Kristin was Holly J. Sinclair's boss at her summer intern job in New York at TVM.

Character History

Season 9

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, she is the manager at TVM in New York, and is Holly J. Sinclair's boss. She originally only gives Holly J. menial tasks to do, and she was revealed to be Fiona Coyne's old friend, which upset Holly J. because Fiona was overshadowing her. Kristin is impressed when Fiona claims to be best friends with Jane Vaughn, who was the new leader singer of a band called Flashing Midnight, though this was really Holly J.'s connection. Kristin arranges for Fiona to interview them on TVM, but Holly J. locks Fiona in a closet, and interviews them instead. Kristin is seen yelling at Fiona while Holly J. is interviewing Jane. Later, when Declan Coyne calls into the TVM station for Holly J. after their break up and his kiss with Fiona, Kristin is eager to get the story since the Coynes are famous.