie is pissed at Drew, and will seek near revenge on him.


Katie kissing Jake

In Gives You Hell (1), Katie is still upset over her break up with Drew, and the slightest mention of him is enough to drive her to tears. Katie is seen in the student council room with the student council, and Mo mentions something about Drew to Katie, which causes her to break down into tears. Marisol demands everyone to get out so she can comfort Katie, and when she does, they agree to have a post breakup sleepover that night.

To help her get over him, Marisol sets her up with Jake, by bringing him and Mo to the sleepover. While Mo and Marisol go into another room for a make out session, Katie and Jake talk for a split second. Soon enough, Katie leans in and the two kiss, which results in Katie crying. Jake is worried that he did something wrong and Katie tells him that it is that she is sad about her breakup with Drew. Jake convinces Katie that she needs some post breakup fun, so they decide to go on a "field trip" to egg Drew's house. When they arrive, Katie starts chucking eggs, until she notices Bianca's car. Katie is pissed at the fact that Drew already moved on to Bianca, while she is still in major pain. IN result, Katie eggs Bianca's car completely, and breaks off her left wing mirror, leaving Jake entertained.


Katie asking Drew why she is the only one in pain.

The next day, Katie taunts Bianca about her car, and the two girls almost get into a fight until they are held back by their respective friends. Katie tries to come across as strong until she hears Drew helping out Bianca. Drew asks Katie to leave Bianca out of it, and Katie asks why he gets to be happy when she is in so much pain. She lost her virginity to him, and thinks that their relationship was pointless. Drew tells her it wasn't pointless, but it was just over.

While editing a video for the pep rally, Mike Dallas walks up to her and starts talking about the breakup. Katie yells at him to stop talking about it, and demands him to just give her the camera so she continue editing the video. While going through the clips, Katie comes across footage taken at Drew's party that had a drunk Drew boasting about having sex with her. This infuriates her, and she adds it to the video of the hockey team, so that the whole school would see it.

The pep rally starts, and the video starts off playing well, as it introduces each of the new hockey players. However, it cuts straight to the video of Drew yelling about having sex while drunk at his party. The whole school, including Bianca, sees the video, and realizes that Drew had sex with Katie, thus cheating on her. Katie sits proudly in her chair watching all the chaos go down, but feeling confident on how well her revenge is going. After the assembly, Katie witnesses the two breaking up, and admits to the principal that she sabotaged the video. She tells Marisol that she is now finally free from her relationship with Drew.


In Say It Ain't So (1), Katie is seen back at school with a new hairstyle, emphasizing her tight face and symbolizing her transformation after Drew dumped her, preparing her college survey with Jake, Marisol, and Mo. She and Jake bicker about him not wanting to pursue college and Marisol tells them to just kiss already. Later on she is seen at detention with Jake and Luke where Luke flirts with her and she states that Jake is her boyfriend to stop him. Jake replies with "Boyfriend? You wish!" And they continue to flirt. The two leave the room and head to the roof of the school where she encourages Jake to go after his "green" career. This gives Jake the idea of starting a garden on top of the school, where the two could visit whenever they need an escape.

Arms dude

Katie falls into Jake's arms.

In Say It Ain't So (2), Katie goes to Simpson's office with Jake to propose the idea of a roof garden. When he agrees, the two are later seen working on the water system on the roof. Katie is really starting to like the idea of having a garden, and understand where Jake is coming from when he says that he wants to do this for a living. When the two get into deep conversation, Katie trips over a water pipe and falls into his arms. They look into each others eyes, but don't notice that sprinklers being to turn on. She watches as the sprinklers set off on Jake and asks if he should call his dad in which he reassures her that things are okay. When the problem continues, he places a bucket over the sprinkler he is working on, setting off one next to her. She then tells him that he needs to get his dad or the project will fail.

Katie being a gardener

Katie discussing Maya's date with her.

In Waterfalls (1), she is seen working in the garden with Jake when Maya asks for a ride to the mall. Katie gets her to reveal that it is a date with Campbell and Katie tells her no because hockey guys are bad news. Maya gets her to accept but Katie says as long as she chaperones. Later, at the mall, the three get out of a movie and she berates Cam with questions. Katie assumes he is trouble, and asks rude questions such as asking him if he is a virgin. To get away from her, Maya asks if that's "Drew and Bianca kissing" putting Katie off-guard and the two run from her. Katie is then seen searching for them.

Katie and dallas

Katie and Dallas golfing.

In Never Ever (1), she is first seen singing in the garden when Jake walks up from behind her. He shows her something she planted and how much it had grown and she gets a good feeling from this. She thanks him for it being a soothing activity and he thanks her saying that she inspired the garden. In Physics class, she talks to Marisol about Jake. Marisol asks her to partner up with him so that she and Mo can connect with them but Katie says she will partner up with the one person she won't fall for and goes up to Dallas. He agrees to work with her and they meet in the hallway later. When she asks him how golf will help, he explains the experiment.

When talking to Marisol again later, Jake walks up and invites Katie to a garden show. She tells him that she has homework and Marisol asks why she's blowing off Jake for Dallas. Katie explains that she doesn't even know if Jake likes her and she explains the golf experiment to Marisol while walking away. After school, she and Dallas practice swinging golf balls into a net and Dallas gives her pointers. Jake walks in to drop off a bag of fertilizer and asks how her homework is. She says that she'd doing it right now and he understands that he was blown off. Dallas asks about their relationship and Katie says that there isn't one and continues to golf.


In Never Ever (2), she is first seen walking in the hallway when Dallas asks her if she's up to go to his hockey game again with two passes. She tells him she'll think about it and is greeted at her locker by Jake. Jake asks why he bailed on her and that if she doesn't want to hang out with him to just be straight up. He doesn't understand why after getting heartbroken from one jock she'd go after another jock and she tells him he has no right to be mad. She gets annoyed and takes Marisol to the game out of spite. 

Katie and mar

Katie and Marisol at the game.

At the game, Jake finds and sits next to them telling her that he just likes hockey. The two begin to argue with Marisol in the middle and she leaves to get some tea because they stress her out. Katie starts to follow but Jake pulls her back and tells her that he likes her. She admits that she likes him and not Dallas and the two kiss, starting their relationship, but it is caught on the big screen and played throughout the stadium.

She walks into class, happy with Jake the next day and tells him to save her a seat while she talks to Dallas. He hands her their assignment and says that nothing is wrong. She and Jake have fun hanging out by the garden later on and when they walk around the corner, they find it destroyed. Katie finds Dallas in the front of the school and confronts him. He tells him she has no proof and that she got disrespected for disrespecting him. She tells him that he won't get away with it, and watches the team board their bus.

In Sabotage (1), she was seen with Jake Martin kissing while encountering a drunk Clare Edwards, Clare told them about Dallas kissing her, and Katie and Jake told Clare about the garden and they thought the hockey team destroyed it. The next day, after Clare's article about the hockey came out, Katie and Jake were seen thanking her.

In Sabotage (2), Katie and Jake Martin were seen at Clare's birthday party in Fiona's loft. And when the hockey


teams arrives, crashing the party. Katie and Jake told Eli Goldsworthy and Clare Edwards it was unfair. As Clare and Eli were about to leave, Mike Dallas and Luke Baker blocked them. Katie told them to leave but Dallas told her to shut her "damn" mouth, that upset Jake and a destructive fight broke out after some insults from Dallas.Katie was seen punching on of the hockey players with Clare and climbing on Luke's back, trying to choke him. Later after the Ice Hounds left, Katie and Jake were seen making out.

Katie and clare

In Scream (2), Clare talks to Katie about everything that happened between her and Asher. Katie calls him a bastard, and asks what she is thinking to do for revenge. Clare tells Katie about her plan of taking nude photos of herself and posting them on Asher's computer, which would ultimately get him fired. Katie is uneasy about her idea, but decides to help her anyway. Katie is then seen guarding the bathroom door so no one could come in while Clare takes the photos.

On the night of the musical, she and Clare drive to The Toronto Interpreter to complete the plan. Clare is nervous, and Katie holds her hand as the get in the elevator. Just before they plant the photos, Clare realizes that no matter how many consequences Asher gets, there will always be naked photos of her on his computer. Katie comforts Clare as they decide to let go of the plan, and she stays by Clare when they talk to Jennifer about how Asher also sexually assaulted her as an intern. Clare is left feeling really upset, and cries to Katie that Asher pushed her to the edge and she almost fell off. Katie replies with "But you didn't" and she continues to comfort her as they leave the office.

In Building a Mystery (1), she walks past Fiona and Bianca and gives them a dirty look after overhearing the two talk about Bianca's engagement to Drew.


Katie catches Maya and Zig kissing.

In Doll Parts (1), she is ecstatic to find out that Marisol's parents are allowing them, Jake, and Mo to go on a vacation during spring break. When Jake has to leave, she tells him that she'll happily fill out his form and watches as Mo refuses to let Marisol fill out his. She later speaks to Marisol about the situation and tries to reassure her friend.

In Doll Parts (2), Katie decides to help Maya out with the pageant after finding out she made it in the top 10. Later, she catches Maya and Zig kissing and tells Maya she shouldn't turn out being a boyfriend stealer.


Katie looking out the balcony of Darren's hotel.

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Katie is seen in her kitchen with Jake, Maya, and Cam, opening an acceptance letter to her dream school, Stanford University. Katie's ecstatic that she's been accepted and announces that she is going to celebrate her victory with a nice tropical vacation to Puerto Vaillarta with Mo Jake and Marisol. However, the mood is ruined when her parents break the news that they can't afford to send her away. Later that day, Katie is seen in the airport with the rest of the gang. They find out their flight is cancelled, and look around to see if they can find seats on a flight to a different destination.

With nothing but money on her mind, she comes up with a plan: go to Vegas and win her tuition. Her friends are confused, but Katie convinces them that she is an amazing gamble, and that Vegas sounds like an awesome trip anyway. Katie and her friends then suffer an awkward plane ride when they run into Drew, Bianca, Adam, Fiona, and Imogen also going to Vegas. Even her huge feud with Drew and Bianca didn't stop her from wanting to go to Vegas just so she could win her tuition.


The four are then in their nice hotel room as Katie and Jake are practicing playing poker. Katie came up with a nice method to make her win, and is confident in earning a lot of money in the casino. Marisol talks to Katie about whether she's serious or not about the gambling, but Katie convinces her to come to dress up like their older and use fake IDs to sneak in the casino. Katie arrives and begins to play Blackjack where she meets the man who created FaceRange who saves her from being caught underage. He then randomly gives Katie $1,000, leaving her in shock, but he tells her she's worth it. Katie then continues to play but she loses all her money. She is extremely worried and Marisol tries to comfort her by telling her that she is in Vegas, and there is a way to solve anything.

Later, Katie calls up Darrin Howe hoping to get a job. Katie and Marisol meet up with Darrin in his hotel room, and he offers to give Katie the money if she spends the afternoon with him. Marisol bluntly tells him that Katie isn't going to have sex with him, but Darrin tells her that she wants to run some Facerange ideas by her. He takes a call, and Marisol and Katie discuss it over. Marisol reminds her about Jake, but Katie says this is her only choice to get the money.

Dancing holla

Katie dancing with Darren.

Katie pretends to Jake that she is sick so she can meet up with Darrin. He asks her if she is up for a concert, and he gives her a selection of clothes to wear to it. She picks a slimming, short, tight black dress, and Darrin loves it on her. He tells her that her check is on the table, along with a bottle of wine for Drew and Bianca. He takes her to another room, where Hedley is inside. The two dance together while Hedley privately sings for them. Katie is having an amazing time, and asks him why he did everything for her. Darrin directly tells her that he wants to have sex with her if she is willing. He offers to increase the price by $20,000, but Katie tells him that she isn't that girl, and he tells her to find him if she finds that girl. 

Katie at the wedding

Katie chasing after Jake.

Katie is now late to the wedding due to spending time with Darrin, and Marisol couldn't cover for her anymore, causing her to tell Jake about where she is. When Katie arrives at the wedding, her and Jake get into an argument about how Katie was spending time with another guy just so she could get money. Katie then insults Jake by saying that if he wasn't stoned all the time then maybe he would understand. Jake runs out of the wedding, and Katie chases after him with no luck. 


Katie and Darrin kissing on his balcony.

After talking to Bianca, Katie convinces herself to go through with having sex with Darrin, as she was no longer with Jake and had nothing to lose. Katie makes her way to his hotel room, and she is looking off the balcony at the sites in Vegas. Darren comes outside to join her as he wraps his arms around Katie and they begin to make out. However, when he starts to take off her dress, Katie begins to have second thoughts about prostituting herself, and runs off when he goes inside to get some drinks for them. On the flight home, Katie sits with Marisol instead of Jake who is holding a huge grudge. Katie tells Marisol about what happened, and she gives her a key chain that Jake bought for Katie. She then realizes how much she messed up and that she lost a great guy. Katie spends the rest of the flight home regretting what she did on her trip.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Katie's sister, Maya, has Cam over. Katie interrupts them as they are spending time together, telling Cam it's time to go home. However, she allows him to sleep over when Maya convinces her to.


Katie checking on Maya following Cam's death.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Katie advises Maya to forget about Campbell since he is acting weird, and the two head to Principal Simpson's office upon the urging of Madame Jean-Aux. Mr. Simpson reveals to the girls that Campbell is dead after committing suicide, and Katie is shocked. She promises to not leave Maya's side, and she asks Maya what she wants to do, to which Maya said she wants to practice for her music audition. Katie leaves Maya alone and lets her practice. She later announces to Maya that their parents are coming back home early, and tells Maya that she can't audition today. Marisol enters the room and tells Maya and Katie that they are holding a candlelight vigil for Campbell, and asks Maya if she would like to speak. Katie insists that it would be a good idea since the way Maya is acting is scaring her, and tells Maya she can't do her audition and the candlelight vigil.

Katie consoles maya

While Maya is trying to figure out what to write for Campbell's vigil, Katie tells her to write what is in her heart. She leaves to get Maya some water. Later, before the vigil, Katie asks Maya how she is doing and tells her that the police found Hoot. She promises to come get her before the ceremony starts, which she promptly does. Katie listens to Maya's speech about how Campbell doesn't deserve the vigil, and she defends Campbell, saying that he was sick when Maya says he should have fought harder. When Maya walks out of the ceremony, Katie calls after her. The next day, Maya chooses to go to school, and Katie tells her that Maya knows where to find her if she needs her.


In Ray of Light (1), Katie is asked by Eli what her biggest regret is and she responds with "no comment." She is later is seen in class working on homework and tells Marisol that she is able to go to Stanford University because she got $10,000 loan and can get a summer job. Marisol says she's jealous that Katie has her life together and that she was on the phone with Mo for hours crying.  Katie asks if Marisol and Mo are having problems with their relationship, but Marisol says that the problem is Katie and Jake's previous break up.

Katie seems annoyed and asks why she should care about the sake of the group because the the break up.  Marisol then invites her to sit with her, Mo, and Jake at lunch and Katie accepts.  Katie approaches the table and sits down.  Marisol is excited, but Jake and Mo seem very surprised.  Katie apologizes to Jake and Mo for what happened in Las Vegas, and Mo responds by calling her a hoe.  Marisol tries to start a conversation, but Jake and Mo are whispering to each other and making prostitution jokes about Katie.  Katie questions them and calls them rude.  Jake thinks Katie's the one being rude and walks away leaving Katie upset.


The next day, Katie questions whether or not she should sit with Marisol, Mo, and Jake, but then decides to sit with Maya, Tori, and Tristan.  Tristan and Tori seem fine with Katie sitting with them, but Maya questions Katie on why she's not sitting with her friends.  Katie tells them that she wants to sit with them and asks them if they want to do anything later.  Tori tells her that they're going to watch Maya perform during Open Mic Night at Little Miss Steaks, which seems to not please Maya.  Katie asks if she can join them, leaving Maya to believe that Katie's only going there because of Cam's suicide.  She tells Maya that that isn't the reason and just wants to spend time with her sister and the two hug each other while Katie looks over at Jake. 


Later, Katie, Tori, and Tristan watch Maya perform and seem to enjoy it.  Tristan then asks her if she broke up with Jake or if Jake broke up with her and Katie tells him that she made a bad decision to get into Stanford which caused she and Jake to break up.  When Maya is done with her performance, she tells the gang that a manager gave her his business card and can perform at Little Miss Steaks whenever she wants, which seems to displease Katie. When the manager reminds Maya not to forget to call, and Katie flips him over and forces Maya to leave.  That leaves Maya to believe that she's only hanging out with her, Tristan, and Tori because something must have happened in Vegas.  Maya then says Katie's the one that needs help and not her.  

Jake and katie

Katie and Jake at the meeting.

In Ray of Light (2), Katie goes to see the school therapist, after Maya reminded her of the promise she made. In the session, Katie talks about messing up her relationship with Jake and the therapists gives her an idea to save the garden. She apologizes for talking about boy problems when Dr. Tara probably has tons of more important people to talk to such as about Cam's death. Dr. Tara says its alright and decides to help Katie, so she attends a PTA meeting so she can propose that the garden be re-opened.

Mr. Simpson tells her the PTA will vote, leaving her and Jake upset because of the reactions of the PTA during the meeting. Katie is later seen outside with Marisol, Mo and Jake and they are talking about how much life sucks without their garden. Katie has had enough with the new arrangement, so she makes a crazy decision. Katie decides to tear down the wall anyway because she doesn't think its fair to not have the garden and because she is trying to help Jake. Mr. Simpson catches her, Marisol, Mo, and Jake knocking down the wall when he was going to deliver good news that the PTA voted to reopen the garden. Unfortunately, he also has to deliver bad news that they all have detention because of their actions. Katie and her friends are left upset.


Later, Katie and Jake are sitting by each other in detention and Katie apologizes to Jake for everything and says he was the best boyfriend she ever had. Jake is left speechless, after Katie's many apologies. However, Jake shows that he still cares about Katie, by giving her a flyer. Katie opens it up and is amazed to see that it is a flyer about a soccer job opening, and Katie makes a huge realization; That after all the horrible things that have occurred her senior year, she should go back to soccer in order to get back to her old happy self. This cheers Katie up, and is refreshed now that she has her hobby back. After detention, she is seen outside messing with Maya while playing soccer. Katie announces that she misses the game, and that after all the bad things soccer has always been there for her. The end of the episode shows how Katie has officially found her true self again, and has come full circle as a character. 

In Zombie (1), Katie scolds Maya for wearing a see-through shirt and asks her to not go through a "slutty" phase like Marisol formerly did her freshman year. Maya asks Katie if it okay for her to start dating again after Cam, but Katie tells her only if she think she is ready.

Saddest thing ever stahp

Maya holding Katie and crying.

In Zombie (2), she sees Maya walking down the hall and asks her to explain the video she posted on Facerange of her and Harry making out. She tells her it's disgusting and to take it down and not let it happen again. Maya then tells Katie that she got her cello audition rescheduled and then Katie hugs her and leaves. Later, Katie and her mother come home and find Maya on the couch making out with Harry as he unzips his pants and gets angry. She tells him to run and asks Maya why she's with him. Katie tells their mother that Maya went to Drew's party and posted the video online. Maya retorts that she's not the only one that's "gotten busy" at the Torres household. Katie accidentally replies that Maya can't replace Cam. That comment causes Maya to lose it, and she finally breaks down and reveals her true feelings about Campbell's suicide, leading to her crying, and Katie runs over to her and hugs her.


In The Time of My Life, Katie goes to prom along with Marisol and Mo. The couple asks her to take a picture with them, and she is seen dancing with Marisol and having a good time. Later in the night, Katie talks to Jake about her plans after graduation. The two kiss out of nowhere and share a moment, but when Mo shows up and asks if they're back together they say they're just no, just catching up. Katie graduates along with her class, and awes with Marisol at Jake and Mo's bromance.

Season 13


In Summertime, she is eating ice cream with Maya and Margaret Matlin talking about how this will be their last bites of delicious ice cream before Katie goes off to soccer camp, and Maya to Paris. The three then discuss the Paris trip and the Fefe Dobson concert. When her mom tells Maya that her curfew if 10 o'clock, she steps in to tell her that the concert won't even start until about 9:30.

When Maya comes home late from the concert, Katie hears her yell "I hate you!" To their mom and she tells Maya that when she was fourteen she was practicing soccer and doing schoolwork and not smoking marijuana with guys past her curfew. She goes off to bed telling Maya that they will talk the next morning. Later, she tries to get Maya to come home, after sneaking out. When Maya comes back and apologized to her mother, Katie comforts her as Maya fears that everyone will end up leaving her in her life. Katie and Maya say they are going to miss each other when she goes off to camp. They celebrate once they hear the news that Maya can officially go on the Paris trip again.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 3


Katie returns to visit her family.

In #Woke, Katie returns and comes back home when Maya is diagnosed with depression, and speaks to her mother to comfort her. As Maya tries to sneak out, Katie and Margaret hear her. Katie and Maya greet each other with a hug. When Maya questions why she’s home, Katie answers what could be more important than family time. Maya glares at her mother and tells that she didn’t have to ruin Katie’s life too. Katie quickly tries to diffuse the situation by suggesting the sisters hangout and catch-up. Maya says she has errands to do and Katie offers to come with, but is rejected. She, Maya and their mother have a girls' night and watch the Wizard of Oz. Afterwards, Katie walks in the bathroom just as Maya finishes collecting pills. Maya thanks her for being home and making things easier in their mom and Katie replies that she loves her and the sisters hug.

In #ImSleep, Katie is there for Maya first thing in the morning. The three Matlins share a hug before Maya goes to school. She is later seen at the hospital to tell Zoë, Grace, Zig, Esme, Miles, and Tristan that Maya is okay and has survived her suicide attempt. She has hopes that they will support her.

Season 4

In #Obsessed, Katie takes some pictures of Zig and Maya while they go to prom together. She is shown to be happy that Maya was going with Zig, showing that she has definitely warmed up to Zig since she last interacted with him at Maya's beauty pageant many years ago. This was her final appearance.


Season 13

Katie appears in Young Forever during Adam's memorial video from one of the past scenes when Dave and Adam had interviewed her for Degrassi Radio. She also posts on Adam's memorial page on Facerange.

In You Got Me, Maya mentions Katie to Zoë Rivas when talking about when Drew broke up with her and made her depressed. 

In Spiderwebs, Maya mentions to Tristan that Katie is away in California.

In What It's Like, Mrs. Matlin tells Maya that she left her laptop in Katie's old room and Maya recalls how she likes studying in there occasionally. Maya later convinces their mother to let Zig stay in Katie's room since he is homeless and give him a place to stay. 


Season 11

Season 12

Season 13

Season 17

Season 18

Appearance & Style


Katie in season 11


Season 11

While Degrassi's uniform policy was in effect, Katie personalized her uniform with scarves and blazers, to match her professional, no-drama personality. Her hair was usually worn down and curly, and put up in a ponytail when participating in physical activities, such as karate and soccer. Katie's brown and wavy hair symbolizes the old her: confident, focused, independent, and innocent. 

Katie ur a bad ass

Katie in Season 12.

Season 12

Season 12 was a pivotal season in her look. During the first three episodes, Katie's look stayed primarily the same as the year before. After having sex with Drew, then being dumped by him the next day for Bianca, Katie went through a short depression causing her to cry very often. This continued until Jake noticed something wrong with her, so he cured Katie's sadness with some post break-up activities. This caused Katie to go over the edge with her revenge, and after a series of events, fights, pranks, and riots during a school assembly, Katie announces that "The way has become clear, and she is finally free," in a very eerie and mysterious tone. After returning in episode seven, her look underwent a major overhaul. She sported an edgier, shoulder-length black hairstyle with bangs. Along with this, she began to wear black, punk-rocker-themed clothing, all to represent the new side of her, who sticks up for herself and finally knows who she is.

Season 13


In Season 13, Katie calms her edgy style a little bit, clearly focusing more on sports, college, and her future. She is seen with brownish hair, and dressing quite sporty. After what she has been through during her senior year, she continues to know exactly who she is, but has dimmed her rebellious attitude. She is there to help Maya and be the older, more mature sister. 

Screenshot 2017-01-07 at 10.41

Katie's DNC Season 3 appearance.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 3

In Season 3 of Next Class, Katie grew out her bangs, dyed her hair blonde and returned to her original style from Season 11, but now with a more mature tone and personality.


  • She is one of many Degrassi students who don't go by their full name, her full name being Katlynn.
  • Katie is one of the two regular character introduced in Season 11 to not appear in a Degrassi Mini. The other is Mo Mashkour.
  • Katie, Eli, Bianca, and Mo are the only four characters in the class of 2013 to be seen after graduating.
  • Her hairstyle in Season 12 was strikingly similar to that of Canadian pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • Katie is considered a female lead protagonist of Season 12.
  • She holds very strong similarities to former Degrassi student Ashley Kerwin and somewhat bears similarities to former Degrassi students Holly J. Sinclair and Darcy Edwards.
    • Like Ashley, she was an overachiever who was determined to succeed. Both girls ran for Student Council President and became increasingly anxious as the race started to become too close for comfort (Ashley was threatened by J.T. as her competition as he was winning a lot of students over with his jokes, Katie was threatened by Marisol as her competition as she was winning a lot of support due to her popularity and rumors about Katie). They also both wound up winning the election. Both Katie and Ashley also developed edgier, more rebellious styles as a result of drama concerning friends or a boy.
    • Like Holly J and Darcy, Katie initially had a domineering personality and judged others, using her power to keep them out of school activities (Holly J left Leia and Mia off of the Power Squad because she did not like them, Darcy left Mia off of Spirit Squad because she judged her for being a teen mother, Katie initially left Clare off of the Degrassi Daily because she felt Clare was too much drama, and later purposefully gave her an uncomfortable task - covering Eli's play about their breakup - because she felt Clare used her friendship with Alli to get a spot on the newspaper).
  • She is the third girl, following Bianca and Fiona, and followed by Becky, that both of the Torres brothers have liked.
  • She was a varsity soccer player, until injuring her ACL. She later started playing soccer again when her doctor cleared her.
  • She was the head editor for The Degrassi Daily, the school newspaper.
  • Katie is a green belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • Katie, Jane, Manny, and Marco all have nose piercings.
  • Katie is one of eight characters that have dealt with an eating disorder or negative body image (she had bulimia). The other seven are Kathleen, Terri, Manny, Emma, TristanToby and Jenna.
  • She took ballet when she was younger.
  • She is the only Degrassi sibling to return to the show when a younger sibling had personal problems or other personal events going on, as she returned to the show in the third season of Degrassi: Next Class when her sister Maya was diagnosed with depression. The other older siblings on the show, Sav Bhandari, Owen Milligan and Darcy Edwards, did not appear on the show after their final appearances, despite Tristan later being in a coma, Clare going through cancer, a miscarried pregnancy, sexual assault and her mother's marriage, and Alli graduating high school and going through an abusive relationship.
  • She has a Twitter.
  • Her first kiss occurred during a game of Truth or Dare.
  • Katie, Liberty, and Jimmy all share the line, "You're dead to me."
  • Katie is the first character to have a painkiller addiction in the entire Degrassi Franchise.
  • Katie is one of five athletes to be involved with drugs. The other four were Jimmy, Toby, Riley, and Drew.
  • It is revealed in Can't Tell Me Nothing (1) that her mother has multiple sclerosis.
  • She is the fourth person to be in rehab for addiction. The first is Craig, for his Cocaine addiction; the second is Fiona's cousin, Victoria, for meth addiction; the third is Fiona for alcohol addiction.
  • She's a fan of Alanis Morrisette as she was shown singing the song "You Oughta Know" in Never Ever (1).
  • Katie is the second character to abuse Oxycontin. The first was J.T.
  • She can be shown to be unstable with her emotions when things don't go her way.
  • She is a fan of Game of Thrones.
  • She is the fourth character to have a "Spring Fling" (Darrin). The others were Sav (Keke), Fiona (Charlie), and Adam (Missy).
  • Katie was the second girl to almost have a sexual encounter with someone for money but didn't. The first is Alli.
  • Katie is seventh of the eight to intentionally harm someone's car: She egged Bianca's car and broke off the right side-view mirror. The other seven are:
  • She was only a regular character for two seasons, but made a huge impact on the show by having the most storylines out of all the new characters in Season 11.
  • Katie is one of the eleven characters to appear as a main character after their graduation. The other ten are Marco, Ellie, Paige, Emma, Manny, Liberty, Spinner, Peter, and Eli.
  • Katie has the same initials as former character, Kathleen Mead.
  • Katie is the first girl that Drew has broken up with right after taking her virginity. The second was Zoë.
  • Katie was the second character to attend Stanford University after graduation. The first was Jane.
  • Both Matlin sisters have lost their virginities to guys who have been intoxicated (Katie, however, was not intoxicated). Katie slept with Drew, who was drunk, in Come As You Are (1). Maya slept with Zig Novak, both of whom were high on drugs (Molly/MDMA), in Teen Age Riot.
    • Both Matlin sisters have experimented at the Torres house. This is later said by Maya Matlin as well.
    • It is debated among fans whether or not Katie's encounter with Drew was consensual.
  • Katie's final episode was #Obsessed, before her sister, Maya's final episode.
  • Katie, along with former characters, Angela Jeremiah, Liberty Van Zandt, and Mia Jones all have the middle name "Elizabeth".
  • Katie used to play the trumpet.


  • "Hey! I missed you so much! How was Spring Break in Florida?"(first line to Marisol; LoveGame)
  • "Aww, you guys!" (final line to Maya and Zig; #Obsessed)
  • "So are you gonna be okay without me here this summer?" (to Maya; Summertime)
  • Adam: "You know I’m trans, right?"
    Katie: "I guess I was just thinking of you as one of the guys." - U Don’t Know (1)
  • "Ever heard of not being a slacker?” (to Marisol; Cry Me A River (1))
  • "No, it means I need you out of my face! You already had your chance!" (to Clare; Cry Me A River (2))
  • Katie: "Are you seriously crying right now?"
    Clare: "If you let me on, I will do whatever you say."
    Katie: "Okay, then wipe away those drama queen tears and leave me alone!" (Cry Me A River (2))
  • "What is Drew Torres afraid of?" *Drew kisses Katie* (to Drew)
  • "I swore to give up tattle taling in kindergarten." (to Drew)
  • "Aww, look at you guys and your cute little secret boys club." (to Drew;(Mr. Brightside (1))
  • "I hate you. You're dead to me." (to Marisol) - Don't Panic (2)
  • "There's like a million calories in that thing." (to Drew) - Don't Panic (1)
  • "Oh, I thought you'd like to know. Drew's a great kisser." (to Marisol)
  • "Does this girl look like she's ready to lose her virginity?" (to Marisol)
  • "You should have seen the look on his face when I told him to get tested. He lit up like a kid with a cookie!" (to Marisol)
  • "When I started hanging out with Drew all these girls told me he was a stupid jock who only cared about se-sports" (to Maya; Underneath It All (1))
  • "You're judging me for stepping on people? You are such a hypocrite! Who stole K.C. from under his baby mama's nose? Not me. You're a shameless homewrecker." (to Marisol; Don't Panic (2))
  • "You're a terrible friend when you're high." (to Marisol; Nowhere to Run)
  • Marisol: "Who would do that to us?"
    Katie: "Hmm, take one guess, starts with a B, and rhymes with... actually it doesn't rhyme with anything. Sucks for her." (Nowhere to Run)
  • "Get out of my face." (Hollaback Girl (1))
  • "Hands are weird." (Hollaback Girl (1))
  • "I'M HOME!" (Hollaback Girl (1))
  • "You've been waiting months to steal Drew from me." (to Bianca; Hollaback Girl (1))
  • "Off the top of your head, what's your greatest skill? That doesn't take place in the boiler room." (to Bianca; Hollaback Girl (1))
  • "Oh, I'm sorry. I don't have a closet full of slut-wear to choose from." (to Bianca; Hollaback Girl (1))
  • "Well, maybe you'll think twice next time before hooking up with some other girl's boyfriend!" (to Bianca; Gives You Hell (1))
  • (To Drew) "Exactly. The power to strike, but the discipline to never have to."
  • "So, while I was in rehab, thinking of being with you, you were off in a hot tub with some slutty ski bunny?" (to Drew; Come As You Are (1))
  • "Why is this happening to me?!" (Come As You Are (2))
  • "Hockey guys are bad news." (To Maya)
  • "Enjoy your jerk!" (To Bianca; Gives You Hell (1))
  • "Oh I do. And I still have a lot of ammunition when it comes to you." (To Drew; Gives You Hell (1))
  • "Forget I lost my virginity to the guy I loved? Why am I the only one in pain Drew?! Why do you get to be happy? I mean, our whole relationship was completely pointless?!" (To Drew; Gives You Hell (1))
  • "The way has become clear. I'm finally free." (To Marisol; Gives You Hell (1))
  • "You have to learn to trust your girlfriend" (To Jake; Say It Ain't So (1))
  • "And it's hard to build a roof garden WITHOUT A ROOF!" (To Jake; Say It Ain't So (2))
  • " I can't believe you're actually dating him" (To Maya)
  • (To Cam ) "So Cam... you a virgin?"
  • (To Jake): "I'm not sad anymore."
  • (To Jake): "Oh yeah, and I'm a slutty puck bunny! You know after the game, I'm just gonna go hook up with the entire team, and then I'm gonna wash all their jockstraps!"
  • "That son of a bitch!" (About Asher)
  • (To Maya) "Maya, is this who you really wanna be? A boyfriend stealer? What, should I start calling you Maya DeSousa?" - Doll Parts (1)
  • (To Maya): "The way you're acting is kinda scaring me." - Zombie (2)
  • (Walking in on Maya and Harry almost having sex): "Oh, what the hell?!"
    Maya: "Oh my god!" 
    Katie: (to Harry): "You. Run." - Zombie (2)
  • (To Maya): "You can't replace Cam, Maya! - Zombie (2)


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  • Jake Martin
    • First Relationship:
    • Second Relationship:
      • Start Up: Before #Woke (DNC 309)
        • Note: Degrassi writers tweeted that Jake moved to California to be with Katie.

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