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"When you don't tell people what's inside your head, it only gets worse."
— Maya's advice to Miles Hollingsworth III in Wise Up

Maya Ruby Matlin is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2016. Unlike her older sister, Katie Matlin, who is a competitive soccer player, Maya loves music and is a virtuoso cellist. However, like Katie, she's always up for a new adventure or challenge, and is always determined to do the best she can. She is unafraid to speak her mind, and wasn't interested in gaining popularity or what people thought of her, which often found herself in trouble. Maya was insecure about her body and wanted to look more "mature", since everyone often thought she was younger than she really is based on her body. She is empathetic towards her friends, and is always there for them for advice.

Following the suicide of her first love, Campbell Saunders, Maya began acting out in a rebellious manner by dressing provocatively and showing off her sex appeal, going to Senior parties, even hooking up with a boy she just met whilst openly letting the event be recorded, and even posting it online. However, after some time, she finally broke down about how Campbell's death was affecting her and began making an emotional recovery.

Starting in Season 13, Maya began to develop into a more mature and sensible woman following the events of Season 12 in the aftermath of Cam's death. She still made occasional mistakes, but learned from them. She also had more male drama, when being caught in a love triangle with old friend, Zig Novak and Miles Hollingsworth III. However, the love triangle ended. After ending a long-running relationship with Zig, and being involved in a bus accident that injured her and many of her friends, Maya falls into another dark period, where she is diagnosed with depression and attempts suicide. After being saved, she slowly begins joining her life back together and focuses on her music and going to college.

She is best friends with Zig Novak, her boyfriend; Grace Cardinal, Tristan Milligan, and Tori Santamaria. Maya is also friends with Tiny Bell, Saad Al'Maliki, Marisol Lewis, Imogen Moreno, Mo Mashkour, Talia, Winston Chu, Jonah Haak, Goldi Nahir, and her mentor Peter Stone. She was also friends with Adam Torres, before his death. She is on good terms with Mike Dallas, Vijay Maraj, and Zoë Rivas. She has a conflict with Esme Song, Hunter Hollingsworth, and Baaz Nahir. She was in a relationship with Miles Hollingsworth III, but broke up with him. Maya was also a member of the band WhisperHug as the cellist, songwriter, and occasional singer. She is described "the girl following her passion." She was portrayed by Olivia Scriven.

Character History


Season 11

Maya, in the back of Marisol's car with Katie, in season 11

In Underneath It All, Maya is first seen in Marisol's car along with older sister, Katie. Katie jokingly blames Maya for being late, while Marisol assures her that things will be fine. Maya is unenthusiastic about starting as a new student at Degrassi, preferring to have attended a Performing Arts school. Katie assures her that she will have friends at Degrassi in no time.

While looking for the music classroom, Maya runs into Zig Novak, and agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend while he avoids the flirtatious attention of his female classmates. After she plays the role of an upset girlfriend, discouraging the girls who were after Zig, the two introduce themselves. Zig invites Maya to The Dot after school, to which she accepts. Maya apologizes to Ms. Oh for being late to class and picks up the cello to play. She overhears Tori and Tristan talking about Zig and asks if they are friends. The two warn Maya to stay away from Zig, leaving Maya confused.

Maya and Tori in Simpson's office on their first day.

While waiting for Katie to pick her up, Maya is on Zig's Facerange page and closes it when Katie notices and comments that he is cute. Katie tells her not to listen to the gossip and to give Zig a fair chance. At The Dot, Maya asks Zig about the rumors, and he tells her about his previous relationship with Tori.

In music class the next day, Maya is confronted by Tori, and Maya says she knows about how she is heartbroken about being dumped by Zig. Tori then dumps water from her water bottle into her trombone and blows into it, spraying Maya. Maya, infuriated, launches herself at Tori, and the two get into a fight. They are then sent to Principal Simpson when a teacher catches them fighting.

Maya tells Mr. Simpson that Tori is just jealous whereas Tori tries to play the innocent role and that Maya just attacked her for no reason at all. Mr. Simpson concludes that the fight was over a boy and tells them to make better choices in the future before leaving for a few minutes. Maya then agrees to help Tori, bringing Tori to hug her in gratitude. Because of this, Maya unknowingly gets the two back together. Maya then realizes how much she may have actually liked Zig, but can't do anything about it because Tori and Zig have reconciled.

Maya concerned about her sister.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Maya asks Katie if she's okay, suspecting binging when she catches her going through the fridge. Katie tells her she's fine. Maya believes her and leaves.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Maya catches Katie sneaking pills from their mom’s bottles and promises to not tell on her when Katie insists that she just needs to make it through her try out and then she’ll stop taking the pills. Maya is even more worried about Katie, once she gets detention and tells her its a bad idea to run on her leg. Maya greets Katie along with her mom and takes the rest of the pills so Katie won't be able to take them.

Maya comforting and offering advice to Tori.

In Need You Now (1), Maya is seen in the hall with Tori and Zig, as the three go to their lockers while Tori goes on about the Power Squad. Maya seems sad when Zig and Tori hug, and annoyed at them being a couple.

In Need You Now (2), she notices Tori depressed in her mascot uniform. Maya tells her that she should stand up to Zig and not let his skateboarding come between her and her cheerleading.

In Hollaback Girl (1), she is seen entering the kitchen in the middle of the night, having woken up due to the noise caused by Bianca and Katie as they came inside. As she demands to know what is going on, she sees a soaking wet Katie (when Bianca sprayed her with water). Bianca informs her that her older sister is high on pills before she leaves Katie with Maya.

In Hollaback Girl (2), Maya interrupts a conversation between Drew and Bianca to tell them that Katie has had an overdose. As she walks into school with them, she tells them the details about Katie going to the hospital and how the doctors were forced to pump her stomach to avoid further damage. She complains about still having to go to school given the circumstances as she walks off.


Maya playing her cello during music class, feeling less than challenged.

In The Cold, Cold Night (1), Maya feels frustrated in music class where the piece they’ve been assigned is far below her capabilities. Maya tries to practice at home, but Katie is exhausted after her first day at rehab, and Maya has to stay quiet.

Still disappointed that she’s not at an arts school, Maya’s dad suggests she drop the attitude and talk to Ms. Oh. Maya apologizes to Ms. Oh and asks her to be bumped up to the Grade 11 band, but Ms. Oh won’t consider it for another year. Ms. Oh suggest that Maya study theory instead of playing with the band, and Maya agrees. While studying theory, Maya spots an advertisement in the classified sector of the paper asking for a cellist for an Indie band. She ambitiously circles it.

Tori helping Maya pick out her outfit for her Indie audition.

In In The Cold, Cold Night (2), Maya shows up at Tori's locker and greets her, causing Tori to remark that it is the "Band Ditcher". Maya says it was nothing personal, but she did it for her "sanity". Tori smiles and asks what she needs. Maya requests advice on what to wear for her audition.

Tori asks for more details and Maya excitedly reveals she is auditioning for an Indie band that she checked out that has gigs and is completely real. Tori is happy for her, saying she will finally be able to show off her cello skills. Maya then asks what shirt she should wear for her audition that evening when she attends. Tori tells her to wear the "Foxy" shirt, but to be sure to expose her shoulder when doing so.

Maya telling her father how she's felt neglected lately by them.

That night, she prepares to sneak out of the house in the said shirt with her cello, checking out her appearance one last time. However, her father catches her as she begins to head out the door. Maya says that she thought he and her mother were asleep. Her father tells her that even if they were, that doesn't give her permission to leave the house so late at night.

Maya insists she has an audition and tells him the name of the place where it is being held. Her father immediately recognizes the title as a bar in town and Maya assures him she is refused to drink. After a moment of arguing, she tells him that she doesn't feel challenged enough in the school band and that while Katie has a handful of activities to keep herself busy, music is the only thing that she has and doesn't want to lose it. Her father admits that they have been focusing so much on her sister, that they have failed to paying attention to Maya. He tells her to find herself a new way to be challenged. She is eventually persuaded to go to bed while not attending the audition.

Maya with Tristan and Tori at the Degrassi carnival, about to perform.

The next day at the Frostival, she arrives with Katie's trumpet and tells Ms. Oh that she hopes they will let her back in the band. She shows her the trumpet and says it's her new musical challenge. Ms. Oh agrees, saying she will get her some sheet music.

As she walks off, Tori and Tristan see her and ask what she is doing there. Tristan remarks that she is there to save them from humiliation. Maya says that the audition for the Indie band never happened and she would rather play with them, making them all smile.

When Tori teasingly calls Maya a show off for being able to play the trumpet as well, Maya reveals she is actually a "trumpet newbie". Tristan says that they are still going to be humiliated in front of the entire school. Maya says at least "they'll be embarrassed together". When she fails on the trumpet during the band's performance, Ms. Oh, Tori, and Tristan, as well as Maya, all find it amusing.

Season 12

Maya deciding to try to make herself look mature.

In Come As You Are (1), after the announcement about uniforms being gone, Maya, Tori and Tristan are at their lockers talking about going shopping at the mall. Maya tells the two that she's going to try and audition for Mo's rock band. While the three are talking, Dallas and his hockey team walk by and make a comment about Maya's chest being flat, which Maya is obviously angered by. During lunch, Maya talks to Mo about auditioning for his band, which he replies to her needing to be more "mature" while glancing at her chest, implying she looks too young.

While at the mall with Tori, Tristan and Zig, they talk about how she is flat chested, Tori and Tristan try telling her she has an amazing body, but Maya is seen looking at a poster of a girl with a bigger chest and starts feeling insecure. She tells Tori she needs to look like "that" to be in the band to which Tori replies that she doesn't need implants because she has another idea. While practicing her cello, Maya looks at herself in the mirror and puts in the breast pads that she got and thinks this will make her look more "mature" for her audition.

Tori fixing Maya's "uniboob".

In Come As You Are (2), Maya comes to school with her "chicken cutlets" on, but when she shows Tori, they seemed to be looking like a "uniboob" instead. Tori tries helping her fix the chicken cutlets in the hall while people look at them and than Tristan shows up from behind and ask them how they're doing. While Tristan and Tori are talking, Maya looks at herself thinking she looks more "mature."

Later while Mo's having his auditions, Maya volunteers to go next. Mo seems to be very impressed with Maya's musical skills. Towards the end of her song, one of her "cutlets" falls out of her shirt and everyone, including Maya, looks towards the ground. Maya continues to play her music while Mo tries pointing out her "cutlet" fell out (which Maya ignores).

Maya auditioning for Mo's band.

Once Maya finishes her audition she looks at everyone and runs out of the room.

While at her locker, trying to find her sheet music, Tori approaches her and tells her she heard about the incident and the fact that everyone is calling her "chicken cutlet". Maya than asks her why does she have to wait to get boobs, whereas Tori already has them. Tori reveals that she failed 4th grade and that she would trade her boobs for Maya's musical talents any day. The two walk down the hall while Tori supports Maya throughout the rest of the day.

While leaving school, Mo tries to talk to Maya, but she and Tori start walking away fast, when Mo catches up to them, Maya is expecting him to make fun of her, but instead he asks her to be in the band which Maya happily accepts. As Maya and Tori are about to leave, Owen and his hockey team walk by with Owen making a comment about being hungry for a "chicken cutlet". Instead, Maya throws the other cutlet at his head. Owen tells her she might need it which Maya replies, "It's the most action you'll get all year." Maya starts to apologize to Tori about her cutlets, but Tori says it's okay and that Maya is her hero and the two girls walk away.

Maya with Tristan.

In Gives You Hell (1), Maya is first seen in French class with Tristan translating. When the teacher asks for a volunteer to be in Campbell's group, Tristan pinches Maya, bring her to raise her hand and the teacher to assign Campbell into their group. Maya introduces herself and says that the class is a wild ride.

The next day, Maya tries to make Tristan feel better about how he acted around Campbell, unknowingly revealing that Campbell friended her and not him online. Maya accidentally leaves her FaceRange profile up, just as Campbell IM's her. Tristan seizes this chance to start talking to Campbell, posing as Maya.

At lunch, Campbell comes up to Maya and offers to lend her his Lost DVDs, because she supposedly mentioned it in their chat. Tristan urges her to play along and she decides to go along with it and smiles at Campbell as he leaves. Tristan confesses that it was him talking to Campbell, posing as her on FaceRange, and that they actually have a lot in common. Maya convices him to go talk to him as himself, not her, and apologizes when it doesn't go well. Campbell later comes up to Maya and Tristan to apologize and hopes they don't think he's a jerk. Maya looks at him as he walks away.

Tristan giving Maya copies of "her" and Cam's online conversations.

In Gives You Hell (2), Maya is first seen getting her French homework. As she sits down, Tristan comes up to her to give her his chat logs with Campbell to keep her up to date in case Campbell comes up to her again. Maya tries to get Tristan to confess about posing as her. He says he will once they're besties. Before Tristan can warn her, Campbell comes in and asks if she's psyched. Tristan secretly explains to her that he's talking about the school musical, to which Maya complains. Campbell offers her advice, and they continue with class. Later we see Maya with Tori and Tristan at the audition supporting them. Later, Campbell comes up to congratulate Maya on her role in the musical, when it was actually Tristan who got it. Maya forces Tristan to come clean and says to Campbell it was partially her fault as well since she was aware of it. She is seen comforting Tristan after Campbell says they'll never be friends and storms off.

In Got Your Money (1), she is first seen telling Zig that he made it into WhisperHug and congratulating him. After Tori comes over to congratulate him, the three walk into their class. Later on, Maya is seen rehearsing Be My Someone with the band. When the group begins to call Zig cheap she tells him that Tori spent five-years worth of allowance and that she really cares about him. After Tori and Zig start having problems and Zig tries to join her and Tori, she tells him that Tori doesn't want to talk to him and that he should leave. Later on, she helps Zig by bring Tori to Little Miss Steaks and leaving so they can work things out.

Tori helping Maya get ready for her performance.

In Got Your Money (2), she is shown at the front of the school telling Tori and Zig that Marisol booked WhisperHug to play at the dance. The three are excited and when the bell rings, she and Tori go to their class. Later in the day her locker is searched and she follows Zig with Tori to find out that he had stolen the student council money. He gives it to her and she tells him that she won't tell anyone. That night, she is seen having her hair fixed by Tori. Once they go onstage she performs Be My Someone with the band.

In Say It Ain't So (1), she invites Cam to her table and watches Dallas pull him away.

In Say It Ain't So (2), she is first shown at the cafeteria getting lunch with Campbell, Marisol, and Mo. She compliments Cam on his nice clothing and says it's cool how he has his own group to dress with. She notices that he is nervous and tells Mo to shut up when he makes a comment to him. He tells Cam that he'll be fine and he snaps at her. That night, she is at Little Miss Steaks with her family and goes to get a drink. Cam approaches her and apologizes and he helps her get her drink. He asks if they can hang out some day after school and she accepts before walking back to her family.

Cam and Maya hiding from Katie while on their date.

In Waterfalls (1), she is first seen in class with Tori and Tristan and talks about her date with Cam. She asks Tristan if it's okay and he tells her to go for it. She and Cam want to go to the mall, so she goes to the garden to ask Katie for a ride. Katie asks what it's for and realizes it's a boy. When Maya says that it's Cam, Katie says no and that hockey players are bad news in which Maya replies that just because Drew dumped her doesn't mean all jocks are bad. Katie eventually accepts but says that she will chaperone to Maya's dismay.

At the mall, the three of them are seen getting out of a movie while Katie berates Cam with questions. Maya tells him he doesn't have to answer and points out "Drew and Bianca kissing" to distract Katie while they run. The two turn the corner and head into a photo booth where they talk about their siblings and Cam's home life while taking pictures. Maya tries to kiss him and he pulls back, saying they should probably find Katie. Later on, Maya is seen telling Tori about the date as she gives her advice.

Maya with Cam on a lunch date.

In Waterfalls (2), Maya talks to Cam in front of the school, and gives him the option of where to go for their next date. Cam says the garden, and Maya agrees. Later on, they're at the garden and Maya has a buffet of food set out for them and while they eat, Maya asks him about his hockey career. Cam seems a little disappointed at the conversation, and Maya spills juice on him. Cam gets up and says he'll go change shirts, and they stand there awkwardly in front of each other.

As she leans in to kiss Cam, Maya gets a mouthful of Cam's ear when he turns the other way. Maya steps back and tells him to "break a leg" at his game. Cam then walks away. Later in class, Maya is texting Tristan and Tori about her date with Cam. They get caught and the teacher reads aloud the messages. Cam is upset by them and leaves the moment the bell rings.

Cam and Maya kiss for the first time.

Maya follows him and says she's never had a boyfriend before, she doesn't know how anything works, and she just wants him to like her. He then tells her that he thought she actually cared about him, and not the fact that he was a hockey star. He walks away and leaves Maya distraught.

After school, Maya is in her room playing the cello when Cam walks in and tells her Katie let him in. He moves Maya's cello over, and kneels in front of her, telling her that he's never had a girlfriend before, and he was just nervous. He then leans in and kisses her, thus beginning their relationship.

In Rusty Cage (1), she is first seen in class with Cam, Tori, and Tristan talking about karaoke night at Little Miss Steaks. She and the others keep trying to convince Cam to take a break and have fun with them but he keeps saying no. At Little Miss Steaks that night, she watches with Tori and Tristan as Zig performs. She is surprised when Cam comes behind her and is happy when he tells her practice was cancelled.

Maya and Cam singing karaoke at Little Miss Steaks.

When Zig finishes, she tries getting Cam onstage with her and with much persistence, finally gets it. She starts to sing, and tries to get him in the mood and after a bit of lyrics, the two have a lot of fun. Back at school, she sneaks up on him and they talk about the other night. When Dallas and Luke walk up and ask about how his flu was, she realizes that he actually skipped practice. When they show him the picture of them at Little Miss Steaks, she watches as they pull him away.

In Rusty Cage (2), Maya is seen worrying because Cam isn’t responding to her messages, and no one from the team has heard from him since the game. Maya eventually finds out where Cam lives and visits him as he’s packing because he wants to go home. Cam tells Maya that he’s sad, and that he is unsure of a way to make himself happy, and Maya suggests that Cam should try balancing hockey with other important things in his life, and that Maya doesn’t want Cam to back a drastic decision because he’s sad.

The next day at school, Cam sits on the ledge of the catwalk and intentionally throws himself off, injuring his arm. Cam finds out that he’s going to be out of hockey for six to eight weeks, and when Maya gets suspicious but Cam denies hurting himself on purpose. Maya asks Cam what he’s going to do when he has to return to hockey, and Cam responds by saying that he’s happy right now, and he just wants to focus on other things.

Maya with Tristan when seeing a rose taped to his locker.

In Scream (1), Maya is seen as Tristan tells her about the cute mystery stage guy. Later, she walks with him to his locker and he finds a rose and a note from a secret admirer so that they can meet. Tristan has rehearsals, but he says "its for love"and goes.

In Scream (2), she and Zig were jamming together, but Tori interrupts them, and makes them come with her to find Tristan, who is missing. Maya finds Tristan locked in a closet, along with Tori, Zig, and Owen. They tell Tristan to get on stage because they all love him.

In Building a Mystery (2), she is seen performing with WhisperHug at the Student Council fundraiser.

In Doll Parts (1), Cam and Maya are in his room sitting on his bed. He is doing his homework while Maya is practicing a new song she wrote about him. Maya tries to get his attention away from his work, but fails. She asks him for his thoughts about the song, but he replies about his stressful homework and how he keeps getting the wrong answer on his math question. She tells him to take a break in an attempt to get his mind off of the assignment, obviously attempting to start a make out. However, he says he can't due to an upcoming test, seemingly oblivious to Maya's implication. Maya then mentions they have been dating for a month and have only kissed six times. Cam then gives Maya a quick kiss and says, "Seven" before going straight back to his work.

Maya takes off her shirt for Cam - only to be rejected.

Maya, a little hurt, asks if that's all she's getting. He tells her that with everything going on it's hard to get in the mood with her. To help him, she takes off her shirt and throws it at him, asking him "What about now?". Confused, he asks her what she's doing then worries his billet mom might come in the room. She tries to grab her shirt back and falls off the bed. Cam awkwardly gives her shirt back and Maya says she should just leave. Cam says she doesn't have to, but she says she does before storming off, offended. Later at school, Maya meets up with Zig and asks if he's seen Tori. He mentions she got a ride that day just as they see her walk in. Zig is clearly impressed by Tori, who is all dressed up for a beauty pageant. Maya expresses her thoughts about pageants being overrated and ridiculous whereas Zig says that he likes it. As Tori approaches them, she steals Tori away for some "girl talk".

Maya tells Tori about how she tried to make out with Cam, but he wouldn't. Tori suggests she is sending mixed messages, but Maya reveals how she took off her shirt for Cam. Tori asks if she's guiding him onto the wrong path, but Maya says how she still got rejected and how things quickly became awkward. Tori suggests she make a better effort appearance-wise and then excitedly says she could give her a full make-over and then they can do the pageant together. Tori insists how when Cam sees her on stage as a pageant girl, he'd go crazy over her. Maya doesn't think so since Cam isn't superficial like that, but Tori retorts that "all guys are superficial like that".

Maya performing her song... only to get told she isn't sexy enough to do it live.

Later on, Maya performs her new song "Actions Vs. Words" for Mo for their band. Mo loves the song and asks her if she could teach Imogen the lyrics. Maya is confused as to why, despite being the writer of the song, she can't be the one to sing it. Mo tells her how since the song contains rather sexy lyrics, they need the male members of the audience to lust over the singer and since Maya appears a bit young for her age, they need an older singer to perform the song instead. Maya, despite being clearly offended, says she'll teach Imogen the vocals.

Maya after getting her make over from Tristan and Tori.

In the bathroom, Maya has let Tristan and Tori make her over. She is still reluctant about going through with it, but Tori assures her that Cam will be crazy over her once he sees her on stage. Maya reminds her that she hasn't agreed to the pageant - just the make over. Tori insists that when she is on stage and all eyes on her, it'll be worth it. Maya says she doesn't care what random strangers think of her, just Cam. She asks if she looks ridiculous just as Katie comes in and laughs upon seeing her. After yelling at Tristan how he was supposed to lock the door, Katie asks what is going on. Tristan tells her how Maya is doing the beauty pageant. After Katie leaves, Tori tells her to blow off her sister and to wait until she sees the new her. After Tori and Tristan finish, she asks if Cam would like it, Tristan replies that he'd be crazy not to.

She goes to Cam's locker and shows him her new look. He is clearly unimpressed and laughs. He asks why she's dressed like that and she says how she was thinking about entering a beauty pageant. He comments on how it's not her thing. Maya asks if he thinks she isn't pretty enough to do one and he insists how it's just not her. Maya then asks him if he doesn't like how she looks then. Cam, stumbling with his words, asks if she does herself. Maya, angered, tells him to forget it and that she has no idea what he wants and runs away and into the music room, ripping off her hair barettes and rubbing off her lipstick in tears.

Maya being assured by Zig that she can win the beauty pageant.

Zig finds Maya crying and alone and retorts if he thinks she looks ridiculous as well. After making a few playful remarks about her smeared mascara, she explains to him that Cam laughed at her new look. Zig is surprised that she is entering a pageant since she thinks they're dumb. Maya says how since he liked Tori in them, why not Cam? She then asks him why he likes Tori in them so much and he answers how when Tori is on stage, she acts like she owns the room and he wants to "be around that". Maya remarks that he "wants to make out with that". He asks if she still is going to enter the pageant and she says "no way". He tells her she shouldn't be discouraged based on Cam's opinion and if she wants to do it then go for it. Maya is discouraged due to the competition, but Zig says she can "slay those other girls" and that she definitely has her own chance of winning. Maya smiles, encouraged.

Maya and Tori checking out the audience at the Pageant.

At the beauty pageant, Maya is left uneasy with all the people. Tori asks if Cam is coming, but Maya says they had a fight. Maya says how she forgot about the crowd, and asks Tori if any of the girls get deadly jealous. Tori assures her that jealousy is a non-issue there and that only ten girls make it to the next round. Maya asks if she shouldn't have to worry because she isn't pretty enough, but Tori says she competed for years before making the top ten. Tori tells her to just have fun and that when she hits the runway, she's going to feel awesome.

Maya's rather ungraceful fall during the pageant.

Maya watches as Tori gracefully gives her talk during the pageant and nervously walks on stage as she is called up. As Maya makes her way to the host, she falls downward flat on her face. She looks up as Zig who, despite clearly holding back his laughter, gives her a thumbs up. Smiling, Maya stands back up with the help of the host who remarks how "there's a girl who knows how to make an entrance". He asks her to tell them a bit about herself. She says how she loves to play the cello, soccer and is a "clumsy goof in front strangers".

The host then tells them the top ten as Maya and Tori anxiously hold hands. Tori's name is called first and she walks on stage. Zig comes up to Maya and tells her how if the judges don't pick her then they're dumb. Maya remarks what part of "falling on her ass" that he missed. He tells her that he seriously means it, calling her the best. Maya gives an "aww" before saying how she wished Cam felt that way. Zig calls him an idiot and that she deserved better. Maya teasingly comments how it's too bad that he's off the market. The host then gives the name of the final candidate for the pageant... which is Maya! Maya and Tori soon go back stage after taking their stands on stage and Maya says she was right about it feeling awesome. However, Tori begins kissing Zig as an uncomfortable Maya looks downward.

Maya breaking up with Cam.

After the pageant, Maya has come the decision to break up with Cam. Tori asks if she's absolutely sure and Maya laments on how she wants a guy like Zig. Tori reminds her that he's taken. Maya says how she wants someone like Zig since he treats her like a queen and always make her feel good about herself. Tori tells her how she deserves someone who does all of that for her as well. She then calls Cam and breaks up with him. Tori asks what he said and Maya remarks nothing like he always did. She then concludes, "So long Campbell Saunders... nice knowing you".

Maya performing her song to Tristan and Tori for feedback.

In Doll Parts (2), Maya performs her song "Action vs Words" for Tristan and Tori. Tristan loves the song and smiles at Tori, only to frown when seeing Tori's jealously angered expression. Maya finishes and asks for opinions, revealing she plans to use it for the talent part of the pageant. Tori asks why she's suddenly so serious about it, bringing up how she thought they were stupid. Maya says she did, but that she's changed her mind now that she sees she has a chance to possibly win, even though it may be a long shot. Tori tells Maya that she has no shot at winning the Miss Millennial Pageant and that the judges likely only brought her this far because they felt sorry for her. Maya is clearly offended as Tristan sits awkwardly between the two.

Maya later tells Katie about Tori's harsh comments, who assures her that she's just fearing for her own chances to win because of Maya's talent. Maya also tells her that she plans on asking Zig to help her with her act, and Katie worries that it will upset Tori even more. Maya decides to go through with it and asks Zig about helping her with her song at the pageant, to which he agrees. When Maya brings up how Mo believes she isn't sexy enough to pull off the heat of her song lyrics, he immediately tells her that she is. He spots Cam and tells her "boyfriend alert". However, she reveals to him that they broke up and it is more like "ex-boyfriend alert". Zig apologizes and asks why she didn't tell him. She says she didn't feel like broadcasting it to the world. He asks if things would be awkward. She says no and he leaves as she tries avoiding Cam.

Cam trying to win Maya back.

Cam sees her and comes up to her, trying to win her back, admitting that he messed up and asks for a second chance. Maya tries outwalking him, but he keeps up and asks if she still likes him. Maya says liking him was never the problem. He asks what was wrong and she says that he doesn't like her. He says that's crazy. She says that Zig tells Tori she's pretty all the time whereas he never has and has never shown or expressed that he likes or values her. Cam says he didn't know he had to and that he's smooth unlike Zig, but he really does think she's pretty. Maya asks then why he never wants to kiss her or be at all physically intimate with her. He insists that he will try harder. She says he shouldn't have to try and that Katie is waiting for her, then walks away leaving Cam hurt.

Zig and Maya kiss during the pageant.

Later at the pageant, Maya and Zig perform their song and are a hit with the crowd. Backstage, they share a clear moment before the two share a passionate kiss before Maya pulls back and is instantly guilt ridden and regretful. Zig does not mind and Maya reminds him about Tori, but Zig still doesn't care. Katie then voices her presence and he leaves.

As Katie prepares Maya for her to go back onstage, she calls her out on kissing Zig. Maya tries to explain that Zig kissed her and that Tori has been more than mean to her lately. Katie tells her it still doesn't matter since she kissed him back and that she doesn't want to be known as a boyfriend stealer and that any boy is not worth a friendship.

Katie telling Maya that a boy is not worth a friendship.

On stage, she watches as Tori admits her flaw. She admits that she says things without thinking about the hurt it has on those around her. As Maya takes her stand to the crowd, she freezes as she stares at Tori. Feeling guilty about the kiss she shared with Zig, she calls herself a bitch. She then flees from the stage, running off. She then arrives at Cam's house. He opens the door to see Maya in tears. He asks her what's wrong. She tells him he was right and that pageants are stupid. She asks if he could forgive her. He does and the two make up.

The next day at lunch Cam, Maya, Tori, and Zig are all sitting together discussing the pageant. Tori won for her speech and Maya says she earned it, they both apologize and Tori mentions that she can't believe Maya lost and that she looks so pretty. Cam says that Maya always looks pretty before kissing her hand as Zig looks on jealous. The bell rings and Maya stays behind telling Zig she regrets the kiss and that she was confused and caught up in the pageant then leaves with Cam before they share a quick kiss.

In I Want It That Way (1), Maya is seen with her best friends Tori and Tristan while all three of them go to yoga class. She is at the mall with them later on. She is also seen telling Tristan a cleanse is a bad decision.

In I Want It That Way (2), Maya is eating lunch with Tori and Tristan, and she is worried about Tristans health. She sees signs of anorexia and warns him that not eating is very unhealthy.

Maya assuring Tori about Zig.

In Tonight, Tonight, Maya is helping Cam study for their French exam. She is explaining conjugations to him and he says to her "tu es très belle", meaning "you are very beautiful". She smiles and tells him that won't help him pass and they kiss. Tori comes in and apologizes for interrupting, Maya tells her that they were studying and invites her to join them.

Cam tries to quiz her and she tells them she might be losing Zig. He tells her that it wasn't French related, earning a little slap from Maya. She asks her what she means and she tells them that he's acting weird and that he might like another girl. Maya nervously asks if he's mentioned anyone and Tori says that when they're together it's like he's somewhere else. Maya says he probably has a lot going on, Tori admits that she could be over reacting which Maya agrees to. She says they should go back to studying and looks regretful.

An awkward hug.

Later Cam, Maya, and Tori are studying. Tori mentions that Zig never texted her back to which Maya says he's probably studying. The doorbell rings and Maya yells for Katie to get it. When Katie makes a smart comment Maya mimics her. Zig comes into the room only to notice Cam and Tori are there. Maya mentions that the only reason he came over was because Tori was there, he awkwardly agrees. Cam goes through a bag and mentions that Zig should have brought more chips, he takes one and offers to Maya saying ketchup's her favorite. Zig asks Maya about their song and that it should have harmonies to it. Maya says that she already recorded the song and lets Cam and Tori listen to it while they grab drinks.

Maya telling Cam about the kiss she shared with Zig.

After their French exam Cam gives Maya a present. She asks what it is and he tells her to open it, she says it's not her birthday and opens it. Cam says that he's terrible at telling her things but he likes her a lot. He then says the charm is for her concert and that every time she plays a show he'll get her a new one. She says she loves it, and he puts it's on her wrist. He says it was his mom's idea but he picked it out. She says she has to be honest and admits that she kissed Zig. He is silent and she tells him to say something. He says it sucks and wishes her luck at her show.

Tori walking in on Zig trying to win Maya.

At the competition, Zig tries winning Maya back over despite her insistence that her heart belongs to Cam. Tori walks in on the two just as Zig brings up the kiss they shared. She makes her presence known and the two are stunned. Tori says that she just came to give them sympathy smoothies and Maya tries to explain things to her. Tori angrily throws the drinks on the floor in front of Maya and storms out. At the Battle of the Bands, Maya says she'll sing when they get re-instated to perform because she has a message to send out and hopes Cam will be there to hear it. While she's singing he shows up and listens to her song.

Maya performing during the Battle of the Bands.

After the tournament Maya takes out her earrings and holds her head. Cam comes in and sits next to her saying congrats on her winning third place. She tells him that he probably wants the bracelet back and proceeds to take it off. However, he gently holds her hand and says that when they broke up, she was confused and then came back to him. He then asks her if she was still confused. Maya tells him that she always wanted him and they share a passionate kiss. Cam tells her that he'd never let her get away that easily and they embrace.

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Maya is seen at the Matlin home with Cam, Katie, and Jake. She tells Katie she got a letter in the mail and watches her open it. After Katie opens the letter, she reveals she got into Standford. Maya joins in jumping in happiness for her older sister.

Maya hugging Cam after he returns to Degrassi.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Maya can be seen happily running up to the bus in front of Degrassi, where the hockey players have arrived back. She runs into Cam's arms cheerfully, greeting Cam. She hugs him as he gets off the bus, saying how she "crazy missed him". They share a kiss before going inside. It's Spirit Week at Degrassi, and the school is split into color-themed teams. Maya and Cam are split into different teams, with Maya being on the same team as Zig. Cam is upset about the two being on the same team, but soon says how nothing is going to come between them.

Maya with Cam after he beat up Zig.

At the first event of Spirit Week, floor hockey, Maya lets Zig put on her green team band as Cam's jealousy gets the best of him. As the game is about to begin, he begins a violent fight Zig, giving him a black eye as Maya watches in shock. Maya and Dallas try to stop the fight and all four of them are sent to the principal's office for an explanation. There, Maya is questioned as to who began the fight. She reluctantly admits that Cam started the fight, and therefore Cam is suspended for the rest of the week. Cam is clearly upset that she told them this and when he tries to insist to her that he just got jealous, she responds by saying that he "went crazy" before leaving.

Maya and Cam on the couch together.

Maya is then seen practicing her cello in her living room, and Cam comes over and gives her a large bouquet of pink flowers. After a moment, Maya accepts them and his apology. She allows him to stay over and she cuddles with him on the couch as they watch videos on her phone. She then shows him Hoot, her stuffed owl that she had from night camp. Katie interrupts, telling Cam it's time to go home, but Maya pleads Katie into letting him sleep over. Katie is hesitant, but Maya brings up all the time she covered for her during her relationship with Jake and Katie relents. Maya is overjoyed and hops back on the couch with Cam as Katie makes it firmly clear that she doesn't want anything too adult to happen. The two spend the night in each other company, eventually falling asleep together.

Maya after reading Cam's text message.

The next morning, Cam is gone, but he left Maya a playful video of him telling her to meet him at the front steps of Degrassi to retrieve Hoot, which he "kidnapped". Maya watches in happiness and amusement. When she gets there, she looks for him, but Cam is nowhere to be found. She texts him, wondering where he is. She then receives a cold text message from him saying that he couldn't make it and that they're over. Maya is upset and hurt by this and stares forward.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), on their way into school, Maya tells Katie that Cam "maybe text dumped" her, telling her that she called him several times and that he did not answer. Katie tells her that its not unusual for Cam to be acting weird, and advices Maya to focus on her National Young Musicians Orchestra audition, which she has later in the day, and to deal with Cam later. Dallas comes up to them and asks Maya if she has seen Cam. Maya tells him that she thinks Cam is at home due to his week-long suspension.

Madame Jean-Aux telling Maya that Mr. Simpson needs to see her.

Dallas, Maya, and Katie then notice that police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks are on campus, and Maya asks what is going on. Maya and Katie approach the vehicles, where they see Madame Jean-Aux. Maya asks Madame if she can skip first period in order to practice for her audition, but Madame does not reply, simply staring at her. She tells Maya that she and Katie need to go to the Principal's office immediately. Upon their arrival, Maya jokes that that whatever the case is, she swears she didn't do it. Principal Simpson, with a solemn face, tells Maya he is so sorry to be the one to tell her this - Cam is dead.

Maya finding out that Cam committed suicide.

Katie and Maya go silent as he explains that it appears that he committed suicide in the greenhouse overnight. Maya appears visibly shaken, but then says that there had to be a mistake since she just saw him and insists that Cam had to be fine. Mr. Simpson sadly shakes his head. After a moment, she says that she wants to practice for her audition. She then spends some time playing her cello, processing Cam's death as Katie checks in on her.

Marisol asks Maya to speak at Cam's candlelight vigil. Maya says that she can't attend because she needs to go to her audition, but Katie tells her that she should speak at the vigil in order to deal with Cam's death and that the way that she is behaving is not normal. Maya attempts to write her speech, but doesn't know what say. She re-watches the playful video that Cam had sent her and smiles. Tori offers her condolences and Maya angrily tells her not to be kind to her because of Cam's death.

Maya speaks at Cam's vigil.

Before the vigil, Katie again checks in on Maya who insists she is fine. As Katie walks off, Zig tells Maya that he is the reason Cam killed himself, saying "I told Cam to get out of your life, so he did - its all my fault". Maya tells Zig that that is ridiculous, and starts to laugh. Zig angrily asks her how she could be laughing right now. She says that people keep telling her to do whatever she feels, but that apparently what she is feeling is wrong. She attempts to go on, but is interrupted by Katie who tells her she is to go on stage now.

Maya rushing out of the vigil.

During her speech at the vigil, Maya says that the vigil is "so stupid" and that Cam doesn't deserve a candlelight vigil because it was his choice to commit suicide. She says that people shouldn't blame themselves or feel guilty because its no ones fault but Cam's and that Cam should have fought harder or found someone to help him. Katie tries to explain that Cam was mentally ill, but Maya insists she would have helped him had he given her the chance, but he didn't and just "checked out". She says that she won't light any candles and that she refuses to cry. She then steps off the stand and runs off as Katie calls out after her.

Maya as she stands in the hallway with Hoot, whom Cam had with him when he died.

The next day, Maya tells Katie that she meant everything that she said at the vigil. Maya and Tori apologize to each other, and they make up. They hug and they both begin to cry as Tori assures her that everything is going to be okay. The two begin to go to class, but Maya pauses in her step and takes out Hoot (the stuffed owl that she gave to Cam before he died) from her bag pocket. She looks at it and smiles, looking upward as she holds it to her chest. She then proceeds to class.

Maya performing at Little Miss Steaks.

In Ray of Light (1), Katie comes to sit her, Tori, and Tristan during lunch. Maya is left confused on why Katie isn't sitting with her own group of friends. Katie tells her that she is just checking in on her little sister and hugs her. Maya gets mad when Tori tells Katie that Maya is performing at open mic night at Little Miss Steaks and wants to go with them. Maya thinks that Katie only wants to go because of her well being after Cam's suicide.

They all go to Little Miss Steaks later that night where Maya sings and plays guitar and even gets a business card from a manager who will allow her to play there any time she wants. Katie is displeased by that and flips him over when he comes to talk with Maya, which leaves Maya to believe that Katie is only hanging out with her and her friends because of something that happened in Vegas. She then tells Katie that she's the one that needs help.

Maya with Katie after school.

In Ray of Light (2), she is seen coming out of Dr. Tara's office while Katie is waiting is waiting for her. Maya tells Katie to go in, but Katie refuses before she finally convinces her to go in. Later, Maya helps Katie practice soccer. The two discuss how Katie will be out of town and they will barely see each other. Maya doesn't seem sad about it and jokes that she'll be taking Katie's room while she's gone.

Maya and Tristan listen to Tori giving her presentation

In Karma Police (1), she is seen in French class and watches Tori's presentation on how she could go back in time and help Cam before he commited suicide and it seems to sadden Maya. Then, Tristan brings up that Zig kissed Maya, which seems to frustrate Maya. After the debacle, she witnesses Zig storm out of class after he says he wishes the assignment the class is supposed to do never existed.

In Karma Police (2), Maya is shown sitting in French class while Zig apologizes for messing up his friendship with her, Tori, Tristan, and Cam. Later, she is seen eating lunch with Tori and Tristan. Zig walks over to try to talk to them and the three walk away, unwilling to forgive. However, Maya then turns around and asks Zig if he wants to be an extra in Eli's zombie movie. Maya is the only one to sincerely accept Zig's apology.

Maya begins to cope with Cam's death in an unhealthy way.

In Zombie (1), she is seen filming a scene as an extra in Eli's zombie movie, along with Zig and Tristan. After filming her scene, Maya asks Zig if he'd like to go on a date with her to the movies, to which Zig asks her about Cam. Maya then responds sarcastically in annoyance at his comment. Realizing that she is rejected in her offer, she walks off and accidentally bumps into Harry, whom she apologises to and soon begins to flirt with.

Maya wanting to go to a Senior party.

At home, Maya is seen looking in the mirror wearing a sheer, chiffon shirt that exposes her pink bra and tight jeans and checking her outfit out. She is questioned by Katie who asks if she's going through a 'phase' where she dresses all slutty. Maya says she's not and asks Katie whether it is too soon for her to begin dating again, to which Katie says yes. When she is about to leave for school, Maya looks down at her sneakers and at the last minute decides to change into red heeled ankle boots.

Maya is seen walking down the hallway in her heels, getting attention from boys with her new look. She meets up with Tristan and trips into his arms, claiming that it's difficult being four inches off the ground. She voices her desire to find a cute boy as Tristan is handed an invitation to Drew's campaign party; also her first 'senior party'. Further into the episode, Maya walks downstairs into her kitchen, reaching over to grab an apple, wearing an off the shoulder pink t-shirt, tight black short shorts and the same red boots she wore earlier in the episode. Maya is questioned by her mom about her outfit, claiming that she has "cheek showing", but Maya insists nothing is showing. She asks where she plans to go and Maya explains about Drew's party. Her mother instantly says that she can't go to the party, due to the natural environment, however Maya tricks her into thinking she is going to stay home and play her cello. As soon as her mom leaves, she sneaks out to meet up with Tristan there.

Maya, Talia, and Harry drunk as they get away from the party.

At the party, Maya is happy about being there although Tristan doesn't know what to do. She goes over to the beverage table and picks up a couple of beer bottles. She offers one to Tristan, who turns it down. She walks away and struggles to open it. Harry shows up and uses a bottle opener to help her. She thanks him and she talks to him for a moment before his friend Talia shows up. They introduce themselves before the two begin partying together. However, the moment is interrupted by a text from Zig, asking to talk. Maya texts back a photo of her, Talia and Harry having fun with the caption "too soon?"

When Zig turns up to the party in search of Maya, she sees him and goes up to him, clearly drunk. Seeing her state, he tries taking her home. She refuses, saying how they just got there. She then begins taunting him about rejecting her offer to be her boyfriend and remarks that he "really blew it". He calls her a 'mean drunk' and leaves after Tristan assures him that he will get Maya home safe. As he says she'll be fine, Maya climbs on top of a nearby table and yells, "Anybody wanna have some fun?" while jumping up and down drunkenly as many party goers began cheering with her. Tristan rubs his hand over his face in exasperation as Drew makes sure she doesn't fall off the table.

Talia recording Maya and Harry making out at the party.

Later, Maya, Talia and Harry go into a bedroom to get away from the party, collapsing on a bed. Talia looks through Maya's phone as she says she's glad to have met them because they don't stare at her with a worried face all the time. Harry asks why people are worried about her and Maya asks if he really doesn't know. Talia then comes across a photo of Cam and realizes that she knew him as Harry remarks, "Oh, suicide dude". Maya says how she just wants to scream and wants everyone to get over her being titled as the girl who dated the dead guy.

Maya smiles after posting a video on Facerange of her make out with Harry.

After discussing further, Talia records a video of Maya saying that she didn't ask to be "the girlfriend of the dead guy" and for everyone to "get over it". Talia then goes on about life and how they are wasting their lives at parties, but her friends aren't listening. Harry begins kissing Maya's neck, asking if it's okay. She says unsurely how she doesn't know him and he says that's the whole point. He tries kissing her again and she kisses him back. Soon, the two begin to make out as Talia sees and grins. She begins to record the two together on Maya's phone. She tells them, "Don't mind me" as Maya looks at the phone, smirks and resumes making out with Harry.

After the party, Maya is seen sneaking into her house late at night. She begins bumping into the table while giggling, still drunk. She receives a Facerange message from Zig asking if she is okay. She replies with a "yep" then proceeds to post the video of her and Harry making out on her Facerange page, looking up with a satisfied smile on her face.

Harry inviting Maya for another make out session.

In Zombie (2), Maya is seen walking through the halls of Degrassi with a few people staring at her, having seen the video, as Katie runs over to her. Katie asks Maya about the video she posted on Facerange of her and Harry making out. Maya is careless about the video as Katie notices that it is a bad idea for this to be on the internet. Maya makes sure Katie doesn't tell their parents about the video. It is also revealed that Maya's cello audition is that day. Later at school, Maya is in the music room practicing her cello, as Harry walks in. Maya fears that Harry will think of her as a geek for playing the cello, but he states he doesn't. He mentions he had fun the other night then invites her to the prop closet to hook up, she turns him down since she has the audition.

Maya looks up and thinks of Cam before starting her audition.

At the audition, Maya introduces herself to the strict judges and sits down. Before she starts playing, she gets a rush of stress through her mind and takes a moment to look up at Cam. She takes a deep breath and starts playing her piece, most likely thinking about him while playing. Once she finishes, a judge tells her she did an amazing job. However, the orchestra has a policy where they keep an eye out on all the contestants for the sake of their reputation. The judge pulls out his laptop and opens the video of Maya kissing Harry, which she posted on her Facerange account. Maya says that she didn't think the video on the web would matter, causing the judge to sternly say that "everything matters". Because of this video being released to the public, Maya doesn't get in.

Zig confronting Maya about her video of her with Harry.

Later that day, Maya is sitting outside of Degrassi in the pouring rain. Zig passes by her, gives her a disappointed look and begins to walk by her as she tells him not to go. They both say they don't want to fight, but end up arguing anyway. She apologizes for posting the video and says she took it down. They fight about her being with Harry which leads Zig to say "Maya, this isn't you" making Maya go off about people telling her who she should be. She then takes her cello and chucks it in the dumpster stating that she's quitting. She angrily storms off leaving Zig very worried.

The following day at school, she is seen talking to Harry at his locker and invites him over to watch a movie. Harry makes it clear that he wants to do more than just watch movies, referencing to sex. Maya looks at him before she gives him a rather heated kiss and coyly says she'll see him later before walking off.

Maya and Harry caught almost having sex by her mother and sister.

Maya and Harry are later seen making out on the couch in Maya's living room. Maya is happy at first, but then pulls out as Harry continues to kiss her neck. She thinks for a moment, and realizes that she is now kissing a stranger in the same spot where she spent her last moments with Cam.

She asks Harry if they're gonna watch movies or just kiss for the rest of the night, and Harry says they can do other things. He begins to take off his pants and Maya is becomes nervous and tells him she has never done this before. He tells her to just go with it and to trust him. She tries to ease herself into it.

Maya finally breaking down about Cam's suicide.

Katie and her mother then walk in the house as they got home from their shopping trip. Katie immediately yells "WHAT THE HELL" as she sees Maya on the couch with Harry and his pants unbuckled. Katie kicks Harry out and he quickly leaves the house. Katie and her mother are extremely disappointed and worried. Katie asks why Maya was with the guy who she was making out with in her FaceRange video, which makes her mother ask about it and Maya openly admits that she sneaked out to Drew's campaign party instead of practicing her cello.

Maya remarks that it is a thing for Matlin girls to get busy at the Torres house, referencing to the time when Katie had lost her virginity to Drew there. Katie is near furious when Maya points this out and tells her that this behavior is insane and that it's scary for her to hook up with a guy she barely knows and tells Maya that she can't

Katie comforts Maya while she sobs over Cam's departure from her life.

replace Cam. These words immediately hit home for Maya and she breaks down.

She yells, "WHY NOT?!" She finally breaks down into all the emotion she's been holding back and yells to her mother and sister about how Cam broke up with her by killing himself, and that she hates him for what he did. Maya begins to sob as she says that she feels like she's never going to be happy again and that every day just gets worse before insisting that she can't miss him anymore. Maya then reflects on how he's not even saying goodbye to her. Katie goes over to Maya and holds her as she begins to collapse to the ground and continues to sob. Cam was Maya's first love, and she finally begins to show how much it is truly affecting her that he is gone from her life.

Maya resting her head on Zig's shoulder.

Maya is seen at school the next day writing an apology letter to the Youth Orchestra. Zig is sitting next to her and she also apologizes for treating him so badly. Maya is about to go "dumpster diving" to go take out her cello, since if her parents found out that she disposed of an instrument that cost $1,000, then she would be dead. Zig reveals that he already took it out for her before handing it over to a teacher to hold on to until Maya "came to her senses", and Maya is touched that he did that for her. They then hold hands as she rests her head on his shoulder. Zig tells her how saying no to her was hard since he really likes her. He also explains he only wants them to be together when it's what she wants too.

However, Maya says she doesn't know when that will be. Zig admits that he is willing to wait for her until she is ready for him. Zig walks away. and both are finally left content with the situation as Maya smiles.

Season 13

Maya and Tristan checking out new student, Zoë Rivas.

In Summertime, Maya and Tristan begin to walk into Degrassi for their meeting about their trip to Paris this summer when Maya sees the new kid. She gets distracted, causing her to walk into a board that Drew and Dallas were working on, making them laugh. Tristan is excited that Maya would be his new BFF since Tori and her family moved away. They get into the classroom where the meeting is alongside many people such as Alli and Jenna. When Zoë arrives for the meeting, Maya and Tristan both recognize her from West Drive. Tristan meets her and claims her as his new "bff", which throws Maya off and she questions him on it. Zoë tells Tristan about a concert that will be happening later that night, Maya says it sounds fun and Zoë awkwardly tells her she can come even though she technically wasn't invited. Tristan then questions her on her early curfew and Maya denies it.

Maya talking with her mom and sister about her trip to Paris, France.

Later, Maya, Katie, and her mom are out for ice cream and they check to see if Maya has all the things she needs for Paris. She then mentions the new girl and Katie goes online and looks her up. Maya says that she is afraid that she would steal Tristan away from her since he is already obsessed with her. Also, Maya mentions the concert that is happening and asks if she could go. Her mom says yes, but her curfew is 10. Katie helps Maya convince her mom that she should probably get a later curfew since the concert probably would start at 9:30.

Maya meeting Miles Hollingsworth III, who offers her backstage passes.

Zoë, Tristan, and Maya are seen going to the concert together and Tristan and Zoë seem to be bonding. Zoë says that they don't have to wait in line since she is a star, but only her and Tristan are allowed when the security guard thinks that Maya is under the age of 13.

Since she is left outside when the two go in without her, she goes out back. She later tries to pretend to be pizza delivery person when she sees Miles who says that her plan will never work. Miles is seen smoking pot, and then asks Maya if she wants some; she declines. He says that he has backstage passes into the concert and Maya follows him.

Maya backstage at a concert with Tristan, Miles and Zoë.

Later, Miles, Maya, Zoë, and Tristan are seen backstage when Tristan mentions that last year, Maya has two guys fight over her. Miles asks what happens but Maya quickly says nothing happened. Then Zoë makes a comment that is Maya ditched Tristan for some boy in Paris then she will be by Tristan's side. Maya then retorts by saying that Zoë's character is off West Drive. Tristan is shocked and says that can't be true. Zoë then stomps on Maya's foot making her spill her drink all over the sound board which stops the concert. The four teenagers get in trouble and are sent to "concert jail".

Miles' dad comes and says that they can all go home while he talks to Miles. Maya and Tristan talk and she says that he has been ditching her for the whole night. He says he was afraid that she was going to ditch him for Miles or some future French boy they may meet. She says that would never happen. They then decide how they they are going to get home if they don't have any money for a ride. Miles then walks over and overhears them talking. He stops and gives Maya his credit card and tells her the PIN. She thanks him and she and Tristan goes home.

Maya being told she can't go to Paris for breaking curfew.

Maya gets home 20 minutes late and her mom says she can't go to Paris. Maya complains that it isn't fair and says that she hates her. Maya walks into the kitchen and Katie says that was harsh. Maya asks if she thinks that she shouldn't be going to Paris either and she says that they should talk in the morning. Maya then takes her things and heads to Tristan's house. She sleeps there overnight and the next day, Katie calls her and asks her where she isn't but she doesn't say. Tristan and Maya are at The Dot having breakfast and when they get the bill, Maya takes out Miles' credit card and uses it. Then she says she should return it to him but Tristan thinks it is a bad idea. Maya says her mom already thinks she is a bad-ass so she decided to why not be one.

Maya tearfully apologizing to her mom about her behavior.

Later, Maya arrives at Miles' house where his father is having a party to start his run for mayor in the fall. Maya sees Miles and she returns his credit card to him and he introduces his best friend Chewy, to her. Miles begins drinking and offers some to Maya. She drinks it but later when she gets a text from her mother saying that she should come home, she drops the bottle and it hits the floor below which startles the guests. Miles' father then comes and drag Miles to a closet. Miles' father and him are arguing then later they come out and Miles is mad at his father and decides to jump into the pool. Maya then flees from the scene, saying that she can't be around guys like him.

Tristan and Maya on the bus to Paris for the summer after seeing Miles arrive on board.

She arrives back home with a bouquet of flowers for her mom. Maya apologizes to her mom about her harsh words and they both hug. Katie tells Maya that she's getting ready for soccer camp and Maya says that she feels like that everybody is leaving her. Their mom comes in and says to Maya that she and their dad talked and decided to let her go to Paris. Maya is happily jumps up and down in excitement.

Maya gets on the bus heading to Paris and sits next to Tristan. She tells him that her mom changed her mind and allowed her to go to Paris. They see Miles and Winston on the bus. Maya asks Miles what is he doing on the bus. Miles says that his dad decided to send him to Paris for the summer and had Winston go with him. Miles says "It looks like we're going to spend the summer together, after all". Maya says that she's spending the summer with her best friend, not him, before leaning back into her seat. Zoë asks Maya if she and Miles are going to hook up. Maya says no and Zoë says "Awesome... let's keep it that way". Tristan says to Maya "This summer is going to be cray-cray" as he and Maya laugh.

Maya telling Tristan that she doesn't want to be his fake girlfriend all summer.

In All I Wanna Do, Maya and Tristan are excited about shopping and love in Paris. Maya is roommates with Zoë and Alli. When Maya walks into the boy's room, Tristan claims that Maya is his girlfriend after he feels like he has to act straight in front of Miles and Winston. Maya goes along with the act for a little bit, even going as far to kissing Tristan, but tells Tristan that she doesn't want to have to be pretend to be his girlfriend for the entire trip. Tristan explains to her that he feels like he has to pretend to straight since people like Miles and Winston wouldn't be comfortable around him since he was gay.

In My Own Worst Enemy, Maya smiles when she sees Tristan and Miles walk into the room. Tristan tells her that he's convinced that Miles has feelings for him and tells her about the hug they shared the previous day, which he's told her many times already. Then, she watches Tristan and Zoë debate whether Miles is gay or straight. When the class starts, Madame Cliquet tells them about the assignment they're suppose to do and Maya, as well as the rest of the class, fail to understand what's she's saying. This leading to Miles to translate for them.

Maya watching Miles and Zoë kissing.

After Tristan has spent time with Miles, he tells Maya an exaggerated story about him kissing Miles. They both are about to walk into a room and see Zoë on Miles's lap, shocking them both. As Tristan storms off, she turns and stares at the newfound couple. Later, Maya is seen playing guitar with Jenna until Alli interrupts and tells them both about how she screwed up her date with Leo. Maya tells her that it seemed like a really good date and she, along with Jenna, convince Alli to make it right.

In About A Girl, Maya complains when Tristan stops going to class. He says he is sick but really he is heartbroken over seeing Miles and Zoë together. When Maya asks him his symptoms, he makes some up. Maya tells him it's not like they are going to make out in class but as they walk in Zoë and Miles are, in fact, making out in class. Tristan sarcastically tells Maya he is going to barf. Maya walks in to class and asks Chewy to tell Miles to stop the PDA with Zoë. Winston says he won't since if a person tells Miles to stop doing something, he'll only doing it twice as bad.

Later, Maya sees Zoë and Miles kissing from the balcony. Maya leaves the room and comes back with a bucket of water and Tristan is there. She tells him she is going to "douse that flame", much to his delight, and pours the water off the balcony. It ends up hitting Madame Cliquet, and Tristan and Maya get detention. Maya tells Tristan that at least they don't have to see them kiss in detention. At detention, Tristan leaves to go get gloves when Miles comes in and confronts her about the water obviously being meant for him. She tells him the attempt was for Tristan and calls him out for making out with his girlfriend Zoë, out in public all the time. He says that they aren't exactly going out and that he kisses any girl who asks nicely and tells her to ask him.

Maya scolds Miles for leading Tristan on only to hurt him.

After firmly insisting she doesn't like him, she starts yelling at him for kissing Tristan and getting his hopes up. She then turns to find Tristan there, hearing the whole thing about him, and takes off in humiliation. Just as she begins to follow after him, Miles says wait and she slowly looks at him. He asks if she's sure she didn't want to kiss him and she walks away annoyed.

That night, Maya goes into Tristan's room to apologize. She tells him she didn't mean to say all that about him but that Miles thought she liked him. Tristan asks her if she did and she responds that she doesn't. Tristan explains that now he looks like a lovestruck puppy and that now Miles knows he is heartbroken and not just sick. Maya apologizes but Tristan doesn't accept it and tells her that they are done.

Maya starting to cry after beginning to worry about Tristan's safety.

In Cannonball, Maya walks in on Miles and Winston getting dressed while trying to find Tristan. Miles says that Tristan already left before they woke up. As Maya is leaving, he says that she should take someone with her, and she takes Winston. When Maya says she doesn't need a guy like him around right now, he looks upset and throws Winston his shirt. Later, when Winston convinces Maya that she needs Miles to find Tristan because he speaks French and knows his way around Paris, they walk in to see Miles and Zoë sitting on his bed. Miles, at Zoë's suggestion, makes Maya ask nicely in French for help. He then seems to push Zoë aside carelessly, eager to help Maya.

Maya apologizing to Tristan.

It is raining outside when they go to find Tristan in the evening, and he is carrying a black umbrella. He stops by a fast food place, making Maya upset, and offers her a fry. When Maya looks like she is about to cry and says she doesn't know what to say to Tristan even if they find him because she is a terrible friend, Miles assures her that it's okay and to walk across the street where Tristan is. He gives her the umbrella and leaves.

In class, Maya and Tristan are doing a presentation on the pillory as a form of public humiliation, and Maya suggests Miles try it out. Tristan jokingly asks if anyone has any rotten fruit to throw at Miles. When the bell rings, Maya and Tristan almost leave Miles stuck in the pillory. When Miles calls to be let out, Maya stays back and asks quietly why he was so nice to her the other day. Miles says she caught him on a good day. They stare at each other for a little bit before Zoë interrupts, telling Miles he promised to take her out to this fancy restaurant. Miles seems slightly reluctant. Maya lets him out of the pillory, but before he leaves the classroom following Zoë, Miles tells Maya he'll see her around with a smile.

Maya and Tristan out in Paris.

In Honey, she is seen in class listening to Madame Criquet about going to a fancy French restaurant. She and Tristan laugh and whisper to each other about how they're going to order their food in weird French accents. Then, Madame tells the class about the attire they need to wear and they aren't supposed to wear vulgar t-shirts. She primarily said to Winston and then he and Maya laugh about it. Then, Zoë makes fun of Maya for wearing sneakers and having flat feet; then, Maya makes fun of Zoë for wearing "hooker heels." Maya then appears to be angry when seeing Zoë and Miles kiss each other and feels embarrassed about her "flat feet". Tristan then convinces Maya to go on a fashion montage with him.

Maya and Tristan go on their fashion montage and are seen trying on hats and posing. They go across the street and see a green dress in the window. Both love it but know it will be too expensive. Tristan then says that Maya should use her mom's credit card because it is a "fashion emergency". Maya agrees to buy it then return it at the end of the night so her mother will never know. They both decide to go to dinner very dressed up to show up Zoë.

When they arrive at dinner, Miles seems flattered by how Maya looks, not even able to form a sentence, which angers Zoë. Zoë then spills her drink on Maya's dress on purpose, angering everyone. Tristan then takes Maya into the bathroom to clean up.

Maya at the school dinner at a restaurant.

They come back where Maya tells Tristan how she doesn't know why Zoë hates her so much. Tristan says it's because that Miles obviously likes her, which she doesn't believe. Tristan says its obvious that Miles is into her and Maya says that if he did then why he would be "swapping spit" with Zoë all the time. He says it's clearly to make her jealous.

Miles then comes over and informs them that he ended his relationship with Zoë because of how she treated Maya. He also brings up that Zoë has this "crazy idea" that he's into Maya and accused him of having feelings for her. Hearing this, Maya looks back at Zoë who is angrily in tears. The next day, everyone leaves Paris and Maya looks very tired. She kisses Madame goodbye and gets on the bus. She says how relieved she is that the store took the dress back, then complains about leaving at 4am and rests her head on Tristan's shoulder to go to sleep. Tristan then tells her to sleep with one eye open because Zoë is staring back at them angrily.

In This Is How We Do It, Maya is seen in the assembly with Tristan talking about Miles. He says how nice it must to have your crush in homeroom. She tells Tristan that she wants to focus on music, not boys, causing Tristan to make a comment about why she got contacts for the new school year. Miles and Winston walk in a few minutes later as Winston tells him the girls of Degrassi are not worth knowing. However, Miles stares at Maya as they pass by and says that there may be "one or two worth checking out",

Maya feeling sorry for Zoë.

clearly referring to Maya. She is then seen clapping when the Student Council is introduced on stage.

Later, Maya is seen in class laughing with Tristan when Miles walks in and sits next to her on a desk. The two begin flirting and both seem disappointed when it is revealed Zoë now goes to Degrassi. She then watches Zoë splash her drink on Mr. Perino and looks shocked along with the class. She is seen walking in the hallway with Tristan and Miles talking about music and basketball. Zoë approaches them and she watches Miles tell her off. She gives her a long sympathetic look before following after Miles and Tristan.

Maya and Miles at the Beach Bash party.

In You Got Me, Maya, Miles and Tristan interrupt Zoë talking about Drew at the ticket table to purchase tickets for the dance. She is shocked when Zoë reveals she and Drew are together and tells her how Drew is already with someone who is currently away at univeristy. When Zoë blows it off by claiming they likely broke up, she then tells her she'll see them both at the dance.

At the dance, Maya is seen walking in with Tristan, Miles and Winston and questions why it's so quiet (since the music wasn't working). Later, she is seen flirting with Miles when she notices Zoë and Drew slow dancing in front of them. She watches as Drew bugs out on Zoë and laughs when Miles makes fun of her.

She is then flirting with Miles once again, this time unknowingly in front of Zig. She turns her head and sees him, frowning. Zig waves at her and she awkwardly waves back. After Miles leaves, she goes up to Zoë and apologizes for laughing about Drew and feels she should have warned her since he "screwed over" her sister last year. She says that she wants to make amends and for them to be friends. Zoë seemingly accepts her offer and the two have a make up hug. However, unknown to Maya, Zoë secretly plans to get back at her for "stealing" Miles from her and smiles evilly as she hugs Maya.

In You Oughta Know, Maya is seen walking into class with Tristan and Miles, who are discussing their basketball try outs. Tristan tells her how he needs a best friend, which Maya mockingly takes offense to, causing him to explain that he needs a "guy best friend". He thinks Miles is warming up to him and tells her how he invited him to his house afterwards, Maya says Miles invited her as well. Tristan asks if he unknowingly volunteered to be a chaperone for a date, Maya calls him a doofus as Miles was having a party; hence, everyone is invited to come. She later makes a quick appearance walking by the pool during the party as Clare arrives to Zoë. Maya is later seen with Zoë and Tristan, who is telling her about Miles wanting to take steroids and is visibly concerned.

Maya telling Tristan to come clean about the false steroids.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, she makes a brief appearance arriving next to Tristan after he has a fight with Miles over the fake steroids he gave him instead of real ones. She advises him to come clean to the whole team when he has another idea instead to save himself from further trouble, which she doesn't think will make things any better.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Maya performs a song in front of her class and, following this, is finally asked out by Miles who invites her to attend a concert with him. Maya is clearly hesitant and asks if she can get back to him on that, much to his disappointment. Tristan asks her about her date with Miles as she goes to her next class, only for her to say she isn't sure on account of her bad history with guys and desire to focus on her music career. Tristan says that she's only ever been in one relationship and that just because her relationship with Cam ended tragically, doesn't mean she can't take a chance at happiness with Miles.

Miles asking Maya out on a date.

Maya hushes him as Zoë comes in the room, not wanting her to hear. Tristan says how things seemed good between her and Zoë, but Maya admits she is still unsure about how she would feel about her and Miles becoming "anything".

Zoë then comes up and asks Maya if she thought about doing a music video for her song. Maya admits that that she was thinking about doing a simple music video with her guitar and uploading it onto YouTube, but Zoë reveals that she has professional contacts and how she wants to use the West Drive set for her video, along with herself directing. Tristan insists Maya do it and Maya asks what's in it for Zoë. She says she is only trying to be a good friend and Maya accepts.

Later on set, as Zoë is showing them the set of where her old character's bedroom is at, Maya tries telling Zoë about her idea for a video before Zoë introduces them to Maya's music video co-star who Tristan is immediately fancied by. Zoë then tells Maya about her own idea for a video; she brings a guy home and is really hesitant about him seeing the real her, but soon begins taking off layer after layer of clothing before she is physically bare to him. Maya immediately refuses to do any nudity, but Zoë insists it will only appear as though she is naked and that it will be tastefully done in an artistic manner. A reluctant Maya asks Tristan for his opinion, and he says lots of stars do sexy music videos. After a moment of hesitation, Maya agrees to do the video. They then film the video as Maya awkwardly does her romantic and sexual scenes with her co-star. They then watch the edited and completed version, alongside Miles, at Degrassi.

Maya filming a scene in her music video.

Maya is ecstatic about the video, believing that this will be her shot at becoming a known as a real musician and then notices Miles' tense expression. She asks him for his opinion and he says that the video is "fine if you're into porn" before he abruptly leaves the room as a concerned Maya watches.

Later on, Maya meets up with him in the hallway and asks if he's mad at her. Miles asks why that would be the case, causing her to bring up the guy in her video and he says it's not like she's his girlfriend. Maya begins to apologize for turning him down to go the concert with him and he says that he figured she just wasn't ready for a relationship when, in reality, she just wasn't ready for him. Maya tries to reason that isn't the case at all and he says he'll find someone else to go with and admits that he's really just surprised - she isn't the person he thought she was. Maya is clearly surprised and asks if it's about what she did in the video. She insists she was only acting and that she was doing it for her music career, causing Miles to conclude, "So you were a slut to get attention".

This comment shocks Maya and he tells her to check her Facerange fan page as everyone is saying the same thing about her before he walks away from a stunned Maya. She sits down and checks out Facerange to see a newly made page that has branded her a slut for what she did in her video with tons of degrading comments along with her face photo shopped on porn and lingerie models.

Maya seeing the hate comments following the release of her video.

Maya goes to see Zoë and demands the video be taken down. Zoë tells her that a lot of actresses had to deal with such publicity, but that she shouldn't care what people say about her. Maya insists that she cares how people talk about her and Zoë reveals she had to deal with hate from audience members while during her time on West Drive, but that she never let it get to her since she still came out on top as a star. Maya takes her advice and tries not to let what people are saying get to her.

However, during class, Tristan comes up to her and asks if she's seen what people are posting about her online. He shows her a couple of new pictures of her and asks if they're real. Maya says they're photo shopped. She says she's trying not to let any of it get to her, but Tristan can see that she's hurting and asks if she's doing okay. The teacher then instructs her to read a report on Jane Eyre and as she tries to read, notices many classmates laughing at her. As she tries to be strong about it, Damon openly makes a degrading remark about her while holding up his cell phone of a picture of her face on a porn model with her phone number on it. The teacher kicks him out of the room and he remarks as he leaves that he'll call her. This remark finally breaks Maya and she quickly gathers her things and flees from the room on the verge of tears as a remorseful Miles looks downward.

Maya's mom finding out about her music video and the bullying.

At home, Maya goes through further pages of pictures of her photo shopped on porn models when her mom comes home, concerned about why she skipped class. She tries to lie that she isn't feeling well when her mom sees her opened laptop with one of the pictures on screen, causing Maya to quickly close it. Her mom demands that she opens it and Maya reluctantly does so. Her mom asks if that's really her. Maya assures her that the photos are all fake. She admits to doing a sexy music video and that ever since it's been released, someone created a Facerange page about her being a slut for doing it and how people have been joining in and bullying her and that she doesn't know who would do this to her. She blames herself for doing such a video that lead to the bullying. Her mom assures her that while she shouldn't have done the video, she isn't to blame for people bullying her. Her mom assures her that they'll find a way to get through this.

A classmate almost forcing himself onto Maya.

In Barely Breathing, Maya and her mother talk with Mr. Simpson over how to handle the bullying. He says they do not tolerate bullying and have talked with the students. However, they cannot do anything about the FaceRange page and Maya says that despite all that they're doing, it will not make the bullying any better and walks out of the office. She meets up with Zoë outside the office as people continue to stare at her. Zoë asks if they found out who created the page and Maya says they haven't. Zoë comforts her and advises that she stay low for a little bit.

Later, she practices her cello in the music room when a male student watches her before joining her. He says she is very good at it. Noticing her expression, he asks if people are still giving her a hard time about her video and says that if she needs him to "kick anybody's ass" then he has her back. Maya looks at him and smiles before putting her cello away. The guy checks out her butt before commenting "what a sweet back it is" before coming up and groping her. Maya immediately shoves him away, warning him to get off of her. However, he says that he's seen the photos of her and knows that she wants it and begins forcing himself onto her while Maya attempts to push him away. Miles, coming in at that moment, yanks him off of her and punches him in the face before literally throwing him out of the room. Maya, who is in shock, asks him if his hand is okay and Miles says that it isn't, but that it was worth it.

Miles admitting he was wrong for what he said to Maya.

The two sit at the table as Maya says how she should just lay low for a little while since everyone thinks she's a slut. Miles tells her that everybody is wrong about her and admits to being wrong in what he said about her. He asks how many guys she's kissed and she answers only three. Miles says he's kissed around fifty different girls and that someone should make a page about him. She remarks how he's a guy and that they'd "probably build him a statue" and that all she wants if for all the drama to go away. He says that he might have a solution for her and offers her his hand. Maya looks at him for a moment before accepting it and walking off with him. Miles takes her to a hallway and meets up with an older girl who recognizes Maya from her video. It turns out that Miles has payed her to find out who created the page of Maya's bullying. The girl goes through the process of explaining how she managed to crack the original user of the page before showing her laptop screen of the person who started her mass bullying. Maya looks down and comments, "I don't believe it".

Maya and Zoë after fighting with each other.

In a classroom , Maya confronts Zoë and demands to know why she did what she did, believing they were friends. Zoë comes out and says that "friends don't steal friends boyfriends". Maya exclaims that she and Miles were not even dating. Zoë remarks, "Whatever, slut". Enraged, Maya takes Zoë's nail polish and spills it over her pants. Zoë asks if she knows how hard it is to get out nail polish, leading Maya to say, "Not as hard as it is to get out bitch!" Zoë pushes her and the two get into a cat fight. The fight is interrupted by a teacher who sends them down to the office.

The two girls meet with Mr. Simpson alongside their mothers, arguing. They get an automatic two week detention for the fight before Maya asks why Zoë not get a more severe punishment for creating the hate page. He asks Zoë if it's true and Zoë acts as though she is sincerely sorry for what she did. Maya is asked if she wishes to press charges, but Zoë's mother insists there is no need for that. Maya's mother agrees as well, much to Maya's shock who says that Zoë's actions ruined her life. Zoë's mother insists to Maya that she will deal with Zoë herself and as they walk out, Zoë gives Maya a smirk. Later, Maya rants to Miles about how Zoë gets off scott free for what she did and she and Miles sing together a playful song about the whole situation. Miles jokes that she should "enlighten" everyone about the true evil person Zoë is. In class, Maya volunteers to sing a song and Miles attempts to stop her. He says he was only joking, but Maya still goes through with it. She sings a song while glaring at Zoë about karma and how she wants her "dead". Mrs. Oh stops Maya and she says, "Let me guess. Go to the office?" She gives Zoë a cold look as she leaves.

Maya telling her mother had badly the bullying has impacted her life.

At home, it is revealed that she has been suspended for "threatening" a girl's life, and Maya's mother scolds her and says how she is obviously grounded without the TV and the internet. Maya tries to explain herself, saying how badly the bullying has gotten to her and how people look at her "like she has a disease" and even had a random stranger come up and grope her and how she can't even come home while not continuing to get bullied online. However, her mother insists she "turn the other cheek" and not let it bother her. Maya begins to cry and tells her she doesn't get how hard it is, only for her mom to tell her that she should be a better person than her tormentors and rise about their level. Maya excuses herself from the room, overwhelmed in emotion. As she leaves, her mother relents and says that if she wants to press criminal charges against Zoë, they will. Maya is surprised, but her mother warns her about a trial going to be a long and hard process. Maya then requests time to think before making her last decision.

Miles and Maya sharing their first kiss together.

That night Maya is shown playing her cello in her living room while she's grounded when she hears someone tap on the window. Maya stops and looks out to see Miles at the window. He admits that he feels like he pushed her into doing the song that resulted in her punishment, but Maya says that Zoë had it coming. Miles says that Zoë is just jealous of her because she's "talented, funny and awesome" in ways that she'll never be. Maya says that he doesn't have to say things just to make her feel better, but Miles says, "I'm not... trust me". Miles and Maya share a moment before he leans in and kisses her before leaning back. He says that school is going to suck without her. Maya smiles before hearing her mother saying how she said no TV. Maya quickly begins urging Miles out the window before saying a quick, "Wait, no" before giving him one last quick kiss before he descends out the window. Maya fixes herself as if she's been reading as her mother walks in.

Her mom appears confused when seeing the TV off, swearing that she heard it. Maya jokes that she's getting old and her mother asks if she's made her decision about pressing charges against Zoë. Maya says that just because Zoë is an evil person, doesn't mean she has to be and that she just wants to move on in her life especially when she has "things to look forward to". As her mother leaves, Maya looks back the window and smiles happily to herself as she thinks back to her kiss with Miles.

In Black or White, she is seen sitting in her living room with Miles, who has his arm around her, and Tristan who is reciting his lines for his acting class. It is revealed that she is under "house arrest" following her "death threat" to Zoë. She gives Tristan advice about the class monologue and how to convince his instructor to give him a more serious and less comedic role.

Maya in her fort as Tristan arrives.

In Spiderwebs, Maya is still suspended from school and finding ways to pass the time. With newfound boyfriend Miles away on vacation for the holidays and Katie away in California, she sees Tristan as her only hope for not being alone on Thanksgiving. Tristan arrives as Maya shows him a fort she made. She says how she has Thanksgiving all planned out and begins telling him her plans just as he reveals he has to cancel. He explains how he has to perform in the Thanksgiving Feast play. Maya tells him to simply come to her house following the end of the show as Tristan hesitantly tells her about Zoë and their renewed friendship. Maya is naturally upset about it and goes into her Fort as Tristan follows, offering to skip the play altogether if she wants. Maya then says she just can't stand the idea of him out having a good time with "that witch" before she gives him her blessing. Tristan then calls her the most "bad ass, blonde friend" a guy could ask for.

Tristan with Maya in her Turkey disguise.

Later, before the play, Tristan is going through wardrobe while practicing his lines just as a person in a turkey costume comes up to him. Tristan is weirded out just as the person removes the mask and reveals herself to be Maya. Tristan asks her why she's there just as Zoë comes up, causing him to swiftly put her mask back on, excited about doing the play together. Noticing Maya in her turkey costume, but not being able to see her face, she asks if its Winston in his suit. Winston then comes up from behind her, asking if they re-casted the role of the turkey in the play. Thinking quickly, Tristan said it's just "some kid who's lost" before pulling Maya away.

When safely away from the rest of the crowd, Maya is clearly upset when remarking how "he and Zoë seem tight". Tristan tells her to stop thinking about Zoë when they need to "find her a hiding spot before they run into Simpson". Reminding Maya of her active suspension from school. Maya then shows him a pie box. Tristan tells her that he can't eat before a show due to nerves. Maya tells him that it is actually a pie she wishes him to throw at Zoë during the show. Tristan tells her that it could potentially sabotage his performance, but Maya assures him that the little kids will likely love it. He tells her that she and Zoë deserve each other since they care more about revenge then being his friend. Maya tells him that Zoë ruined her life and that ever since she left school due to her suspension, everyone seems to be on Zoë's side instead of hers. Tristan sarcastically remarks, "Yeah, I wonder why" before walking away from an upset Maya.

Maya laughing as Tristan throws the pie in Zoë's face

During the performance, Maya watches glumly as Tristan and Zoë perform their scenes together. Noticing Maya's presence, Zoë throws in an extra hug while excitedly calling Tristan her "bestie", clearly to upset Maya. Feeling sympathetic for Maya, Tristan comes on stage and throws the pie in Zoë's face, inciting laughter from both the kids and Maya gleefully.

After the play, Maya thanks Tristan for doing what he did. She asks if he wants to head back to her place just as Zoë walks into the room, cleaning her face off. Both girls immediately demand to know what is going on, looking at Tristan for an answer. Tristan then calls them both turkey's since they care nothing more than beating each other and exacting revenge. He calls Maya his "BFF always and forever" as she knows that just before Maya asks how the pie tasted to Zoë.

Maya and Zoë's reluctant truce.

However, Tristan concludes that since he already exacted Maya's revenge for her, he wants a truce because he wants to be friends with both of them. Both Maya and Zoë make it clear that they still don't like each other, but agree to it. Tristan then declares it a start of a "beautiful friendship" and that they both love the same thing - him. This earns a laugh from both girls.

In The World I Know, Maya is back at Degrassi and is first seen following Mr. Simpson to her new class that he says that she must attend known as "The Rubber Room", which is a class for troubled teenagers to act as a support group due to making a "death threat" to Zoë. She tries to beg with Mr. Simpson not to put her in there, insisting she was being cyberbullied and to have some leniency. He says that since she made a threat on someone's life, he was being lenient by just making her attend the class. Maya tries to bargain with him, offering to serve detention everyday and even organizing his file room. Despite all these attempts, Maya is still required to go.

Maya meeting back up with Zig after the summer.

In "The Rubber Room" for the first time, Maya is clearly uneasy being there. She takes a look at all the clearly tougher and more street rebellious kids in her class and nervously takes her seat. As she gets her first assignment, she is titled a "Princess" by some classmates due to clearly not fitting in with them. Her first assignment is interviewing someone, which she tries to easily get out of by asking if she could interview herself, but the teacher says she needs a partner. At this moment, Zig Novak comes in, late, and she is asked if she has met him before. Maya turns and stares at Zig in plain shock. Zig casually says he and Maya go way back and puts him arm around the back of her, making her uneasy. During her interview with him, Maya notices his drastic change of behaviour and begins getting annoyed with his new personality as a street rebellious boy.

During lunch, Miles and Tristan sit next to her, asking if she wants to go to a resuraunt that Miles suggested for lunch. Maya says that while she would love to go, she has to work on her first Rubber Room assignment. As Tristan asks about it, Maya tells them she is partnered with Zig, shocking him. As Maya and Tristan talk about Zig, Miles asks who Zig is. Maya quickly answers, "Nobody" just as Tristan claims, "Her ex".

Maya assuring Miles about Zig.

As Maya shoots Tristan a look, Miles says that those are two different things. Maya explains that Zig isn't her ex since they never dated, but Miles stares at her. Maya then goes on to explain that her relationship with Zig is complicated since they had kissed, earning a surprised chuckle from him, when he was dating Tori and that they haven't talked since last year. Miles insists it's fine since he isn't going to get jealous over some "Rubber Room skid". Maya looks down awkwardly before Miles says, "Wait, I'm prettier, right?" His comment makes Maya chuckle before she says "Of course" and gives him a kiss.

However, Tristan says that Zig, despite his new behavior, is more than still clearly in love with her. Maya blows off his comment, remarking that he watches "too many teen soaps". She urges them to leave while she finishes her work, giving Miles one last kiss as he leaves with Tristan.

During their presentation in class, Maya and Zig go up to play each other, talking about why they are there. When Maya remarks he could have dressed up for the part, Zig says he did before putting on a blonde wig, glasses and a princess crown. This earns laughing from classmates and an annoyed look from Maya. During their presentation, Zig begins to make fun of Maya, calling her a "princess" who believes herself to be above the rest of them, frustrating her. When the teacher demands he get back on track, Zig asks why Maya (in the role of himself) is there. Maya, fed up, declares he is there because a girl broke his heart and he can't get over it like a normal person. As the class laugh at Zig getting told off so bluntly, he storms out of the room as Maya sighs to herself.

Maya trying to apologize, only for Zig to say he hates her.

In Better Man, Maya walks into the Remedial Room only to narrowly miss being hit by a smackball. She sees Zig and quickly ducks behind a table with him. She apologizes for calling him out in front of the class, and Zig tells her to save her apology for someone who cares, declaring he hates her.

Maya is clearly hurt and stays down as he walks off. She is then joined by Grace who tells Maya to pretend like she doesn't care and says she clearly wants out of the room. Maya says that's true, and Grace assumes it's because she thinks she's better than them. Maya says she does not, and to prove her point, joins the game of Smackball only to almost hit the teacher. As they clean up, Maya asks Grace to help her make friends, even offering her to pay her, but Grace refuses to help her. Grace eventually emails Maya a list of things to do if she wants to fit in.

Maya has Tristan give her a makeover to make her fit in more. Miles walks to them and asks if he missed "make over Monday". Tristan says no, just Maya paying Grace for a list of "Rubber Room Dos and Don'ts". Miles then takes Maya's phone and reads the list of things to do and not to do when you're in the Rubber Room, to which he laughs at. He asks Maya if she really thinks she can do all of this, to which she says she has to if she is going to survive the Rubber Room.

Miles asks why she should even care if it's only twice a day. Maya says that being in a room full of people who hate you is the worst. Tristan then asks her to not "turn into that weirdo in the back of the class". Maya then looks at her reflection in her phone and Miles remarks while rubbing her head that she'd "make a cute weirdo". She smiles to herself.

Grace inviting Maya to cut class.

As Maya walks into the room with her new look, Zig, mistaking her for Grace, compliments her before realizing who she is and is clearly surprised. He asks her what she is doing and she answers, "Fitting in". She then takes her seat and Grace compliments Maya on her new look, which makes Maya smile. Maya insults the teacher during class in an attempt to further fit in and Grace asks her to hang out later. Maya says she has class and Grace remarks, "So?"

Later on, Maya begins making her way out of the school, causing a group of girl students to get out of her way once looking at her, making her smile. She runs into Miles who reminds her how she's supposed to go into the school in the mornings, not out. Maya then gestures and points to a group of the Rubber Room kids behind him. Miles looks back and turns to her, stating that she is planning to skip school to hang out with them, clearly disapproving. Maya begins apologizing, insisting that now she is starting to finally fit in with them. Despite clearly still not approving, Miles relents saying that she does make a cute weirdo, making her smile. He gives her a kiss before Maya makes her way to the Rubber Room kids.

Girls shocked by Maya's new look.

Once there, Zig demands to know why she is there, causing Grace to reveal that she invited her. Zig then yanks off her fake nose ring and says that if she wants to hang out with them, she needs to do something. He then takes out what appears to be a gun, stunning Maya. Grace then assures her it is only a BB gun and to hold onto it. Maya then nervously puts the gun inside her bag as she walks alongside Grace.

Inside an empty classroom, a student says the coast is clear as Maya holds the gun and aims it at a fish tank. Maya asks if the fish will die and Grace tells her they might and to just shoot. After trying to make up an excuse, Zig remarks she doesn't have it in her to shoot as the male student tells her to hurry or the teacher will catch them. Grace says she thought she was one of them and Maya tells her to hold on and to give her a moment. She then pulls the trigger, revealing the gun to actually be nothing more than toy.

The "gun" revealed to be a fake.

Grace says that bringing a real gun to school would get them expelled. Zig then says that if Maya wanted out of the Rubber Room , then expulsion would do it. Maya then calls them out, saying she can't believe she ever wanted to fit in with them and that she does want out of the room, claiming they are treated like criminals. Zig tells her that some of them are, in fact, criminals. Maya blows Zig's comment off, telling him to brand her a princess and to be mean to her, but that she deserved better. As she walks off, she says they all deserved better treatment.

Maya realizing she earned the Remedial kids respect by standing up to them.

During Remedial class later on, Maya has removed most of her new look clothes and politely answers a question asked by the teacher. Grace joins in, answering as well. After class, Grace invites Maya to hang out with them again, surprising Maya. Grace tells her that she is impressed that Maya stood up to them, earning their respect. When Maya brings up how Zig still doesn't like her, Grace tells that she doesn't want Zig as a friend, warning her against befriending him again. When Maya casually asks if being friends means she gets to have her money back, Grace retorts, "No refunds".

Maya at Miles' pool party as he confronts Drew and Zoë.

In Dig Me Out, she is seen at Miles' pool party, flirting with him slightly. She notices Drew and Zoë arriving on the scene and is alongside Miles' as he confronts them about their presence at his house. When Miles tries to get them to leave, Drew threatens Miles into letting them stay by saying he'll tell his father that he is throwing the party, along with giving alcohol to minors, in the first place. She comments that he and Zoë are made for each other before she follows after Miles as he walks away. She is later seen enjoying the party by the pool, soaking her feet and enjoying herself.

Maya after being caught skinny dipping by Miles' father.

In No Surprises, Maya is hanging out at the Hollingsworth house with Miles when he tempts her into skinny dipping by removing his swimwear while in the pool. Maya hesitantly decides to go through with it, telling him to turn around so she can take off her clothes. He does so, and she says how she can't believe he actually talked her into doing this.

After jumping in the pool, she says he can look and they stare at each other for a moment before she overhears Miles' father and members of his campaign staff about to come in. She says how he told her no one would be home and rushes out of the pool to cover herself. Maya tells Mr. Hollingsworth they were doing homework as she leaves in a towel after grabbing her stuff.

Maya assuring Miles he can gain his father's approval.

In class, Maya asks him if she left a bad impression on his father, and he assures her he has taken all the blame. She says that it isn't good that his father thinks so lowly of him, and suggests that he go the extra mile to impress his Dad. Miles, Maya and Winston then begin to organize a plan to help in Mr. Hollingsworth Mayoral campaign. Miles is excited to show his dad all the work he has put into helping out and goes outside to show him.

At school, the next day, Miles calls Maya over to his locker. He shows her a necklace that he intends to give to Andrea, his fathers campaign manager, to find out what is really going on between the two. He plans to slip it into her bag and make it appear as though his father was the one who gave it to her. Maya is reluctant for him to go through with the plan, warning him how it could just be one big misunderstanding. He still decides to go through with it to see what is truly going on. She then gives him some advice on what romantic message to put on the card.

Maya after hearing Miles tell her that he loves her.

That night, Miles is with Maya laying on her couch together. Miles says he is done with his parents and their political plans and she asks him if he is okay. Miles says that he has her now and then confesses that he loves her. Maya looks up at him in clear surprise before she tells him that she loves him too. She lays her head back on his chest and smiles happily to herself.

In Basket Case, she is first heard over the phone talking to Miles. She is hoping to make plans with him when his parents are away and teases him about "seeing how that skinny dip ends". When Miles throws a huge party instead, she is seen walking in clearly surprised.

When Miles comes up and drunkenly kisses her and tries getting her to have some fun, she calls him out on just getting himself into trouble for no reason other than making his father furious with him. When Miles loudly humilates her in front of the crowd, she calmly tells him, "Goodnight, Miles" before walking away and leaving the house.

Maya confronting a drunk Miles at his house party.

Later on, Maya is seen in her living room, reading a book. She then hears loud knocking her window and turns to see Miles standing outside it. Sighing loudly, Maya goes to it and opens it, asking him why he is there. Clearly still a bit drunk, he says he came to apologize and shows her some roses obviously plucked up.

He admits he should have shut down the party when she told him to. She asks if he even cares about her. Miles answers that he wouldn't be there if he didn't and that she's the only thing he cares about. Maya says he clearly cares about his father otherwise he wouldn't be putting all of his energy into making him angry. Miles tells her that he just wishes his father would stop treating him like crap. Maya simply responds then not to give him a reason to. She then shuts the window and closes the curtain, walking away.

Maya stunned at Miles' ways of trying to win her back over.

In Unbelievable, Maya is in class when Miles comes over and sits by her. He tells her how he made up with his father. Maya retorts if he wants a medal. Miles says she can't still be mad at him, causing Winston to retort it was a bit obvious that she is. Miles apologizes again and takes out the gift and puts it on her desk. Maya gives a sarcastic, "wow," before she remarks that he cannot expect to buy her forgiveness. Winston says it always worked on him, causing Maya to give him a look. Miles says that he won't be able to focus on his basketball game if she is mad at him. Maya, shocked, remarks, "Are you serious?" before taking her things and gets up. She then picks up his gift and puts it back on his desk as she walks away from him, leaving Miles exasperated.

Maya smiling as Miles sings his apology to her.

Later on, Maya walks in to see the Degrassi Sing Off with Winston. She says how she finds it odd she didn't know Tristan was competing in it. She asks what song he is performing and Winston says, "These Boots are Made for Walking". However, as she sits down, Drew, the host, says how Miles and the basketball team will be performing. Winston admits how Miles is actually performing, not Tristan, and begs he to stay otherwise Miles will be furious with him.

Maya, relenting, says she is "giving him two bars". Miles then begins to sing a song for Maya expressing how bad he really feels and just wants her back. Maya tries keeping a straight face, but soon begins smiling and grinning in amusement.

Maya explaining Miles is on "probation".

Following this, Miles and Maya are seen walking into class, holding hands and happy. Winston asks if the singing apology actually worked. Miles explains that he is on "probation" and as long as he doesn't screw up again, it should be good. He and Maya begin kissing until Mr. Simpson arrives to take Winston and him down for questioning with the police, stunning them, regarding his party and what happened to Zoë. In class afterwards, following Miles and Winston being removed as suspects, the two are happy at no longer being suspected of Zoë's assault. He sits next to Maya and tells her how she can now come to his game and cheer him on. However, Maya is unexcited, thinking over Zoë's sexual assault which has gone public. She tells him how the pep rally got cancelled due to the suspects of Zoë's assault being on the team. She confronts him over what happened between him and Zoë at his party, asking him about the photos of him and Zoë together and the ones of him and Winston carrying her away. She bluntly asks him what he did with Zoë. When Miles won't give her an answer, Maya leaves.

Maya with Miles as they try to comfort Zoë.

During the game, Miles begins to leave the school just as Maya comes to see him. She apologizes to him and says that she overreacted, but he insists that she didn't and the two make amends. Maya asks whether he's playing in the game, but he says that he isn't since no one seems to care about what happened to Zoë. He suggests that they leave, but she suggests they stay to see his teammates' asses get kicked without him. They then see Zoë and, while holding hands, go up to her to comfort her over the ordeal saying how they want to see if she's okay. Maya witnesses as Zoë confronts Luke Baker over the sexual assault and watches as a tearful and emotional Zoë leaves with a distraught Becky Baker. She is also there to see Luke and Neil arrested for raping Zoë.

After Zoë's attackers are arrested, Maya joins in to help Zoë out following the days afterwards if anyone gives her any problems. Maya jokingly remarks how she will let Zoë "borrow" Miles for the day to make sure no one bothers her about what happened. As Miles and Zoë walk off ahead of them, Maya wraps an arm around Tristan instead as the group follows them to class.

In What It's Like, Maya is being carried by Miles over his shoulder and laughing for him to put her down. Miles asks if he doesn't want to and wants to carry her around all day long. He eventually sets her down on a stand advertising for the semi formal. She says how she needs to get her essay done otherwise she's going to be stuck in the Rubber Room forever. Miles says how bad it is that she needs to spend first and last period in there. Maya says the sooner she gets her essay done, the sooner she can leave. Maya and Miles begin kissing only to be interrupted by Tristan. He remarks if he really needs to see them "suck face".

Maya explaining that her laptop got stolen.

Maya then says she has to finish her essay and opens her bag to get her laptop only to see it gone. She begins panicking. Miles suggests she forgot it, but Maya says she would never do that. She then brings up how she left her bag unattended when she went to use the washroom while in the Rubber Room.

They immediately suspect her laptop was stolen by one of them and Tristan remarks how it was likely Zig who did so. Maya begins walking away, determined to beg her teacher into an extension and to figure out who stole her laptop.

In class, Maya fails to convince her teacher to give her an extension. Maya slumps into her seat and Zig, calling her a princess again, remarks if she didn't her homework. Maya explains her laptop got taken. He gives a description of her laptop and asks if that is it. She says yes and asks if he's seen it. He answers no. He then gets called up to turn in his assignment and Maya looks at him; suspecting he did steal her computer. As he walks away, she begins sneaking into his bag. Grace warns her that it's a bad move, but Maya is determined to know if he took her laptop. However, Zig shows up and remarks that if he did, he wouldn't be stupid enough to bring it to school with him.

Watching Zig from afar and suspecting her stole from her.

Afterwards, Maya begins following him out of class and out of school. As she watches him leave campus, someone taps her on the shoulder. Jumping, she turns around to see Miles. He tells her that he's been looking for her and asks what she's doing. She admits that Zig likely was the one who stole her laptop. Looking over her shoulder, he asks her if she wants him to punch him for her. Amused, she says she needs to make sure she is right first. She starts to walk off, but Miles holds her back. He say she can't go by herself since he's likely going off somewhere sketchy. She grabs his hand and says that, in the case, he's going with her.

Miles and Maya spying on Zig.

The two then sneak off and watch Zig break into an abandoned house. As they watch him use a crowbar to open a window to get in, Miles suggests he may be squatting. Maya is confused, unfamiliar with the term, and he says it when a person lives in abandoned houses. Maya says that doesn't make any sense since Zig lives with his parents. Maya then says, after a moment, that she's just going to head home since she has a ton of homework. Miles says he'll walk her home. Maya insists that it'll be out of his way and that it's still a young day, assuring him she'll be perfectly fine. Hesitantly, he agrees and tells her to call him when she gets back.

Maya wanting to know why Zig is squatting.

Making sure he's out of sight, Maya knocks on the door of the house. She does so until Zig opens the door, stunned to see her. She explains that she followed him there. He demands to know why and if she's stalking him. She quietly says that she wanted to know if he took her laptop. After telling her to go, Maya says she won't until he explains why he's living in an abandoned house. He slams the door in her face.

As Zoë and Tristan are giving out roses for the Semi Formal, Maya details how Zig was during her visit and that he just slammed the door in her face just as Miles turns the corner, hearing her. Upset, he says how she told him that she was heading home. Maya says she needed to know what was going on. Miles says that something could have happened to her and that Zig could have hurt her. Maya says that Zig wouldn't hurt her.

Miles yelling at Maya for possibly putting herself in danger.

However, Miles insists that he's bad news, implying how he wants her to stay away from him. Maya says that's her fault since she blew him off all summer long and now he's homeless. Tristan asks if she thinks he's squating because she wouldn't date him. Zoë says that she's overestimating her effect on guys. Maya explains how she's just saying that she and Zig are friends and that she should have been there for him instead of ignoring him. Miles, growing frustrated, says that this isn't her problem to deal with. Tristan adds on what she can do for him anyway and sarcastically remarks if she's going to adopt him.

Miles, now tense, suggests, "or date him?" Staring at him and a little hurt, Maya says, "Miles..." He tells her how she seems to care about Zig a lot. She says that's because she has a heart, something the rest of them are clearly lacking. As the bell rings, she says she's going to talk to the Rubber Room teacher about it. She walks off as Miles looks on, frustrated.

Maya telling Ms. Grell about Zig being homeless.

In class, she explains how the room was when she saw Zig squating in. The teacher says it seems like he's in a tough place. Maya asks how that's possible since he still has his parents. She explains how it could be trouble at home and that he could have run off or been kicked out. Maya says he should gone to someone for help. But the teacher says that he is likely embarrassed by doing so. Maya laments how everyone keeps telling her to mind her own business, claiming he's trouble. She is asked if she believes so. After a moment, she says how last year he was a good guy. She asks the teacher if she can do something and she is assured that she can take things from there.

Maya and Miles making up.

After school, Miles approaches her with a red rose. They both turn around and they both apologize together, with Maya also holding a rose. They laugh. Maya explains how Zig was a close friend and that seeing his new dangerous life is scary. Miles asks if she talked to the teacher. Maya says she was told something would get figured out. Miles says she definitely earned herself a fun night they'll have at the formal together. Maya reminds him how he never officially asked her and Miles teasingly says he was thinking about his other girlfriend. Maya remarks for him to have a good time with her and to call her after, smiling at him. The two share a kiss as a jealous and upset Zig watches from the entrance. Miles says how he can't believe he's saying this, but he promised to be home for dinner. After switching roses, he leaves.

Zig yelling at Maya for telling Ms. Grell he's homeless.

After he leaves, Zig approaches her, furious. He asks if she told the teacher as a means of revenge for her laptop, but Maya insists she doesn't care about that; she cares about him. Zig says if she does, she'll mind her own business. He reveals how now Children's Aid is on him and that since he has no home, group home is his only option. Maya says that's better than squating, but Zig retorts if she's even heard about them. She asks why he can't go home, and he admits to her how his folks kicked him out. He tells her how she doesn't know anything going on with his life and he walks off.

At home, Maya's mother reveals how her laptop was in Katie's old room, likely fallen underneath the bed. Maya recalls how she was doing homework in there and calls herself a terrible person. She explains how she accused Zig of taking it and now he's being sent to a group home. Her mom says while accusing him of stealing without proof was wrong, talking to an adult out of concern for his well being wasn't. Maya says how she's been doing research on group homes and all the horror stories she's read about them. Her mom says they're expected to do a lot but with very limited resources and how she wishes they can do something since Zig came over so much he seemed like family.

Maya then gets an idea, saying how she was told that if Zig had a safe place to say then he wouldn't have to go to a group home. Her mom tells her that Zig can not live with them until Maya convinces her by saying that if it just for a few weeks.

Maya telling Zig he can live with her.

In the Rubber Room, the class is doing a trust exercise with partners taking turns falling and catching each other. She convinces Grace, Zig's partner, to switch at the last minute. She apologizes to him for talking to the teacher about his situation. The two switch positions as Maya explains she can help him. She says how if he has a place to stay, Children's Aid won't be needed. Zig says he doesn't have anywhere to go. Maya says he does and Zig remarks if her rich new boyfriend is gonna pay for a suite. Maya explains that he can stay at her house. In shock, Zig lets her fall. He says how her mother would never say yes. Maya says that she did, although it took a lot of convincing. As she gets up, she explains the rules; 10 o'clock curfew, no drugs/alcohol, no visitors and no hanky panky. Zig chuckles to himself and accepts.

Zig and Maya eating breakfast together.

In Close to Me, Maya is seen coming into the kitchen to eat breakfast before going to school and sees Zig sitting at the counter, eating cereal. She comments on how weird it is to now be living together and makes herself a bowl of cereal, calling herself an ",independent woman" when he offers to do it himself for her. She sits down next to him and tries pouring milk into the bowl, only to find it empty. She chuckles as Zig gets up to get some for her when she hears a knock at the door. She gets up to open it and sees Miles there, with roses in his hand.

Surprised, she asks what he's doing there. He answers surprising her with a ride to school. She tells him how she needs to tell himself, but he says he wants to go first. Bending on one knee and the flowers held out, he asks her to be his date to the semi formal. Maya is flattered and smiles until Miles notices Zig behind her. Upset, he asks what he's doing there. She tells him how that's what she wants to talk to him about.

Maya convincing Miles to spend time with Zig at the dance.

Walking up to school, she asks Miles how many time she needs to say she's sorry. Miles says how she has a guy sleeping in her house, still fuming. Maya asks if he trusts her. He says he trusts her, not Zig. Bringing up how he's a drug dealer, Maya blows them off as mere rumors. Miles asks her if she's even asked him personally.

Ignoring this, she tries insisting that Zig is good guy, and that she can prove it. She then tries convincing him to spend time with him at the dance. Miles is initially against it, but relents, telling her that she's lucky she's cute. She says she's lucky that he's the best.

In the hallways as she talks about the situation to Tristan and Zoë, she says how Miles believes Zig to be a bad guy, but just doesn't know him. Zoë asks if she even does herself. Maya insists that she does, and that she knows that if the two spend time together, they'll begin to like each other. Zoë remarks if they'll bond over their "mutual admiration of a certain blonde cello player". Maya says they'll hang out at the semi formal together.

Zoë and Tristan telling Maya that her idea is a bad one.

Zoë and Tristan begin mocking the idea, saying how a big fight and a fiery dance is all that will result from it since the two groups will not get along. Maya comments that they're just being dramatic, but Tristan asks, "Are we, Maya?" And Zoë asks if they're just being too real for her, causing Maya to walk off.

In the Rubber Room, Maya discusses her idea with Zig, Grace and Tiny. She insists how Miles just doesn't know Zig and that they'll all just hang out together at the dance. They instantly comment that it's a bad idea. Maya asks why. Grace answers how everyone will just "sit around a table and eat tiny sandwiches and caviar, drinking tea pinkies up and she'll have to put Miles in a chokehold to keep him from killing Zig". Tiny adds on how he'll likely burn down the school, sending them all to juvie. Maya calls them pessimistic and says it could be fun. Zig says it's not his place to fix her relationship and tells her to "take no for an answer".

Maya as Zig stares at her in her dress.

At home, Maya comes down dressed up for the dance. She runs into Zig in the kitchen, who is clearly stunned by her appearance. He makes a rude remark about Miles and asking when her carriage shows up, bringing Maya to say she'll wait for her boyfriend outside. Zig says he was only trying to compliment her.

Maya asks how she's supposed to know since he's being a jerk. He asks if it's because he refused to attend the dance with her, "stupid boyfriend". She says that until he and Miles learn to get along, her life is going to be hell, but at least Miles is willing to try. Zig asks if that makes him a better person than he is and Maya responds yes. Zig stares at her clearly hurt.

Miles then shows up at Maya's house to pick her up for the dance. He compliments her on her dress and she gives him a kiss, clearly to upset Zig. As she goes to get her coat, Miles and Zig have a short stare down. He asks her if she's okay and she says yes, now that he's here. The two then leave as Maya stares at Zig as the door closes.

Maya dancing with Miles at the semi formal.

At the dance, Miles comments that he's sorry how her plan to have everyone spend time together didn't work out as he dances with Maya. She says she's over it and that she just wants to have a night to spend with her boyfriend. Miles laughs as he tells her to stop stepping on his feet, causing Maya to remark that he's the clumsy one.

He tells her how it's only because he's distracted by how badly he wants to kiss her. Maya says there is an easy fix to that and kisses him. The moment is interrupted when Zig approaches and remarks, "Well, that's pretty rude." Maya and Miles are surprised that they came after all. After Zig explains how they snuck in through a side door, Miles offers to get him a drink and they leave. Maya has a happy first bump to the air to herself. Following the announcement of King and Queen, Maya dances by herself as Miles and Zig stare at her as they try to talk.

During the dance, Maya meets up with Tristan, Grace and Zig. She asks if they've seen Miles just as Zig is called by school security. She asks what is going on just as they explain Zig has to open his locker as they have received reports that he is carrying drugs. As he is walked off, Miles shows up, asking what is going on. Grace immediately accuses him of being the rat, but Maya insists Miles wouldn't do a thing like that. He says he wouldn't either. Grace takes note of how he can't look Maya in the eye and tells her that he's lying to her. Maya looks at him in the eye and simply asks him to tell her the truth. Miles looks away and says that Zig is a huge jerk.

Maya confronting Miles about snitching on Zig.

As Grace storms off, Maya, stunned, asks, "Seriously?" Miles comes up to her and whispers if they can't do this here. Maya again asks for him to answer the question. Miles says that he was just worried about her and tries to take her hand, but Maya slaps him away and says how he has no idea what it's like for Zig. Miles asks if she is seriously defending him, and if she even knows what he said to him. Maya ignores this and says how she can't believe he would do something so spiteful just because he got jealous. He then tells her that Zig is fooling her and she's falling for it. Maya says the only thing she fell for was believing that he could be someone that she could be with. Miles stares at her, now the one stunned, and asks what she's saying. She says she just needs time to think. He concludes she is choosing Zig over him. As tears begin to fall, she says firmly says that it's not like that. Miles holds his hands up and says, "Whatever you say" before walking away from a tearful Maya.

Zig about to almost kiss Maya.

At home, Zig comes home and Maya is worried about how much trouble he is in. Zig assures that there weren't any drugs to begin with in his locker. Maya says Miles isn't a bad guy and doesn't know why he'd do something like that. Zig says that he does. He asks if she remembers that day he said he would wait for her. Maya says yes. He tells her how he shouldn't have said that—he should have just kissed her. He then leans forward, seemingly about to kiss her. Instead, he says, "But... rules are rules." He tells her good night, and leaves. Maya is then left standing alone in the kitchen with her thoughts.

Maya, in class with Tristan and Zoë.

In Army of Me, she is seen chatting in class with Zoë when Tristan arrives. Seeing his sunglasses, they ask if he's been partying. He tells them about his parent's arguing all night long and they comfort him. When the new teacher comes in, Maya is the one to ask if he is their new teacher and he responds yes.

In Everything Is Everything, she is seen in the hallway giving a "whoa" at Tristan's new dark and mature look. When Tristan asks if she likes it, she says she needs to work on her sarcasm delivery. When he says how much he loves Grant's style, she asks who that is, causing Tristan to confirm it their new teacher. When he says Grant basically called him his favorite student, she reminds him of how he needed to almost beg him into his playwriting society. Tristan tells her how she doesn't understand the connection between two like minded artists.

When Maya warns him against becoming close with a teacher, he brings up how he believes two members of the opposite sex can't live together without impending drama. Maya gives a "zing" at his comeback and he excuses himself to go work on a character bio.

Maya warning Tristan about becoming close to Mr. Yates.

Later, she sees a depressed Tristan and sits by him, asking what happened. He says how "Mr. Yates happened". Maya calls him the weird English teacher, bringing Tristan to say Grant is "eccentric and awesome" and thought he felt the same way about him, but clearly doesn't. Maya asks what he expected. He answers how he thought he and Grant would become friends and he could be someone whom he could confide in and talk to. Maya says a teacher shouldn't be the first person he would look for that in and perhaps shouldn't put everyone on a pedestal all the time as everyone eventually disappoints.

Maya pondering over a gift from Miles.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), she is in her kitchen pondering over a gift sent from Miles, which isn't the first. Just as she is about to open it, Zig comes in. Shoving the gift behind her back, she sees he is dressed in a cowboy outfit for the Wild Wild West Night. As she compliments him, he notices she is hiding the gift behind her back. He asks her about it, and she tries blowing it off. They then playfully fight over it and Zig wins by distracting her and snatching the gift. He correctly concludes it is from Miles, bringing him to comment how he thought the two were through. Maya insists they are, but Zig is still upset and walks out of the room. Maya watches him before grabbing the gift and opening it. She sees a note that reads, "Please Forgive Me. -Miles". She then sees a harmonica and stares at it.

Tristan telling Maya she has to choose between Miles and Zig.

At school, Maya tries breaking into Miles' locker to return the gift. She is caught by Tristan, who is confused as to what she is doing. She says she is returning the gift Miles gave her. Tristan remarks how she must have really hated it to go through such trouble to send it back, but Maya says the gift was actually "super sweet". She refuses see Miles in public because she knows that if she does then she will "crumble and take him back". As Tristan says he fails to see the issue, Maya admits that she actually misses Miles a lot, but that Zig sort of told her that he likes her. Surprised, Tristan asks if she returns his feelings. Maya says that she likes him as a friend. Tristan advises she tell him this and then get back with Miles and return to "A couple status". But she refuses to since it might cause Zig to leave, deal drugs and "end up dead in a ditch somewhere". He tells her that she can't keep both guys on the hook and must choose one. He then says that he has and unzips his jacket to reveal a shirt that reads, "Team Miles".

During music class, she watches as Tristan, Miles and Zig perform a song for the Wild Wild West Night dance. As they finish, she picks up the gift Miles gave her and approaches him. He says how he knows she told him no more gifts, but he saw the harmonica and instantly thought of her. She admits to it being a thoughtful gift, but Miles is upset that she still giving it back. After a moment, she tells him that he scares her; the way he lashed out at his father, snitching on Zig. He insists that he can be a better guy and asks for a chance to prove it. Maya says the only way they can work is if they could keep a relationship between them a secret. Miles is surprised as her response, but accepts it if it means getting her back. He tries to kiss her, but Maya ducks, reminding him that it is supposed to be a secret.

Maya making out with Miles as Winston acts as a look out.

In the hallway in a room, Maya is making out with Miles with Winston acting as a look out. He asks if they were done yet, but Miles asks for just five more minutes and continues making out with Maya, who says how much she has missed him. Winston then sees Zig coming by and warns them in a silly coded warning. Maya gives an absentminded, "Hmm?" as she kisses Miles. Winston tries again to warn them, "Black bird is coming!" When Miles asks to confirm what he means, Winston flat out yells, "Zig is coming!" The three then act as though they were studying when Zig passes the room, stopping to look at them. He asks if he was interrupting something, which they deny. Zig then requests to talk to Maya privately. She reluctantly does, following him. She gives Miles a look before she follows him.

Zig giving Maya his bracelet as a symbol that she'll wait for him.

In another room, Zig apologizes for what he said. Maya assures him he doesn't have to worry and tries to leave, only to be held back by him, insisting he has to say more. He then brings up how she and Miles are through, which she says is true. Smiling a little, he says that he thinks it's time she gave a relationship between them a chance. He leans in to kiss, but she turns her head away. As she does, she sees Miles watching them a few feet away. When Zig asks what's wrong, saying how much he likes her, she brings up the house rules as an excuse. Zig believes her and tells her he won't be living with her forever. He then takes off his bracelet and puts on her wrist, saying he just needs to know she will wait for him. Maya gives a low, "Of course..." as she gives a quick shrug of her shoulders to Miles. However, Miles is clearly upset and storms off.

Maya singing during music class.

During music class, Maya is singing a song in front of the class that hints close to her love triangle with Miles and Zig. Maya watches both Zig and Miles as she sings before she finishes. As she packs up, Zig compliments her on her work and asks if she wants to have lunch. Maya says she will likely just stick around to rehearse some more. He tries telling her how he can wait, but Maya insists she will be awhile. He then says he will just see her in the Rubber Room later on then. He hugs her and leaves.

Maya comes up to Miles, who instantly says he can't do this. Maya asks what he means and he explains how he can't stand to see her with Zig, who is gloating as if he has won. Maya reminds him that she is with him, not Zig, but Miles reminds her that Zig doesn't know that. Maya tells him she needs him to be the bigger person, but he answers that he just can't when Zig has "basically marked her" gesturing to her bracelet. He says that she has been stringing Zig along for a year and asks why. Maya stares at him before she says how she just doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Miles retorts, "Too late for that," and walks out.

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Maya is walking up to Zig and is

Maya watching Zig walk away after rejecting him.

biting her nails. As she asks him if they can talk, he can already tell she is anxious since she only bites her nails when she is. Maya is surprised he noticed and he says he knows why she is anxious and assumes she wants to get together, taking note of her still wearing his bracelet. Maya is looking downward before revealing how she actually just wants to be friends, taking it off and handing it back to him.

Clearly heartbroken, Zig concludes she still has feelings for Miles, which she admits. Now angry, he demands if everything she said about waiting for him was just a lie. Maya insists how she was only worried he would do something crazy if she didn't. Taking his bag and walking off, he says that he isn't her charity case and Maya answers how he is her friend. Pausing in his step, he spits out that they are not friends and throws the bracelet to her feet and storms off.

At the Wild Wild West Night dance, Maya is looking for Zig. When not seeing him, she asks Miles if he has seen him and says how this is exactly what she was worried about. He states that Zig is a "big boy" and will get over it, suggesting that she chill. Maya is upset at what he suggests and says how the last time someone she cared about disappeared, they never came back. A bit more serious, he assures her that Zig must be fine. Maya, still worried, asks if he isn't. She says she needs to find him and turns off to do so, only to be stopped by Miles. He reminds her of her solo and that he'll search for Zig himself. Maya states that the two don't even like each other, but he says that she doesn't and he would do anything for her. He gives her a kiss and walks off as Maya looks onward in clear worry.

Maya worried when Zig won't answer her messages.

Pacing in the dressing room back and fourth, Tristan and Zoë walk in and asks her what's up. She tells them how neither Zig or Miles are answering her messages. Offhandedly, she asks why Zoë is backstage when she is not in the crew, but Tristan reminds her of her solo in just five minutes. Becoming emotional, she asks how she could possibly go out and sing when Miles and Zig are doing who-knows-what and who-knows-where. Breathing deeply, she asks Zoë if she knows her song, which she does. She then asks if she can sing her solo for her, but Zoë declines since she is hiding from her mother. Grasping her shoulders, she begs her to do it since Miles and Zig might be "killing each other". Tristan also backs up how her mother can't haul her off stage when she is performing. She then agrees, much to Maya's relief. Grabbing Tristan, she takes off in a rush.

Maya and Tristan running as they see Miles and Zig's confrontation.

Maya and Tristan then leave Degrassi just as Miles is confronting Zig with a fake gun. Panicking and not knowing all the details of the scene, Maya screams out Miles' name as she and Tristan run up to the scene. She demands to know what he is doing and he reveals that the gun was just a toy. As Zig and Tiny walk off, Maya, now furious, demands to know what his problem is; saying how she told him to find Zig, not put a gun in his face. Miles tells her how Zig beat the crap out of him and tells her how every time they finally find a good place, he screws it up. Maya tells him that he has done a pretty good job at that himself.

Annoyed, Miles says that he is sorry, but Maya reminds him of her earlier warning that he scares her and he still went ahead and did this. Miles tries telling her that she just didn't understand, but Maya cuts him off by insisting that she just can't be with a guy who scares her - not again. She begins to slowly break down. Miles tries approaching her, only to be stopped by Tristan who tells him to go. Winston convinces Miles to leave and as they do, Tristan comforts an emotional Maya.

Maya confronting Miles about his impulsive behavior.

At home, Maya comes in to see Zig in the kitchen. Zig, upset, starts to walk off. Maya apologizes and reveals how Miles isn't her boyfriend anymore. Zig comments, "Good" and adds on how that he's "crazy" and that she deserves better. Maya if she really can since the entire situation is her fault. Zig is confused, and Maya explains how if she had just been honest from the beginning, none of it would have happened.

The two make up and Maya sits down next to him, saying how she can't believe he doesn't hate her. Zig says that just isn't going to happen. Maya asks, "Friends" and he hesitates a moment before mockingly waiting before accepting. The two then share a tub of ice cream.

Maya trying to help out Zig and Grace.

In You Are Not Alone, Maya is trying to convince Zig and Grace to join a school club. However, they are either not interested or they are not allowed due to their reputation. They tell her that if they were even allowed into a club, there is nothing for them there.

When asked if they could do a club they wanted then what it would be by Maya, they say they would be into doing something artsy to the school. This inspires Maya to get the idea to pitch the idea to the student counsel and having the whole rubber room to help out. Zig and Grace don't believe it can happen, just as Tiny comes in and quickly ushers Zig out the room, much to the girls' confusion. As class begins, Ms. Grell announces that Mr. Simpson has ordered a search of their lockers. As they leave, Grace remarks to Maya if she still believed they'd give them a chance.

Maya finding out about Zig being in a gang.

After Grace has her locker searched, she again asks Maya if she believes they'd let them do an art project for the school. Maya asks about Zig just as a dog gets a hit on one of the lockers. Grace voices her doubts about his locker being clean and explains about Zig hanging out with Tiny a lot who runs a gang in his neighborhood. When Maya expresses concern over Zig, Grace concludes they are hooking up. However, Maya insists she isn't into him, but doesn't want to see him throw his life away. As the police find nothing in the locker, Maya insists they have to get Zig involved in the art project in order to keep him busy and out of a drug involved lifestyle.

At lunch, Maya tries urging Zig away from his usual spot before finally asking if he is in a gang. Zig says she is being ridiculous. She then asks if Tiny is, to which he responds in silence. Maya is stunned as he insists Tiny is a good guy and and he and his buddies looked out for him when he was out on his own. Maya asks if they asked for something in return. Zig is hesitant before simply saying "Odds jobs and stuff". Maya is silenced before he insists he is done with that lifestyle and now lives with her. He then distracts her by saying he will take her up on lunch being her treat.

Maya finding Zig's stash.

When later presenting their Panorama to give Degrassi a fresh new look to the student council, Drew appears interested in the project while Dallas voices doubts and caution in having the Rubber room kids handle the project. After insulting the rubber room kids, Zig makes a remark that ends with him saying that it's not good to be judged by others based on a false reputation, which Drew agrees with. Dallas still says that the kids have no experience, but Drew approves of it with the condition he will supervise. Zig and Maya happily share a victory hug.

At home, Maya compliments Zig on his artwork for the project. Tristan assures them about lots of kids bound to show up because they are running the "coolest event ever". As Zig takes a call, Maya says how she believes living there has really changed him for the better. Tristan asks if it's all the way to crush-worthy, but Maya firmly insists "definitely not". She then asks for the markers and he says Zig has them in his bag. Maya goes through his bag to get the markerse, but as she rummages through his bag, she instead finds a bag of drugs.

Maya confronting Zig about his drug dealing.

As she handles the art project with Drew, he asks where "Her buddy" is at. Maya doesn't respond at first before Zig shows up, late, and clearly worried. Maya asks him what's wrong before he asks if her mom went through his bag. Maya then bluntly says she found his weed and flushed it. Zig is shocked at what she did and Maya says how he told her he was no longer dealing. He says it wasn't even his, but Maya says it was still in her house. Zig is furious and Maya says they need to get started on their Panorama project. Zig refuses to, saying he now needs to fix this mess that she made for him and leaves.

As the kids come in to tell them about their Panorama rooms, Maya is clearly distracted. She listens as Tristan says his will be about anticipation, but soon drifts off. Grace soon comes in and talks about her idea for a "Silent Dance Party" for couples and people. Drew makes a remark about it being an appropiate name, causing her to come up to him, asking if he was making fun of it. Drew is clearly scared of her and insists he only meant to say he liked it.

Grace explaining how deep Zig's trouble is.

After he leaves, Maya asks Grace for help with Zig. She tells her how he is dealing drugs again and that she flushed his weed. Grace sarcastically calls it a good idea as she insists she only wanted him to stop.Grace tells her that even if he wanted to, he can't because he owes them money. She further explains how he gets the weed up front, sells it and gets a small cut of cash and gives the rest of to Tiny who gets a cut and gives the rest to the guy above him and so on. She then tells her how it's not all about money.

Maya trying to convince Tiny to let Zig out.

She explains how Zig intially lived on Tiny's block and can either join him or face the consequences. Maya asks if by joining, he is safe in his neighborhood. But Grace says that gangs are small now with around 10-12 guys perhaps. She then tells her how various gangs live throughout the town. Maya says he doesn't live in his old town anymore, but Grace tells her he still faces them everyday and now, thanks to her, he owes them even more money. Maya then takes off as Grace says she just needs to stay out of it.

She is next seen at Tiny's locker, surprising him, making him remark that's she's scary for a little girl. He asks her what she wants. She then asks for him to let Zig out of his gang. He doesn't answer and ignores her. She then hands him an envelope filled with $300 and says how that should cover the stuff. He asks who she robbed, and she explains it is her saved up birthday money from the past several years. She then simply says Zig is out of the gang. He says okay, on one condition - to never sneak up on him again. He smiles at her and walks off.

Maya kissing Zig in a desperate attempt to keep him safe.

At home during the night, Maya and Zig are going over ideas for the Panorama night. Things are going good until Zig gets a call and begins to head out in a rush, much to Maya's near horror. She begins asking him questions about what he needs to specifically before flat out asking what Tiny is forcing him into. When it is hinted at there may be guns and violence now involved, Maya gets in front of him, insisting he can't leave. Despite this, he insists that he must. Desperate to keep him safe, Maya kisses him, much to Zig's visible shock. As she leans back, she pleads with him to stay for her. He agrees and the episode ends as they kiss.

Maya assuring Zig he can be safe from the gang.

In Enjoy the Silence, Maya is making Zig do his best to make himself look sick to convince her mom he is so that he won't have to face his gang members at school. Zig sneaks in a kiss, but Maya steps back and tells him to keep rubbing his eyes as she messes his hair up. She gives him tips and advice on faking sick to fool her mom into letting him stay home as he tells her how pissed Tiny and the gang is that he bailed, sending him non-stop messages. Maya assures him that they will find a way to keep him away from the gang. Zig says how she keeps saying that but how. Maya pauses as her mom tells them that they will be late for school. Maya tells him how she just wants to tell her about the situation, but Zig says if they do then he will be kicked out. Her mom then heads in as Maya inspects him and believes he can pass for sick.

Grace warning Maya there may not be a way out for Zig.

At Degrassi, Maya is checking that the rooms are being done with Grace, Drew comes in. It turns out that she has mixed up some rooms and haven't finished the programs, much to his annoyance. After she assures him that they will be done soon, he leaves. Grace comments on how the programs were Zig's job and wonders where he is. Maya explains he is at home and trying to figure out how he can leave the gang. She asks her how she got him to agree to quit. Maya, bashfully, admits they made out. Grace is amused by her tatics and says she does like him afterall. Maya once again insists she doesn't, admitting she is still hung up on Miles, and needed to find a way to prevent him from leaving the house. Grace asks her when it he finds out. Maya answers as soon as he is out of the gang and it will be worth it then. She asks her if she has any ideas on getting him out. Grace answers that there is three; a body bag, jail or "move-very-far-and-never-come-backastan". Maya concludes that with his family away and not an option, he has nowhere to go.

Tiny then comes in, asking if they have seen Zig. Maya nervously answers he is around, but doesn't know where he is. She asks if he saw him on his way in. Tiny says he hasn't and says he will keep looking. Grace warns her about Zig likely needing to hide out forever.

Maya in costume during Panorama night.

At Panorama night, Maya is seen introducing the students, staff and fellow parents about the night during the opening and telling them to look around the room exhibits and to have a good time. She excitedly tells Grace how amazing the night is and how so many people came. Despite her joy at the success, she is sad about Zig not coming and expresses how she wished he came. Just as she says this, Zig shows up in the crowd. Approaching him, she asks if he figured the gang wouldn't come at him during a school event. Zig tells her the gang found out where he is living and he must leave to keep her safe and prevent them from hurting her or her family on account of him.

Just as she says he has nowhere to go, Drew comes up to her. He says Connor needs some cables for his room. Maya retorts for him to get some then. Drew reminds her that the Rubber Room kids were supposed to be the ones running the event and he is just a superviser. Zig tells her to go take of care it before she pleads with him not to go anywhere. Taking off, she takes one more look at him before she leaves.

Maya telling Alli she knows nothing about the Rubber Room kids.

After getting Connor's room working, she comments on how creepy it looks. Connor thanks her for her comment. She then asks if she can leave now before rushing off, making Alli remark that this is what happens when you put Rubber Room kids in charge. Maya stops in her tracks, taking offense. Alli says how the kids were slacking off responsibility all day, bringing Maya to say how she knows nothing about her classmates and that they have problems she can't even imagine. Alli the concludes her attitude comes from a boy problem. Maya turns and looks at her. Alli tells her that she can't help him if he won't help himself. Maya simply remarks "What do you know?" before running off to find Zig.

Going to Grace's room, she asks if she's seen her only to find out he's likely not there at all. Maya is worried before she takes in Grace's room, saying it's beautiful. Grace is proud of her results, saying she even has a line of people waiting to come in. Maya then says how Zig likely went back to streets, causing Grace to frown sadly. Maya begins to rush out yet again, bringing Grace to say how she can't go running into the streets without knowing what to do since it's not safe. She then uses her computer and his cell phone to track his location. Seeing his location, Maya recognizes it as a bus depo. Grace says it it best since it means escaping the gang. However, Maya angrily reminds her of how he has nowhere to go before running out.

Maya admitting to Miles that he was right about Zig all along.

However, she soon runs into Miles who blocks off her exit. He asks if she's "sneaking off to be with the new boyfriend". Maya tells him how now is the not the time and tries moving around him, only to be blocked again. He reveals how people have seen her and Zig kissing and demands to know if it truly that easy for her to get over him so quickly. Maya that admits how he was right about Zig all along and that he is a drug dealer and involved in a gang. He asks if she has told an adult. Maya insists she can't and he tells her that she knows she has to. She says if she does then he will be kicked out and forced to return to gangs, live in abandoned houses again or may wind up dead. She confesses to him that she feels so trapped. She laments on how Zig himself must feel even worse. Now empathetic, Miles tells her how he may have a way out for Zig.

Maya as Mr. Hollingsworth gives Zig the way out of the gang.

At the bus depo, Maya finds Zig getting ready to board. She runs up to him and he tells her how she needs to be as far away from him as possible. She asks him where he plans on going. He answers Siberbia since it was all he could afford. Just then Mr. Hollingsworth II and Miles arrive as Maya assures him that he doesn't need to leave. Mr. Hollingsworth II then tells him how during his campaign he met with people who worked in gang intervention and are former gang members who help other people escape the lifestyle themselves. Maya tells Zig it is the solution. He accepts on the condition Tiny get the help as well.

At home, Maya and her mother are watching as a gang intervention worker helps Tiny and Zig practice ways to get out of helping out their gang. After being told having a place to stay and having support form people who care about him will help out Zig, Maya reveals how his parents aren't around and he says they will find a place for him to stay. She asks where he can stay until the worker can find a place for him to stay officially. Her mother offers their place, but Maya brings up the possibility of the gang retaliating. The worker agrees, but they are willing to help out in case that happens. She agrees to it. Her mom and the worker leave.

Maya hugging Zig after re-establishing a friendship with him again.

Once alone, Zig thanks her for everything she's done for him, including pretending to be into him. Maya is surprised and is speechless, trying to deny it at first. However, Zig says he knows she pretended to like him with kissing him and is okay with it. She asks if he knew she didn't like him then why he went along with it. He says it was to kiss her, earning a playful swat from her. He also admits how he knows she "still digs the rich guy", which she doesn't deny and glances down, and he is okay with that as well. He then offers, "Friends?" Maya answers, "As long as you stay out of trouble". Zig says he will try. She then offers her hand and he takes it before pulling her into a hug. She then smiles happily.

In How Bizarre, she is in Remedial class with Zig and asks if he is keeping up with the lesson. He remarks that he may just love reading just as Ms. Grell asks him if he knows the answer to the question. She walks over and picks up his hidden magazine - a cook magazine, which is her favorite company magazine. Maya laughs in amusement along with the class laughs. Later on, she asks Zig about his time working along with the class. When he says they just view him as some "gang member charity case", Ms. Grell says they likely just want him to learn first which Maya agrees, adding on that "everybody starts from the bottom".

Maya listening as Zig tells her about why his mom kicked him out.

In My Hero, she compliments Zig on his cooking breakfast before reminding him that they need to get to school. As Zig tells her about his efforts to gain enough trust into being allowed to cook at the restaurant, Maya brings up his gang intervention counsellor Jose setting up an appointment with him mom after school. As he begins getting nervous, Maya tells him it is a big deal and that it is okay for him to be nervous. Zig responds in silence before going back to the cooking. Maya then urges him to tell her why his mom kicked him out.

He then confesses how he was selling pot at their family store, which she was unaware of, and a guy came looking for him in hopes of robbing him and knew about the family store. He came there armed with a gun and while Zig himself wasn't there, his mom and little brother were. Following this event, his mother gave him a choice to leave the gang, but Zig refused and she kicked him out. He then says how he can't imagine her ever forgiving him. Maya offers to come with him to see his mom as moral support, but he tells her this is something he must do on his own. She accepts his choice before alerting him to his burning onions. Later on, once again at home, Maya is messing around with Zig as he tries making another mean.

The doorbell then rings, stunning them both. Maya says how that must be his mom. Zig comments on how he really wants Jose to be with him right now, but she assures him that he can do fine without him. She then goes to the door, also quickly saying that she's proud of him. As she opens the door for Mrs. Novak, she politely says how nice it is to see her again, making polite conversation. As Mrs. Novak and Zig stare at each other, Maya looks on awkwardly before telling him to save her some steak before leaving the two alone, giving him a re-assuring thumbs up.

Maya reminding Tristan that Mr. Yates is still a teacher.

In Hypnotize, Maya is seen walking into class with Zoë and Tristan as he is messaged about his landed role in the Degrassi fashion show as emcee. When seeing Tristan's blatant crush on Mr. Yates, she teases him about always going for "the unavailable guys". When he brings up how extra supportive he was at his audition, Maya reminds him that Mr. Yates is still their teacher.

At the end of class when Tristan clearly wants to spend a few extra minutes with Yates, but is trying to pretend to stay for a legit reason, she remarks about him not being as good an actor as he thinks he is. Later when Tristan is looking for Maya for advice, he only finds Zig who says that she went out with her mom.

Maya disgusted upon learning about Tristan and Mr. Yates affair.

In Out of My Head, she is in the hallways as Tristan comes in happily singing. She brings up how he only sings at school when something "exceptional" happens. But Tristan blows it off, saying he is just happy. As he opens up his locker, she notices a note falling out and tries to grab it only to be beat by Tristan. He says it is just Becky about the fashion show, but she brings up how she can just text him. He takes off as she looks at him in confusion.

Later, in class, she overhears Zig teasing Tristan about a mystery guy. She asks Tristan about it, who once again tries blowing it off. But she brings up the noticeable hickey on his neck as he sits down. Realizing he is with someone, she begins teasing him for details only to be snapped at to mind her own business. Stunned, she looks down in hurt and says she is happy as long as he is. Just then Mr. Yates comes into class late and fixing his shirt. She then notices the way Tristan is looking at him and puts it together - Tristan and Mr. Yates are hooking up together. Shocked, she demands him to confirm it. After he does, she is disgusted because he is their teacher and taking advantage over him and insists he tell Simpson about it. However, Tristan insists they are in love and that Yates isn't like other teachers. Still completely against the relationship, she tries reasoning with him only for him to demand to keep it a secret otherwise she is "seriously dead to him". Quietly, she agrees. Despite her promise, Maya soon reports the affair to Mr. Simpson soon after this.

Maya in tears after Tristan ends their friendship after she reports his and Yates relationship.

At the end of the day, Maya is walking in the hallway reading a book when Tristan slams his locker hard and loud, getting her attention. He furiously demands to know how she could have reported his relationship to Simpson and do this to him. She calmly tells him that she didn't have a choice and was worried about him. He remarks if she was worried about him "being too happy". She says that she was worried because the nature of his relationship with Yates is wrong and illegal. He once again firmly insists that he and Yates are in love and because of her Yates has been suspended and going under investigation. He then says that she has ruined his life. Maya tells him that it may feel like that now, but she has done all of this to protect him.

Tristan, throwing her book to the ground in anger, tells her that she doesn't need to protect him and that he knows what love is as she begins to cry in his anger. He goes on that she has had epic romances and that he wants to have one as well. Maya answers how she wants him to have that as well, but not with a guy like Yates. In tears, he tells her how she has had "a million guys in love with her", a perfect home life and everything so good for her. He just wanted this one thing and she had to go and take that away. Walking away, she follows him and emotionally says how much he means to her, but he swats her hands away and tells her that he never wants to see her ever again. Shocked, she whispers, "What?" before he walks away. Alone in the hallway, she breaks down in tears.

Maya trying to warn Tristan to tell Zoë about the reporters outside.

In Believe (1), Maya is working on an assignment with Winston and Miles. Miles is clearly trying hard to get back into her good graces again, causing Winston to retort to Miles how just because he is hoping to have sex with Maya doesn't mean he can take her side in a debate. Miles claims that isn't true... unless she herself wants to. Maya, looking at her cell phone, answers, "Seriously?" Miles says he got the message loud and clear. She says how Zig just texted her and that Zoë is in trouble.

Maya with Zoë and Tristan, onlooking the massive reporters outside school.

She goes to see Tristan who is watching Zoë sing Defying Gravity for an audition she hopes to take. Tristan tensely reminds her that she is still "dead" to him. Maya tells him that she knows he is still mad at her for getting his "boyfriend" suspended, but this is very imporant. Tristan ignores her, causing her to force him around and tell him about the paparazzi outside the school regarding Zoë's trial regrading her sexual assault. Maya argues about it with him, saying how if Zoë goes outside then she's going to be hounded by reporters. Zoë comes down from the stage, saying that she needs private time and space to do her practice. Maya then shows her to the paparazzi outside hoping to get dirt on her trial. As Zoë faces the reporters, Maya watches from the door.

Maya talking with Miles about making placards and shirts in support for Zoë.

In class, Maya is heavily distracted by Zoë's trial. Miles asks her why she is upset and she tells him how she can't even imagine what Zoë must be going through; having reporters stalk her at school, all the lies online. She says how they need to do something. Miles suggests getting placards and designing T-shirts to wear in court to show Zoë support and has leftover campaign boards and work from his dad's work and can use those. Maya becomes excited about the idea and says she can meet with him to do the work.

Later on, Maya and Miles are working together designing T-shirts and poster boards and are having a good time. Maya thanks him for his help and that it means a lot. Miles says that Zoë didn't deserve what happened to her and that people need to know that. He then remarks how spending time with Maya isn't so bad, making her smile in amusement. She then suggests that after everything is over, perhaps the two can spend some more time together. She says how she is going to ask Ms. Grell if they can use a photo copier and walks off.

After school, she stays behind after distributing the shirts and poster boards to fellow classmates to talk to Zig. She asks him if it would be okay with him if she got back together with Miles. Zig concludes that she still loves him and Maya says that she thinks she still does. He gives her his blessing and she thanks him for it. In court, she tries comforting Zoë when an article misquotes her words and claims she made up everything about being raped.

In Believe (2), Maya is with Miles at his locker with Maya, asking if he is going to be giving his testimony. Miles says how nervous he is. Maya tells him that he just needs to tell the truth and be honest as she fixes his tie, assuring him she will be there for him the whole time. He pulls her into a more secluded hallway as she smiles in amusement.

Maya with Miles at Zoë's trial.

He says how a lot of things happened at the party and that he is worried what people will think about it. Maya blows off his worries, saying he was only being a good guy trying to take care of Zoë. Miles then asks about her opinion herself about him. He asks if she believes he's a good guy, admitting how she's the only person whose opinion he cares about. Maya assures him that she believes he's a good guy and that she thinks he's changed and she can trust him now. Miles tells her that he still loves her and never stopped. Just as they are about kiss, Winston walks over and ends their moment.

At the trial, Maya holds Miles' hand as Winston gives his testimony. Despite promising Miles he'd cover for him, Winston is unable to go through withl lying and admits on stand that Miles and Zoë almost hooked up until he intervened and stopped them.

Maya yelling at Miles that she can't always pick up the pieces of his messes when he's upset.

Upset, Maya storms out of the courtroom as Miles follows after her. In the halls of the courthouse, Miles desperately tries to explain, but Maya is too furious to listen. Miles insists how Winston was supposed to have not said what he did, stunning Maya that he wanted his best friend to lie under oath. Miles says how she left him and he was just drunk and upset, but Maya says all they did was have a fight and that didn't mean he had to go and hook up and Zoë. Miles says she abandoned him when he needed her and Maya tearfully asks why he didn't just tell her that up front, silencing him. Maya yelling at Miles that she can't constantly pick up the pieces of his messes when he's upset.

Maya yells at him that when things go wrong, he has to go and do "the horrible thing, the ugly thing" as she smacks at him. Miles asks if that's just it, she's "writing him off". Maya continues to yell how she can't "wait around every time to pick up the pieces of every time he freaks out" as she keeps smacking him in emotion, bringing Miles to hold her. He begs her not leave him again, but Maya firmly declares that "it's the last time" and that they are done. Letting her go, Maya walks off.

In Thunderstruck, Maya invites Zig to attend the school dance with her, strictly as friends, since she doesn't have Miles or Tristan to hang out with anymore. Zig agrees, cheering her up. At home before the dance, Maya is getting ready and asks Zig if he'll at least dance with her, which he waves off. Maya realizes he is expecting someone and teasingly prods for who. When Zig admits to it being Zoë, Maya is furious. When Zig says how he didn't think she'd mind if all three of them hung out, Maya says she does a lot. As she rants that Zoë is "the worst", Zig brings up Miles and she says how something happened between Miles and Zoë at the party while they were still together, and is still mad about it. Zig assures he everything will be fine and he even brought a "helper" - alcohol. Maya realizes he likes Zoë, just as she comes in, happy. Maya gives a tight liped smile at Zoë.

Maya taunting Zoë to "get her own people" while drunk.

Sometime later, while playing a drinking game of "Never Have I Ever", Maya reveals a few things she has done, such as skinny dipping, but no one believes her since she is "a goody little two shoes". After declaring it's her turn, Maya says she has never come onto another girl's boyfriend at a party. The atmosphere gets tense as Maya begins to unleash her anger against everything Zoë has ever done to her. Zig tries distracting the two girls, but Maya brings up Zoë posting fake naked pictures of her online. Zig tells Maya to cool it, but Maya says if it weren't for Zoë, she and Miles would still be together. Zoë asks to talk about it later, but Maya wants to talk about it now.

Maya says how Zoë is the reason she spent the entire year in the Rubber Room and she keeps "stealing all her people" - Miles, Tristan and now Zig. She gives a drunken kiss on her forehead and tells her to "get her own people". She takes the alochol bottle and says she is going to the dance on her own. When Zig brings up the bad weather, Zoë follows after her to work things out between them.

While walking through the raining streets of the town, Zoë begs Maya to get inside. Maya says she is going the school, Zoë says she is drunk and needs to get to safety. Zoë says if she leaves her there, she'd likely blame her for that too. As Maya says she'll haunt her if she dies and calls for "help", Zoë breaks into the Dot and gets her and Maya to safety inside. Inside, Maya calls Zig to tell her mom she and Zoë are fine.

Maya and Zoë bringing up the past.

As Zoë gets them warm and dry clothes, Zoë tells her "strip".

Maya sarcastically remarks if she wants to take more photos of her to ruin her life. Zoë tells her to "get over [her] drunk self" and change so she doesn't get sick. When Maya complains about her head hurting, Zoë helps her change. When Maya smacks her away, Zoë tells her that she is trying to be her friend. However, Maya brings up how she stole her boyfriend at the party and is making the same effort with Zig. Maya remarks that she "likes her sloppy seconds". Zoë, now angry, says how technically Miles was "her" sloppy seconds since they were together first and she stole him from her. Zoë says it hurt a lot since she did really like him. Staring, Maya walks off and sits down as Zoë takes the opposite seat.

Maya singing "Thank You For Being A friend" with Zoë.

After some time, Maya admits she did come between Zoë and Miles and is willing to accept some of the blame. Zoë says she doesn't accept Maya blaming herself even a little bit, as Miles is "the real jerk" in the situation. Maya further admits how Miles is the source of all the drama she has went through the past school year.

Zoë admits herself how she has never been good at having female friends since she is always jealous of them. Maya says she could never be a source of envy for Zoë, but Zoë says she is. Zoë says how everyone loves Maya and she doesn't even have to try. Maya is silenced, but says she was jealous of Zoë as well. They admit how nice it would be to "be on the same team for once". They then sing the theme song to "Golden Girls" and have a laugh, starting a real friendship this time.

Season 14

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Maya is seen walking in the classroom siting down with Zig, next to Zoë and Tristen. Zoë gives a polite hello to her, to which she responds smiling back. When class was about to start Tristan recives a text message to meet Miles. When Zoë teases how Tristan ditching homeroom must "only mean one thing," Maya remarks back, "Yeah, Tristan's trying to avoid me". Zoë insists he has a "secret lover". Tristan says he "doesn't kiss and tell" and agrees with Maya that he doesn't want to see her. As Zoë and Zig flirt after he leaves, Maya rolls her eyes.

Maya watching as Zoë tells off Becky.

Next period, Maya and Zig were seen in the hallway walking as Zoë appears and announces she is now a Degrassi cheerleader. When Becky then comes up and tells Zoë about she is off the power squad because she's a "distaction" and has "baggage", Maya says "Screw her" and to forget about the power squad if she isn't good enough. However, Zoë wants revenge.

Later, Maya is seen at the power squad performance and laughing at Zoë's comments on Becky's baggage and telling her off. After this, Maya is seen looking away in shock when Becky gets distracted and falls off the cheer leading pyramic during the squads performance.

Maya urging Miles to talk to someone about his problems.

In Wise Up, after Miles and Tristan's relationship goes public, she is seen finding Miles upset in the boys locker room. Miles tells her in annoyance how she's in the boy's locker room, but she says she doesn't care. She asks him if he got together with Tristan to hurt her. He remarks that she thinks a lot of herself, but Maya says she only wants to know what's going on because she's confused. Miles soon begins to break down and Maya encourages him to open up to her. As he admits to having another fight with his dad and tries to leave, Maya tells him if something is happening with his dad at home he needs to talk to someone, if not her, anyone. She warns him if he doesn't tell someone what's "going on inside his head, it only gets worse".

Maya watching her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend rekindle their relationship.

Later, she is seen with Zoë and Tristan when Miles pulls up, with his new car. Maya comments on how his father bought him a car in speculation. Miles goes on to say they're in "a better place now" and wants to have Tristan over for dinner. As the two kiss, Maya looks away in discomfort.

As everyone walks off, Maya calls for him to stay back for a minute. She bluntly asks what he's doing, but Miles says he is "making things better". Despite his smile, Maya knows everything isn't okay.

In If You Could Only See, Maya is seen coming into her class and coming up to Grace, Zig and Tiny. She asks where Miles is since he is in that class with them. Tiny and Zig tease her about dating Miles who is now dating Tristan, another boy. Maya inists how Miles is going through some tough stuff right now. Grace asks if she is still holding onto hope to get back together with him and the others tease if she saw any signs of him being gay, but Maya insists it seriously isn't funny.

She brings up how Miles has been skipping school and other things and is worried something may be wrong with him. Tiny accuses her of only thinking that because he's gay and teasingly remarks that she is homophobic.

Maya having a nightmare in class.

During her period in the Rubber Room, Maya has a day dream where Miles commits suicide by jumping off the school railing. Maya wakes up from her dream screaming in class in a panic, startling the other students including Zig, Grace and Tiny. After class ends, Ms. Grell tries talking to Maya about her dream, who says it was about an upcoming algebra test. She looks back at Tiny, Zig and Grace who are looking at her in concern before re-insisting she's fine before leaving.

After s

Maya expressing her worries about Miles.

chool, Ms. Grell calls Maya’s mom about Maya’s day dream and screaming incident. Maya's mother insists she can talk to her about anything and Maya admits her worries about Miles and how he may hurt himself. She asks Maya if she's talked to him, but Maya says he won't open up and suggests it may just be in her head. But Maya goes onto asks if it isn't and he does hurt himself. She asks in tears what she is to do. Her mother tells her to just sit there and let her take care of her. Later, Maya is seen playing her cello until Miles storms in in a clear fury. Maya stops playing confused and asks what he is talking about. Miles reveals how her mother called his mom about her worries that he may hurt himself. Maya is shocked about it and insists that wasn't her doing. Miles doesn't believe her, but Maya insists again that she was telling the truth and was only confessing about being worried about him. Miles says that he's fine and asks how many times he needs to say it. Maya responds back until she actually believes him.

Maya as Miles yells at her for talking to her mom about him.

He abruptly demands Maya to "get over him" and stay out of his life before leaving. Having heard the conversation, Zig enters the room as Maya begins to break into tears. He begins to comfort her, she says how she just keeps "messing things up". He tells her how if it wasn't for her, he'd still be homeless or worse. She asks if that means she "isn't a total basket case". Zig says how she's "definitely insane", but means well. The two share a hug as Maya thanks him, but continues to cry.

In "Can't Stop This Thing We Started", Maya is having an arm wrestling competition with Grace, but loses. She then watches Zig compete with Grace, but to lose as well in horror. Like everyone else, Maya is laughing and amused by his defeat by a girl.

Maya arm wrestling Grace.

Later on, Maya with Grace as she they show Zig the newly posted vide of his defeat by Grace. When Zig and Tiny are ready to fight when he makes a crack about it, Maya warns them that a teacher is nearby. At the Matlin house, all four are having dinner that Zig bought and when Zig challenges Grace to a re-match and she asks why, Maya teases that "poor little Zig is feeling emasculated" and wants to prove "what a man he is". Grace then decides to come up with a surprise idea for him to prove his worth as a "man". Sometime later, Grace has shown them her challenge for Zig - to get a home-down tattoo. Tiny and Maya are shocked and Maya says that Grace is serious when Zig blows it off as a joke. As Zig tries to find a way out, Tiny says he'll take down the video if he lets Grace give him a tattoo. Zig reluctantly agress. Later when Zig is about to be tattoo-ed, he backs out and says that getting a tattoo doesn't prove his worth manly-wise. When Grace says that she agrees with him and was waiting for him to "grow a pair", and that she actually doesn't know how to tattoo someone, Maya and Tiny laugh.

Maya waking up after another nightmare about Miles, relating to Cam.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Maya is sleeping and having a nightmare about Miles commiting suicide. Just as he jumps, Maya wakes up screaming. Zig comes in and asks if she has had another "Miles nightmare". Maya tells him how her nightmares won't stop and she's so anxious. Zig offers to sing her a lullaby, to which she gives him a look. He begins playfully singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and she swats him with a pillow and insists she's fine.

On his way out, Zig seriously tells her that she needs help with her ongoing nightmares, all relating back to Cam. Maya blows it off, claiming she only needs to stop thinking about Miles and catch up on her sleep. Zig offers to make her some food, but she declines, saying good food won't help her out with what's she's dealing with.

Maya attempting to distract herself by requesting a power cheer assignment.

In school the next day, Maya sits down next to Zoë. She asks her if she could be a cheerleader. But Zoë remarks how she has "the cooridnaitons of a drunk hippo," before realizing she's serious and asks what's wrong. Maya again says how she's hasn't been sleeping, and asks if there is absolutely nothing she could do for the cheer team. Zoë remembers how she could use some tracks for music for future competition, and Maya readily wants to do it. Zoë seriously tells her how serious it is and asks if she's up for something so big for the team and she, again, agrees. As Zoë tells her the things she is looking for in the music, she notices Maya is now distracted. Maya tells her how Miles is not in class and been acting weird. Zoë says how he is likely doing some "predictable self destructive". Maya begins to grow worried and checks his Twitter on her cell phone and Zoë begins scolding her for not listening. Maya insists she is, but continues to look worried.

Grace and Zig hoping to relax Maya from her stress.

During cheerleading practice, Mays is taking notes before once again checking Miles's social media account. As she's doing so, Maya has a nightmare/day dream where Miles is committing suicide as Zoë warns her that if she screws things up for her then "things won't be pretty". Maya offhandedly agrees, but soon flees the gym. She goes and checks the railing, and sits on the steps while trying to calm herself down. Grace and Zig approach her and ask if she's had a rough day. Zig tells Grace that Maya has been a bit stressed out lately, to which Grace urges her to go with them for a stress reliever. Maya agrees and walks off with them. It is soon revealed what Grace intended to go, which proves to be boring for Maya.

Maya becoming more and more worried about Miles.

When Grace asks why Maya is so sad, Maya asks where they think Miles is. Grace annoyingly asks if she can prove he is alive and well, she'll shut up about it. Maya retorts how they can do that and Grace answers, "Power of the internet". Taking out a laptop, Grace hacks into his FaceRange account. When seeing how Miles answered to Tristan's message on how he felt that he "wants to kill himself", Maya begins panicking. When Zig assures her people make comments like that all the time, Maya reminds him, "But some people mean it".

Maya being dragged out of the Hollingsworth mansion by Zig.

It next shows Maya, Grace and Zig breaking into Miles' house. Maya asks for Zig and Grace to stand guard as she goes inside. After walking inside, she comes across Miles laying across his couch. She tries to wake him up and he demands to know what she's doing. She says how she was "making sure he's still alive", confusing him. She brings up his message to Tristan and he says how he's been feeling unwell. When realizing how she hacked his account, he asks if she's "lost her mind".

At this moment, Tristan walks in and demands that she "back off his bf" and calls her a bitch. Maya frantically insists she was only checking on him, but Miles insists Maya has lost her sanity. Grace and Zig come in to check on Maya and she begins pleading with Miles to talk to her as he demands she leave his house. Zig and Grace are forced to drag Maya out.

Maya having a panic attack while Zoë and Zig try to calm her.

Later, Maya is in the computer room on a laptop and furiously searching for further accounts for Miles despite Zig's soft pleas for her to stop, saying how she's freaking him out, and she says how she just can't. Zoë comes in the room, yelling at Maya for how she begged for the spot on the cheer team and has done no work - however, Maya isn't at all paying attention, completely focused on finding information on Miles.

When seeing that Miles has blocked her on every account he has, Maya snaps and throws the laptop across the room, yelling how she "won't let it happen again", smashing it. Her action stuns Zoë and Zig into abrupt silence. Maya walks towards a book shelf before finally having a mental break down, gasping wildly. As she begins collapsing on the floor in a clear panic attack, Zig and Zoë try to comfort her.

Maya admitting she needs help.

At home and in bed, Maya is having another nightmare about Miles. She again wakes up in screams, and Zig walks in knowing what has happened. Maya emotionally says how she is going to keep having her nightmares for the rest of her life. She says how Miles is the one who has the issues and just thinks something is wrong with her, but that he is the one who is messed up. Zig then tells her how this has taken over her entire life. Maya asks if he thinks she is crazy - he says she just needs help. After a moment, she admits he's right. She decides to talk to her mom in the morning about receiving professional help.

Maya with Miles after her accidentally knocks her off her bike.

In Hush, Maya is on her way to her therapy appointment when Miles accidentally hits her while backing out of the school parking lot, she cries out in surprise as onlookers are talking in shock. When he goes to check on who he hit, and sees that it's her, they both look at each other in disdain.

After this, Miles drives her to her therapy appointment, where she thanks him for the ride. She also comments on how her doctor will likely just be waiting for her, and he answers how he "hopes it's not contagious", assuming she is sick. Maya softly replies how "crazy" isn't contagious. Confused, he asks her what she's talking about. She explains how in her latest doctor appointments, her therapist advised her not to call herself crazy, relating it to "stigma".

Maya telling Miles about being in therapy due to her high anxiety following their break up.

Miles asks her why she would be in therapy as she's "totally normal". Maya retorts how she is seeing her doctor because of him, explaining how after their break up she became really worried about him and how her worry eventually took over everything. Miles begins to apologize for what he's done, but she cuts him off, saying how it wasn't real;y even about him or herself; it was just the anxiety of it all. She then insists how she is going to be okay and is making progress. She smiles reassuringly at him, commenting that she's late to her appointment, before saying she will see him at school as she gets out of the car.

Maya surprised to see Miles, who is buzzed, still waiting in the parking lot.

After her therapy appointment, she runs into Miles in his car, eating on chips and listening to music, still outside of the medical group clinic. Getting his attention, she asks him why he's there. He answers how he would rather be there than at school. Getting into the car, she notices something is off with him. She asks if he's okay, and he insists he is.

As they drive, Maya notices how Miles is barely driving 20-some miles per hour and points this out to him. Miles again insists he is, but Maya asks if he is freaked out because she is seeing a therapist and that she's "crazy" now. Miles tells her she isn't crazy, lamenting on how they are a little crazy, but she isn't. Maya then finally takes note that he's high. He tries to insist he isn't, but Maya begins to firmly tell him that he shouldn't be driving and to pull over. As he begins to increase in speed, Maya begins to yell at him to stop, but he doesn't listen and continues to speed, before he ends up taking down an opening car door parked on the side of the road. Shocked, he finally parks in place as he and Maya stare out in shock.

Maya and Miles after he knocks off a car door while speeding.

He then quickly speeds away from the scene, snapping Maya out of her trance as he asks if she's fine. She says she is, still clearly in shock, before demanding to know what he's doing. She demands he go back to the scene, bringing up the possibility that they hurt someone, and that they just can't leave. Miles yells that they can't because he has pot in his system, which means a DUI for his record. He says how all of it before his father's election will only mean meeting his father's wrath like no other. Sympathetic, she quietly agrees and tells him to just keep driving.

Eavesdropping, Maya learns it was Dallas who Miles hit.

In Something's Got to Give, Maya is texting Miles anxiously as Grace and Zig are talking about which super power they would want to have. She then overhears Dallas re–telling the accident in the previous episode, shushing Zig and Grace who try to talk to her. After hearing him say the car was black, Grace jokingly remarks the car to be Miles. Zig answers that he believes Miles to be too smart to hit and run, but Maya’s worried expression says it all – they realize he was the one. Maya tells them to keep quiet about the matter, and Zig asks why they would. Maya explains she was with Miles and in the car when it happened. Grace scolds her for keeping quiet and risking herself for Miles, but she insists if his dad were to find out, he’ll “hurt him”. Zig asks her if she is really willing to lie for Miles, which she just keeps silent on. He asks her what her plan is and Maya says, for the moment, to find Miles. At the Hollingsworth mansion, Maya goes to see Miles. She asks why he wasn’t responding to her texts and he says he was calling someone to fix his car. Sitting on top of his bed, Maya insists they need to come clean and how Dallas was the one they hit and the details he saw of the car to the cops. Sitting next to her, Miles says he knows she is freaked out and how his dad left and they just need to bring the car to the shop and all the evidence is gone. He assures her that they can keep the accident a secret. At that moment, his father comes in, revealing he knows about the accident.

Miles and Maya in a complicated situation.

Shocked, Miles says how he thought he was at work. His dad says he misplaced his phone and returned to get it from the garage, only to find the car wrecked. He demands answers, which Miles tries to blow off, but his dad grabs his arm and squeezes it in anger. Seeing this, Maya jumps in and claims someone hit them. Believing her, he asks Miles why he didn't just say that and asks if they got the insurance company involved. Maya says the person just hit them and drove off. Scolding him for not reporting it right away, he tells them to have Maya’s mother and the rest of them file it and the police station and leaves. Collapsing on the bed, Miles remarks, “So that’s what the truth sounds like.”

At the police station, Maya gives her version of events.

At the station, Maya confirms the version of events she saw, although it is a lie. Maya claims she was at the mall when it happened, but claims she didn’t buy anything. The officer asks what she went shopping for, but she says she doesn’t recall. The officer finds this odd, and Maya says she guessed she just went in to wander around. Maya’s mother says teenagers are always at the mall to him. She begins fidgeting in her chair, which they both take note of. Maya’s mother backs up her daughter, saying she has been dealing with high anxiety lately. Maya doesn’t want her mother to continue with the information, but she tells her that she doesn’t want the officer to believe she is lying. He believes her when learning of this, saying he will get the guy who hit them and to just give a list of more details and the shops she went to. At school, Maya startles Miles at his locker when requesting details of what to give to the police. After noticing his behavior, Maya realizes he is high once again. She reminds him that they need to get their stories straight to avoid his dad finding out about the truth of the accident. Miles says she doesn’t get it – when it comes to his dad he is always mad at him. Maya concludes that she lied to the cops for nothing. After seeing Dallas, Miles clearly is going to tell him the truth. Seeing what he is about to do, Maya tries urging him not to do that and that if he sobers up, they’ll find a solution to the mess. Miles goes ahead and tells him the truth anyway despite Maya’s pleas not too.

Maya trying to calm Miles down as he fights with Dallas.

A confrontation ensures and Miles says he’ll pay for the damages. Dallas reveals his son was in the car with him and brings up how he could have hurt his kid. Miles ends up channeling his feelings towards his father in his fight with Dallas, who says that while Miles is “an irresponsible idiot” he isn’t, and can explain the rest to the cops.

At the station again, Maya is anxiously pacing as she explains to her mother how she knows she is disappointed in her. Her mother says she is "incredulous" and demands for how she could lie to the police. Maya claims she was only trying to protect Miles and didn’t want him to get into trouble. Her mother says that she is the one suffering now, again, and thought she was making progress with her therapist. Maya insists she is and that it’s different this time and it isn’t in her head. Her mom goes on that while she knows she cares for Miles, she can’t destroy her life for him. Maya says she can’t let Miles deal with his father by himself. Her mother reminds her how she tried to help several times, even getting adults involved, but that the truth was she cannot help someone who isn’t helping themselves. Maya takes this in and admits she is right. Sitting down, she admits she made a mistake. The officer comes in and asks for the truth this time.

Maya telling Miles he needs to start helping himself.

Afterwards, she thanks her mom for having her back in there. She remarks how “this whole parenting thing works”, but Maya says not every kid is so lucky. At the car, she sees Miles leave the station. She asks her mom if she can check on him, receiving an exasperated look. She insists it will only be a minute and her mother relents.

Going up to him, Miles apologizes for getting her into his mess and thanks her for trying to help him out. She urges him to start helping himself, but Miles says he can’t find it in him to tell anyone else about his dad. At that moment, his dad comes by and scolds him again. Maya looks down awkwardly and Miles asks if he’ll see her around, but is snapped at by his dad to leave immediately before she can answer him. Getting into her mother’s car, Maya and Miles share one last look sadly as he leaves with his dad.

In Hero vs. Villain, she makes a brief appearance in the hallway, laughing and goofing around with a female student. During this, she is completely unaware of Miles happily watching at her from the distance.

In Firestarter (1), she and Grace walk up to Zig and Tiny who are at a table helping the other school cheerleaders with their stay at Degrassi for a while. She and Grace tease the two for flirting with the Newman Dragon cheerleaders, and Tiny brings up when Zig got "dumped" by Zoë, who reminds them that they never actually dated. Maya puts in that was because Zoë "refused to date him", causing Zig to insist that wasn't what happened. Exasperated, he bets he could get any cheerleaders number. Grace, wanting to spice things up, adds that it can't just be any cheerleader since they could just go the least unpopular girl. She and Maya decide on picking a more clear "Ice Queen" and Maya, wanting to make things more fun, decides that the loser has to dress up like a cheerleader and do a cheer.

Grace and Maya making a bet with Zig and Tiny.

In the Rubber Room, she and Tiny listen to Zig revealing how he nearly got Gloria's number, and she was "practically begging for him to get her number", but he chose not to. He re-phrases his choice because he "lost on principal", which Maya translates into his "thing for Zoë". Zig tries to blow it off, saying how nobody won. However, Grace walks in with the reveal that she got Gloria's number instead of them, stunning Tiny and Zig, explaining how after Tiny scared her that it gave anyone a chance for her cell phone number who "gave her a little bit of positive attention".

Maya appears surprised that Grace is seemingly gay, saying how she never figured, but Grace blows it off claiming she just wants to see "these two idiots in short skirts". She hands them a bag containing their cheer outfits, and she and Maya both laugh as they take in the boys disdained looks. As the two boys do their humiliating routine, she and Grace laugh in amusement.

Maya watching as Miles set a flyer on fire.

In Firestarter (2), Maya is walking in the hallway with two unnamed female students when she comes across Miles looking for Frankie and Hunter. Concerned, she excuses herself to go up to him and asks what's up. She confirms she hasn’t seen the twins and he gives her an envelope, saying if she does see them to give it to them. Teasingly, she asks if it's a goodbye letter.

Seeing his somber face, she asks where he is going. He says how he is getting into his car and driving as far away from his family as possible. She asks for details about what has led him to do this and immediately suspects his father. He insists it isn’t his father, but him, and that he’s “the loser who can’t make it work” and begins to take off in a rush of clear emotion. He rants how he is bad for his siblings and drives his father crazy.

Maya helping to find Frankie during the school chaos.

They then come across his father’s campaign stand and, crumpling up a flyer of his father, declares how much he hates him. Maya reasons that he just can’t leave his brother and sister with him, and he says how he just wants him to vanish so he won’t hurt anyone else. Taking a lighter, he says the only thing he can is just leave; he then sets the flyer on fire. Maya begins demanding he put it out, but instead he ends up setting the entire stand on fire. Seeing the stand go up in flames, she pulls him away as she insists they call 911.

With the school stampeding and overflowed in a panic with the fire, Maya asks if Miles plans on leaving as they rush through the crowd. As he says he doesn’t want to deal with his father again only to deal with arson charges, Hunter comes up to them, asking if they’ve seen Frankie. After concluding she must still be in the school, they begin searching for her.

Smiling as she learns Miles is going to be okay.

After everything calms down, she is seen comforting Winston as he, alongside Frankie and Zoë, are rescued from the school. Later, she is also seen observing the Hollingsworth kids take a stand against their father from the distance. Miles looks back and sees her and excuses himself to talk to her. She asks how things went and he says he thinks things are going to be fine.

He thanks her for not giving up on him and she smiles, saying she is just glad she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore. He tells her not to be afraid to check in and every now and again though. Giving him one last smile, she turns and walks off.

In Watch Out Now, Maya is seen entering Mr. Perino's classroom with Miles, Tiny, Zig and Winston as they joke about where Mr. Simpson may be.

In Ready Or Not, Maya enters the hospital room with Zig where Tiny is. Zig points out how bad the hospital food looks so Maya brings out a box on donuts. Happy, Tiny jokes then feeling the pain again so Maya asks why they can't tell the police, Tiny replies with "Snitches get stitches."She complains about Damon being Zig's friend but Zig tells her why. Maya then tells Zig they have to get going and goes in for a hug with Tiny but he refuses due to a hug hurting him so she wakes leaving the room. Later on Maya and Zig enter the classroom, Maya tries to talk to him but his head is out of it so she asks him what's wrong he tells her that her feels it's his fault Tiny got stabbed but she tells him that it isn't and that Damon was being a creep. He tells her that he's pissed and wants to do something about it but she tells him that he can't and that he needs to get his mind off of it by auditioning for the musical.

Back at home Maya and Zig talk about how the play is good for him however Zig feels otherwise she tells him that Tiny is going to be okay and he thanks her for everything.

The next day back at school, Zig auditions for the play as Maya stands watching with Winston, Frankie and Imogen. After he's done, Maya runs up to him giving him a hug, he says to her he had a great coach, and they run out to go tell Maya's mom. By night time Maya walks into the house with her mom and Zig right behind her, her mom congratulates Zig one more time and they crack a few jokes. Zig and Maya stand by the counter as her mom shouts from the living room and they run in to see it has all been trashed. Later on, the police have arrived, taking pictures and want to ask them some questions, Maya tells her she doesn't know anything, and her and her mom leave the room.

In Wishlist, Maya is in the house with Zig as she is setting the alarm for the house, Zig tells her thieves didn't do it and that it was Damon and he tells her the whole truth. In the rubber room Maya walks up to Grace and they talk about the robbery. Maya changes the subject to the spa where she asks Grace if she wants to come with her. Maya uses the wrong words and Grace passes.

Maya arrives at the spa center and walks up to a lady where Maya tells her to keep the bill for two people because she has friends but no one to go with when suddenly Zig comes up behind her saying he will do the spa day with her. Later on during their spa day Maya and Zig chat about how she can't talk to people, Zig changes the subject to talking about him moving out and Maya tells him that she can't lose him and that she's worried about him and brings up Cam and how she is messed up and needs him to stay, he agrees.

The next day Maya walks into the rubber room and takes a seat next to grace to apologize for the way she asked her to go out the day before and tells her that she's not good with girls. She invites her to come over to her house to get her nails done but grace refuses after seeing the color she used so Maya switches the color to black. Maya tells Grace how complicated her life is and Graces asks her if it's because she's in love with Zig, Maya tells her no and Maya says "He's amazing and I love him." Maya comes to a realization that she loves him.

In Walking in My Shoes, Maya and Zig walk up to Zoë, who is now serving food as a lunch lady, making fun of her. Zoë tries to stand up for herself but instead she embarrasses herself again and everyone laughs. Maya and Zig walks of. Outside Maya and Zig walk up to Zoë talking about how Maya wants imagine dragons tickets but can't due to their phones. Zoë tells them how she can help and Maya makes fun of her again and Zoë shows her phone and tells her how she can get them. Maya and Zig smile and walk off.

In Get It Together, Maya is in gym, when Grace walks up to her joking about gym. Grace mentions Maya's crush on and she tells him that this term gym is all about getting a good grade now and won't focus on gym. Mr Armstrong enters, and tells the girls that they will be pairing up with the boys doing salsa dancing and tells Maya that she will pair up with Tristan. During class, Maya and Tristan try to dance, but can't stop arguing and they have a bad time dancing. When it's over an angry Tristan walks over to grab his towel and storms off.

At home Maya complains to Zig how she can't do the routine with Tristan so Zig turns on some music and they dance together Maya actually does good with the dance. Zig drops Maya on the chair and says he has to get back to work.

The next day, Tristan enters the gym where Maya stands there, Tristan gets angry at Maya and is about to leave when Maya stops him. Maya asks him to tell her what the problem is so that Tristan can lead in the dance. Tristan tells her that she hates that Maya always thinks he know what's best. He talks about Grant and Miles and tells her the worst part about it was that he lost his best friend, Maya. She apologizes for everything tells him that her life isn't perfect and that she needs him. They hug and make up and get back to dancing. Later on Maya enters the house happy where Zig walks in and she thanks him for helping. Zig makes fun of dancing and she chases him around the room they have a sudden pause and start making out when the door opens and Maya's mum walks in. They awkwardly stare at each other.

In Give Me One Reason, Maya is in the kitchen at the fridge when Zig walks up to her and she bring up the kiss and they say they liked it and they kiss again when her mum walks in and tells Maya it can't happen again. The next day Maya sits by a computer when Tristan walks in to sit next to her and asks her for help on the assignment but she tells him there is a big problem but Tristan guesses that she kissed Zig. She tells him that her mum caught them and he tries to joke but Maya tells him she likes Zig but her mum has been so good to her.

Later on Maya walks up to Zig telling him they need to talk and they both agree to call it of but then Maya tells him she can't do that because she thinks she loves him and Zig says the same thing and they agree to tell her mum and hold hands and walk off. After school Maya's mum walks in when Maya offers her help with the groceries and tells her she is not calling of anything with Zig and that she is in love with him and her mum says it's okay as long as Zig moves out Maya doesn't like that but her mum says he can move in with his mum. Later on Zig walks in the room where Maya stands and tries to pack but Maya unpacks for him and he tells her that he can find some accommodation but Maya can't take that so she says she will move out but Zig refuses and tells her that she is great and that this is the only way they can be together. Maya finally agrees.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Maya overhears Zig and Jose talking about her and Zig says he Loves her. After the boys stop talking Maya walks in and asks Zig if he will be okay at Tiny's house he says yes but Maya is still worried so he hugs her. The next day Maya calls Zig and he tells her "Life is good" There is a knock at the door so Zig hangs up.

In Teen Age Riot, Maya and Zig are making out behind the bus due the school rules where they are interrupted by Grace and Tiny and Zig complains about not having any time for each other. Tiny puts the idea of Maya coming to their house in her head and she agrees and asks Zig if she can come over to their house reluctantly he says yes.

Later on Maya and Zig sit in the boys house eating food when Vince busts in and Zig wants to leave but Maya refuses and tells him that she wants to stay, Vince brings out some drugs and Zig tries to stop her but she says she wants to take it and they try it. High Maya and Zig wonder around the room having fun when Zig brings up sex and they both want to try it and Maya walks off to the room.

The next day Maya and Grace stand in the hall when Zig walks up to them Grace asks what happened last night and awkwardly Maya walks off. Outside Zig walks up to Maya and they try to talk about what happened and Maya says she wishes her first time wasn't when she was high. Zig tells Maya it will be best if she stays away from him, Angrily, Maya storms off. Later, Zig calls Maya and Zig tells Maya he was glad his first time was with Maya and she says she feels the same way and she forgives him.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), Maya is in class when Zig comes to sit down and he asks her to lie for him and tells her what happened with Damon. He apologizes for dragging her into all of this. Later on Maya walks up to Zig and Imogen as Imogen leaves to look for something and Maya asks him if everything is okay, he replies with yes. Tiny walks in to take Zig to talk and Maya agrees.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (2), Zig is in a fight with someone when Maya walks up to them worried and wants to know what's going on, Zig tells her that Damon's guys are after them. They get in an argument about Vince and Maya storms off. Later that day Maya is with Zig when Vince comes in to give Zig flowers the detective comes in to arrest Vince. During the play Maya watches Zig preform. A little while later Maya runs up to Zig to hug him and tell him he was Awesome. Maya tells him everything is going to be okay. Tiny comes in with a knife angry at Zig. Zig talks him down and takes the knife. At the end of the play Zig is on the phone and after Maya asks them if they are going to be okay and asks them if it was the right thing to do. She tells them it's going to be okay as long as they are.

In Don't Look Back, Maya is first seen with Zig and Tiny running after a girl, Gloria, who is supposedly hurt on the floor due to the fact that they are training to be lifeguards. Maya gets down to check on her while the boys joke about it. Maya drags her to shore. Their instructor runs over and blows the whistle telling them they did good, except Maya for not checking for back injury before dragging her. Maya complains about the boys not doing anything but Gloria sticks up for them. Maya complains again, Zig tries to comfort her but she says she's fine that she won't even need Life guarding for the job she wants anyways, which is baby sitting for Jordyn Kincaid the music producer. Gloria steps in to find out what they are talking about. Maya shows off by making fun of her and she runs off with Zig and Tiny.

Later on Maya enters the music producers house where she is frightened by the kids. Jordyn walks out with Gloria where Gloria tries to put Maya on Jordyn's bad side by telling her about Maya failing life guarding and leaves. Maya hands Jordyn her resume and Jordyn reads it asking if Maya actually failed because she notices that Maya said she passed on her Life guarding, Maya tells her she made the resume before the test and says everything else is is true and that she can kind of cook.

Zoë and Tristan are walking on the beach when they see Maya dressed up in a taco outfit and laugh at her. She tells them that it's the only job she could get and asks for Zig. She sees Gloria walking on the beach with Zig and the kids when they come across Maya. Angry, Maya accuses Gloria of stealing her job and tells her karma is gonna get her. Gloria acts innocent and walks off. Later on Maya is with Lola at her shop when she asks her to do a curse on Gloria for her job and suddenly Jordyn calls Maya and asks her to look after the kids she says yes.

At Jordyn's house Maya is making ice lollies for the kids but they don't like it so they start talking about how Gloria was the best. Jealous, Maya starts trash talking Gloria and Lena realizes Maya is jealous of Gloria because she's pretty, sweet and people like her. Later after Maya puts the kids to sleep she calls Zig to apologize and he insists to come over but she declines his offer. Maya goes to sit down and turns on the TV, on the news she finds out that people are missing.

The next day Maya is at home with the kids and Maya talks about the house being haunted and Lena tells them that they should use the Ouija board and they all join in. They ask if there is a ghost with them and it goes to yes, they all stay calm until they ask who it is. It goes to C... A... M... Maya gets scared but then it goes to I...L...L...A and Lena says "Hi Camilla" Maya asks if they know who she is. They say yes or it's one of the others because the house used to be an insane asylum and they scare her by saying they here noises at night and that all there baby sitters disappear. At night Maya is chilling in Jordyn's house when she hears her phone ring and gets scared. When she answers the phone no one talks so Maya freaks out then Jordyn answers. Jordyn tells Maya she has to stay a few more ours because they are doing good in the studio she says that she can. Maya hears a noise coming fro the door when she walks over to it she picks up a weapon, she looks through the peep hole and sees no one so she opens the door and Zig pops out scaring her. He walks in telling her he wants to stay for a make out but she wants to be a good nanny so she just needs him to check for ghosts. He looks around the house mocking her and she hugs him they then here a voice saying "You're next!" And they jump.

The voice keeps repeating "You're Next!" They walk into a room looking for a ghost when they see a toy recorder and Zig said he wasn't scared. Suddenly the door closes and they get scared.

A little while later Maya and Zig are still stuck in the room. They see someone coming up to the door but it is actually Jordyn and she gets angry. Maya is annoyed with the kids but they make fun of her.

Tiny and Zig is sitting at Lola's Cantina when Maya comes up to them with an order which is the wrong order so she starts complaining about not being happy at her job because the kids don't like her but Tiny brings her up and tells her how to treat them. Back at Jordyn's house Maya calls the kids into the dinning room telling them things are gonna change and that they are gonna be nice to her and no more pranks. As they are about to walk off something starts floating and Maya jumps up and tells them to stop playing around but they say they aren't the ones doing it and other stuff start moving about and they start to get scared. Maya scares them and Zig jumps out. Maya turns to Zig and says "I think they actually like me."

Maya is with the kids asking Lena to put on sun cream but she refuses saying her friends will make fun of her. Zig jumps up behind her scaring her. Zig talks to Maya about the zombie walk but she tells him she is working and Zig understands but he is feeling lonely and he wants her to talk to Jordyn about taking a day off. At Jordyn's house Maya is sleeping when Jordyn walks in and wakes her up apologizing for being late. Maya asks if she can take a day off on Saturday for Zig but Jordyn needs her Saturday so Maya said she will be there.

At the Zombie walk Maya sneaks up on Zig and Zig is happy to know he has her all to himself until she brings out Lena and Everett. Zig gets upset. Maya wants Zig to understand but he is really upset about this saying he is disappointed he walks off. Maya looks to Everett and realizes his sister isn't there. After searching around for Lena they spot her with ice cream. Maya runs up to her telling her she is worried but Lena believes that Maya is only there for the music and that she doesn't care about them. Maya tries to make her see that her mum loves her. Lena says she has a bad way of showing it.

Jordyn is writing her song when Maya interrupts telling Jordyn that she needs to spend more time with her kids. Maya tries to tell Jordyn calmly but Jordyn is angry at Maya telling her she is just a kid but Maya tells her that her kids are hurting. Jordyn tells her to leave. Maya says she will see her tomorrow but Jordyn tells her she is fired.

Back at Lola's Cantina Zig plots ways to get revenge on Jordyn but Maya is sad. Zig gets up and walks inside. Maya sees Gloria and stands up. Zig walks behind her to ask what's wrong and she says she saw Gloria. Later on Zig and Tiny walk up to Maya who is ready to go and look for Gloria. Unfortunately Zig doesn't believe her because he thinks Maya is guilty over Gloria. So he gets angry and storms off. Tiny says he will look after him. Back at Lola's Maya is waiting around for Gloria when she sees her and gets up to run after her. She calls out her name and Gloria runs off Maya follows her. Gloria yells at Maya telling her to run away when someone comes up behind her and grabs her. Maya drops her phone and is being dragged off.

Maya is locked in a room with Gloria shouting out for someone to help. Maya questions her asking why she didn't run. Gloria tells Maya that the kidnapper knows where she live. A little while later Maya and Gloria are talking about how the kids love Gloria. Maya comes up with a plan to escape but Gloria is worried. Gloria yells help and when Logan enters he sees Maya on the floor. Logan runs to her and Gloria almost hits Logan but he is angry and asks her why would she do it they were about to get away with it. Maya realizes they are working together she tries to run but Logan drags her back. Logan is setting up to run with Gloria and says they will tie her up and leave her is the woods. Logan tells Maya to shut up and is angry so he pushes her to the ground and tells Gloria to tie her up and while she is doing that the police come.

The next day Maya and Zig are on the beach and her says he is never letting go of Maya. Maya still feels bad for Gloria. They kiss and here Lena's voice. Jordyn walks up to them and tells Maya she was right and offers Maya a job working with her in the studio when school starts. Maya squeals meaning yes.

In the end Maya is seen hugging and kissing Zig.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 1

In #BootyCall, Maya starts off the episode by talking to Zig also in a voice over saying "You know how Drake says, Starting from the bottom, now we're here. And yes, he's talking about the cutthroat world of the hip-hop industry, but that idea could also apply to the first day of school. I mean, today, we're at the bottom, but from here, anything's possible. Who cares who you were last year? Haters gonna hate, but it's like, we get to chose. Bully or bullied, Leader or loser, Most likely to run the world or most likely to blow it up? No one makes it overnight. Okay, you've gotta work hard and make good choices. And if I do that, there's no reason why I can't be the next T-Swift or something even more amazing." And after Maya finishes Zig get's up to flirt and they start making out but Maya tells him she wants to be amazing and start a band. Zig doesn't listen and just carries on kissing him. Frankie opens the door with a bunch of freshmen behind her. They get up and Maya said they should get to class.

Later, Maya and Zig are looking at their class schedules and realize they only have one class together. Grace walks up to them asking if they actually got caught together making making. Maya feels shamed. Zig asks Maya if she is free but she gets a call from a club she is asked to audition her band she accepts. Zig points out she doesn't have a band so Maya says she doesn't have a band.

Maya is in the music room with Grace and Jonah jamming and Maya tells him she has a audition and she needs a band. Zig comes in asking Maya why Jonah is there. She tells him she is auditioning guitarists for her band but Zig thought her was the guitarists.

At the party Maya pulls Grace away from Zoë to talk to her about Zig and how she should tell him that she doesn't want him in the band. Grace asked what's more important, Zig or music. Maya went silent. Grace said she shouldn't be one of them girls.

The next day Maya sees Zig in the music room and walks up to him. Maya tries to distract him with a job for cooking but Zig catches on that Maya doesn't want him in the Band because Zig isn't a good guitarist. Zig asks if her music is more important that him and she says yes. Zig says that they never talk about sex anymore when Jonah and Grace walk in. Maya asks Zig if they can talk about it later. Zig says yes. He leave and the guys start playing as Maya watches Zig through the glass.

In #NoFilter, Maya is sitting with Zig in class as Zoë and Grace makes fun of them.

Maya is seen with Grace, Zig and Zoë hanging out while Zoë and Grace plan their assignment. Grace walks off. Maya tells Zoë that Grace is probably gonna be angry at her.

Maya and Zig present their assignment to the class while Tristan makes jokes about it

In #YesMeansYes, Maya is playing with Zig when Jonah comes over telling Maya he has been working on the song and swoops her away. While Zig talks to Tiny he watches them listening to music together being really close.

At Maya's house Maya and Zig are both doing homework when Zig wants to do "more" and they start making out and he grabs her and she tries to stop but he forces it and she accidentally elbows him in the face. Zig gets up and leaves awkwardly.

Later Zig arrives at Maya's house where he sees her mum and they wonder what she wants to talk about and she brings out the condom and they have an awkward conversation. Maya's mum tells them if they can't talk about sex then they shouldn't be having it.

The next day Maya is in the classroom with Jonah when Zig barges in asking to talk. Jonah tells Maya to call him and he leaves. Zig asks Maya if she actually still loves him and she says yes. And he says he never wants to feel like he is forcing her and she forgives him.

Maya and Zig are in Maya's room doing work when asks if he can sit next to her, she says yes. And Maya asks if she should close her Laptop, he says yes. He asks if he can kiss her neck and she says yes. He then ask if he can remove her shirt and she asks if she can remove his they both say yes. Zig asks if they should stop because it's getting weird but Maya says no. He removes her pants. They then start making out and Maya just asks if they can have sex.

In #NotOkay, Maya is preforming "I Wanna get off" in the trapped door and the guy asks if Jonah wrote that but Maya said it was her. The man said tat his girl band just quit and that he wants them to preform and Maya say yes. Maya tells Grace and Jonah they have to go shopping and Jonah agrees saying that he likes to look good. Back at home Maya and Zig are together and Maya is still happy she got the gig and her mum walks in asking if she can come until she realizes it's a bar and disallows Maya to go.

In the trapped door Jonah and Grace wait for her and when she arrives they ask what took her so long and she said she was waiting for her parents to fall asleep. They get up on stage and Maya is setting up the sound when a man tries to help her but she refuses because she thinks she can do. She makes a mistake and the man helps her and Maya says she knows and Grace defends her. Maya gets angry when he calls her blondie. Maya introduces the band and they preform and half way through a man is being loud on his phone and Maya tries to stay calm. After a while she walks off stage to talk to a man and asks him to keep it quiet and he makes fun of her she takes the phone from him. He calls her a "Bitch" and she throws it in the water.

The next day Maya wants to know if she should apologize, Grace says no but Zoë is telling her to choose between her dreams or her pride.

Maya storms into her room with a garbage bag and throws all of her pictures in it when her mum walks in. She asks Maya what's wrong and Maya starts crying saying she's not talking about it. She tells her mum that she was right about being a stupid little girl and tells her what happens. The mum tells her to breathe and that she will allow her to go to the trapped door and that she needs to tell those people that what that man said was wrong.

In the trapped door Maya is on stage thanking everyone for giving her another chance. A man tries to flirt with her so she tells him that her mum is sitting right over there, which. She takes a kind approach to it and sings her new song Not Okay.

In #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness, Maya, Zig and Tiny walks out of class where they see Lola. Tiny introduces her and Maya mocks him. Lola says she likes Maya's hair and Maya looks to Lola's key chain which is a vibrator and Maya says "I like your key chain" nudging Zig. Lola thanks her telling her it buzzes and that it's good for stress and the three laugh. Maya tells Tiny that she doesn't think talking satisfies Lola. They get going to their next class.

Maya and Grace enters the music room. Goldi and her friends walk up to the door and Maya wonders why they are there. Goldi says she has a preposition for Maya to preform Not Okay as an anthem for the feminist club. Maya and Grace debates whether she should go or not but in the end they agree that she should go.

Tiny and Zig are in the dot when Maya runs in excitedly telling Zig that she has another gig. He's happy for her but not for the cause. He doesn't think what the girls are fighting for is right because he believes that the guys and girls should have equal but Grace fights that girls have more needs. So now Maya has to make a choice.

In the classroom Goldi is making posters for the club when Maya comes in tells her she can't preform because she is not a feminist because she doesn't think taking the boys bathroom isn't wrong. Goldi gives Maya a few points leading Maya to a realization that she may be a feminist. A little later in the halls Maya is setting up for music while Zig passes through a crowd of people holding signs. He goes up to Maya asking her to stop this but then sees that she is wearing a feminist top. Zig needs to use the bathroom but Maya won't let him saying that girls have had to put up with this for years and now it's his turn. Maya gets the mic telling people to sign the petition and starts singing. Zig walks away.

The next day in the halls Maya walks up to Goldi and the girls Goldi stands with the plaque with for their new bathroom because they got their 200 signatures. Goldi asks Maya if she wants to do it but Maya insists that Goldi does it. She puts it up and the girls clap. Maya asks Goldi what's next and Goldi tells her about the MOBAs gaming and how sexist it is.

In #NotAllMen, Maya, Goldi and the rest of the feminist club watch Hunter and his friends playing their sexist game.

Later on in the student council room Tristan quiets everyone down to discuss the gaming. Tristan tells Maya to talk. She says how the sexist things Hunters friends say during their game. Maya then sits next to Goldi as her and Hunter argue. Goldi says that the game is triggering. Hunter then starts pointing things out that trigger him by saying "Like blonde hair, which triggers my fear of popular's mocking me."

In #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin, Maya and Jonah go over their song "Black or White" one more time before hitting the road. Zig stands there. Maya talks about how a big music producer has messaged them for a meeting. Jonah then says Grace isn't coming and Zig gets worried. Maya gets in the car leaving Zig.

Maya, Jonah and Maya's mum are in the hotel room and Maya is excited. Maya gets worried so Jonah tries to calm her down by doing a mock meeting. Jonah asks Maya "Do you have what it takes?" But Maya is distracted by Zig's texting. Jonah tells Maya that she needs to block off Zig. So she does. Maya asks Jonah what the question was. Jonah says "I think you just answered that."

Maya and Jonah walk up to the lady at the desk telling her she has a meeting with Holland. The lady asks if he is expecting her. Maya tells her that he messaged her. The lady said that's not how you make a meeting but tells her to sit down. Holland comes out the room and Maya greets him. And he said he's busy right now but will meet tomorrow. Maya asks what song she should sing. Holland says anything.

The next day Maya and Jonah preform Black or White. Holland doesn't seem impressed and tells her it wasn't good enough. Jonah cheers Maya up and they take a picture together.

Maya returns from New York to see Zig and tells him that she texted him. But he didn't reply because his screen was busted. Maya says she thought he was mad at her and why she turned her phone off. She lets him hear a song about their relationship that she wrote. They hug and Zig watches Zoë in guilt.

In #TeamFollowBack, Maya is in the hall with the feminist club and Zig. Goldi goes over the idea of their assembly. Maya is distracted by the more messages from the "haters" and the messages have gotten worse. Maya said she will be ready for the assembly but needs to sort out her issues. In the classroom Maya sits on the phones when Grace walks in. Maya is getting worked up about the messages and is feeling more worse by the fact that Zig is acting weird. Grace sees that someone posted all of Maya's personal information on life like her address and Maya gets scared.

Maya is with her mum and an officer. Maya asks for someone to watch their house but he can. The officer gives advice telling Maya to shut down her account but she can't.

In class Maya is still getting messages from these creeps and gets more and more stressed out. She sees these two boys looking at their phone so she gets up and snatches it off of them to see it's nothing. When she goes to sit down, she hears Goldi saying "You're going to die" But she didn't. Maya gets one more message and decides to leave the classroom.

At home Maya is home with Zig because he is there to comfort her. Maya says that she is getting scared. She thinks it's her fault for writing the song and gets mad for being angry. She blames herself for letting it get out of hand. Zig reassures her. Maya is sad that she doesn't get to do the assembly so Zig tells her she can live stream from the house.

Maya is live streaming during the assembly preforming Not Okay. Maya then goes on to talk about how she never knew she was a feminist and it was never as big until the messages. Suddenly a bunch of men with guns run it telling Maya and Zig on the floor. After they get up they find out that it's a prank call. Maya and Zig get up and Maya is sad but just thinks it's someone far far away from them until the officer tells them the call came from Toronto.

In #SinceWeBeinHonest, Maya and Grace are in the classroom when Zig comes in and sneaks up on Maya, it scares her but he apologizes. Maya tells Zig he is the only reason she is getting through any of this. Zig gives her tickets for a concert however Maya gets another message and Zig reads it and Grace says she will sit next to Maya instead of Zig.

Maya is sitting with Grace and Zig. He tells Maya that he got in a fight with Hunter Maya is sad that Zig has got suspended and walks off.

Maya enters her room with Zig and apologizes for putting guilt on Zig for getting suspended. Zig feels bad and comes clean about who the creep is, Hunter. Maya leaves to go tell her mum. She comes back in a while happier than before telling Zig that her mum is calling the cops and that he is her hero. Zig feels even more guilty when Maya calls him a hero so he tells her about him and Zoë. She tells him to leave. Zig gets up and walks out. Maya sits there Sad.

In #SorryNotSorry, Maya preforms Not Okay with Jonah and when they finish Maya walks off stage to see Zig. He tries to talk to her but she is still mad at him and Zig begs. Maya asks whys she should forgive him but Zig said he wished he could take the kiss back. Maya asks if it was just a kiss and Zig says yes. Maya says she will think about forgiving him. She carries on walking to see Hunter. She says nothing and passes him.

Earlier that day...

Maya is in Mr Simpsons office with Hunter, Yael, Baaz and Vijay where Maya talks about how she has been feeling about what's been happening. Yael apologizes but Hunter tries to switch it around. Mr Simpson tries to get the truth out of them telling them it isn't a joke and that they should come clean. They apologize, except for Hunter. Mr Simpson lets Maya go. She leaves the room to see Zig. He tries to talk to her. Maya ignores him and walks away.

Later that day Maya is setting up the stage with Jonah and Grace where they discuss what song She is singing. Jonah says it mus be a slow song like Yes, but that's what she wrote for Zig. Grace shouts "No!" Maya realizes the Grace knew about Zoë and Zig and the argue Maya tells Grace to leave. Grace walks of the stage and Jonah is confused in what happened.

We are back to the dance after Maya preformed...

The school goes on lock down and Maya is already in the bathroom Zoë comes out of one of the stalls. Maya turns to face her. A little while later Maya is on her phone when Zoë tries to talk to her. Maya disses her. Zoë apologizes. Maya calls Zoë the worst and asks why Zig and Zoë says he was there and he didn't say no. Maya still thinks that it was just a kiss. But Zoë know otherwise and Maya wants to know.

After the school came off lock down Maya comes in the hall where she sees Zig. He walks up to her saying he is happy she is safe. Maya asks in he like it when he fooled around with Zoë. Zig apologizes. Maya says "So what" and Zig leaves. Maya turns around to seen Grace and hugs her. Maya tells Grace never to lie to her again.

Season 2

In #SquadGoals, Maya is in Ms. Grell's class while she talks to Grace about her co-op with Peter. Grace asks Maya why she is so happy even though her boyfriend cheating on her with Zoë, a notorious psychopath. Zoë walks up behind then mocks Grace. Then Zig and Tiny enter and Zig says hi to Maya but she says nothing knowing she has to focus on her music. Later on Maya is typing up a resume for Peter and has to get it from the printer where Zig and Esme are flirting but she builds up the courage to go over to them. There is an awkward silence while they wait for the paper to print. As soon as it does she grabs it and storms off.

Peter is waiting in the classroom when Maya walks in introducing herself. She hands Peter the resume and Peter asks who Zig Novak is because she has been thinking of Zig all the time and must have accidentally wrote his name instead of hers. And that she just grabbed whatever and ran out of there, luckily Peter can relate and they move one. Maya asks if Peter if he wanted to listen to her song but he said he already has and that he liked one in particular. Maya assumes Not Okay but he meant Yes he then realizes it's about her ex. Peter asks Maya to do one task to prove her worth.She says she can handle it.

Maya is in the classroom on her phone looking on his Hastygram account and Grace walks in and Maya is wondering if there is a photo with Zig and Esme being close and accidentally likes his photo and is afraid Zig might find out. Maya has her Co-op to work on so Grace takes her phone for to get her to work.

In Peters class he asks Maya if she has the track but she doesn't and tries to explain herself but Peter doesn't care and wants to listen to the track. She is reluctant because she hasn't finished. Peter tells her there are so many people who would want this co-op

Maya is at her house in her bedroom reading a book When there is a knock at the window from Zig. She opens the window. Zig says that when he found out that Maya liked his picture he was happy. Zig tells Maya that he loves her and they kiss. Maya gets a call from Peter saying that even though Maya's track wasn't complete it was still good and she gets another chance. Happy Maya kisses him again and tells him that she will see him at school. Zig jumps down and Maya closes her Window.

In #TurntUp, Maya is talking with Grace and Tiny when Zig runs up to Maya to hug her. Grace and Tiny asks what's happening but Maya doesn't even know. Maya tells Zig they need to meet up for dinner.

That evening Maya is doing her homework when Zig come up. Maya opens the window to ask if Zig never got the messages that she sent him cancelling the date plans saying it was too much. But after words from Lola Zig buts in and tells Maya that it was Maya's fault as well for going off with Jonah. Maya can't believe what Zig is saying and while arguing Zig steps on Maya's project. And they use it as a metaphor for their relationship and Maya tells Zig to leave.

The next day Maya is walking up to school with her project and Zig stands there with a model of his own and they talk things out but Maya tells Zig she doesn't know is she is ready for a relationship.

In #BuyMePizza, Maya is sitting outside with Grace and Jonah talking about the gala and how they will be preforming with Peters band. Baaz comes over to make fun of Grace's look while Maya and Jonah laugh. Grace turns to see what's wrong and Jonah says that Grace's look is too much but Maya says she like Grace's outfit and how it repels guys.

In the bathroom Maya is talking about the co-op and Grace mentions her looks. Maya suspects there's a guy but Grace denies it. Maya thinks it's because of what Baaz said and if that's what she likes then she should keep on wearing it.

Grace and Maya confront Baaz on him making fun of Grace Maya takes his book about how to get a girl and it says that you must put a girl down and make them seem fragile and run to you. They realize that Baaz has a crush on Grace, and she shouts at him making him run away. Zig walks up to them and it gets awkward with Maya.

In #ThrowbackThursday, Maya is seen with Peter who walks up to Jonah and Frankie because Maya has lost her voice and they need someone to sing so Frankie points out that she can sing for them.

In #ToMyFutureSelf, Maya and Grace are in class talking about the protest as Maya tries to draw Grace. Grace then says Jonah can't make it to practice which makes Maya stressed. Maya tries to set up a rehearsal but Grace has plans with Zig so Maya is starting to wonder why Grace and Zig are hanging out.

Maya and Grace is walking while Maya is listening to her song but with Zig on guitar because Grace wants Zig to play guitar but Maya chose Peter instead but Grace thinks Peter has other intentions.

After, Maya preforms I Wanna Get Off with Peter and Grace judges Peter. Peter wants to make plans with the girls but Grace has something so Maya says tomorrow but Peter has a birthday party to go to. Maya then wears Grace down convincing her to stay so Peter goes to grab drinks. Zig comes up to ask if he missed it but Peter comes back drinks and Zig gets jealous and Maya freaks out at Zig and Grace tries to defend Zig but Maya gets out of control and causes a scene.

Maya walks up to Zig making fun of her and she asks him why he is being a jerk and Grace defends him again and wants everyone to be friends again but that's not what Maya wants so she says Grace can stay with Zig.

Maya walks in to the trapped door where Sav and Spinner sitting down and is confronted by Peters ex and Peter takes her food. Peter walks off leaving Maya in an awkward conversation with Sav and Spinner. Maya walks off and Spinner says "Kids."

Maya walks into the recording studio to take a breath and look at some picture of her Grace, Zig and Tiny. Maya hides underneath the recording set when Peter walks in with his ex talking. Maya carries on hiding until Peter and his ex then talk about Maya and her phone goes off so she awkwardly crawls out leaving a shoe.

Maya walks into class to see Grace drawing and they both say i'm sorry at the same time and Maya tells her it's hard to be friends with Zig and Grace says that Maya can get her for four days of the week ad Zig can get three because he was the cheater. They hug.

In #RiseAndGrind, Maya and Jonah are leaving her house talking about Frankie and he says Frankie's trying to be good. Maya goes on the talking about the royalties from her videos are going up. She then comes across a cover of Yes by Vijay and Maya gets mad.

Baaz and Vijay are playing a game when Maya comes in and Vijay gets excited and tells her he loves her music. Maya politely asks Vijay to take it down. Baaz tries to intervene but Vijay says he can't delete it and Maya says that she will be recording it on her album an can't have Vijay's "Weird" Version. Vijay gets angry and tells Maya he won't delete but Maya threatens him using one of his card and Vijay says he will do something about it.

Maya and Grace walk up to Jonah sitting on the bench chatting about their performance. Maya goes on to talk about Vijay and how she kind of fells bad for him but Jonah tells her not to and shows her the video of Vijay shading her. Maya wants to retaliate but Jonah tells her that he can't because Vijay has twice her followers.

Maya watches Vijay's other covers while Peter walks in and gives Maya her shoe back. Maya asks Peter if her songs are good and he says they are amazing so she asks why Vijay has more Views than her. Peter says because he's so unique and full of joy. Peter calls her out for being jealous. But she tries to deny it. Peter tells Maya that she has to play nice with others.

Vijay is doing a vlog saying Maya won't let him post the video but instead he wrote his own song and they were gonna record it. Maya then says that she had a lot of fun writing it. Vijay sings and Maya gets behind the recording set and Peter said this song is really good and Maya should work with some people over the summer and Maya agrees.

In #TheseAreMyConfessions, Maya walks through the party with Grace talking about how everything was going to go down. Grace then says "You know how I promised never to lie to you again?"A worried Maya says yes. Grace tells Maya that she thinks Ziq's ready to move on and Maya says how she notices him and Esme and says he thought they were already hooking up.

Maya walks runs up to Grace who is sitting on a bench. Grace tells Maya to go. Maya worries what Grace's problem is. And Graces lashes out at Maya for being perfect. Grace tells Maya that she actually likes Zig leaving Maya to her own.

Maya is at Grace's side after she passes out along with Tiny and Zig. Zoë runs up to them and tells thing they have to Grace to a hospital. Maya doesn't want to go along with Zoë's plan but Zoë tells her to believe her. So they help Grace up driving her to the hospital. At the hospital Graces's mum tells Maya to come in being the only one that stayed with Grace to see if she's ok. Maya comes in worried and Grace tells Maya about her Cystic Fibrosis.

In #OMFG,Maya is seen playing around by Zoë. Maya is then at the bus with Grace and Tiny while everyone gets on. Zig pops up asking if it will be weird if he came, they joke about. Maya forgives Zig as everyone sings the Degrassi school song getting on the bus.

Season 3

In #IWokeUpLikeThis, Maya's first scene is opened to her waking up. She tells her mother that she isn't feeling well, intending that she did not want to go to school. Her mom forces her to because she has already missed the first few days of her Senior Year.

Later on in the episode, Grace and Jonah are showing Maya some of their new music that was inspired by the bus crash. They are interrupted when Armstrong gives Maya many assignments to catch up on. Immediately, Maya feels overwhelmed.

Stressed out after trying to write lyrics for her and her friends' new song, in Maya frustration throws her phone across the Degrassi hallway floor. Later on you can see that the screen did crack.

Maya comes across a classmate, Saad after finding his camera in the guidance office when she goes to talk to the guidance counselor. Maya tells her that she feels stressed out. The guidance counselor reveals that off-camera, at the end of Maya's junior year, she was concerned about her music career because she broke both of her wrists during the bus crash. Maya explains that she feels as if she were being pulled underwater and was incapable of making it to the surface. The guidance counselor explains that she will feel better once university comes around, handing her college brochures.

We then see Maya and Zig talking, Zig is explaining that everybody is down on him for dating Esme. Maya gave him the advice of ignoring what people say and that if he likes her, that's all that matters.

After Maya nervously explains her stress to Grace and Jonah, they tell her to relax and take the night off.

Maya holding herself underwater

During the last scene of the episode, Maya is scene flipping through her brochures while in a candle lit bathtub. She tosses the brochure aside and sinks into the tub. She inhales before pushing herself underwater. She is shown, holding herself under for 22 seconds, looking around through the clear bath water. She swiftly rises to the water, coughing and gasping for air. The remaining seconds are spent with water dripping down her face as she looks around the room and a slight smile comes across her face.

Maya takes Saad's camera and sees pictures he took from back home

In #PicsOrItDidntHappen, Maya is singing her song when she gets notifications on her phone about Tristan's condition in the hospital. Her mom comes in and asks if Maya is alright. Maya says that she's just stressed about her audition for SoCal Art. Maya's mom tells her that she'll do fine and even considers moving to California to be with Maya and her sister. Maya thanks her mom and her mom tells her that it's time to go to bed. The next morning, Maya's mom comes in and notices that Maya is on her phone. Maya, not knowing that it's morning already since she was up all night watching videos about death and destruction, says that she's going back to sleep. Maya's mom tells her that she's made breakfast for her and Maya gets confused. Maya's mom reminds her that she has her audition later. In school, Maya dozes off reading a book and Grace walks up to her and wakes her up. Maya asks if she fell asleep and Grace asks if she was up all night practicing. Maya asks Grace if she ever thinks about death. Grace reminds Maya that she has cystic fibrosis then asks why. Maya says that she was up all night watching videos and even saw a girl their age getting hanged and asks why it was her instead of them. Grace says that they're lucky that they live in a place where that stuff doesn't happen, then tries to talk to Maya about something else. Maya is distracted when she notices Saad Al'Maliki taking pictures of them. Grace tells Maya that she's trying to talk to her. Maya notices that he did it again and runs off to yell at him and takes his camera. Saad yells at her to give the camera back. Maya says that he can't just take photos of people and begins looking through his camera and sees a bunch of pictures of people dead. Maya asks who those people are. Saad tells her and Maya asks what happened. Saad explains what happened in his country and says that people keep dying around him. Maya says that people keep dying around her too and says that they must be the lucky ones.

Maya is walking with Saad outside of the school. Maya explains that on the steps was where she was supposed to meet her ex-boyfriend, Cam, but he never showed up. Saad asks what happened to him. Maya tells Saad that he killed himself and they never told her how. Maya then explains that her bandmate, Adam, got in a texting-and-driving incident shortly afterwards and then she was involved in the Degrassi bus crash. Maya tells Saad that she feels like Tristan is in the hospital because she attracts death. Saad asks how Tristan looked on the bus. Maya says that Tristan looked twisted in on himself then shows Saad how he looked. Saad has Maya hold her hair back and takes a picture of her. Maya gets a reminder on her phone that she has her audition in thirty minutes and hurries out of the bus. At Maya's audition, Maya is singing to the teacher. The teacher tells her that the song was lovely. Maya thanks her and says that music has always been a part of her life. The teacher asks why she hasn't been doing any music since last April. Maya explains that she was in a bus crash and broke her wrists. The teacher asks if she's written about it. Maya says that she's had writers block lately. The teacher says that at SoCal Art she is expected to write through the writers block. Maya says that won't be a problem. The teacher tells Maya that to be a great song writer, she has to keep writing.

In the music room, Maya gets a notification from Saad that shows all the pictures he took of her in the bus. Maya is amazed, and asks if he could meet her after school with his camera. In the hospital, Maya and Saad are walking into Tristan's room. Maya tells Saad that that's Tristan. Saad says that he looks peaceful. Maya says that she wants to look like that. Maya tells Saad that ever since the bus crash, she's felt numb, but the photos he took of her makes her feel something and she wants to keep feeling it. Saad says that they should do it before a nurse comes. Maya is in her bedroom later on when Grace calls her. Grace asks if they could talk. Maya apologizes for being so busy that she couldn't help Grace with the play. Grace tells Maya that she's off the hook. Maya asks what she means. Grace says that they replaced Maya with Miles and says that if Maya still wants to do something, they could find her another job for it. Maya says that it's fine because she found something else to do and looks through pictures of her in a hospital bed nearing death. She closes her laptop and smiles with joy.

In #ThatFeelingWhen, Miles is reading about Tristan's condition when Maya walks up to him and asks if he's okay and apologizes for not visiting Tristan and says that she wasn't up to it. Miles says that no one's going to be up for it and shows her his conditions. Maya reads them off. Miles says that he doesn't want to babysit Tristan his whole life and asks what he should do. Maya says he could kill himself. Miles comments that Maya got dark and says that he doesn't know how to protect Tristan and still be happy. Maya says that Miles should do what he can to find peace in his life.

In #Unsubscribe, Jonah and Grace find Maya unconscious on the steps. Grace freaks out but Maya starts laughing and wakes up. Grace asks why she would do that and Maya says that she's okay. Saad tells them that it's just a photoshoot. Grace asks why Maya would bail on her for that. Maya says it's part of a series that they're doing. Grace says that she needed her but she's just off pretending to be dead. Maya says that the photos are about confronting death and showing that it can be beautiful. Grace says that death isn't beautiful, it's final. Grace starts coughing and Jonah takes her away. Maya asks if Grace is okay and Jonah says that she isn't remotely. The counselor comes out and asks Maya what's going on.

In #IRegretNothing, Maya is in the principal's office. Maya's mom asks why she would take photos of herself dead. Maya says that she didn't know people would freak out since it was just an art project. Maya's mom asks why. Maya says that they're meant to evoke emotion like her songs. Maya's mom says that her songs aren't about killing herself. Maya says that in the play, the main character considers suicide. Mr. Simpson says he didn't know that. Maya asks why her art is being singled out. The counselor says that she's been acting very different lately. Maya sarcastically quips that she’s being spied on. Maya's mom tells her not to talk like that. Maya asks if she can leave. Maya's mom says that they need to figure out a plan first. Maya asks what type of plan. Maya's mom says that Mr. Simpson thinks that she should change her environment. Maya asks if she's going to change schools and says that it's her final year. Maya's mom says that she'll get held back if she doesn't get her grades up and that she's worried about the new influences in her life. Maya asks if she means Saad. Maya's mom asks why she isn't friends with Grace anymore. Maya says that she'll do it. Maya's mom asks what. Maya says she'll do whatever she can to stay at Degrassi. The counselor says that they can get her a tutor for her classes. Maya says that's fine. Maya's mom says that she should reconnect with her old friends. Maya says she'll get there. Maya's mom says that they all just want the old Maya back. Maya says she'll do whatever it takes.

Maya walks up to Jonah and Grace and tells them that she's able to help with the play. Grace says that they need people they can trust. Jonah asks Maya if she told Mr. Simpson that the play was about suicide. Maya meekly tells them that she did. Grace says that now he's reviewing it and asks what's wrong with her. Maya says she doesn't know. Grace asks what she doesn't know. Maya says that her life has just been really hard lately. Grace gets mad at her for saying this and tells her that finding out you need a lung transplant before you graduate is hard. Maya says that she had no idea. Grace says it's because she's a terrible friend. Maya asks what she can do to fix it. Grace tells Maya that she doesn't have to do anything, but she doesn't want her in her life anymore then walks away.

Zig walks up to Maya while she's at her locker and asks if she's okay. Maya says that she's completely fine then begins to walk away. Zig grabs her arm and tells her that he's not going to let her get away with that one. Maya says that Grace hates her now and she keeps failing everyone and doesn't know what to do. Zig tells her that everyone gets sad sometimes. Maya says that it's all the time and she doesn't feel sad, she feels numb. Zig tickles her and she tells him to stop. Zig says that if she felt that then she's not completely hopeless. Maya says that she misses him. Zig says that he's right here. Maya says that she misses the way they were and wishes that they could have a do-over. Zig tells her that she's going to have to invent a time machine. Maya kisses Zig but he pushes her away and tells her that he has a girlfriend. Esme comes from around the corner and says that he does have a girlfriend. Maya apologizes and Esme asks if she looks like the forgiving type. Maya gets up and walks away, on the verge of crying.

Maya is later standing by the wall when Esme walks up to her and shoves her. Mr. Perino walks up to Maya and asks if she should be in class. Maya says yes. Mr. Perino tells her to go to class and she says that she's on her way. He tells her that's okay.

Maya instead goes outside of the school and sits on a bench and considers getting herself hit by a truck when Saad walks up to her and asks if everything is okay. Maya says she doesn't know. Saad says that they were hanging out every day and now she doesn't answer his texts. Maya says that her mom thinks that he's the reason why she's messed up. Saad tells her that she said the pictures he took made her feel better. Maya says that the pictures made her feel something but maybe it wasn't the right thing then walks away.

Maya breaks down and tells her mom that she needs help

Maya is in her bedroom deleting her contacts when her mom walks in and asks why she's skipping school again and says she thought she was going to try harder. Maya says she can't do it anymore and her mom asks what. Maya says that she can't do anything anymore and that she knows her mom wants the old her back but she's not there anymore and that there's something wrong with her. Maya's mom comforts her, telling her that they’ll call her doctor. Maya starts crying and says that she's really scared. Her mom reassures her that it's okay and they'll get through this together.

In #Woke, Maya is explaining to her doctor what happened at the bench and asks if she was hallucinating. Her doctor says that it's hard to say. Maya says that the internet said that hallucinations can be a symptom of a brain tumor. Her doctor says that it's possible. Maya asks what they're going to do next and her doctor tells her to sit down and says that her weight has dropped quite a bit and asks what her appetite has been like. Maya says that it hasn't been great. Her doctor asks if she's been tired. Maya asks if she has cancer. Her doctor says that she thinks she's depressed. Maya, skeptical, says that it's not like last time where she feels anxious and sad. Her doctor says that depression comes in many forms and unlike cancer needs intense treatment to fix. Maya asks if there's a magic pill she can take. Her doctor says that she recommends therapy. Maya says that she already did that and it didn't work. Her doctor tells her that depression is a lifelong battle, but now that they know what's wrong, they can fix it.

Maya is later in her living room where her mom asks her to describe one event that upset her that day. Maya says it's doing this therapy session. Her mom says that her doctor says these exercises will help her understand her feelings. Maya says that she isn't depressed and the exercises are a waste of time. Her mom says that she knows that it'll be hard to accept. Maya asks why she's siding with the doctor. Her mom says that she just wants to fix her. Maya says that she isn't broken. Maya's mom says that that isn't what she said and tells her not to be ridiculous. Maya says that she just doesn't like the way she is so she's blaming it on a disease. Her mom says that the book says that she can't trust her thoughts. Maya asks if her thoughts are wrong too. Maya's mom says that they should just do this later because she doesn't want to argue. Maya says that she's the one who started it and tells her to admit that she hates her. Her mom says that that's not her talking, it's the disease. Maya tells her to stop talking about it. Maya's mom tells her to stop. Maya says she hates the book and she hates her too, then throws the book at the mirror, breaking it. Maya's mom says that the mirror was her grandmother's. Maya apathetically says she always thought it was ugly.

Maya is walking down the stairs when she hears her mom talking to her sister. They hear her walking and Katie comes out to greet her with a hug. Maya asks what she's doing there since she has soccer practice. Katie asks what's more important than family time. Maya tells her mom that she didn't have to ruin her sister's life too. Maya's mom scolds her for saying this. Katie says that they should spend the day catching up. Maya says that she has to take care of something. Katie offers to come with her but Maya declines.

Maya goes to The Dot and takes her money out of the ATM. Esme notices her and says that's a lot of money and asks if she's going on a trip. Maya says that she's doing something like that and asks Esme to take care of Zig for her. Confused, Esme tells her okay and walks back to the table. Maya collects her money and leaves.

At home, Maya is putting food on the table and Katie asks if she smells popcorn. Maya says that she also has candy and soda and asks if they could have a movie night. Katie asks if they could watch the Wizard Of Oz and Maya says obviously. Maya's mom comes in and asks if she can join in. Maya tells her that she has to change her clothes first. Katie says that there's no mom jeans allowed at this movie night. Maya gives Katie and her mom pajamas and tells them that she got matching pajamas for each of them. Maya tells them that she fixed the mirror and her mom says that it looks perfect. Maya apologizes for being a burden lately and they tell her that she hasn't been. Maya tells them not to lie and says that she has a plan to make things better. Maya's mom says that she can't wait to hear it. Maya tells them to get in their pajamas and get the party started.

Maya gathers a variety of pills for her suicide attempt

Later, Maya and Katie sing the words from Wizard Of Oz. Maya's mom says that she can't believe that they still remember every word. Maya's mom says that she'll get clean sheets for Katie to sleep with. Maya suggests that Katie sleep in her room like old times. Katie accepts the offer. Maya goes off to floss. Katie comments how tired she is. Maya grabs a bunch of pills from the bathroom and puts them in her box. Katie comes in the bathroom to pee and asks if she's okay. Maya says that she's happy that Katie's here and making everything easier on their mom. Maya is about to walk off but Katie tells her that she loves her too and hugs her.

In #ImSleep, Maya is singing her new song, "Last Exit" and looks at her old pictures. Maya's mom is nicely surprised to see Maya up and dressed already. Maya says that she's feeling good today and asks if she had a good weekend. Maya's mom says that spending time with her daughters always makes her feel warm and fuzzy. Katie calls their mom a nerd and tells Maya to have a good day. Maya says that she will and says that she loves them. Katie says that Maya's a nerd too. Maya says that she does and asks for a hug. They hug her and she asks if they have any wrapping paper. Maya packs her bag afterwards and grins as she puts the container of pills in it.

At school, Maya walks up to Zig and asks if he saw Grace. Zig tells her that he hasn't and that Esme is going to arrive to school soon and he couldn't be seen talking to her after last time. Maya apologizes for that. Maya runs off when she sees Esme and Zig thanks her then greets Esme. Maya walks up to Jonah with a present and he gets happy. Maya says that the present is for Grace and asks if he can give it to her. Jonah tells Maya that she can give it to her herself at the play. Maya says that Grace doesn't want her there. Jonah says that Grace may seem a little mad but deep down he knows that she loves her. Maya asks if Jonah is the Grace whisperer. He tells her that he hardly is and gives her a free ticket for the play.

Maya on the roof

Maya shows up at the play later on. Maya gives Yael her ticket but they notice that Zig and Esme took her seat. Maya says that she doesn't want to be a bother, then hands her gift to Yael and asks them to give it to Grace. Maya then leaves. Maya goes onto the bus and takes out her pills and starts swallowing them. She puts on her headphones after and listens to music. Maya wakes up on the bus later and gets upset that she didn't die. Maya gets out of the bus and tries to get into the school. Saad finds her and asks what she's doing. Maya asks if he can help her open the door. Maya hugs him and thanks him for being her friend. Saad tells her that she said she didn't want to be friends anymore. Maya tells him to forget about that because she always liked him, then heads inside the school. Maya heads up to the roof and goes to the edge. She takes a picture of the sky. Zig and Esme go onto the roof to make out when they see Maya unconscious, foaming at the mouth. Esme turns Maya to her side and tells Zig to call 911. Zig, Esme, Grace, Zoë, Tristan and Miles are all at the hospital and relieved when Katie tells them Maya has survived her suicide attempt.

Season 4

Maya taking a selfie with her class

In #BackToReality, Goldi points out that Maya has returned to school after her suicide attempt. Maya walks up to everyone and greets Grace and Zig. Zig asks how she is. Maya says that she's fine. Grace tells Zig to stop treating Maya like she's made of glass and greets Maya. Grace puts her arm around Maya and Maya greets her back. Zoë asks if they can all believe that it's their last semester in high school and takes a selfie with everyone. Maya spots Grace's hickey and asks who gave it to her. Maya is later seen in art class. Zig asks Esme if he can partner up with Maya so she doesn't have to be alone. Tiny tells Esme that them working together doesn't mean that they'll get back together and that Zig's never loved anyone half as much as Maya. Zig and Maya are later giving their art presentation and Zig says that he likes how Maya used shadows to define his arms. Maya tells him that it was really hard to get that definition. Zig yells at her. Esme gets upset that Zig got naked for Maya for the painting. The teacher gets upset that Esme's painting is nude, but Esme says that the painting Maya made was nude too and that her and Zig should get punished as well.

Maya is later in the counseling office but isn't speaking. The counselor notices Maya staring at the Fruit-to-Go pack and asks if she'd like some. Maya says that they're her favorite. The counselor says that she just wants to make sure that Maya is adjusting back to school well and that she's here whenever she needs her. Maya says that she needs to get used to the special treatment. The counselor says that Maya can actually go to detention next time. Maya says that her friends also have feelings about her returning to school. The counselor asks what they're feeling. Maya says they feel worried and guilty and she feels like she owes them an apology. The counselor says that they're probably just happy that she's alive. Maya says that she's happy too and that she feels like everything she went through before her suicide attempt happened to a completely different person. The counselor tells Maya that her sister has depression and she always describes in as a vale. Maya says that that's how she feels too. The counselor says that her sister is doing great now. Maya says that now whenever she's down, she thinks about friends, family and going to SoCal Art. The counselor says that SoCal Art would be lucky to have her. Maya asks if she can go to the fair, since they're having it for her.

In #RollUpToTheClubLike, Maya is walking through the hallway listening to music. Tristan bumps into Maya with his crutches on purpose and Maya tells him that she wasn't going that slow. Tristan says that Katie told him that she got into SoCal Art. Maya says that she did. Tristan asks if she got her plane ticket to California. Maya says that she hasn't been able to make music anymore. Tristan says that she's just rusty. Maya goes to her locker and sees Yael and Baaz standing by it and asks what they want. Yael says that they were looking for a new theme song for their channel and that Vijay said she was talented. Maya says she's not sure. Baaz whispers to Yael that Maya is too mentally fragile. Yael tells Maya that they'll send her the details. Maya gets upset that Tristan agreed for her to do it. Tristan tells her to seize the day. At Baaz's house, Maya sings the song she came up with to All Inclusive. Maya asks if the song was good. Vijay tells her that it was a good first attempt. Maya asks what they're looking for. Hunter says that the song needs to be more serious. Lola says that it also needs to be lighter. Maya is confused that they want the song to be serious and lighter. Baaz says that it also needs to be more professional. Vijay says that it also needs to be more improvised. Maya starts writing the suggestions down and asks if they want anything else. Vijay says that the song should speak to everyone.

Maya is at the hospital with Tristan when she's complaining about the demands from All Inclusive. Tristan tells her to look at the TV. Maya starts freaking out when she sees dead people. Tristan asks if she's okay. Maya asks where the remote is. Tristan turns the TV off for her and Maya tells him that she was watching videos of stuff like that when she was at her worst. Tristan tells her it's okay because it's off now. Maya says that it's not okay because she keeps getting triggered by everything. Tristan tells her to put it all to the side and help him with something. He shows her his mini drum set and says it's a part of his rehab. Later on, Tristan drums for her but she tells him that he's doing it all wrong because of his grip and shows him how to properly do it. Tristan listens to her and does it the right way. Maya gets out her guitar and sings with him. Tristan tells her that he knew she could do it. Maya says that she was just having fun. Tristan tells her to keep trying and to not give up.

Vijay is telling Lola about guns in video games at the Hollingsworth mansion when Maya walks in and asks if they'd like to hear her new song. Yael tells her that tonight isn't the best time. Maya tells them that it's actually the perfect time. Hunter tells Maya to play it then. Maya tells them that they're going to play it. Baaz says that he's not a musical guy. Maya tells him everyone is musical and begins to sing while they all play instruments. They all begin to sing with her. Baaz says that he thinks he's found his calling. Lola tells Maya that it was so cool. Maya says that it will be even cooler when they do the singing. Vijay says that he's heard enough and that they should start shooting now. Maya happily goes with it. Yael thanks Maya for cheering everyone up. Maya says that she's cheered up too.

In #FactsOnly, Maya is at the talent show auditions with Tristan. Tristan notices that she's nervous and tells her that it's only a high school talent show. Maya says that Craig Manning is the guest judge. Tristan asks her if she's serious. Maya says that he's coming home from coachella weekends. Goldi tells Maya that she's up. Zoë is happy that someone with an actual talent will be there. Maya starts singing "Last Exit". Maya is in the hallway later when she notices that she didn't make it in the talent show. Maya walks up to Goldi and asks what was wrong with her audition. Goldi says that they want to include her but only if she plays a different song. Maya asks why. Goldi says that her song might be too inspiring. Maya asks if the song is too good. Goldi says that one suicide attempt could lead to another. Maya asks if she thinks her song is going to make people want to kill themselves. Goldi says that someone else could be feeling the same way she did but suggests that she could play "Not Okay" if she's looking for a new song to play.

At the talent show, Zoë announces Maya is going to perform. Maya walks up to the stage and tells everyone that it's great to be there. Maya starts singing her song "Yes". Maya gets a large amount of applause for her song.

Tristan tells her after the talent show is over that he can't believe that she only got second place. Maya says that it just felt good to be performing again. Goldi and Zoë walk up to Maya and Goldi says that they need to talk to her. Maya is confused because she performed the right song. Zoë tells her that it will only take a second and introduces her to Craig. Maya says that she already knows who Craig is. Craig says that her performance was great, but he was hoping that she'd perform "Last Exit" from her Soundcloud. Maya asks why he looked at her Soundcloud. Craig says that he was only doing his job and says that he really liked her latest song. Maya says that she wasn't in a great place when she wrote that song and she was worried it would make people kill themselves. Craig says that songs like that can help people. Maya says that it can let people know that their thoughts aren't wrong. Craig says that his band has been looking for an opener for their summer tour. Maya asks if he's asking her to be his opener. Craig says that he's asking if she can audition for it. Maya asks if she can think about it. Craig says that she can, and when she figures it out, she can ask Zoë for his info. Maya agrees and then walks back over to Tristan. Tristan asks why she didn't take up the opportunity. Maya says that it's only a tour. Tristan tells Maya that it's her dream and that it felt good for her to perform. Maya says that she's going to make sure she's making the right choice from now on.

In #Fire, Maya is listening to music in glass when Jonah and Grace sneak up behind her and scare her. Jonah asks what's wrong. Maya says that she's just stressed about getting her songs done. Grace asks if she's going to play them for Craig. Maya says that they have to be awesome but so far, they're not. Jonah hands her a flashlight headband and suggests that it will help her. Maya says that she can't go camping with them because she has to write. Grace says that it's their last chance to have fun before exams. Maya says that she also has to ace those. Grace says that her therapist told her that down time is important. Maya gets mad that Grace is pulling the "therapy card". Grace tells Maya that they also need a buffer. Jonah agrees with Grace. Maya asks if Esme's coming. Grace says that trying to convince her is exhausting and tells her to agree. Jonah tells Maya that she'll come back full of ideas. Maya reluctantly agrees, but says that they have to help her with the prechorus on the car ride there. Jonah agrees to it. At camp, Grace tells Maya that she can't believe that Maya thought the gun was real. Maya says that Zig and Grace were so scary. Maya says that she hadn't seen Zig in a year and she thought he had changed. Zig asks if he had changed. Maya tells him no. Maya says that he just went and cut the sleeves off all of his shirts. Grace pokes fun at Zig. Tiny complains that they don't have any dessert. Maya tells them all not to worry. Maya says that she never goes to the woods without being able to make s'mores. Tiny gets happy. Zig calls her a hero. Maya tells them that she didn't bring sticks. Tiny tells her that he'll get sticks.

Maya struggles to write a song for her audition

At the campfire later on, Maya is singing. Grace tells Maya to go easy on herself. Maya tells her that it's stressful. Maya wonders if she'll ever write a good song again. Tiny then yells that Frankie, Shay and Lola have arrived. Maya finishes singing and tells everyone that she's given up. Maya complains that she hasn't written anything good since "Last Exit". Maya wonders if she's lost her talent. Grace tells Maya that she can't write anything when she's this stressed. Jonah tells her that she just has to relax. Maya looks at the weed brownies and asks if they'll be able to help her. Jonah tells her to stay away from those. Maya says that he's the one who told her to relax. Grace tells to do meditate instead of doing weed. Maya walks over to the weed brownies when no one is looking and eats them anyway.

That night, Maya gets out of the tent, high, to talk to everyone. Maya tells them that she wrote the best song ever in record time. Maya tells them that she should call the song record time. She says that it's also written in record time and asks if they get it. Lola tells her that she doesn't get it. Maya tells them to listen. Maya has trouble finding the strings on her guitar. Maya eventually does and starts singing. Maya asks Grace and Jonah what they're laughing at when they hear her song. Grace tells her that it's nothing and insists that she keeps singing. Lola tells her to keep going too. Maya asks why Lola just smiled at Shay. Maya starts complaining about how hot it is. Maya asks if anyone else is hot. Maya says that she needs to sit down. Maya asks Lola if she's twirling. Maya starts freaking out and wonders if she's twirling. Grace asks Maya if she's okay. Maya says that she is. Maya says that she must've ate too many brownies. Grace wonders why Maya ate more than one brownie. Jonah tells Maya that she should probably go lie down. Maya agrees and goes back into the tent. Jonah tells everyone that Maya will probably just sleep it off. Maya later goes to sit on the bench when everyone's gone and Zig finds her and asks if she's okay. Maya cries that she doesn't want to be high anymore. Zig asks if Maya ate Esme's weed brownies and Maya tells him that she did. Zig says that he can't believe how Esme is sometimes. Maya says that she thought if she ate some bread she wouldn't be high anymore. Maya cries that she can't stop being high. Zig tells her that she should just go to bed. Maya tells him that she already tried going to bed but it didn't work. Maya realizes that she also has to write a song. Maya asks how she's going to write her song. Maya complains that she keeps screwing up. Maya almost passes out but Zig catches her. Zig tells her that he'll help her with the song. Maya asks how. Zig says that they can write a song together. Zig gets up. Zig tells her that they need to get her back to her tent. Zig picks up a water bottle and Maya asks if they're going to write a song about water. Zig says they can if she wants. Zig takes her hand and they go back to Maya's tent.

Maya starts singing for Zig in the tent. Zig starts crying and Maya says that the song isn't that good. Maya asks him why he's crying. Zig doesn't respond so Maya asks again. Zig tries to talk but chokes up. Zig says that Maya really scared him. Maya realizes that he's talking about her suicide attempt and she reassures him that she's fine. Zig asks why she would try to kill herself. Maya says that she was really stressed at the time. Zig asks what's more important to her. Maya says that she just wanted to live her dream. Zig tells her that when he and Esme found her on the roof, he felt like the world was going to end. Zig tells her that he almost lost her. Zig says he doesn't know what he'd do if she had died. Maya and Zig then run out of the tent when they hear Esme choking. Zig says that Esme is allergic to bees and must've gotten stung. Maya is shocked. Tiny comes out to help too. The next morning, Jonah tells everyone that they almost burnt his beautiful hair off. Maya asks when they used sparklers. Grace tells Maya that she was passed out by then and asks how she's feeling now. Maya says that she's totally fried. Jonah tells them that he did warn her that the brownies weren't a good idea. Maya says that at least she figured some stuff out. Grace asks if she knows what her new song is about. Maya says that she doesn't know but she realized that she has to go easier on herself. Maya tells everyone that she's going to make her health a priority. Maya says that she'll write song when she's inspired to. Grace asks about her audition. Maya says if it's meant to happen then it will happen. Jonah says that at least the brownies helped her realize all that. Maya says that it wasn't the brownies then stares at Zig. Tiny drops Maya's guitar. As Maya's walking away, Zig tells Maya that she should take her guitar before Tiny breaks it. Maya takes the guitar. Zig and Maya stare at each other and Zig tells Maya that he's glad that she's feeling better.

In #GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth, Maya is talking to Miles in class. Tristan sits down and Miles starts to tell Tristan what they're going to do in Europe together when Maya interrupts and asks if they're going to a hostel. Maya asks if they're going to fly all the way to Europe to have roommates. Tristan says that they could meet some interesting people. Miles says that he and Tristan could go to the Eiffel Tower together. Maya says that their trip sounds amazing. Miles agrees. Miles tells her that they couldn't have been able to do this six months ago. Miles is happy that they can now do stuff like that. Miles says that he wants everything to be perfect. Miles goes off to grab some papers for class. Maya asks Tristan if he knows how many steps it takes to climb the Eiffel Tower. Tristan tells her that the Eiffel Tower has elevators. Tristan reminds her that he's been getting better so he could still climb if he wanted to. Maya asks if his doctors said that. Mr. Perino walks up to them and tells Tristan that his special accommodation room for the test the next day is set up. Maya is in class the next day when she notices Tristan struggling. Maya asks what's upsetting him. Tristan tells her that he's had a rough morning. Tristan tells her that at least he's ready to focus on the test.

Maya telling Tristan that he needs to focus on himself

Maya is shown taking a test later on. After the test is done, Maya walks up to Tristan and asks if he did okay. Maya notices that he's upset and tells him that there's always next time. Tristan asks Maya if he can't pass a test, how he will go to Europe with Miles. Maya says she doesn't know. Maya suggests that they postpone the trip until he's ready. Maya tells him that it's important to focus on yourself. Maya and Tristan then overhear Winston and Miles talking about Tristan peeing on him. Winston asks Miles if he told Tristan that he got into London Writer's Academy. Miles tells Winston that he's going to take a gap year to take care of Tristan. Maya tells Tristan that Miles is willing to wait for him.

In #Obsessed, Maya is studying with her friends for the exams. Grace asks Maya a question and she answers correctly. Grace then asks Zig the next question. Zig yells at his friends for bringing up Esme. Maya asks Zig if him and Esme have talked since they broke up. Zig tells Maya that Esme's keeping a low profile. Grace tells them that they're going to leave because they need rest. Maya tells Zig that he could stay if he wants. Zig asks if she's sure. Grace asks Maya if she's sure also. Maya says that she thinks they can control themselves. Maya asks Zig what he wants to study. Zig is confused. The next morning, Maya wakes up on Zig's chest. Zig wakes up as well. Zig apologizes. Zig realizes that they cuddled. Maya says that it's just an old habit of theirs. Zig says that he should probably change clothes for the exam. Zig thanks Maya. Zig realizes that Maya thought he meant for the cuddling and corrects himself. Zig leaves and Maya tells him bye. Zig gets confused by his feelings as he walks out the door.

That day, Maya is seen taking her exam. Zig tells Tiny that he messed up with Maya. Zig starts telling Esme that if he doesn't do something, him and Maya will only be friends. Maya walks up to them. Maya asks them how their exams went. Zig says he hopes he did well, and asks Maya how she did. Maya agrees, and asks if Zig could go to prom with her. Zig says yes. Maya gets happy and walks away. Zig asks Tiny what he should do now. At Maya's house before prom, Zig is thanking Katie when Maya comes down and apologizes for taking so long. Katie tells them that she's going to cry. Katie's phone dies so she leaves to grab her charger. Maya sees that Zig got her orchids and she tells him that those are her favorite. Maya grabs her phone and takes a picture of both of them herself. Zig asks Maya if she can not post the picture. Zig tells Maya that Esme is upset that they're going to prom together. Maya asks Zig if it's crazy that they're going together. Zig says it's not. Zig tells Maya that he always pictured going to prom with her. Maya says that she has too. Katie comes back and says that they're really cute. Zig gets a notification on his phone. Maya asks if the limo is there. Zig says that it isn't the limo. Zig says that there was a bomb threat at prom and now it's on hold.

Maya is outside with Tiny, Zig, Grace and Jonah waiting to go to prom. Tiny says that they can't cancel prom. Maya asks them if they should just forget about it and get burgers. Zig says that they should wait and see what happens. Maya says that the threat could be real and isn't sure if they should risk it. Zig says that they only get one prom and asks who would do something like that. Zig wonders if Saad could be the one that did it. Maya tells him that Saad isn't a terrorist. Grace mentions that Saad got really angry with Zig and got upset at the protest. Maya asks if he would really blow up prom. Jonah tells her that some volunteers were posting that the police were questioning him. Jonah says that it's surprising what people are capable of. Maya and Zig then arrive at prom with their friends. Maya looks in the aging mirror and is surprised at what she looks like. Maya asks how the mirror could do that. Zig doesn't respond and Maya asks if he's got an important text. Zig starts to say something but Maya tells him that it's okay. Maya says that he doesn't have to tell her. Zig tries to say something. Zig says that he's talking to Esme. Maya asks if Esme wants to talk. Zig says that he's not sure that's all she wants. Maya tells him that he can leave if he wants. Zig tells her that he wants to be there with her. Maya tells him that he feels guilty. Zig says that he feels like he owes Esme something. Zig tells Maya that he never would've gotten over her without Esme. Maya asks Zig if he's over her and if he's still up for a dance. Zig blocks Esme and says that he's always up for a dance with her.

Maya is later seen dancing with Zig at prom. Zig dips her and she tells him that his dancing has improved. Zig says that hers hasn't. Esme crashes prom and tells Zig that she doesn't really care about prom. Esme picks up a knife and Maya warns Zig. Esme tells them that she should just kill herself and make them happy. Esme begs Zig to go talk to her and Maya tells him that it's okay. Zig tells her that he'll be right back and leaves with Esme.

In #KThxBye, Maya is dancing with Grace and Jonah since Zig hasn't returned yet. Jonah gets upset that him and Grace didn't win prom king and queen. Maya asks them if she should be worried. Maya says that Zig has been talking to Esme for an hour. Jonah asks if he's in danger. Grace says that Zig could never ditch Maya. Winston announces that all the couples should go on the dance floor to dance with the king and queen. Maya tells Grace and Jonah to just go. Grace asks Maya what she's going to do. Maya says she's going to take a walk and maybe find a new date. Jonah tells Grace to come dance with him. Jonah and Grace leave. Esme is crying and worrying. Maya hears Esme crying and walks over to her. Maya asks Esme if she's okay. Esme says that if she had just left them alone then this never would have happened. Maya asks where Zig went. Esme looks over to the hill and Maya runs down the hill to look for Zig. Maya finds Zig passed out at the bottom of the hill. Maya starts panicking. Zig wakes up a little bit and is in pain. Zig says that he can't move his leg. Maya goes with Zig to see a paramedic. The paramedic tells him that he should go home and get some rest. When the paramedic leaves, Maya tells Zig that he can't let Esme get away with that. Maya tells Zig that Esme could hurt someone else. Zig tells Maya that it was only an accident. Maya says that it doesn't make it okay. Zig says that Esme isn't okay. Zig starts to say that Esme hasn't been okay ever since Maya's suicide attempt, but changes his answer. Zig says that Esme hasn't been okay ever since Esme found out that they were going to prom together. Zig says that it wasn't Esme's fault. Maya says that she never should've asked Zig to prom. Zig apologizes for getting Maya involved in his relationship drama. Maya says that it's her. Maya says that drama follows her.

The next morning, Grace walks into Maya's room while she's asleep and attempts to wake her up for graduation. Maya tells Grace that she can't go. Grace reminds Maya that she's singing. Maya says that she can't do that either. Maya says that if she stays in bed nothing bad can happen. Grace tells her that she'll miss graduation. Grace says that Maya won't get to say goodbye to everyone. Grace asks Maya if she wants to see her mom proud of her. Maya says that she does. Maya tells Grace that she has a really bad feeling about today. Grace says she's allowed to, but she's not going to miss graduation because of it. Grace asks if Maya's upset about Zig and Esme hooking up. Maya tells Grace that Zig and Esme didn't hook up. Maya says that things just got messy. Maya says that every time she does something to be happy, someone gets hurt. Grace says that's her depression talking. Maya says it feels real. Maya says she doesn't know if she should go to California for college. Grace says that SoCal Art is her dream and asks what her doctor tell her to do. Maya says that her doctor would tell her to take deep breaths and go one step at a time. Grace tells Maya to start breathing. Grace says she'll start a shower for Maya and they'll go from there. Grace walks out of the room. At school, Grace tells Jonah to take a picture of her and Maya on the bench. Maya is confused. Maya wonders why they need to remember that bench forever. Grace says that's where they first met and Maya remembers. Maya tells Grace that that was the time that Miles thought she could track down her cyberbully. Jonah asks Maya when she was ever friends with Miles. Miles walks by and says that Maya broke his heart. Maya says that he shouldn't have accepted a striptease from Zoë. Grace mentions that Zoë also turned out to be Maya's cyberbully. Zig walks by with his graduation gown on and Maya gets excited that Zig passed history. Zig says that it was only by 5%. Zig thanks her. Grace says that good things happen when Maya's around. Maya asks Zig if he's okay. Zig says that he's a little tender and asks how she is. Maya says that she is too. Grace tells them that it's time to graduate and pulls Maya away.

In the hallway, Zig tells Maya that they at least don't have to worry about Esme today. Maya says that there's obviously a problem and they should be worried. Maya says that they should tell someone what happened at prom. Frankie asks if Maya is talking about the bomb threat. Maya asks if Esme really did that. Frankie says that it might've been. Frankie sees Esme on a motorcycle as she walks away from Maya and Zig. Maya is seen sitting down with the rest of the graduates at graduation. Mr. Simpson asks Maya if she's ready to sing. Maya asks the people behind her if they're ready. Maya gets up and goes to the stage to start singing.

After Maya's finished singing, she goes back to sit with the rest of the crowd. Mr. Simpson calls up Maya to graduate. Maya goes up and does so. When she sits back down, Zig asks Maya if she's the one that told Mrs. Grell about Esme. Maya says that she told Mrs. Grell everything about prom because someone had to. Maya says that Esme needs real help like she did. Mr. Simpson then calls up Zoë Rivas. Maya stands up for her. Maya and the rest of the graduates throw their caps in the air when it's time. At Miles's party, Grace asks Maya if she made up her mind about SoCal Art. Maya says that she's going to try it. Maya says that her decisions aren't always the worst. Zig mentions that Maya might need someone to drive her. Zig says that he doesn't have any fall or summer plans. Zig also says that he doesn't have any winter plans. Maya tells him that he'll figure it out. Maya says that life isn't a race. Rasha asks Zoë if she's going to read her letter. Maya and the rest of the people call for Zoë to give her speech. Everyone cheers for her.

Maya is last seen in a car with Zig, as he is giving her a ride to SoCal Art like he promised. According to an interview with Executive Producer Stephen Stohn, Zig and Maya rekindled their relationship after Season 4 of Degrassi: Next Class and are 'endgame', ending up together.


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Maya in Season 11

Maya has short blonde hair and blue eyes and wears glasses. In her early seasons, when the school uniform was going on, Maya wore her school uniform with a coat or jacket sometimes over it. She would sometimes customize with jewelry, usually musical due to her love for music. Maya was also known to stick to sneakers instead of heels, likely due to her never being able to properly walk in them.

Maya in season 12.

After the uniform code was removed, Maya, like everyone else, began wearing clothes that fit her personality. She would wear clothes that could be considered childish, usually sported with an animal on front with her hair usually down. Due to her childish body, Maya is poked fun at by several boys for being "flat". This brings Maya to decide to try to look more mature, in one attempt using bra stuffers, but utterly fails when they end up falling out publicly, embarrassing her.

As the season goes on, Maya begins to slowly shed her childish style and evolve her look a bit more, usually wearing solid color and musically themed clothes. Although in somewhat big situations, such as the Battle of the Bands and the beauty Pageant, she will wear more dressy and girly clothes and allow herself to be made up.

Maya's short lived wild style.

Following her relationship with Cam and his suicide and death, Maya's fashion sense took a dramatic turn. Completely shedding her usually innocent style, Maya began wearing more revealing and provocative clothes such as a sheer, see-through shirt that exposed her bra and wearing short, tight leather shorts, worrying her mother and sister. Even Tristan noticed how instead of her signature sneakers, she switched to wearing four inch heels. However, following properly dealing with Cam's death, she dropped her wild choice in clothes.

Maya in Season 13

Starting in Season 13, Maya's look became more considerably fashionable, girly and a bit more mature, shedding her more plain style prior in seasons 11 and 12. She has stopped wearing clothes with animals designs almost completely and has now switched to a more mature style, customizing her look with jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and wearing matching nail polish. She also wears more bright and colored fashion items with more popular designs, no longer childish as she usually chose in the past, signifying her growth and gradual maturity.

In 13D, Maya can be seen wearing more revealing outfits, such as tops that sometimes show her midriff and her now developed chest, occasional high heels (replacing her earlier signature Ked and flat shoes) and dresses. Maya's hair is done up more often than in the past, usually in curls or waves. Also, she goes back and forth between wearing contacts and glasses, usually wearing contacts during dances and big events.

Maya in Season 14

In season 14, Maya continues to wear trendy style clothes and a girly attire, but has gone back to a more comfortable style unlike her prior choices in season 13D.


In seasons 1 and 2 of Next Class, Maya's hair is relatively the same as in previous seasons, and she still wears her glasses. However, since season 3 of Next Class, Maya's outfits have matured and she wears more skirts. She also wears contact lenses more frequently than her glasses, having previously reserved the former for major events. Maya has straightened her hair and it has grown longer. She does not wear pink or any other bright colours as often, having experiencing difficult experiences in the past and becoming more mature overall.


  • She appeared in 38 episodes (along with Drew) in Season 13, more than any other character in that season.
  • She is the second Maya in the Degrassi Franchise, the first being Maya Goldberg.
  • She plays the cello and intends to play in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra as an adult.
  • She takes up the trumpet during In the Cold, Cold Night (2), due to wanting a musical challenge. However, after playing it for a little bit, she goes back to playing cello.
  • During In the Cold, Cold Night (2), Mr. Matlin referred to Maya as being thirteen years old, but most students begin High School at 14. Even by the end of the first semester she was 13. This implies that she was born sometime at the end of 1998.
  • Maya is the third character to feel self-conscious by her breast size. The other two were Melanie and Manny.
  • Both she and her sister, Katie, have felt insecure about their bodies.
  • Maya is the third character to participate in beauty pageants. The first was Spinner - who participated in male pageants - and the second is Tori.
  • Maya is the sixth character to have lost a loved one, the others being Becky, Imogen, Joey, Liberty, Mia, Drew, and Eli.
  • Maya shares similarities with Caitlin Ryan as they both dated a boy who committed suicide and acted out in the aftermath. They were also both comforted by a loved one. Maya was comforted by her sister Katie and Caitlin was comforted by her ex-fiancee, Joey.
  • In season 12, Maya appears in the most episodes out of the female characters (at 30 episodes). However, Eli appears the most in that season.
  • She has been involved in the most love triangles. Ironically, she has only ever been in three relationships.
  • Maya's first relationship and kiss was with Campbell Saunders. He was also her first love. The relationship ended when he killed himself as a result of severe depression 3 months later.
  • Maya shares the nickname "Grasshopper" with both Adam Torres, Drew Torres and Zig.
    • Maya is called this by Miles, Drew is called it by Julian, Adam was called this by Eli and Zig is called it by Tiny
  • Maya shares the nickname "Superstar" with Campbell Saunders. Maya is called it by Tristan in Who Do You Think You Are and, ironically, Campbell was called it by Maya.
  • Maya has an emergency credit card that she uses to buy a dress twice. The first time in Honey and the second in the Degrassi mini Dress You Up.
  • She is the second girl that has kissed Tristan despite him being openly homosexual. The first was Tori.
  • Maya is the third girl who is used to cover up a guy's sexuality. She pretended to be Tristan's girlfriend during their summer in Paris in season 13 so he could pass off as straight, although this did not last long. The first was Ellie (for Marco) and the second is Fiona (for Riley). However, unlike the other girls, she did not actually date him.
  • Maya and on-again-off-again best friend Tristan have gotten into several fights. The most significant fights are when Maya told Miles that Tristan was in love with him and when she reported to Simpson about Tristan's sexual relationship with their English teacher Grant Yates. Ironically, both times have been over a male. They made it through the first fight, ironically promising to never fight over another male again, but in Thunderstruck they were not on speaking terms since Tristan refused to forgive her for ruining his "epic romance" with Yates. They later made up in Get It Together.
  • She is left handed.
  • Maya lost two people whom she was close with in the year 2013. She lost her boyfriend Cam in the Spring due to suicide and her friend and former bandmate Adam in the summer due to a car accident.
  • Maya has been interested in two of Tristan's crushes. Both times Maya was interested in them, they fell for her as well.
  • In This Is How We Do It, Maya began to wear contacts instead of glasses for a few episodes. However, as of Who Do You Think You Are, she has gone back to wearing glasses.
  • She shares similarities with Manny Santos. Like Manny, Maya has also been slut shamed and called out the double standard between guys and girls. The two have also shared a scene where they take a drastic change in their fashion appearance and strut down the hallways as everyone stares at them. Manny's being in U Got The Look (with her blue thong visible) and Maya's being in Zombie (1) (with her hot pink bra clearly visible through her white sheer shirt). Also, like Manny, they both had revealed teacher-student relationships to a teacher. Although, while Manny's was out of spite, Maya did it out of genuine concern.
  • In Barely Breathing, Maya says that she's kissed three guys. However, prior to the episode, Maya has kissed Cam, Zig, Harry, Tristan and Oliver thus actually making the number five. It is likely though that Maya didn't count Tristan and Oliver since they were staged kisses, not real ones. Also in the episode, Maya shares a kiss with Miles. Therefore, Maya has kissed a total of six guys (or four if only counting "real" kisses).
  • Maya, along with sixteen other characters, was sexually assaulted. She was sexually harrased by Neil Martin.
  • She and Zoë Rivas share the same line, "Who would do this to me?"
  • She has a tendency to write songs directed at or inspired by guys she dates or likes. She wrote two songs about Cam called "Jersey Boy" in Waterfalls (1) and "Actions vs. Words" in Doll Parts (1). She also wrote a song inspired by her growing feelings towards Miles called "Undress Me" in Who Do You Think You Are.
  • She can play the guitar as well as her real life actress.
  • She bites her nails when she's anxious or nervous.
  • Maya is the second character to be a victim of cyberbullying. The first was Holly J.
  • She shares similarities with past "good girls" Emma Nelson, Caitlin Ryan, Manny Santos, and Clare Edwards.
  • She was considered the female lead protagonist in her era.
  • Maya has called herself a bitch twice.
  • She and Clare Edwards, partially, share the line, "You scare me!" Both relating to their unsteady relationship with a boyfriend and believing they are unstable.
  • Maya is the fourth person to smash a computer. The first is Sean, second is Eli, third is Zoë and the fifth is Hunter.
  • She had received more screen time than most alumni. In fact, she is the first member of her class to reach 100 episodes (and the only one to do so in TNG).
  • Starting in season 13, she became significantly determined to protect her friends and loved ones following Cam's death, becoming much more sensible and mature. This is likely because she felt that since she failed to protect him, she was therefore unable to save him and wants to avoid this mistake with anyone else she cares about.
  • She has gotten drunk two times, first in Zombie (1) and second in Thunderstruck. She is also considered a mean drunk.
  • Other than her fling with Harry, all of her relationships were directly connected to love triangles.
  • Most of her love triangles consist of Zig and Tristan, with whom she has on/off friendships with.
  • She has been asked "Who the hell do you think you are?" two times. First by Zig in What It's Like and and second by Miles in If You Could Only See. This is often the result of her expressing her concern about their well being to an adult and them lashing out at her when believing it only made things worse.
  • Based on the episode (You Drive Me) Crazy, it is suspected by fans that Maya may suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of Cam's still remembered death.
  • She has been going to therapy for dealing with high anxiety as of episode Hush.
  • She lost her virginity to Zig in Teen Age Riot.
  • Both Matlin sisters have lost their virginity to guys who have been intoxicated while at a party. (Maya, in her case, was also intoxicated.) Katie slept with Drew Torres, who was drunk, in Come As You Are (1). Maya slept with Zig while they were both high on drugs (Molly or MDMA) during a party in Teen Age Riot.
  • In Don't Look Back, Maya was kidnapped by Logan.
  • She has been cyberbullied on two different occasions.
  • Her Hastygram username is maya*matlin♫.
  • Her address is 445 Maple St. Toronto, ON
  • Maya is the character whose suicide attempt was the closest to successful.
  • Maya had a drug overdose on top of the Degrassi roof and was found by Zig and Esme.
  • Maya was the third character to attempt suicide on the Degrassi roof. The first was Darcy Edwards in Season 7 and the second was Mike Dallas in season 12.
  • Maya was the third character to attempt a suicide by overdose, the first being J.T. Yorke in Season 5 and the second being Zoë Rivas in Season 13.
  • Maya was the second character to attempt an overdose in the school bus, the first was Zoë.
  • Maya is one of eight characters who has attempted suicide (DNC Season 3, #ImSleep) the other seven are:
  • Maya has the highest episode count out of everyone in her graduating class.
  • In Come As You Are (2), Maya is shown to be a fan of Gossip Girl as she has a picture hanging up in her locker.
  • Her favourite flavor of potato chips are ketchup chips.
  • She is the second character who was mentored by a Degrassi alumnus. The first was Ellie who was mentored by Caitlin.


  • Maya: "Yep, there's 199 more like it 'till summer." (first line)
    Katie: "Maya, I know you wanted to go to an arts school, but I promise that you'll like it here."
    Maya: "Is that an order?"
    Katie: "Don't worry, you'll have friends in no time."
    -- Underneath It All
  • (To Zig): "Life isn't a race, you taught me that." (last line) -- #KThxBye
  • (To Zig): "You were with Bethany, weren't you?! You, you scoundrel!"
    -- Underneath It All
  • "I'd tell them to eat my bow..."
  • "It's a good thing our house is already wheelchair accessible."
  • Maya: "I'm flat."
    Tristan: "Musically?"
    Maya: "Chestily."
  • Owen: "I think you might want this back."
    Maya: "Keep it. It's the most action you'll get all year."
  • Maya: "Zig... I'm so, so sorry. You're officially a member of WhisperHug!
    Zig: "No freaking way!"
    -- Got Your Money (1)
  • (To Mo Mashkour) "Shut it, Mo!"
  • (To Cam): "I guess those four leaf clover boxers actually worked."
    -- Say It Ain't So (2)
  • (To Cam): "Cam, come on. We've been dating for like a month, and we've only kissed six times."
    -- Doll Parts (1)
  • (To Zig) "What part of falling on my ass did you miss?"
  • (To everyone at the pageant): "I'm a huge bitch."
    -- Doll Parts (2)
  • (To Cam): "You were right, pageants are stupid. I'm so sorry. Please. Will you forgive me?"
    -- Doll Parts (2)
  • "This is so stupid. This is so stupid! Cam doesn't deserve a candlelight vigil. He made a choice. It was the wrong one, but us standing here, feeling sad like this, everyone blaming themselves, feeling guilty, it's no one's fault. I mean it's his fault! He should have fought. He should have fought harder or found someone to help. I would have helped him, but he didn't give me the chance. Cam had so many reasons to stay, but instead he just checked out. Well fine. But I'm not lighting any candles and I won't cry. I won't."
    -- Bitter Sweet Symphony (2)
  • (To Mom & Katie): "What can I say, the Matlin girls like to get busy at the Torres house... while we're being honest here."
    -- Zombie (2)
  • (Famous scene) Mrs. Matlin: "What is going on with you and this boy?"
    Maya: "Harry makes me feel good. Is there something wrong with that?"
    Katie: "It's scary!"
    Maya: "Scary?"
    Katie: "Yes, Maya. It's scary for you to be hooking up with some guy you barely know!"
    Mrs. Matlin: "Katie-"
    Katie: "You can't replace Cam!"
    Maya: "Why not?! He broke up with me by killing himself! I hate him! I hate him! I feel like I'm never gonna be happy again! And every day it just gets worse and worse - I can't miss him anymore! I can't! I don't want to! He never even said goodbye..." *Breaks down sobbing*
    -- Zombie (2)
  • (To Zig ) "I am so sick of people telling me who I am supposed to be!"
    -- Zombie (2)
  • Zig: "Maya, saying no to you was the hardest thing because... I really like you. I only want us when it's what you want too."
    Maya: "And I don't know when that will be."
    Zig: "I know... so I'll wait."
    -- Zombie (2)
  • (To Chewy about Miles) "No, I can't be here. I can't be around guys like him."
    -- Summertime
  • (To Tristan): "We want different things. Actually, we want the same thing. Boys."
    -- All I Wanna Do
  • Maya: "Oh, so you just make out with whoever?"
    Miles: "Whoever asks nicely."
    -- About A Girl
  • (To Tristan about Zoë): "Hey, do these look like Converse to you, bitch?"
    -- Honey
  • (To Tori): "Don't tell me what I am."
    -- Bitter Sweet Symphony (2)
  • Miles: "Someone should make a page about me."
    Maya: "They would never. You're a guy. They'd probably build you a statue."
  • Maya in her song about Zoë:
    "You were a superstar, now you're a has been
    Thought we were friends, but you were just acting
    One day I'll watch you die, maybe in your sleep
    Put you six feet under so you don't make a peep
    Watch your back, you're dead with a capital D e e e e eeeee
    The world will be a much better place with out you, Zo e e e e eeeee..."
    -- Barely Breathing
  • Mrs. Matlin: "Suspended, Maya? For threatening a girl's life?"
    Maya: "It was a song. Do you really think I'm capable of murder?"
    -- Barely Breathing
  • (To her mom): "You don't get it, do you? I was groped by a random jerk today and people look at me like I have a disease and Zoë gets to go around, laughing and flipping her hair going 'OMG!'"
    -- Barely Breathing
  • Zoë (after Maya spills her nail polish on her pants): "Do you know how hard it is to get out nail polish?!"
    Maya: "Not as hard as it is to get out bitch!"
    -- Barely Breathing
  • Maya and Miles duet about Zoë and Maya's anger towards her:
    Miles: "You want her dead."
    Maya: "Really dead.
    Can't stand all of these rumors and fake pics of me in my bloomers.
    Got a fan page that's photo shopped and Simpson says it can't be stopped."
    Miles: "You want her dead."
    Maya: "Really, really dead.
    I got the lying, sneaky bitch is gonna rot in hell backstabbing friend blues. Yeah."
  • Zig: "Nice nose ring."
  • Maya: "I don't care about my laptop. I care about you."
  • Maya: "So what do you say? Housemates?"
    Zig *smiles*: "You better not hog the bathroom."
  • Zig: "Do you remember when I told you I'd wait for you?"
    Maya: "Of course."
    Zig: "I shouldn't have said that. I should have just kissed you."
  • Tristan: "How could you do this to me? How could you tell Simpson?"
    Maya: "Tristan I didn't have a choice."
    Tristan: "Yes! Yes, you did! You could have kept your stupid mouth shut!"
    Maya: "How could I stay silent? I was so worried about you."
    Tristan: "What? Worried I was too happy?"
    Maya: "Worried because what Mr. Yates is doing is wrong!"
    Tristan: "No."
    Maya: "Tristan, it's illegal!"
    Tristan: "No! We're in love. And he's suspended, there's going to be an investigation. You ruined my life!"
    Maya: "Yeah, well, it may feel like that right now. But, I did all of this to protect you."
    Tristan: "No, I don't need protecting! You think I don't know what love feels like? You think you're the only one who gets to have epic romances?"
    Maya: "I want you to have that, Tristan! You can have that! I want you to have that! But not with him!"
    Tristan: "You... get to have a million guys in love with you. And a perfect home. I just wanted this one, one good thing. But you of all people... ruined it for me."
    Maya: "No, it's not like that. Tristan, please, I love you!"
    Tristan: "No, I don't want to hear it! I don't want to talk to you... ever again."
    Maya: "...What?" *Cries as Tristan walks away*
  • (Yelling About Zoë) "Help! A washed up teen star is trying to kill me!"" -- Thunderstruck
  • (Advice to Miles) "When you don't tell people what's inside your head, it only gets worse." -- Wise Up
  • (To Zig): "I'm Maya Matlin...drama follows me."
  • Grace and Jonah: *lifting Maya's headphones* "Maya!"
    Maya: "Whoa!" - #Fire
  • "Am I twirling?" - #Fire
  • (To Zig) "Are we gonna write a song about water?" - #Fire
  • (To Zig about Esme) "She wants to 'talk.'" - #Obsessed
  • (To Zig) "It wasn't the brownies." - #Fire
  • (To Zig) "Oh my God. How do they even do that?" - #Obsessed
  • (To Zig) "Your dancing's improved."
    Zig: "Yours hasn't."
    Grace: "KISS!" - #KThxBye
  • (To Zig) "I don't wanna be high anymore. I thought if I ate this bread it would go away but it won't go away." - #Fire
  • Zig: "And my favorite part was the way Maya used to shadows to define my arms."
    Maya: "Oh yeah, it was really hard to get that definition."
    Zig: "Hey!" - #BackToReality


Main article: Campbell-Maya Relationship
  • Campbell Saunders
    • First Relationship:
    • Second Relationship:
      • Start Up: Doll Parts (2) (1224)
      • Broke Up: Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) (1231)
        • Reason: Zig made Campbell think that Maya's life would be better off without him, which triggered his break down. He broke up with her over text and committed suicide in Degrassi's green house.
Main article: Maya-Harry Friendship
  • Harry (Ex-Friends-With-Benefits)
    • Start Up: Zombie (1) (1237)
    • Broke Up: Zombie (2) (1238)
      • Reason: Maya was only using him as a replacement for her dead boyfriend, Cam, and she finally learned to properly deal with her grief.
Main article: Miles-Maya Relationship
Main article: Zig-Maya Relationship

Love Triangles

Main article: Zig-Tori-Maya Love Triangle

Main article: Campbell-Tristan-Maya Love Triangle
Main article: Zig-Maya-Campbell Love Triangle
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Main article: Zig-Maya-Harry Love Triangle
  • Zig Novak and Harry
    • Start: Zombie (1) (1237)
    • End: Zombie (2) (1238)
      • Reason: Maya realized she wasn't ready for a relationship with any boy until she was finished coping with Cam's suicide.
Main article: Miles-Maya-Zoë Love Triangle
Main article: Zig-Maya-Miles Love Triangle
Main article: Zig-Maya-Zoë Love Triangle
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Main article: Maya-Miles-Tristan Love Triangle
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