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James "Jim" Walfish was an English and literature teacher at Degrassi High School in the 1989-1991 school years. He was portrayed by Adam David.

Life at Degrassi (season 4-5)[]

Mr. Walfish was a teacher at Degrassi whom most of the girls had a crush on. He was one of the kinder, more compassionate teachers in the school, who was always there to assist students when necessary. He highly encouraged students to participate in class, and even allowed them to have lively discussions on topics of their own choosing, just to make them comfortable with voicing their opinion and participating in class rather than zoning out.

When Erica Farrell and Liz O'Rourke got into a physical altercation following Liz's reaction to Erica's decision to have an abortion, he was the teacher that broke up the fight. He was also very supportive with Joey Jeremiah when it was discovered that Joey had dysgraphia. Mr. Walfish was patient with Joey and tried to help him all that he could.

After he assigns the class to write a screenplay for English class, he was very impressed by Lucy Fernandez's script for a horror film, It Creeps!! He gave her an A+ on the assignment and when Lucy asks if it would be all right if she created a filmed version of the movie rather than write another screenplay for the next assignment, Mr. Walfish approves the request and gives her permission to film the movie at the school that weekend. When the film was complete, Lucy was discouraged when the class found her movie funny rather than serious or scary and steps out of the room. Mr. Walfish notices and follows. He speaks to her in the hall and encourages her not to give up on making more movies and writing more stories.

He also was one of the first teachers to informed his class of the suicide of Claude Tanner.


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