"Miles: "I'm done with him. My mom too. And this family garbage doesn't matter because I have you... I love you, Maya."
Maya: "I love you too. A lot.
— Maya and Miles exchanging their first "I love you" together, No Surprises.

The relationship between Maya Matlin and Miles Hollingsworth III, known mostly as Matlingsworth (Matlin/Hollingsworth) or less commonly as Mayles (Maya/Miles), developed during Season 13 of Degrassi.

Friendship History


Miles and Maya first saw each other when Maya came into school for the summer abroad program and ended up tripping into a display board as they exchanged a look at each other. However, Maya was ushered away by Tristan before they could talk. Maya and Miles met officially when Maya was kicked out of a concert for being "underage" and tried to get access by posing as a pizza delivery girl behind the building, where Miles was smoking a joint. They introduced themselves and Miles said how he is 'with the band' and gets her and her friends in successfully until they are caught by a security guard who reveals Miles actually isn't with the band. When Maya complained to Tristan about not having any money to get home, Miles gave her his credit card. Maya soon began hanging out with Miles, but when seeing the unstable home and life he lives in, she began immediately distancing herself from him. This was proven to be difficult to do when Miles and his best friend Winston ended up joining the program to go to Paris along with them at the last minute. Miles tried to flirt with her while on the bus, but Maya rejected his advances. 

Despite her best efforts to claim she hates him and wanting nothing to do with him, it was hinted at that Maya was merely guising a growing crush on him as hate. Maya was soon forced into accepting his help when Tristan went missing in Paris and she was unable to read the street signs and her way in Paris. After helping her out, Maya began to see that Miles was not such a bad guy after all and soon admitted to Tristan that she has feelings for him. At the end of their summer in Paris, Miles ends his fling with Zoë Rivas when she realizes his feelings for Maya and confronts him about it. During the new school year, Miles and Maya significantly grew closer and began regularly flirting with each other, leading to Miles eventually asking her out. Not ready to move on from her tragic relationship with Cam just yet, she turned him down, much to his clear disappointment.

After some confusion, tension and jealousy following Maya being convinced to post a sexy music video of herself to promote herself as a music artist and being bullied for it, Miles helped her out in taking a hate site of her down and helped her through it. After going to see her at her house window, they end up sharing a kiss. Their relationship goes smoothly for awhile until Maya's old friend Zig Novak comes back into the picture. Hearing the rumors of him being involved in drug dealing, Miles was against Maya re-associating herself with him again, but was willing to befriend him when seeing how much it meant to her. However, despite his best efforts to be friendly, a love triangle soon ensued, which soon ended the relationship of Miles and Maya. 

Maya, greatly missing Miles, soon talked to him and said how she is willing to make amends as long as they could keep a relationship between them a secret as she tried sorting Zig's problematic life out. He was willing to try it as long as it meant being with her again, but soon realized he couldn't live with being a secret and watching Zig openly gloat about seemingly winning her. After seeing Miles' anger reach a climax with Zig, triggered after being badly beat up by him, Maya declared how she can't be with someone who scares her again and ends their relationship a second time. Despite this, she has admitted to still having feelings for him and it is clear that Miles still feels the same towards her. 

Starting in Believe 1 and 2, the two started re-connecting following Zoë's rape trial. When Maya laments on how much pain Zoë must be going through - the reporters stalking her, online lies and rumors about her - and how desperately she wants to help, Miles has a suggestion. He suggests making placards and shirts in support of Zoë at her trial, to which Maya agrees. Afterwards, Maya talks about the possibility of them spending time together after the trial and soon asks for Zig's blessing in re-newing her relationship with Miles, realizing she still loves him. The two slowly begin re-connecting again, but Maya soon finds out while at the trial about Miles' near hook up with Zoë during a fight of theirs and storms out of the court room. Miles chases after her and tries insisting that she left him and he was drunk. However, Maya declares that whenever something bad happens he always resorts to doing "the ugly thing" and she can't always be the one to pick up the pieces of his messes. Miles begs her not to leave him again, but Maya walks away and states this is the last time because they're done for good.

In season 14, despite the two's crash and burned relationship, Maya continues to severely worry about Miles' mental health; relating his behavior similar to that of her tragic relationship with Campbell Saunders and fearing it will end just the same. Things become awkward for her when Miles soon begins dating Tristan, who by then has become her former best friend, now hating her for ruining his supposed "epic romance" with their former English teacher.

Her worry about Miles soon escalates into obsession, even sending Maya into a mental breakdown of her own and panic attack when she can think of nothing else besides Miles and her fear of him hurting himself. This results in Zig telling Maya that she needs to get help as her anxiety has taken over her life completely, which she agrees. It is soon revealed that she has since entered professional counseling and believes she is making progess. It also appears that the two were slowly mending a stable friendship together again and becoming relatively close again while still caring about each other a great deal. It is later admitted by Miles when confronted by an angry Tristan that he still has feelings for Maya, although she was unaware of it. In the final episode of season 14A, they share a moment, after Miles stands up to his father with his siblings alongside him. Miles walks over to Maya and tells her that he thinks everything will be ok and thanks her for not giving up on him. She replies that she is just glad she doesn't have to worry about him anymore to which Miles replies "still feel free to check up on me every now and again." He appears to be implying and welcoming future interaction between the two of them. They both smile at each other as the scene ends.

Miles and Maya shared little interaction throughout the first two seasons of Degrassi: Next Class. By their Senior year, they have grown somewhat closer, with Maya giving Miles advice on doing whatever he needs to find okayness in his life, and Miles being at the hospital after Maya's suicide attempt. Though the two never start another relationship, they have remained great friends and acknowledge their shared history with each other.


Miles and Maya meeting for the first time.

Season 13

In Summertime, Miles is first seen at Degrassi watching Maya bump into a display board, causing him to smile in amusement. Later, he watches Maya attempt to pull off a pizza delivery scam to try to get into a club, but tells her that while the scam was a good try, it won't work. She argues that it might and he tells her, once again, that it won't. He also offers Maya a hit of his joint, which she refuses.

Maya and Miles introduce themselves to each other and Miles gets Maya to come see the concert backstage with Zoë and Tristan by telling Maya that he's with the band. There is an incident backstage where Maya tells Tristan that Zoë's character on West Drive is getting killed off the show and won't be on anymore. Zoë then steps on Maya's foot in anger causing Maya to trip and spill her water bottle onto the band's equipment, ruining it. A security guard comes and asks the kids what's going on and Maya tells him that Miles is with the band. The security guard says that Miles actually isn't and leads Zoë, Tristan, Miles, and Maya away. 

Miles giving Maya his credit card for her and Tristan to get home.

Miles' dad shows up and tells his son to come with him and for everybody else to go home. Miles overhears Tristan and Maya discussing how they don't have any money to get home. He hands Maya his credit card and tells her the PIN number. He then watches the two walk away. At Miles' house the next day, he is seen stealing liquor away from a table. He introduces Maya to his buddy, Winston, whom he calls Chewy.

After drinking some liquor, Maya drops the bottle and Miles is loudly scolded by his father, causing Miles to flip and jump into the swimming pool even after Maya tells him not to do anything stupid. Winston jokes that Maya has to "go fish him out" and she responds by saying "No... I can't be here. I can't be around guys like him" and hurries out as Miles can be seen looking at her. At the end of the episode, Miles unexpectedly shows up on the bus for the trip to Paris and puts his hand on Maya's shoulder as he passes her. As he joins a seat with Winston, Maya asks him how he got on the trip. Miles explains that his dad wanted to get rid of him for a bit and that Winston has been sent to "babysit" him. He tells Maya that they are "going to spend the summer together after all".  Maya, however, tells him that she's there to spend it with her best friend, not him. He remarks, "Your loss" and looks away.

In All I Wanna Do, Miles watches Tristan pretend that he's in a relationship with Maya and laughs since everyone knows Tristan is gay.

In My Own Worst Enemy, Maya and Tristan see Miles with Zoë on the couch in a passionate embrace, angering both of them.

Miles as Maya scolds him for leading Tristan on and hurting him.

In About a Girl, Maya tries to convince a relutcant Tristan to join class, still hurting by being lead on by Miles. Maya tries to assure him that Miles and Zoë wouldn't make out in class of all places just as they walk in and see the two doing just that. He is then seen making out with Zoë again below the balcony. Maya forms a plan to stop Miles and Zoë from making out, knowing how the couple was affecting Tristan. The plan goes wrong when Maya dumps water on the teacher instead of Miles and Zoë and they both get detention. Miles and Zoë are seen looking up at the balcony and laughing at Maya and Tristan.

He appears once again when Maya is scrubbing the floors in detention. He confronts her about the water incident and she says he has done worse and how she is annoyed with him and his girlfriend, Zoë, always making out. Miles says that Zoë isn't his girlfriend, leading Maya to ask if he just makes out with random girls. Miles answers that if they ask nicely and then asks her if she wants to kiss him. Maya says no. He then voices his opinion to ask if she did what she did because she likes him, but Maya firmly insists she doesn't like him, but that Tristan does.

Maya also mentions the kiss Miles and Tristan shared and scolds him for getting Tristan's hopes up. Miles looks over Maya's shoulder just in time to see Tristan standing there and listening to their conversation. When Tristan leaves, Miles asks Maya again before she leaves, "Are you sure you don't want to kiss me?" Maya just looks at him before she follows after Tristan.

Maya finally asks Miles for his help.

In Cannonball, Miles and Winston are seen getting dressed before Maya walks in, trying to find Tristan. Miles says that Tristan already left before they woke up. Maya says that she has to go look for him and begins to leave the room. Miles asks if she's going by herself and when she says that she is, he advises that she should take someone with her to be safe. She agrees before she walks over and takes Winston, much to Winston's surprise. When Winston asks why she won't take Miles, who is much more familar with Paris, Maya looks directly at Miles as she says that she doesn't need "a guy like him" around. Miles throws Winston his shirt and watches the two leave as he looks on, genuinely upset.

Later, when Winston convinces Maya that she needs Miles to find Tristan because he speaks French and knows his way around Paris, having been in the city before, they walk in to see Miles and Zoë sitting on his bed together. Miles, at Zoë's suggestion, makes Maya ask nicely in French for help while on her knees. He then seems to push Zoë aside carelessly, eager to help Maya.

Miles assuring Maya that things will be fine between her and Tristan.

It is raining outside when they go to find Tristan in the evening, and he is carrying a black umbrella. He stops by a fast food place, making Maya upset, and offers her a fry. When Maya looks like she is about to cry and says she doesn't know what to say to Tristan even if they find him because she is a terrible friend, Miles assures her that it's okay and that things will be fine and to just talk to Tristan. When Maya remarks if she should just say the words out loud and "hope the Parisian wind carries it across the sun and to his ears", Miles suggests she walk across the street to where Tristan is. He gives her the umbrella, telling her to not say he never did anything for her, and leaves. While talking to Tristan later on, Maya admits Miles may not be such a bad guy after all. 

In class, Maya and Tristan are doing a presentation on the pillory as a form of public humiliation, and Maya suggests Miles try it out. Tristan jokingly asks if anyone has any rotten fruit to throw at Miles. When the bell rings, Maya and Tristan almost leave Miles stuck in the pillory. When Miles calls to be let out, Maya stays back and asks why he was so nice to her the other day. Miles says she must have caught him on a good day. They stare at each other for a moment before Zoë interrupts, telling Miles he promised to take her out to a fancy restaurant. Miles seems slightly reluctant. Maya lets him out of the pillory, but before he leaves the classroom following Zoë, Miles turns around and asks Maya if he'll see her around. She says yes. While walking away, he looks back at her from behind as he leaves the room.

Miles reaction to Maya in her dress.

In Honey, they are both seen in class Madame Cliquet tells everyone not to wear vulgar or typical teen American clothing to a fancy French restaurant. Zoë makes fun of Maya for wearing Converse shoes, to which she remarks that Zoë has "hooker heels" before Zoë turns around and tells Miles that he looks hot and kisses him. At the dinner, he sees Maya in her dress and clearly finds it flattering on her, not able to form a complete compliment to her. Zoë, seeing this, becomes angered and throws her drink on Maya's dress as she sits down. As Maya and Tristan rush off to clean her dress, Miles glares at Zoë.

After Maya and Tristan sit down, with Tristan assuring her they will find the right stain remover, Maya ponders as to why Zoë hates her so much. Tristan remarks that it is more than obvious why, causing Maya to look at him in confusion. Tristan tells her that Miles clearly likes her. Maya doesn't believe it, asking why he'd be "swapping spit" with Zoë in front of her every chance he got. Tristan answers it is obviously to make her jealous, just as Miles sits down next to them. He informs them that he ended his relationship with Zoë because of how she acted towards Maya. He then warns Maya that she may want to watch her back. Maya asks why. Miles appears slightly hesitant before he reveals to her that Zoë accused him of having feelings for her.

Relationship History


Season 13

Miles and Maya in homeroom.

In This Is How We Do It, Miles and Winston are talking about the girls of Degrassi while at the assembly. Winston says that none of the girls at school are worth knowing. Miles walks past Maya, who is sitting in a row beside Tristan and looks at her. He tells Winston that there "might be one or two worth checking out". Maya tells Tristan that she's primarily focusing on music this year and he questions her on why she got contact lenses, causing Maya to quickly end the conversation.

In homeroom, Miles walks in and sees Maya and Tristan laughing together. He comes up and asks Maya if she has any good girlfriend recommendations since he's new to the school. Maya sarcastically says she'd never stick him with "some poor, unsuspecting girl" and Miles corrects her saying, "You mean some very lucky girl" before sitting directly next to her. When Tristan brings up his summer fling with Zoë, Miles admits that dating her was a mistake just as Zoë walks into the classroom, leaving them feeling awkward as she notices them. They then watch Zoë as she lashes out on Mr. Perino. Later, Miles, Maya, and Tristan are seen talking to each other in the hallway about the basketball team

Maya and Miles are surprised to see Zoë at the dance with Drew.

until Zoë interrupts them and mentions that she's interested in joining the power squad. Maya watches Miles as he tells Zoë off and she hesitantly walks away with him and Tristan.

In You Got Me, the two can be seen with Tristan as they get tickets to the Beach Bash party. Once at the party, they can be seen flirting with each other heavily throughout the party, much to Zoë and Zig's obvious jealousy. 

In You Oughta Know, Maya tells Tristan that Miles invited her to his party after school, although when he asks if it's a date, she calls him a doofus before saying that it clearly isn't since he invited everyone to attend the party. Later, she can be seen at the party alongside everyone else.

Maya performing her song in front the class.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Miles is happily watching Maya as she performs her song in front the class, smiling as he watches her, and joining in her applause as she finishes her song. After the class ends, Maya asks him how he liked her song. He retorts that he thought it was "okay". As she begins to walk away, Miles stops her and says he has something to ask her.

Miles smiles and claps for Maya after her performance.

He then asks her out, pulling out two tickets, wanting to know if she wants to attend a concert with him. Maya is clearly hesitant and asks if she could get back to him. Miles is visibly disappointed, but says sure. He then leaves the classroom, leaving Maya with her thoughts.

Later, Tristan asks Maya about her date with Miles as she goes to her next class, having seen him ask her out. Maya admits that she isn't sure on account of her bad history with guys and how she is determined to focus on music, not her love life. Tristan says that she's only been in one relationship ever and that just because her relationship with Cam ended tragically, doesn't mean she can't take a chance at happiness with Miles. She quickly hushes him as Zoë comes by them, not wanting her to hear. 

Maya excitedly watching her music video as Miles becomes jealous.

Maya later on lets Miles watch her new music video to her song that she filmed with Zoë and Tristan's help. He can be seen getting clearly worked up and jealous as he watches Maya's romantic and sensually intimate scenes with her male music video co-star. As Maya is ecstatic over the video since she believes it will get her noticed as a musician, she notices Miles's silently tense expression and casually asks him for his opinion. After a moment, he responds, "It's fine... if you're into porn" before he abruptly leaves in a huff, concerning Maya.

Later on, Maya meets up with him in the hallway and asks if he's mad at her. Miles asks why he'd be mad at her. Maya brings up the guy in her video and he says it's not like she's his girlfriend and, hence, has no reason to get mad. Maya then mentions the concert and begins to apologize for declining when he says that he figured she just wasn't ready for a relationship when she actually just wasn't ready for him. Maya insists that isn't the reason at all, but he shrugs it off and says he'll just find someone else to go with and admits that he's really just surprised. When Maya asks how, he says that she isn't the person he thought she was. 

Miles feeling remorse for his harsh words to Maya.

Maya is surprised at his answer and asks if it's about what she did in the video. She insists that was only acting, not the real her, and that she was doing it for her music career, causing Miles to conclude, "So you were a slut to get attention". This comment makes Maya freeze in shock and to say, "You did not just call me that". Miles then states it's not just him that thinks it and tells her to check her Facerange fan page as it's what everyone is saying about her. He walks off from a stunned and confused Maya.

In class, Miles sits as far away from Maya as possible. He watches as Maya is bullied by several classmates and is openly slut shamed in front of the whole class when she tries to give a report on Jane Eyre. Maya finally breaks down after a remark from a guy about "calling her" when revealing how her number has been distributed among her "fan page". As she flees from the classroom in distress, Miles looks downward in clear remorse for what he said to her.

Miles pulling a classmate off of Maya.

In Barely Breathing, Maya practices her cello in the music room when a male student joins her. He says she's really good at playing the song she is, commenting that his mom played it all the time. Noticing her expression, he asks if people are still giving her a hard time about her video. When Maya responds in silence, he says that if she needs him to "kick anybody's ass" he has her back and smiles at her. Maya smiles back at him before getting up and putting her cello away. The guy checks out her butt and comments on "what a sweet back it is", making Maya freeze in confusion, before he bluntly gropes her. Maya turns around and shoves him away, telling him to get off of her. However, he remarks that he "knows" she wants it and, while accusing her of pretending, begins forcing himself onto her. Maya attempts to push him away, yelling at him to get off of her. 

Miles, coming in at that moment, sees what's going on and yanks him off of her. He punches him before literally shoving him out of the room. Maya, in shock, asks him if his hand is okay. While shaking his hand, Miles says it isn't, but that it was worth it. Maya says how she should just lay low for a while since everyone thinks she's a slut. Miles tells her that everyone is wrong and admits to being wrong in what he said about her. Maya looks at him before he asks how many guys she's kissed. She answers three. Miles reveals how he's kissed around fifty different girls and that someone should make a page about him. Maya says they would never since he's a guy and that they would "probably build him a statue". She says how all she wants is for it all to just go away. He says that he might have a solution and offers her his hand. Maya looks at him for a moment before accepting it and walking off with him.

Maya and Miles in the music room while Maya rants about Zoë.

Miles and Maya meet up with a goth girl who recognizes Maya from her music video. It turns out that Miles has paid her to find out who created the page that resulted in Maya's bullying and to take it down. After Miles gives her the money, she explains how if the creator has the photos they posted on the web, then there is no guarantee they won't re-post them if the original ones are taken down. However, she reveals that she knows the creator of the page used a fake account to create her hate page, but that she managed to crack them into unknowingly giving their identity up. She turns her laptop to show who started Maya's hate page. Maya is shocked to see that it is Zoë.

After getting into a fight with Zoë and being put in two weeks of detention and Zoë also getting off scot free for the page, Maya storms into the music room where Miles, who is playing an electric guitar, asks if the meeting didn't go well. Maya rants to Miles about how Zoë isn't being punished for what she did to her soley because she's "sorry". To cheer her up, Miles begins playing the guitar and singing a playful song, causing Maya to laugh and join in with him, singing a duet together. After asking if she feels any better, Maya says that she just wants everyone to know the true person that Zoë really is. Miles jokes that she should "enlighten" everyone, which inspires Maya to do just so. In class, Maya volunteers to sing a song in the final few minutes of class. Miles attempts to stop her, saying how he was only joking, but Maya says that she is very much serious about it. As a result of "threatening" Zoë's life with her song, Maya is faced with suspension, leaving Miles feeling guilty. 

Miles and Maya sharing their first kiss together.

That night Maya is shown playing cello in her living room while she's grounded when someone taps on the window. Maya turns and sees Miles standing outside the window. After opening the window and asking him why he was there, he climbs in and says he wanted to apologize, admitting how he feels like he pushed her into doing the song. Maya says that Zoë had it coming. When he says that Zoë is just jealous of her because she's "talented, funny and awesome" in ways that she'll never be, Maya says that he doesn't have to say things just to make her feel better. Miles, however, tells her, "I'm not... trust me". They share a clear moment before he leans in and kisses her. As he leans back, he comments on how school is going to suck without her. Maya smiles before hearing her mother about to come into the room. Maya quickly urges Miles out the window before saying a quick, "Wait! No." She gives him one last kiss before he descends out the window and Maya smiles.

Miles and Maya offering Tristan advice.

Maya quickly pretends that she's been reading as her mother walks in. Her mom appears confused when seeing the TV off, swearing that she heard it, before she asks if Maya wants to go through with pressing charges. However, Maya says that just because Zoë is an evil person, doesn't mean she has to be. Maya tells her that she just wants to move on in her life especially when she has "things to look forward to". Her mother says that she's glad to hear it and leaves the room. As she leaves, Maya looks back the window, thinking of her kiss with Miles, before she happily smiles to herself.

In Black Or White, the two can be seen in Maya's living room sitting on the couch together with Miles' arm around her shoulders. They watch as Tristan practices his script lines for his drama class and laugh as he finishes. When Tristan complains how he wants to do a more serious role and not comedy, but that the teacher believes he can "only play an ass", they offer him advice on how to land a dramatic and more serious role. 

In Spiderwebs, Maya mentions to Tristan that Miles is out of town for the holidays.

Maya assuring Miles that Zig is no one to worry about.

In The World I Know, Miles and Tristan sit next to Maya during lunch and ask if she wants to go out to lunch to a restaurant that Miles suggested. Maya says that while she would love to go, she can't because she has to work with Zig Novak whom she reveals to be partnered up with in "The Rubber Room", much to Tristan's shock about him being in there. As Maya and Tristan talk about Zig and his new transformation since the new school year, Miles asks who Zig is. Maya claims, "Nobody" just as Tristan says, "Her ex".

As Maya shoots Tristan a look, Miles says that those are two different things. Maya then explains that Zig isn't her ex since they never dated, but Miles looks at her. Maya then goes on to say that her relationship with Zig is complicated since they had kissed when he was dating Tori, earning a surprised chuckle from Miles, and that they haven't talked since last year. Miles insists it's fine since he isn't going to get jealous "over some Rubber Room skid". Maya looks down awkwardly before Miles asks, "Wait, I'm prettier, right?" His comment makes Maya laugh before she says "Of course" and gives him a kiss. 

However, Tristan says that Zig, despite his new behavior, is still clearly in love with her. Maya blows off his comment, insisting that he's been watching "too many teen soaps" lately. She urges them to leave while she finishes her work, giving Miles one last quick kiss as he leaves with Tristan. 

Miles remarking Maya would make "a cute weirdo".

In Better Man, Miles walks in on Tristan giving Maya a make-over and asks if he missed "make over Monday". Tristan explains how Maya is trying to fit in with the Rubber Room kids. Miles reads over Maya's phone and sees the list of things to do and not to do when you're in the Rubber Room. He laughs and asks her if she really thinks she can do all of this. Maya insists she has to if she is going to survive the Rubber Room. Miles asks why she should even care if it's twice a day. Maya says that being in a room full of people who hate you is the worst. Tristan then asks her to not turn into "that weirdo in the back of the class". Maya looks at her reflection in her phone. Miles remarks while rubbing her head that she'd "make a cute weirdo". 

Maya and Miles kiss after Miles catches her ditching class.

Later on, Maya (who is wearing more darker/edgier clothes) runs into Miles as she's making her way out of the school. He reminds her how she's supposed to go into the school in the mornings, not out. Maya then gestures and points to a group of the Rubber Room kids behind him. Miles looks back and turns to her, stating that she is planning to skip school to hang out with them, clearly disapproving. Maya begins apologizing, insisting that she is starting to finally fit in with them. Despite clearly not approving, Miles relents saying that she does make a cute weirdo, making her smile. He gives her a kiss and walks into the school as she walks off.

In Dig Me Out, the two are seen at Miles' party and confront Drew and Zoë when they arrive. After Miles tries to get them to leave, Drew blackmails Miles' into letting them stay by threatening to reveal the party, and the fact that he is distributing alcohol to minors, to his father. This threat silences Miles. Maya comments that Drew and Zoë are made for each other and she and Miles' walk away from them. 

Maya in the pool with Miles, skinny dipping

In No Surprises, Maya and Miles are hanging out at the Hollingsworth house with Miles in the pool and splashing her. He tells her to get in or be splashed and she says she doesn't have a suit. He then tempts her into skinny dipping by removing his swimwear while in the pool and tossing them at her. Maya hesitantly decides to go through with it, telling him to turn around so she can take off her clothes. He does so, and she says how she can't believe he actually talked her into doing this. He says he can't believe that he did either.

After jumping in the pool, she says he can look and they stare at each other for a moment, both of them smiling, before they overhear Miles' father and members of his campaign staff about to come in. She says how he told her no one would be home and rushes out of the pool to cover herself despite Miles remarking how it's no big deal. Maya then awkwardly greets Mr. Hollingsworth as she wraps a towel around herself. Miles asks him if he remembers his girlfriend Maya. Mr. Hollingsworth says he does and Maya tries to say that they were doing homework. Miles then asks if she can stay over for dinner, but his father says it'd be best if she leaves. Maya agrees before grabbing her stuff and giving an awkward goodbye, leaving in a towel. Later on, during a family meal, Miles defends his relationship with Maya when his family begin making assumptions; insisting that she is his girlfriend, not some random girl. 

Maya assuring Miles he can win his father's approval.

In class, Maya asks him if she left a bad impression on his father and he tells her not to worry about it. She says that she is worried. He remarks how his father blamed the entire thing on him and that no matter what he does, that isn't going to change for him. She hesitantly suggests he try harder. He says how that was what his mom said and she remarks that she is a smart woman. Maya tells him how she has had her fair share of parental drama and that sometimes you need to go the extra mile to impress your parents. She says how his father has to change his mind about him and to see "the amazing guy [she] sees every day". He says how his father's campaign is going on and she urges him to work with that. She then teases him, making it appear as though she is going to kiss him, as she says if that if that works out she can come back over for another swim before abruptly turning away at the last second, smirking. This makes Miles smile to himself, amused.

Snapshot 13 (1-01-2016 4-13 PM).png

Later on, she, Miles and Winston begin helping out with Mr. Hollingsworth's campaign, doing signs. He thanks them for helping out and tells Maya that once his dad sees her plan in action, he will know she is anything but trouble. She tells him, "My plan?" He says what his dad doesn't know won't hurt him. He excitedly tells them how he can't wait to show his dad all of the hard work and gives Maya a quick kiss before leaving.

At school, the next day, Miles calls Maya over to his locker. He shows her a necklace that he intends to give to Andrea, his father's campaign manager, to find out what is really going on between the two. He plans to slip it into her bag and make it appear as though his father was the one who gave it to her. Her reaction to it will give him his answer. Maya is reluctant for him to go through with the plan, warning him how it could just be one big misunderstanding. He still decides to go through with it to see what is truly going on. She then gives him some advice on what romantic message to put on the card, though still wary whether or not he is making a big mistake. 

The two after exchanging their first "I Love You".

That night, Miles is with Maya laying on her couch together. Miles tells her about how he felt when finding out the truth about his father's affair. She asks if he is okay and he declares that he is done with his father and mother and their political careers. He says that he has her now and tells her, after a moment, that he loves her. Maya looks up at him in clear surprise before she tells him that she loves him too. They share a kiss before she lays her head back on his chest and smiles happily to herself. Miles then stares upward. 

In Basket Case, Miles is heard on the phone with Maya, talking about how his parents are going to be away. Maya asks if that means he's going to be alone. After confirming it and asking her is she wanted to come over later, she teases him about him getting the chance to possibly "see how that skinny dip ends", leaving Miles visibly slightly nervous. He hangs up when his dad walks in.

Miles drunkenly kisses Maya at his party

When Miles throws a huge party, Maya is seen walking in, clearly surprised. When Miles comes up and drunkenly kisses her and tries getting her to have some fun, she asks him what happened to their original plans. He says how his father disallowed him from having any guests over. She then asks if his plan with the party was to piss off his dad, and when he confirms it. She calls him out on just getting himself into more trouble with his father for no reason at all. When she tries convincing him to try to sober up, Miles loudly humiliates her in front of the crowd, yelling how she doesn't understand anything. She then calmly tells him, "Goodnight, Miles". Turning around, she walks away as Miles calls out if she really just plans on leaving.

Miles coming close to cheating on Maya.

During the party that night, Miles is approached by a drunken Zoë who asks him where his "apple cheeked girlfriend" is at. Miles tells her how Maya didn't like the party. Zoë concludes the two had a fight and Miles says that Maya just doesn't get him. Zoë then drunkenly rants on about how "judgmental" people like Maya who live a "perfect like with no real problems" don't understand people like them as she strips down to her bra and panties and collapses on top of Miles. Wrapping her arms around him, she tells him how what happens between them doesn't matter. Miles begins to lean down to possibly kiss her.

Before he can though, Winston pops up and snaps a picture of the two. Miles asks why he's getting involved when it doesn't concern him. Winston tells him he's preventing him from making a huge mistake. He reminds Miles how he still has a girlfriend and that he's finally found a girl who is "awesome in every way possible" and why he would want to screw something like that up for a one night thing. Miles appears to come to his senses and gets up and rips out a couple of nearby flowers. However, he sees a now passed out Zoë and decides to put her on the pool house before going to Maya's house.

Miles half-drunkenly apologizing to Maya.

Later on, Maya is in her living room, reading a book. Miles then knocks on her window, getting her attention. Maya, annoyed, gets up and opens it. She asks him why he is there and he says he came tp apologize. He admits he was wrong and should have never thrown the party in the first place. She asks him if he even cares about her. Miles tells her that he wouldn't be there if he didn't and that she's the only thing he cares about. Maya says he clearly cares about his father otherwise he wouldn't be putting all of his energy into making him mad. Miles tells her that he just wishes his father would stop treating him like crap. Maya simply tells him to not give his father a reason to then. She then shuts the window and closes the curtain, walking away from him. Miles tries to call out to her, but she ignores him.

Maya refusing to give her forgiveness based on a gift.

In Unbelievable, Miles tries to win Maya over again by apologizing again when he sees her at school, doing school work. He tells her how he made up with his dad, but Maya remarks if he wants a medal. He says how she can't still be mad at him for the party, but Winston remarks how she clearly still is. Miles reminds her of how he apologized, but Maya tells him that it was not accepted. He then tries to win her over by taking out a clearly expensive gift and puts it on her desk. Maya says that he cannot expect to just buy her forgiveness. Miles says that he won't be able to focus on his basketball game if she is mad at him. Maya, shocked, remarks, "Are you serious?" before taking her things and picking up his gift, putting it back on his desk, and walking away from him. Miles mutters a "Come on", looking exasperated.

Miles singing his apology to Maya during the Sing Off.

During his basketball practice, Miles is distracted by Maya not willing to forgive him. Dallas bounces the basketball on his back and states how he seems distracted. The other boys ask him what's up and he explains how Maya is still mad at him for throwing the party. They ask if he apologized to her and whether he got her a gift. He says that he did all of that, but she won't budge. Tristan explains how he needs to make a grand gesture and something public that will show a more vulnerable side to him that will send his message of a sincere apology to her. Miles says how that seems like it will be a lot of work. Tristan says there are five of them and that they can all pitch in to brain storm ideas together. Dallas accepts the idea for a few minutes and Miles is willing to do it as long as it means winning Maya back over. 

Miles smiling as he realizes he won Maya back over.

Later on, Winston tricks Maya into arriving by saying Tristan signed up at the last minute. When Maya realizes the plan, he begs her into staying otherwise he will face Miles' anger for not getting her to stay. Maya relents, saying she will give Miles "two bars". They then watch Miles performs with the basketball team, singing a song for Maya expressing his sincere apologies. Maya tries keeping a straight face, but soon begins smiling and becoming more than amused. Miles, seeing that it worked, smiles as well.

Maya and Miles making up and kissing

Following this, Miles and Maya are seen walking into class, holding hands and happy. Winston asks if the singing apology actually worked. Miles says that he is on "probation" and as long as he doesn't screw up again, it should be good. He and Maya begin kissing until Mr. Simpson arrives to take Winston and him down for questioning with the police, stunning them, regarding his party and what happened to Zoë.

In class afterwards, following Miles and Winston being removed as suspects, Miles is happy at no longer being suspected of Zoë's assault and tells Maya how she can now come to his game and cheer him on. However, Maya is unexcited, lost in thought over Zoë's sexual assault now gone public. She tells him how the pep rally got cancelled due to the suspects of Zoë's assault being on the basketball team. She confronts him over what happened between him and Zoë at his party, asking him about the photos of him and Zoë together and the ones of him and Winston carrying her away. Miles tries explaining things, but Maya asks him bluntly what he did with Zoë. Miles won't give an answer, causing Maya to leave. As she walks off, he insists that he did nothing wrong. 

Maya and Miles making up.

During the game, Miles begins to leave as Maya comes to see him. She said that she overreacted to things, but he insists that she didn't. He says that he knows he screwed up and is sorry. Maya asks if he's playing in the game, but he says that he isn't since the team doesn't care about what happened to Zoë. He suggests that they leave, but she asks if he wants to attend the game to see his teammates' asses get kicked without him. They then see Zoë and go up to her to comfort her over the ordeal. They then watch as Zoë confronts Luke and reveals him as her attacker to the school and Becky walking Zoë off, who is in tears.

After Zoë's attackers are arrested, they join in to help Zoë out following the days afterward if anyone gives her any problems. Maya jokingly remarks how she will let Zoë "borrow" Miles for the day to make sure no one bothers her about what happened. 

Maya and Miles kissing before Tristan interrupts

In What It's Like, Miles is carrying a laughing Maya over his shoulder. After she tells him to put her down, Miles asks what if he wants to carry her around all day long. He eventually sets her down on a stand advertising for the semi formal. She says how she needs to get her essay done otherwise she's going to be stuck in the Rubber Room forever. Miles complains about how bad it is that she needs to spend first and last period in there. Maya says the sooner she gets her essay done, the sooner she can leave and spend more time with him. He says how he'd like that and the two begin kissing only to be interrupted by Tristan. He remarks if he really needs to see them "suck face". Maya then says she has to finish her essay and opens her bag to get her laptop only to see it gone and begins panicking. Miles suggests she forgot it, but Maya says she would never do that. She then brings up how she left her bag unattended when she went to use the washroom while in the Rubber Room. They immediately suspect her laptop was stolen by one of them. 

Miles is later seen sneaking up behind Maya and tapping her on her shoulder, startling her. He laughs and says how he's been looking everywhere for her. He then asks what she's doing sneaking around. She tells him she thinks Zig stole her laptop. Looking over her shoulder, he asks her if she wants him to punch him for her. Amused, she says she needs to make sure she is right first and tries to walk up to Zig.  

Maya and Miles kiss after spying on Zig.

But Miles holds her back, saying how he's likely going somewhere sketchy. She grabs his hand and says that, in the case, he's going with her. The two sneak off and watch Zig break into an abandoned house. Miles suggests he may be squatting. After a moment, Maya says that she's going to head home since she has a ton of homework. Miles says he'll walk her home, but Maya she that it'll be out of his way and that she'll be fine. Hesitantly, he agrees and tells her to call him when she gets back and they share a kiss goodbye.  

Miles telling Maya how Zig could have hurt her.

At school the following day, he overhears Maya telling Tristan and Zoë about how Zig was upset when she approached him in the house. Upset that she lied to him, he says how she told him that she was heading home. Maya says she needed to know what was going on, but he says that something could have happened to her and that Zig could have hurt her. Maya says that Zig of all people wouldn't hurt her. However, Miles insists that he's bad news. It becomes clear that he wants her to stay away from him. Maya says that's her fault since she blew him off all summer long and now he's homeless and that she should have been there for him. Miles, growing frustrated, says that this isn't her problem to deal with. When Tristan sarcastically remarks if she's going to adopt Zig to help him out, Miles tensely suggests, "Or date him?" Maya is a little hurt and he tells her how she seems to care about Zig a lot. She says that's because she has a heart, something the rest of them are clearly lacking. As the bell rings and Maya walks off, saying she's going to talk to Ms. Grell about it, Miles looks upward still frustrated.  

The two kissing after making up.

After school, Miles approaches Maya with a red rose. They both turn around and they both apologize at the same time, with Maya also holding a rose with the same idea. They laugh and Miles apologizes for what he said. Maya explains how Zig was a close friend and that seeing his new dangerous life is scary. Miles asks if she talked to Ms. Grell about Zig. Maya says she was told something would get figured out. Miles says she definitely earned herself a fun night they'll have at the formal together. Maya reminds him how he never officially asked her to the formal. Miles teasingly says he was thinking about his other girlfriend. Maya remarks for him to have a good time with her, smiling at him. The two share a kiss and Miles says how he can't believe he's saying this, but he promised to be home for dinner. After switching roses, he leaves. 

Miles asking Maya to the semi formal.

In Close to Me, Miles is seen coming to Maya's house early in the morning with a large bouquet of roses, surprising Maya. She asks him what he's doing there and he says he came to give her a surprise ride to school. He then gets down on one knee while holding the roses up. He then asks her to be his date to the semi formal. Maya is happy until Zig, who is living there, makes his presence known. Miles stares at Zig in shock and asks Maya what he's doing there. She tells him that's what she wanted to talk to him about. Miles continues staring at Zig, upset.

Snapshot 16 (1-01-2016 4-24 PM).png

On their way to school, Maya asks how many times she needs to say she's sorry. Miles says how she has a guy sleeping in her house, still fuming. Maya tries insisting that Zig is good guy, but Miles brings up how he's a drug dealer. Maya tries insisting those are only rumours and the two can get along well if they tried. She then tries convincing him to spend time with him at the dance. Miles relents, telling her that she's lucky she's cute. Miles later on shows up at Maya's house again to pick her up for the dance. He compliments her on her dress and she gives him a kiss. As she goes to get her coat, Miles and Zig have a short stare down. He asks her if she's okay and she says yes, now that he's here. The two then leave.

Snapshot 17 (1-01-2016 4-24 PM).png

At the dance, Miles comments that he's sorry how her plan to have everyone spend time together didn't work out as he dances with Maya. She says she's over it and that she just wants to have a night to spend with her boyfriend. Miles laughs as he tells her to stop stepping on his feet, causing Maya to remark that he's the clumsy one. He tells her how it's only because he's distracted by how badly he wants to kiss her. Maya says there is an easy fix to that and kisses him. The moment is interrupted when Zig approaches and remarks, "Well, that's pretty rude." Maya and Miles are surprised that they came after all. After Zig explains how they snuck in through a side door, Miles offers to get him a drink and they leave.

The two dancing at the Semi Formal.

At the punch bowl, the two watch as Maya dances by herself. Miles tries to make conversation, asking if he saw the game they played. Zig answers that he's not really interested in "watching a bunch of meatheads chase a ball around" as they continue watching Maya dance. Miles says he's just trying to be nice and Zig says not to do him any favors. Miles tells him he's doing it for Maya because he cares about her and that, if he did, he would try as well. Zig, continuing to stare at Maya, says he does care about her... a lot. Miles asks him, "As a friend?" Zig says that it's hard to stay friendly when you sleep down the hall from them. Miles stares at him for a moment before warning him to keep Maya out of his drug involved lifestyle. Zig says he'll deal whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with whomever he wants. He then tells Miles to "play nice" before walking off from an angered Miles.

During the dance, Zig is called by school security to open his locker as they have received reports that he is carrying drugs. As he is walked off, Miles shows up, asking what is going on. Grace immediately accuses him of being the rat, but Maya insists Miles wouldn't do a thing like that. He says he wouldn't either. Grace takes note of how he can't look Maya in the eye and tells her that he's lying to her. Maya looks at him in the eye and simply asks him to tell her the truth. Miles looks away and says that Zig is a huge jerk.

Maya and Miles breaking up.

A disgusted Grace storms off as Maya, stunned, says, "Seriously?" Miles comes up to her and whispers in her if they can't do this here. Maya again asks for him to answer the question. Miles says that he was just worried about her and tries to take her hand, but Maya slaps him away and says how he has no idea what it's like for Zig in his life. Miles asks if she is seriously defending him and if she even knows what he said to him. Maya ignores this and says how she can't believe he would do something so spiteful just because he got jealous. He then tells her that Zig is fooling her and she's falling for it. Maya says the only thing she fell for was believing that he could be someone that she could be with. Miles stares at her, now the one stunned, and asks what she's saying. She says she needs time to think. He concludes she is choosing Zig over him. As tears begin to fall, she says it's not like that. Miles holds his hands up and says, "Whatever you say" before walking away from a tearful Maya. 

Miles and Maya, glancing at Zig, after making up.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Maya is sent a gift from Miles and when she opens it, she sees a note that reads, "Please Forgive Me. -Miles". She then sees a harmonica and stares at it. Later on, Maya tries breaking into Miles' locker to return it, only to be caught by Tristan. She comments to him that the gift was "super sweet" and admits that she has missed Miles a lot lately. When asked why she won't give the gift back personally, she also admits that if she were to see Miles face to face, she will "crumble" and won't hesitate to take him back. 

During music class, she watches as Tristan, Miles and Zig perform a song for the Wild Wild West Night dance. As they finish, she picks up the gift Miles gave her and approaches him. He says how he knows she told him no more gifts, but he saw the harmonica and instantly thought of her. She admits to it being a thoughtful gift, but Miles is upset that she still giving it back. After a moment, she tells him that he scares her; the way he lashed out at his father, snitching on Zig. He insists that he can be a better guy and asks for a chance to prove it. Maya says the only way they can work is if they could keep a relationship between them a secret. Miles is surprised as her response, but accepts it if it means getting her back. He tries to kiss her, but Maya ducks, reminding him that it is supposed to be a secret. Miles appears slightly disdained, but smiles at her.  

Maya and Miles making out.

In the hallway in a room, Maya and Miles are making out with Winston acting as a look out. He asks if they were done yet, but Miles asks for just five more minutes and continues making out with Maya, who says how much she has missed him. Winston then sees Zig coming by and warns them in a silly coded warning. Maya gives an absentminded, "Hmm?" as Winston tries again to warn them, "Black bird is coming!" When Miles asks what he means, Winston yells, "Zig is coming!" The three then act as though they were studying when Zig passes the room, stopping to look at them. He asks if he has interrupting something, which they deny. Zig then requests to talk to Maya privately. She reluctantly does, following him. She gives Miles a look before she follows him as Miles watches.  

Miles watching as Zig tries to get with Maya.

Unable to help himself, Miles walks out to keep an eye on the two. He watches from afar as Zig tries to convince Maya to start a relationship between them and even tries to kiss her. As Maya ducks from his advances, she notices Miles. As Zig takes off his bracelet and puts on her wrist as a symbol that she will wait for him, Maya gives a low, "Of course..." As Miles glares at the scene, she gives a quick shrug of her shoulders to Miles. However, he is clearly upset and storms off.

During music class later on, Maya is singing a song in front of the class that hints close to her love triangle with Miles and Zig. Maya watches both Zig and Miles as she sings before she finishes. As she packs up, Zig compliments her on her work and asks if she wants to have lunch. Maya says she will likely just stick around to rehearse some more. He tries telling her how he can wait, but Maya insists she will be awhile. He then says he will just see her in the Rubber Room later on then. He hugs her and leaves, giving a satisfied and cold wink at Miles as he passes him.

Miles refusing to be a secret.

Maya comes up to Miles, who instantly says he can't do this and walks away from her. Following him, Maya asks what he means. He explains how he can't stand to see her with Zig, who is bragging and gloating as if he's won. Maya reminds him that she is with him, not Zig, but Miles reminds her that Zig doesn't know that. Maya tells him she needs him to be the bigger person, but Miles tells her that he can't when Zig has "basically marked her", gesturing to her bracelet. He says that she has been stringing Zig along for a year and asks why. Maya stares at him before she says how she just doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Miles retorts, "Too late for that," and walks out.  

Snapshot 15 (1-01-2016 4-20 PM).png

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Maya asks Miles if he knew where Zig was. Miles says that he doesn't and questions why she's so worried. Maya tells him how the last time someone she cared about went missing, they never came back. Miles assures her things will be fine and he will look for him. He kisses her and walks off. 

Miles being told to leave by Tristan.

Later, following Miles being beaten by Zig, Maya walks in on Miles confronting him with a fake gun. Not knowing it is fake, Maya screams out Miles name in a panic with Tristan right behind her. Maya scolds him for knowing how he scared her and yet goes doing this. Despite his attempts to explain, Maya insists that she can't be with a guy who scares her again and is on the verge of a breakdown. Miles tries approaching her, only to be pushed away by Tristan who tells him to leave.

Miles demanding to know if it is truly that easy for Maya to get over him.

In Enjoy The Silence, Maya tries to leave the Panorama event, concerned about Zig possibly leaving town, when Miles stops and confronts her. He is clearly upset over hearing about her and Zig, supposedly, being together. Maya tries to leave by walking around him, but Miles once again stops her as he tells her how people have seen her and Zig kissing. He then demands to know if it is really that easy for her to get over him.

Maya then tells him how he was right about Zig all along and that he is really a drug dealer and involved in a gang. He asks her if she's told anyone. She says that she can't and tries to leave again, only to be stopped by Miles again as he tells her that she needs to tell an adult. Maya refuses since it may land Zig back on the streets and with the gang again, possibly dead or in a jail cell. She admits how she feels trapped and can only imagine how Zig must feel himself. Suddenly empathetic, Miles assures her that he has a way out for Zig. At the bus station, later on, Miles shows up with his father as Maya tries convincing Zig not to leave. As they approach the two, Miles looks slightly upset and nauseous as he looks at the two together, glancing away from the scene. 

In Believe (1), Miles, Winston and Maya are working together on a class assignment. Winston tells him during a debate that just because he wants to have sex with Maya one day doesn't mean he can take her side in the debate. Miles claims that isn't true, unless Maya herself wants to. She retorts, "Seriously?" as she looks at her cell phone at a text she got. Miles assures her that he got the message "loud and clear" before she leaves. 

Maya and Miles re-connecting while designing placards/shirts for Zoë's trial.

Later on in class, he asks Maya why she seems to be upset. She tells him she can't imagine the pain Zoë must be going through with having reporters stalk her and all the lies about her online during her trial for being sexually assaulted. When she suggests they do something to show support, Miles comes up with the idea for creating placards and shirts and can use leftover campaign stuff from his dad's staff and workers. Maya agrees to it and they agree to meet up later on to get working. Later on, the two are having a good time working and designing shirts and boards. When Maya tells him how much it means to her that he's helping, he says how Zoë didn't deserve to be raped and that people need to hear that. 

Maya the tells him how after everything is over, perhaps they can spend some more time together, making him smile. After she leaves to talk to Ms. Grell, Winston tells him that he is only wasting his time. Miles says how he totally has a shot at winning Maya again, but Winston reminds him that he needs to testify in court and how Maya will feel when finding out about his near hook up with Zoë. After class, Miles walks out with Maya after distributing the posters and boards to fellow classmates. When Maya says she'll catch up with him after talking to Zig, he appears slightly disdained, but leaves.

The two coming close to kissing before the trial.

In Believe (2), Miles is seen in the hallways by his locker with Maya, asking if he is going to be giving his testimony. Miles says he is and how nervous he is. Maya tells him he just needs to tell the truth and be honest as she fixes his tie, assuring him she will be there for him the whole time. As he begins fumbling with his wording, he finally pulls her into a more secluded hallway as she smiles in amusement. He tells her how a lot of things happened at the party and how worried he is what others will think upon hearing it. Maya blows off his worries, saying he was only being a good guy trying to take of Zoë and just have her sleep off her drunkenness.

Miles then asks about her opinion herself. He asks if she believes he's a good guy, admitting how she's the only person whose opinion he cares about. Maya assures him that she does believe he's a good guy and says how she thinks he's changed and that she can trust him now. Miles admits that he still loves her and has never stopped. Just as they are about kiss, Winston walks over and ends their moment. 

Maya holding Miles' hands during court.

At the trial, he is rehearsing with Winston to lie on the stand about him nearly hooking up with Zoë at the party. However, Winston is increasingly nervous about lying under oath for him. Miles insists how he is on the verge of re-uniting with Maya and if she finds out about his almost cheating, they're done. At the trial, Maya holds Miles' hand as Winston gives his testimony. Despite promising Miles he'd cover for him, Winston is unable to go through with lying and admits on stand what Miles and Zoë almost did. Upset, Maya storms out of the courtroom as Miles follows after her. 

In the halls of the courthouse, Miles desperately tries to explain, but Maya is too furious to listen. Miles insists how Winston was supposed to have not said what he did, stunning Maya that he wanted his best friend to lie under oath. Miles says how she left him and he was just drunk and upset, but Maya says all they did was have a fight and that didn't mean he had to go and hook up and Zoë. Miles says she abandoned him when he needed her and Maya tearfully asks why he didn't just tell her that up front, silencing him.

Maya yelling at Miles that she can't constantly pick up the pieces of his messes when he's upset.

Maya yells at him that when things go wrong, he has to go and do "the horrible thing, the ugly thing" as she smacks at him. Miles asks if that's just it, she's "writing him off". Maya continues to yell how she can't "wait around every time to pick up the pieces of every time he freaks out" as she keeps smacking him in emotion, bringing Miles to hold her. He begs her not leave him again, but Maya firmly declares that "it's the last time" and that they are done. Letting her go, Maya walks off.

Season 14

Maya confronting Miles about dating Tristan.

In Wise Up, Maya hears about Miles forming a new relationship with Tristan, her recent former best friend. Confused given Miles' past history with strictly girls and also having dated her, Maya confronts him in the boys locker room. She asks if he is dating Tristan to hurt her, to which he remarks that she thinks a lot about herself. Maya says she is only confused before Miles has a near breakdown in front of her, causing to her to insist he talk to someone, warning that when he doesn't tell "what's going on inside his head, it only gets worse". 

Later, Maya, Zoë and Tristan watch as Miles pulls up with his new car. As Miles and Tristan kiss and make up in their relationship, Maya looks away in clear discomfort. As everyone walks off, Maya calls for him to stay back a minute. She bluntly asks what he's doing, seeing not all is well with him, but Miles says he is "making things better". Despite his smile, Maya knows everything isn't okay.

Maya watching her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend rekindle their relationship.

In If You Could Only See, Maya expresses concern over Miles since his relationship with Tristan, believing something may be off with him psychologically. She brings up how Miles has been skipping school and other things and is worried something may be wrong with him. Her friends accuse her of only thinking that because he's gay and teasingly remarks that she is homophobic.

During her period in the Rubber Room, Maya has a day dream where Miles commits suicide by jumping off the school railing. Maya wakes up from her dream screaming, startling the other students including Zig, Grace and Tiny. Later on at home, Maya confides in her mother about her worries about Miles, bringing her mom to call Mrs. Hollingsworth about it. 

Later, Maya is seen playing her cello until Miles storms in a fury. Maya stops playing confused and Miles tells her how her mother called his mom about her worries that he may hurt himself. Despite Maya's insistence that she didn't mean for that to happen, Miles doesn't believe her. Maya insists that she was only confessing about being worried about him, causing Miles to ask how many times he needs to say that he is fine. Maya responds back until she actually believes him. He demands for Maya "get over him" and stay out of his life before leaving. After he does, Maya cries. 

Miles about to jump in Maya's nightmare.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Maya is sleeping and having a nightmare about Miles committing suicide. Just as he jumps, Maya wakes up screaming. Zig comes in and asks if she has had another "Miles nightmare". Maya tells him how her nightmares won't stop and she's so anxious. Zig tries convincing her to get help, but she insists she is fine.  

In class, Maya attempts to distract herself by having Zoë give her an assignment regarding cheerleading. However, she is distracted as she gives her instructions by Miles and how he is absent. When Zoë remarks how he is likely doing something "predictably self destructive", Maya begins to grow worried and checks his Twitter on her cell phone and Zoë begins scolding her for not listening. Maya insists she is, but continues to look worried. During cheerleading practice, Mays is taking notes before once again checking Miles's social media account.

As she's doing so, Maya has a nightmare/day dream where Miles is committing suicide as Zoë warns her that if she screws things up for her then "things won't be pretty". Maya agrees that she is listening, but soon runs out of the gym. She goes and checks the railing and sits on the steps while trying to calm down. Grace and Zig approach her and ask if she's had a rough day and convince her to go out to relax a bit. It is soon revealed what Grace intended to go, which proves to be boring for Maya.

When Grace learns it is Miles that is making Maya so sad and worried about, she hacks into his FaceRange account to appease her worries. When seeing how Miles answered to Tristan's message on how he "wants to kill himself", Maya begins panicking. When Zig tells her how people make comments like that all the time, Maya reminds him, "But some people mean it".

Miles' reaction to Maya being in his house.

It next shows Maya, Grace and Zig breaking into Miles' house. Maya asks for Zig and Grace to stand guard as she goes inside. After walking inside, she comes across Miles laying across his couch. She tries to wake him up and he demands to know what she's doing. She says how she was "making sure he's still alive", confusing him. She brings up his message to Tristan and he says how he's been feeling unwell. When realizing how she hacked his account, he asks if she's "lost her mind". At this moment, Tristan walks in and demands that she "back off his BF" and telling her off harshly. Maya frantically insists she was only checking on him, but Miles insists Maya has lost her sanity. Grace and Zig come in to check on Maya and she begins pleading with Miles to talk to her as he demands she leave his house. Zig and Grace are forced to drag Maya out.

Maya has a panic attack upon Miles blocking her on Facerange and fearing he'll end up like Cam.

Later, Maya is in the computer room on a laptop and furiously searching for further accounts for Miles despite Zig's soft pleas for her to stop, saying how she's freaking him out, and she says how she just can't. Zoë comes in the room, yelling at Maya for how she begged for the spot on the cheer team and has done no work - however, Maya isn't at all paying attention, completely focused on finding information on Miles. When seeing that Miles has blocked her on every account he has, Maya snaps and throws the laptop across the room, yelling how she "won't let it happen again", smashing it. Her action stuns Zoë and Zig into abrupt silence. Maya walks towards a book shelf before finally having a mental break down, gasping wildly. As she begins collapsing on the floor in a clear panic attack, Zig and Zoë try to comfort her.

At home and in bed, Maya is having another nightmare about Miles. She again wakes up in screams, and Zig walks in knowing what has happened. Maya emotionally says how she is going to keep having her nightmares for the rest of her life. She says how Miles is the one who has the issues and just thinks something is wrong with her, but that he is the one who is messed up. Zig then tells her how this has taken over her entire life. Maya asks if he thinks she is crazy - he says she just needs help. After a moment, she admits he's right. She decides to talk to her mom in the morning about receiving professional help. 

In Hush, Maya is on her way to her therapy appointment when Miles accidentally hits her while backing out of the school parking lot, she cries out in surprise as onlookers are talking in shock. When he goes to check on who he hit, and sees that it's her, they both look at each other in disdain. After this, Miles drives her to her therapy appointment, where she thanks him for the ride. She also comments on how her doctor will likely just be waiting for her, and he answers how he "hopes it's not contagious", assuming she is sick. Maya softly replies how "crazy" isn't contagious. Confused, he asks her what she's talking about.

Maya telling Miles about being in therapy due to her high anxiety following their break up.

She explains how in her latest doctor appointments, her therapist advised her not to call herself crazy, relating it to "stigma". Miles asks her why she would be in therapy as she's "totally normal". Maya retorts how she is seeing her doctor because of him, explaining how after their break up she became really worried about him and how her worry eventually took over everything. Miles begins to apologize for what he's done, but she cuts him off, saying how it wasn't really even about him or herself; it was just the anxiety of it all. She then insists how she is going to be okay and is making progress. She smiles re-assuringly at him, commenting that she's late to her appointment, before saying she will see him at school as she gets out of the car. 

After her therapy appointment, she runs into Miles in his car, eating chips and listening to music, still outside of the medical group clinic. Getting his attention, she asks him why he's there. He answers how he would rather be there than at school. Getting into the car, she notices something is off with him. She asks if he's okay, and he insists he is.  

As they drive, Maya notices how Miles is barely driving 20-some miles per hour and points this out to him. Miles again insists he is, but Maya asks if he is freaked out because she is seeing a therapist and that she's "crazy" now. Miles tells her she isn't crazy, lamenting on how they are a little crazy, but she isn't. Maya then finally takes note that he's high. He tries to insist he isn't, but Maya begins to firmly tell him that he shouldn't be driving and to pull over. As he begins to increase in speed, Maya begins to yell at him to stop, but he doesn't listen and continues to speed, before he ends up taking down an opening car door parked on the side of the road. Shocked, he finally parks in place as he and Maya stare out in shock.

Miles and Maya after he hits Dallas' car.

He then quickly speeds away from the scene, snapping Maya out of her trance as he asks if she's fine. She says she is, still clearly in shock, before demanding to know what he's doing. She demands he go back to the scene, bringing up the possibility that they hurt someone, and that they just can't leave. Miles yells that they can't because he has pot in his system, which means a DUI for his record. He says how all of it before his father's election will only mean meeting his father's wrath like no other. Sympathetic, she quietly agrees and tells him to just keep driving.

In Something's Got to Give, Maya unintentionally tells Grace and Zig that Miles is the one who hit Dallas' car. Grace scolds her for keeping quiet and risking herself for Miles, but she insists if his dad were to find out, he’ll “hurt him”. Zig asks her if she is really willing to lie for Miles, which she just keeps silent on. He asks her what her plan is and Maya says, for the moment, to find Miles. 

At the Hollingsworth mansion, Maya goes to see Miles. She asks why he wasn’t responding to her texts and he says he was calling someone to fix his car. Sitting on top of his bed, Maya insists they need to come clean and how Dallas was the one they hit and the details he saw of the car to the cops. Sitting next to her, Miles says he knows she is freaked out and how his dad left and they just need to bring the car to the shop and all the evidence is gone. He assures her that they can keep the accident a secret. At that moment, his father comes in, revealing he knows about the accident.

Miles and Maya in a complicated situation, following his dad finding out.

Shocked, Miles says how he thought he was at work. His dad says he misplaced his phone and returned to get it from the garage, only to find the car wrecked. He demands answers, which Miles tries to blow off, but his dad grabs his arm and squeezes it in anger. Seeing this, Maya jumps in and claims someone hit them. Believing her, he asks Miles why he didn’t just say that and asks if they got the insurance company involved. Maya says the person just hit them and drove off. Scolding him for not reporting it right away, he tells them to have Maya’s mother and the rest of them file it at the police station and leaves. Collapsing on the bed, Miles remarks, “So that’s what the truth sounds like.” At school, Maya startles Miles at his locker when requesting details of what to give to the police. He comments on how she smells good and leans towards her as he tries guessing the scent of her perfume. Maya realizes he is high again and reminds him that they need to get their stories straight to avoid his dad finding out about the truth of the accident. Miles says she doesn’t get it – when it comes to his dad he is always mad at him. Maya concludes that she lied to the cops for nothing.

Miles about to fight Dallas Maya tries to defuse the situation.

After seeing Dallas, Miles clearly is going to tell him the truth. Seeing what he is about to do, Maya tries urging him not to do that and that if he sobers up, they’ll find a solution to the mess. Miles goes ahead and tells him the truth anyway despite Maya’s pleas not too. A confrontation ensures and Miles says he’ll pay for the damages. Dallas reveals his son was in the car with him and brings up how he could have hurt his kid. Miles ends up channeling his feelings towards his father in his fight with Dallas, who says that while Miles is “an irresponsible idiot” he isn’t, and can explain the rest to the cops.

Miles telling Maya he can't tell anyone else about his father's abuse.

At the station again, Maya says to her mother how she knows she is disappointed in her. Her mother demands for how she could lie to the police and Maya says how she was only protecting Miles and didn’t want him to get into trouble. Her mother says that she is the one in trouble now, again, and thought she was making progress. Maya insists she is and it isn’t in her head. Her mom goes on that while she knows she cares for Miles, she can’t "destroy her life for him". Maya says she can’t let Miles deal with his father by himself, but her mother tells her how she tried to help several times, even getting adults involved, but she can't help someone who isn’t helping themselves. Maya admits she is right and that she made a mistake. The officer comes in and asks for the truth this time, which she gives.  

Afterwards, when Maya sees Miles leave the station, she asks her mom if she can check on him and insists it will only be a minute. Upon coming up to him, Miles apologizes for getting her into his mess and thanks her for trying to help him. She tells him that he needs start helping himself, but Miles says he can’t find it in him to tell anyone about his dad.

Miles smiling as he watches Maya from a distance.

At that moment, his dad comes by and harshly scolds him and rants about him almost getting a criminal record. Maya looks down awkwardly and Miles softly asks if he’ll see her around, but is snapped at by his dad to leave immediately before she can answer him. Getting into her mother’s car, Maya and Miles share one last sad look at each other as he leaves with his dad.

In Hero vs. Villain, Miles is seen watching Maya laugh and goof around with a female student, happily smiling. Later in the episode, Tristan, who witnessed the scene, confronts him and demands to know if he still has feelings for Maya. Miles is unable to deny it, simply remaining silent. 

In Firestarter (2), Maya runs into Miles in the hallway and asks what he is doing and realizes he is looking for Frankie and Hunter. He gives her an envelope to give it to them and she, teasingly, asks if it’s a goodbye letter. Seeing his face, she asks where he is going. He says how he is getting into his car and driving as far away from his family as possible. She asks what has led him to do this and suspects his father. He insists it isn’t his father, but him, and that he’s “the loser who can’t make it work” and rants how he is bad for his siblings and drives his father crazy.  

Miles and Maya watching Mr. Hollingsworth's campaign stand go up in flames.

They then come across his father’s campaign stand and he declares how much he hates him. Maya reasons that if his father is abusive then he just can’t leave his brother and sister with him. He says how he just wants him to vanish so he won’t hurt anyone else. Taking a lighter, he says the only thing he can is just leave; he then sets the flyer on fire. Maya begins insisting that he put it out, but instead the entire stand is lit on fire. Watching the stand go up in flames, she pulls him away as she insists they call 911. With the school stampeding and overflowed in a panic with the fire, Maya asks if Miles plans on leaving as they rush through the crowd. Then, Hunter asks them if they’ve seen Frankie. After concluding she must still be in the school, they begin searching for her.  

Maya smiling as Miles tells her that he's going to be okay.

After everything calms down, the Hollingsworth kids take a stand against their father, who proves to only be concerned about Frankie clearing up his name after the Nude Photo scandal, which Maya can be seen observing from afar. Miles looks back and sees her and excuses himself to talk to her. She asks how things went and he says he thinks things are going to be fine. He thanks her for not giving up on him and she smiles, saying she is just glad she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore. He tells her not to be afraid to check in every now and again though. Giving him one last smile, she turns and walks off. 

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 3


In #ThatFeelingWhen, Maya notices Miles is down and apologizes for not visiting Tristan. Maya jokingly suggests Miles kills himself to cope and he chuckles. Miles notices that Maya's personality has become darker. Maya then tells Miles he deserves "okayness" in his life. 

In #ImSleep, Miles along with the others wait to find out if Maya survived her suicide attempt. Katie tells them that she did survive and everyone is happy. 

Season 4

In #BackToReality, Miles and Maya are both in Zoë's group picture of the class of 2016.

In #KThxBye, Jonah is taking pictures of Maya and Grace before graduation. Grace comments that this hallway was where they first met, and Maya remembers that Miles thought she could help her figure out who her cyberbully was. Jonah, confused, asks when Maya was ever friends with Miles. Tristan walks by and tells him that they dated. Miles strolls up behind him, adding "..until she broke my heart." Maya jokingly tells him that he shouldn't have accepted a striptease from Zoë Rivas. Miles laughs and reminisces on the "good old days."

Degrassi Minis

Miles asking Maya to the semi-formal.

In Dress You Up, Maya contemplates why Miles hasn't asked her to the formal yet. To find out whether or not he is, she holds Winston's $300 comic book hostage, threatening to drop it into a bowl of chili if he doesn't tell her whether or not Miles is going to ask her to the formal. Winston insists that if he knew, he would have definitely told her just to get his comic back. Miles then shows up and asks her to the formal. She accepts, despite Winston's warnings that she's crazy. Maya then realizes that she doesn't have a dress to wear, causing Tristan and Zoë to immediately offer to take her dress shopping.    In Dress You Up, Part Four, Maya is upset over what to do about not being to afford her dream dress to the semi formal and how Miles may react to her job. Tristan tries blowing off her concerns about Miles dumping her, but she reminds him of how Frankie told them he dumped a girl for sneezing weird. The two then run into Miles, who has bought a fancy car. As they walk up to him, he says it's going to be their ride to the formal. However, Maya hesitantly tells him how she won't be able to come to the dance. Miles, confused, asks if she was given a better offer just as Zoë comes out and sees them. Maya says she just has a huge test to do. Zoë retorts if its about the history of "tubed meat". Rolling her eyes, Maya says she's sorry and that she'll find a way to make it up to him. Miles, clearly upset, remarks for her not to put herself out of her way. Maya walks off with Tristan as Zoë offers herself as a replacement date. Ignoring Zoë's offer, Miles wonders what made Maya decide to back out of the dance last minute. Zoë concludes he doesn't know what Maya's doing and explains Maya's job to pay off her dress. 

Maya happily hugging Miles after he decides to help her out.

During her shift, Maya is out handing out flyers in costume singing when Miles drives up in front of her. Maya quickly becomes embarrassed and tries turning away and hiding from him. Miles looks at her and says that he already saw her. Maya slowly turns around and says if he came to dump her, she prefers he do it via text. Miles assures her that he hasn't come to break up with her, much to her surprise. He admits how he was mad at her for ditching him, but that he has done a lot of thinking. He asks her if she knows what goes really good with hot dogs. She asks what. He then steps out of the car, revealing himself dressed up in a french fries costume. Maya looks at him before she smiles and runs up to him and hugs him happily. She asks him if he wants to learn the song as the mini ends. 


  • Miles' first line was said to Maya -- "Nice try. But, it's not gonna work." This makes him the third guy to say his first line to Maya with the other two being Zig and Harry. Ironically, both guys were also interested in Maya as well. 
  • Miles and Maya's relationship is said to be similar to the relationship of Clare and Eli. Eli and Miles were both shown to make impulsive decisions based on emotion in order to be with the one they love. They also met because of a clumsy mistake from the girl (Maya knocking into a school display and Clare dropping her glasses which Eli ran over). In both relationships, the boy carries baggage (Miles with abuse from his father and Eli with the guilt of the death of his former girlfriend). Clare and Maya break up with Eli and Miles for similar reasons; the fact that they're impulsive with choices they make. They both even share a similar line during their break up, starting with, "You scare me...". Both guys insulted girls while they weren't in the relationship (Miles called Maya a slut in Who Do You Think You Are and Eli called Clare a whore in Hero Vs. Villain). 
  • They are both friends with Winston Chu and Zoë Rivas.
  • Maya had an intense conflict with Miles' ex-girlfriend, Zoë Rivas, who strongly resented her for "stealing" Miles from her. 
  • Eric Osborne and Ana Golja, whose character was a former enemy of Maya, ship them.
  • They both have sisters. Miles has a younger sister, Frankie, and Maya has an older sister, Katie.
  • Both of them have kissed Tristan though only Miles has had a romantic relationship with him.
  • Miles is the second athlete/jock (a basketball player) that Maya has dated. The first was Cam, who was a hockey player. Also, both Miles and Cam are/were the heading star player of their sports teams. This making it the second time that Maya has dated Degrassi's star sports player. 
  • They both play the guitar as well as their real life actors. 
  • They have both used music as a platform to convey their feelings - Maya sang about her conflict with Zoë while Miles serenaded Maya as a form of apology. 
  • Both have Bad in their label. Maya is labelled as the "Good/Bad Girl" and Miles is titled the "Billionaire Bad Boy".
  • Both said "I hate you" to one of their parents. Maya said this to her mother and Miles said this to his father. However, only Maya apologized for what she said. Also, they both said it in the same episode, Summertime, while at their homes during a fight with their parents.
  • Miles never found out about Maya's previous relationship with Campbell Saunders. He was Maya's first boyfriend and love who abruptly ended their relationship by committing suicide, an event that deeply affected and traumatized Maya. He was referenced to twice by Maya, following Miles near emotional breakdown, although Miles never asked her about any further details. 
  • They both had a Friends-With-Benefits relationship. Miles had one with Zoë and Maya had such a relationship with Harry.
  • They exchanged their first "I Love You" in No Surprises.
  • They are both shown to be a "mean" drunk. 
  • Miles is the second guy that Maya has claimed to love. The first is Cam and the third is Zig.
  • They both share the nickname "Sherlock". 
  • Both were considered the female/male lead in their era.
  • It is suspected by fans that Maya is Miles' first real love based on his implied history of meaningless flings/relationships with various girls and his effort to be with Maya. 
  • During an early interview with Eric Osborne, he revealed how in About A Girl when Maya scolds Miles for leading Tristan on, the only thing Miles was entirely focused on was just kissing her. 
  • All of their break-ups involved a third person. The first two times were on account of Zig (The first because Miles told Perino about his suspicions of Zigmund possessing illegal substances and the second when Maya caught Miles confronting Zig with a fake gun after he beat him up). The third time was because of Zoë (Maya found out that Miles almost hooked up with her at a party). 
  • Maya was shown to be hesitant when it came to her relationship with Miles because of the similarities he shared with Cam and not wanting to re-experience similar pain again. 
  • They are the third of three canon Degrassi ships whose ship name is a combination of their last names as opposed to their first names; the first and second being Bhandurner and Bhandallas, respectively.
    • This is the first ship of the three, however, not to include Alli Bhandari.
  • They shared their first kiss at Maya's living room in Barely Breathing.
  • Every time they broke up, Maya did the breaking up.
  • They were both members of the French Club.
  • Their third and final relationship lasted for one episode.
  • In season 14 it was hinted that Miles and Maya would get back together, but nothing romantically happened.
  • It is shown in Season 14 Maya still cares for Miles, since she didn't want Miles to commit suicide or hurt himself badly after Campbell committed suicide (Maya's Ex-Boyfriend).
  • Miles progressed to have romantic feelings for Maya, while in a relationship with Tristan. Tristan then ended the relationship after catching Miles staring at Maya with a smile, whilst she was talking to a friend. When confronted by Tristan, Tristan asked Miles did he have feelings for Maya, Miles didn't deny this so Tristan broke-up with Miles.
  • Miles' sister Frankie dated Maya's ex-boyfriend Zig.
  • They both have suffered from depression.


  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Barely Breathing (1314)
    • Broke Up: Close to Me (1326)
      • Reason: Miles informed the teacher of his suspicions about Zig having drugs in his locker at school. Despite Miles trying to explain his reason why, Maya took Zig's side over his. 
  • Second Relationship:
  • Third Relationship:
    • Start Up: Believe (2) (1338)
    • Broke Up: Believe (2) (1338)
      • Reason: Maya found out Miles and Zoë were flirting at the party and told Miles they were done for good and that she can't keep picking up the pieces every time he makes mistakes.

Rival Relationships


  • Winston: "Trust me, none of these girls are worth knowing."
    Miles (while looking at Maya): "I don't know, there might be one or two worth checking out."
  • (To Maya): "You might want to watch your back."
    Maya: "Why?"
    Miles: "Zoë has this crazy idea that I'm into you."
    Maya: "Oh."
  • Maya: "I'm sorry I said no to the Ed Sheeran thing-"
    Miles: "See, I thought you weren't ready for a relationship. I guess you just weren't ready for me."
    Maya: "No, that's not it at all."
    Miles: "It's no big deal, I'll find someone else to go... I'm just surprised is all."
    Maya: "Surprised?"
    Miles: "You're not the person I thought you were."
  • Maya: "Anything to add, Mr. Silent?"
    Miles: "I guess it was okay." Maya begins to walk away. "Hold back a second? I got two tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert tomorrow."
    Maya: "Wow... um, yeah, I love Ed Sheeran."
    Miles: "I'm sensing a 'but'". 
    Maya: "Can I get back to you?"
    Miles (disappointed): "Yeah..." 
  • Maya: "Oh, so you just make out with whoever?"
    Miles: "Whoever asks nicely... so ask away."
    Maya: "I wouldn't kiss you with my dog's lips."
  • Maya: "Can you please help us find him?"
    Miles: "Maybe. If you ask very nicely."
    Zoë: "Ooh! Make her beg. On her knees."
    Winston (sarcastic): "Classy, Zoë."
    Miles: "No, no. I actually like that. Do it."
  • (To Chewy about Miles) "No, I can't be here. I can't be around guys like him." 
  • Miles: "How many guys have you kissed?"
    Maya: "Three."
    Miles: "I've kissed fifty."
    Maya: "Guys?"
    Miles: "Girls. And one Tristan. Someone should make a page about me."
    Maya: "They would never. You're a boy. They'd probably build you a statue." 
  •  Maya: "Now look at what you did." Begins walking away.
     Miles: Wait, wait... are you sure you don't want to kiss me?"
  • Miles (To Maya): "Don't say I never did anything for you."
  • Maya: "While I've got you, I just wanted to know, why were you so nice the other day?"
    Miles: "Must've caught me on a good day." Maya chuckles
  • Miles (To Maya): "I knew you'd come crawling back."
  • Tristan to Maya (singing): "You like Miles."
    Maya: "You know I do." 
  • Maya (after showing him her music video): "Miles, what'd you think?"
    Miles: "It's fine... if you're into porn." Gets up and leaves.
    Zoë: "What's his problem?"
  • Maya: "Hey, are you mad at me?"
    Miles: "Why would I be mad at you?"
    Maya: "Because that boy in the video...?"
    Miles: "It's not like you're my girlfriend."
  • Maya: "Everyone thinks I'm a slut."
    Miles: "They're wrong. I was wrong." 
  • Maya (sees Miles at the window and opens it): "What are you doing here?"
    Miles: "I just wanted to apologize. I feel like I pushed you to do that song."
    Maya: "Zoë ruined my life. She deserves it."
    Miles: "She's just jealous because you are talented and funny and awesome in ways that she'll never be."
    Maya: "You don't have to say things to make me feel better."
    Miles: "I'm not. Trust me." The two kiss.
    Miles: "School is going to suck without you."
    Mrs. Matlin (about to come in): "Maya, I told you no TV."
    Maya: "She's coming. Go! Wait, no!" (Pulls Miles in a for a quick kiss)
  • Miles: "Um, I'm sorry. Who's Zig?"
    Maya: "Nobody."
    Tristan: "Her ex."
    Miles: "Those are different things."
    Maya: "He's not my ex. We never dated... okay, it's complicated because we kissed while he was dating Tori. We haven't even talked since last year."
    Miles: "It's cool. I'm not going to get jealous over some Rubber Room skid... wait, I'm prettier, right?"
    Maya: "Of course."
  • Maya (after being splashed by Miles and laughing): "Miles! Stop!"
    Miles: "Jump in or prepare to be splashed! Your choice."
    Maya: "I can't. I don't have a suit."
    *Miles takes off his swim shorts*
    Maya: "What are you doing?"
    Miles: "I am skinny dipping. You should try it."
    Maya (after a moment): "Okay. Turn around and no peeking."
    Miles: "Seriously?"
    *Turns around*
    Maya (as she takes off her clothes): "I can not believe you talked me into this."
    Miles: "Me neither."
  • Maya (When she hears Miles' Dad): "Is that your Dad"?. "You said no-body be home".
  • Miles (as Maya tries to leave): "Sneaking off to be with the new boyfriend?"
    Maya: "Not now, Miles."
    Miles: "People saw you kissing. That's how easy it is to get over me?" 
  • Maya (To Miles): "I can't be with someone who scares me, not again."
  • Miles (To Maya): "Thanks for not giving up on me."
  • Jonah (To Maya): "When were you ever friends with Miles?
    Tristan: "Oh, they dated."
    Miles: "Until she broke my heart."
    Maya: "Yeah, well maybe you shouldn't have accepted a striptease from Zoë Rivas!"
    Miles: "Ah, the good old days."


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