Mr. Garcia, portrayed by Roger Montgomery, was the grade 9 math teacher at Degrassi Junior High.

The reason he
Degrassi Mr. Garcia

Mr. Garcia the grade 9 degrassi junior high teacher

came to teach at Degrassi Junior High was because in June 1988 due to the shifting populations, all the high schools were full, and there was no room for Mr. Raditch's 8th grade class.

Therefore, Degrassi Junior High added a grade 9 class for the 1988-1989 school year, but the students took some part-time classes like science labs at Borden High School. It is possible Mr. Garcia was from Borden High, where he taught other classes while the grade 9 Degrassi students took their other classes at the high school.

Mr. Garcia was the teacher who gave the grade 9 students awareness lessons and frank discussions about the AIDS virus. Mr. Garcia was also very supportive and very understanding about the loss of Derek Wheeler's parents. He helped Wheels come back to school and catch up on his homework and his studies.

At the end of the year, he felt that even though Wheels' marks had just scraped by, he had missed many classes and he had rotten behaviour, Mr. Garcia was understanding of Wheels' situation. He felt it would be best for Wheels to stay with his friends and peers and move on to the next grade.

After Degrassi Junior High ended, Mr. Garcia wasn't seen again. Chances are he went to work at Borden since he was not seen at Degrassi High School.