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"Please. I can see the Anti-Grapevine headline now -- 'Meet Holly J., Degrassi's newest charity case'."
— Holly J.

Money for Nothing is the seventh episode of Season 8 of Degrassi: The Next Generation.


Holly J. is desperate to keep up her Queen Bee status after learning her parents are having financial difficulties. Meanwhile, Peter's mom, Ms. Hatzilakos, unexpectedly drops in for a visit. She stays at his pad while she's in town, and Peter quickly discovers that his life isn't so rad with mom around.

Main Plot

Holly J. learns that her family is going through financial difficulties, due to the fact that her dad "made some risky investments", according to her mother. Because of this, her mom cuts her credit card in half. This means she can't go on a $350 cheerleading trip to Florida and on a date with Blue to a $125 concert. She doesn't want Blue and her teammates to know about her problem, so she lies to her teammates about going to a family wedding.

Holly J. also tells Blue that she really didn't want to go with him, making him upset since he stood 6 hours in the rain to buy the tickets. Her teammates however, are okay with her not going, and Mia is made temporary captain, making Holly J. jealous. She then asks Spinner for a job at The Dot to get money for the trip, lying by saying it's for college applications, and he says yes. Later that night, her friends come to The Dot, and she continues to lie. After Derek becomes bothersome at work, Holly J. pours his drink on him, causing Spinner to fire her.

The next day at school, Leia tells Holly J. how Mia got her modeling job by sleeping with football star Tom Blake. Holly J. tells a news reporter about Mia's secret, and it's aired on the news. Holly J.'s mom then gives her a $350 check from Heather so that she can go on the cheerleading trip. She lets her team know, but all of them are mad about her trashing Mia's reputation. As a result, they vote her off the squad.

She then tries to rekindle her date with Blue, who rejects her by calling her selfish. She then goes back to The Dot to ask Spinner for her job back. This time she confesses the truth to Spinner about her money problem. After some advice, and a mutual understanding, he gives her another chance at her job.

Sub Plot

Peter's mother drops by for a visit, and he's determined to prove to her that he's grown up and independent.

  • The Reporter who interviewed Mia is an actual reporter for eTalk who have worked with Degrassi on a lot of segments. So a segment on filming this episode was also covered.
  • This episode deals with financial situations, and a family having to deal with losing money.
  • This episode is named after the song "Money for Nothing" by the band Dire Straits.
  • This is the only Season 8 episode in which Daphne Hatzilakos appears.
  • This is the 150th episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

  • Spinner tells Holly J. that he once stole his best friend Jimmy Brooks' MP3 player, which happened in Fight for Your Right.

  • Mrs. Sinclair: "Your father made some risky investments."
    Holly J.: "So...?"
    Mrs. Sinclair: "So, we're trying to save the house, but things are going to have to change. Hand over your credit card."
    Holly J.: "But, mom, I need money. The Power Squad's going on a trip. I have a date!"
    Mrs. Sinclair: "I'm sorry, honey. I already cut up mine."
    Holly J.: "You can't just go changing everything. You're ruining my life!"
  • Holly J.: "Please. I can see the Anti-Grapevine headline now -- 'Meet Holly J., Degrassi's newest charity case'."
  • Chantay: "Giselle makes $40 million a year. I wonder how much Mia is banking."

  • "Is This Love" by Thomas Anderson
  • "Walk On By" by Joseph Janisse
  • "I Just Wanna Party" by Stüdz
  • "Got It Good" by Dead Identities
  • "Why Not Now" by Alissa H. Moreno

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