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Maya and Marisol became acquaintted when Marisol became best friends with Maya's older sister Katie, many years before they attended Degrassi.

Friendship history[]

Season 11[]

Just as Marisol gave Katie rides to school in Now or Never, she picks up Katie and Maya everyday for school.

In Underneath It All, Maya is first seen in Marisol's car along with older sister, Katie. Katie gives Maya advice and tells her to try to have fun in Degrassi. At the end of the episode, Katie tells Maya to wait in Marisol's car when Fiona is yelling at her.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Marisol and Drew get Maya to come welcome Katie out of school for good luck before her next tryout.

Season 12[]

In Got Your Money (2), Marisol tells Maya to tell her friends that WhisperHug is performing at the dance thanks to her and Fiona. Later she helps WhisperHug set up their show and is seen backstage with Maya, Mo, Tori, Imogen, Adam, Fiona, and finally Zig after he pays her back last minute.

In Say It Ain't So (2), Marisol and Maya are getting lunch with Mo and Cam. When Cam flips out on Maya, Marisol watches in the background but is on her guard.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Marisol gives her deepest sympathy to Maya about the death of Campbell, and reveals to Maya and Katie that the school is organizing a candlelight vigil for him. Marisol asks her if she'd like to speak at the ceremony. Moments later, Marisol is one of the many people in the crowd at the vigil who stare on in bewilderment when Maya, whom was holding some intense pain inside, reacts to the situation by calling it "stupid" and saying that it is Cam's own fault that he is dead. Although it was obvious that Maya didn't mean what she was saying, her statement left the entire audience puzzled.