Mr. Townsend was a teacher at Degrassi Community School, who was also adviser to the Bright Sparks academic quiz team. He is portrayed by Randal Edwards.

Character History

Season 12

In Gives You Hell (2), Mr. Townsend is introduced as the head of the Bright Sparks academic quiz team.

In Waterfalls (1), he is first seen studying with the Academic Quiz team. Later in the episode, Mr. Townsend comes in and Bianca DeSousa asks if he's single, trying to set him up with K.C. Guthrie's mother Lisa Guthrie. K.C. casually gets them to meet at Little Miss Steaks then finds an excuse to leave them alone to get to know each other. Afterwards she secretly likes him, but doesn’t admit it to K.C., saying she doesn’t want to go out with his teacher. K.C. tells her that if his quiz team wins Regionals she has to go on a date with Mr. T., who is definitely interested in her.

In Waterfalls (2), after the Bright Sparks match, which they had won, the quiz team celebrates at Little Miss Steaks and watches K.C.'s mom walk off to another table with Townsend.

Season 13

In Who Do You Think You Are, he calls on Maya Matlin in class to read her work, and sends Damon Carter to the office for disrupting Maya's presentation by making fun of her, showing the photoshopped, revealing photos of her on a Facerange hate-page.



  • He was replaced by Grant Yates after he took a leave of absence.