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The conflict between Miles Hollingsworth III and Mike Dallas is known as Dallingsworth (Dallas/Hollingsworth). It began in season 14 when Miles hit Dallas's car, and sped off. They were acquaintances before in Season 13 when Miles was on the same basketball team in season 13.

Conflict History[]


Initially, Dallas and Miles had a friendly relationship. They were teammates on the basketball team, and shared mutual friends through both the team and acquaintances. The conflict between the two began when Miles hit Dallas' car, knocking the door off, and fled the scene of the accident.

Season 13[]

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Dallas is in the gym during basketball practice running drills with the team. After practice, Dallas tells Miles that he's been improving and could be moved up to starter if he keeps it up.

In Unbelievable, Dallas helps Miles sing to win back Maya.

Season 14[]

In 'Hush, when Miles was high and Maya was in his car, they crashed into Dallas's car door. Miles drove away, leaving the accident as a hit and run.

In Something's Got to Give, Miles, while high, calls out to Dallas and tells him that he hit "his crappy car". Dallas is upset because his son, Rock Dallas, was in the car and could have been hurt. Miles calls Dallas cute when he "pretends to be a dad". Dallas grabs Miles by his shirt and calls him an irresponsible idiot, but decides to take matters to the police instead of fighting it out.