Lost in Love (2) is the ninth episode of Season 8 of Degrassi: The Next Generation.


Spinner takes some huge risks to win Jane back. Meanwhile, Johnny shows up at Bot Wars to support his younger brother who is in the competition and admits his crush to Alli.

Main Plot

Desperate to win Jane back, Spinner sneaks into the Leadership Convention Jane is speaking at and proposes to her. When Jane turns him down, Spinner breaks up with her. Jane soon realizes she needs Spinner in her life, but she worries she won't be able to win him back. She tricks Spinner into attending the Degrassi Sweetheart Dance so that she can give him a proper speech. After he takes her back, Jane says yes to Spinner's proposal but also states that they must wait until after college.

Sub Plot

Johnny shows up at Bot Wars because he has a brother in the competition, and admits that he does like Alli, and she persuades him to come to the dance. Clare goes to the dance with Connor to avoid hurting his feelings, but when she dances with K.C., the person she really wanted to go with, she hurts Connor anyway. Johnny shows up to the dance, much to Alli's delight. He also gives her her first kiss and the two begin a relationship from this episode on.

  • This is the start of Jane and Spinner's second relationship.
  • This is the start of Johnny and Alli's first relationship.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Toby Isaacs.
  • This is the episode where you find out K.C. and Clare really like each other.
  • First and last time a Degrassi team has competed against a team from a real school under their real name - Governor Simcoe Secondary School from St. Catherines, ON, whose robotics team supplied both robots as well as consulting with Epitome on the storyline.
  • Although the fictional "Bot Wars" name was prominent throughout, a real FIRST Robotics banner can be seen over the arena from certain camera angles.
  • This episode is also named after the song "Lost in Love" by the Air Supply.
  • Although Johnny claims to be at the Bot Wars to support his brother, one is never mentioned or seen again.
  • Spinner claimed that he was Barry Cohen, a high school farmer, to get into the symposium.

  • Jane (during the symposium): "I wanted to play football. I didn't want to be a hero, but anyone who actively pursues their goals in life despite opposition.."
  • Spinner: "Jane, you wanted me to have a plan for the future, right? I do. Will you marry me?"
  • Jane: "How could you do that?"
    Spinner: "Tell you I want to spend the rest of my life with you? Gee I'm sorry."
    Jane: "Today was important. It could've opened doors for me."
    Spinner: "If your stupid boyfriend didn't screw it up again, right?"
    Jane: "I'm talking about how it's important for women to succeed on their own. Then you stand up there and say, lets get hitched. Did you even listen to my speech?"
    Spinner: "Yeah, didn't thank me."
    Jane: "For what, ruining my big day?"
    Spinner: "You know what, you want time to think? Take all the time you want. I am done."
    Jane: "It's probably for the best dude."

  • "Good Enough For Now" by Scout
  • "Brace Yourself" by Ellis
  • "This Time" by The Crash Moderns
  • "With You" by Chloe Temtchine
  • "Come Away" by Nini Camps