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The relationship between Miles Hollingsworth III and Zoë Rivas, also known as Ziles (Zoë/Miles), began in Season 13 of Degrassi.

Relationship History[]


They started dating in My Own Worst Enemy when they were in Paris for the summer but broke-up in Honey after Zoë realized Miles had feelings for Maya. They have maintained a some-what rocky friendship since then though. After they both ended up with community service after breaking the law, they became closer. They had a friends with benefits relationship during the summer before their junior year, which included them having sex for the first time together. They are good friends now.


Season 13[]


Zoë and Miles embracing.

In Summertime, Zoë and Tristan are invited to go backstage with Miles, who claims to have backstage passes, and Maya. The two of them, along with Maya and Tristan, get in trouble for being backstage where they weren't supposed to be. Later on the bus to Paris, Zoë seems to take interest in Miles when seeing him talk and somewhat flirt with Maya. After seeing Maya reject Miles by saying she is there to spend the summer with her best friend, not him, she asks Maya if she'll be hooking up with him later on. Maya immediately denies it. Zoë tells her to keep it that way.

In My Own Worst Enemy, Zoë and Tristan argue over whether they believe Miles is straight or gay. They both ask Miles to be their partner for an assignment. Miles chooses Tristan, annoying Zoë. However, at the end of the episode, Zoë is seen on Miles' lap on the couch, implying they are together, much to Tristan and Maya's disdain.

13x05 32

Miles and Zoë making out below the balcony.

In About a Girl, they are both seen making out in class until Madame Cliquet walks in to start class. They are later seen making out again below a balcony by a car. Maya, disgusted by their constant PDA as well as its effect on Tristan, attempts to dump a bucket of water on the two them. However, it ends up on Madame Cliquet after they move out of the way, making Zoë and Miles laugh. As Maya serves her punishment for what she unintentionally caused, Miles explains to Maya that he and Zoë aren't in a relationship, rather just simply having summer fun. When Maya remarks if he just kisses whomever he pleases, he corrects her by saying that he lets girls make out with him if they "ask nicely".


Zoë requesting Maya beg on her knees for Miles help.

In Cannonball, Maya mentions Zoë and Miles' relationship. Zoë is again sitting on Miles' lap, this time on his bed, when Maya and Winston walk in to ask Miles for his help in finding Tristan. When sensing Maya's desperation in finding Tristan, Zoë suggests to Miles that he make her beg on her knees for his help. After Maya does so and Miles walks out, she tells Maya not to take too long.

In class later, Zoë interrupts Miles' chat with Maya, whom he was sharing a moment with, by reminding him that he promised to take her to lunch at a fancy restaurant. Miles appears slightly hesitant. Following being set free from the pillory by Maya, which he was put into for Maya and Tristan's presentation, he asks Maya if he'll see her around later before walking after Zoë.


Zoë kissing Miles during class.

In Honey, after Madame Cliquet tells the class that they'll be going to a fancy French restaurant and should wear more formal attire, Zoë makes fun of Maya for wearing converse and having "flat feet". Maya retaliates and makes fun of Zoë for wearing "hooker heels." Zoë turns back to Miles and says he looks hot "like that". Miles asks how "Like what?" She responds by saying she doesn't know and distracts him with a kiss.

At dinner, Miles is obviously impressed by Maya's dress that she is renting, not able to form a complete sentence. Zoë, seeing this, becomes angry and openly throws her drink on Maya as she takes her seat. Miles glares at her as Tristan and Maya hurry to the bathroom to clean up her dress. Miles later informs Maya and Tristan that he ended things with Zoë because of how she treated Maya. As he sits down at their table, he warns Maya to watch her back. Maya asks why. Miles hesitantly tells her that Zoë has this "crazy idea" that he's into her. Maya looks back at Zoë who can be seen sitting at another table in tears and glaring at her. On the bus, Zoë stares down Tristan and Maya, in tears looking furious. 

13x09 81

Miles telling off Zoë.

In This Is How We Do It, Miles admits to Maya and Tristan that dating Zoë was a mistake as she walks in the room, behind them. Miles is surprised that Zoë attends Degrassi, obviously disdained at her presence, and questions her on why she's there. Zoë, becoming uncomfortable, tries to leave homeroom. Mr. Perino rejects her request and tries to make her sit down and chill out. Zoë is angered and splashes her coffee on Perino, shocking Miles and fellow classmates. Later, Zoë overhears Miles, Maya, and Tristan talking about the basketball team and tells them that she's interested in being a cheerleader. Miles then tells her he doesn't like mean girls like her and walks away with Tristan and a reluctant Maya, angering Zoë.


Zoë attempting to make Miles jealous.

In You Got Me, Miles shows up with Tristan and Maya to buy Beach Bash tickets which Zoë is helping out with. Zoë tries to "jerk tax" him, causing him to tease that she's still "carrying that torch for him". Zoë says since she "dumped" him, she's found her friends and is with Drew Torres, though Maya and Tristan bring up how he already has a fiancée who is away at university. She tries to make Miles jealous by claiming that Drew is doing "anything she wants him to".

At the dance, when Miles flirts with Maya, Zoë blatantly becomes jealous and drags Drew in front of them to dance. When Drew begins acting strange, Miles make a joke out of it. Her attempt to make Miles jealous fails. Zoë remarks why not he and Maya have sex before she runs off, humiliated, as Miles and Maya laugh at the entire scene. She is later seen again with Zig Novak as they both stare angrily at Miles and Maya. She tells him that Maya "stole" Miles from her and intends to teach her a "lesson". 

In Dig Me Out, Drew and Zoë go to Miles's party, and when Zoë says Drew is her boyfriend, Drew isn't impressed and Miles criticizes their relationship. Drew blackmails Miles into letting them stay. Drew kisses Zoë in front of Miles and Maya before Miles and Maya leave them alone. Later, Miles asks Zoë and Drew for a chicken fight but Drew declines. 

Snapshot 1 (1-01-2016 2-07 PM)

Miles and Zoë nearly kissing at Miles party.

In Basket Case, During the party that night, Miles is approached by a drunken Zoë who asks him where his "apple cheeked girlfriend" is at. Miles tells her how Maya didn't like the party. Zoë concludes the two had a fight and Miles says that Maya just doesn't get him. Zoë then drunkenly rants on about how "judgmental" people like Maya who live a "perfect life with no real problems" don't understand people like them as she strips down to her bra and panties and collapses on top of Miles. Wrapping her arms around him, she tells him how what happens between them doesn't matter. Miles begins to lean down to possibly kiss her. Before he can, Winston pops up and snaps a picture of the two. Miles asks why he's getting involved when it doesn't concern him. Winston tells him he's preventing him from making a huge mistake. He reminds Miles how he still has a girlfriend and that he's finally found a girl who is "awesome in every way possible" and why he would want to screw something like that up for a one night thing. Miles appears to come to his senses and gets up and rips out a couple of nearby flowers. However, he sees a now passed out Zoë and decides to put her in the pool house before going to Maya's house. 


Zoë asking Miles if they had sex the night of the party.

In Unbelievable, Miles and Zoë are seen together and Zoë asks Miles if they had sex the night of the party. The next day, Zoë meets Miles, Maya, Tristan, Drew, and Dallas in the school corridor and Maya tells Miles to be Zoë's bodyguard for the day. She takes his hand and drags him to her next class while the others follow.

In Believe (1), Miles helped Maya make "only yes means yes" shirts to help support Zoë during her sexual assault trial. After Frankie tells Zoë outside the court room that Zoë might of asked for it because of her over interest in guys attention and mentions Miles as one of the guys, Miles tells them to leave him out of their fight.

In Believe (2), Miles is in the court room watching Zoë's trial.

In Thunderstruck, Zoë and Maya fight about Miles, with Maya saying Zoë tried to hook up with her boyfriend when she was still dating him, while Zoë tells Maya she stole him first in Paris when they were dating and admits "she really loved him".

Season 14[]


Miles helping Zoë with her punishment.

In Walking in My Shoes, Zoë finds out Miles is working in the cafeteria with her for his punishment for the fire. Zoë says she's been avoiding people so haven't noticed him working before. Miles says it's not that bad and says unfortunately the smell doesn't go away though. Miles gives her good luck for her first customer. Outside the school, Miles tells Zoë to hurry up with the food stock. Later back in the cafeteria, Miles finds Zoë scraping gum off one of the chairs. Miles tries to insult Zoë but when she won't insult him back he asks what's up. Zoë asks him how he deals with being a loner and Miles says he prefers mysterious playboy. Zoë asks if he can teach her to not care because everyone hates her. Miles says it's easy, "just don't." Zoë says it's not that easy and Miles insists she'll just have to watch and learn. He adds that a few weeks with him should do it. Miles tells her to put nail polish remover on the gum and it will come off easily and Zoë thanks him. Miles says she's lucky he doesn't totally hate her and they smile at each other.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Miles approaches Zoë and Tristan asking them to come with him to a Kendrick concert at the opera house while Tristan rejects him, Zoë doesn't say anything. Zoë's surprised when Tristan explains Miles has that look on his face that says he has a new crush and Miles looks back and smiles at Zoë. At The Dot, Zoë asks whether he's still going to the Kendrick concert and Miles says he is but he's found someone to go with, Zoë asks who and Miles says you and says that what you were asking right. Zoë says there would be worst ways to spend the night and Miles says his ego isn't going to get big when he's around her and they share a smile.

In Finally (1), inside the school, Zoë and Miles are sitting on a bench together. Miles tells her he likes her shoes and Zoë says he was staring at her face. This moment is interrupted when they hear Hunter yell out. Zoë watches on as Hunter yells at Miles. In class, Miles and Zoë are sitting together and Miles asks her what Hunter meant before when he said he makes everything worse. Zoë says that's a tough one. Miles says, "How is that even possible? I barely interact with him, he's always playing weird games in his room or working on that dumb comic book, without dad at the house, what could possibly be his problem?" Zoë reminds him they are in family therapy and asks if he's shared anything. Miles says no. They then see Hunter and Arlene together and realize Hunter likes her. Miles gets the idea to throw a party so Hunter can get close to her.

Snapshot 2 (1-08-2015 5-00 PM)

Miles and Zoë in the pool together

At the Hollingsworth home, Miles and Zoë challenge Frankie and Winston to a chicken fight and they accept. Miles realizes Arlene needs a partner and tries to convince Hunter to be hers, but Hunter accidentally falls in the pool and it makes everyone laugh.

In Don't Look Back, at the beach, Miles tells Zoë he thought they were going to hang out this summer, but Zoë tells him he can keep on thinking that.

Snapshot 3 (6-08-2015 2-56 PM)

Miles admits he likes Zoë

At Lola's family's restaurant, Miles sees Zoë and Grace talking and when Grace leaves Miles takes her spot and sits down next to Zoë. Zoë tells him off for scaring her and Miles says he thought they were going to hang out this summer. Zoë says she's been busy. Miles jokes that it's because she's becoming BFFs with the queen of darkness. Zoë defends herself, saying Grace is her science partner but Miles says "Grace is also hopelessly in love with you." Zoë says Grace isn't gay but Miles says she doesn't dress like that to impress guys. Zoë says even if she is, Grace knows she's not gay. Miles says "You don't pick who you fall for and besides, I've been watching you two. She hangs on every word you say." Zoë says "First, stalker much and second, so do you." Miles says that that's why she should call him. Miles smiles at Zoë before leaving and Zoë watches him go.

Snapshot 4 (6-08-2015 3-06 PM)

Outside the school, Zoë meets Miles. Miles asks Zoë what finally got her to call him and Zoë says she has a theory to test before kissing him. Miles tells her he's happy to be her lab rat. Zoë and Miles get into Miles' car.

Snapshot 2 (6-08-2015 4-04 PM)

On Miles's boat, Miles and Zoë are all cuddled up on the couch. Miles says he can't believe it was only a year ago they were in Paris having fun together. Zoë says it wasn't much fun being ditched for Maya and then asks what happened between them anyway. Miles says Maya was always trying to change him. Zoë asks if Tristan didn't, Miles says Tristan was just happy to hang out, Zoë asks if Miles was fine with the whole boy-kissing-boy thing. Miles tells her that he loves the people, not the gender. Miles kisses Zoë and says he knows what she is doing. Zoë is confused and asks if he does. Miles confirms and says, "Don't worry, I'm not using you to figure out how I feel about dudes." Zoë, relieved that he is wrong in his assumption, says "Good, because that would be cruel." Miles asks if they can stop talking about his past and focus on his present. He says has other ideas about what to do with their lips and they begin to make-out. It is later revealed in the Next Class episode #RiseAndGrind that they had sex.

Snapshot 3 (6-08-2015 4-10 PM)

At the Hollingsworths, Zoë and Miles walk hand in hand, Zoë says she'll like to wear the captain's hat and Miles says she looks good in everything, they get close and Miles kisses her on the head, Grace tells them to knock it off with the PDA and Zoë goes to talk to Grace.

Snapshot 6 (6-08-2015 4-25 PM)

At the full moon party, Miles, Zoë, Grace are laying down on the ground star gazing, Miles says when he was a kid he dreamt of going to space to get away from his parents, Zoë and Grace both agree they did the same. Zoë says she knew they would get along, Grace admits Zoë was right about Miles not being the worst, Miles says did she say that?, isn't she just the sweetest and Miles and Zoë kiss. Grace thinks she should leave now but Zoë says she doesn't have to and proposes a three-some, Grace angrily says no to that request and leaves.

Later at the Hollingsworths, Miles and Zoë help the search party to find Maya and when they discover where she is, Winston tells them they have to call the cops.

At the beach, Zoë and Miles are walking together, Miles says she seems all far away and Zoë tells him there's one thing she needs to do before summer's over before walking away.

Degrassi: Next Class[]

Season 1[]

In #BootyCall, in the student council office, Zoë is just as surprised to learn Miles is running for school president as Tristan is and isn't impressed at being in the middle of those two. In the hallways, Zoë sees Miles put up his slogan "I play for both teams" before getting an invite to a party Miles is throwing at his house on her phone. At Miles party, Zoë watches on as Tristan drags Miles away. Zoë later says Miles hasn't changed and says he's made out with everyone including her. Zoë sees him flirting with a niner girl. Later, in the school auditorium, Zoë watches on as Tristan and Miles debate turns personal.

Season 2[]

In #CheckYourPrivilege, in class, Zoë watches Miles and Tristan together and calls them the cutest. In class, Zoë and Winston approach Miles and Tristan and say they got an A- minus on their project. Zoë see's Miles and Tristan hug and is happy for them.

Snapshot 9 (3-06-2016 12-01 PM)

Miles giving Zoë advice

In #BuyMePizza, in a classroom, Miles tells Zoë he knows what she said to Tristan but its really not his place to say anything, Miles tells Zoë he used to care what everyone thought too especially his dad but he got therapy and it made him realize if he cares too much about what other people think you only end up hurting yourself, Zoë covers her wrist up quickly, Miles says the only people who matter are the people who like me for me, Zoë says nobody likes her for her, Miles tells Zoë that Winston does and didn't give her a call back because he thought it would be too weird working with you and tells Zoë to not be other peoples definitions of her be who she wants to be.

In #ThrowbackThursday, in the gym, Miles watches Zoë and Winston get organized for the Degrassi Alumni event. Later, Miles watches Zoë and Winston open up the gala and also watch as they present Frankie singing the school song to the audience.

In #ToMyFutureSelf, in class, Tristan tells Zoë he's partners with Miles so Zoë and Winston are partners too.

In #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen, Winston approaches Zoë, Tristan and Miles, Winston kisses Zoë on the cheek and gives her a coffee. Miles calls them cute, Zoë says her Winston are Degrassi's hottest power couple but Tristan thinks him and Miles are. Winston says acts of kindness keeps a relationship going but Tristan thinks Hastygram helps because his and Miles pics get 150+ likes per week. Zoë bets her and Winston could get more in half that time and the competition is set: who ever gets the most likes by the end of the day is officially Degrassi's cutest. Zoë hands Miles her phone to take a pic of her and Winston, he tells them to move back some and Winston falls onto the road and just barley avoids being hit by someone driving a scooter. Zoë helps Winston up off the road, Zoë says they need to go to the nurse but Winston asks if Miles recorded that, Zoë and Winston think the video will be an instant success, captioning it #lovehurts.

In class, Tristan and Miles tell Zoë 20 reposts isn't that good. Winston tells them he only coped a strain, he's fine. Tristan and Miles go to their seats.

In #RiseAndGrind, Tristan, Miles, Zoë and Winston play truth or dare together. Tristan is dared to eat a spoonful of butter, Zoë is dared to smell Miles dirty laundry, and when Miles picks truth, he admits he's had sex with 5 people, one being Zoë after they hooked up last summer. Winston and Zoë question Miles about having sex with Tristan and Zoë reckons they went from almost broken-up to relationship goals overnight. Miles claims they had a very nice talk and Winston reads between the lines to get to the sex part while Miles says it's not polite to kiss and tell.

Season 3[]

In #WorstGiftEver, in the hallway, Zoë asks Miles to take some flowers to Tristan for her but Miles says he's not going tonight. Zoë mentions he didn't go last night either. Miles asks why she can't go and Zoë says she has team building plus Tristan needs him and questions whether he wants to be there when Tristan wakes up. She asks what could be more important. Lola interrupts and says Miles is working at her restaurant tonight instead. Zoë isn't impressed and wonders when they became friends but decides she doesn't care.

Snapshot 4 (15-01-2017 6-24 PM)

Zoë comforts Miles

In class, Zoë asks Miles to tell her the rumors that him and Lola are hooking-up aren't true. Miles says they are just friends, Zoë doesn't sound convinced and wonders if he would be spending so much time with Lola if Tristan was awake. Miles bites back saying like she's there every night "best friend." They are both upset by this argument.

At the hospital, Zoë overhears Miles talking to Tristan and witnesses his break down. Zoë enters the room and comforts and hugs him while crying herself.

In the student council office, Zoë supports Miles when he pitches an idea for a school play about a guy meeting a girl online that helps him grieve while his boyfriend is in a coma.

In #PicsOrItDidntHappen, in the gym, Zoë watches on as Rasha talks to Miles. In a classroom, Zoë is there when Miles tells Rasha that he is playing the role of "Hero" but she can play coma boy.

In #IRegretNothing, in the student council office, Miles interrupts Zoë and Rasha's moment so he can talk to Zoë. Miles says he needs her help to convince Mr. Simpson to approve the play. Zoë is concerned with the themes but Miles says it's still the story he promised from the start. Miles tells Zoë that Tristan walked today which makes her happy and his goal is to make it to opening night, Zoë agrees to help once she's read the full script, Miles hands it over and decides to wait and watch Zoë read it.

Zoë praises Miles on his script and says that she will support it, Zoë says she needs to know if he hooked up with Lola?, Miles silence confirms this, Zoë says she doesn't care what happened before Tristan woke up but we got him back and life is hard for him, Miles says he knows this, Zoë says they need to make things easier as there is already talk about you and Lola and if people see the play there will be more and eventually Tris will hear it, Miles realises Zoë won't support the play but Zoë thinks he shouldn't support it. In Mr. Simpson's office, Zoë, Miles, Grace, and Jonah get permission from Mr. Simpson for the play to happen. Outside the office, Zoë tells Miles that Tristan might not even find out the truth from watching the play.

IMG 0049

Zoë hugs Miles

In #ImSleep, Zoë and Miles are both at the hospital awaiting news on Maya's status. Both are relieved to hear that Maya has survived her suicide attempt. Miles comments that he can't help but think that if things had gone differently this semester, it might have been him in that operating room instead of Maya. Zoë hugs him in response and her, Tristan, and Miles leave the hospital to go get pizza.

Season 4[]

In #BackToReality, Miles questions why they're having a fun fair when they just got back from break. Zoë tells him that the administrator wanted to make sure that they had a stress free return from break. Miles is in Zoe's group selfie of their graduating class.

In #ILookLikeA, Zoë asks Miles how his interview with the recruiter for the London Writers Academy went. During a class exercise, they're both unable to take a step forward if they can show affection to their romantic partner in public without fear of bullying. When asked if school holidays coincide with the religious holidays they observe at home, they take a step forward. Miles asks Mr. Mitchell why they're doing this exercise, he tells him that he needs to realize how important his writing is, and how it helps people. Miles questions who has benefited from his writing and Zoë tells him that the play he wrote helped Goldi accept her and Rasha.

In #Obsessed, Zoe is surprised when Miles tells Zoë he's not going to prom. Zoë asks him about Tristan and he says that he broke up with him. She comments that Tristan ended things so he could go to the London Writers Academy. Miles says that he won't even be able to afford to go, because he knows his dad won't pay for it, since he thinks writing is a waste of time. Winston says that he hasn't even asked him yet, but Miles tells him that once a person's mind is made up, you can't change it, looking at Zoë to back him up. But Zoë's still hoping that her mom will accept her being gay before graduation. Winston tells Zoë and Miles that they have to work for their dreams to come true and orders Miles to talk to his dad and for Zoë to figure things out with her mom.

In #KThxBye, Tristan tells Jonah that Miles and Maya dated, with Miles adding "until she broke my heart." Maya playfully tells him he shouldn't have accepted a striptease from Zoë Rivas. Miles later helps comfort Zoë after she runs offstage during graduation crying, due to her mom disowning her for being gay. At the graduation party at his house, Miles is seen clapping for Zoë after she delivers a farewell speech for the graduates.


  • They are both friends with Tristan Milligan, Maya Matlin, and Winston Chu.
  • Most of their relationship occurred during the summer season when several students were on a semester abroad in Paris, France.
  • They were both disliked by Maya and Tristan because of their constant PDA and because Tristan and Maya were both attracted towards Miles (although Maya would not admit it and disguised her crush on Miles as hate).
  • Miles was not as serious about the relationship as Zoë was because of his hidden attraction towards Maya. It is also implied that he may have started the relationship in an attempt to make Maya jealous, as suggested by Tristan who pointed out that Miles clearly had an interest in her. 
  • Zoë used to be friends with Miles' sister Frankie as later revealed in season 13.
  • Zoë cyber-bullied Maya, who eventually became Miles' girlfriend, due to Miles' feelings towards her and believing she was the reason for their break up as she "stole" him from her. 
  • Zoë lost her virginity to Drew in Miles' pool house. 
  • Zoë was sexually assaulted by Luke and Neil at Miles's house.
  • Both are in the Degrassi minis Dress You Up and Champagne Supernova.
  • Both of their best friends also dated.
  • Zoë was once in a relationship with Drew, who happened to work for Miles' dad with his campaign for Mayor.
  • In Thunderstuck, Zoë admitted she loved Miles when they were dating.
  • Unlike many Degrassi couples, they've treated each other with some level of respect after breaking up.
  • Miles had a conflict with Zig Novak, who Zoë is friends with and had a crush on.
  • They both disliked Luke Baker.
  • They were both members of the French Club.
  • Both are members of the LGBT community.
    • Miles is bisexual and Zoë is a lesbian.
  • They kissed 3 times in Don't Look Back and at some point had sex.
  • They never had sex during their official relationship.
  • Miles dated Zoë's best friend, Tristan.

Rival Relationships[]


  • Start Up: My Own Worst Enemy (1304)
  • Break Up: Honey (1307)
    • Reason: Zoë was treating Maya unfairly. She also realized that Miles secretly had feelings towards Maya and accused him of being into her.

Fling -

  • Reason: Zoë realized that her crush on Grace was more important than her fling with Miles.