Louella Hawkins was a hard working janitor and custodian who worked and cleaned Degrassi Junior High School until it burnt down in June 1989. Most students liked her and thought that she was pretty cool. She was portrayed by Susin Nielsen.

Character History

Degrassi Junior High: Season 2

In Dog Days, she was always working hard to keep the school clean
Louella finds the doggy

Louella not too happy to find a dog on school property.

and tidy, and she wasn't very happy to find that Arthur Kobalewsky had hidden his filthy stray puppy Phil in the boiler room to hide there for the day. Later when Arthur and Yick went back to the boiler room to get the puppy back, She wasn't very happy about it and she gave them the puppy and reminded them that having dogs at school was strictly against the rules and made them report to the principal Mr. Lawrence making it clear that she was very dedicated to students following the school rules.

She was next seen in the episode ...He's Back she was once again hard at work keeping the school nice and clean and as she was mopping the hallway floors, Wheels said good night to her, she said good night back to him an he and left school for the evening.

Degrassi Junior High: Season 3

In the episode Season's Greetings, that day at school it was just before the Christmas holidays were beginning and
Louella Hawkins

Louella Hawkins

the school furnace was on the fritz making the school feel really hot and overheated and she was hard at work doing her best to fix it. First she asked Doris Bell is the part she need to fix the furnace with was in yet, but to her disappointment it wasn't in yet, stressing her and making her really annoyed. Then Joey Jeremiah complained to her about when she would get the furnace fixed. She told him she was doing her best and a part she requested to fix it with still wasn't in yet. When he snapped to her "so it's gonna stay hot like this?" she told him "good guess goofball!." Later she is seen entering the cafeteria again looking exhausted and getting a drink of water and Joey asked her again if she had fixed it and she told him she made a temporary repair that would last a little while. Joey told everyone she fixed the furnace and all the students clapped and cheered for her and she smiled and looked proud of her job well done. Then when Joey said "not bad for woman huh?" all the girls begun to boo and she once again shook her head and called him a goofball.

According to the actress1, Louella died in Bye-Bye, Junior High.