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The friendship between Maya Matlin and Goldi Nahir developed during the first season of Degrassi: Next Class

Friendship History[]

Season 1[]


Maya learns what feminism really is from Goldi.

In #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness, Goldi goes to Maya and Grace to ask them to perform Not Okay at The Feminist Club's protest to increase the amount of girls' bathrooms at Degrassi because the club views it as an anthem. Maya tells Goldi that she wrote it because of personal issues and becomes skeptical of the club. Later, Maya rejects Goldi's proposal because she claims to not identify as a feminist. Then Goldi tells her she is indeed a feminist after Maya says she believes that men and women should have equal opportunities. Maya then decides to get on board with performing for the club. 

Later, they both join the protest and Maya along with Grace perform at it. The protest is successful, thus leading Maya to want to join the club, pleasing Goldi. 

In #TeamFollowBack, Goldi along with grace and Zig are being supportive of Maya while she's dealing with online trolls. Goldi later introduces Maya who is doing a webcast presentation from and shocked upon seeing Maya being swatted.


Hunter's list

In #SorryNotSorry, they were both on Hunter's list of the people that he might hurt.

Next Class Season 4

In FactsOnly, Maya auditions for the talent show in front of Goldi and Zoe and they are both concerned when Maya plays Last Exit. Later Maya approaches Goldi and asks her why she didn’t make it into the talent show. Goldi says they want to include her but asks her to play a different song because she fears that Last Exit glamorizes suicide,


  • They were both members of The Feminist Club.
  • Goldi shares similarities with Maya's sister, Katie.
  • They're both friends with Tristan.
  • Maya has a conflict Goldi's younger brother Baaz Nahir.
  • They both have conflict with Hunter.
  • They both got the gamer club shut down.