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Keep On Loving You is the nineteenth episode of Season 9 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on May 21, 2010 in the United States, and on June 7, 2010 in Canada.


Holly J. loves Declan, and says so. When he doesn't say "I love you" back, she rethinks her plans to have sex with him. Will those three little words ruin their relationship, or could someone else ruin it first?

Main Plot[]

Holly J. and Declan's relationship continuously grows. The episode starts off with Declan giving Holly J. a bracelet. The two are about to have sex, when Holly J. tells Declan that she loves him. However, much to Holly J.'s dismay, Declan does not return the exchange. The next day at school, in an act of hurting, Holly J. returns the bracelet to Declan's sister, Fiona, who mentions that it was their grandmother's, and also says that he must love her, since he was saving the bracelet for someone special. She also reveals that he once told a girl he loved her, but he got hurt by her. Pleased with the notion that he does indeed feel deeply about her, Holly J. takes the bracelet back. When Fiona and Declan's mom comes back from New York, she tells her kids that they will be moving back to New York to attend their senior year of high school there. Fiona is pleased by this news, but Declan is devastated. Coupled with the stress of the musical, "Space Awakening", that he has been directing, Declan is a mess. Fiona, in what seems to be an attempt to be a not-so-nice person, tells Holly J. the news of the move. When Holly J. goes to the auditorium to confront Declan, she walks in on him and his mother discussing the move, with Declan pleading to be able to stay at Degrassi. On the night of the musical, Declan is late to arrive, so Holly J. fills in as role of director. Declan soon returns. Throughout the show's sentimental songs, Holly J. and Declan are shown hugging closer and closer. The musical closes successfully, and Declan tells Holly J. he loves her. Later at the Dot, it is revealed that when Declan was late to the musical, he was sending Holly J.'s demo to TVM, a New York music channel. She receives an internship, and they plan to spend the summer together.

Sub Plot[]

Peter and Chantay are the leads in Declan's musical. Danny, Chantay's boyfriend, is put-off about Chantay kissing Peter. Coming down with a cold, Danny and Peter knowingly switch water bottles, so that Peter can get sick and will not have to kiss Chantay. Unfortunately, Chantay takes a sip out of Peter's (which was Danny's) water bottle, and she inevitably gets sick. On the night of the musical, Jane takes her place. To make it up to Chantay, Peter and Danny arrange an encore production of "Space Awakening" at Above the Dot.

  • (Danny to Peter): "Just do the stupid kiss, I'll cover my eyes."

  • "Believe" by Jessica Tyler
  • "Constantly Be" by Lindsay Ell
  • "Girl From Out Of Space" by Peter Stone
  • "Yours To Ignore" by The Hey Now

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