Leo Davies was a minor character appearing in one episode of the fifth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. He was a record producer who became interested in Downtown Sasquatch because of Craig Manning's talents.

Character History

Season 5

In Together Forever, Leo is at the showcase that Downtown Sasquatch is performing at, and is very impressed by Craig. After they have finished performing, Leo approaches them and introduces himself. Craig greets him and begins to introduce the rest of the band, but Leo cuts him off. He compliments Craig on his vocals, and describes Downtown Sasquatch's competition as having "no depth." He tells Craig that their band is rough, but he would like to manage them, which makes Craig ecstatic. Craig tells his stepfather, Joey Jeremiah, that Leo signed them, is going to introduce them to their record company, and already has a photo shoot set up for them. Craig learns that he has got early acceptance and a full scholarship into college, but he chooses his music career over furthering his education at a university.

At the photo shoot, Leo increasingly puts more attention on Craig in the pictures. Craig tells Leo he is about the band, but Leo says that now the band is about him, which does not sit well with the other members. At the band's meeting, Leo tells the band that the showcase has asked for Downtown Sasquatch to reappear, and that they have the opportunity to go to Vancouver to a record a demo, but this would be as early as next week. Marco Del Rossi, Jimmy Brooks, and Ellie Nash are hesitant because of school, and Leo criticizes Ellie's "roughness" on the drums. Later during practice, Leo says that Ellie's drumming is better, but not good enough because she can't keep time. Leo suggests replacing Ellie, but Craig rejects the idea. Ellie convinces Craig to go on and become a solo act because Leo only really wanted him, suggesting that Craig should go play at the showcase by himself. Craig decides to take up Leo's offer to go to Vancouver for the summer, which officially disbands Downtown Sasquatch.