Keith is the ex-fiancé of Caitlin Ryan. He is also a movie producer.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1

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Keith first appears in Mother and Child Reunion (1). He hangs out with Caitlin and the gang at a bar. He talks with them about several topics. He then receives a phone call and goes somewhere more quiet. As he's on the phone, he watches an ad featuring Joey Jeremiah, one of the people in the gang. Keith ends the call and tells Joey to hire a real actor next time.

In Mother and Child Reunion (2), Keith is later seen with Caitlin at the Degrassi Class of '90-'91 Welcome Back night. Keith decides to get some drinks, while Caitlin takes a tour of the improved school. Later Keith is seen sitting on the floor drunk with Alison while Joey eavesdrops on the conversation. He says that "Katie" is really pushing this marriage thing and that he is about to hit it big down in LA. He also says that Caitlin's career would have to take
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the back seat. He then says to Allison Hunter that it wouldn't be fair to Caitlin and Allison agrees. Alison then starts to flirt with Keith. Keith is then seen at the Welcome Back night's reception and watches Caitlin
Joey vs Keith

Keith vs Joey

give a speech. He gets in a fight with Joey about Caitlin and Keith's relationship. Caitlin comes down and asks what's going on and Allison confesses to Caitlin that Keith's having doubts about getting married. Caitlin is heartbroken and Keith tries to comfort her, but she leaves.


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