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Mr. Powers is Shay's father, and the husband of Mrs. Powers. He is portrayed by Sterling Jarvis.

Character History[]

Degrassi: Next Class[]

Season 1[]


Mr. Powers watching television with his wife.

In #NotOkay, he watches TV with his wife and adds his commentary to it. Shay then asks if she could go to a movie with Tiny. Both Mr. and Mrs. Powers say that Shay isn't allowed to date because they don't want her having sex. They then come to a compromise that they'll let Shay go see a movie with Tiny if they meet him first, which Shay decides not to do. 

Season 2[]


In #TurntUp, Shay asks her father about racism, and explains the prank that the Degrassi volleyball team played on their opponents. Mr. Powers explains to Shay about the history of comparing black people to monkeys, and how it was once used to justify slavery. He explains that the person who drew this most likely drew it out of ignorance, and that people who haven't experienced racism can have a hard time seeing it. He tells Shay he would be proud if she spoke up about it.