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"Why don't you come over here and kiss my black ass?"
— Dallas to the police officer in Army of Me

Michael "Mike" Dallas, more commonly known as Dallas, is a graduate of Degrassi from the Class of 2014, originally from Guelph, Ontario. As former hockey team captain, Dallas expects to enjoy everything elite players revel in; puck bunnies, keggers and his alpha male status. In his original debut, Dallas was a fun-loving guy who’s never had to deal with real consequences for any of his actions. Dallas plays big brother to everyone on his team, teasing, laughing at, and mocking the boys in the locker room, but is over-protective in public, lashing out at anyone who crosses him or his teammates.

Dallas loves hockey, though he is unable to pursue a professional career in it after high school, much to his dismay. However, he is also interested in golf and has that door wide open. He's basically a leader who's misguided. In light of the deaths of his friends Cam and Adam (the former whose suicide he felt partially responsible for), Dallas has become a much more sensitive and compassionate person. He and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa had a son named Rock Dallas when they were 15, but almost no one knows. 

Dallas is best friends with Drew Torres. He is good friends with Fiona Coyne, and Owen Milligan. He is also Ex-friends with Luke Baker, and friends with Becky Baker, Tristan MilliganBianca DeSousa, Imogen Moreno, Eli Goldsworthy, Mo Mashkour, Connor Deslauriers, Clare Edwards, andJenna Middleton. He was also friends with Campbell Saunders before he committed suicide, and Adam Torres before his fatal car accident. He used to have conflicts with Miles Hollingsworth lll, Jake Martin and Katie Matlin but ended all of them. He is currently in a relationship with his other best friend Alli Bhandari and was crushed on by Shay Powers. He was portrayed by Demetrius Joyette.

Character History

Season 12

Dallas in Season 12, usually found wearing his Ice Hounds jacket.

In Come As You Are (1), it is explained that Dallas is living with Drew and Adam Torres. Drew welcomes Dallas to Degrassi on the first day back from Winter Break. He is seen standing and taking a bow when Mr. Simpson introduces the Ice Hockey Team at the assembly, and afterwards, he walks by Maya and bullies and sexually harasses her -making a comment about her being flat chested. Later at the Torres home, him and Adam come downstairs and interrupt Drew and Bianca's date. They reveal that they are throwing a party to welcome Dallas and the Ice Hounds to Degrassi.

After Adam walks away and Drew states that his mother would disapprove, Dallas says, "Who knew your sister was cooler than you," and Drew defends Adam saying that Adam is a boy and if he were to make fun of him again he would make Dallas' life hell. Dallas gives Drew a condom for "if he plans on swiping his V-card tonight." At the party, he is seen chugging from the "Trophy of Power" with the hockey team, and when Katie shows up he distracts Bianca for Drew. Later when Katie is waiting in Drew's room, Dallas encourages him to chug from the trophy to get him ready while Owen videotapes. When Drew falls downstairs, Dallas and Owen help him up.

Dallas and Drew discuss last night.

In Come As You Are (2), Drew wakes up and sees Dallas studying. He explains that he passed out and he and Adam had to clean up. When Drew finds "Nice butt" written on his lower back, Dallas explains that that was written in between the time Drew fell down the stairs, and when he apparently streaked around the yard. Later when Dallas is trying to flirt with a girl, Drew pulls him away to ask about the previous night. Dallas explains that Drew and Katie had sex, and that is why Katie is being so friendly around him. Later, him and Adam are helping Drew practice breaking up with Katie. He states that he's done this many times before.

Mike handing Katie his camera so that she can make slide reel for the team.

In Gives You Hell (1), he is in the cafeteria with his teammates when Tristan comes over, and asks Campbell if he is a friend of his. When Cam tells him he's at the wrong table, he laughs with the rest of the team. Later, he hands Katie a camcorder with hockey videos on it to use for the Ice Hounds Pep Rally Sizzle-Reel, and tells her that many of the younger players are living far away from home and that the hockey team is the only family they have. He tells her that it's good to know that the school president cares enough to throw a pep rally. Later at the rally, he lifts his arms and cheers when he is featured in the sizzle-reel.

In Got Your Money (1), Dallas meets his locker partner Fiona, and tries to flirt with her. Fiona tells him she's a lesbian, and Imogen is her girlfriend, but Dallas is not convinced, and wants them to kiss. Later, Fiona approaches Dallas, wanting the Ice Hounds involved with the dance. Dallas doesn't like student council after what happened at the pep rally, and wants to keep an eye on things. He agrees to help, but wants a dance from Fiona.

In Got Your Money (2), he and his teammates have helped Fiona set up for the dance, and tells her she owes him two dances. He also gives Fiona advice on Imogen, and claps when they kiss. Finally convinced, Dallas tells Fiona not to worry about a dance with him.

"'Cause we like you."

In Say It Ain't So (1), he is first seen in the cafeteria telling Campbell to sit with the team. When Cam makes up a girlfriend, he laughs with the team. Later in the day, he walks in on Cam practicing in the gym and asks why he doesn't want to hang with the team and tells him he's going to the mall with them after school. At the mall, he messes around with the team and encourages Cam to try to hook up with Bianca. He watches Bianca splash water in Cam's face and laughs.

In Say It Ain't So (2), he calls Cam over to sit by him and others on the bus to their game and watches Cam ignore them. After they win their game, he celebrates with the team at Little Miss Steaks and congratulates Cam for his great playing.

In Closer to Free (1), he is briefly seen getting ready for bed and helps Drew with an online job application by telling him to add some experience on it. He also tells Drew that since he is tired of being treated like a baby, that he should stop acting like one.

In Rusty Cage (1), he enters the locker room and hands Campbell a gift that's from Maya. He asks Cam who his puck bunny is, to which Cam replies that it's just a gift from his mother. As Dallas watches on the sidelines with

"Sometimes a rookie needs to be taught a lesson."

his team, he criticizes Cam for his poor performance on the ice. Later, in the locker room before practice starts, he asks Cam why he's late to practice. When Cam vomits, due to drinking milk before entering the room, to fake sick, he tells him to get some rest and that he'll let the coach know that he won't be coming to practice.

After Cam ditches practice, Dallas shows up with Luke and shows him a video of him singing karaoke with Maya. With Campbell being caught, Dallas and Luke lead Cam to the ice rink and give him drills as punishment for skipping practice. After some intense drills, Dallas tells Campbell that he can stop and leaves with the rest of the team just as Campbell passes out on the rink from exhaustion. Later, Dallas sees a frustrated Cam in the locker room telling him that he has no one else but the team, before throwing a Gatorade to him and leaving.

Dallas picking Campbell up from the hospital after his injury.

In Rusty Cage (2), Dallas is first seen in the hallway yelling at Luke because he is clowning around on the second floor balcony in the main hallway. After Campbell sees Dallas, he leaves the Media Immersions room and goes up to Dallas and suggests to him a way to help the team, but only if he's willing to listen. Dallas actually does seem interested in what Cam has to say and nods his head in approval.

At the hockey game, Dallas is seen patting Cam on the shoulder before he joins the rest of the Ice Hounds on the hockey rink. Towards the end of the game, Dallas returns to the ice after talking strategy to the coach about what he wants Cam to do. When Cam scores the victory goal, Dallas cheers the with the rest of the team. In the locker room after the game, Dallas asks Campbell about his future plans in hockey and how everybody is going to want a piece of Cam Saunders due to him being the star player. Dallas opens the door, and he and Cam are bombarded by reporters, who then ask Cam questions about the game's winning goal. Due to Cam's nervousness in front of the cameras and reporters, Dallas takes it upon himself to answer the questions for him.

The day after the game, Maya tries to contact Cam, but gets no response. She sees Dallas and asks him if he has seen Cam. Dallas responds that he hasn't seen Cam since last night and that he probably went home with some puck bunny.After Cam jumps off the same balcony that Luke was playing on earlier, Dallas is seen picking him up at the hospital and complains to Maya, who shortly arrives to check on Cam, how they've lost their star player due to his broken arm. He then leaves Cam so that he can talk to Maya.

Dallas and Katie getting close while playing golf.

In Never Ever (1), he is approached by Katie, or as he calls her, "the girl with the dragon tattoo," to be physics partners for an assignment. After school, Katie finds Dallas playing mini golf and tells him that they should be focusing on their assignment. However, both Dallas and Katie start to realize that they have similarities and both of them begin to flirt. Dallas then suggests that he and Katie should play golf sometime, but she replies that she would rather focus on the assignment instead and walks away.

After Katie decides to not take Jake up on an offer to buy some garden materials after school, she decides to take up Dallas's offer to play golf. Dallas tells Katie some tips and tries to get close to her and get her into the right position, but Katie quickly tells him that she knows what she's doing and he backs away. Impressed with Katie's shot, she and Dallas begin to flirt again and say how they should start Degrassi's first ever golf team. When Jake walks in on Dallas and Katie playing golf, he is disappointed that she decided to hang out with Dallas instead of him and walks away. Dallas asks Katie if she's sure if Jake isn't her boyfriend, to which she replies that he's not and the two resume playing golf.

Dallas and Katie at the garden.

In Never Ever (2), he is first seen pushing his offer of the two extra passes to the Ice Hounds game to Katie. She tells him she'll think about it still and when game time comes, he is happy to see her in the stands. He plays, excited that she is there but his mood alters when he sees her and Jake kissing on the big screen.

In class the next day, he watches Jake and Katie walk in, happy together. She walks up to him and apologizes that she and Jake are now together. He tells her that everything's fine and compliments his playing the night before but he reveals that they had lost. He gives her their completed assignment and she turns it in telling him that she'd still like to start a golf team with him, and he agrees, upset. Sometime during the day, he rallies his team to raid and destroy the garden. When Katie confronts him about it, he tells her that she has no proof and that when she disrespects him, she'll get disrespected back. Before leaving the school for a game, she tells him that he won't get away with his actions.

Dallas makes enemies with Clare after she gets his team detention.

In Sabotage (1), Dallas and some members of the hockey team enter the hidden room where Clare is having a conversation with one of Asher's interns. He asks Clare if she could leave, but she replies that she was there first, to which he just shrugs off. Luke pulls out some beer for the members of the hockey team to drink and offers Clare one, but Dallas tells him to let her be. After Clare leaves the hidden room, Dallas continues to enjoy beer with his teammates.

Later in the hallway, Dallas asks Clare if she's okay after she throws away her presentation in the trashcan. After Clare tells him that she's not okay, Dallas suggests that she needs a beer, to which Clare decides to take him up on his offer. In the hidden room, a drunk Clare rants to Dallas about her situation with her internship and Asher, to which he replies is heavy stuff. When Clare kicks off her shoes and says that, "Talking is overrated," Dallas mistakes it as her wanting him to make a move on her and goes in to kiss her. Dallas manages to do so, but Clare quickly rejects the kiss and slaps him in the face and exits the room upset.

When Clare publishes an article in the school paper, she goes to Principal Simpson's office and Dallas is seen in the background ready to defend his team against her accusations. When Principal Simpson starts to Clare's validity of her article, she tells him that Dallas and his teammates has brought alcohol on the school grounds, to which he responds that Clare was enjoying them yesterday. Dallas then admits that he and his teammates did in fact bring beer on campus. Later in the hallway, Dallas and his teammates go up to Clare, Eli, Katie, and Jake and yells at them for getting the Ice Hounds three weeks of detention. Dallas then alludes to his and Clare's "kiss" in the hidden room in front of Eli before walking away from the group in anger.

In Sabotage (2), Dallas is first seen at the mall stopping by Drew's job to check up on him; he also greets Fiona just as she's leaving after telling Drew about Clare's surprise party. Dallas and Drew then begin to talk and Drew tells him about Clare's surprise party at Fiona's loft. Dallas jokes to Drew that he and Clare are BFFs and plans to make an appearance at her party.

Dallas learns of Clare's surprise party, and plans to crash it.

At Clare's party, Dallas and his teammates crash and he hands her a gift wrapped beer before heading off to the buffet table. When Clare and Eli are having a conversation about her hiding things, Dallas interrupts and alludes to her hiding her traumatic experience with Asher. Before Eli and Clare can leave her party, Dallas confronts both of them; still angry about 

Dallas and the team make a surprise appearance at Clare's birthday party.

Tension rises as the fight is about to start.

Clare's article and the punishment of his team, Dallas provokes them both. Jake tries to get to Dallas, but Luke stops him from doing so by pushing him back and calling him tree-hugger. As Dallas is provoking Eli and Jake by calling them "garden boy and theater-," he gets punched in the face by Eli, which causes a chain reaction and huge fight breaks out between him and Eli, Luke and Jake, and the rest of the party guests and hockey team. When the fight is over, Fiona yells at Dallas to leave before she calls the cops. Dallas honors her request, but has a battle scar from his fight with Eli. As he leaves the party, he says that he'll see everyone at school and that Eli is going down. He makes a pained and angry growl as he holds his bleeding broken nose.

In Scream (1), he first comes into the art room, with a broken nose complete with bandage, and talks to Becky and Luke about taking down Eli's play for revenge. After looking at the signs, Dallas warns Becky that her signs are too homophobic and won't work at a school like Degrassi. When Becky leaves, Luke tries to go after her but Dallas tells him to let her go and then asks him to stay so that he can discuss something else he needs his help with.

Later at his locker, Dallas tries to greet Fiona and Imogen, but they quickly shun him and confirm that they are no longer friends due to the fact that he started a fight at her loft during Clare's party. Fiona then tells Dallas

Dallas explains how Eli's play seems to glorify suicide in an attempt to get revenge on Eli.

that he could learn a thing or two from Tristan. Later on at a meeting, Dallas is there with his hockey team and some parents, including Mr. Baker, as Eli talks about his play. During the meeting, Dallas points that since many teens are taking their lives, it's problematic that a play glorifies suicide. In the theater, Dallas watches the final scene with the parents. He again points out how the lovers finding love in death glorifies suicide and suggests that they cancel the play, but it prompts Eli to instead change the ending. Later on, Dallas is seen making faces at Eli when they are both informed that the play will go on with the changes. He then tells Eli that, "This ain't over."

In Scream (2), he is seen in the hallway with Luke and Owen near lockers clowning around. Tori, Maya, and Zig approach the group asking where Tristan is due to Luke having his phone and Dallas joking about it. Dallas then stands back, looking frightened, as Owen pushes Luke against the locker.

Dallas works out with Adam.

In Doll Parts (1), Dallas is seen working out with Adam doing the bench press. After Adam tells Dallas that he is considering going out for a sports team, he asks Adam if he's going out for a guys team. Adam's mother comes down stairs and asks her if he can take testosterone so he can have muscles, facial hair, and a deep voice like Dallas, to which he jokingly says that Adam wouldn't have a deep voice like him.

After Adam's mother says he doesn't want him taking testosterone, Dallas tells Adam that it looks like it is a no go for the volleyball team. Later, he is again seen working out with Adam and asks him how volleyball tryouts went. After Adam tells Dallas that he needs his mother to sign a permission slip, he suggests that he forges her signature so that he can play on the team.

In I Want It That Way (1), Dallas comes to Alli's table at The Dot and asks her if she's going to eat all of the wings by himself. After Alli shakes her head no, he sits down and partakes in the wings. Later, Dallas and Alli leave The Dot walking home while she pours her life problems to him. Dallas then tells Alli that he'll show her a good time.

Dallas in the pool asking Alli for her Jay-Z concert ticket.

Dallas and Alli go to a community pool, where they both jump the fence, due to it being closed. As Dallas is stripping down, Alli playfully pushes him into the pool. Both Dallas and Alli spend time in the pool together, with Dallas giving Alli advice about high school and he even reveals to her about taking pills in order to help with school. When Alli leaves, she drops the Jay-Z tickets and Dallas notices them. Dallas tells Alli that he'll pay double for just one. Due to Dallas cheering Alli up, she says that he can keep it. The next morning, Alli arrives to school late and, after being offered an extension on an assignment, but for only a day, she calls Dallas for a favor. Dallas then meets Alli at her car and she asks him about the pills he used to take. Dallas tries to tell Alli that the pills are bad news, but after she convinces him that she really needs them, he says that he knows a guy who can supply him.

Dallas performing is "rapology" to Clare.

In I Want It That Way (2), Dallas and Cam walk up to Alli so that they can show her Cam's test, which he passed thanks to her tutoring. As Dallas and Alli talk about the Jay-Z concert, Clare finds out that Alli gave him the extra ticket, much to her dismay. Clare then tells Alli that she wants her to get the extra ticket back from Dallas. Dallas is found in the Student Council room planning for prom.

Alli interrupts the meeting so that she can ask for the ticket back, however, Dallas refuses to give it to her due to the way she's acting. At 2:00AM, Dallas is woken by Alli and jokes with her asking if she's visiting for a booty call. After Alli reveals why she visited, he suggests that Clare and him should talk out their past problems to see if she'll apologize to him so that they can all go to the Jay-Z concert together. The next day, Dallas and Alli get Clare to the school cafeteria, where Dallas proceeds to perform a "rapology" to Clare.

After his performance, Clare forgives Dallas and says that he's not all bad. Dallas then rushes over to Alli because she yells at an empty chair due to her thinking she saw Dave. Dallas then rushes to find Alli at her car and tells her that she needs to stop taking the pills and suggests that she needs to get some rest. On the day of the concert, Dallas and Alli are on their way to the Jay-Z concert. Dallas and Alli get into a wreck, however, after Dallas yells at her to look out to avoid an incoming car on the interstate, they still crash into a parked car. After the event, Dallas gets checked by the paramedics to make sure that he is okay.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Dallas gets off the bus with Cam discussing hockey practice. When he see that Drew has returned, he bestows him the nickname, "Dropout Drew" and later walk into the school. For Spirit Week, he is made captain of the Red Team. Dallas tries to convince Fiona to make Alli part of the Red Team, but instead assigns her to the Purple Team. Dallas and Fiona talk about him asking Alli out and he also promises her to not mess up Spirit Week.Moments later, Cam asks Dallas to let him switch team, which Dallas refuses, telling him

Dallas reacts to Alli as she tells him that she doesn't want to date a bully.

that he needs to chill and that Maya is just a girl. Later, it is revealed that Dallas and Alli have a class together and he tells her that she's lucky to have a class with him so that she can work up the courage to make the move to ask him out. After Alli initially says no, Dallas makes a bet with her saying that if his team wins, she'll have to go out on a date with him. At the ball hockey game, Dallas tells his team to go out and have fun, but to also win. During the game, he has to pull Cam off Zig to stop a fight.

In the principal's office, Dallas rushes to Cam's defense, however, he is cut short. After that situation, Dallas goes confront Cam at his locker and yells at him, saying that he's selfish and how the whole team is counting on him. As he leaves, Dallas tells Cam to stop crying where everyone can see him. Later, Dallas is seen at Drew's house talking to Alli about their bet. However, Dallas finds out that Cam told Alli that he yelled at him. She scolds Dallas for being so hard on him, but Dallas says that him being hard is good for Cam. Alli tells him that not everyone needs tough love and that underneath everything, he is just a bully and that she doesn't date bullies. She then hangs up. 

Dallas drinks up the courage to try and jump off the roof of Degrassi..

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Dallas is seen walking up to Maya and Katie and asks Maya if he's seen Cam. As the news spread about Cam's suicide, Dallas is seen with his team in Principal Simpson's office receiving the news. They all have looks of sadness and guilt, Dallas's most noticeable. Dallas is later seen in a room with the others as they talk about the incident. Dallas then has an emotional outburst, kicking a chair, and walks out of the room and proceeds to throw a trash can into the trophy case, shattering it.

Alli tries to comfort Dallas, but he yells at her saying that it was their fault and how Alli did nothing to help Cam after learning that he was depressed and then walks off. In his head, he is thinking that he shouldn't have judged or yelled at Cam and Alli should have told someone when he said he wanted to "sleep and never wake up". Dallas goes to the roof, drinking beer and crying due to the incident. It is revealed that he was drinking to work up the courage to jump off the building when he starts stumbling and pacing the roof erratically. He gets really close to the edge and puts his foot close to the end when he hears footsteps behind him and backs off.

..he gets close to the edge, debating..

Fiona finds Dallas on the roof and talks to him to calm him down.Dallas says that he's so messed up because he thought about jumping and doing what Campbell did, and goes on to say that it was his fault that Cam committed suicide, how he should have been easier on him, and that nobody would miss him if he

..but he backs away from the edge after hearing Fiona behind him.

did jump. After getting comfort from Fiona, Dallas hugs her and agrees to let her help him. Dallas is later seen at the candle light vigil, looking sad along with the rest of the crowd as he hears Maya speak about him. The next day, Dallas finds Alli and apologizes to her for his emotional outburst. Dallas then tells Alli that he's going to get counselling to help cope with the incident. Tara, the grief counselor, walks up to Dallas and Alli and asks who's next to see her. Alli says that Dallas is and he walks off with the counselor. Alli then looks nervous to go to counselling and says she was the last to talk to Cam and knew how he felt, but she is happy Dallas is getting help and isn't mad at her or himself anymore.

Dallas and the gang tease Jenna about her dating Connor.

In Ray of Light (1), Dallas watches the video yearbook Eli edited and is upset Cam was cut out of it entirely. Fiona asks Eli to put him back in and when he agrees to do so, Dallas smiles.

In Ray of Light (2), Dallas walks into a classroom with Becky and Alli as they walk in on a kiss between Jenna and Connor. He then asks if they're dating. Later, Dallas is seen with the rest of the seniors watching footage of the video yearbook. As he leaves, he pats Eli on the arm and tells him that he does good work.

In Karma Police (1), while in class, Dallas insists to Owen that he and Alli are just friends, despite his contradicting behavior that indicate his feelings for her. Owen decides to "sacrifice" Dallas as his science partner, so that he could partner up with Alli instead. Alli accepts Dallas's proposal to be partners, and they set a study date for the following night, even though Dallas has an "appointment" that he said he would cancel. The following night, on their study date, Dallas and Alli come to close to kissing, but are interrupted by Dallas's ex, Vanessa. Dallas tries to reschedule their date to the next night, and Alli assumes that he is kicking her out because his "appointment" was a date with his ex. Dallas tries to stop her, but Alli leaves anyway. As soon as she leaves, Drew and Rock Dallas, Dallas's son, comes down the stairs. Rock excitedly runs to Dallas, who picks him up in his arms.

A picture of Dallas and his son Rock on Dallas's phone.

Later in the bathroom, Drew and Dallas are in the bathroom together, talking about Rocky. Drew looks through pictures of the two together on Dallas's phone, and is surprised that Dallas never told him or Adam about Rock, even though Audra knew. Dallas reveals he had Rock when he was 15, and that he previously wasn't the greatest father, but know he has to step up since Vanessa and Rock moved closer. Dallas later tells Drew about Rocky, and he says he doesn't know how to tell Alli. Drew advises him not to until they are official. Later, Alli comes back to the Torres' house to talk to Dallas. She tells him that she doesn't want to feel upset or

Dallas and Alli look romantically into each other's eyes.

disappointed when she sees his ex because they are just friends. Dallas reveals to her that he and Vanessa have been over for a very long time, and that the last night was a misunderstanding, saying it is only her. Alli says that she isn't going to tell Dallas do this to her since she just got over Dave and their pregnancy scare.

When she makes a negative comment about children, while Dallas remains silent, most likely thinking about Rocky. Dallas then takes her hand and shows her the inside of his room, which he had decorated with Christmas lights. The two gaze at each other, but Dallas claims that he isn't going to kiss her because he wants to do this right and save their first kiss for their first official date. Alli agrees to the date as long as there in no drama. She leans back on Dallas, and the two admire the lights.

In Karma Police (2), Dallas is first seen in the basement with Drew as they play with Rock. In order to keep Alli from finding out about Rock, he tells Drew that he lied about studying algebra. Dallas also tells Drew that whenever he mentions that he has a kid, girls seem to run off. When Drew sees Alli coming into the backyard, Dallas tells him to take Rock upstairs so that Alli doesn't see him. Dallas nervously asks Alli what she's doing at the Torres house, to which Alli replies that she knows a thing or two about algebra. As Dallas and Alli are going over notes, 

Dallas reveals to Drew that girls run off when he tells them about Rock.

Dallas is distracted because he's thinking about Rock. When the two are done with the notes, Dallas tries to get rid of Alli quickly. However, Drew comes running down the stairs with Rock in his arms and tells Dallas that he ate some nuts, however, he's allergic to them. Amidst the chaos, Dallas grabs Rock to take him to the hospital and also slips to Alli that he's his father. Dallas calls Vanessa over to show her the space he set up for Rock, however, she scolds at him saying that leaving Rock with him was a mistake. Dallas, feeling guilty, asks Vanessa to give him another chance so that he can be a better father to him. The next day, Dallas finds Alli in a science lab and talks to her about Rock, which he reveals that he is named after professional wrestler and actor, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Dallas also lets Alli know that Rock is his number one priority from now on and that taking care of his son will always come first.

Dallas is shocked that Clare pushes Drew into the kiddie pool.

In Zombie (1), Dallas and rest of the class laughs as Drew makes Bianca smash her face into the wall. When Drew finds out that he is nominated to run for School President, he automatically thinks Dallas nominated him as a joke. However, Dallas says that he had nothing to do with it, but that Drew should run anyway because it would be hilarious. While having lunch with Drew and Bianca, Dallas talks to Drew about his campaign. When Drew suggests throwing a party, Dallas agrees with it. Later that night at the party, Dallas hands out leas and tells guests to vote Drew for President. During the party, Dallas is seen in the crowd when Clare pushes Drew into the kiddie pool.

In Zombie (2), he is seen helping Drew with his campaign by hanging up a poster. He also tells Drew to not worry about the debate by staying focused on the message.

Dallas and others watch as the recent graduates celebrate.

In The Time of My Life, Dallas first appears at prom drinking with Owen and Mo, saying that it's his last night out and that when summer comes, he'll be on full time daddy duty. When Mo tells Dallas and Owen about his incident with Marisol, he tells him that girls aren't worth it. Later at the prom, Dallas and Owen appear to "support" Mo telling off Marisol after he finds out about the deal she made to Jake. The next day, Dallas is at graduation and as the graduates celebrate, he says "Good riddance." He then notices Clare's mood and asks why she's down. After Clare tells Dallas that she might have cancer, he brushes if off as a joke and leaves with Drew.

Season 13

Dallas and Drew seeing Becky and Adam make out.

In Summertime, Dallas is a Degrassi Camp Director along with Drew. Dallas is often seen with Drew, such as when they walk down the hallway checking to make sure that everything is in place. Next, Dallas mentions how Rocky would have loved the camp if he and his mother weren't at the cottage for the Summer while he and Drew check the kids into their groups. Dallas is last seen walking around to check on the groups and then sits down with one of the groups.


Dallas catches Colton in the hallway.

n About A Girl, Dallas is seen chasing Colton down the hallway and catches him. Drew then asks Dallas to take Colton to the nurse's office, since he said that he hit his head. Next, Dallas is seen on stage in the gym playing with some hula hoops. Dallas agrees with Adam's idea to send Todd a message as Becky and even helps him compose the message. Later, Dallas is in the basement of the Torres house and when a phone goes off, he mentions that he's sent Alli over 50 text messages and has yet to get a reply. In Cannonball, Dallas and Drew are packing up a van for a camping and

Dallas tells Adam that Becky has moved on and so should he.

Dallas reveals to Drew that he's never been camping and asks him if he thinks there will be bears. Adam comes up to Dallas and Drew with a package from Becky, which is revealed to contain destroyed roses. Dallas tells Adam that Becky sent him that package as a way to hell him that she broke up with him. Dallas then suggests to Adam that he should get over Becky by hooking up with Imogen, since Becky has already moved on. '

At the camp ground, Dallas asks Adam when he's going to make his move on Becky. Dallas tells Adam about his TTC Method: Talk, Touch, Compliment, which he guarantees an instant date. When the "wedding" of Colton and Madison takes place, Dallas decides to sit in a chair and watches it from a distance. Later, Dallas is seen sharpening a stick and asks Adam if he thinks it would kill a bear. When Adam tells Dallas that Imogen invited him on a hike, Dallas tells Adam that it's more like a date and that Imogen really likes him and should move on to a girl that really likes him. When Adam tells Drew that he's not feeling well, Drew jokes if Adam ate Dallas's pork and beans and wonders how someone messes up camp food.

Dallas and Drew realizing that Adam has passed away.

In Honey, Drew mentions how Dallas and others are blowing up his phone asking how Adam is doing after the accident. When Drew arrives to Degrassi, Dallas greets him with a hug and asks if Adam is okay. Dallas feels that Drew should be with his family and assures him that everything is under control for the last of camp. Imogen, however, says that she needs Drew and takes him away into the school, which causes Dallas to look concerned as she does so.

As the campers leave, Dallas sits next to Drew and asks if he's heard anything back from the hospital. When Drew says he wants to decorate Adam's room with the cards from the campers, Dallas offers to go with him and help to set up the cards. While Alli is on a date, Dallas sends her a text message saying that he's counting the days until she comes back and that she should call him. Leo sees this text and asks who Dallas is, thinking that Dallas is the reason that Alli wanted to break up with him. '

Dallas and Drew are at the hospital in Adam's room and as they decorate it with cards from the campers, he jokes that Colton's card shouldn't be seen.When Drew and Adam's parents come into the room, it's apparent that Adam has passed away. Dallas leaves the room, looking distraught, as he watches Drew and his family grieve over Adam's death. The episode ends with his view of the Torres family slowly going away with the closing of the hospital door.

Dallas telling Drew that it's best to be around people.

In Young Forever, Dallas is seen at Adam's funeral with Eli, Becky, and Bianca. When Eli says that it's amazing how many people showed up, Dallas says that a lot of people loved Adam. Dallas asks Becky if she has a ride to the reception and decides to offer her one. Becky, being in an emotional state, is comforted by Dallas and he advises her not to say anything that could offend anyone. In the Torres house basement, when Bianca tries to comfort Drew by bringing him egg salad, his favorite food, Dallas jokes about how egg salad can make Drew gassy. When Drew gets ready to leave, Dallas offers to take Drew to the bar and order him drinks so that he can feel better and tells him that he needs to be around people during his time of grief.

Dallas comforting Drew during Adam's send off.

Later, Dallas and many other students appear at Becky's bonfire in honor of Adam. While at the bonfire, Dallas is seen speaking with Alli, whom he hasn't seen all summer, since she was in Paris, France. At the bonfire, while a video plays, Dallas is seen smiling due to the fact that he has many happy memories of Adam.

When Dallas sees Drew coming to the bonfire, he embraces him with a hug in order to make him feel better. He lets Drew know that they've found a way to say goodbye to Adam, thanks for Becky's bonfire idea. During the event, Dallas is seen standing by the fire. When Drew says that Adam will always be in his memory, Dallas jokes that he will as long as Drew doesn't suffer another concussion, which makes everyone laugh. Dallas is last seen in the group of students launching a hot air balloon in memory of Adam.

Dallas at the first student council meeting.

In This Is How We Do It, Alli first mentions Dallas looking for a key to the auditorium. He then shows up with the rest of the group saying that he wasn't able to find a key. When Drew appears, Dallas is as shocked as everyone else that Drew was at school early. During the assembly, Dallas comes onto stage smiling and flexing his bicep as Drew introduces him as the Athletic Rep for the student council.

When Drew collapses on stage, Dallas quickly runs to him, shaking him and calling out his name in worry. Next, Dallas and Drew are walking down the hallway and stop by his locker as they discuss about Drew's sleeping problems and the events that happened over Summer, namely, the death of Adam. In the Student Council Room, the first meeting takes place and Dallas agrees with Drew that the first event of the year should be a beach party dance. Later, Dallas and Drew are playing video games, but Dallas decides to stop because it's 1:00AM. Dallas and Drew have a short conversation about Adam and he asks Drew if he'll be crashing on the couch again before proceeding to go to bed.

The next day, when class is letting out, Dallas tells Drew what he did last night and mentions how the pills prescribed to him doesn't always work for everybody and that certain people get side effects from them. As Dallas and Drew walk out of the classroom, freshmen girls are seen admiring them. During the next student council meeting, Dallas is seen at the table charming the girls Drew rounds up so that he can get the votes for the beach party dance. Dallas votes for Drew's idea and tells Drew that he hopes that he does get enough sleep so that they can plan the event.

Dallas reassures Drew that he'll help him organize the dance.

In You Got Me, Dallas is woken up by Drew bouncing a tennis ball against the wall at 3:00 in the morning and asks him what he's doing up so late. After Drew tells him about having trouble with the dance, Dallas reassures him that he'll take care of some of the things needed for the dance. Afterwards, Drew bounces the tennis ball against the wall again, but before it can get to him, Dallas catches it and leaves the room to go back to sleep. The next night, at the dance, Dallas is by the audio equipment trying to get it to work. When Alli shows up at the dance alone, Dallas talks to her and mentions that he wanted to "size up" Leo. Leo eventually arrives and Alli introduces him to Dallas.

When Dallas asks Leo if he's any good with audio equipment, the two shake hands and goes to work to fix the equipment. During the dance, Dallas is in front of the crowd watching Drew undress and asks him what he's talking about, since Drew is delirious from his sleeping pills. When Drew jumps into the beach backdrop and lands in the kiddy pool, Dallas is seen laughing at the stunt. As Drew runs from the dance, Dallas attempts to give him a high five saying that his act was hilarious.

In You Oughta Know, Dallas is briefly seen during basketball tryouts doing drills. After Coach Armstrong tells the hopefuls that they'll be emailed who made the cut, he leaves the gym.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Dallas is in the gym during basketball

Dallas confronting Tristan at his locker.

practice running drills with the team. After practice, Dallas tells Miles that he's been improving and could be moved up to starter if he keeps it up. Later in the day, Dallas confronts Tristan at his about the drugs that he's been handing out to the team and tells him that there's going to be random drug tests and that if none of the players pass, it would be a huge problem. However, Tristan later confirms to Dallas that the "steroids" he handed out were not real. In the locker room, Dallas watches Tristan's plan in action as he tells the team about the drug test and that the pills he gives him will flush out the "steroids" out of their system. Dallas then tells Tristan that, while he might not be as good of an athlete as his older brother, he's definitely smarter before leaving.

Dallas in bed making out with Christie.

In Who Do You Think You Are, it's first being mentioned that Dallas has missed six classes after he fails to show up for a presentation with his partner, Drew. After school, Drew catches Dallas hooking up with a random girl. Drew thinks there's something wrong with Dallas, saying that he's been drinking a lot and hooking up with a new girl every night. Dallas responds that it's his senior year and that he's just having fun.

The next day, Dallas is at his locker when Christie goes up to him and tells him that she's pregnant with his baby. However, Dallas tells her that what they've done can't get her pregnant. Christie then makes Drew's plan backfire, which leads to a confrontation between Dallas and Drew. When Drew confronts Dallas about his behavior and mentions Rocky, Dallas tells him that he can't tell him how to live his life and storms off.

Dallas feels like a failure due to being cut from hockey.

In Barely Breathing, Drew is worried about Dallas because he is nowhere to be found. When Drew talks to Luke, it is found out that Dallas was cut from the hockey team and that Luke has become the new captain. During a class presentation, Dallas comes to class drunk and attempts to do the presentation with Drew. However, when Dallas pretends to fall to the floor imitating death for the presentation, he vomits in the trash can and leaves the room due to too much alcohol intake.

Drew finds Dallas in a hallway sitting on a bench and goes to comfort him. Dallas reveals to the Drew that he's always dreamed of getting into the NHL and that being cut from hockey makes him feel like he'll be going home a big loser. Drew tells Dallas that he doesn't want him to leave because he's already lost a brother and can't lose another. Later at the Torres house, Dallas comes to tell Drew that he's staying, that he's done with drinking, but not done being a ladies man. The two then hug each other, as the problem has been resolved.

Dallas gives Drew advice.

In Black Or White, Dallas is first seen next to Drew watching Winston trash him on Degrassi TV. When Dallas gives Drew the idea of taking away Degrassi TV, he goes with him to help take down Winston from his position of anchor. During a protest, due to Drew pulling Winston from Degrassi TV, Dallas gets from around the crowd and informs Drew that people are rotating so that the protest doesn't end. After school, when Dallas is leaving, Drew rushes to him to get advice on how to handle the Winston situation.

In Spiderwebs, Dallas is coming from a coffee run at The Dot. Dallas informs

Dallas making a toast.

Drew that he saw Bianca at The Dot with her friends from university. When Drew begins to ask people around him for relationship advice, he quickly makes people get back to work to set up for the Degrassi Family Feast. Seeing that Drew is torn up over Bianca not contacting him when she got back to town, he suggests that Drew go see her so that he doesn't meltdown.

At the Torres house, Dallas tries to stop Drew from calling Bianca, but fails to do so and looks shocked as Drew asks Bianca to act like they're still together for the sake of his mother. At the Degrassi Family Feast, Dallas sarcastically says that Drew always makes the right decisions when he sees Drew and Bianca holding hands pretending to still be together. At the end of the event, Dallas makes a toast to Drew saying that he's a damn good President and is thankful for him.

In The World I Know, Dallas first comes up to Drew in the hallway asking him about a party. He then gives Drew some advice about his kiss with Clare and tells him to let her down easy. Drew then comes to the auditorium to see Drew give his speech. After Drew lets Dallas know Clare wasn't into him like that, Dallas tells Drew that he should get a rebound girl. After Drew's speech, Dallas is seen leaving the auditorium with the rest of the audience.

In Better Man, Dallas is briefly seen helping Drew get ready for his interview with Mr. Hollingsworth, but ends up having to leave to meet with his chemistry group.

Alli asks Dallas if he's seen Jenna.

In Dig Me Out, Dallas is first seen in the hallway walking to class when he notices Alli struggling at her locker and asks her if she needs help. During a class, Dallas tells Drew that he's pumped for poker night, but is then a bit shocked when Drew suggests going to a party instead. While in that same class, he teases Drew about Zoë being his girlfriend, even though Drew denies it. The next day, Dallas runs up to Drew at his locker and notices how he's in a good mood, but then leaves when Zoë comes to his locker. He's next seen sitting in the hallway on his phone when Alli comes up to him asking if he's seen Jenna. When Alli reveals that it's so she can help her with science, Dallas offers his services, but then leaves when Jenna appears after getting a text message from Alli.

Later, Dallas is in the student council room setting up for poker. After the others grill Drew about Zoë, Dallas figures out that the two of them had sex and continues to tease Drew about his and Zoë's relationship. As Zoë enters the room, he says that the game has got more interesting. While playing poker, Dallas begins to strike up a conversation with Zoë about her and Drew and discreetly references their so called "casual" relationship.

In Power to the People,

Dallas offers to be Alli's new lab assistant.

Dallas goes to the auditorium and notices that Drew looks upset due to the situation with Zoë. He tells Drew that just because he had sex with Zoë does not mean he cannot break up with her. During a class, Dallas asks Drew how the break up went with Zoë, but when Drew says how he let her down easy, Dallas and Clare agree that Drew and Zoë are not officially broken up. When Alli passes Dallas at his locker, he looks back at her with concern as she's walking away after a conversation with Jenna and throwing away her lab coat. In the auditorium, before the Q&A session with Mr. Hollingsworth, Dallas notices Zoë entering and when Drew says that he'll just ignore her, Dallas tells him that it won't work and then leaves as she comes over to them.

During a study hall period, Dallas offers Alli to be her lab assistant after he tells her about him getting kicked off the Ice Hounds and promises her that while in the lab, they only talk about work and nothing personal. He also gives Alli back her lab coat that he fished from the garbage can. The next day, Dallas is seen with Alli putting the finishing touches on her science project. Dallas decides to let Alli have her moment and leaves just as the teacher comes to take a look at her project for the science fair. Later, at the Torres house, Dallas notices Drew reading a book and then asks him what he would say to Zoë about how he feels. When Drew says that he'll let Dallas borrow his relationship book after he's done reading it, Dallas asks him if there is anything in the book about unrequited love for a science nerd, referring to Alli.

Dallas attempts to ask Alli out on a date.

In No Surprises, Dallas is at The Dot with Alli and Rock studying for a science class. While there, as he watches Alli interact with Rock, he lets out a huge smile as Alli makes Rock smile. After a student council meeting, Dallas runs into Jenna and Connor and asks them about Alli's romantic situation with Leo and if they'll get back together. After it is confirmed that they are pretty much done, Dallas quickly goes off with a smile on his face. Later, in the lab, Alli quickly rushes in and apologizes to Dallas for being late. Dallas assures Alli it's fine and then directs her attention to a gift basket he made for her. When Alli asks what it's for, Dallas proceeds to ask her on a date, but his turned down. That night, Dallas goes to Alli's house so that he can explain himself and the gift basket. While there, Alli lets Dallas known that Leo physically abused her in the relationship, to which Dallas replies that he could crush Leo and is left with an angered expression on his face.

Dallas stands and waits for Leo.

In Basket Case, Dallas is first seen standing across the street from Leo's house, waiting for him. When Leo goes into his house, Dallas proceeds to go over, but is stopped when his foot bumps into a little boy's soccer ball. Dallas then calls Rock, having a change of heart about how to confront Leo. Later that day, Dallas is at Alli's house studying for science class, but is still visibly upset about Leo physically abusing Alli, especially when she says that she still feels pain from the incidents. When Dallas says there's a way to make Leo own up to what he did, Alli asks how. Dallas tells her that they're going for walk. Dallas and Alli goes to Leo house and tells Leo to sit down and not say anything while Alli confronts him. After Alli leaves, Leo looks as if he's going to go after her, but Dallas stops him in his tracks and tells him to go back to Paris and never contact Alli again. Dallas then finds Alli on the street crying and begins to apologize, but Alli reassures him that confronting Leo is what she needed in order to find peace. Alli then lets Dallas know that he's one of the good ones.

Dallas and Luke in the Degrassi Sing Off.

In Unbelievable, Dallas is heading out the locker with the basketball team during practice so that they can get ready for the finals. During practice, Dallas offers to help Miles with Maya, due to him being fiercely loyal to his teammates. During lunch, Dallas is outside and is asked by Becky what he likes about alcohol; however, before he answers, Clare and Drew mentions to him that he's being interviewed for Degrassi TV and then lies about him not drinking. As a video of Zoë being sexually assaulted and security footage is being shown around school, Imogen and Dallas are walking in the hallway watching the video of Zoë being sexually assaulted. When Imogen asks about if anyone on the basketball team had anything to do with the video, he assures her that his teammates would never do something like that. During the Degrassi Sing Off, Dallas is seen helping Miles with his routine. Later on, in the student council room, Dallas is trying to convince Clare that the pep rally for the basketball team should still happen, due to Miles being cleared of any suspicion and reassuring that none of his teammates would sexually assault anyone.

Drew, Dallas, Miles, Maya, and Tristan comfort Zoë.

Before the big game starts, Dallas is seen in the locker room giving the basketball team a pep talk. However, Miles confronts the team about he raped Zoë, but tells him that now is not the time to worry about that and that they stick together as a team. In the hallway, before the game starts, Dallas is seen standing in the background shocked as Zoë confronts, and reveals, that Luke was one of the people in the video who sexually assaulted her while she was drunk. When Luke tries to go after Becky and Zoë, Dallas is seen helping to hold him down. Dallas and majority of the school watches as Luke enters the back of the police car and is clearly shown to be shocked that one of his teammates would do an act like sexual assault. The next day, Dallas is seen with Drew, Miles, Maya, and Tristan in hallway waiting for Zoë and they let her know that she's not alone.

In Close to Me, Dallas and Alli are put in charge for taking tickets at the door. It was noted by Alli that Dallas has told her that she looks beautiful more than 30 times, which was 29 times too many for platonic science lab partners. When Dallas sees Jenna in her dress, he is shocked that she would wear something that was too small for her full figure. During the dance, Dallas is on stage with Alli to announce the winner of the king and queen of the semi-formal dance, but has a hard time opening the letter. When it is revealed that Connor and Jenna are the winners, he crowns Connor. When Jenna has a wardrobe malfunction and quickly leaves the stage, he cues the DJ to play music and leaves to go check the situation.

Dallas and Connor get pulled over by the police.

In Army of Me, Dallas and Connor are on their way to the science fair when they get pulled over.

Dallas makes it to the science fair to support Alli.

In Everything Is Everything, Dallas is seen as he comes in late for the science fair as the judges hear about Alli's project Dallas makes a rude comment to one one of the judges after they walk away she says to Dallas how could he do that and that he wrecked everything they have been working on for weeks and she says now it's all over so Dallas tries to make it right by apologizing to the judge as he he explains that had a rough time getting blamed for stuff he didn't do because he is black. So he says he'll becoming back to see there display and he says he won't be there but he stays after her father talks to him and in the end they end up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Dallas is seen with Alli Drew and Clare sitting down next to Alli.

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Dallas is seen at the Wild Wild West Night with Alli. He also tells Drew that he is to Clare what Zoë was to him.

In You Are Not Alone, Dallas is seen walking into class saying hey boo ready to try the forbidden dance Alli responds salsa isn't a forbidden dance and he responds wait until you see me do.

In How Bizarre, Dallas is in class presenting something to the class with Drew and he asks Drew what is wrong. Drew answers about Mrs. Hollingsworth working him all week and asks if they can work on the proposal after school? he says he can't since he is seeing a movie with Alli, Jenna, and Connor. Drew responds and you didn't invite me? He says they hate him because he bailed on Clare.

In My Hero, Dallas and Drew have a fight about the project and Drew thinks it better then working on the stupid project so Dallas responds I'll just be single D Drew says it's not like that and walks away. Drew apologizes to Dallas and that he wants to be double D again.

In Thunderstruck, Dallas is seen at the school dance.

Season 14

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Dallas is first seen with girlfriend Alli walking outside towards Drew, Becky, and Imogen. Later, Dallas is in class with Alli, Clare, and Drew; while he's sitting behind Clare, who is hugging Alli due to the news of her getting accepted to Columbia, he notices that Clare is bleeding through her jeans from behind. When Alli and Clare leave the classroom, Dallas asks why he has to be the guy to notice everything.

In Wise Up, Dallas finds Drew in the student council room and asks if he's coming to math class. Drew reveals to him that Clare is pregnant with his baby, but Dallas thinks it's a joke at first before realizing that Drew is telling the truth. Dallas then consoles Drew and tells him that he and Clare need to discuss all the option, because the baby is 50% Drew. Later, Dallas is seen at his locker and sees Drew has come up to him. When Dallas asks Drew if he and Clare discussed the baby, he is disappointed to learn that Clare said Drew is off the hook and begins to lecture him on how not being in his child's life won't work, because he tried it his way. He then walks off to go to his next class.

Dallas and Alli on their date at The Dot.

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Dallas is first mentioned by Drew as he's telling Clare that babies do change everything and how Vanessa's life changed due to having Rock. Dallas is then seen on a date with Alli at The Dot before being interrupted by Clare and Drew. In I'll Be Missing You, when Dallas arrives to class he is greeted with the news that Alli has been accepted to Cambridge, a university in England, much to his dismay. In the weight room, Dallas asks Drew for dating advice and is overhead by Shay, who then comes over to offer him advice for his date. After school, Dallas and Alli are at The Dot and he talks to her about a romantic date that he planned for them, including spending the night in a hotel. However, Dallas is turned down by Alli because she feels they should be focusing on their futures together, but Dallas takes this the wrong way and feels as though Alli does not want to have sex with him. The next day while in the weight room, Dallas talks to Drew about how Alli turned him down and how he feels hurt that she does not want to have sexy with him. Shay overhears this and begins to talk to him, but is told by Dallas to mind her own business. Shay begins to walk away, but then comes back and confronts Dallas and he apologizes to her. The conversation leads to what Shay finds attractive about Dallas, but they are caught by Alli, who walks away in disgust. In class, Dallas looks at Alli and when class is dismissed, he stops her so that they can have a discussion about their relationship. Dallas feels that because Alli doesn't want to have sex with him that she is afraid of commitment and that he feels they cannot be together for the long term. However, Alli reassures Dallas that she does believe in them and that she does not want to have sex yet because of how it made her past relationships complicated and that having sex doesn't automatically mean a commitment. Later, Dallas and Alli are in the hotel room he paid for working on a highlight reel and the two engage in a pillow fight.

Dallas confronts Miles after his confession.

In Something's Got to Give, Dallas is in the hallways talking to his friends about the hit and run scene caused by Miles and recalls seeing a black car speeding off. In the cafeteria, while he's walking with Alli, Imogen stops both of them in order to get information about Degrassi Nudes. The next day in science class, Drew goes over to Dallas to talk about how he ruined his date with Becky due to replying to Clare's text message and not paying attention to Becky. Later, in the hallway, Miles tells Dallas that he's the one who hit his car. Dallas then goes to physically confront Miles after it is revealed that Rock was in the car and due to the fact that Miles insulted him about it "being cute when he's trying to be a dad." Dallas comes close to punching Miles, but Alli comforts him and they walk away from the incident.

In Hero vs. Villain, Dallas is with Alli at lunch falling asleep as she's talking about date plans, due to him being up late at night helping Drew set up a baby crib. During the conversation, Alli asks Dallas a hypothetical question and figures out that Clare is not having Drew's baby. Later in the hallway, Dallas is with Drew when he confronts her about her not having his baby. Alli, being mad that Dallas told Drew, tells him that she was ready to have sex with him, but not anymore, causing him to walk away in disappointment.

In Walking in My Shoes, Dallas is with Alli taking pictures for the Best Couple award for the yearbook.

In Get It Together, Dallas is walking into class with Alli, Clare, Jenna, and Connor talking about her baby boy. Dallas mentions that he has an interview with a hockey coach from Brown University and asks Clare if she and Eli could babysit Rocky, to which she agrees.

Dallas and Alli at The Dot discussing Clare.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Dallas is taking a tour of the school with Alli, Connor, Drew, and Jenna as she shows them what she and Clare have planned for prom. Later, Dallas meets Alli at The Dot and shares the news that he has been recruited by the Paper Cranes, a hockey team in Japan. It is at The Dot that Dallas, along with Alli, finds out that Clare and Eli lost the baby and he offers his condolences. The next day, Dallas is with the prom committee watching music auditions for prom.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), Dallas is one of the volunteers at the hospital along with Alli, Becky, and Drew.


In Finally (1), Dallas is with Drew and Jenna walking to school and watches as Connor does a promposal to her. During this, Dallas tells Drew that he will not be able to participate with everyone else due to the rough year Clare has had. Dallas then meets with Alli to ask if Drew can participate with them at prom, which Alli reluctantly agrees to only if Drew has a date. During an exam, Dallas nudges Drew to do a promposal for Becky, which backfires. Afterwards, Dallas apologizes to Drew and asserts that he will get Alli to let him participate in prom with everyone. In the Student Council room, Dallas is with everyone discussing last minute details and seeing if Drew can attend prom after he was banned, but to no avail. After Drew gets angry at Dallas, he walks away saying that he's going to enjoy prom with their friends without him. At Clare's house, Dallas watches as Eli asks her to move with him to New York. The group makes their ways to the docks, but it is then revealed that Dallas mistakenly books the boat for next year. Dallas then calls Drew to help him fix his blunder. In Finally (2), Dallas and Drew go to Degrassi to get supplies to salvage prom and while doing so, asks Drew how he can


make things right. Dallas and Drew manage to save prom by setting up Alli's idea at The Dot, which turns into a huge success thanks to him getting the word out via social media. The next day, Dallas is at school getting his cap and gown, but then is devastated when he finds out Drew cannot cross the stage during graduation, due to him taking the fall for breaking into the school. Dallas goes get Becky and Imogen to let them know the graduation ceremony is starting and that he needs their help. During graduation, Dallas crosses the stage and before doing the big cap toss, Dallas and others reveal their caps to read, "We <3 Drew," which changes the principal's mind, allowing Drew to cross with his friends. Dallas then happily celebrates with the Class of 2014 for graduating from Degrassi.



Season 12

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Season 14


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  • (To Drew and Adam): "I like it!" (first line)
  • (To Drew): "Yesterday you had my back, today I had yours. That is how it always will be." (Last Line)
  • (To Fiona): "That's how I roll. I give one hundred and fifty percent."
  • (To Cam): "You should be with a different girl every weekend."
  • Cam: "You guys just kinda make fun of me."
    Dallas: "'Cause we like you."
  • Adam: "I have a terrible feeling that the school is shutting down."
    Drew: "The school is not shutting down, Adam."
    Dallas: "I hope not, I just got here."
  • (To Katie): "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, to what do I owe this pleasure?"
  • Dallas: "You come into my house, and disrespect me in front of my team, you are going to get disrespected back."
    Katie: "You and your stupid team are the worst thing to ever happen to this school!"
  • Drew: "How'd you know I was a virgin?"
    Dallas: "I didn't...but I do now."
  • Dallas: "Hi, do you know if the cafe is serving pancakes today?"
    Maya : "Oh, I wish, but it's usually cereal, fruit. Bagels if you're lucky."
    Dallas: "Too bad. I was really craving a nice, flat pancake."
  • (To Drew about Adam): "Who knew your sister was cooler than you?"
  • Dallas: "Mike Dallas, and you are?"
    Fiona: "The wrong tree to be barking up."
    Dallas: "That's a terrible name. You should change it."
    Fiona: "It's Fiona Coyne. Look, I'm flattered, but not interested."
    Dallas: "Well, I love me a challenge."
    Fiona: "And I love me girls."
  • (To Cam): "Sometimes a rookie needs to be taught a lesson."
  • Drew: "I'm sick of her treating me like I'm such a baby."
    Dallas: "Then stop acting like one."
  • (To everyone at Clare's birthday party): "See everyone at school. Ahhhh...You're going down Eli."
  • (To Becky): "These are mad homophobic."
  • Adam: "If you'd let me start taking T, I'd have muscles like Dallas, and facial hair like Dallas and a deep voice..."
    Dallas: "Probably not like Dallas."
  • (To Alli): "Wait, is this a booty call?"
  • (To Alli): Why didn't you do something, you should have done something! YOU DID NOTHING!
  • (To Fiona): "I'm so messed up, I thought about jumping."
  • (To Cam): "Stop crying where everyone can see you, it's embarrassing."
  • (To Fiona): "I can't help anybody, Fiona."
  • (To Fiona): "It's my fault he did it..."
  • (To Alli): "My place, tonight?"
  • (To Alli about Rocky when she says to call Rocky's parents in Karma Police): "I'm his parent!"
  • (To Vanessa): "Please tell me what to do and I'll do it!"
  • (To Alli): "All I've wanted for so long was to take you on a date."
  • Bianca: "Drew doesn't fart."
    Dallas: "Yeah, keep telling yourself that."
  • (To Drew, about the book Nut Up or Shut Up): "Is there anything in here about unrequited love for a science nerd?"
  • "Oooh Drew Torres reading a book?" - Power to the People
  • "Why don't you come over here and kiss my black ass?" 
  • "Why do I have to be the guy who notices everything?" 


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