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Mr. Accette is the father of Michelle Accette. He is portrayed by Frank Quinlan and Richard Kovsky.


He is first introduced in Black & White when he returned home from work around the same time his wife arrived home. They entered the home to see B.L.T. Thomas and his daughter together. She immediately introduced him as Bryant and the teen held his hand out for a handshake to which Mr. Accette refused to shake it. Later after the boy left, he said, "You didn't tell us he was colored," something that made her wonder why that mattered.

He is later seen (this time portrayed by Richard Kovsky) in Breaking Up is Hard to Do when Michelle returned home from spending time with BLT and his wife was leaving them with a suitcase. After Michelle made them mac 'n' cheese from a box for dinner, he declared that she could no longer date and should focus on school instead of going out. When she said she only would go out with Alexa Pappadopolos-Dexter, he revealed that he knew that she had been seeing BLT, calling him the "black boy". When the phone rings, he gets up to answer it but claims that it was the wrong number.

The next day he stayed home from work and tried to do housework around the house and was unsucessful. After his daughter returned home, he broke down after showing her that the laundry that he had done was now all pink. Michelle then smells something burning, causing him to realize that he forgot food on the stove. He rushed to grab the pan, accidentally touching the hot handle without a potholder, causing him to burn his hand. Michelle rushes him to the sink to rinse it in cold water. He then grows even more upset so she hugs him as the phone rings which they both ignore.

In Sixteen, Michelle moves out after pawning a family heirloom. Seeing her being serious, he begins to support her by paying her rent.


  • Michelle took his side over her mother’s because of her cheating on him.
  • He is portrayed by two actors.


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