Linus was a minor character in Season 5, and was the leader of the Friendship Club. His final appearance was in the Season 5 episode I Against I after a physical fight with Marco Del Rossi for calling him a fag. He is homophobic because homosexuality goes against the beliefs of the religious Friendship Club. As of his last appearance, he was still dating Kim.

Character History

Season 5

In Redemption Song, Linus attends the Friendship Club retreat. He and Spinner Mason bond, but Linus later attacks Spinner about his past involving the shooting and Jimmy, which causes Spinner to realize that Darcy spilled his secret. He angrily tries to leave, but eventually makes up with Darcy.

Linus talking to Spinner in I Against I

In I Against I, Linus protests Marco's safe-sex seminar because he believes having sex before marriage is wrong. Linus convinces Spinner to protest with him, but Spinner turns on him upon realizing how bigoted and homophobic Linus was against gays. When Linus calls Marco a fag, Marco punches him. Spinner later tells Marco that he plans to have nothing further to do with Linus. He was not seen again.