Mr. Colby (played by Marcus Bruce) served as a substitute teacher at Degrassi Junior High School over two intervals in the 1987-1988 school year. Some of the girls thought he was particularly cute.

However, Mr. Colby was a child molester, and during his first sojourn in January 1988, filling in for Mr. Raditch (who had just had an appendectomy), Colby began to improperly touch and look at Lucy Fernandez; Wheels was coincidentally up at his locker (adjacent to the door of Raditch's English classroom) and saw Colby touching Lucy.

Later, in the spring, Mr. Colby returned to fill in for Ms. Avery (for an unspecified illness), and this time, he targeted Susie Rivera, by chumming up close to her while she worked on photos for the school yearbook. Lucy vaguely warned Susie, but Lucy felt it was her own fault back in the wintertime.

Eventually, however, Lucy realizes something must be done, and she and Wheels convince Susie to go along with them to report Mr. Colby to Mr. Lawrence. The rest is then solved.


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