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The love triangle between Marco Del Rossi, Dylan Michalchuk, and Tim began in Total Eclipse Of The Heart, when Dylan returned home, leaving Marco to deal with his unresolved feelings while in a new relationship with Tim. Marco was the center of the love triangle.

Love Triangle History[]

Season 5[]

In Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Dylan returns to town to visit his family, and more importantly, to try to win Marco back, who is "sort of dating" the new guy, Tim. Marco is still angry at Dylan for hurting him so much and makes it clear that he is with Tim now, but knows that he only does it to make Dylan jealous. In an attempt to get Dylan off his back, Marco says he is stressed with his exams and does not want to talk.

Dylan doesn't give up and keeps haunting and taunting him to the point of Marco's great frustration. Dylan says that he and Marco are made for each other. He eventually challenges Marco to a game of poker. Dylan tells Marco that no matter how many guys Marco would ever date, it would always come back to him and Marco. Marco feels frustrated and leaves the poker game. Tim realizes he was being used, and breaks up with Marco, telling him to "go back to his lying and cheating ex because you were perfect for him".

The next day at school, Dylan drives up to meet Marco, and apologizes for how much he hurt him in the past. He admits all of his flaws, but tells Marco that he means everything to him and that he wants another chance. Marco tells him that he's a jerk, but as Dylan tries to protest, Marco finally decides to forgive him and they make up, sharing a passionate kiss.


  • This was the first love triangle in the Degrassi Franchise in which all of the participants were of the same gender.