Man in the Mirror is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the first series of minisodes that aired during the fifth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation



Jimmy is looking in a mirror, talking to himself, practicing what he would say to Ellie. Ellie walks into Craig's garage, early for rehearsal. She greets Jimmy with a hug, and asks how he is handling himself post-Hazel, as she and Jimmy broke up. Jimmy says everything is fine, but Ellie states they were basically together for forever, like two years, though Jimmy says it was more like a year and a half. He reveals that him and Hazel grew apart, as he is into music, art, and comic books, while Hazel is into shoes and gossip. Jimmy confesses that he needs someone who inspires him, someone special, who he can talk to about music, art, and life, things that matter in his life. Ellie doesn't know what to say and accidentally drops her cymbals. She bends down, so Jimmy is now hovering over her in his wheel chair, and she comments that she is such a klutz. Jimmy tells her that she is perfect, and the two gaze at each other for a moment, before Craig walks in, asking if they are having a moment. Ellie quickly stands up, and Jimmy looks back at him, appearing irritated. Craig apologizes, asking if he should go. Ellie says that it is okay, and that her and Jimmy were just talking. Jimmy says it is fine and asks if they are going to rehearse. Craig reveals that Marco isn't showing up, and they begin to practice, though Jimmy looks upset that he messed up an opportunity with Ellie.


  • Jimmy: "Not to sound Dr. Phil or whatever, but we grew apart. I'm into music, art, and comic books, and Hazel is into shoes--'cause girls loves shoes--and gossip."
  • Ellie: "I'm such a stupid klutz."
    Jimmy: "You're not a klutz at all. You're perfect."



Degrassi Mini 105 - Man in the Mirror

Degrassi Mini 105 - Man in the Mirror

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