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Luke is a friend of Clare Edwards. He is a graduate (but has not appeared since grade 11) at Degrassi. He is a Christian, like Clare, and he attends the same church as she does. They are both also in the Jesus Club with other students at Degrassi. Luke only appeared in the Season 10 episode, Umbrella (1), and has not been seen since. He was portrayed by Timothy Lai, who is the brother of Katie Lai, who portrayed Kendra Mason.

Character History[]

Season 10[]

Making his first appearance in Umbrella (1), he is seen comforting Clare about her parents' divorce. He is later seen at the Friendship Club meeting, where he gets into a quick dispute with Eli.


  • He and Clare are both in Jesus Club.
  • He and Clare attend the same church.
  • He's Christian.
  • He has the same first name as Luke Baker, who is also Christian.
  • He is the second "Luke" in Degrassi, the first being Luke Matthews and the third being Luke Baker.