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"It’s just a bunch of crap. You don’t wanna know how we feel, because when people ask you to “express your feelings”, they don’t mean your actual feelings. They mean the feelings that they want you to have, because people can’t deal with dark or scary, or weird. They want you to smile and say: “Yeah, I’m fine, everything’s great”, because then they can just go on with their boring lives, and never think about you again. "
— Miles in #NoFilter

Miles David Hollingsworth III is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2016. He's good-looking and appears to be nothing more than a typical rich bad boy, but looks can be deceiving. Miles is just a teenager looking for love and acceptance, especially from his father, Miles Hollingsworth II, after being kicked out of boarding school. His father is a popular businessman and mayor, but won't let his reckless son get in the way. Miles Hollingsworth II often verbally and physically abused Miles Hollingsworth III who, in turn, acted out in rebellious ways as a result. By the end of season 13, Miles appears to be bisexual, but he refuses to label himself when people ask what he is if he isn't gay or straight. By the fourth season of Degrassi: Next Class, Miles officially announces that he is indeed bisexual.

He has been long time best friends with Winston ChuZoë Rivas is his ex-girlfriend and he became close with her again when she started dating Winston. He was good friends with Mike Dallas until he hit Dallas' car and ran off. He is very close with Tristan Milligan, whom he started a relationship with, broke up with, got back together, and finally ended in them breaking up. He is also a good friend of Maya Matlin, and developed a crush on her before the two started a relationship, later breaking up. He is also friends with Lola Pacini, and on good terms with Jonah Haak and Grace Cardinal. He has a younger sister and brother, a set of fraternal twins, named Frankie and Hunter. He was rivals with Zig Novak, and seemed to have a dislike towards Drew Torres, however, it appears they are now on good terms. He is labelled as "The Kid with Daddy Issues". He was portrayed by Eric Osborne.

Character History


Season 13

Miles meeting Maya in a backstage ally.

In Summertime, he is seen at Degrassi watching Maya bump into a display board and smiles. Later, he watches Maya do a pizza delivery scam to try to get into a club, but tells Maya while the scam was a good try, it won't work. She argues that it might and he tells her, once again, that it won't. He also ends up offering Maya a hit of his joint, which she refuses. Maya and Miles introduce themselves, and he gets her to come see the concert backstage with Zoë and Tristan by telling Maya that he's with the band.

There is an incident backstage where Maya tells Tristan that Zoë's character on West Drive is getting killed off. Zoë then steps on Maya's foot, causing her to trip and spill her water bottle on the band's equipment's, therefore ruining it, halting the concert. A security guard comes and asks them what's going on and Maya tells him that Miles is with the band. The security guard reveals that Miles actually isn't with the band and leads Zoë, Tristan, Miles, and Maya away. Tristan insists how he doesn't want to go to jail.

Miles' dad shows up and tells his son to come with him and for everybody else to simply go home. As Miles passes by Tristan and Maya, he overhears them discussing how they don't have any money to get home. He stops and hands Maya his credit card and tells her the PIN number and watches as the two walk away.

Miles, after jumping in a pool, defying his father.

At his house the next day, Miles is seen stealing liquor away from a table. He introduces Maya to his buddy Winston, whom he calls Chewy. He also offers Maya liquor. After drinking some liquor, Maya drops the bottle which leads to Miles being viciously scolded by his father. Miles' says I hate you as his dad opens the door, with Maya asking if he is okay, but Miles' say this is normal. In retaliation, Miles flips and jump in the swimming pool even after Maya tells him not to do anything stupid. Winston jokes that Maya has to "go fish him out". However, Maya responds by saying, "No. I can't be here. I can't be around guys like him," and runs off. From inside the pool, Miles can be seen watching her as she hurries away from the scene.

At the end of the episode, while Maya and Tristan are on the bus, the trip instructor announces that they have two last minute additions to their trip. Miles and Winston then climb aboard on the bus much to the two's shock. Miles walks behind Winston as he takes his seat, cupping Maya's shoulder as he passes. As he and Winston take their seats, Maya asks him how he got on the trip last minute. Miles explains that his dad wanted to send him off for a bit and tells her that they are "going to spend the summer together after all". However, Maya tells him that she's there to spend it with her best friend, not him, therefore rejecting him. He remarks, "Your loss" as he glances away. Zoë shows a clear interest in him, warning Maya to keep her distance from him. 

Miles with Winston as they watch Maya and Tristan talk.

In All I Wanna Do, Miles is seen getting out of a car in France with Winston and teases him about whether or not he can land a French girl. He is rooming with Winston and Tristan, who absentmindedly checks out Miles while he gets dressed. Miles and Winston tease Tristan for staring, and Tristan then claims that he is straight and has a girlfriend. The two don't believe him, but Maya then enters the room and Tristan hurriedly tells them that Maya is his girlfriend, who catches on and plays along.

Later on, Miles and Winston are seen hanging out together and convince Tristan to go and hang out with Maya. He does so and to up the ante, Miles suggests that two kiss. Maya kisses Tristan, who is disgusted, and Miles and Winston laugh.

Miles telling Tristan he's okay with him being gay as well as his roommate while in Paris.

That same day, Miles returns to the dorm room to find that Tristan has put a sheet around his bed so that the boys will not feel uncomfortable being in the same room with him. Miles assures him that he and Winston don't care and that they're just joking, but Tristan calls what they're doing as bullying much to Miles' surprise.

When Tristan returns later, Miles has taken the sheet down and put a candy on his pillow. He asks if it's a prank, but Miles walks in and tells him that he and Winston weren't teasing him for being gay; they were teasing him for acting straight when they already knew he was gay. He also explains that neither him nor Winston is homophobic and is offended that Tristan would make that assumption. Tristan is relieved and says that he could hug him right then, but Miles takes his shirt off so that he can go shower, and Tristan becomes distracted and says that they can't now. Miles pulls him in for a hug anyway, and tells him that he's going to have a great summer. He then exits the room, leaving a smiling Tristan alone. It is obvious that Tristan has developed a crush on Miles.

Miles telling Tristan a bit about his childhood while out in Paris.

In My Own Worst Enemy, Miles walks into class with Tristan and is seen to be teaching him French. He then goes to sit elsewhere, and Tristan tells Maya that Miles bought him food. Tristan also confesses that he believes Miles to be gay, and Zoë reveals that she too is after him and that he's straight. Madame enters and tells the students that she wants everyone to buy French food for the rest of the class to sample and that they should be in groups of two people. Miles agrees to be partners with Tristan, which angers Zoë.

Later on, Tristan and Miles go to a restaurant where Miles orders food for him. Tristan tries to get Miles to comment on the cashier, but he just claims that she isn't his type. A song begins to play and Tristan says that he loves the song, to which Miles embarrassingly admits he did a dance to once. He then tells Tristan that he took a hip hop class as a young boy when his sister was in tap dancing lessons next door, although his father pulled him out soon after finding out. Tristan apologizes on his behalf and Miles shrugs and claims that they just don't see eye to eye, but thanks Tristan for being a good friend.

Tristan then kisses Miles, who appears to be clearly shocked. He is embarrassed, but Miles tells him that it's not a big deal and to forget about it. That night, Tristan tells Maya that he thinks that Miles liked the kiss and is considering asking him out. Right then, the two discover Zoë in Miles' lap on the couch stroking his hair, leaving Tristan disappointed and upset causing him to quickly leave the scene. Maya watches the new couple a moment longer. 

Miles and Zoë laugh after Maya dumps a bucket of water on Madame Criquet instead of them.

In About a Girl, Miles first appears in a classroom making out with Zoë and then takes his seat for class. He is then seen making out with Zoë again below the balcony, much to Maya's annoyance. Maya and Tristan form a plan to stop Miles and Zoë from their constant PDA. The plan goes wrong when Maya dumps water on the teacher instead of Miles and Zoë. Maya and Tristan both get detention for it. Miles and Zoë are seen looking up at the balcony and laughing at Maya and Tristan. 

He later appears when Maya is scrubbing the floors in detention. He confronts her about the water incident and she says he's done worse things and that she is just annoyed with him and Zoë always making out in public. Miles says that Zoë isn't his girlfriend, leading Maya to ask if he just makes out with random girls. Miles tells Maya if they ask nicely and then asks her if she wants to kiss him. Maya answers that she "wouldn't kiss him with her dog's lips". He then says that he believes she tried to pour the water on him and Zoë because she likes him, but Maya instead insists that Tristan likes him, not her, and only did it for him.

Maya reminds him of the the kiss he and Tristan shared and how humiliated he feels to where he can't show up for class because of his constant behavior with Zoë. Miles looks over Maya's shoulder just in time to see Tristan standing there and listening to their conversation. When Tristan leaves, humiliated, Miles asks Maya, "Are you sure you don't want to kiss me?" Maya just looks at him and leaves to follow after Tristan.

Miles and Winston getting ready for the day.

In Cannonball, Miles and Winston are seen getting dressed before Maya walks in, trying to find Tristan. Miles says that Tristan already left before they woke up. As Maya is leaving, he says that she should take someone with her to stay safe. She agrees with him, and walks over and takes Winston and drags him off to the doorway. Winston asks why not take Miles, who is familiar and been in Paris before, Maya turns and looks directly at Miles. She says she doesn't need "a guy like him" around. Miles throws Winston his shirt without a word, and as they leave, he looks downward, clearly upset.

Later, when Winston convinces Maya that she needs Miles to find Tristan because he speaks French and knows his way around Paris, they walk in to see Miles and Zoë sitting on his bed. Miles, at Zoë's suggestion, makes Maya get on her knees to ask him for help. When she does, she is required to ask him again, but this time in French. Just as she begins speaking in French, he cuts her off and seems to push Zoë aside carelessly, eager to help Maya.

Miles helping Maya find Tristan.

It is raining outside when they go to find Tristan in the evening, and he is carrying a black umbrella. He stops by a fast food place, making Maya upset, and offers her a fry. When Maya looks like she is about to cry and says she doesn't know what to say to Tristan even if they find him because she is a terrible friend, Miles assures her that it'll be fine and all she has to do is talk to Tristan. When she remarks if she is supposed to hope, "the wind will carry her words to his ears." Miles suggests to walk across the street to where Tristan is. He gives her the umbrella and leaves.

In class, Maya and Tristan are doing a presentation on the pillory as a form of public humiliation, and Maya suggests Miles try it out, joking that he "fits the bill" for it. Tristan jokingly asks if anyone has any rotten fruit to throw at Miles. When the bell rings, Maya and Tristan almost leave Miles stuck in the pillory. When Miles calls to be let out, Maya stays back and asks quietly why he was so nice to her the other day. Miles says she must have caught him on a good day. They stare at each other for a moment before Zoë interrupts, reminding Miles that he promised to take her out to a fancy restaurant. Miles seems slightly reluctant. Maya lets him out of the pillory, but before he leaves the classroom following Zoë, Miles tells Maya he'll see her around with a smile. He can be seen taking a quick glance at her from behind as he leaves the room. 

Miles tells Maya and Tristan that he ended his relationship with Zoë.

In Honey, he is seen in class when Madame Criquet tells everyone not to wear vulgar or typical teenage Canadian clothing to a fancy French restaurant, but fancy clothing. After Zoë makes fun of Maya for wearing Converse, she tells Miles that he looks hot "like that". He asks "Like what?" which Zoë then says she doesn't know and kisses him.

At the dinner, he sees Maya in her dress and is obviously impressed by how she looks, not even able to form a sentence, clearly finding it flattering on her. Zoë sees this, and throws her drink on Maya as she sits down. Miles looks at Zoë angrily as Maya and Tristan leave to clean up her dress. Later, he informs Maya and Tristan that he ended his relationship with her because of how she acted towards Maya. He also warns her to "watch her back" and when Maya asks why, he tells her that Zoë has this "crazy idea" that he's into her. 

Maya and Miles at Degrassi.

In This Is How We Do It, he can be seen walking with Winston who is trying to get the attention of a few girls, who don't even know him. He remarks how Winston has been there for a year and not even one girl knows him. Winston says that none of the school girls were worth knowing just as Miles notices Maya and Tristan. As he looks at Maya, he says there might "one or two worth checking out".

Later on, he walks into class and again notices Maya and Tristan. He asks Maya that since he's new to Degrassi if she has "any good girlfriend recommendations". Maya sarcastically says she'd never stick him with "some poor, unsuspecting girl", causing him to say, "You mean some very lucky girl" as he sits down next to her. When Tristan brings up his fling with Zoë, Miles admits that dating Zoë was a mistake and that it was all behind him now. Tristan, who notices Zoë behind them, remarks, "literally". Miles looks up and behind me to see Zoë. He asks her if she's attending Degrassi now and is clearly disdained, dropping his head and obvious annoyance. As Mr. Perino walks in, he and Maya and Tristan take their seats.

As Zoë tries to leave, Mr. Perino says she can't, he and everyone else watch Zoë lash out on Mr. Perino in shock and surprise. Later, Miles, Maya, and Tristan are seen talking to each other in the hallway about the basketball team until Zoë interrupts them and mentions that she's interested in joining the power squad. Miles tells her off instead and walks off with Tristan and a reluctant Maya.

Miles as he buys tickets for him, Tristan and Maya.

In You Got Me, he is seen alongside Tristan and Maya buying tickets for the Beach Bash and running into Frankie, his sister, and Zoë. When Zoë tries to "jerk tax" him as he pays for the tickets, he teasingly remarks to Zoë that she's still "carrying that torch for him". When Zoë says since she "dumped" him that she's found her friends, causing Miles to remark how he thought Frankie had better taste in friends. Zoë then says that she is with Drew Torres, although Maya and Tristan bring up how he already has a fiance who is away at university.

Later on, Miles is seen arriving at the dance behind Maya and Tristan. When Winston tries to dance, Miles says that is the exact reason as to why he doesn't have a girlfriend. Later, he is seen flirting with Maya for the remainder of his time there. Zoë eventually becomes jealous and drags Drew in front of them to dance. When Drew begins acting strange, Miles make a joke out of it. When Zoë remarks why not he and Maya have sex before she runs off, he and Maya laugh. 

Miles tells Tristan about how guys at his old school used to do steroids.

He is seen in You Oughta Know trying out for the basketball team alongside Tristan. He is desperate to land starter position on the team, as it is what his father wants, despite it being highly unlikely since he is a sophomore and is going up against juniors and seniors. Tristan tries to make conversation with him, wanting to have a, "guy best friend," instead of his usual female crowd, and Miles invites him over to his house since he is having a party.

During the party, he is talking with Winston and Tristan when they are notified via their cell phones of the official listing for the basketball team. Despite having made the team, Miles is upset that he didn't get the position he wanted and storms off. Tristan follows after him, concerned, and Miles says how his father is going to be pissed that he failed to get starter position.

Miles receiving "steroids" from Tristan.

Tristan asks if he'll just simply be happy that he made the team at all, but Miles answers that's "not really his style" and that his dad is "much better at disappointment". He then says that he just needs something to give him "an edge". Tristan says that he hopes he's talking about a personal trainer. However, Miles tells him that the other guys at his old school did it and that it isn't a big deal. Tristan, though, is visibly surprised and says that steroids are a very big deal.

At the end of the episode, Miles is seen getting ready for his first basketball practice just as Tristan comes up to him with a small plastic bag of pills, seemingly steroids. He claims to have gotten them from his older brother and Miles happily hugs him. He tells him that he gave him just what he needs to make starter. Tristan appears nervous and sit down and Miles asks if he's coming since he doesn't want to be late for his practice. Tristan says he'll be out in a minute and Miles leaves. 

Miles, having made Starter position.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Miles has officially made starter position. Tristan is happy for him until Miles requests more steroids, believing they are what he needs in order to keep his position on the team. He also tells him how he has spread the word onto the team that he is getting steroids from someone much to Tristan's anger, who says that he can't be "giving away drugs like candy". Miles assures him that he didn't reveal his name and that if he gives him the drugs, then he will do the distributing personally himself. Unknown to Miles, Tristan didn't give him real steroids, only vitamin D tablets.

Later, Tristan has decided to come clean to Miles and comes up to him while Miles is at his locker. Before he can say anything, Miles tells him that the "steroids" have already been given to the whole time. Tristan then confesses to him that the drugs are fake since he was worried and didn't want him doing real drugs.

Miles finding out that the steroids that Tristan gave to him were fake.

Miles quickly becomes angry at Tristan and says that he doesn't need him to worry about him and that because of him, the whole team is going to think he's stupid "just like his dad". He slams his fist into the locker and begins walking off as Tristan insists that he is willing to come clean so he won't suffer any trouble. Instead, Miles asks Tristan how he is able to lie to him because he "thought they were friends" before storming off. 

Miles is next seen in the boy's locker room changing as Tristan goes up the boys who are taking his "steroids". Miles watches as Tristan reveals himself as the "supplier" and how he has learned of the many random drug tests that will be given to them. He offers a dosage of pills that will wipe the evidence of the "steroids" clean from their systems before declaring that after this, he is done with "supplying" and is "out of the business."

As the team leaves, Miles asks him what he actually gave them and he answers that he gave them b12 tablets and when they test clean they will think it was another pill doing the job. Tristan again apologizes for what he did, but Miles says that he understands what he did and that he was so determined to make starter position that he was "messed up" for a bit. He also says that he appreciates Tristan looking out for him and that there's an "up side" to everything that he's now realized... he made starter position on his own. 

Miles watching Maya perform a song in class.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Miles can be seen watching Maya as she performs her song project in front of the class, happily smiling, and joining in when the class applauds for her. Afterwards, Maya asks him for his opinion of her song. He responds that he was thought it was "okay", causing Maya to smile in amusement before she begins to walk away. However, Miles stops her, implying that he has something to ask her. He then asks Maya out, pulling out two tickets, inviting her to attend a concert with him the following day. Maya is clearly hesitant, and asks if she could get back to him. Miles is visibly disappointed, but says sure before leaving Maya with her thoughts. He is next seen watching Maya's new music video alongside Maya, Tristan and Zoë. He can be seen getting worked up and jealous as he watches Maya's romantic and intimate scenes with her male music video co-star. As Maya is ecstatic over the video, believing it will get her noticed as a musician, she notices Miles's tense and silent expression and asks him for his opinion about it. He responds, "It's fine... if you're into porn". He then gets up and abruptly leave in a huff.

Miles becoming jealous as he watches Maya's music video.

Later on, Maya meets up with him in the hallway and asks if he's mad at her. Miles asks why he'd be mad at her. Maya brings up the guy in her video and he says it's not like she's his girlfriend. Maya then mentions the concert and begins to apologize for declining when he says that he figured she just wasn't ready for a relationship yet when she just wasn't ready for him. Maya insists that isn't the reason at all and he says it's fine since he'll just find someone else to go with him and admits that he's really just surprised; she isn't the person he thought she was. Maya becomes confused and asks if it's about what she did in the video. She insists that was only acting, not the real her, and that she was doing if for the sake of her music career, causing Miles to retort, "So you were a slut to get attention". This comment makes Maya freeze in shock and Miles tells her to check out her Facerange fan page as it's what everyone is saying about her. He walks away from a stunned and confused Maya.

In class later, Miles sits as far away from Maya as possible. He watches at Maya is bullied by fellow classmates for her video and is openly slut shamed in front of the class when she tries to give a report on Jane Eyre. When Maya finally breaks down and flees from the classroom in clear distress, Miles looks downward in obvious remorse, clearly feeling regret. 

Miles pulling a random classmate off of Maya before he punches him.

In Barely Breathing, Miles walks into the music room as a male student begins forcing himself onto Maya, who tries pushing him away. Miles yanks him off of her and punches him before literally throwing him out of the room. Maya, in shock, asks him if his hand is okay. Miles says that it isn't, but that it was worth it. When Maya says how everyone believe that she is a slut, Miles tells her that they're wrong and admits that he was wrong to have said what he did about her. He asks how many guys she's kissed. She answers three. Miles reveals how he's kissed fifty different girls and one Tristan that someone should make a page about him. Maya remarks how since he's a guy people would "probably build him a statue". When Maya says how all she wants if for it to just go away, Miles says that he might have a solution and offers her his hand. Maya looks at him for a moment before accepting it. 

Miles listening as Maya rants about Zoë going unpunished.

Miles and Maya meet up with a goth girl who recognizes Maya from her music video. It turns out that Miles has payed her to find out who created the page that resulted in Maya's bullying. The girl explains how she knows the creator of the page used a fake account, but that she managed to crack them into unknowingly giving their identity up before showing her who started her page. Maya is shocked to see that it is Zoë, leading her to get into a cat fight with her and landing the two with a meeting with their mothers' and the principal.

After Zoë gets off scot-free for the page, Maya storms into the music room as Miles sits on the table, playing the electric guitar. He guesses that the meeting didn't go well. Maya rants to him about how Zoë isn't being punished for what she did and that her mom doesn't want to press charges because she was "sorry". To cheer her up, Miles begins playing the guitar and singing a playful song, bringing Maya to laugh and join in with him, singing a duet together. Miles jokes that she should "enlighten" everyone about the true person Zoë is. In class, Maya volunteers to sing a song in class. Miles attempts to stop her, saying how he was only joking, but Maya says that she is very serious about it. When Maya leaves the classroom when being sent to the office for her song, Miles looks down once again guilty. As a result of "threatening" Zoë's life, Maya is faced with suspension.

Miles kisses Maya for the first time.

That night, feeling guilty, Miles sneaks over to Maya's house window as she plays her cello and taps on the window to get her attention. Maya stops and opens it to ask what he was doing there. He admits how he feels like he pushed her into doing the song, but Maya says that Zoë had it coming. He says that Zoë is jealous of her because of she's "talented, funny and awesome" in ways that Zoë will never be. Maya says that he doesn't have to say things just to make her feel better. Miles, however, tells her, "I'm not... trust me". They share a clear moment before he leans in and kisses her. As he leans back, he says how school is going to suck without her. Maya smiles before hearing her mother about to come into the room. Maya quickly urges Miles out the window before saying a quick, "Wait! No." She gives him one last quick kiss before he descends out the window. 

Miles offering Maya advise about Tristan.

In Black Or White, he is seen with Maya and Tristan in Maya's living room on the couch beside her with his arm around her. He laughs with her as Tristan's performs his play script and makes suggestions for him as how to land a more serious role in his drama and acting class. 

In Spiderwebs, it is mentioned by Maya that Miles is away for Thanksgiving.

In The World I Know, Miles is with Tristan and they sit next on either side of Maya during lunch. They ask her if she wants to go out for lunch to a popular restaurant that Miles named to be good. However, Maya says she can't go since she has work to do for Remedial class. Miles asks if they give a serious amount of work as he takes a peek at her assignment. Maya says it wouldn't be that bad if she wasn't partnered with Zig Novak. Recognizing his name, Tristan is shocked and he and Maya get into a discussion about him as Miles looks at them in confusion. He asks them who Zig is. Maya insists, "Nobody" as Tristan claims, "Her ex". Miles retorts how those are different things.

Maya assuring Miles about Zig.

Maya explains that Zig isn't her ex since they never dated, but Miles stares at her for a moment. Maya then goes on to say that her relationship with Zig is complicated since they had kissed, earning a surprised chuckle from Miles, but that they haven't talked since last year. Miles insists to her that he isn't going to get jealous "over some Rubber Room skid". Maya looks down awkwardly before Miles then abruptly asks, "Wait, I'm prettier, right?" His comment makes Maya laugh before she says "Of course" and gives him a kiss. 

However, Tristan says that Zig, despite his new behavior, is still clearly in love with her. Maya blows off his comment, insisting that he's been watching "too many teen soaps" lately. She urges them to leave while she finishes her work. Miles and Maya share another quick kiss before he leaves with Tristan.

Miles as Tristan gives Maya a make over.

In Better Man, Miles walks in on Tristan giving Maya a dark make-over and asks if he missed "make over Monday". Tristan says no, just Maya paying Grace for a list of "Rubber Room Do's and Don'ts". Miles then takes Maya's phone and reads the list of things to do and not to do when you're in the Rubber Room, to which he laughs at. He asks Maya if she really thinks she can do all of this, to which she says she has to if she is going to survive the Rubber Room. Miles asks why she should even care if it's twice a day. Maya says that it doesn't matter since being in a room full of people who hate you is the worst. Tristan the asks her to not "turn into that weirdo in the back of the class". Maya then looks at her reflection in her phone and Miles remarks while rubbing her head that she'd "make a cute weirdo".

Miles catching Maya skipping school.

Later on, he runs into Maya (who is wearing more darker and edgy clothes to fit in with the Rubber Room kids) as she's making her way out of the school and reminds her how she's supposed to go into the school in the mornings, not out. Maya then gestures and points to a group of the Rubber Room kids behind him. Miles looks back and turns to her, stating that she is planning to skip school to hang out with them, clearly disapproving. Maya begins apologizing, insisting that now she is starting to finally fit in with them.

Despite still not approving, Miles relents saying that she does make a cute weirdo, making her smile. He gives her a kiss and walks into the school. 

Drew blackmailing Miles into letting him stay at his party.

In Dig Me Out, Miles is at his house, throwing a pool party. He is seen flirting with Maya before noticing Drew and Zoë arriving. As he approaches them, he retorts how he didn't expect Zoë to arrive there and with "a narc", referencing to Drew. After Miles tries to get them to leave, Drew threatens to reveal the party and how he is distributing alcohol to minors to his father if he doesn't allow him and Zoë to stay. This threat silences Miles, who stares at Drew. Maya comments on Drew's method of blackmail and remarks that he and Zoë are made for each other. Miles walks off as Maya follows behind him. Later, he challenges Drew and Zoë to a game of chicken pool fighting, but is declined. 

Miles tempting Maya into skinny dipping with him.

In No Surprises, Miles is with Maya at his house and in his pool. He tells her to get in or prepare to get splashed. When she tells him she doesn't have a suit, he takes off his swim shorts and tosses them at her and tempts her into skinny dipping. Maya hesitantly decides to go through with it, telling him to turn around. He does so as Maya begins taking off her clothes and jumps into the pool.

After jumping in the pool, they stare at each other for a moment, smiling, before overhearing his father and his campaign staff about to come in. Maya freaks and rushes out as he tries telling her it won't be a big deal since he is in a good place with his father. His dad and campaign staff then come in and stare at a towel covered Maya who awkwardly greets them. Maya tells Mr. Hollingsworth they were doing homework as Miles asks if she can stay for dinner. His father says it would be best if she left and she agrees, leaving in a towel and taking her stuff. Miles is scolded by his father for being embarrassing him in front of his staff. He yells at him to not humiliate him again and to get out of the pool. Miles asks if he could toss him his shorts. His father throws his shorts at him, smacking him in the face, as Miles is left staring downward.

During breakfast with his family, Mr. Hollingsworth gives Miles the silent treatment over the incident. Mr. Hollingsworth praises Miles' siblings Frankie and Hunter for their work on his campaign and suggests Miles follow their example. He tries insisting he was doing good since he hasn't gotten into any trouble since the school year began, but it still isn't good enough. After his father has left, Miles complains to his mother about the way his father has been treating him and she suggests he try harder.

Maya assuring Miles he can win his father's approval.

Later on, in class, Maya asks him if she left a bad impression on his father. He tells how how he already told her not to worry about it, but she insists that she is. He tells her that he got blamed for the entire situation and that everything is usually his fault. She says that she has suffered her fair share of parental drama and that sometimes you need to go the extra mile in order to make your parents happy. He mentions his father's campaign she she urges him to help out with that. She then teases him, making him believe she is going to kiss him, only to turn away at the last second, smirking. He smiles to himself in amusement.

Miles watching his father flirt with his campaign manager.

  At the Hollingsworth house, Miles, Maya and Winston begin helping Mr. Hollingsworth with his Mayoral campaign. Miles is excited to show his dad all the work he has put into helping out and goes outside to show him. However, he instead sees his father flirting with his campaign manager. He stares at them for a moment before looking away in plain disgust. At school, the next day Miles show Maya a necklace that he intends to give to Andrea, his fathers campaign manager, by slipping into her bag and see how she reacts to it and find out what is really going on between the two. Maya is reluctant for him to go through with the plan, warning him how it could just be one big misunderstanding. He still decides to go through with it to see what is truly going on.

Miles angered after realizing his father is having an affair.

At his house during the mock press meeting, Miles sees Andrea happily smile as she opens the fake gift and reads the card he wrote. With his suspicions confirmed, Miles is left furious. During the media training meeting, Miles fails to impress his father with his new attitude, mocking him with saying sarcastically how he hopes to be just like him and leaves abruptly, kicking his chair over before storming out. Miles' mother follows him out, demanding to know what is going on with him. Miles tells her that his father is having an affair.

She says that she knows about it. Stunned, Miles asks her why she won't leave him or even try to deal with the matter. She refuses to discuss her marriage with him and that they will deal with it after the election. Now clearly disgusted, Miles remarks how the election always comes first before anything else and leaves.

Miles kissing Maya's forehead after telling her he loves her.

That night, Miles is with Maya laying on the couch together. Miles talks to her about how he felt so angered at his father and how feels about the whole situation. Maya asks him if he is okay and he declares that he is done with his parents and their political plans. Miles then says how he has her now. After a moment, he tells her that he loves her. Maya looks up at him in clear surprise and says that she loves him too. He kisses her on her forehead and she lays back down on his chest, smiling to herself. The episode ends as Miles looks upward in deep thought.

In Basket Case, Miles is first seen on the phone with Maya, talking about his parents going away for a little while. Maya asks if that means he has the place all to himself. After confirming it and asking if she wants to come over, Maya teases him about getting the chance to maybe see "how that skinny dip ends". This leaves Miles slightly nervous. His father then walks in alongside Drew, bringing Miles to end the call, and ask why he was there. Drew reveals how he has been assigned as his personal baby-sitter, infuriating Miles, as his father tells him how there are going to be no girls allowed and no wild parties.

Miles deciding to get back at his dad.

Miles, while at school, complains to Winston about how Drew has followed him everywhere he's gone to, including waiting by his locker, outside when he used the bathroom, etc. He says how he is just trying to score points with his father is all the more furious about his father actually assigning him a baby-sitter, not trusting him to spend the night alone in his own house, and is sick of him trying to control his life. He then declares that if he is believed to still be required a baby-sitter, then he will act like he still does then. Winston then asks if that means they are going to be throwing a party. Miles says they are going to be throwing the party. Winston warns him how his father will be furious upon finding out and Miles says his dad is cheating on his mother, so he doesn't care what he thinks. Winston then begins to send messages out, but Miles says they need to take care of Drew first. After a moment, he smiles.

Miles tricking Drew into leaving for the day.

In the hallway, he comes up to Drew who says he needs to take him home AY-SAP. Miles head gestures to Winston nearby in the computer room, who sends Drew a text message disguised as a message from Mr. Hollingsworth. Drew reads the message, believing that Mr. Hollingsworth needs him to do a bunch of campaign work that will last hours. Miles said he'd help out, but he needs to go straight home to finish an English essay. Drew almost begs him to not get into any trouble and Miles assures him he will behave. Drew then leaves as Winston comes up to him, realizing he bought it. Miles asks who is on the guest list and Winston confirms he invited everyone. Miles, looking at him, says he just ditched Drew. Winston says he had faith in him. Zoë then passes and thanks him for the invite and she'll see him later. Miles asks why he'd invite Zoë when he knew she was trouble. Winston responds, "Isn't that the point?" Miles then goes with the choice then declares how this party is going to be epic.

Miles drunkenly fighting with Maya during his party.

Once the party's gotten started, Miles is thrilled with the large amount of people that showed up. Miles watches with Winston Zoë drunkenly yelling for who's ready to have some fun tonight as the crowd cheers. Later, Maya shows up, who isn't at all happy with the party. Miles drunkenly kisses her, and Maya pulls back asking what's happened to their original plans. Miles, clearly drunk, says how his dad told him he couldn't have anyone over. Maya, looking around stunned, says "So you decided to invite the entire school over?" Miles tells her that they'll have some alone time together. Maya says she isn't worried about that, she wants to know what he plans on doing; throw a huge party and get caught by his father to make him angry. Miles tells her, "Pretty much". Maya sarcastically remarks, "Awesome".

Miles tries encouraging her to let loose and have some fun, saying how he thought she'd enjoy it, but Maya refuses to. She tries urging him to sober up, but Miles accuses her of becoming judgmental. Maya says how she understands that he's going through something rough, but asks him to call the party off before his whole gets trashed. Miles then yells at her, saying how she doesn't get anything. Maya, staring at him, calmly tells him "Goodnight, Miles" before walking off as Miles asks if she's really just leaving. 

Miles faced with temptation as a drunken Zoë comes onto him.

That night, Miles is approached by a drunken Zoë who asks him where his "apple cheeked girlfriend" is at. Miles tells her how she didn't enjoy the party. Zoë asks if they had a fight and Miles says that she just doesn't get him. Zoë remarks how "judgy people like her" with their "perfect little lives" have no idea what it's like to be someone with real problems. She says that once people like that make up their minds about them, they don't change. She then strips down to her bra and panties, and collapses on top of him, wrapping her arms around them. She says that whatever people like them do together, it doesn't matter. Miles says to "Let them think what they wanna think". Zoë then leans in, inches from kissing Miles. 

Miles with Winston as they carry Zoë to the pool house to sober up.

However, Winston then pops up, snapping a picture of the two together. Miles, leaning up, asks what he's doing. Winston says he's preventing him from making a huge mistake. Miles says it's none of his business. Winston reminds him about his girlfriend who is "awesome in every way possible" and asks why he would want to screw that up. Miles says she was the one who took off and if he's supposed to run after her or something. Winston answers with a solid, "Yes!" because "that's what you do when you screw up". Miles then appears to come to his senses and climbs away from a passed out Zoë. After dusting himself off, he yanks out some flowers from a nearby pot. He sees Zoë and, after some contemplation, tells Winston he can't leave her out there and to put her in the pool house or something. Winston says he can't lift Zoë by himself and they lift her up together. Winston then snaps a picture of them together to use as leverage in the future on her. The two then carry her off. 

Miles half-drunkenly apologizing to Maya.

Miles then tries to make his way out of the house and runs into Drew, who found out about the party and demands to know what is going on. Miles, still a bit drunk, says how it's a party and to have fun. However, Drew firmly says he is not going to leave him with this mess to clean up himself and threatens to call his father. Miles, though, says that means they're both getting into trouble since it was his job to make sure this never happened in the first place. He tells him to move, but Drew then reveals how his father came up with the "Miles Management Plan" and says how his father came up with several options on what to do in case he screwed up his campaign election again. Miles, despite being stunned, shoves him and storms out. 

Later on, Miles arrives at Maya's house and knocks on her window, getting her attention. Maya, annoyed, gets up and opens it. She asks him why he is there and he says he came to apologize. He admits he was wrong and should have never thrown the party in the first place and stopped it when she asked. She asks him if he even cares about her. Miles tells her that he wouldn't be there if he didn't. He tries to insist that she's the only thing he cares about. Maya says he clearly cares about his father otherwise he wouldn't be putting so much energy into making him mad. Miles admits to her how he just wishes his father would stop treating him like crap. Maya simply tells him to not give his father a reason to then. She then shuts the window, closes the curtain and walks away. Miles tries to call out to her, but she ignores him.

Miles owning up to his actions.

The following morning, Miles is cleaning up the house from the party. Frankie asks if Maya accepted his apology, and he says that she didn't. They hear a car door close and Miles realizes their parents are home. His dad then walks in and sees the mess, and asks where Drew is since he had been assures nothing would happen. Miles tells him how Drew had nothing to do with the party and was the one who ended it. He asks Frankie if he is telling the truth and she confirms that Drew stayed on top of things. He tells her to go get ready for school and she leaves. 

Miles telling his father that he knows about the affair.

Miles explains how he threw the party because he was mad. His father asks if it was because he hired Drew as a sitter and Miles tells him that he knows about the affair. Stunned, his father is silenced. Miles goes on to explain how while mom may be okay with it - he isn't. His father, now calm, tries explaining it was complicated. But Miles says how he doesn't want an explanation, he just can't go along with his image of being a perfect son and smiling as though he's "man of the year". Relenting, his father says okay, but not to pull any more stunts like last night again. Miles promises him he won't. His dad says he will call a service to clean up, but Miles says it isn't need; it's his mess, he'll clean it up. His dad looks at him, clearly for once, approving of him. He walks off as Miles looks on.

In Unbelievable, Miles tries to win Maya over again when he runs into her at school. He tells her how he made up with his dad, but Maya retorts if he wants a medal. He says how she can't still be mad at him for the party, but Winston remarks how she clearly still is. Miles reminds her of how he already apologized to her, but Maya tells him that it was not accepted. He then puts a expensive gift on her desk and asks, "How about now?" Maya is stunned and says that he can not expect to buy her forgiveness. Miles says that he won't be able to focus on his basketball game with her mad at him. Maya, shocked, remarks, "Are you serious?" before taking her things and getting up. She picks up his gift, puts it back on his desk, and walks away from him. Miles mutters a "Come on", looking exasperated. 

Miles as Zoë demands to know if they slept together at his party.

During his basketball practice, Miles is distracted by Maya not willing to forgive him so easily. Dallas bounces the basketball on his back and notes how he's clearly distracted. The other boys ask him what's up and he explains how Maya is still mad at him for throwing the party. They ask if he apologized to her and whether he got her a gift. He says that he did all of that, but she won't budge. Tristan explains how he needs to make a grand gesture and something public that will send his message of a sincere apology to her. Miles says how that seems like it will be a lot of work. Tristan says there are five of them and that they can all pitch in to brain storm ideas together. Dallas accepts the idea for a few minutes and Miles is willing to do it as long as it means winning Maya back over. 

Miles singing his apology to Maya in the Sing Off.

Later on during class, he is rummaging through a chest of school costumes when Zoë closes it and demands to know they had sex at his party. He shushes her and pulls her downward. He says that Maya cannot hear about this. Zoë says how the last thing she remembers is them talking and then waking up naked in his pool house. He tells her how she tried kissing him, passed out and he and Winston put her in the pool house to sober up; nothing else. Zoë is relieved, commenting how gross it would have been if they did and walks off. Miles then resumes going through the chest.

During the Sing Off, Miles has Winston trick Maya into arriving by telling her that Tristan is performing. With the help of the basketball team, Miles performs a song of a sincere apology to Maya. Maya tries keeping a straight face, but soon begins smiling and grinning to herself. Miles, seeing that it worked, smiles as well as he finishes the song. He receives a score of 9.8 when the audience and judges sees that he trying to win a girl over. 

Following this, Miles and Maya are seen walking into class, holding hands and happy. Winston asks if the singing apology actually worked. Miles says that he is on "probation" and as long as he doesn't screw up again, it should be good. He and Maya begin kissing until Mr. Simpson arrives to take Winston and him down for questioning with the police, stunning them, regarding his party and what happened to Zoë.

Miles as he is interrogated by the police.

In the principal's office, Miles is questioned on what happened between him and Zoë. Zoë is confirmed to have been sexually assaulted at the party and there are photos of him and Winston seen carrying her away - making them the prime suspects. Miles is anxious and simply says he didn't do anything wrong. He asks if he can just go and practice for his upcoming basketball game. They are soon released when Winston confirms how they are seen on several other photos at a different place and time when Zoë's attack took place with time codes on the photos to back it up. 

In class afterwards, following Miles and Winston being removed as suspects, Miles is happy at no longer being suspected of Zoë's assault and tells Maya how she can now come to his game and cheer him on. However, Maya is unexcited, lost in thought over Zoë's sexual assault now gone public. She tells him how the pep rally got cancelled due to the suspects of Zoë's assault being on the basketball team. She confronts him over what happened between him and Zoë at his party, asking him about the photos of him and Zoë together and the ones of him and Winston carrying her away. Miles tries explaining things, but Maya asks him bluntly what he did with Zoë. Miles won't give an answer, causing Maya to leave. As she walks off, he insists that he did nothing wrong. 

Miles after Zoë blames her rape on him.

Later on, Miles approaches Zoë, having paid her partner to switch. She tells him how she just wants to work on her assignment. Miles tells her how he knows "life sucks for her" right now, but that he wants her to explain how nothing went on between them to Maya, who believes the two might have done something together. Zoë soon asks him if he knows what it's like not knowing what happened to you; not knowing if someone touched you or not. Miles says he can't, but that it's not his fault what happened to her. Zoë says that it sort of is. Miles insists that he didn't do anything. Zoë tells him that's the point; he saw how drunk she was and he just left her somewhere all alone. He asks what else he was supposed to do. Zoë says he could have made sure she was safe and that because he didn't, he let those guys hurt her. In tears, she runs out of class as Miles stares forward in thought.

Before the game, Miles is in deep thought as the team gets pumped up for the game. Tristan complains how the pep rally got cancelled and Miles remarks who even cares about it. Tristan says how he just wanted to have some fun. Miles answers, "Even when someone on this team assaulted Zoë?" One of the teammates brings up how there isn't any proof. Miles says that the people in the video were wearing their team jackets, but Dallas says someone could have easily stolen one of them. Miles tells him how that is nothing but crap and loudly demands for the attackers to come forward. Dallas tells him that they are a team and that they stick together. However, Miles refuses to. Packing up this things, he leaves.

Miles as he watches Zoë's rapist being arrested.

On his way out, he sees Maya nervously walking towards him in the crowd, coming to apologize to him. She said that she overreacted to things, but he insists that she didn't. He says that he knows he screwed up and is sorry. Maya asks if he's playing in the game, but he says that he isn't since the team doesn't care about what happened to Zoë. He suggests that they leave, but she asks if he wants to attend the game to see his teammates' asses get kicked without him. They then see Zoë and go up to her to comfort her over the ordeal. They then watch as Zoë confronts Luke and reveals him as her attacker to the school and Becky walking Zoë off, who is in tears. After Zoë's attackers are arrested, they join in to help Zoë out following the days afterward if anyone gives her any problems. Maya jokingly remarks how she will let Zoë "borrow" Miles for the day to make sure no one bothers her about what happened. 

In What It's Like, Miles is carrying a laughing Maya over his shoulder. After she tells him to put her down, Miles asks if he wants to carry her around all day long. He eventually sets her down on a stand advertising for the semi formal. She says how she needs to get her essay done otherwise she's going to be stuck in the Rubber Room forever. Miles complains about how bad it is that she needs to spend first and last period in there. Maya says the sooner she gets her essay done, the sooner she can leave and spend more time with him. He says how he'd like that and the two begin kissing only to be interrupted by Tristan. He remarks if he really needs to see them "suck face". Maya then says she has to finish her essay and opens her bag to get her laptop only to see it gone and begins panicking. Miles suggests she forgot it, but Maya says she would never do that. She then brings up how she left her bag unattended when she went to use the washroom while in the Rubber Room. They immediately suspect her laptop was stolen by one of them.

Miles and Maya spying on Zig.

Miles is later seen sneaking up behind Maya and tapping her on her shoulder, startling her. He laughs and says how he's been looking everywhere for her. He then asks what she's doing sneaking around. She tells him she thinks Zig stole her laptop. Looking over her shoulder, he asks her if she wants him to punch him for her. Amused, she says she needs to make sure she is right first and tries to walk up to Zig. But Miles holds her back, saying how he's likely going somewhere sketchy. She grabs his hand and says that, in the case, he's going with her. The two sneak off and watch Zig break into an abandoned house. Miles suggests he may be squatting. After a moment, Maya says that she's going to head home since she has a ton of homework. Miles says he'll walk her home, but Maya she that it'll be out of his way and that she'll be fine. Hesitantly, he agrees and tells her to call him when she gets back.

Miles telling Maya how Zig could have hurt her.

At school the following day, he overhears Maya telling Tristan and Zoë about how Zig was upset when she approached him in the house. Upset that she lied to him, he says how she told him that she was heading home. Maya says she needed to know what was going on, but he says that something could have happened to her and that Zig could have hurt her. Maya says that Zig of all people wouldn't hurt her. However, Miles insists that he's bad news. It becomes clear that he wants her to stay away from him. Maya says that's her fault since she blew him off all summer long and now he's homeless and that she should have been there for him. Miles, growing frustrated, says that this isn't her problem to deal with. When Tristan sarcastically remarks if she's going to adopt Zig to help him out, Miles tensely suggests, "Or date him?" Maya is a little hurt and he tells her how she seems to care about Zig a lot. She says that's because she has a heart, something the rest of them are clearly lacking. As the bell rings and Maya walks off, saying she's going to talk to Ms. Grell about it, Miles looks upward still frustrated.

Miles giving Maya an apology rose.

After school, Miles approaches Maya with a red rose. They both turn around and they both apologize at the same time, with Maya also holding a rose with the same idea. They laugh and Miles apologizes for what he said. Maya explains how Zig was a close friend and that seeing his new dangerous life is scary. Miles asks if she talked to Ms. Grell about Zig. Maya says she was told something would get figured out. Miles says she definitely earned herself a fun night they'll have at the formal together. Maya reminds him how he never officially asked her to the formal. Miles teasingly says he was thinking about his other girlfriend. Maya remarks for him to have a good time with her, smiling at him. The two share a kiss and Miles says how he can't believe he's saying this, but he promised to be home for dinner. After switching roses, he leaves.

Miles finding out about Zig living with Maya.

In Close To Me Miles shows up at Maya's house with a large bouquet of roses. Maya says to him that she needs to talk to him, but before they do, Miles he gets down on one knee while holding the flowers out. He asks her officially to be his date to the semi formal. After they share a quick kiss, Miles notices Zig in her kitchen. With a troubled look on his face, he says, "What is he doing here?" Maya says, "That is what I wanted to talk to you about" as Miles and Zig stare at each other.

Maya asks Miles, while to school, how many time she needs to say she is sorry. Miles tells how how another guy sleeping in her house, still fuming. Maya ask if he trusts her and he responds yes, but that Zig is the one that cannot be trusted. He brings up how Zig is a drug dealer, but Maya says it is only a rumor. Maya tries insisting Zig is a good guy and brings up the idea that they should all hang out together at the dance. Miles pauses before he says, "You're joking..." Maya says please. He then agrees, saying she is lucky to be cute. He later on shows up at Maya's house again to pick her up for the dance. He compliments her on her dress and she gives him a kiss. As she goes to get her coat and purse, Miles and Zig have a short stare down. He asks her if she's okay and she says yes. The two then leave. 

Miles dancing with Maya at the dance.

At the dance, Miles says that he's sorry how her plan to have everyone spend time together didn't work out as he dances with her. She says she's over it and that she just wants to have a fun night to spend with her boyfriend. Miles laughs as he tells her to stop stepping on his feet. Maya remarks that he's the clumsy one, not her. He tells her how it's only because he's distracted by his need to kiss her. Maya says there is an easy fix to that and kisses him. The moment is interrupted when Zig approaches and the other Rubber Room kids showing up as well. Maya and Miles are surprised that they came after all. After Zig explains how they snuck in through a side door. After Grace goes off to dance with Tristan, Miles offers to get Zig a drink.

Miles and Zig's confrontation during the dance.

At the punch bowl, the two watch as Maya dances by herself. Miles asks if he saw the game they played. Zig says that he's not into "watching a bunch of meatheads chase a ball around" as they continue watching her dance. Miles says he's just trying to be nice and Zig says not to do him any favors. Miles tells him he's doing it for Maya because he cares. He then says that if he cared himself, he would try as well. Zig, continuing to stare at Maya, says he does care about her... a lot. Miles looks at him and asks him, "As a friend?" Zig says that it's "hard to stay friendly when you sleep down the hall from them". Miles stares at him for a moment before warning him to keep her out of his drug involved lifestyle. Zig says he'll deal whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with whomever he wants. Zig tells him to "play nice" before walking off from a now angered Miles.

Later on, during the dance, Zig is called by school security to open his locker as they have received reports that he is carrying drugs. Miles shows up, asking what is going on. Grace immediately accuses him of being the rat, but Maya insists Miles wouldn't do a thing like that. Miles insists that she is telling the truth, but Grace notices that Miles looked away from Maya as he did so. After Grace tells her that Miles is lying, Maya looks at him in the eye and asks him to tell her the truth. Miles looks away and says that Zig is a huge jerk, revealing himself as the culprit. 

Grace accusing Miles of being the snitch on Zig.

As a disgusted Grace storms off, Maya is stunned. She asks "Seriously?" Miles comes up to her and asks for them not to fight now. Maya again asks for him to answer the question. Miles says that he was just worried about her and tries to take her hand, but Maya slaps him away and says how he has no idea what it's like for Zig in his life. Miles asks if she is seriously defending him and tries bringing up what Zig said to him, but Maya ignores this. She rants about how she can't believe he would do something so spiteful just because he got jealous. He then yells at her that Zig is fooling her and she's falling for it. Maya says the only thing she fell for what believing that he could be someone that she could be with. Miles stares at her, now the one stunned, and asks what she's saying. She says she needs time to think, but he concludes she is choosing Zig over him. Maya firmly says it's not like that. However, Miles holds his hands up and says, "Whatever you say" before walking away from a tearful Maya.

Miles performing with Tristan and Zig during music class.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Miles sends Maya a gift - not the first - since their break up with a note asking for forgiveness. During music class, he performs a song and is clearly distracted. After the class ends, he is approached by Maya who wants to return it. He says how he knows she told him no more gifts, but he saw the harmonica and instantly thought of her and that it would be perfect for her. She admits to it being a thoughtful gift, but Miles is upset that she still giving it back. She tells him that he scares her with the way he lashed out at his father and "framing" Zig for drugs. He insists that he can be a better guy and asks for a chance just to prove it. Maya says the only way they can work is if they could keep a relationship between them a secret. Miles is surprised, but accepts it as long as it means getting her back. He tries to kiss her, but Maya ducks, reminding him that it is supposed to be a secret. Miles appears slightly disdained, but smiles at her.

Miles making out with Maya as Winston acts as a look out.

In the hallway in a room, Miles is seen making out with Maya as Winston acts as a look out for Zig. Winston asks if they were done yet, but Miles asks for five more minutes and to just keep an eye out for Zig. As he continues making out with Maya, she says how much she has missed him and he answers that he's missed her too. Winston then sees Zig coming by and warns them in a silly coded warning. Maya gives an distracted, "Hmm?" as the two continue kissing. Winston tries again to warn them, "Black dog is coming!" When Miles asks what he means, Winston yells, "Zig is coming!" The three then act as though they were studying when Zig passes the room, stopping to look at them. He asks if he has interrupting something, which they deny. Zig then requests to talk to Maya privately, causing Miles to look at them. Miles gives Miles a look before she follows him as Miles watches. 

Miles watching as Zig tries to win Maya over.

Unable to help himself, Miles walks out to watch the two and witnesses from afar as Zig tries to strike up a relationship between him and Maya and even tries to kiss her. As Maya ducks from his advances, she notices Miles who steps closer to the scene. As Zig takes off his bracelet and puts on her wrist as a symbol that she will wait for him, Miles glares at the scene. Maya gives a quick shrug of her shoulders to him, but Miles is clearly angered and storms away.

During music class later on, Maya is singing a song in front of the class that hints close to the love triangle with Miles and Zig. Miles watches as Zig tries convincing Maya to have lunch with him, only to be turned down, and hugs her. As he leaves, he gives Miles a satisfied and cold wink, angering him greatly. 

Miles refusing to be a secret.

As Maya comes up to him, he instantly declares that he just can't do this and walks away from her. Following him, Maya asks what he means. He explains how he can't stand to see her with Zig, who is openly gloating as if he's won. Maya reminds him that she is with him, not Zig, but Miles reminds her that Zig doesn't know that. Maya tells him she needs him to be the bigger person, but Miles tells her that he can't when Zig has "basically marked her", gesturing to her bracelet. He says that she has been stringing Zig along for a year and asks why. Maya stares at him before she says how she just doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Miles retorts, "Too late for that," and walks out. 

Miles after being beaten by Zig.

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Miles is seen at the school dance where Maya asks him if he has seen Zig. He says that he hasn't and is concerned when she shows great worry for him. When Maya tells him how the last person she cared about went missing and never came back, he assures her that things will be fine and he will look for Zig. He gives her a kiss and walks off. Later, he finds Zig in the Degrassi Greenhouse. He tells him how Maya is worried about him and tries convincing him to come inside, only to be ignored. He tells him how he knows that he cares about Maya, only for Zig to claim that he actually doesn't. Miles says that while he doesn't, he cares for her and refuses to let him ruin the dance for her. Zig pushes his hand away when he tries to grab him and Miles walks away. However, Zig then calls Maya his "sloppy seconds". Pausing in his step, Miles then takes a swing at him. A fight breaks out between the two, which ends with Miles beaten and bruised on the ground. As Zig remarks they have broken the "rich kid", Miles yells this isn't over. Zig says it is and walks away.

Miles confronting Zig with a fake gun.

Later on, Miles is recovering from the fight when Winston shows up with a fake gun that is an exact replica to a real one. As he says the school won't let him bring it in, Miles gets an idea. He takes the gun and decides to approach Zig with it. Winston tries talking him out of it, but Miles refuses to listen. He approaches Zig with the gun, who becomes scared.

As Miles begin threatening Zig, Maya and Tristan arrive, having been looking for them. Maya immediately screams out Miles' name in a panic as they rush up to him. Despite Miles' trying to explain the gun is a fake and that Zig beat him up, Maya reprimands him for doing something so reckless despite knowing how she is already scared of his emotional impulses. As she begins having a breakdown, he tries approaching her only to be pushed away by Tristan. He tells Miles to leave and he does, taking one last look at Tristan comforting Maya, and leaves with Winston. 

Miles as Winston unknowingly checks out his younger sister.

In You Are Not Alone, he is seen teasing Winston about his comic book club he recently started. He asks him why he is running a comic club and Winston claims it is to meet likeminded individuals. Miles flatly tells him that he means girls, to which Winston answers, "Not just girls..." Miles tells him that since it's spring why not just borrow one of his dad's convertibles and go joy riding around to run into some girls. But Winston says he's not interested in "bimbos who are attracted to shiny objects".

Just then they see a girl sign up for Winston's club. He tells Miles, "Hottie alert!" He then rants about how that's a girl who has taste and not afraid in taking risks just as Miles cuts him off with, "That's my sister...", much to his clear disappointment. He asks Miles why his "annoying little sister" is signing up for his comic club. Miles retorts how "a joy ride with bimbo's must not sound so bad now". Winston firmly insists he will meet his "soul mate" in the comic society. He then adds on how she won't be "a comic book character".

Later on, he is seen heavily amused when Winston charges into the Hollingsworth mansion, demanding to know where Frankie is. Miles asks him if he is seriously going to challenge his sister to a fight, saying how she might be able to seriously take him. Winston blows off his comment, claiming he is going to give her a "piece of his mind". Miles says how he is going to go make some popcorn for the show and leaves in a chuckle.

Miles furious over his sister making out with an older guy.

In Enjoy The Silence, Miles walks in on Winston and Frankie secretly discussing their kiss, but doesn't overhear it. He is furious over the fact that his little sister has made out with an older guy, having overheard her talking about it with Keisha. Winston nearly lets it slip that it was him as Miles says she didn't reveal the guy's name. Frankie insists the guy she kissed is nice and Miles doesn't have to worry. However, Miles firmly insists that he knows how high school guys are since he is one and they aren't nice. He declares that this guy needs a good warning. He asks for Winston's back up on his opinion. Winston points out how Miles usually doesn't care about his little sister. Miles says that doesn't mean that he wants some "grade 10 creep trying to feel her up" since she's only a freshmen. He asks if Winston is on the guy's side, to which Winston insists he isn't. Miles then declares that he needs his help in tracking the guy down. 

At Degrassi, Miles heads into the computer room fully determined to find the guy who kissed Frankie. After Winston tells Tristan that it was him who kissed Frankie and that he may actually want to date her, Tristan blows off his concerns about Miles being furious with the idea and directly tells Miles that Winston knows who kissed Frankie. Miles immediately demands to know who it is. On a whim, Winston randomly says it was Damon, who is at a computer nearby. He thanks Winston for "finding the perp" and calls him a good friend. However, as he goes to approach him, it turns out he has already left the lab. 

Miles determined to find out who kissed his sister Frankie.

Miles is angry that he lost him, but Winston tries insisting it is good thing. Miles retorts if he doesn't believe that he can take him, but Winston calls Damon a "mountain of a man" and doesn't want to see him get hurt. At that comment, Miles suggests they both take him on. Winston tries talking his way out of it, but Miles says they can leave as long as Damon gets the message loud and clear - stay away from Frankie. 

Later, Miles looks for Damon and finally finds him in the hallway. He immediately confronts him about supposedly kissing Frankie, remarking how he has to know her age, as Winston tries stopping him. As Miles begins pushing Damon who begins getting ready to strike back, Winston collapses from his sickness. The two both stop and stare down at him. They then carry him off to a hallway bench. 

Miles telling Winston about Frankie's long time crush on him.

After Winston comes to, Miles asks if he is okay. Winston remarks if he is and if Damon hurt him. Miles says he didn't and calls him a surprisingly decent guy. He adds on how he isn't the one who kissed his sister though - Winston is. Winston is stunned and immediately begs for him not to kill him. Miles is amused and asks why he didn't just tell him. He tells him how he was so upset about his break up with Maya that he didn't want to make it seem like he betrayed him as well. Miles asks if he thought that because Frankie kissed him. He then comments how funny he actually thinks it is. Winston asks why he would think that. Miles reveals how Frankie has had a crush on him since she was eight years old and now she's kissed him all these years later. He then blows it off, saying how it's not like he's gonna actually date her since she's in grade nine. He goes on, saying what people would even call them as a couple name and begins making jokes about it, unaware of Winston's hurt feelings since he actually likes Frankie. 

Miles confronting Maya.

Later on, he runs into Maya, who is trying to run out of the hallway, and stops her. He asks her if she's "sneaking off to be with the new boyfriend". Maya tries walking around him, telling him it's not the time. However, he stands in her way as he tells her how people saw her and Zig kissing. He demands to know if it's really that easy for her to get over him. Maya then tells him how he was right about Zig all along, revealing how he is really into drug dealing and is involved in a gang. He asks her if she's told anyone. She says that she can't and tries to leave again, only to be stopped by Miles once again. He tells her how she needs to tell an adult. Maya refuses to since it may land Zig back on the streets and with the gang, possibly dead or in a jail cell. She admits how she feels trapped and can only imagine how Zig himself must feel. Empathetic, Miles assures her that he may have a way out for Zig. 

Miles helping out in campaign work.

At the bus station, Miles shows up with his father as Maya tries convincing Zig not to leave. As his father tells Zig about being able to get him help from former gang members who specialize in helping other people get out themselves, Miles looks upset as he looks at the two together, unable to look at them and glancing away. 

In How Bizarre, he talks with Drew during the campaign work at his mansion home. He tells Drew to slow down in his work, remarking if he keeps working that fast then he will make the rest of the family look bad. Drew retorts that they don't need him to do that. Miles gives a sarcastic "Ha ha" and picks up some posters and leaves. 

Miles watching Drew talking to a reporter.

In My Hero, he is mentioned when Becky talks about Sir Excellence (really Hunter under an online guise) mentioning to her about his "mean older brother". Later, Miles is seen at his house when Drew comes by hoping to talk to his dad. Miles points to him where his dad is coming down the stairs. When Drew accidentally pushes his father into the pool, he laughs while clapping, "Bravo!" and smiling in amusement. When a fellow reporter gives Drew her card for information regarding the incident, Miles looks on in clear concern. 

Later on in school, during lunch, Miles teases Drew about "Mr. Popular eating alone". Drew, upset, asks what he wants. As he sits down next to him, Miles asks for him not to talk to the paper about his father. Drew, now smiling, asks what he can possibly tell them about his dad. Miles answers about the affair with Andrea, stunning Drew that he knows about it. Miles tells him how it is best the affair stay under wraps, but Drew says how he was wrongfully terminated and that he can't know what it's like. 

Miles asking Drew not to reveal his father's affair to the paper.

Miles reminds him about his father still being a powerful man and therefore can give him something he may want or need instead. Drew asks like what. Miles answers that he must have a lot of powerful connections and can surely come up with something for him. He urges him to at least think about it before getting up and leaving. 

In Out of My Head, he is at his locker when Frankie comes up to him and says they need to talk. She tells him how Becky gave her a spot on the modeling team. Miles retorts how that's a good thing, but Frankie says how she doesn't know why she did and suspects their mother paid her into doing it. Miles says how that sounds just like her, making her surprised. Miles tells her how she did the same thing when his little league coach wouldn't make him starter and Frankie recalls how she did tell her how upset she was over not getting a spot. She asks him what she should do. Miles answers to have fun modeling before closing his locker and walking away.

Frankie, following him, says how everyone is making fun of her for being rich. Miles tells her how she shouldn't care what people think and if they want to make fun her then they are going to find a reason. Frankie answers how depressing that sounds and he tells her to "just live her life". Frankie then suggests that she go to Becky and demand an answer and he says, "Sure, or that" before leaving. 

Miles re-connecting with Maya.

In Believe (1), he, Winston and Maya are working together on a class assignment. Winston tells him during a debate that just because he wants to have sex with Maya one day doesn't mean he can take her side in the debate. Miles claims that isn't true, unless Maya herself wants to. She retorts, "Seriously?" as she looks at her cell phone at a text she got. Miles assures her that he got the message "loud and clear" before she leaves. 

Later on in class, he asks Maya why she seems to be upset. She tells him she can't imagine the pain Zoë must be going through with having reporters stalk her and all the lies about her online during her trial for being sexually assaulted. When she suggests they do something to show support, Miles comes up with the idea for creating placards and shirts and can use leftover campaign stuff from his dad's staff and workers. Maya agrees to it and they agree to meet up later on to get working. Later on, the two are having a good time working and designing shirts and boards. When Maya tells him how much it means to her that he's helping, he says how Zoë didn't deserve to be raped and that people need to hear that. 

Maya the tells him how after everything is over, perhaps they can spend some more time together, making him smile. After she leaves to talk to Ms. Grell, Winston tells him that he is only wasting his time. Miles says how he totally has a shot at winning Maya again, but Winston reminds him that he needs to testify in court and how Maya will feel when finding out about his near hook up with Zoë. After class, Miles walks out with Maya after distributing the posters and boards to fellow classmates. When Maya says she'll catch up with him after talking to Zig, he appears slightly disdained, but leaves.

In court later on, he is with the group when Zoë's article badly misquotes her words about the event regarding the aftermath of her rape. When Frankie insists parts of the article are true, mainly about her being obsessed with male attention, she brings up the time she took Miles' rejection of her badly. This brings Miles to ask to be kept out of the conversation. 

Miles telling Winston to lie for him under oath.

In Believe (2)Miles is at his locker with Maya, who is helping him get ready for his turn on the stand. He expresses his nervousness for what he is to say, and she tries re-assuring him how nothing that happened to Zoë is his fault and to tell the truth and remain honest. She begins to fix his tie as she assures him that she is going to be there with him the whole time. After this, he looks at her and quickly pulls her away privately into a more empty hallway. He confides in her about how many things happened at his party and fears what others will think when they learn about them. Maya says how they will only view him as a good guy for trying to have Zoë sleep her drunkenness off. 

Miles at the trial with Maya.

He then asks how she views him, revealing how her opinion about him is the only one he cares about. She admits how she thinks he has changed and can trust him now, and believes he is a good guy. Miles tells her that he loves her and has never stopped; just as they are about share a kiss, Winston walks in and ends the moment. At the trial, he is rehearsing with Winston to lie on the stand about him nearly hooking up with Zoë at the party to spare himself any consequences he may face for not telling Maya. However, Winston is clearly nervous about lying under oath for him. Miles insists how he is on the verge of re-uniting with Maya and if she finds out about his almost cheating, then they're done. He tries to rehearse with him again, but Winston walks off, upset. 

At the trial, Maya holds Miles' hand as Winston gives his testimony. Despite his promise to Miles, Winston is unable to go through with lying and admits that Miles and Zoë came close to hooking up. Upset, Maya storms out of the courtroom as Miles follows after her. In the halls of the courthouse, Miles frantically tries to explain, but Maya is furious with him. Miles insists how Winston was supposed to have lied, shocking Maya that he actually wanted his best friend to lie under oath for him. Miles says how he was just drunk and upset and that she was the one to have left him, but Maya yells that all they did was have a fight and that didn't mean he had to hook up and Zoë. Miles tells her that she abandoned him when he needed her and Maya asks why he didn't just tell her that to begin with. Realizing his mistake, Miles is silenced. 

Maya yells at him that when things go wrong, he has to go and do "the ugly thing". Miles asks if she's "writing him off". Maya continues to yell how she can't "wait around every time to pick up the pieces of every time he freaks out" as she begins to smack at him in emotion, bringing Miles to hold her in an effort to calm her down. He begs her not leave him again, but Maya declares that "it's the last time" and that they are done. Letting her go, Maya walks off as Miles stares after her. 

Miles arranging a "bro date" with Trisan.

In Thunderstruck, Miles is walking in the hallway when Tristan, who had been ditched to go to the dance by Zoë, falls into step with him and asks if he can believe he is being ditched for Zig. The tension gets a little awkward when Tristan recalls how Miles had been broken up with by Maya for Zig. Changing the subject, Tristan asks if he going to the dance. Miles answers no and, when asked why not, says it "rhymes with Shmaya Shmatlin". Tristan suggests attending together, causing Miles to say how his parents are away in vacation and instead comes up with an idea to have a movie marathon. Tristan brings up Winston, but Miles says how he "betrayed him in court and now makes out with his little sister". Tristan calls it a "bro date", which Mile says no one calls. Tristan goes on about how he makes a mean bag of popcorn as he loops his arm around Miles and the two share a laugh.

Later, the two interrupt Frankie and Winston's date as Miles changes the channel. Frankie and Miles fight over the remote as she says that just because Maya broke his heart doesn't mean he has to act the way he is. They then settle for a game of charades - Hollingsworth style. Sometime later, Miles and Tristan keep winning the game, much to Winston and Frankie's annoyance. As Tristan guesses Miles' charade again and explains they read the book in class that Grant Yates was in charge of, Miles makes a remark about Yates being a creep. Tristan asks why they'd call him that and Winston reveals how Yates had tried to grope him in school. Tristan says how Yates would never do that, but Winston states he "was there" and asks why he is even defending him.

Miles and Frankie fighting over the remote.

After a moment of silence, Miles asks in concern if he had tried to touch him too. Tristan remains silent and everyone in the room puts it together that Tristan had a relationship with Yates. Frankie, in shock, asks if he really had a thing with "the pervy teacher". Tristan tries to defend that they had a "connection", causing Miles to remark how if he has learned one thing, it's that "no one will ever truly love you". Upset, Tristan leaves as Winston tells Miles, "Cold man..."

Looking for Tristan, Miles finds him by the pool in the pouring rainstorm. Calling out to him, he insists they have to get inside as it's dangerous during the storm. Tristan tells him to "just leave him to the storm". Pausing, Miles asks if he really had a thing with Yates. Shrugging, Tristan says how he honestly thought they were in love, but it all turned out to be "a big joke". He then mocks Miles' earlier words, asking whoever can "truly love him, right?"

Miles says he is the "most lovable guy he knows" and that he didn't mean no one could him, as in Tristan, but he meant himself. Tristan doesn't believe him, calling him "a god among men" and could have any girl he wants. Laughing, he says how when you get to know him, everyone "runs for the hills". Tristan calls Maya a dummy and that Zoë isn't exactly good when it comes to boys. Tristan then brings up the time he fell for him in Paris, and Miles then protects him 

As they collapse onto the ground, Tristan says how if it was "a rom com" that would be the moment they would kiss. Just as they are about to actually kiss, the power goes out altogether. Miles says they need to go back inside and make sure that "someone keeps Frankie and Winston in check".

Inside, Miles introduces a new game called Murder. Tristan and Miles soon begin flirting with each other, as Frankie and Winston begin to pick up on it. He tells them to scatter, Winston asks Miles what's going on with him and Tristan. Miles acts as if he doesn't know, but Winston tells him that Tristan clearly wants him. Miles insists he and Tristan are just friends, but Winston asks if Tristan himself know that. He then just warns to not be a jerk. Miles retorts when he has ever been a jerk. Winston remarks he'll make a list while hiding before turning away. Miles looks forward for a moment, before blowing out the candle.

Miles and Tristan kiss.

Later, he finds Tristan and scares him. He says how he wants to make sure he is okay after what they talked about by the pool. Staring at him, Tristan suspects that he has the lighter and looks for it in his pants. Miles brings up how Winston thinks he wants him, and Tristan remarks how crazy that is. He then finds the lighter, just as Miles begins stepping closer to him. Tristan tells Miles to stand back or he'll kiss him. Miles tells him, "Go ahead..."

Tristan then kisses Miles. Miles then leans in to kiss him again, leaning themselves against the wall. At that moment, Winston walks in and drops his flashlight in shock by seeing the two kissing. Tristan leaves to let the two talk. Once alone, Winston confronts him about Tristan, asking if he's gay or bi now. Miles says it felt "right" and calls it a little fun. Winston asks if Tristan thinks it'll be fun when it never happens again, calling him a mess. He tells him to find out what he wants before he hurts someone else he cares about. Before he leaves, Miles holds up the lighter, revealing that he had it the entire time.

Miles telling Tristan that he feels confused about his feelings.

When the storm ends, Miles goes to see Tristan, who is cleaning up the pool. Tristan offers to never talk about the kiss if he doesn't want to, but Miles admits how Winston is right about him being a mess and hurting the people he care about. Tristan says he gets it, assuming the kiss was a way to get back Maya for ending things with him, and begins to walk away. However, Miles holds him back, saying how confused he feels and calls the kiss a "good weird" and that he feels good when he's around him. Tristan says likewise for him. Miles then asks, "So what now?" 

Season 14

Miles and Tristan making out by the green house.

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Miles is first seen running through the smoking halls of Degrassi with Maya, yelling for Frankie. He stops Shay and Lola, asking them if they've seen Frankie. They shake their heads no, and he continues moving forward, yelling for his sister as Maya continues calling out for her as well.

Ten weeks earlier, Miles texts Tristan saying to meet him in the greenhouse. They are later seen making out in said greenhouse before Tristan pulls away, bringing up about how they missed Chemistry class. Miles says they clearly have no trouble with that, leaning in to kiss him again, but Tristan pulls back asking if they can talk. Miles allows the discussion, to which Tristan says that he doesn't mind having a secret relationship, but he wants to make sure that their relationship isn't all about getting back at Maya. Miles insists that he doesn't care about "his stupid ex-girlfriend's opinion." Tristan asks about his dad's opinion. Miles jokingly replies with "mood killer", but proceeds to explain that things are good between him and his dad and that he even agreed to do a family photoshoot with his father in order to promote the man's campaign. Tristan asks Miles when it is and Miles checks the time, realizing that it's in fifteen minutes and that he's going to be late. He runs out of the greenhouse, leaving behind Tristan. 

Miles telling his father about his relationship with Tristan.

Miles is next shown arriving at his house, walking into the living room in order to face his family as he raises his hands, insisting, "I know, I know! I'm late!" Mrs. Hollingsworth says that she was worried and Miles apologizes again. His father pulls him aside and Miles insists that he just wanted to make them happy, and his father tells him not to do anything that needs to be apologized for. He continues by asking Miles where he was and Miles tries saying he was bust. His father then begins bombarding him with accusations such as "smoking dope, ditching class, or hitting on some girl." Miles tries avoiding obviously flustered at the question, but his father demands to know what he was doing that caused him to miss his photoshoot. Fed up, Miles loudly declares, "Making out with my boyfriend!" His family and the campaign workers turn and stare and an uncomfortable silence follows.

The next morning, he walks into the dining room, saying good morning to his family and making a remark about the "Degrassi renewal project." His father tells him to stop and Miles asks why, adding on if he's "doing something wrong". His mother is the next to speak, insisting that they just want to talk about Miles's boyfriend, to which Mr. Hollingsworth calls "ridiculous" for his son to be gay. Miles makes a remark about how if kissing people is ridiculous then they all must be. His mother tries insisting that that he isn't gay, to which Miles says how he never labelled himself. Frankie brings up how he's been kissing Tristan on a regular basis and if the two are a couple. When Miles gives vague answers, she asks if he's "experimenting with fluid sexuality", causing Miles to smile in amusement at her. 

However, his father cuts all things off, saying how he was kissing girls not too long ago and has switched to boys and calls it wrong. His mother tries calming him down, but his father continues to reprimand him. He calls Miles a "spoiled brat hellbent on ruining the last crucial weeks of his campaign". Miles says not everything is about him or his usual lectures in his campaign. His dad asks if that's what he's told his boyfriend. Getting up from the table, Miles tells him to screw himself before leaving in a huff. 

Miles pulling Tristan away to avoid seeing his dad.

The next day, Miles goes to the Degrassi Renewal meeting and rushes over to Tristan, insisting that they both ditch the check ceremony. Tristan seems surprised and Miles says that his father and his "campaign stooges" will be there any minute and that he doesn't want to be there at all. Miles grabs Tristan's wrist and begins pulling him out of the room in a rush to go makeout.

The two of them are stopped by a reporter asking Miles to say a few words about his father. At first he refuses to say anything and continues walking with Tristan, but the reporter brings up how his father has donated a large amount of money to re-built the school and how he "must his hero" and asks to share "some of his words of wisdom". Thinking, he asks Tristan if he could wait for a moment before walking off with the reporter. The reporter asks for the last piece of advice that his father gave him. Miles says how that is an easy question because his father's last "advice" had been that being gay is ridiculous.

In Wise Up, Miles is talking with his family about his upcoming road test for his drivers license when Frankie shows the article recently published, in which Miles outed his father as a homophobe. His mother is stunned that he actually talked to a reporter as Frankie says he made dad look like "a batman villain who hate his gay son", which Miles replies that everything said is all true. Miles's dad then walks into the room and asks if he can talk to his son. Mrs. Hollingsworth takes Hunter and a reluctant Frankie to school.

Miles and his dad share a hug.

Once they leave, Mr. Hollingsworth asks Miles to try out some golf clubs to see if they're the right height for him. Miles is shocked, asking if he wants to go golfing, and begins happily smiling. His dad says he does, explaining how he has the day off and even is willing to let him drive. Miles brings up how he has yet to take his road test, but his dad blows it off. Miles asks if they are going to discuss the article. Mr. Hollingsworth tells him how he is not proud of how he reacted to his reveal about being in a gay relationship, He then says how "gay, straight, whatever you are I just want you to know that I accept you." Miles remarks how he is going to beat him in golf, and his dad says he expects nothing less from his son. He hands him the car keys as Miles continues to smile brightly. Later, Miles and his father are seen at the course, in which they're talking about his first pair of clubs as a kid, Spider-man, to be specific. Mr. Hollingsworth laughs, recalling how those same clubs went through the pool house window. Miles replies with a laugh, saying that he was "playing Spider-man" and that he was seven years old at the time.

Miles then asks his father what all of this is about, saying that he humiliated his father in the newspaper by branding him a homophobe. But that instead of yelling, he is taking him out to the course and letting him drive the BMW and asks why. Mr. Hollingsworth says how he is his son and that sometimes he feels like he knows nothing about Miles, being that he is his eldest son. Miles says it's because they're always fighting and his father replies that they both need to work on that. The two share a hug, in which Miles smiles, but then the press shows up, snapping a picture.


Miles realizing his moment with his father was all an act.

up, Miles realizes it was all a stunt to get good with the press. They ask Mr. Hollingsworth for a comment, to which he responds that it's difficult when a child comes out of the closet, but that he's working on it. He says that he hopes the LGBT community understands and asks, "Right, Miles?" To which his son shoves his hand away, storming out of the room.  Mr. Hollingsworth heads back home to see Miles sitting on the couch, a game controller in his hands. He asks Miles what's wrong with him, growling that he made "a mockery "of him. Miles says back to him, "Me?" before yelling how his father acted like he actually wanted to spend time with him, but it was all for the press. He insists that all his father ever does his manipulate everything and that he can't believe he actually fell for it.

Miles after being shoved against the wall by his father.

Miles begins to storm away and Mr. Hollingsworth asks where he thinks he's going. Miles replies that he is heading to school, where at least "one person [Tristan] gives a crap about him". Mr. Hollingsworth begins to yell at him to listen to him before grabbing his son and shoving him against the wall. Miles' back is clearly injured, but they both remain is stunned silence at what he did. Mr. Hollingsworth pulls away, apologizing and insisting that it was an accident. Quietly, Miles asks if he can go to school now and his father lets him.

Miles walks into a classroom where he finds Zoë and Winston, asking them if they've seen Tristan. Zoë points out the article on her phone and teasing him on how he suddenly likes guys. Miles replies with "just one" and asks if they know where he is. They tell Miles that Tristan doesn't want to see him after he outed their relationship in the newspaper and that everyone is teasing him, to which Miles asks why. Tristan appears with the answer that because everyone think he is just using him to piss of his dad.

Huddling together, Tristan tells Miles that he promised to keep their relationship a secret until he figured things out. Miles tries to explain, but Tristan tells him he doesn't want to talk to him right now. He says that he thought Miles actually liked him, but he only manipulated him instead. Miles is upset to hear this, trying to sort things out, but Tristan walks away. The bell rings and Zoë and Winston stand in front of Tristan's desk so Miles can't get to him. Miles sees that he's beaten so he walks out of the classroom. 

Miles in the locker room about to break down.

Miles storms down the hallway in a clear fury as Maya sees him and begins following him, asking to talk. Miles tells her "Not now", but Maya wants to talk about how her "ex starts making out with my ex best-friend" and that she deserves a conversation. Miles tells Maya to leave him alone and he storms into the boy's locker room, slamming his books down onto a table.

Maya walks in on Miles about to cry and he points out to her that this is the boy's locker room. She says that she doesn't care and asks if he's doing this to hurt her. He says that she thinks a lot of herself, and she insists that she just wants to know what's going on because she's confused. Miles replies with an angry, "You're confused?!" and turns away. Maya asks him in concern about what's happening. Miles says that he is and "the great tornado that is Miles Hollingsworth III is screwing up his life again". Maya concludes that he had another fight with his dad, to which he responds that he should find Tristan and begins to walk away. Maya stops him and says that if something's going on at home then he should talk about it, even if it isn't with her. She insists that if "you keep everything inside your head, then it only gets worse". He leans against the wall, and thinks about what she said. 

Miles is later shown walking into a room of his house, asking Frankie and Hunter where their mother is because he needs to talk to her. Hunter says that he doesn't know, but their father locked himself in his study. Frankie asks what happened this time and Miles says that that's what he has to talk to their mother about. Frankie asks if they got into another fight, and Miles confirms it, followed by Hunter's remark of, "didn't like the course he took you to?" Miles tells his siblings about how it was all just a photo op, not some "bonding expedition". Frankie insists that he only looks on the worst side of things and that he and his father care about each other. Miles says that he doesn't care about his father, and Frankie points out to him then why he was always trying to get his attention. Miles retorts if they're living in some alternate universe, to which his siblings point out to Miles that he's just like his father. Miles insists that he's nothing like him. 

Miles as his dad asks if they can start fresh again.

But they say that he and his dad are pretty much one and the same. Despite this, Miles firmly states he is nothing like their father. Walking out, Miles meets with his mother, pointing out that his road test is in twenty minutes. She asks Miles what happened at the golf course, to which he replies that they fought like they always did. She points out that she was told he made a scene in front of the press and that he should apologize to his father. Mr. Hollingsworth appears, insisting that he doesn't need an apology. 

Mrs. Hollingsworth says that they have to deal with the situation, but her husband just walks over to Miles. He says how the stress of the campaign has taken a toll on him and asks if they can start fresh. Miles says he doesn't know. Mr. Hollingsworth accepts this, saying that they should start with a simpler question then, "Black or silver?" Miles seems confused and follows his father out into the driveway where two expensive cars sit. Mr. Hollingsworth says that he doesn't think Mrs. Hollingsworth will let him keep both, so he'll have to choose.

Miles's ending smile

Miles arrives at school in his new black car and he approaches Zoë, Maya and Tristan. Zoë asks him about the car and he tells them that his dad got it for him as a "reward for passing his test". Maya, in speculation, says how his dad got him a car. He says how they're in a "better place" now. He also reveals how his father would also like his boyfriend to come over for dinner and asks Tristan if he still has one. Tristan says that depends on if will a ride be provided in the car. Miles replies with "if that's what it takes".

Miles then smiles and walks up to Tristan, kissing him. Miles ask if he's forgiven and Tristan says that he's happy that he worked things out with his dad. Miles proceeds his arm around Tristan and the two begin to walk towards the school together. Before they can get inside though, Maya stops Miles and asks what he's doing. He pulls off his sunglasses and gives a dead looking smile, saying that "he's making things better."

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Miles is home sick with Tristan taking care of him and is also the center of Maya's nightmares, believing he is going to end up possibly hurting himself. When Maya breaks into his house, he is freaked out. When Maya reveals she hacked his FaceRange account, he is further stunned by her actions. When Tristan comes in, he tells him how she has "lost her mind". He just stares in confusion as Zig and Grace come in to drag Maya out of his house. After this, he blocks her from his Facerange and all other social media accounts. 

In I'll Be Missing You, Miles and Tristan are paired together on an assignment. When they are working on it at his house his father walks in on the two of them kissing and comments on it. Tristan tries to explain they're working on a project, but Miles tells him to stop but he bails to do pot.

Miles in the morning.png

In Hush, Miles is fast asleep when Frankie and Hunter try to wake him up, telling him how their dad has told them to get a ride to school with him. After trying to ignore his siblings asking if he's hungover or still upset about his fight with Tristan, his dad comes in and yanks the sheets off. He reprimands him for his actions and telling Frankie and Hunter that Miles is an example of how not live your life before leaving the room. Hunter tries assuring Miles that their dad is just stressed with the campaign, but Miles blows it off. When he starts looking for his pot, Frankie finds and confiscates it. She scolds him for his actions before retorting for him to not get high until after he drops them off.

Miles asking for forgiveness

He meets up with Tristan wearing the uniform he was supposed to wear the day for their presentation at school. When Tristan gives him the cold shoulder for ditching him for pot, Miles sweetly asks for forgiveness, asking what to do as he just wants to make things right together. Tristan appears to give in to him, and they arrange for meet up before lunch to rehearse their presentation. 

Miles pot-intervention.png

However, instead of working on the project at lunch, Tristan has Miles enter the empty classroom alongside Winston, Frankie, and Hunter. Miles figures they're there to act a crowd for their rehearsal, but they reveal it is an intervention. They tell him how they have come to the conclusion that he is addicted to pot, naming off all the symptoms of an addiction and that he has been showing them. Miles grows furious, snapping at Frankie for "playing with the big kids" when she has no idea what she is talking about before turning to yell at Tristan and how he thought that he was the one person who understood him. As he storms off, Tristan insists he does understand what he's going through, but Miles tells him how he doesn't and calls him pathetic; saying how despite him continuing to treat him like garbage throughout their relationship, he only keeps coming back for more. Miles flatly asks him if he is truly that desperate for someone to love him, bringing Tristan to tears, before he finally leaves the school in a fury. 

As he backs out of the school parking lot, he ends up hitting someone with the back of his car, shocking bystanders. As he goes to see if the person is okay, he turns around the car to see that it's Maya. Afterwards, he gives her a lift to her doctor's appointment. While waiting in the car, she reveals she has been seeing a therapist due to her anxiety, relating back to their crash and burned relationship and how her worry completely took over her life. Miles is confused, believing that she was "totally normal", but she reveals not all is well with her, but she is making progress. Miles apologizes for any effect he may have had on her, but Maya insists he isn't to blame. After she leaves, Miles appears to be in deep thought, before deciding to smoke a joint in his car as he ignores a call from his dad.

Right after the crash

 After her appointment, Maya is surprised to see Miles is still in the parking lot waiting, and gets another ride from a now buzzed Miles. As he drives very slowly, Maya comes to a slow realization that he's high. Despite her demands for him to stop the car because of his condition, he ignores her before eventually speeding up the speed of the car and soon knocking the door off a parked car. Shocked, for a moment, Miles parks the car in the road as he and Maya stare forward in shock. 

Just as quickly as he stopped, Miles quickly speeds off as Maya is in a shocked trance. Miles snaps her out of it, asking if she's fine, and she insists she is before again demanding for him to stop. Miles says he can't, but Maya brings up if they had hurt someone and that they just can't leave the scene of an accident. Miles insists he can't go back since he has pot in his blood system and, henceforth, if he stayed it would get him a DUI. He says how such a legal trouble right before his dad's election would bring down trouble for him like no other from his father. Empathetic, Maya quietly agrees and tells him to just keep driving. 

In Something's Got to Give, Miles is first seen in his room ending a call with a body shop, when Maya comes into his room and tells Miles that they hit Dallas. Miles tries to comfort Maya and says that his dad left for the day and he just needs to take the car to the shop and all the evidence will be gone and they can keep the accident a secret. Just after Miles is done comforting Maya Mr. Hollingsworth walks in and says that they can't; Miles is shocked that his dad is still at the house, asking "Shouldn't you be at work?"

Mr. Hollingworth says that he missed placed his phone and thought he dropped it in the garage and when he took a look around he saw that Miles car was dented/scratched and it was more evidence of his son's irresponsibility. Mr. Hollingsworth starts to lecture Miles on how he has had that car for "two/three minutes" and that he crashed it; Miles protests that he is having it fixed. Mr. Hollingsworth then demands to know what happened and Miles says they should talk about it later and Mr. Hollingsworth grabs Miles biceps and says that they are going to talk about it now.

Maya see this and says that somebody hit them/ Mr. Hollingsworth is shocked that Miles didn't speak him about it and Miles says that he just wanted to handle it for himself; when Mr. Hollingsworth asks if he got the insurance info, Maya says that they took off. Mr. Hollingsworth is shocked and Miles says it is another reason why didn't bother telling him. Mr. Hollingsworth says that's not false insurance and says if he has the collision report than he can just pay the deductible. When Miles looks at Maya after Mr. Hollingsworth is done talking; Mr. Hollingsworth realizes that Miles didn't report the accident. Miles says that he just thought and Mr. Hollingsworth says that Miles oblivious didn't think and then says that Maya and her mother would just meet them at the police station later "because there is no way that a hit and run should go unpunished." When Mr. Hollingsworth leave Miles room, Miles sits down right beside Maya "So that's what the truth sounds like. Huh"

At the police station a detective asks Maya to draw a diagram of where Miles car was parked and write down all of the stores that they visited at the mall. The detective says that he will have Miles do the same thing and as long as their stories match they should be able find the person who hit Miles car.

Miles is next seen the next day at his locker high; when Maya comes and asks him what did your diagram look like, Miles tells her don't sneak up on him. Miles says that Maya smells nice and Maya said "Oh may god Miles are you high" it is like cinnamon or vanilla then asks her to go get ice cream with him. Maya denied the invited and Miles says that he'll go alone; Maya protests that she lied for him and if they don't get their story straight then his dad is going to find out and asks won't he be furious and Miles says that when it comes to him Mr. Hollingsworth is always furious. Maya's says "so she lied for nothing" and Miles says that this is clearly bothering her then why don't they fix it. Maya says that he can't go back re-draw his diagram. Miles is starring at Dallas who is down the hall with Alli and bunch of friends; Maya sees Dallas down the hall and stops Miles from Confronting Dallas and Miles says that this is what she wanted for the truth to come out; Maya says "just sober up and then they'll figure something out."

Dallas after finding out that Miles hit his car

Miles calls out to Dallas and says that he hit his crap car and Dallas says what did you say; Miles said that it wasn't crap before he hit but now. Dallas says and you took off, Miles reply's relax I'll pay for it. Dallas says that Rocky was in the car what if you hit my son Miles says "you're so cute when you pretend to be a dad." Miles and Dallas walk toward each other and Dallas grabs the collar of Miles polo and Miles says "yeah that's right hit me, that what you do isn't." Dallas draws a fist considering punching Miles in the face but Alli calms Dallas down and Dallas says that Miles can explain the rest to the cops and walks away with Alli.

Miles talking to Maya at the police station

After going to the police station for the second time Maya asks if she can go talk to Miles quickly; when Maya goes to talk to Miles, he apologizes for getting her caught up in his mess but thanks her for caring enough to help. Maya says he's welcome but he's going to have to start helping himself; Miles says that he can't tell anyone else about his dad. Just as he finishes his sentence Mr. Hollingsworth comes up and tells both of them that he used his poll to win them over and that neither of them are going to have a criminal record going forward and tells Miles come on lets go. Miles tells Maya see you around; Mr. Hollingsworth now mad at Miles yells NOW! and Miles went and before getting into the SUV he tried to look at his dad before looking away and getting into the SUV. He is last seen in the SUV driving away from the police station.

In Hero vs. Villain, Miles is first seen walking in a hall of Degrassi in the opposite direction as Tristan; Tristan talk to him saying that he knows that Miles is still mad about the intervention and that he isn't still thrilled with the horrible things that Miles said but it has been three days and it is time to kiss and make up, he tries to offer Miles a Latte and it doesn't take. Miles says that it has caffeine in it don't want to get addicted; Tristan's says that the intervention was a little cray cray and he felt pressure to participant Miles reply's "poor you."

Tristan says they can talk about while Mr. Perino bores the rest of the class with Post-War Europe; when Tristan finds a seat he asks Miles to sit beside him but Miles says that he needs to sit up front and saying that people seem worried about his poor performance. Tristan than talks to Winston and says that he needs a grand gesture if he wants to win Miles back and Winston tells him it's a bad idea and tells him that if Miles wanted to be with him he would be him and if he doesn't he is better off alone.

Miles and tristan.png

Miles then walks into the drama room and when he finds Tristan he asks where's Frankie because she told him to meet him here and Tristan reveals that he kind of told her to tell him that so he could surprise Miles; reveals that there is a sushi lunch waiting for him, Miles looks at the sushi lunch and looks done at himself and stays for the sushi lunch. Tristan reveals to Miles that he knows he likes sushi and even though he pretends not to but he knows that he like origami; Tristan also admits that maybe this wasn't the perfect place to do a grand gesture but that he care about him. Miles sits down and says that he does like sushi and origami then Tristan says that he worried that a kimono would be to much and maybe culturally insensitive. Miles tells him that the kimono is fine but the bow and Tristan says point taken and that if they didn't start eating the sushi they would be bowing over a toilet.

Later in the day Winston comes up to Tristan and says that Miles stayed for his sushi and assumes that romance is reburying; Tristan reveals that he thought that his sushi lunch was a hit apparently Miles didn't say two words while they ate and wasn't opening up Tristan's origami love note either and he can't figure out why. Winston sees Miles down the hall staring at someone and tells Tristan that he has a pretty good idea; Tristan turns around and sees Miles starring at someone from across the hall and the person is Maya. Tristan doesn't look impressed.

Miles is next seen walking down a hall in Degrassi near the gym and he is stopped on his tracks by Tristan asks him if he is skipping the assembly and Miles says that it isn't really his thing; Tristan next says that he is surprised that Miles is alone and Miles asks what does he mean. Tristan says that he thought it was the intervention that pushed him away but it is what happened after and Miles says that he drove Maya to an appointment and Tristan says that he still has feelings for her; Miles says because I gave her a ride and Tristan reveals that he still has feelings for her since he stares at her from across the hall. Tristan says tell me I'm wrong tell me you don't have feeling for Maya; Miles doesn't answer any of Tristan's questions and remains silent. Tristan calls him a horrible person and says that he uses and abuses people and one day he is going to wake up and realize that he has no one and Tristan says that he is going to be happy that he won't be there for that sad day because he is so done and says sinoaero Miles Hollingsworth.

In Firestarter (1) Miles is first seen having breakfast with Frankie, Hunter and Mr. Hollingsworth and laughing with his siblings at how bad his dad's speech is for the youth forum. Mr. Hollingsworth jokes saying that maybe he should fire Andrea and hire Frankie as he's campaign manager and Andrea responses saying with all of her work on today's youth forum she wouldn't blame him. Miles looks at Andrea and calls either her or Frankie a Kiss Ass but it isn't clear who it is aimed at. Mr. Hollingsworth laughs and Hunter tells him that it is this app that lets people send pictures that disappear in 1-10 seconds. Mr. Hollingworth asks why anyone would want that; Miles responds to send boob shots. After Miles answers Mr. Hollingsworth looks at Miles with shock because as far as Mr. Hollingsworth knows Miles still like boys. Miles then looks surprised at Mr. Hollingsworth reassuring him he knows what boobs still look like and says that the cheerleaders were doing that for money. After Frankie says that she doesn't know about it Mr. Hollingsworth praises her in front of Miles and Hunter.

After Mr. Hollingsworth and Hunter leave the table and go inside with Andrea; Miles talks to Frankie and tells her that she's got Mr. Hollingsworth fooled but not him and she pretends not to know what he is talking about but he says Oomf chatting her boobs for money. He says that he has known her for fourteen years and knows her lie face. She tells him that she did it once and then she quit and asks what she should do. Miles tells her has she learned nothing from dad's political maneuvering and that all she needs is a scapegoat. Miles also tells her that she better figure it out soon because if she is accused in that "EPIC FAIL" it could tank Mr. Hollingsworth's entire campaign and then he'll "HASHTAG HATE YOUR GUTS"

Miles is last seen in his house walking into the den where his father asks him if he has seen Frankie and he says no and asks what's going on; Mr. Hollingsworth says "family crisis. Surprise for once you're not responsible." After Mr. Hollingsworth says that Miles looks uncomfortable; Hunter shows up and says that Frankie isn't in her room.

Cup against the wall.png

In Firestarter (2), Miles is first seen at his house playing video games as his dad comes in and asks about Frankie. Mr. Hollingsworth II says then that he will not going to let his kids ruin his campaign for which he had worked for years. After that Miles asks if he would rather be a mayor than a good father. Miles II responses he gives them kids everything but Miles III corrects him that he gives them everything except love, respect or common decency. Because of that Mr. Hollingsworth smashes a cup against the wall which nearly hits Hunter. Miles III says than that his dad doesn't care who he hurts. After that Miles gets hit by his father. After his father leaves because of an incoming call, Miles goes to Hunter and asks him if he's okay. Miles then says that something like that can never happen again. As Miles tells his mother about what had happened and that his father hit him intentionally, she doesn't believe that Miles II could hit his son out of the blue. Hunter confirms then that Miles did push his father first.

Miles about to hit his father

As Mr. Hollingsworth works on his campaign Miles shows up and tells his dad that he thinks he wouldn't care about them. His dad denies it and tells him he'll try harder to make things work between them. But Miles doesn't accept his apology and tells his dad that he wants him to move out. After responding that Miles III is talking nonsense and that maybe he is the problem, Miles III raises his fist about to hit his father. Mr. Hollingsworth request him to hit him whereupon Miles III stops because he couldn't do it like his dad does. After that his dad leaves saying "Yeah, just as I thought".

Miles giving Maya his goodbye letter

Miles is next seen at school searching for his sister and brother. As Maya sees him she asks what's up and he gives her a goodbye letter. He tells her that he just gets his car and then drives as far away from his family as possible. He also accepts his father's opinion that he's the brother and says that he's bad for his brother and sister.

Miles setting a flyer on fire

After that, Miles goes to a place where all the posters from his dad's campaign are and says he hates his father and that he wants to erase him so that he can't hurt anyone else again. By this he crumples up one of the flyers which he then sets on fire not knowing that his sister is in the room next to them.

Finally sticking together.png

After he finds out that Frankie is missing, Miles shouts her name several times and searches for her. Later she comes out of the school building and both Miles and Hunter take her in the arms. As their father doesn't say that he is glad that his daughter is alive or something like that, Miles mentions that their dad always thinks about himself. Hunter then says that he saw how Miles III got hit by Miles II. Upset about this, Frankie goes back to her brothers and the three of them finally stick together. In the end Miles goes to Maya and thanks her for not giving up on him.

In Watch Out Now, Miles is walking in class with Maya, Zig, Tiny, and Winston. Miles along with Zig and Tiny joke around with Winston when he tries to make a joke. Miles tells Winston not to let the jokes get to him.

In Ready or Not, Miles tells Zig congrats on making the musical and makes a comment on Zig's costume having no sleeves which causes Zig to angerly shove miles into a locker and Graces comes to break it up. Zig later finds Miles to apologize to him and Miles accepts.

In Walking in My Shoes, Miles in working in the Cafeteria as punishment for starting a fire at school. Miles makes a snarky comment to Zoë which she ignores and ask Miles how to make people from hating her. Miles tells Zoë to ignore the haters because she'll never please them and that he doesn't totally hate her.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Miles invites Tristan and Zoë to Kendrick Lamar show but Tristan turns down his offer. Miles seen asking other in front of the school and smiles at Zoë. Miles is at the Dot where Tristan finishes his date and Zoë after talking to Tristan walks up to Miles to ask if can join him to Kendrick Lamar show and he accepts.

In Finally (1), Miles is hanging with Zoë by the window and compliments her. Miles notices that Hunter is causing a scene in class and goes to calm him done. Miles and Zoë watch Hunter in library and Miles discussing his relationship with Hunter and how it's not great. Miles and Zoë notices Hunter's interactions with Arlene which gives Miles a plan to throw a pool party and invites Arlene is hopes to connect with Hunter. At the pool Miles plans to play pool chicken and notices that Arlene needs a partner and tries to get Hunter to join but only causes a seen when Hunter becomes angry with Miles. Hunter challenges Miles to a kendo duel because he doesn't want to talk to Miles ever again. After the dual Miles promises that even tho he can't the place of his father but he try and Miles and Hunter hug.

In Don't Look Back, Miles is hanging at the Hollingsworth pool and makes a comment to Hunter and Frankie that what's smart is not getting job and just lounge around. Miles offers to drive Frankie to her job but she declines. Miles is hanging at the beach with Winston and notices Zoë and asks if they were gonna hang out and Zoë brushes him off. Miles walks up to Zoë and ask her that he thought they were gonna hang during the summer. Miles tells Zoë that Grace has a crush on her. Miles is hanging with Zoë on a boat discussing Miles' sexuality. Miles and Zoë walk into the Hollingsworth Mansion with Miles compliments Zoë. Miles. Zoë, and Grace all hang out at the full moon party which Zoë attempts to start a threesome between them. Miles along with out group are the Hollingsworth Mansion searching for Maya. Miles on the beach Walking with Zoë. Miles later comforting Frankie after Winston breaks up with her.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 1


In #BootyCall, Tristan is running for Student Council President and chooses Zoë as his campaign manager. As he is showing his excitement, Miles walks into the room. Tristan is annoyed and asks what Miles was doing there, noting Miles was supposed to be going to a boarding school. As Miles stands next to Zoë, Tristan pretends to be on his side when Miles asks him if he's running. Tristan pretends he was unaware that Miles had said anything and Miles tells him may the better man win, to which Tristan agrees. Later, in the main lobby, Tristan is seen handing out his election posters with Zoë. He then calls for Hunter and Yael to come see and asks them what they'd like improved. After telling him, he tells them he'll strive to make it happen and quotes his slogan, "Your gay best friend". Hunter then notes to him that his slogan is a lot like his brother's, when a giant poster of Miles is then unfolded on the wall with the slogan "I play for all teams". Zoë then tells Tristan that they've been invited to a Campaign Party for Miles. At the party, Tristan asks Miles to talk and grabs Miles away. In a room, Tristan confronts Miles about his slogan. Miles tells Tristan his reasons for running and Tristan doesn't believe him. Miles tells Tristan that he believes Tristan's only running because he's not over him, with which Tristan disagrees.

Tristan leaning in to kiss Miles

Miles then says he's not over Tristan and kisses him. Tristan then returns the kiss. Before the debate, Tristan is shown to be all happy as Zoë meets up with him. He tells her about the kiss and that he felt a connection, to which she seems annoyed with. She tries to tell him that Miles is just toying with him, but Tristan isn't having it. When walking to the back of the stage, Tristan sees Miles with his hand around a grade 9 student, signing her arm. Later, Tristan, Miles and Goldi Nahir are debating and Tristan begins to become irritated at Miles' answers. An argument begins and after being told he's not being professional and no one would want a President like Miles, Tristan tells Miles no one would want a President who could not choose between boys and girls. In the girls' bathroom, Tristan sits against the wall with Zoë and recounts the debate and how he ruined it for himself. Mr. Simpson then announces over the intercom that Miles won and Tristan was Vice President. Goldi walks in and tries to tell Tristan it's the girls' bathroom. After he ignores her, she tells him she was the only one to run a fair election and that he and Miles ruined everything. She then quips that Miles went over the budget, to which Tristan says she is right. Later, Miles is told that he's disqualified from being President. Miles confronts Tristan for telling on him and says that he will destroy him. After, he tells Tristan he wasn't over him but that he is now. Tristan begins to cry.

In #NoFilter, Tristan is in English class and hears Miles' poem about him and tells him if he wanted to be president shouldn't have cheated. Miles ditches class to go home and he sees his mom having sex with someone. Miles has to go to the principal's office because he was heard making threats about whoever it was having sex with his mom. It is later revealed that the man was his father. This leads him to fighting with his mother.

In #YesMeansYes, Miles is talking with Winston in English class about the situation with his parents and mentions that his dad is coming over for dinner. Esme interrupts them, asking them to be quiet. When they keep talking, she cuts off a bit of her hair and hands Miles the scissors, telling the teacher that he was the one to do it. He is then sentenced to detention.

At the Hollingsworth mansion, the family (minus Miles) are gathered around the table, waiting for him to arrive so they can have dinner. His parents confront him afterwards, and his dad says that he knows he's let Miles down but he wants to earn back his trust. He then leaves Miles alone with his mother. She tells him that his dad wants them to be a happy family again, to which Miles responds, "When were we ever a happy family? Was it when he cheated on you or when he used me as his punching bag?" She mentions that he's been going to anger management therapy and that Frankie and Hunter have given him a second chance, and asks Miles why he can't do the same. An emotional Miles says that he feels like he can't breathe when his dad is around and begs her to never let him back. She tells him that she has another dinner planned and that he has no choice if he cares about their family.

At school, Miles is in the hallway with Winston when he walks up to confront Esme. She cheerfully assumes that he was coming to thank her for getting him out of the family dinner, and tells him to find proof of his dad's wrongdoings since everyone trusts him but Miles. Later, Miles and Esme break into his condo together and find his laptop. They enter into his email and find a message talking about "fixing things at home" that he sent to the woman he was having an affair with. In the middle of their search, Miles and Esme run and hide in the closet to avoid a maid who was coming in to clean. While in the closet, Esme kisses Miles and they proceed to make out. The next day, he talks with Winston about Esme and the email he found and wonders aloud if his dad can change. Esme approaches Miles and tells him not to give his dad the power to bring him down. She then hands him her "happy pills" and tells him to take a couple, which he does.

In #NotOkay, Miles is seen in the hallway acting affectionate with Esme, which makes Tristan jealous. He also shows up at Lola's Cantina with Esme, where he bumps into Tristan. Tristan informs Miles that he's dating Vijay, and, when Miles and Esme make jokes about it, asks if Miles is allowed to date but he isn't. Miles tells him that he and Esme aren't dating, and Esme adds that they have more of a sibling relationship. They then proceed to kiss, which freaks Tristan out. During Tristan and Vijay's date, Tristan keeps getting distracted by Miles, who is sitting nearby. Miles and Esme watch as the two break up.

Season 2

In #TurntUp, Miles tells his mom that Hunter brought a gun to school.

In #CheckYourPrivilege, Tristan and Miles officially get back together after they fight over their project where they take care of a robot baby.

In #ThrowbackThursday, he talks about the protest with Tristan and it is revealed that he doesn't support it. He is later seen sitting with Tristan in the audience during the gala.

In #RiseAndGrind, he and Tristan have sex for the first time together. He tries to pressure Tristan into it because he wants him to feel more experienced due to Miles having had more sex than him. He tells him to go hook up with guys them come back to him. Tristan comes to Hunter's welcoming party and then the two of them sneak off to have sex.

In #OMFG, he helps Hunter get ready for his date with Yael. When they leave after Hunter lashes out, Miles drives Hunter to Frankie's volleyball game. He is seen on the phone worried after he finds out about the bus crash.

Season 3

In #BreakTheInternet, Miles posted updates of Tristan's health which have been blocked by the Degrassi Community page due to complaints. When Miles gets to class he asks who ratted him out to Simpson. Esme speaks up saying she's glad to not have seen them and Grace says they were rather personal, Miles retaliates saying Tristan could've died asking how it couldn't have been personal, Esme says it was sad to watch him delude himself all summer to which Miles says Tristan's getting better since he squeezed his hand while he read to him in the hospital but Esme doesn't believe this. Later Miles makes a stop by the hospital to visit Tristan and runs into Mrs. Milligan and asks if his doctor came by, she's unsure if his doctor will be coming by, Miles remarks Tristan's getting better and she replies that they can only hope. Miles wonders if that means the doctors are hoping Tristan is getting better or that he actually is getting better, she tells him it's complicated and Tristan grabbing his hand is common because of his current state and tells him to get back to school but Miles says that Tristan needs him. When Miles is back at school, he takes down some posters and Lola says he can't just take them down but he doesn't care, as soon as they hear voices Lola takes his hand so they can hide from a teacher approaching, once that chatter dies down they talk about their issues and Lola says it feels

Miles and Lola venting about their feelings

as if they're not allowed to talk about their pain and says it's almost as if their own feelings are hurting others to which Miles agrees saying it's crap. When Miles is back in class it's his turn to present for what he did over his summer vacation, he shows a photo of Tristan after the bus crash and tells what happened. This disturbs the other students to which Mr. Mitchell advises him to take it down but Miles continues to talk. Esme calls him a sadist and Miles says just because everyone left her doesn't mean that Tristan will leave him. This triggers Esme as she begins to shove Miles before Zig can intervene and pull her away to stop it before class is dismissed. Everyone but Miles leaves as he's asked to stay back. Later it's revealed he got detention and he meets Lola along the way and says he "wise words" got him in trouble. Lola doesn't mind that he talks about Tristan but as long as she can mention Tiny. Soon after Miles looks through some photos and comes across a picture of Tristan kissing him on the cheek and receives a friend request OomfChat from Lola which he accepts.

Miles finds it difficult to bring himself to visit Tristan in hospital during #WorstGiftEver and he begins to worry that he will never wake up. He decides to work through his emotions by writing about his experience and pens a play about a guy and his boyfriend who is in a coma, as well as a girl who helps him through his grief.

Rasha auditions for Miles' play during #PicsOrItDidntHappen and, although Miles is hesitant at first to cast a girl in the role of Coma Boy but he eventually comes to realize that she is the best person.

In #HugeIfTrue, Miles finds himself growing closer to Lola who is playing the role of Hope in his play. He confides his fears about Tristan never waking up and the two kiss. Lola then loses her virginity to him.

Miles, Rasha and Lola star in Miles' play

During #IRegretNothing, Lola takes a pregnancy test and finds out that it is positive and she later gets an abortion without telling Miles.

Miles' play I. M. Hope debuts during #ImSleep and Tristan comes to watch. Miles admits that he cheated on him with Lola but Tristan understands and asks Miles who he would rather be with. Miles decides to remain with Tristan.

Season 4

In #BackToReality, Miles is part of a group selfie taken by Zoë.

In #ILookLikeA, Miles is informed by Mr. Mitchell that he has found a place on a creative writing program that he feels Miles would be perfect for however, Miles explains that he has already been accepted by a college to study business, a career his father feels to be more stable. Mr. Mitchell encourages Miles to consider the opportunity and attend the interview but he becomes angry after discovering that the spot is a quota place for LGBT students. Miles messes up the interview and vents to Mitchell about how unfair it is that he is not being considered to the program due to his merits but because of who he sleeps with, suggesting that if he didn't have a boyfriend, he wouldn't have access to the opportunity at all. Mr. Mitchell tries to explain to Miles how the place exists because the programs wants to ensure that a diverse range and viewpoints are represented and illustrates his point sing a class exercise where students are told to step forward or remain still in response to various questions. For example, everyone but Miles and Zoë step forward when Mr. Mitchell asks who feels they are able to show affection to their significant other in public. Miles also chooses to step forward when Mr. Mitchell asks if and students have suffered some form of abuse. The exercises teaches him that his diversity is a strength and not something to be ashamed of. This leads Miles to fully accept his bisexuality during a conversation with Tristan where he explains that he used to hate being labelled but is now no longer afraid as the part of him that is bisexual is the part that allows him to love Tristan.

In #Fire, Lola admits to Frankie and Shay that she lost her virginity to Miles although they simply laugh it off and do not take her seriously.

Tristan struggles with his rehab during #GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth and is disheartened when the boy his is sharing a room with tells him that his girlfriend broke up with him because she couldn't deal with having a disabled boyfriend. Miles then arrives and excitedly announces that his grandparents bought him and Tristan tickets to Europe as a graduation present. Although happy at first, Tristan realizes that he is not physically ready to go on such a long trip and participate in all of the activities Miles has planned (including a 500 step visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower). In order to be ready in time, he begins to push himself too hard. When Miles comes to visit him later in the hospital, Tristan pees down Miles' leg and, embarrassed, tells him to get out. Due to the exhaustion of trying to get better, Tristan fails and geography test and overhears Winston and Miles talking about how Miles had been accepted by the London Writer's Academy. Miles explains that he hasn't told Tristan and intends to try and defer a year to help him with his recovery. In the hospital, Tristan tells Miles that he can't put his dream on hold but Miles is determined to help. Tristan breaks up with him because he doesn't want their relationship to get in the way of his health.

Miles finally reconciles with his father

In #Obsessed, Miles tells his friends that he is no longer going to attend the London Writer's Academy because it will be too expensive and, despite Winston suggesting he talk to his father, Miles dismisses the idea because his father believes writing is not a safe or legitimate career. At home, Miles' father asks him why he is not at prom and Miles explains that he and Tristan broke up. Eventually, Miles tells his dad about the school, showing that despite plans to work over summer and cash in his tickets to Europe, he still won't have enough to pay for school. Upon reflection, Miles' dad finally comes to see how much writing means to his son and offers to allow Miles access to his trust fund early so that he can afford to live in London. He then finally tells his son that he is proud of him and urges Miles to go to prom, as missing his own was one of his biggest regrets.

Miles and Tristan dance together for the last time

Miles arrives at the prom and meets up with Winston, who is happy to see him. Miles then tells him that he still has a spare ticket to Europe, an offer which Winston enthusiastically accepts. Upon being told that Tristan did not come to prom, Miles surprises him with a tuxedo, explaining that once he goes to Europe, he will be staying in London and that even though they are broken up, they can still enjoy the time they have left together. Although he wants to, Tristan says he can't go to prom because he's having a bad day so Miles announces that they will have their own prom. After changing, Miles and Tristan spend the night dancing together in the hospital room. Miles says that he wouldn't be who he was without Tristan, who echoes the sentiment. Miles then asks how they're going to say goodbye to each other but Tristan explains that they don't say goodbye, they just dance.

Miles and Winston in Europe

Miles graduates from Degrassi with the other seniors during #KThxBye. While Grace and Maya are reminiscing about there time at school, Jonah finally discovers that Maya and Miles used to date. Zoë breaks down during her valedictorian speech and Miles is among those who comforts her backstage. He hosts and end of year party at his house where he sits with the others and allows Zoë to give her speech. At the conclusion of the episode, photographs of Miles and Winston on vacation in Europe are shown.


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  • He came up with Winston's nickname "Chewy". It is a name Winston has said he hates, but Miles continues to call him it. It is also said that he and Winston have been best friends since they were five years old. 
  • Miles is the first character in Degrassi History to be named directly after his father and grandfather.
  • He was kicked out of boarding school for starting a fire.
    • This makes Miles the second character to intentionally start a fire, the first was Paige.
    • Miles is also the fourth character to set fire to a building, the others being Mrs. NashPaige, and Emma.
    • Miles also starts another School fire in Firestarter (2).
  • Miles's father ran for mayor in Season 13 and Season 14.
  • Miles has been blackmailed by someone else, and he blackmailed his father a few episodes later.
    • This would make him the second character in Degrassi history to blackmail a parent (Jimmy blackmailed his father in Season 7).
  • He smokes marijuana and occasionally drinks. It is implied that his father is aware of his habits and lifestyle, but does not care to intervene. 
  • In Summertime, we learn Miles has a credit card. His pin is 1562.
  • His Twitter.
  • He shares many similarities with past Degrassi students Declan Coyne, Peter Stone, Craig Manning, Jimmy Brooks, Eli Goldsworthy, Dylan Michalchuk and Maya's late ex-boyfriend, Campbell Saunders.
  • He is the fifth character to have an abusive father, the other four being Rick, LizCraig, and Jane.
    • He is the first character to have a father whose abuse started off as verbal only later taking a physical turn. 
  • He took a hip hop class when he was younger until his dad took him out of it upon learning about it.
  • Miles is the second of Maya Matlin's boyfriends to be crushed on by Tristan. The first was Cam.
    • However, he is the first boyfriend of Maya's to actually date Tristan.
  • In Barely Breathing, Miles claims that he has kissed more than 50 different girls (including Zoë).
  • He is the fourth character to catch their parent having an affair. The other three are CaitlinEmma, and Jimmy.
  • He's the third person to sing to his love their special song in order to get back together with her. The first was Snake and the second was Drew.
  • He was, the first character in his class to have a driver's license and a car. The second being Zoë.
  • According to Frankie, he had a girlfriend who sneezed weird, which supposedly caused them to break up.
  • So far on the show he has shared kisses with Zoë, Maya and Tristan, all whom at one point or another have been best friends.
  • He had a conflict with Zig Novak.
  • Miles is the first male bisexual Degrassi student and the second bisexual male in the franchise after J.J., a NYU student Eli knows. Miles officially comes out in DNC season 4, episode 3 to his teacher/class, Tristan (boyfriend), and father.
    • He's the fourth overall after Paige, and J.J. and the third main character to be bisexual.
    • Miles is the first bisexual character on the show (excluding J.J since he was never on the actual show) to actually say they are bisexual. Paige never actually says that she's bisexual, but it's rather heavily implied.
  • His first on-screen kiss was with another guy, Tristan Milligan. This was foreshadowing that he was bisexual. 
  • When he was seven, Spider-man was Miles' favorite superhero as revealed in Wise Up.
  • All of his on-screen break-ups, excluding the ones with Maya have been about Maya, with one exception: his final break-up in the series was because Tristan didn't want to hold him back from following his dreams. However, two out of Miles and Maya's break-ups have been about Zig and one about Zoë.
  • He likes Hedley and has their Wild Life album poster on the wall in his room.
  • Miles was considered the male lead protagonist of his era.
  • Miles has appeared in one episode without Winston so far.
  • Miles is the eleventh character (twelfth overall) to suffer from an anxiety disorder and the fourth male, following Eli, Drew, Cam and Colonel Nash. He is also one of five characters (the others being Claude, Cam, Maya and Hunter) to suffer from depression.
  • The character of Miles was named Benji during the audition process. *
  • In #RiseAndGrind, Miles said he has had sex with 5 girls plus Tristan during this episode bringing the total to 6 (7 including Lola)


  • (To Maya): "Nice try. But, it won’t work."(First line) - Summertime
  • (To Zig about Esme): "Well, she hasn't been to class for like a month." (Last line) - #KThxBye
  • Miles: "Looks like we will spend the summer together after all."
    Maya: "I'm here to spend it with my best friend. Not you."
    Miles: "Your loss." - Summertime
  • (To Maya and Winston): "Now what should we do for an encore? Swim?"
  • Tristan: "I was just thinking about-"
    Miles: "My abs?"
  • (To Tristan): "Boo hoo rich kid, right?"
  • Maya: "Now look at what you did." Begins walking away.
    Miles: Wait, wait... are you sure you don't want to kiss me?" 
  • (To Maya): "I knew you'd come crawling back."
  • Zoë: "You look hot like that."
    Miles: "Like what?"
    Zoë: "Like that... I don't know."
  • (To Maya): "Don't say I never did anything for you."
  • Tristan (after locking Miles in a mock-pillory): "While locked in the pillory, crowds would gather to laugh, point and throw rotten fruit at the criminal. Anyone have any grapes?"
    Miles: "Hey!" 
  • (To Zoë): "I'm a man of my word."
  • (To Winston): "Jeez, Chewy, you've been here for an entire year and it's not like any of these girls even know you."
    Winston: "Trust me, none of these girls are worth knowing."
    Miles (sees Maya sitting in a nearby row): "I don't know, there might be one or two worth checking out."
  • (To Tristan): "Do I scream 'homophobe' or something?"
  • (To Zoë): "Let me put this in TV terms so you'll understand. I don't do re-runs, especially with mean girls like you."
  • (To Zoë): "Your, uh, boyfriend doesn't even know your name."
  • Maya: "Hey, are you mad at me?"
    Miles: "Why would I be mad at you?"
    Maya: "Because that boy in the video...?"
    Miles (after a moment): "It's not like you're my girlfriend."
  • (To Tristan): "I better make starter."
    Tristan: "Starter? Isn't that a little ambitious for a sophomore?"
    Miles: "Yeah, try telling my dad that." 
  • Miles taps on Maya's window.
    Maya (opening the window): "What are you doing here?"
    Miles: "I just wanted to apologize. I feel like I pushed you to do that song."
    Maya: "Zoë ruined my life. She deserves it."
    Miles: "She's just jealous because you are talented and funny and awesome in ways that she'll never be."
    Maya: "You don't have to say things to make me feel better."
    Miles: "I'm not. Trust me." Miles kisses Maya "School is going to suck without you."
  • Tristan: "I love your house, Miles. It's very Real Housewives."
    Miles: "My mom keeps re-decorating it over and over. I think she's just bored."
    Winston: "Bored and hot."
    Miles: "Dude, gross."
  • (Miles to Zoë): "I can't believe you showed up here, and you brought a narc."
    Drew: "I'm not a narc!"
    Miles: "Dude, you're like 30. Why else would you be here?"
  • Andrea: "Why don't you tell me how your dad has influenced you."
    Miles: "Honestly, I think the most crucial thing he's taught me is how to juggle. Tasks, priorities, affairs..."
    Miles Hollingsworth II: "I think he means business affairs, for the record."
    Miles: "That's what they call it? Well, then, business must be pretty good then, Dad!"
  • Winston: "Be the hero of your own story! Join comic book society today!"
    Miles: "And never get any action!"
    Winston: "Dude! I am trying to attract com members!"
  • (To Drew, about pushing his dad into the pool): "Bravo! Ten out of ten!"
  • Tristan: "Come any closer, and I'll kiss you."
    Miles: "Go ahead.
  • Miles: "I'm confused, Tris. It was weird."
    Tristan: "Gotcha."
    Miles: "But good weird. I just know that I feel good when I'm around you."
    Tristan: "Likewise."
    Miles: "So, what now?" - Thunderstruck
  • (To Mr. Hollingsworth II): "Making out with my boyfriend!" - Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Mrs. Hollingsworth: "Miles can't get pregnant." 
    Miles: "Sounds like a challenge." 
  • (To Maya) "Get over me Maya and stay the hell out of my life!" - If You Could Only See
  • (To Tristan): "Tristan, I treat you like absolute garbage and you keep crawling back for more. Why? Are you really that desperate for somebody to love you?" - Hush
  • (To Maya): "When it comes to me he's always furious" - Something's Got to Give
  • (To Mr. Hollingsworth II): You really would rather be a mayor than a good father? - Firestarter (2)
  • (To Mr. Hollingsworth II): "You give us everything except love and respect or even common decency!
    (Mr. Hollingsworth II smashes a cup against the wall that nearly hits Hunter and asks if Hunter's okay)
    Miles: "As if you care who you hurt!" - Firestarter (2)
  • (To Zoë): "Love the person, not the gender."
  • (To Tristan): "For the record, I wasn't over you, but I certainly am now." - #BootyCall
  • "Roses are red; violets are blue. This assignment sucks; Tristan also sucks." - #NoFilter
  • (To Winston): "Great, I know how to fix it, I'll just have sex with him."- #RiseAndGrind
  • (To Tristan, about Tristan calling him Daddy); "Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and shut that down right now." - #CheckYourPrivilege
  • (To Winston): "We're two teenage boys who like each other, I'm sure we'll figure it out." - #RiseAndGrind
  • (To Tristan) "Not to mention what they're saying doesn't even make sense. That Frankie's drawing is somehow worse than Tiny getting in a huge fight?"- #ThrowbackThursday
  • "Diverse as in a rich white guy?"- #ILookLikeA
  • Tristan: "I think that we need to break up."
    Miles: "No." - #GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth


Main article: Miles-Zoë Relationship
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  • Zoë Rivas
    • Start Up: My Own Worst Enemy (1304)
    • Broke Up: Honey (1307)
      • Reason: Zoë was being unfair towards Maya. She also realized Miles was secretly into Maya and accused him of having feelings for her.
Main article: Miles-Maya Relationship
  • Maya Matlin
    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: Barely Breathing (1314)
      • Broke Up: Close To Me (1326)
        • Reason: Miles told Perino there were drugs in Zig's locker. Despite trying to explain his reason why, she chose Zig's side over his. 
    • Second Relationship:
    • Third Relationship:
      • Start Up: Believe (2) (1338)
      • Break Up: Believe (2) (1338)
        • Reason: Maya found out Zoë and Miles almost hooked up at the party and told Miles they were done for good.
Main article: Miles-Tristan Relationship
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