Larry was a divorce lawyer that Emma Nelson and Spinner Mason hired to legally divorce each other. While in the middle of meeting with Larry, the two decided to remain married instead. He is Jay Hogart's uncle. Larry is portrayed by Colin Mochrie.

Character History

Season 9

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Jay mentions to Emma Nelson and Spinner Mason that his uncle is a divorce lawyer. Emma decides to call him later after thinking that Spinner is not over his ex-girlfriend, Jane Vaughn. While waiting for Spinner to attend the meeting to sign the divorce papers, Larry asks Emma if she has ever had a hernia, commenting that it is not fun. When Spinner arrives at the meeting, he apologizes to Larry, saying that he had to throw out a box, referring to the box that held all of the items belonging to Jane, which was the reason why Emma called Larry. Larry asks the two if they're sure that they're ready to check "Divorced" every time they enter a contest, but Emma asks him if they can just focus on signing the papers already.

Larry reviews standard questions, such as asking if they are biological relatives and if alcohol was involved. He tells them that if they claim intoxication to the courts, then it will be like the marriage never happened at all. He hands Emma and Spinner the necessary legal documents, but Spinner asks Larry if they can have some time by themselves to think it over. Larry willingly leaves, but tells them to look over the documents, and to call him when they are ready. However, Emma and Spinner decide to stay married, opting to not use Larry's services in the end.


  • "Have you ever had a hernia? Not. Fun... No, sirree."