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Lola's Cantina is a restaurant owned by Lola's family. It has an indoor and outdoor section, though most students prefer to eat outdoors.

Notable Events


Season 14

In Don't Look Back, Maya gets a job at Lola's Cantina after not getting her babysitting job.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 1

Tiny confronts Miles after he sent Lola nudes while drunk. This results in them getting in a fight.

Season 3

In #WorstGiftEver, Lola helps cover for Miles by saying he cannot visit Tristan because he is helping cover Lautaro's serving shift.

Season 4

In #GetMoney, Lola is helping the business look for a new busboy. Saad and Shay do their trial shifts to see who will get the job, and Saad ultimately wins because Shay broke many plates. Shay later steals from the tip jar which leads to Lola firing the suspected culprit Saad. Shay returns the money to Lola and apologizes.

In #Preach, Lola offers the job back to Saad after apologizing and he accepts.


  • Lola's parents named it after her.
  • It is a popular place for Degrassi students to go on a date, like The Dot, and Little Miss Steaks.
  • The food they serve is Mexican, but Lola makes the restaurant Argentinian.